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The Bodies Built Better podcast

The Bodies Built Better podcast

By Jackie Tann
The Bodies Built Better podcast is for the health conscious, performance improving, rise to the challenge human, who is seeking ways to improve themselves in every possible way.

We talk to experts, authors, coaches, athletes and inspiring humans about the best ways to train, rest, recover, and perform at your best. We also take a deep dive into how to overcome challenges and adversity, improve your mindset and self belief and achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Crush your limitations, reconnect with your body and discover your extraordinary potential.
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#24. DR SUE JACKSON - FLOW- the most incredible high performance state you'll ever know

The Bodies Built Better podcast

#55. JACQUI SHEARS- Good Gut Health and Auto-immune Disease
On this episode I chat with principle Nutritionist and The Integrative Health Objective founder, Jacqui Shears.  We get back to the basics of what gut health is, what it means to have a "good gut" how the digestive system works, how what we eat can be the cause of our illness and so much more. Jacqui is an Integrative Nutritionist and foodie at heart. Jacqui applies evidence-based Nutritional Medicine philosophy to work preventively and aims to educate and empower clients to lead a healthier, more fulfilled life while addressing the root cause of her client's health issue. Jacqui makes Gut Health easy to digest (Queen of Puns is back! lol), and more importantly, informative and practical so that you can start making small positive changes right now to improve your health and wellbeing. Where to find Jacqui: Website: Instagram: @tiho.nutritionist Instagram: @theintegrativehealthobjective
November 27, 2021
#54. DAN VAN ZANDT- Everything You Need to Know About Stretching and Flexibility
You need to Stretch. Period. As a Flexibility Researcher, Dan Van Zandt talks about the science behind why you need to stretch, when you should stretch, how often, how long and what type of stretching will fast track your flexibility! Yep, everything you need to know about stretching will be answered in this EPIC conversation. Where to find Dan: Website: Instagram: @felxibility.research
November 20, 2021
#53. TRENT FALSON- Managing Mental Health, Spine Surgery, and the Setbacks Along the Way
Professional Lifeguard and Bondi Rescue TV Star Trent Falson is a veteran when it comes to facing uncertainty in stressful situations. For almost 20 years he has been rescuing people and in some cases bringing them back to life. And whilst he has trained all his life on how to physically and mentally prepare for these situations, what he hasn't prepared for is what happens when he can no longer do the job he loves.  After major neck surgery, Trent talks us through the physical and mental challenges that come along with being stood down from work, unable to surf or train and his journey managing the pain and rehabilitation on what he hopes will be his comeback to the job he loves most. Where to find Trent: Instagram: @trentfalson Need to talk to someone: Beyond Blue
November 13, 2021
#52. NICOLAI MORRIS - Building Better Athletes and Bridging the Gap For Women In Sport
Strength and Conditioning Coach Nicolai Morris talks us through her S&C journey through AFL, Rugby, and Hockey with New Zealand High Performance and her experience as a female S&C Coach in a male dominated industry. Nicolai has a way of articulating the inequity of the industry objectively and talks about how we can create more opportunities for female coaches and athletes to bridge the gap.  We also get some great insights on what it takes to become an elite performer and the mindset, work and commitment required. Want to challenge your skills and improve performance? We talk about all the skills and movements you should be including in your program and how they will improve your body awareness and overall performance.  Where to find Nicolai: Instagram: @nicolai_morris Instagram: @womeninsport__ Sponsor:  Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth meditation app for getting high on life. heavily meditated app
November 6, 2021
#51. JARROD WALSH - How Self Awareness is Key to Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Performance
Jarrod Walsh is generous, kind, supportive and bloody good at what he does. A sports and corporate MC and once a Nova radio announcer, Jarrod knows all to well what impact nerves, anxiety and questioning your self worth can do to your mental wellbeing. Sharing his story of how he has overcome bullying, ego's in the workplace, his father walking out on his family and being made redundant after 16 years, Jarrod's values, world view and commitment to being a better friend, father, husband and person, show why he's arguably the best at what he does.  An honest and down to earth chat about how to build self awareness to keep showing up and performing at your best, whether that's on the track, oval, court, boardroom, corner office or out in the backyard with your kids. If you want to learn the art of communication, check out Jarrod's website and course: Website: Instagram: @walshjarrod Facebook: @jarrodwalshmc Twitter: @jarrodwalsh Sponsor:  Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth meditation app for getting high on life. heavily meditated app
October 30, 2021
#50. DR PERRY NICKELSTON- Are Your Organs Producing Your Pain and Inflammation?
You need to look after your organs. Sounds basic right? Well, if you have pain or inflammation in your body, then it's quite possible, you need ot take better care of them! In this episode you'll discover common signs and symptoms of organ dysfunction and and what you can do to improve your health, wellbeing and performance, just by taking better care of your organs! Not convinced? Did you know, your Liver does over 500 different things. That’s kinda a lot... Discover why restriction in Liver motricity (passive motion of an organ during movement) impacts the hips, shoulders, and lower back.  As Dr Perry says, no system in the body ever works alone. Never gets injured all alone. Never heals alone. Overlooking organ motion in chronic musculoskeletal pain is a mistake and after this episode you'll know why and what small steps you can take to move forward and care for your organ health. Where to find Dr Perry: Website: Instagram: @stopchasingpain You Tube: Perry Nickelston Sponsor:  Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth meditation app for getting high on life. heavily meditated app
October 23, 2021
#49. CHRISTIE ASCHWANDEN - Recovery Myths Busted and Everything You Need to Know Before Your Next Training Session
With so many companies claiming to have the next best recovery gadget or service and elite athletes promoting the latest sports drink or supplement, it's hard to know what's actually works and what doesn't. In this episode Christie Aschwanden, author of Good To Go: What the Athlete in All Of Us Can Learn From the Strange Science of Recovery, separates the facts from the good ol'quackery of cashed up companies hoping to make more sales.  “Aschwanden… never loses sight of the gap between anecdote and randomized trial. Ultimately, she pins her conclusions on the best studies in each field, as well as her interviews with highly-regarded researchers.” — Amby Burfoot, Runner’s World  About Christie: Christie Aschwanden is the author of GOOD TO GO: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn From the Strange Science of Recovery and co-host of EMERGING FORM, a podcast about the creative process. She’s the former lead science writer at FiveThirtyEight and was previously a health columnist for The Washington Post. Christie is a frequent contributor to The New York Times. She’s also been a contributing editor for Runner’s World and a contributing writer for Bicycling. Her work appears in dozens of publications, including Discover, Slate, Consumer Reports,  New Scientist,  More,  Men’s Journal, Mother Jones,, Smithsonian and O, the Oprah Magazine. Website: Website: Sponsor:  Heavily Meditated is your down-to-earth meditation app for getting high on life. heavily meditated app
October 16, 2021
#48 NICK LITTLEHALES - Sleep hacks the worlds top athletes use for better recovery and performance
Want to know how elite athletes are managing their recovery and sleep? Well you've come to the right episode, because today I chat with elite sport sleep coach, Nick Littlehales. Every month hundreds of elite athletes, players and organisations in world sport around the globe are using the R90 Technique to achieve more sustainable levels of human recovery performance.  Today we take a deep dive into the R90 technique Principles: Sleeping in Cycles: At the core of Nicks’ technique is breaking every 24 hours into 90 minute cycles, 16 stages and 4 phases. Referred to as a multiphasic activity and recovery approach. 7 Key Sleep Recovery Indicators: The 7 KSRIs are the key techniques that can be adopted to improve sleep, recovery and performance. Based on what Nick has discovered over 35 years of experience. 24/7 Recovery Approach: Recovery is a 24/7 commitment, and through using the daylight hours in addition to your nocturnal approach you will be able to give your mind and body the opportunity to continually reboot while dealing with the demands of modern life. Nick has changed the way athletes (and people all over the world,) think about sleep. Discover for yourself the sleeping secrets, techniques and practical interventions adopted by elite athletes, players and coaches in world sport. Where to Find Nick: Website: Instagram: @_sportsleepcoach You Tube: Tips for better sleep 
October 9, 2021
#47 DR. ERIC COBB - Brain based training to help you get out of pain, perform at your best, and discover your extraordinary potential.
