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We are on a quest to discover the world’s most extraordinary doers and amplify their impact through conversations.

By: Boniface Omina | Sean Karanja | Yuri Coret
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EP #20: Building careers that will change the world w/ Roshan Paul- Social Entrepreneurship Expert & Best Selling Author

Boardroom Banter

EP #36: Accessibility As A Challenge & Opportunity In Healthcare w/ Walter Mibei, Medical Doctor & Sloan Fellow At The Stanford Graduate School Of Business
Accessibility is one of the greatest challenges facing the healthcare industry in Africa, whether in preventive care, curative care or innovative medicines- but is also its greatest opportunity. Over the past three years, Walter Mibei has been at the forefront of leading efforts in the COVID-19 and Ebola Virus pandemic response in sub-Saharan Africa. He has 12 years of experience since qualifying as a doctor, working with companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Novo Nordisk. He is currently taking a mid-career break which he is spending as a Sloan Fellow at The Stanford Graduate School of Business. In this episode, we look at his transitions over the course of his career and break down the opportunities available for actionable solutions in accessible healthcare to better prepare Africa for the next pandemic. Find out more about Walter through his LinkedIn: Support our podcast further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
September 27, 2022
EP #35: Designing & Scaling Sustainable Education Models w/ Chris Piech & Chris Gregg- Stanford University
Education and teaching as a practice have seen tremendous change in the past few years. Students and teachers all over the world adapted differently to the shifts, with numerous solutions designed and launched to address the challenges of acquiring and imparting knowledge. In today’s episode, we sit down for a chat with two professors from the Stanford Univeristy School of Engineering. Chris Piech was born in Nairobi, Kenya and grew up in Malaysia before studying at Stanford where he now teaches and runs a research lab in Artificial Intelligence. Chris Gregg spent 20 years working in the U.S Navy as a cryptographer and commanding officer. He now lectures on Computer Science at Stanford University. These two gentlemen take us through the beautiful work they do as teachers, the changes they have observed in education with the growing influence of technology in the space and the blueprint they are establishing in how teaching should be approached through their work in Stanford’s CS Department. They emphasize the value of service in one’s work, the importance of embodying humanity, empathy and a spirit of continuous learning in one's career. Find out more about the work that they do through the links below: Chris Gregg: Chriss Piech: Support our podcast further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
September 20, 2022
EP #34: The Invisible Wall; Identity As A Connector In The Workplace w/ Sharon Gai- General Manager, Pattern (Formerly At Alibaba Group)
Today’s guest is all too familiar with the struggle of trying to fit in and learning how to embrace one’s identity. Sharon Gai was born in China but moved to Vancouver, Canada at a young age where she did not speak the local language. The bilingual and bicultural aspects of her identity largely contributed to her successful career in the e-commerce industry across both western and eastern markets. She opens up about her struggles with her Chinese background at a young age, her transition into the vast world of e-commerce and her role as a bridge between two worlds clouded by an invisible wall- helping Western companies discover China and in the same breath, bringing Chinese brands to the rest of the world. Feel free to connect with Sharon through her LinkedIn: Check out her book, ‘Ecommerce Reimagined: Retail and Ecommerce in China’ here: To learn more about Pattern and the amazing work that they do, find more information here: Support our podcast further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
September 13, 2022
EP #33: Future Proof Your Life & Business w/ Dr. Vimal Shah- Chairman, BIDCO Africa
Leading yourself and others can be tricky to say the least, even more so in a world that this week's guest describes aptly as being “VUCA”: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Dr. Vimal Shah, a manufacturing mogul in Kenya and the continent as a whole, shares with us his ultimate business and life playbook that he has adopted over the years to lead his company BIDCO Africa into the upper echelon of commercial success. From a guided view into framing our goals and purpose, building effective teams and solving global challenges for the consumer- this episode dives into the mind and life of arguably one of Kenya’s most successful entrepreneurs. As an avid learner and accomplished doer, Vimal sets the bar high while laying out the blueprint for you to aim and achieve even higher while staying M.A.D (Making A Difference). Book Recommendation: The World Is Flat by Thomas Friedman Support our podcast further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
