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By Brian Pickowicz
The goal of BMP Radio is to inspire people to lead a healthier, more passionate & fulfilling life.

My name is Brian Pickowicz, I am a Transformative Fitness Coach & my purpose is to help others transform their lives through first transforming their lifestyle habits.

We all have a story, we are all on a journey & it is our goal to create a space for people to share the tales that make them who they are.

Through connecting you to inspirational figures & ideas from the fields of Health, Fitness & Personal Development it is our aim that you too, can begin your path to a more fulfilling life
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Ep. #28 | How to Remove Toxic People From Your Life
One of the hardest things to do when you are beginning your journey is to create space around yourself to grow. Often times, this results in removing ourselves from toxic people, relationships & environments. When we first start our journey it’s easy to become self-critical especially when your supporting cast doesn’t support or believe in your vision. It’s easy for our friends, family & acquaintances to discount our efforts especially when they have a hard time believing in themselves. Some of the people who may seem like our closest allies can become toxic resources for our growth as their negative habits, beliefs & energy shifts towards us. This is a personal story of my experience with removing myself from toxic people when I first began My journey at 18 years old. This is a story about how creating space for the right people will clear the way for you to make massive strides towards the lifestyle you want. Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor
September 14, 2018
Ep. #27 | Brittney Carbone | Stop Judging Yourself
Brittney Carbone is a personal trainer & mindset coach who focuses on empowering women to love themselves while creating a body of confidence. Her journey began as a quest to get back into shape, but has taken her on a life-long journey aiming to help inspire other to focus on the good they can do for themselves, today, In this episode, we focus on removing self-judgment from your life to transform who you are. We also dive into: 1) How to Lose 70 Pounds 2) Getting to Root of Your Eating Habits & Anxiety 3) The Value of a Mentor/Coach 4) Learning to Remove Judgement And so much more! You can find Brittney at: Instagram: @brittneycarbone Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at @BrianPickowicz!
September 4, 2018
Ep. #26 | Lauren Sanborn | Love Yourself First
Lauren Sanborn is a Professional Wedding Photographer who helps capture some of our most cherished moments forever. Lauren is also a bikini competitor who has learned how to successfully balance her training with her growing business while being a Mother of two. In this episode, we focus on self-love & how that effects everything else we do. We also dive into: 1) How to Create Confidence Outside Your Comfort Zone 2) How Self-Love Improves Your Parenting 3) How to Balance Career, Training & Motherhood 4) The Power of Capturing a Moment Forever And so much more! You can find Lauren at: Instagram: @thatfitphotogirl Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
August 28, 2018
Ep. #25 : Hector Jimenezii : Risk Everything
Hector Jimenezii is an Online Fitness coach who helps his clients build their physique & create a positive outlet to find themselves through training. A former athlete, Hector helps his clients build their dream body while also teaching them the foundation of leading the Fitness-Lifestyle. In this episode, we focus more on the mindset behind personal growth as we dive into: 1) Changing Your Personal Identity 2) Overcoming Other’s Expectations 3) Defeating the Small-Town Mindset 4) Finding your own way And so much more! You can find Hector at: Instagram: @hectorjimenezii Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
August 24, 2018
Ep. #24 | Carly Gregson | A Champion Mindset
Carly Gregson is a Fitness coach, Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer who helps motivate others to transform their bodies and mindset. Carly focuses on building her body through consistent & hard work, but also emphasizes the importance of balance & cultivating a healthy mindset towards life. In this episode, we discuss how to create a balanced lifestyle & still put your physique and health first. We also many different aspects of fitness and lifestyle such as: 1) Her recent Figure Victory 2) The Mindset of a Champion. 3) Relocating from a Small Town to LA 4) Building Consistency 5) Focusing on Practicing Gratitude 6) Cultivating Balance in Your life out of the gym. And so much more! You can find Carly at: Instagram: @Cgregsonfit or on Youtube at Carly Gregson Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
August 7, 2018
Ep. #23 | Taking on Donald Trump | Three Things I Learned
When I was in college, I had the opportunity to interview Donald Trump on the Today Show. This was during the 2016 election cycle while he was campaigning for his candidacy in NH. I was able to meet the entrepreneur & TV personality several times before this exchange, but it was this moment that really reshaped the way that I saw myself. Through this exchange, I was able to push Candidate Trump on several of his talking points & we ended up having a 2-3 minute exchange on live television. This moment taught me several things, but the three biggest lessons I wanted to share were: 1) People are People 2) Find What You’re Confident in and Own It 3) What We Say About Ourselves, Does Matter. In this episode, I dive into several tactics I used & still use to this day to help with cultivating confidence and step up. You can find the exchange here: around the 32 minute mark. Thank you for tuning in & for your support!