If you are not including Neurocentric training in your program, then you are leaving talent on the table. Dr. Eric Cobb is the founder of Z-Health Performance Solutions and is one of the world's leading experts in harnessing the power of the neurology of movement to create extraordinary change in the human body. We cover everything from learning new movement patterns, to improving skills, to postural compensations and how to correct them, injuries, the visual system, pain perception and so much more! This episode is jam packed with the basics of what you need to know right now to start implementing a brain based approach to your health, wellbeing and performance. A huge one not to be missed! Where to find Dr Cobb and Z Health: Website: Instagram: @zhealth_performance You Tube: ZHealthPerformance Facebook: @ZHealth Free Course: NeuroFundamentals
October 2, 2021
#46. MATT JONES - Building a strong and resilient Mindset in the face of adversity
Back for the 3rd time on the show, I chat with my good friend Matt Jones about how to build a strong and resilient mindset so you can not only stay mentally healthy and strong, but thrive in life and athletic performance.  At age 15, Matt Jones broke his neck in an horrific BMX racing accident. He awoke in hospital with no memory of the crash or the weeks prior, at that point the doctors didn’t know whether he would ever walk or move his arms again. The risk and fear of permanent brain damage was also very real. Luckily for Matt his spinal cord was intact and the swelling in his skull reduced. Surgeons performed a bone graft and inserted a metal plate into his neck and the surgery was a great success. Matt's diverse experience in life and his profession makes him the perfect person to talk to. He has competed at an elite level as a professional athlete, he's provided strength and conditioning coaching to elite athletes, law enforcement and military, chronic back sufferers, teaches Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and taught self defence principles to people like you and me. We talk about perspective, managing social media, dealing with external and internal pressure and managing mindset through injury.  This episode is a deep dive into what it means to have a healthy mindset and how you can change your perspective for mental and physical wellbeing.
September 25, 2021
#45. DAVID KUHNE - How to run the North Pole Marathon without freezing!
As a 14 month old baby, doctors told David Kuhne's parents that he would never run or play sports. By the age of 5 he was playing soccer, by age 11 he was playing Aussie rules football and at 26 ran his first marathon. David's recount of the North Pole marathon will have you in awe. Completing a marathon in minus thirty five degrees on unforgiving terrain is something David will happily do again!  David explains the ins and outs of running this incredible event and why everyone should consider the North Pole Marathon.
September 18, 2021
#44. LAETITIA ANDRAC - The power of Ayurveda, Rituals and Boundaries in daily life for health, happiness and wellbeing
Laetitia is a holistic business coach and a ‘soul+biz doula’. She is making ancient spiritual wisdom accessible and manageable to beginners and the practiced alike. We explore what Ayurveda is and why this ancient practice is so effective in bringing back health to those feeling lost. This holistic practice takes everything into consideration and the philosophies behind it help open your mind to the possibilities of true health and happiness. It's a down to earth and foundational approach to Ayurveda making it easy for anyone to begin their Ayurvedic journey. We also chat about the importance of Rituals and Boundaries and how both is an integral part of Ayurveda and living a life mindfully and authentically..  Where to Find Laetitia: Website to access Free Rituals Guide : Instagram: @essential.shift Ayurveda Course Waitlist: Essential Alchemy Membership (for New Moon Circle, Meditation, Masterclass & Guest Speakers):
September 11, 2021
#43. DR. STUART MCGILL - Understanding back pain and how to avoid movements and postures to prevent injury and the questions you need to ask yourself before starting any gym program
It was an honour to chat with world renown expert on back pain Dr. Stuart McGill. We talk about all things back pain, back mechanics, movements that can aggravate the spine, movements that can heal the spine and most importantly. His real life experiences help you gain a better understanding of the importance of smart decision making. What you're doing, why you're doing it and how to do it so you don't injury yourself AND improve performance.  We cover a lot in this episode. It's a must listen to anyone who has experienced back pain, who is training and wants to prevent injury, improve performance and for those wanting to build strong robust bodies fit for life. About Dr. Stuart McGill: Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a professor emeritus, University of Waterloo, where he was a professor for 30 years. His laboratory and experimental research clinic investigated issues related to the causal mechanisms of back pain, how to rehabilitate back-pained people and enhance both injury resilience and performance. His advice is often sought by governments, corporations, legal experts, medical groups and elite athletes and teams from around the world. His work produced over 240 peer-reviewed scientific journal papers, several textbooks, and many international awards. He mentored over 37 graduate students during this scientific journey. During this time he taught thousands of clinicians and practitioners in professional development and continuing education courses around the world. He continues as the Chief Scientific Officer for Backfitpro Inc. Difficult back cases are regularly referred to him for consultation. Any product associated with this website has been tested in Dr. McGill’s laboratory. Where to find Dr Stuart McGill: Website: You Tube: BackFitPro Instagram: @backfitpro Facebook: BackFitPro Inc
September 4, 2021
#42. EMMA STOREY GORDON - Understanding the key factors to getting fit, building muscle, losing weight and living healthy!