September 08, 2022
EP #32: Innovating For The Future w/ Tendayi Viki- Associate Partner, Strategyzer & Author, Pirates In The Navy
About a year ago, our guest moved back to Harare, Zimbabwe after a noteworthy 20+ years of work as an educator, innovator and consultant for various global organizations such as The World Bank, Unilever, Pearson Vue and General Electric. Tendayi Viki began his journey as a high achiever in school and stepped into his early work-life as a reputable educator in the United Kingdom. As his interests shifted towards helping large companies innovate for the future, Tendayi confronted the shift in career trajectory with a firm awareness of his key values and a deep passion for changing the narrative around innovation within the evolving workspace. Through his most recent book 'Pirates In The Navy', Tendayi highlights the value of creating spaces that support intrapreneurship, the urgent need for a progressive take on innovation and how essential it is to remain authentic in your work. Find Tendayi's Book here: 'Helping Elephants Do Ballet' video by Tendayi: 'How To Make Wealth' article by Paul Graham: Support our podcast further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
July 19, 2022
EP #31: The Cultural Divide; How people and data are key to bridging the gap in the workspace w/ Sergey Voropaev
Today’s guest is an executive-level leader with 18+ years of experience in operations, consulting, supply chain and business development. Russian-born Sergey Voropaev’s long and interesting multicultural and multilingual career has spanned North America, Europe, the Middle East as well as Central Asia.  From as early as University, Sergey had a really good idea of the type of company he wanted to work for and what standards were important for them to meet. He walks us through his experience working with and consulting for diverse companies all around the world- and how companies can navigate the ever-growing cultural divide in the workspace through understanding people, their culture and their data. Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
July 05, 2022
EP #30: The Unnatural Life Of An Entrepreneur w/ Matija Goljar- Founder, Ustvarjalnik
At the age of 12, Matija Goljar attempted to break a world-record and in the process discovered his unique ability to take risks and come out of the other side unscathed. After running an illegal underground gambling tournament and destroying the servers of the biggest Slovenian newspaper company with another one of his ventures- Matija quickly learnt how to fail fast and forward. He went on to build the largest entrepreneurship support network for young founders in Slovenia known as 'Ustvarjalnik' and has trained over 10,000- entrepreneurs from all over the world.  Today, as he travels across Europe in his caravan scouting for new companies worth investing in, he takes us through his early life as an entrepreneur in a struggling Slovenian ecosystem, the challenges of working through the criticism he faced for being an entrepreneur and some hard lessons he had to learn in the process of becoming the unapologetic and unconventional leader that he is now. Find out more about Ustvarjalnik here:
June 09, 2022
Founders Friday 015: The Value of Multi-cultural Experiences- Analyzing 'exposure' from a cultural lens.
Over the past couple of years, we have been privileged to live and study with individuals from all across the African continent and different parts of the world. In this episode, we look at the value that we have gained from these multi-cultural experiences, compare a variety of beliefs and biases that we have come across in our interactions and the significance of opening ourselves up to learning from the communities around us. 
June 04, 2022
EP #29: Embracing The Power Of Identity w/ the African Mzungu, DJ Kace- International DJ & Founder of Boombox KE & Circus 254
Today's guest was born and raised in Kenya to Dutch parents and has spent the past decade entertaining audiences worldwide through his music. DJ Kace, also known as The African Mzungu, has carved a niche for himself in the Kenyan entertainment industry and is famous for his urban music flow that has captured the hearts of Kenya's event and club-goers. In this episode, we explore Kace's early days in the Kenyan entertainment scene, the hurdles of securing and performing at gigs, working with promoters and his experience opening shows for Kenya's finest music artists back in 2010. DJ Kace is passionate about local music and fashion brands in the country. With his experience designing and running fusion events- he explains the strategies he utilized to create value for entertainers and guests at his events and emphasizes just how important word-of-mouth is when building a loyal fanbase around one's work. Find DJ Kace's music here: Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
May 24, 2022
Founders Friday 014: Cultural Adjustment In Nairobi- Navigating culture shift through building context.