August 3, 2018
Ep. #22 | Showing Up | How to Move Beyond Fear & Take Action
I am not the most talented or gifted person when it comes to any of the endeavors I have encountered in my life. Growing up, I wasn’t athletic, struggled in school & was never around entrepreneurs. The thing that has always separated me though was that I always showed up & was ready to work. When it comes to getting what we want, showing up is 75% of the battle. Whether it is in fitness, business, school, or our careers, if you show up you can learn, grow & succeed. In this podcast, I share three stories that shaped my life & were defined by showing up! Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
July 27, 2018
Ep. #21 | Mandi Mayhem | Be a Bad Ass Everyday | Fitness
Mandi “Mayhem” Cunningham is a Fitness coach, Personal Trainer, and Figure Competitor who helps motivate others to be a bad ass each and every day. Her fitness journey began when she was at 199 pounds & decided that she needed to make a change for herself. Her journey has lead her to losing over 70+ pounds, compete in bodybuilding, & help others transform their lives in the process as well! In this episode, we discuss how to create a balanced lifestyle & still put your physique and health first. We also many different aspects of fitness and lifestyle such as: 1) Being a beginner in the gym. 2) Overcoming Anxiety and Self-Sabotage. 3) Enjoying Craft Beer & Burgers 4) Being a Bad Ass Every day. And so much more! You can find Mandi at: Instagram: @Queenofmayhem or on FB at Mandi Cunningham. Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
July 24, 2018
Ep. #20 | Chris Clark Fitness | Built From the Basics |
Chris Clark is a Fitness coach, Jiu-Jitsu competitor, and Physique athlete who helps his clients build their physiques through a simple and steady approach by focusing on utilizing the most effective aspects of training and nutrition. Even with the difference between bodybuilding and martial arts, Chris is able to find a balance between the two by utilizing the basics of training and nutrition to build a balanced and healthy lifestyle within fitness that allows him versatility and freedom. In this episode, we discuss how to create the physique and lifestyle you want through nurturing patience. We also dive into: 1) Executing the Basics to Build a Sound Foundation 2) Avoiding the Corporate Lifestyle Post-college 3) Transitioning between sports 4) Moving to California and Becoming an Entrepreneur And much more! You can find Chris at: Instagram: @Clarkfit or on YouTube at Chris Clark Fitness. Thank you for tuning in, please remember to subscribe & leave us a review!
July 17, 2018
Ep. #19 | Lindsey Rago | Building a Healthy Relationship
Lindsey Rago & I moved across the country from NH to Los Angeles, California a little over a year ago. Although, we were working from an extremely solid foundation beforehand, this last year has come with its own challenges. During our time in Los Angeles, we’ve built our relationship, personal brands, as well as a business together. In this episode we discuss how to cultivate a healthy relationship & what we personally have learned about ourselves as well as how to be a good partner in the social media era. We also many different aspects of fitness and mental philosophy such as: 1) Lessons from Living Together 2) Working on yourself first. 3) Overcoming Personal Faults 4) Misconceptions of being a fit couple 5) How to Work Well Together in Business And so much more! You can find Lindsey at: Instagram: @Raygobomb or Lindsey Rago on Facebook Sign up for the fitness project at Thank you for tuning in, continue to be a light and believe in more!