Emma Storey Gordon is a fitness coach, sports scientist and researcher and today we dive deep into exercise and mindset strategies to help you achieve your goals and bust a whole lotta myths about health that marketers have us believing! Emma has been helping clients not only achieve their goals, but help change their mindset around health and fitness for long term success. If you want to see results, Emma has the answers for you. Don't believe me? Head over to her Instagram where she regularly answers the questions of her followers everyday!  Emma's research background and commitment to educating you, mixed with her down-to-earth, straight-to-the-point approach, helps you build sustainable routines, gives you the confidence to make well-informed decisions and most importantly, helps you build healthy mindset strategies so you can see results and feel amazing.   Follow Emma: Instagram Fitness: @esgfitness Instagram Nutrition: @eiq_nutrition Instagram Business Mentorship: @afmentors Website:
August 28, 2021
#41. DEAN GLADSTONE- The power of functional breathing and what that means for you and your long term health and sports performance
The power of functional breathing is finally getting the international hype it deserves and Dean Gladstone shares the incredible benefits as to why it's so powerful. Dean has a wealth of knowledge from a wide range of modalities. Well known for being a Bondi lifeguard, he is also a qualified Yoga teacher, Wim Hof Instructor, Personal Trainer and Oxygen Advantage Instructor and has improved the lives of many with his holistic approach to health and wellness. From climbing mountains in Poland wearing boardshorts with Wim Hof to working with athletes and asthmatics for breath function improvement, to saving lives as a Lifeguard in massive and dangerous conditions, Dean knows all to well the power and possibilities of functional breathing. Breathwork is Scientifically proven to: · Reduce Breathlessness · Improve Oxygen Delivery, · Improve Core Strength · Encourage better quality sleep · Increase Energy, · Delay Lactic Acid and Fatigue, Follow Dean: Instagram: @deanogladstone Instagram: @powerofbreath Website: Breathing Course: The Power of the breath You Tube breathing exercise: Breathing exercise to chill Get in touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
August 21, 2021
#40. CLAIRE SIMS - Everything you need to know about Trail Running events
Whether you're a seasoned trail runner or you're thinking about running your first trail event, this chat with Trail Running SA Chairwoman Claire Sims will have you respecting the runners, community and events even more.  Run an event with TRSA: Instagram: @trailrunningsa Facebook: Facebook Group: Get in Touch  Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 14, 2021
#39. JOSH SMITH & ADAM MURPHY - Holistic Strength and Conditioning principles for better performance and considerations for female athletes
Joined by strength and conditioning coaches, Adam Murphy and Josh Smith, this episode dives deep into basic strength and conditioning foundations, what it means to train holistically and how to define success. We also take a deep dive into what it means to train female athletes to optimise performance, the differences between training males and females and the important conversations and education that needs to be had by health professionals in the industry. About Adam Murphy: Adam Murphy is a Strength and Conditioning Coach in the National Basketball League (NBL) for the Adelaide 36ers, in Australia. Adam’s experience includes working in the NBL as the Director of High Performance since 2016, Private Strength and Conditioning Coach to Australian Boomers players, such as Mitch Creek, Nathan Sobey, Matthew Hodgson and more. His studies include Bachelor of Exercise Science Majoring in Sports Science at Flinders University. Adam studied under Paul Check from the CHEK Institute and Charles Poliquin the Strength Sensei. Website: Instagram: @adam_murphy_coaching About Josh Smith: Founded as the athletic development arm of Mitise Health & Fitness Pty Ltd in 2014, Josh Mitise Strength & Conditioning continues to design, facilitate and implement programs for field and court athletes from the weekend warriors to professional players at national and international levels. JMSC has overseen programs for more than two hundred players from twenty teams and counting (including White Cit FC in the State League 1, SANFLW teams Glenelg, Norwood, North Adelaide, South Adelaide, Sturt and West Adelaide, W-League teams Melbourne City FC, Melbourne Victory FC, Canberra United, Adelaide United FC and the Australian national women’s soccer team the Matildas). JMSC believes there is a very promising future in the participation and consumption of women’s sport both Australia wide and internationally and is focused on leading the industry in ensuring every player is properly prepared and athletically ready to deal with the rigours of their game. Website: Instagram: @mitiseofficial Murph and Mitise Show:  Instagram: @murphandmitiseshow You Tube: Murph and Mitise Show Apple Podcasts: Murph and Mitise Show
August 7, 2021
#38. KATRINA GORRY - How Matildas star is paving the way for the next generation of young female athletes
Matildas soccer star Katrina Gorry has always known she wanted to start a family but once upon a time starting a family and playing elite sport were completely exclusive of each other. Not today. Katrina talks us through her decision to undergo IVF to start a family, the plan to play in the 2023 FIFA World Cup, and her rise to representing Australia 78 times.  Having played her last game back in January at 11 weeks pregnant, Katrina says scoring a long range goal will be cherished forever, sharing in a special moment with her teammates. Whilst Katrina is an incredible role model for young girls wanting a career in women's football, she’s also paving the way for a new era of elite female athletes wanting to start a family in the peak of their career. Follow Katrina: Instagram: @katrinagorry10 Get in touch: @jackietann_rmt
July 31, 2021
#37. DAVE MARRIOTT - 160km Ultra Run... How did he do it?
