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Exponential Future

Exponential Future

By Bobby Bahov

The Exponential Future Podcast is a discussion on the effects of exponential technologies on everyday life and business, with a big focus on artificial intelligence and space technology.

Bobby Bahov is a technology entrepreneur and business advisor with a passion for innovation. He believes in the bright future of humanity and that technological advancement is and will be a crucial aspect of our success as a civilization.
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Exponential Future #2

Exponential Future

Exponential Future #2
Exponential Future #2
In this episode of the Exponential Future series, I cover recent developments in the space industry as well as interesting upcoming plans. From new rocket announcements leading to CEOs literally eating their hats through the increasing involvement of private space companies in space exploration to space hotels. It's all in there.
March 11, 2021
Exponential Future #1
Exponential Future #1
In this episode, I cover some of the recent interesting innovations and developments on the technology scene. From AI used for predicting Covid risks to Moon rock samples and Satellite images.
January 24, 2021