If you have ever traveled to a new country, moved into a new neighborhood, started that new internship or even kicked life off in a new school- you have likely experienced a period of cultural adjustment in response to such shifts. Today in the boardroom, we speak on our experience flying back home to Kenya for summer break and exciting observations we've made in our social circles, the country's leadership approach to COVID regulations, how the political space is shaping up this election year in the country and just how important it is to build context around such cultural shifts in order to survive and thrive in 'new' environments. Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
May 20, 2022
EP #28: Connecting The Dots That Drive Value w/ Justin Spratt- Head of Strategic Partnerships, Uber
From his early days in investment banking, Justin realized that speculation in capital markets does not create much value for the real economy. He left the space to set up a tech startup, back when Venture Capital and Angel Investment were not a widespread concept on the African continent and worked his way through to leading strategic partnerships at one of the world's most valuable companies.  With over a decade's experience working in the African market, Justin joins us in the Boardroom to reflect on the value of building a network early and being a 'connector' and problem solver in our spheres of influence. A wealth of pent-up talent on the continent has managed to overcome the barriers of entry to learning tech skills, making the continent an excellent launchpad for entrepreneurship, innovation, and beyond. Justin shares his insights on the potential of Africa as one of the last remaining macro growth markets, the importance of governments in tailoring policies that maximize this potential and emphasizes just how important it is to work for a company whose values match yours. Justin's Movie Recommendation: Wall Street (1987) Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
May 17, 2022
EP #27: Inside The Africa Fintech Revolution; Who is currently winning the race? w/ Obadeyi Oluseye- Group Fintech Manager, Equity Bank
The race to win the African finance technology (Fintech) race is a fierce one, and today's guest Obadeyi is at the forefront. As the current Group Fintech Manager at Equity Bank, and having previously worked at Glovo and Cellulant, Obadeyi Oluseye sheds light on how he went from a fresh univeristy graduate to a high-level professional, strategist and thought-leader within the industry in a few short years. We talk about his relocation to Kenya from Nigeria, the realities of the battle between crypto vs traditional banking, designing Fintech solutions that scale and the regulatory minefield that is our continent as a whole. Take a deep dive with us as we pick Obadeyi’s brain and learn from him in this insightful conversation filled with many a plot twist!  Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
May 10, 2022
Founders Friday 013: Choosing Progress Over Popularity- Are we afraid to make uncomfortable decisions for the sake of our own growth?
When in the public eye, you are subject to public opinion. One of the greatest struggles in our generation is making tough decisions for the sake of growth and letting go of the cheers and pats on the back that sometimes come with staying in the comfort zone. We have each faced this dilemma in our own lives, at times rising up from it and in other instances falling victim to the complacency. In this episode, we highlight experiences that have shaped our decision-making processes, the people in our lives who we mistakenly sought validation from and how we ground ourselves as young leaders on our own beliefs and opinions about ourselves.
May 06, 2022
EP #26: Understanding Our African Context; How to tell better stories for better outcomes w/ Mimi Kalinda- Group CEO & Co-founder, Africa Communications Media Group
In her early life as a professional, Mimi became increasingly aware of the power that the media had to shape people's lives and narratives. She has spent her years building a career around her unique perspective on how the power of storytelling can be harnessed to share impactful messages. After realizing there was a blanket approach being taken to communicating in Africa, Mimi launched ACG to provide companies and governments with the tools to tell better stories for better outcomes. She reflects on the tough but worthwhile decisions she had to make in order to align her passion and her work- and challenges us on our held belief of the true meaning of being authentic. Mimi's Recommended TED Talk: The Importance Of Being Inauthentic: Mark Bowden at TEDxToronto- Enjoy!
May 03, 2022
Founders Friday 012: Relational VS Transactional- How should we approach building relationships at a young age?
College is quite the time! The awfully long study hours, exams, internships, parties, traveling and most importantly- the relationships that we build. The latter is also one of the most difficult things to navigate in our current time, whether platonic, romantic or professional. In this episode, we unpack our experiences building relationships at ALU with students from all across the African continent and some guiding principles that have helped us sieve through the noise and focus on the value-based interactions around us. From people we meet at parties all the way to the boardroom, listen in to our experiences with both relational and transactional relationships.
April 29, 2022
EP #25: Building A Successful Global Brand; How to win the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers w/ Nthabiseng Matshekga- Executive Head of Group Marketing, Nedbank
While at the helm of some of Africa's most recognizable companies, Nthabiseng Matshekga has turned her edge for marketing into a tool for change. In this episode, we explore the career and life of Nedbank’s head of group marketing, Nthabi, who walks us through her philosophy around storytelling and its power to connect people to the brands they love. From a deep dive into navigating diversity and inclusion inside large organizations, to understanding how the same dynamics apply to consumers- Nthabi takes us through a marketing masterclass like no other. If you’re looking to build a personal or commercial brand that will scale, gain visibility and connect deeply with a global audience, look no further than our conversation with Nthabi in the boardroom!
April 26, 2022
Founders Travels 011: Backpacking Across Africa- what would it really take & can we pull it off?
Today's Founders Friday episode takes a little twist as we look forward to our summer travel plans around the world. We challenge ourselves on how deeply can we connect with our roots back home in Kenya and a wider view of Africa, but with a little twist: backpacking! Literally packing up basic essentials in one bag and setting off on an adventure. Which countries are a must-visit? What would it take? Who would we need to involve? Can we pull it off? How crazy an experience would it be? Listen in to just how wild our summer this year might turn out to be!