Dave Marriott, an easy going and quietly spoken man of few words. Unless you're talking about running that is. In April this year, Dave completed the Hubert 100 mile, which for all the Aussies, is 160km. Dave tells his story of how one day in his 40s, he didn't look like that fit guy he thought he was, so took up running. Needless to say, it's something he's very good at. Running 100km events is now the new norm. There is no secret method or special race plane he follows. He keeps it simple and thinks you should too. Follow Dave: Instagram: @tivoenator
July 24, 2021
#36b. SIMONE BRICK - From Mental Health Institutions to National Mountain Running Champion PART 2
Be inspired by Simone's story or strength, resilience and determination. Simone's story is not your average running success story. In fact it's a story that starts at rock bottom. Simone's teenage years saw her in and out of hospital and mental institutions battling with eating disorders, depression, psychosis and suicide attempts. But don't underestimate her will to not only survive, but come out of this stronger, happier and more determined than ever to help herself and others manage their physical and mental wellbeing. She has won countless running events, is a personal trainer and running coach to others, AND is studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine. Her extraordinary story will have you believing that anything is possible, and she is living proof. Follow Simone: Website: Instagram: @theflyingbrick_ Get Help: Butterfly - Support for eating disorders and body issues Beyond Blue - Support for anxiety and depression Get In touch with Me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
July 19, 2021
#36a. SIMONE BRICK - From Mental Health Institutions to National Mountain Running Champion PART 1
Simone's story is not your average running success story. In fact it's a story that starts at rock bottom. Simone's teenage years saw her in and out of hospital and mental institutions battling with eating disorders, depression, psychosis and suicide attempts. But don't underestimate her will to not only survive, but come out of this stronger, happier and more determined than ever to help herself and others manage their physical and mental wellbeing.    She has won countless running events, is a personal trainer and running coach to others, AND is studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine. Her extraordinary story will have you believing that anything is possible, and she is living proof. Follow Simone: Website: Instagram: @theflyingbrick_ Get Help: Butterfly - Support for eating disorders and body issues Beyond Blue - Support for anxiety and depression Get In touch with Me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
July 17, 2021
#35. NATHAN WIESE - Overcoming fitness fears and balancing business and family life
It's easy to think Crossfit training is only for the muscularly chiseled athlete who can handstand walk to work... But you would be wrong. Whilst these impressive movements can be apart of a Crossfit workout, the beauty of Crossfit training is that it is for every person, of every age, and every level of fitness. Nathan takes us through the misconceptions of Crossfit, how to motivate yourself and keep accountable and how to balance your health and fitness with work and family life. Where to find Nathan: Instagram: @nathanwiese and @crossfitzenith Website: Facebook: @crossfitzenith Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
July 10, 2021
#34. CAITLIN HOGAN - Bulletproof your joints for optimal performance
Learn how to get out of pain and improve your performance with Caitlin Hogan. Caitlin is a 3 x national weight lifting champion and 2 x Pan Am Silver Medalist. Her love for sport, human movement and sports performance has her helping others build bullet proof foundations through the evidence based system of FRC and Kinstretch. Caitlin has a special skill of making the confusing and intricate sound easy and applicable. We talk about what Kinstretch is, why it's so good and why we ALL need to start practicing today.   25% off code to Caitlin's Strength Kinstretch Series (normally US$29.99)  25% off code: betterbodies  (EXPIRES 4th Aug 2021) Purchase here >> Join a remote Kinstretch Class with Caitlin here Where to find Caitlin: Instagram: @jointjacked @chogan25 @annextraining Sign up to Caitlin's mailing list to get a FREE video training session PLUS receive a detailed guide on how to return to pain-free training here, and use code FREE to receive hip video. Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
July 3, 2021
#33. GARY WARD - How to fix your feet so you perform at your best
Gary Ward is the "foot guy" for good reason. He has helped people get out of chronic pain and back to what they love doing. We chat about foot postures and how something so far away from the feet can have an impact on how you move, walk and run and most importantly, he talks about how you can correct that. A knowledge dense episode for all the anatomy geeks out there and of course for everyone who wants to improve their performance! Check out Gary's courses here: Website: Courses: Instagram: @garyward_aim Facebook: @anatomyinmotion Get in touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
June 26, 2021
#32. HAYLEY TALBOT - Solo Kayaking the Clarence River with a Beginners Mindset
She had never kayaked in her life, but decided she was going to solo kayak the 400km Clarence River. Unassisted. And she did.  A 2 year preparation, in May 2017 she was the first person to solo kayak the Clarence River. Some stretches of the  river said to be "un-passable".   We talk about the preparation and what it took to become not only physically and mentally fit but how to be fully self reliant. She learnt bush survival, navigation, how to hunt and trap, how to forage, and learn the medicinal uses of plants. Honing her skills with a healthy respect for the land, river, local communities and her family. This 14 day journey had setbacks right from the beginning but Hayley's thought process, rationalisation and pure drive to accomplish this massive task is not only inspiring, it truly lifts the veil on all things "impossible", because as she found out on her journey, there are no ceilings. Find Hayley here: Instagram: @hayleytalbot Website:  Get in Touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt Email:
June 19, 2021
#31 JACKIE TANN - What happens when we keep ignoring our body's messages
I decided to start season 2 with my story, because whilst we all like to put on a brave face and weather the storm, the reality is, something's gotta give. And it did for me and I'm slowly learning how to manage. Did I know all along that my actions and behaviours would result in this? I believe so, but I thought I had no choice. To keep going because I thought the consequences of stopping, taking a break, giving myself time, would mean everything would fall apart. Instead I slowly drove myself into the ground. I had to stop, because in the end my body gave me no choice. The reason I share my experience is two fold; 1. Because this story of working so hard that we forget about ourselves, about our own health and our own needs is all too common, and that you too, need to take stock of your health, wellbeing and self care. 2. I wanted to give you some insight into who I am and where I started. It's a very condensed version of my career but my passion has always been to help others.  I believe our body's are truly incredible. Our ability to heal, adapt and evolve is extraordinary.  Whilst I believe this to be true, nor do I want to be insensitive to those dealing with terminal diseases.  This Podcast is not about false hope but about learning what we are capable of within our control. Nor is this podcast a replacement for medical advice . Want to get in touch with me? Here's how: Instagram; @jackietann_rmt Email:
June 12, 2021
#30. COACH ALYSSA CHANG - How to use neuroscience to improve your performance and get out of pain
Alyssa Chang is a brain based health and movement coach helping clients get out of pain and discomfort. She teaches you what your body is trying to communicate with you and what those signs and symptoms look and feel like. If you thought you knew everything there was to know about your body, I dare say you are going to learn so much more and discover even MORE ways to enhance your performance and experience your extraordinary potential. Want to work with Alyssa: Website: Instagram: @coachalyssachang Get In Touch: Email: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
December 6, 2020
#29. STEVE MCKENNA - What it takes to Win in sport and life with Pro Triathlete Steve Mckenna
An injury and change in perspective was all it took for Steve McKenna to once again, take up his love for running and try his luck at triathlons. In the short span of 12 months, Steve gained his long course pro license and was talent scouted by the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) to race and train with the Australian high performance short course team. He has been awarded SA triathlete of the year 4 times in 4 years and has now moved back to long course racing with a Professional Triathlete Organisation World Ranking of #51.  To say the move into triathlons was a good one, is an understatement.  We chat about his injury, his biggest challenges and how he preps himself to run his best race against some of the best in the world. Follow Steve: @stevemckenna_ Get in touch @jackietann_rmt
November 29, 2020
#28. MINDY SIMPSON - The psychology of Sport and how to achieve your best and manage the lows
Mindy is a Registered Psychologist with extensive experience in performance enhancement within organisations and on the sporting field.  Having represented Australia in indoor hockey, and enjoying a career as a high performance athlete, Mindy has unique insights into the demands of elite sport and the immense pressure to perform.   We talk about how to manage the highs and lows of sports, explore the opportunities in injuries and how how to perform at your best in every situation. Where to find Mindy Website: Website: Facebook: @condorperformance Instagram: @condorperformance Get In touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt 
November 22, 2020
#27. CHRIS TAYLOR - How do you start running? Remove all barriers of course...