July 10, 2018
Ep. #18 : Sumner Healey | Cultivating Confidence
Sumner Healey is a fitness & personal coach who specializes in helping professional men become fit & transform their lives. In this episode we discuss how to avoid bro-science & work on building a physique to be proud of as well as diving into the value of personal truth and development. We also many different aspects of fitness and mental philosophy such as: 1) Overcoming Extroversion 2) Gaining Clarity on Your Why 3) The Value of Investing 4) Overcoming Personal Setbacks 5) What Does It Mean to be a Man in the 21st Century 6) The Value of Travel And so much more! You can find Sumner at: Instagram: @thesumnerhealey Youtube: Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
July 3, 2018
Ep. 17 | Ten Things Moving to Los Angeles Taught Me
A year ago today, I packed up my car with my girlfriend & moved to Los Angeles, California to build our Online Fitness Businesses as well as create a new life. It was a big jump from NH where I spent most of my life living in a small town of 750+ people. The last year has presented a tremendous amount of life lessons & growth as well as pain and triumphs. As we continue to grow & expand, this message is for anyone who is looking to make their own leap of faith that if you feel it is right in your heart, take your step & move forward! You can find me at @BMPradio or visit my website at ! Thank you & lets continue to grow!
June 29, 2018
Ep. #16 | Kate Abate | Overcoming Illness | Positive Belief
Kate Abate is an IFBB Bikini Olympia, a Transformation coach as well as Health & Relationship Consultant in Santa Monica, California. In this episode we discuss how to overcome physical illness to maintain your health & the role of fitness in that outcome. Kate has battled the autoimmune disorders Lupus & Celiac Disease as well as Colitis, which have created several health issues for her in the present and past. Here we dive into how you can overcome your ailments & the adjustments you must make to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also many different aspects of fitness and mental philosophy such as: 1) The Necessity to Become Fit 2) Mastering Your Body 3) Overcoming Celiac Disease 4) Contests Vs. Lifestyle 5) The Value of Discipline 6) The Power of Patience And so much more! You can find Kate at: Instagram: @MissKateAbate Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! Follow Us @Bmpradio! You can also find me at !
June 26, 2018
Ep. #15 : Amanda Cook | Building Your Lifestyle
Amanda Cook is a personal trainer, prep coach & Nationally Qualified Bikini Competitor. In this episode we discuss how the drive and dedication to fitness can create change throughout the rest of your life. We also dive into how to overcome eating disorders in order to create a lifestyle of fitness. In this episode we also discuss: 1) The First Steps into Fitness 2) Breaking Binge Eating 3) Getting Your Body Back To Health 4) Reverse Dieting 5) Practical Advice for Beginners in Fitness 6) Coaching for a Healthy Lifestyle And so much more! You can find Amanda at: Instagram: @amandaevefitness Coaching: @teamprecisionfitness Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! You can also follow us at @bmpradio on Instagram! You can also find me at !
June 20, 2018
Ep. #14 | Intermittent Fasting | My Experience & Thoughts
Intermittent fasting is a diet structure that has gained a lot of popularity recently. The main premise of IF is to decrease the window of time in which you are eating in. The average America eats anywhere between 16-14 hours a day. Whereas with IF you are focused on only eating for 12-8 hours a day. IF has been linked to increases in weight loss, insulin sensitivity as well as reduced risks to cancer & heart disease. In this episode, I go over my experience with Intermittent Fasting & why I choose to use it on a day to day basis!
June 15, 2018
Ep. #13 | Mitch Barrett | Taking Leaps of Faith
Mitch Barrett is a personal trainer at Golds Gym Venice & an online transformation coach. At the age of 19, Mitch took the leap of faith & drove across the country from a small town in Tennessee to pursue his dream of becoming a trainer and fitness model. He's since become a personal trainer at the most iconic gym in the world while also building an online business. In this episode we discuss: 1) Taking Leaps of Faith 2) The Process of Self-belief 3) Overcoming Fear 4) Learning Along the Way 5) Practical Advice for Beginners 6) The Best 3 Exercises Everyone Could Do And so much more! You can find Mitch at: Instagram: Mitch_Barrett Facebook: Mitchell Barrett Fitness Thank you for tuning in & make sure to rate our show on Anchor and on ITunes! You can also follow us at @bmpradio on Instagram! You can also find me at !