April 22, 2022
EP #24: Strategizing Around Career Choices; Deciding between good vs better, better vs best w/ Lara Rabiu- Investment Professional, Oppenheimer Partners
For many young professionals, either stepping into the career space fresh out of college or deciding whether to leave that entry-level job they've been in for two years, life sometimes appears to hand you grapes expecting you to make lemonade. Without any leverage as a young upstart in the job market, it can seem like the entire world is looking to you to figure everything out without lending a helping hand. In this episode, Lara walks us through how she has explored her interests over the years and pivoted careers whenever she's felt drawn to add value to young people. Having also worked as the Chief Financial and Operating Officer at the African Leadership Academy, she looks back at the global network she has amassed over the years and credits her career progression and impact to open-mindedness and the ability to double down on her strengths while surrounding herself with intelligent team members. Listen to how she moves from making good choices to better, and better ones to the best. Support and engage with us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
April 19, 2022
Founders Friday 010: Can One Man Really Change The World?
Drawn from the impactful lyrics of American rapper Big Sean’s 2015 song One Man Can Change The World, we discuss what it really means to influence society and create change. We speak about which companies we would buy if given a chance and analyze our own experiences creating value and impact through our own startups, both successful and failed ones. At times there is a lot of pressure to be 'that' leader that triggers a revolution, but what if you just want to take a back seat? Listen in to the thoughts we shared on this. Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
April 15, 2022
EP #23: Driving tech penetration in rural Africa w/ Nelly Cheboi, Founder & C.E.O- TechLit Africa, Forbes 30 Under 30
Leveling the technological playing field is a task that Nelly Cheboi has successfully dedicated herself and her entrepreneurship journey towards. While we often fantasize about the growth of tech in rural Africa, Nelly brings perspective and experience to the work that we need to do to make this a reality practically. From policy reform to education, Nelly sheds light on how we can design a future where everyone on the continent has access to information, skills and employment through tech and internet access. Join us in the boardroom to learn about Nelly’s life, work and impact!  Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
April 12, 2022
Founders Friday 009: What Season Of Life Are We In? The difficult questions we are asking ourselves
Are you changing with the seasons, or are the seasons changing you? Either way, the founders sit to reflect on the increased pressure to make decisions about our careers, academics, relationships and finances. Some of these are reactions to a world of wild new circumstances, and others are intentional by design. Regardless, we change and in this episode we discuss these internal and external growing pains as well as how they affect those around us. Step into the boardroom with us for yet another fun and fulfilling conversation.
April 08, 2022
EP #22: The Evolution Of Music; Through the lens of an International Entertainer, DJ David Jay- Managing Director at A.U.M Talent Management
The music industry in Africa has played an incredible role in our identity as a continent. From all corners, our cultural identities have been shaped by which tunes, rthymns and lyrics speak of our experiences and history within our various communities. Today in the boardroom, we sat down with David Jay, an international DJ from Mauritius who has seen the evolution of his industry over the past 25 years. DJ David discovered his passion at a very early age and nurtured his craft through traininsg and surrounding himself with the right people. He walks us through how his journey performing in different parts of the world, crazy experiences he has had DJeeing alongside icons such as Martin Garrix and also shares his genuine take on what it really takes to start, grow and succeed as a DJ at an international level.   Support us further by subscribing to our Patreon Page here:
April 05, 2022
Founders Friday 008: Am I A Serial Quitter? Analyzing our journey and embracing the process
How many times have you given up on something in the past year? Why did you give up on it and how did it make you feel? This week the Founders get together to discuss what they would write about if given a chance to author a book, and as expected, that leads off on a tangent. They discuss the legendary book 'The Alchemist', the key lessons learned about the journey of discovering one’s true purpose in life and the reality they’ve all faced in the process: giving up. From career paths and ventures to musical instruments, the Founders explore stuff they’ve given up on in their pursuit of purpose and why it’s not such a bad thing to pivot after all!
March 18, 2022
EP #21: Little, Big Steps; The journey of building a community around a mission w/ Carrie Rich- Mother, Co-founder & CEO of The Global Good Fund
From a very young age, Carrie Rich wanted to learn about the business of helping people. Sometimes, no matter how big a vision you have to do good in the world, people may not see the value in investing in it until you prove that it works. In today's episode, Carrie Rich recounts her 10-year journey scaling the Global Good Fund and the community that has grown around this mission to create a new generation of transformational change agents. Our conversation features various themes around the value of mentorship, building meaningful relationships in life and creating personal alignment within ourselves. She encourages young leaders to believe that the little steps we take to make the world better for ourselves and others will have a long-term impact on millions of people. Find out more about the amazing work that Carrie and her team are doing at
March 15, 2022
Founders Friday 007: The State of Our Education; How do we move from school to work?