Chris has been a recreational runner for almost 30 years and with PBs like 2 hours 42 for a marathon and 1 hour 16 for a half marathon, he's sharing his passion and wisdom for running with his community.  We discuss how to keep quiet the little voice in your head that tells you to sleep in, how to build your engine, technique tips, how train for that precious PB and most importantly, for those who don't yet run but want to, how to start. Where to find Chris: Website : Instagram: @runningdomain Facebook: Get in touch: instagram: @jackietann_rmt
November 15, 2020
#26. ANGE FOSTER - How Heart Failure gave Ange a new lease on life ... and a side hustle that supporting small businesses
Ange's positivity  in herself, her health, life and business would make you think she won the lottery.  But in her early 30's she was diagnosed with 2 chronic conditions, Hashimoto’s Disease (when your immune system attacks your thyroid and it stops producing hormones) and Fibromyalgia (a condition that causes pain in the muscles and bones, along with fatigue and poor sleep).  Wanting to educate herself in her conditions and take ownership of her life, she did extensive research and made health and wellness her number one priority.  But her next health challenge would prove to be her biggest. Ange was diagnosed with severe dilated cardiomyopathy (a disease of the heart muscle, where the heart cannot pump blood as well as it should), putting her at risk of needing an automated external defibrillator (AED) or, potentially, a heart transplant. An incredible woman with a zest for life despite her challenges. This is her story.  Where to Find Ange: Website: Instagram: @thelittlegiftloft More on Ange : DISCOUNT CODE: Type LGL10 at The Little Gift Loft checkout to receive 10% off (Use by 31st December) Get In Touch Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
November 8, 2020
#25. ALEX HUTCHINSON - Redefining the limits of Human Performance
"The essence of pushing to your limits in endurance sports is learning to override that instinct so that you can hold your finger a little closer to the flame - and keep it there, not for seconds but for minutes, even hours."   Alex Hutchinson, author of Endure, talks to us about the limits of human endurance, what tests us physiologically and psychologically and how to achieve our full potential by understanding our own perception of pain. A must listen for anyone who wants more from their body, mind and ability. Where to find Alex: Website:  Website: Twitter: @sweatscience Get In Touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
November 1, 2020
#24. DR SUE JACKSON - FLOW- the most incredible high performance state you'll ever know
If you could experience the highest level of performance and joy, would you want to learn how to achieve it?  Ok, pretty obvious answer. We all would. And you can, when you get into Flow.  Psychologist and Flow expert Dr Sue Jackson, shares with us what Flow is, how to get into it and what we can work on to enhance our state of Flow. Dr Sue Jackson is a sport and exercise psychologist with a passion for Flow: the optimal psychological state popularly known as being in the zone. Sue has a background of researching the flow concept for over 25 years, and the combination of her research and her applied work has helped to make the flow state both understandable and accessible to all levels of performers, from weekend warriors to Olympic champions. Where to Find Dr Sue Jackson Website: Facebook: Instagram: @suejackson_flow Get in Touch Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
October 25, 2020
#23. INGRID NIELSEN- How exercise impacts "irreversible" diseases...
At 73, Ingrid Nielsen is in the fittest and strongest shape of her life.  When you hear her talk about her training, you'd be forgiven to think she's been training her whole life, but Ingrid only started running at 67,  ran a half marathon 6 months later and 2 years after that, at 68, she ran her first marathon.  If that weren't impressive enough already, Ingrid has the most incredible life story, having grown up in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, Was a nun from the ages of 16-21, studied medicine, married an actor, divorced said actor 3 kids later, became a forensic pathologist, emigrated to Australia , became a Psychiatrist and opened a private practice at 45 to which she burnt herself out at 55.  She took a year off, went back to practice and slowly started to realise the life she was living wasn't sustainable..... If you think you're too old to start a new life, you're not. If you're think you're too old to start exercising, you're not. If you think you can't, you can..... and Ingrid is the perfect example.
October 18, 2020
#22. CRAIG HARPER - Calling BS on the stories You tell yourself
When it comes to human performance and potential, Craig Harper is a straight shooter and is drawn to the complexities and intricacies that make us human. He's not shy in calling bullshit, and he certainly doesn't mince his words. If you want to learn how to be better, do better, and choose better, then you need to listen to this episode. Where to find Craig: Website: Podcast - The You Project: Instagram: @whiteboardlessons Facebook: Get In Touch Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
October 11, 2020
#21. GABRIELLE NANKIVELL - Searching for your identity in a global pandemic
Gabrielle Nankivell is a dancer, choreographer and director and has performed and presented all over the world. Her career spans more than 20 years, and  has been built around her athleticism, artistic expression, a routine that consists of constant change and a willingness to keep curiosity at the helm of her experiences.  But the biggest challenges have come in 2020, which has seen the Arts industry be put on hold and an injury that has forced her to slow down. Something she says, she's not accustomed to.  In this incredible interview, Gabrielle shares what it takes to perform at a professional level from training, to recovery, to managing her mental and emotional wellbeing, to exploring the hardships of what it means to be a performer pre global pandemic and how the pandemic has impacted the Arts industry, in what she hopes, is for the better. An episode not to miss. Where to find Gabrielle: Instagram: @gabnank Vimeo: Bespoke: Interview and insight to Gabrielle's Choreographic work Bespoke A Thing Of Hair and Skin   Get in Touch Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
October 4, 2020
#20. ESTHER GOLDSMITH - Improving performance and recovery by tracking your menstrual cycle
To say I'm excited about this research is an understatement. Esther Goldsmith is a researcher and Exercise physiologist at Fitrwoman and Orreco. Their research around the menstrual cycle is helping female athletes understand their own physiology, their symptoms and how to use that knowledge to plan and optimising their training and recovery. In this episode Esther talks about the 4 phases in our cycle, physiologically what is happening, the symptoms we may experience,  and debunks the most common misconception around the menstrual cycle. Where to find Fitrwoman: Website: Instagram: @fitrwoman Orreco Instagram: @orreco1 App: Orreco Website: Ted Talk: Get in Touch Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
September 27, 2020
#19. RYAN HURST - Training to be better at life