June 13, 2018
Ep. #12 | Katerina Bares | The Master Of All Things Fitness
On this episode, we feature the fitness & mindfulness coach, Katerina Bares( IG: @Mycoachkat ). Katerina is a Nationally Qualified figure competitor, Nationally Qualified powerlifter, self-defense coach, personal trainer and personal wellness & mindfulness coach. To put it plainly, she is the jack of trades when it comes to the fitness industry! In this episode we discuss, 1) How do find your ideal form of fitness 2) How to get started on your fitness journey 3) Adaptive training practices 4) The 3 Most Important Exercises Everyone should perform. 5) The important of Traveling And so, so much more! You can reach Kat on Instagram at @Mycoachkat , I do apologize that I misspoke in the intro. You can also find her on Facebook at : Coach Kat - Modafizique LLC. Thank you for tuning in & please rate this episode on Itunes!
June 8, 2018
Ep. #11 | Celeste Rains-Turk | Developing Self-Love
On this episode I discuss all things fitness, personal wellness & healthy mindset with the Bikini competitor & entrepreneur Celeste Rains-Turk. Celeste is the host of the successful Podcast "Confessions of a Bikini Pro", a Fitness & lifestyle coach as well as a speaker. In this episode we discuss, 1) Her decision to become fit. 2) Building a healthy relationship with food & defeating eating disorders. 3) 3 Steps to aligning your values and nourishing your body. 4) Competing in bodybuilding vs. Living a Fit Lifestyle. 5) Discovering Self-love 6) Being Willing to Invest in Yourself 7) The First Step to Self-Love 8) Self-Loath vs. Self-Love. 9) Confessions of a Bikini Pro. 10) Learning of Leaps of Faith And More! You can find Celeste at: Website: Instagram: @celestial_fit Podcast: Confessions of a Bikini Pro Thank you for tuning in! Follow me on Instagram @Bmpradio or @BrianPickowicz Continue to be a light & believe in more
May 25, 2018
Ep. #10 | Being Honest With Yourself | 3 Tips for Clarity
In this episode, I breakdown how to find your way through the process of discovering your path & truth. When I moved out to Los Angeles, I truthfully lost my alignment on my being, message & purpose. As a lifestyle coach who body built to help with self-development & fitness, I became a bodybuilder who was lifestyle coaching. As I found myself at odds with myself and discovered a misalignment between my actions, personally & in business, and my words and thoughts. It took me taking a massive leap of faith in a totally different direction to rediscover my truth & message. In this podcast, I share three tips for clarity & redefining yourself. For Fitness & Lifestyle coaching programs, contact me at
May 21, 2018
Ep. #9 | Stefan Rivera-clack | Being a Positive Force
In this Episode of BMP Radio, we have the IFBB Pro Classic Physique competitor & Transformation Specialist, Stefan Riveraclack. Stefan is an entrepreneur, personal training & fitness coach who moved to Los Angeles, California from a small town in Ohio. In this episode we breakdown the keys towards 1) Mapping out your path 2) Listening to the direction of your life 3) Building a Personal Training company that serves others. 4) The Power of Consistency & Persistence As well as how to cultivate a positive mindset for self-development & growth. To learn more about Stefan check out Instagram: @Stefan_Riveraclack Facebook: Stefan Riveraclack or ClickClack Fitness Make sure to follow us on @BMPradio or my personal handle at @BrianPickowicz
May 10, 2018
Ep. #8 | My Top 10 Transformation Tips
Today I walk you through my top 10 transformation tips as they relate to your personal & fitness goals. Here is the short read of the list: 1) Specify your goals 2) Create a schedule 3) Track your Macros 4) Eat more protein & veggies 5) Resistance training And for the next five, you'll have to listen to the show! Enjoy!