For the last seven years, we have invested time, money and enormous energy in mastering our skills and growing our network. Our experiences have taken us to Draper University (Silicon Valley) the Watson Institute (Colorado) and the African Leadership Academy (South Africa). As we sit in our small boardroom at the African Leadership University (Mauritius) we analyse the state of education on the African continent and share essential lessons from our failed solutions to bridge the gap between students and the workspace. We also share approaches we have each taken to secure lucrative opportunities over the years, with a special masterclass on the Art of Networking.
March 11, 2022
EP #20: Building careers that will change the world w/ Roshan Paul- Social Entrepreneurship Expert & Best Selling Author
There is a fundamental disconnect between colleges/ universities and employers in the real world. Academic institutions were never intended to build people with professional skills but were primarily centers of learning & knowledge acquisition. Our guest today, Roshan Paul, noticed this gap in meaningful transitions into the workspace and in response, chose to forego a career in the lucrative corporate world and set his life's mission on changing this narrative. As co-founder of Amani Institute and strategic advisor to nonprofits and other impact-driven organizations in the United States, Roshan breaks down social impact and what it truly takes to change the world. His new book and #1 Amazon bestseller -The New Reason To Work- recounts the lessons he has learned working with changemakers from all around the world. References: Roshan's 2015 TED Talk titled 'How Do You Learn How to Change the World?': #1 Amazon bestseller 'The New Reason To Work':
March 08, 2022
Founders Friday 006: Money Heist & Media Storms; A look at the history of money, power of the media & lessons Africa can learn from the current global crisis
How can we prove that the gold in our central banks is real? What affects the strength of the money that you currently have in your wallet? Who controls the messages in the media all around us and what is their agenda? In this episode, we share our thoughts on these questions, our views on the current global crisis and the approach that the youth should take in keeping their head above the waves of media outlets. We believe that Africa has key lessons to learn from the West during this time and have a pretty good idea of where this needs to begin. Listen in!
March 04, 2022
EP #19: Spreading a message of love, hope & positivity in a world driven by public perception w/ Mr. Simon Cohen- Peace Activist, Keynote Speaker
The media is the most powerful entity on earth due to its immense ability to shape public perception. Our guest today, Mr. Simon Cohen, dedicated his business and his life to spreading positive messages of love and hope through his communications agency. Simon walks us through his inspiring journey discovering new teachings of compassion and tolerance, representing the Dalai Lama, Gandhi's grandson, and many of the world's wisest women, men, and children. He believes that as long as the 'why' in your life stays constant, what you do doesn't matter too much and demonstrates how this reflects onto his own life purpose of MULTIPLYING! To learn more about Simon, read about his work and share in his story, follow the link:
March 01, 2022
EP #18: Our journey exploring masculinity in a conservative African society w/ The Quaternion
How does society let men act? How aware are men of their male privilege? In this final part of our Quaternion series, we explore these questions and experiences that have shaped our perception of masculinity over the years. Having grown up in communities that built fragile facades of what it means to be a man, we have each in our own rights challenged the ideologies that this school of thought has been modelled around. With a deep understanding of our role as global citizens and our unique positions as progressive leaders- we purpose to communicate a message of love, respect and responsibility to fellow men who are open to learn, unlearn and relearn. Book Recommendation: Men's Work: How to Stop the Violence That Tears Our Lives Apart | by Paul Kivel Movie Recommendation: The Mask You Live In (2015)
February 23, 2022
EP #17: Challenging conventional approaches to education & life as young adults w/ The Quaternion (Part One)
In this first episode of our special two-part series, we are joined by Jefferson Kangacha and David Kariuki- two incredible young changemakers who together with Yuri and Omina form a boys club known as The Quaternion. Recognized within their social and professional circles as bold and adventurous risk-takers, The Quaternion shares how they challenged conventional approaches to education through their decisions to take gap years, early mentorship journeys and entrepreneurial endeavors that characterized their late teenhood. Jefferson (who currently studies at Cornell University in New York) and David (current President of the General Assembly of the Kenya Model United Nations) have very unique perspectives of how the education system should better shape students to take on the global competitive landscape- listen in!
February 22, 2022
Founders Friday 005: Modern day innovation and its impact on the social fabric of our generation (TikTok, Facebook, Artificial Intelligence)
How much of our valuable time & attention are we really giving to these popular social media platforms? In this episode, we scrutinize the inner workings of the addictive models of social sites and the concepts of human behavior that they are founded upon. As entrepreneurs and future leaders of industries, will we focus on maximizing the profitability of our companies or consider the social impact of our designs? There are a lot of unanswered questions regarding the future of our workspaces especially in Africa, with innovative solutions around artificial intelligence and automation just begging to replace the human workforce. When push comes to shove, will we choose our beloved employees over the programmed robots that are 10x better?