The body is an incredibly powerful machine and it's GMB Fitness Co-Founder Ryan Hurst's mission, to help you explore what your body is capable of. A big emphasis on practicing new skills with an open mind, GMB Fitness wants you to wake up every day and be confident that your body can handle everything you want it to do. We talk about the GMB philosophy, the mindset, patience and reality when approaching new skills and WHY its so important, to explore movements you wouldn't normally do. Where to find Ryan and GMB Fitness: Website: Instagram: @ryhurst and @gmbfitness You Tube: GMB Fitness Get in touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
September 20, 2020
#18. IZZI BATT-DOYLE - Proof you can get fitter, faster and stronger even after multiple injuries
Today I chat with elite Australian distance runner, Izzi Batt-Doyle.  With career highlights such as placing 3rd in the 10,000m at the 2019 NCAA Track & Field Championships, winning the 2019 PAC12 Conference Championship in the 10,000m, and winning the 2020 SA State Road 10km Championships in 32:37, these incredible achievements didn't come without injury, a lot of tears but most importantly resilience and determination. Izzi’s passion and love for running is unparalleled. She is a big believer that running and exercise can have a huge impact on an individual’s happiness and well-being. As a coach she wants to help others to share the benefits that running can provide and educate runners on positive strategies to assist them in their running and everyday life. A runner for life and not just for the glory, Izzi is already a champion in my eyes.  Where to find Izzi Website: Instagram: @izzibattdoyle Instagram: @runasonecoaching Get in touch with me Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
September 13, 2020
#17. SAM SPARVELL - Coping mechanisms and strategies to overcome injury, stress and shift work
Have you ever driven past a horrific road accident and thought about how awful it would be to be the first responder at the scene. Well, for Sam Sparvell, South Australian Police Officer, this has been one of many unfortunate and horrific events he has had to arrive at on the job. Coming to terms with the stark reality of human mortality, morality and everything in between, Sam's strategies for dealing with such events is a refreshing outlook and one I believe everyone should hear, let alone adopt.  An inspiring young man with a lot to teach us about our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing and how important it is to make it a priority in your life. Where to find Sam: Website: Instagram: @onthepath.aus  Get in touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
September 6, 2020
#16. DOC JEN FIT - The Importance of Mobility, Breathwork and Body Awareness, and how to attain it
Dr Jen Esquer is a top-40 physical therapy influencer. With a Doctorate in physical therapy, she is ranked as one of the Best Fitness Trainers on IG by Shape Magazine. Her mission is to help those who are willing to listen to their body, reverse ageing, eliminate pain and establish sustainable health.   We talk all things body awareness, how to breathe effectively to help calm the nervous system and and what good mobility is. Timestamp 2:00 - Who is DocJenFit 3:35 - What is a Dr of Physical Therapy 5:30 - How to look at the body and assess 10:50 - Body awareness and negative triggers 13:30 - Breathing mechanics 18:18 - Diaphragmatic breath and performance 21:15 - How to strengthen diaphragmatic breathing 23:00 - What is good mobility 26:00 Where to start in your mobility training 28:30 - Stretching and flexibility; How much should we have? 33:40 - Chronic Pain and Mindset 42:10 - A habit everyone must start Where to find Doc Jen Fit Website: Instagram: @docjenfit Facebook: @docjenfit Youtube: DocJenFit Get in touch with me instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 30, 2020
#15. MATT JONES - Self Defence; What you need to know right now.
Today Matt and I chat about the cold hard truth about self defence. What does it mean to protect yourself and your loved ones and the hard questions you have to ask yourself in order to prepare yourself in the unfortunate event that you have to defend yourself. We talk about the physicality, mentality and technicalities around defending yourself and what to look for in an escalating situation. Where to find Matt Jones: Website: Instagram: @mattjones_isohealth Facebook: @isohealth Self defence resources and recommendations: The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker Romans and Barbarians Article - Mark MacYoung With Winning in Mind by Lanny Bassham The Dunning Krueger effect:  * taken from The Dunning-Kruger effect is a type of cognitive bias in which people believe that they are smarter and more capable than they really are. ... The combination of poor self-awareness and low cognitive ability leads them to overestimate their own capabilities. Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 23, 2020
#14. PATRICK O'LEARY - How to get out of pain and back to the things you love to do
This episode is so much more than I can fit into a little title. We cover everything from identifying pain and the causes,  when to see a Physiotherapist, overuse injuries in cyclists, how to set up your bike, technique and what you should know in general, how to manage injuries, the evolution of the industry and how the heck to do all the things your physio says you should do... on a strict schedule (or minimal enthusiasm)... Jam. Packed. This episode is jam packed with goodness and is for anyone wanting to get the most out of their body and treatments, or for the physiotherapy student ( or any health practitioner), about to graduate. Where to find Patrick: Website: Instagram: @aaphysiotherapy Facebook: Adelaide Advanced Physiotherapy Get in touch: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 16, 2020
#13. STEPH LOWE - Effective sports nutrition and MAF training
Steph Lowe, founder of The Natural Nutritionist, breaks down what a fat adapted athlete is and why it's such a powerful thing you can do for your body and endurance training. We also dive into what MAF training is and how powerful this type of training can be. Not sure if this is how you should train? Listen in for this nutrition and training  throwdown! Where to find Steph: Website: LCHF Website: Instagram: @thenaturalnutrtionist Facebook: @thenaturalnutritionist Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 9, 2020
#12. KEVIN FERGUSSON - 4x World Triathlon champ delivers on a 3 year promise to help a mate become an Iron Man
Kevin Fergusson is a legend of the Triathlon community. From competing in 5 Iron Mans in one year for his fundraiser, Iron 5 for 55, to racing alongside the pros in Kona. Kevin has incredible stories and memories and one that will stay with him forever was helping friend Sid James become an IRONMAN.  Sid's dream to race IRONMAN was shattered 25 years ago when he was knocked from his bike during a training ride near his home at Victor Harbor, south of Adelaide, leaving him quadriplegic. Kevin shares everything from what his training program and preparation to re-living those moments of crossing the line with Sid... which will no doubt have you reaching for the tissues. Check out the incredible footage of Kevin and Sid completing Busselton iron man 2018: Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
August 2, 2020
#11. DR KELLY STARRETT - Corona virus, transferrable movement and the adaptable athlete
