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bnch's dream - fictional universe story on every Sunday

bnch's dream - fictional universe story on every Sunday

By bnch
I believe each people have their own universe in their mind. So do I. I want to tell you what is happening in my universe. We can be some superhero, introvert, outgoing person, or someone unexpected, in my universe. You don't need to start reading from first chapter. Just read whatever you want. See you in every Sunday!
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2. Removal's story - Villains on the rise
Removal, the hero became criminal suddenly, and Jade has nothing to do! What will happen to Jade? Upload in every Sunday!
February 13, 2021
1. Removal's story - The night changed everything
Removal is a dark hero. Every night, wherever crime happens, you can see Removal. But life is not just easy like that. Removal also has problem.
February 6, 2021