February 18, 2022
EP #16: Business plans don’t work; The true psychology of building Africa's next $1 Billion company w/ Edison Ade- Lead Consultant, Bloop Global & Director, Founders Institute (Ghana)
From small scale businessman in Nigeria to a global consultant, and early stage investor, Edison Gbenga walks us through his journey of living out his wildest dreams. When an avid problem solver like himself found failure after failure in his career and startup life, he had to rethink his philosophy and mindset completely. In this episode, we learn more about the mind blowing dynamics of the booming startup scene in Africa and what it really takes for founders to raise billions, create impact at scale, and stay true to the people they serve.
February 15, 2022
Founders Friday 004: Kanye West family drama, raising a family in the public eye and a trip down memory lane with a funny look at high school fame & fake friends
As we navigate life in our 20s, we find that we have a very large social cushion to try different things, fail, learn and repeat. On the other hand, there is a lot of pressure from society to have everything figured out all at once. In this episode, we envision what our lives would look like once we've made it big, become famous and are subject to public scrutiny- but also look back at the childhood experiences that shaped us growing up.
February 11, 2022
EP #15: Leading with Emotional Intelligence and the importance of building psychological safety in organizations w/ Derek Bbanga, Genos International
One of the most important 21st Century skills shaping the future of work is Emotional Intelligence. Workspace interactions have evolved over the past two years and according to Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Derek Bbanga, leading with E.I is instrumental in fostering psychological safety when building strong and committed teams. This awareness of others is just as important as that of self and how we perceive the changes around us. Derek reflects on how his progressive worldview has been shaped through his work life over this period, anchoring his message on the ease of adaptability witnessed in one of the world's most unique creatures, the zebra.
February 08, 2022
Founders Friday 003: Our experiences navigating 'race' and our identities as young African leaders in a world devoid of context #BlackHistoryMonth
Conversations on race and identity are inescapable in our current time and contribute to the structuring of various pillars such as diversity and inclusion within communities and organizations. As we settle into the month of February and its celebration of Black History, the Founders recount their experiences navigating their identities as Africans in the different spaces they have stepped into over the years. They narrate instances where they've had to defend themselves from discrimination and give insights into the prevailing elements of white supremacy that face founders in the startup ecosystem on the African continent. They also analyze the shortfalls of mobile taxi services such as Bolt and Safe Boda in Kenya, which oftentimes focus on economic returns over the financial well-being of their drivers.
February 04, 2022
EP #14: Developed vs Developing Countries; the contribution of the COVID-19 pandemic to social disparities w/ Omaima Doukkane, MBA
After a childhood experience of watching her father rush to the aid of car accident victims, Omaima envisioned a future where medics and first-time responders would be equipped with critical tools to aid in saving lives. Her mission was to fight blood shortage in Africa by introducing blood drives that would facilitate providing accurate medical data/diagnosis in emergency cases. In 2020, these efforts were halted by the COVID-19 pandemic and further hindered by social and political disparities in her homeland of Morocco. In the episode, Omaima walks us through her journey of self-criticism, understanding the importance of self-reliance, and taking ownership of our narrative on the African continent to create solutions to our own challenges. Book Recommendation The Vegetarian | Author: Han Kang Song Recommendation 'ON' by BTS | Genre: Kpop
February 01, 2022
Founders Friday 002: World War III scares, bouncing castles & the crazy experiences our mentors have put us through!
What would you do if you were drafted into the war? The Founders share their thoughts on the current geopolitical climate in the West and how security firms influence public perception. They also take a deep dive into crazy experiences that have shaped their mentorship journeys- from flying to Ghana to redesign education models, botched investments in bouncing castles for neighborhood parties, and traveling across the country to do photography for their mentors. Usher in your Friday with a raw & unscripted look at the boardroom. Book references: The Growth Map; Economic opportunity in the BRICs and Beyond | Author: Jim O'Neill Movie references: The Billion Dollar Code Life Story of Tova Friedman
January 28, 2022
EP #13: Daring to dream and execute BIG w/ Amadou Chico Cissoko, Innovation Catalyst with a vision to impact 1 billion lives
Packing his bags and moving from a successful career in Guinea to new and unchartered grounds in Kenya, Amadou is no stranger to risk-taking and has built his reputation as one of Africa's most daring innovators. In this episode, he walks us through his experience enduring his first year in a foreign country- backed only by his sheer will, crazy go-big-or-go-home attitude, and vision to leave a footprint in the lives of fellow high achievers on the continent. This conversation challenged us to rethink how we approach failure, reflect on our upbringing, and how we translate our cultural dynamics into our personal and professional lives. Amadou is a father, husband, friend, and mentor to many- with a tremendous passion to empower and inspire bold action within his family and the community around him. Take a look at some of his amazing work: Masomo Box(e-learning solution for schools in Kenya)- TED Talk feature-
January 25, 2022
Founders Friday 001: What happens when the image you've created for yourself as a high achiever doesn't match the results?