Dr Kelly Starrett founder of The Ready State and author of Supple Leopard ( and many more excellent books), takes the time to chat with me about mobility for all types of athletes, transferable movement and training and the adaptable athlete... basically how to get move well, prevent injury and get SMART about your training and longevity in your chosen sport AND training for life! This was an epic interview as we start the chat with our learnings during these unprecedented times.  Where to find Dr Kelly Starrett Website: Instagram: @thereadystate Facebook: @thereadystate Youtube: The Ready State Get in touch with me @jackietann_rmt
July 26, 2020
#10. JORDANNA LEVIN - How to manifest the life you want
Jordanna shares her incredibly powerful manifestation equation so that you can live the life you want. Her philosophy and practice is simple and anyone who is willing to take full ownership of their life and circumstances truly has the power to have anything and everything their heart desires... but what does it take? She shares all in the interview. Where to find Jordanna: Website: Instagram: @jordannalevin Get in touch: @jackietann_rmt
July 19, 2020
#9. SPUTNIK - Running, adventures and making a difference
If you ever want to cry with laughter, listen to Sputnik tell a story. His running feats and adventure tales are so incredibly inspiring (and hilarious depending on his experience), that you'd be inspired to think anything is possible, or as Sputnik prefers to say, Awesome is Possible.  In this episode he recounts the hilarious, the deathly serious and everything in between. Check out his story recount of the Coober Pedy Marathon here. Timestamp 4:30 - Running from abuse as a life skill  5:55 - Accidentally running a half marathon 10:45 - Running New York marathon with no strategy 12:25 - Running across America on the way to New York 14:20 - Setting goals and not taking anything for granted  15:40 - Completing a marathon when you feel awful and want to stop at 14km. 21:15 - NorthFace 100... 60 minutes to run the last km  22:48 - Drawing from previous experience. Does it help? 25:10  - Running the 8th highest mountain, Mt Manaslu in Nepal 27:20 - When everything turned terrible on the 3rd day of Mt Manaslu 34:35 - Running with injury 38:15 - When you're told you shouldn't run  44:10 - Adventure racing   45:45 - Sputnik's most memorable moment 50:15 - Sputnik's proudest moment 55:15 - Sputnik's message to  everyone Where to find Sputnik: website: website: Instagram: @theswashbuckler Facebook: @swashbuckler Get in touch with me Instagram: @jackietann_rmt 
July 12, 2020
#8. MATT JONES - How to protect your Spine from injury
"Neutral spine,"  "suck your belly button in,"  are terms you often hear, but are they doing more damage than good? Today,  Matt Jones, Founder and Head Coach of ISOHEALTH ( Australia's leading self defence and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy) chats with me all things spine related. A Strength and Conditioning Coach and Spine Specialist, Matt spent 3 years as a clinical consultant at The International Spine Centre in Adelaide. Hired by Australia's elite organisations from law enforcement, to top professional sporting teams in the NBL and AFL, Matt shares his life changing injury, how to achieve optimal spinal alignment, the importance of breathing, common misconceptions and so much more.. Matt is always dropping knowledge bombs and today he gives you practical tips you can apply to your everyday life.  Timestamp 2:46 - A life changing event 5:00 - family influences 6:20 - a change in career goals 12:30 - what is a spine consultant 12:50 - The manual therapy rockstar.... 14:10 - How do we protect our spine from every day habits 17:10 - Most common habits that compromise the spine 21:20 - Flexion - a big problem and what about extension? 25:20 - Most common spinal injury 25:39 - One BIG problem 33:40 - The different breaths and contraction patterns 35:30 - Where to start with body awareness 38:30 - training elite athletes and there difference... 45:14 - What does ISOHEALTH mean? 46:00 - What is good spinal mobility? 48:50 - The answer is in... 50:10 - External feedback - what do we need to change? 1"01:00 - What should we do/train for optimal spinal alignment 1:02:30 - Do you know your deficiency 1:05:20 - Why we are stronger than we think and how do we realise this? 1:07:35 - Should we train strength or movement patterns first?  1:09:40 - You can be strong and have dysfunctions 1:12:00 - The most powerful tool is... Get in touch with Matt Jones  Website: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @mattjones_isohealth Get in touch with Me Email: instagram: @jackietann_rmt
July 5, 2020
#7. CAITLIN CADY - How to improve your health, happiness and brain function through Meditation
“I believe you were born to shine that light of yours. And I'm here to remind you of your magic.” Caitlin’s long road to health and happiness saw her enduring chronic illnesses for over 10 years. Out of pure necessity she dove head first into wellness, yoga and meditation and now she wants to share the power of meditation with others. Caitlin’s passion for helping others through the power of meditation filters through her book and through the microphone of this interview. We don’t leave a stone unturned and after this interview I have no doubt you’ll be making time to “get sit done.” We talk about WHY meditation is so powerful and how EASY it is to start, if you give yourself the permission.  WIN A COPY OF HEAVILY MEDITATED For your chance to win a copy of Caitlin’s new book Heavily Meditated, take a screenshot of the podcast, share on your Instagram stories and tag both myself (@jackietann_rmt) and Caitlin (@Caitlincady). For a double entry, post on your Instagram feed and tag us
June 28, 2020
#6. MARK EVANS - 2 x SANFL Premierships, a full time job and a global pandemic
How do you win back to back premierships?  Sturt Football Club forward Mark Evans, takes us through the highs and lows of a gruelling training schedule, recovery, mindset, injury management and how important team culture and belief is, in winning back to back premierships. All of this is done, whilst managing a demanding full time career.  Timestamp 3:15 - The journey from childhood to an SANFL footy career 5:10 - Footy legends growing up and who influenced his playing style 6:10 -  Playing position and transitioning to forward 8:00 -  Tactics; the roles players have in a game 9:25 - Backing up a premiership 10:55 - A winning culture 11:15 - Managing footy and a full time job 13:05 - Time management and prioritising  14:50 - Training load - what it looks like 17:54 - Recovery -the club's structure and individual recovery 19:00 - Recovery after a hard game and the toll on the body 20:40 - Biggest injury setback 23:09 -mindset and injury management  26:06 - Mindset - the challenge of work and the focus on footy 27:30 - Mindset before a hard game/tough opponent 28:25 - mindset at half time when you're down 29:51 - A pandemic - when you're fit but you can't play- how tp keep momentum 32:00 - Tools to help motivation SANFL Round 1 - June 27th, Adelaide Oval Central District  V  Sturt at 11:50am Eagles  V  South Adelaide at 2:40pm Get in touch with me Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
June 21, 2020
#5. LEE TROOP - The Mental Side of Sports Performance