May 7, 2018
Ep. #7: Jordan Grahm | Losing 200 Pounds, The Real Story
On today's episode of the podcast, Jordan Grahm shares his story about how he was able to transform his body & life through fitness. Jordan's story has been featured on, The Biggest Loser, & on several other social media outlets. You can find Jordan on Instagram at @thefitboss. Here is the breakdown of the show: 1) Living at 420 Pounds 2) Dealing with Depression & Hopelessness 3) The Car Crash Saved His Life 4) Taking His First Step 5) Moving Beyond The Scale & Weight Loss 6) Finding Your Confidence 7) His Favorite Company 8) The Gift 9) Building Off of His Foundation : A Passion for Training 10) Deciding to do a Contest 11) Just Getting Started 12) DC vs. Marvel 13) Idea of Inner Peace and Vacation 14) What Gets You in the Zone 15) Best Experience at the Mecca 16) Your One Rule For Life 17) What is it that is on your epitaph? To see Jordan's video:
May 2, 2018
Episode #6: Define Your Self-Worth
Today's Monday rant is about defining your self-worth. The first step creating your ideal life is to take control of your space. Not just your physical space, but your mental space as well. This often times means controlling who we allow to influence our thoughts & time. Without doing so, we forget that those who are around us can drastically shift our energy & priorities. This week, drop and anchor, & resolve to take an inventory of your time and energy. Is this leading you to where you want to be? If your answer is no, then begin to rid yourself of the waste that is presently in your life. Follow me on Instagram at: @Bmpradio & @BrianPickowicz! Wishing you all nothing but the best this week!
April 30, 2018
Ep. #5| Mike Rosa | Find Your Own Way
On this episode of BMP radio, we have on Mike Rosa of Anabolic Aliens. Anabolic Aliens is a fitness youtube channel that has over 300k subscribers with over millions of views. The goal of Anabolic Aliens & Mike for that matter is to be able to produce content that helps people find their own way into fitness. On this podcast, Mike preaches the importance of finding your own way as well as becoming the channel for people who need to remove their excuses. Beyond the fitness based topics, we discuss how Anabolic Aliens has grown, the goal of his content, how he discovered fitness as well as the importance of not setting limits on yourself & your success. You can learn more about Mike at 1) Youtube : 2) Instagram : @MikeRosa & @Anabolicaliens 3) You can also download his app here: Thank you all again!
April 25, 2018
Ep. #4: What Do You Deserve? | Monday Rant #2
What is it that we deserve? What we deserve is what we earn! We often times find ourselves in circumstances & situations where we are asking what we want, but what is it that we deserve? This weekend, I had a conversation with a client about what they believed they deserved and how easy it is to believe we deserve more than what we have earned. When we put in the work, we get what we deserve, but without doing so we will never truly have what we are seeking. This is the note for this week. Figure out what you feel you deserve & how you can earn what it is that you want. Make sure you follow us on social media at: BMP Radio: @Bmpradio Brian Pickowicz: @Brianpickowicz Youtube: @BrianPickowicz Website: Continue to be a light & believe in more!
April 23, 2018
Ep. #3 : Jamie Nudelman, Finding Your Niche & Purpose
In this episode I feature the CEO of, Jamie Nudelman. Jamie is a successful fitness & wellness coach who focuses exclusively on working with business executives & entrepreneurs. In this episode, we dive into the following: 1) How did you find your niche? 2) Feeling Under-valued as a Personal Trainer 3) Embracing the Mindset of an Entrepreneur 4) Fixing The Quick-Fix Mindset 5) Finding a Passion for Fitness 6) Building The Courage to Work Through Depression 7) Serve Yourself to Find Your Ideal Client 8) Crafting Your Vision 9) The #1 Rule For Life 10) How Do You Want to Be Remembered
April 20, 2018
Episode #2 : Embracing Loneliness
The saying goes "it's lonely at the top", but no one every talks about how lonely it is REACHING the top. Loneliness is part of finding yourself & living your truth. Throughout my life, I have had to embrace loneliness, whether it is in bodybuilding, fitness, or as an entrepreneur. Being alone and to think about the things you are seeking, is part of the process of finding yourself. Once you learn to embrace loneliness, you will be on the path of discovering who you truly are and want to be.
April 16, 2018
Episode #1 | An Intro to My Story
This is the very first episode of BMP Radio! On this episode, I want to introduce you to my story of how I became a fitness & lifestyle coach, competitive body builder, & how I moved to Los Angeles, California. This a brief introduction to who I am, but I wanted to dive into the parts of me that have gotten me to where I am. Thank you for joining me & please let me know who I am should have on the podcast next week!
April 12, 2018
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