In the first episode of its kind, the Founders are back at the helm of the conversation in their full, authentic selves- with Yuri at his DJ decks while host duo of Sean and Omina are up to their usual mischief behind the mic. The team dives into their not-so-ordinary Christmas and New Year's experiences in 2021, eyebrow-raising lessons about emotional intelligence from observing nightclub shenanigans; and the value of understanding how to build up your skills and competency (the ladder) and apply it in the best-suited environment for your own growth (the wall). The below content copyright credit goes to: Major League DJz (Le Plane E'Landile) Adenkule Gold (High) J Cole (Love Yourz)
January 21, 2022
EP #12: Understanding the value of your brand and how to communicate it w/ Sarah Murungi, founder of the Goal'd In Africa podcast
We are kicking off the year with a huge wake up call to everyone who has been sitting on their potential from a truly inspirational Sarah Murungi,  hostess of the Goal'd In Africa podcast. We are in the season of redesigning how things are done. With her experience as a podcast hostess, TV hostess and Voice Over artist- Sarah has clear approaches of defining her value and communicating it within her line of work and beyond. This conversation takes a closer look at what exactly it means to align oneself to a mission and remain authentic to core principles and values, while communicating just how much you are worth. Flip open your notebook as you tune into Sarah's masterclass conversation, and follow up on some more gems that she drops on her podcast, Goal'd In Africa. Subscribe, share and stream the Goal'd In Africa episodes here:
January 18, 2022
Ep #11: Creating Impact in your community w/ Joshua Okoduwa, Chevening Scholar
Today's conversation features Joshua Okoduwa - a passionate and well educated social innovator who is creating tremendous impact in Nigeria through his foundation called Restructure Africa that addresses the issues of poverty through increased access to education, public health, and humanitarian interventions in disadvantaged communities. Joshua guides us through a conversation where he sensitizes us to begin owning our narratives and using our passion, capacity, and networks to uplift less fortunate people in our society. Pull out your pen and paper as you listen in to this informative conversation fit for a Ted Talk.  Joshua Okoduwa, LinkedIn: Restructure Africa Website:
December 24, 2021
Ep #10: The role of accelerators & incubator programs in the startup ecosystem w/ Jorge Mendez, Director of Programs at the Watson Institute in Boulder, Colorado- USA
Numerous entrepreneurs seek out training, seminars, talks, workshops to launch or scale their ventures and are familiar with how rigorous a process it can be to make it into world-class programs. In our special month-versary episode, we have an immersive conversation with Jorge Mendez, the Director of Programs at the Watson Institute Semester Accelerator in Boulder, Colorado. All three Boardroom founders have gone through either an accelerator or incubator program during their gap year. This episode features their accounts of their experiences as Jorge breaks down how to successfully apply and gain admission to such programs, the mindset required to undertake them and how the Watson Institute is re-designing its frameworks to align with entrepreneurs' needs in the current global pandemic era. Find out more about the Watson Institute here:
December 17, 2021
Ep #9: The Founders Episode- Why us and why now? A raw unscripted, behind the scenes, look into the boardroom
What happens when you give three curious, open-minded and entrepreneurial young Africans a microphone? A platform to investigate the fascinating humans, principles and strategies behind the world’s cutting-edge industries, is born. Armed with a deep friendship, years of building (and sometimes breaking) businesses, an international network of guests, and catchy intro music… we set out to take you on a journey to discover what goes on in the heads and boardrooms of the doers and dreamers of tomorrow.  In this episode, we give you a look into the biggest drivers of our mission here at Boardroom Banter and why it is important that we build a culture of collaboration within our circles RIGHT NOW. Sean Karanja: Yuri Coret: Boniface Omina:
December 14, 2021
Ep #8: Ready, Fire, Aim! Closing the gap between education and the workspace w/ Okeyinfu - Dimowo Ajayi
Today's conversation features Okeyinfu Ajayi, better known as KayKay- a passionate educator and coach who brought the classroom to the boardroom in this episode. It is estimated that by the year 2050, Africa's population would have doubled in size with its youth being at the forefront of this treasure trove of talent and potential. KayKay guides us through her view on the contemporary issues surrounding educating this next generation of learners, developing efficient and human-centered structures within an organization and building conducive environments for learning and development, whether you're a startup or a fully-functional firm. Pull out your pen and paper as you listen in to this informative conversation fit for a Ted Talk. Okeyinfu Ajayi, LinkedIn:
December 10, 2021
Ep #7: Making your own bed before fixing the world w/ Jerome Alphonse, ALU Education
Today in the boardroom we met with Jerome Alphonse, student professional development lead at the African Leadership Univeristy in Mauritius. Jerome's worldview has been informed by global exposure and life experiences, two of the best teachers in life. After spending his time in Australia, Jerome moved back to Mauritius and plugged into the professional training and development scene. He has worked with companies such as Adecco and world-renowned training company Dale Carnegie. Jerome breaks down the topic of Mauritian youth unemployment, takes us through his path of discovering himself and the importance of making sure your bed is made before going out to fix the world. Jerome's Book Recommendations: Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse | The Courage To Be Disliked by Fumitake Koga & Ichiro Kishimi | 12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson
December 07, 2021
Ep #6: The importance of democratizing opportunities for impact- a story by Mzamo Masito, Chief Marketing Officer at Google Africa
In this episode, we recount a conversation we had with Google Africa's Mzamo Masito on his life journey and explore his take on how people approach opportunities in life. Mzamo embodies a very candid and forthright approach to life and his career. He rose up in his profession by boldly and audaciously creating a seat for himself at the table working with Unilever, Nike, Vodacom and now Google- seeing through the company's vision for the African continent. He challenges us on being aware of our circle of influence and draws insights from his own life experiences that have shaped his illustrious career. Listen in and share this episode with someone who would be inspired by it!
December 03, 2021
Ep #5: Overcoming the fear of public speaking and more w/ Charles Msilanga, CEO of the Personal and Corporate Development Company
After an encounter with a motivational speaker in high school, Charles set out to inspire the next generation of speakers through his newfound passion. He started the Personal and Corporate Development Company that has gone to train numerous people around the world to overcome their fear and take control of their own voice. Charles has lived a million lifetimes through the time and energy invested in building a network of friends and mentors around him. He shares the benefits of surrounding yourself with an army of like-minded individuals, shares the motivation behind his recently authored book: Protect Your Courage, and how that very statement shifted the trajectory of his life when he was in Colorado USA. For more information on Charles and his company visit: To access his 'Protect Your Courage' book, feel free to reach out directly to us for more information.
November 30, 2021
Ep#4: Building legacy through investing in humanity w/ Amar Patel
It is important to explore different environments and expose oneself to a variety of human reactions in order to broaden perspective. After getting his computer science degree from Colorado Univeristy- Boulder, Amar Patel plugged into the startup ecosystem in Colorado driven by a commitment to building legacy through his work with people and finding ways of contributing to their success. We look at a post-college experience from the lens of Amar as he takes us through his early work life, how to build relational capital from simple interactions such as buying someone a cup of coffee and the importance of being inclusive of everyone's voice in the room. Amar enjoys learning about spreading joy, faith, books, and entrepreneurship. Check out some of his work: Website: Podcast: Blog:
November 26, 2021
Ep#3: Being bold in your brand- the importance of standing out w/ Josphat Lowoi, Duke University Scholar
In this episode, we take a deep dive into the life of Josphat Lowoi, a Mastercard and Bezos Scholar at Duke University. We journey with Josphat through his turbulent time at Lenana School, how meeting an important mentor taught him the importance of standing out and his amazing leap to the African Leadership Academy- South Africa that came with so many blessings afterward. Having worked at Wall Street this past year, Josphat has seen what it means to compete in corporate America and chronicles some eye-opening lessons that will challenge how you view personal branding and how to be so good that they can't ignore you.
November 23, 2021
Ep#2: International Men's Day- Navigating the concept of healthy masculinity w/ Rev. Dr. Julius Weche, CEO of AKAD Africa
This year we celebrate the 2021 International Men's Day with Rev. Dr. Julius Weche, better known to his mentees as Daktari. Daktari is the CEO of Akad Education Group – Africa, a consulting organization that provides mentorship and value-based leadership training to youth for academic and career success, targeting upper primary, high school and college youth. We explore the topic of masculinity, with a focus on the key definition of a 'healthy' masculine man, shortfalls of men in society and ways in which young men should approach exploring their individual & unique answers to the question: what does it mean to be a man? See more information about AKAD Education Africa:
November 19, 2021
#Pilot: Consumer Mindsets- how businesses sell you things w/ Yasmina Kazitani MBA. Ms
How do I deconstruct everything I’ve learned in the past 15 years? This is one of the main questions we unpacked in our conversation with Yasmina Kazitani MBA. Ms, a fractional CMO at SKLS Consulting with 20+ years of marketing under her belt. The world of digital marketing is evolving in this 'new normal' of the pandemic era and so are the methods businesses are using to get your interest and attention. We feature this and more in our pilot episode! 
November 16, 2021