Lee Troop, Australia's very own marathon legend with personal best times of 2:09:49 and 1:01:00 for a half marathon chats with me about his career highs and lows, what he's learnt from self coaching,  the importance of having a coach and the incredible relationships he's had with his athletes that have had major success. Time Stamp: 2:20 - Why running  5:25 - What it takes to be successful 6:20 - Lessons learnt from Steve Moneghetti 15:15 - Running 200km-250km and Recovering 16:50 - Looking back, what would you change? 17:55 - "Not having a coach is where I hurt myself" 24:20 - What makes a successful athlete-coach relationship? 27:30 - Athlete Jon Grey loses battle with depression 34:20 - Learning from Jon 38:15 - Jake Riley's tumultuous journey to the 2020 Olympic qualifying success 45: 35 - Lee's recount of Jake's Olympic qualifying moment 48:30 - Managing olympic qualifying momentum during Covid-19 52:20 - What matters most right now 56:30 - Advice for athletes training for a marathon 59:00 - Advice to all the coaches training athletes Where to find Lee Troop Website: Website and training programs: Get in touch with me Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
June 14, 2020
#4. ANNA LIPTAK - Smashing stereotypes and running marathons all over the world
Anna Liptak takes us on a journey of becoming fit and successful despite all the obstacles. Her incredible journey starts with 2 babies, the pursuit of passion, a humiliating stereotype, sexist remarks and a whole lotta drive to shove it to the doubters. Having built an incredibly successful health and fitness business, she has not only helped women and men achieves their goals, but also helped them to smash their doubts, fears and conquer one of the biggest fitness pursuits one could set out to achieve. Running a marathon. With 2 successful businesses; His and Her Time Health and Fitness and Adventure Time Travel, Anna has taken on yet another challenge. Documenting the incredible stories of 5 women's journey to training and running the New York marathon. I am Not A Runner is an ode to every person who has ever thought about running a marathon but has let their doubts get the better of them. Time Stamp 01:38 - Anna’s background 02:18 - A mothers struggle 05:17 - How to be strong in terms of mental health, physical health, emotional health 08:18 - Running achievements 12:17 - The first Australian that crossed the line. 14:28 - What marathon training looks like 19:29 - The psychology of injuries 21:23 - Tips to stay concentrated on diet for weeks 27:18 - Tested positive for COVID-19 33:12 - When women were willing to share these stories, good things happen 38:43 - Meaningful projects  39:29 - Advice for anyone who is running a marathon or has their sights set on running a marathon Where to find Anna Liptak Website: Instagram : @HisandHerTimeHealthandFitness Instagram: @adventuretimetravelau Instagram: @iamnotarunnerau Facebook: @itstimeforyou Facebook: @adventuretimetravelau Get in touch with me: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
June 9, 2020
#3. KIT LAUGHLIN - How Stretch Therapy enhances your health, wellbeing and performance
A million reasons why you should start Stretch Therapy Stretch Therapy Founder Kit Laughlin takes us on a deep journey of what it means to practice Stretch Therapy. This practice (and interview) is not just about stretching but about everything it provides us physically, mentally and emotionally. A deep dive into how we can use Stretch Therapy as a tool for not just athletic performance but more importantly how we can use it to enhance our lives. Time Stamp 2:40 – Happiness, contentment and complacency 4:22 - Feeling and presence within 6:50 - Awareness 13:20 – What is Stretch Therapy 14:09 – Repatterining 19:00 – The Stretch Therapy distinguishing characteristics 22:00 - Sensations of stretch positions 22:50 - How to prevent injury 27:19 - Reciprocal inhibition 29:29 - Your own sweet sensations 31:09 – The rehab end of bodywork 32:40 – Why athletes shouldn’t be scared to stretch 36:05 – Increase your speed by doing this 41:00 – The protective reflex 44:05 – “Relaxing” - How to know if you are truly relaxed? 55:50 – Your limits. How to play the edge 57:30 – Building resilience in tendons 1:00:00 – What is periodicity and why is it important 1:04:00 – The body always wins 1:04:45 Athletic expectations and managing your body 1:12:05 Past trauma and it’s influence on the body Where to find Kit Laughlin and Stretch Therapy resources Website: Instagram: Facebook: Youtube: Vimeo: Freebie: Stretching & Flexibility, 2nd edition Sponsor: Bare + Free Natural Deodorant A pure, clean + highly effective natural deodorant paste that is free of aluminium, parabens + other harsh chemicals, which will nourish, protect + keep underarms odour free for up to 12 hours. Website: Discount code: B3MASSAGE  (Valid until June 30th, 2020) Get in touch with me :) Email: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
May 28, 2020
#2. MEREDITH GASTON - How To Cultivate The Art Of Wellbeing
How the Art Of Wellbeing Can Enhance your Life Wellbeing activist, author and illustrator Meredith Gaston talks about the different ways you can bring wellness into your life. The Art Of Wellbeing encompasses more than just a meditation practice and a yoga class. A beautiful and down to earth chat, Meredith encourages you to respect your own individual needs as a person and in any given moment. We explore all the different ways you can live a healthy, happy and fulfilled life through different wellbeing practices. Timestamp 3:35 – What is Wellbeing 5:45 – Understanding your body’s needs in the moment 6:40 – Where and how you can start your wellbeing journey 7:50 – Success 8:25 – Bio individuality 10:35 – Finding your inner sparkle 11:30 – Our bodies are on our side 12:41 – Body wisdom 16:50 – Allowing the bliss 22:03 – What is Vedic Mediation 25:20 – Our relationship with “time” 33: 25 - How to manage harder times 37:10 - 3 things you can do right now to start your wellbeing journey 41:55 - 3 things I took away from the interview Where to find Meredith: Instagram: @meredithgaston Facebook: Meredith Gaston Website: Sponsor: Bare + Free Natural Deodorant A pure, clean + highly effective natural deodorant paste that is free of aluminum, parabens + other harsh chemicals, which will nourish, protect + keep underarms odour free for up to 12 hours. Website: Discount code: B3MASSAGE  (Valid until June 30th, 2020) Get in touch with me :) Email: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
May 28, 2020
#1. DR PERRY NICKELSTON -How to go from weakmode to #beastmode by taking care of your Lymphatic System
Why You Need To Take Care Of Your Lymphatic System If you truly want to improve your health, mental clarity and athletic performance, then getting to know your lymphatic system is pretty important. As Dr Perry from Stop Chasing Pain puts it, our lymphatic system is basically our body's sewer system  and if that gets backed up, well, let's just say sh*t gets real... and not in a good way. Dr Perry talks about his illness and the profound effect treating the lymphatic system had on his body and health and how it can have the same profound effect on yours. Timestamp: 5:15 - What is the Lymphatic System. 11:15 - Dr Perry's autoimmune disease and how he overcame it 27:55 - You are only as strong as... 33:04 - How do you know if you have a problem with your Lymphatic system 48:25 - Enhance your athletic performance 1:01:40 Adaptable movement and why everyone needs to do this Follow Dr Perry on his socials: Instagram: @stopchasingpain Twitter: @stopchasingpain Facebook: @stopchasingpain Website: Sponsor: Bare + Free Natural Deodorant A pure, clean + highly effective natural deodorant paste that is free of aluminum, parabens + other harsh chemicals, which will nourish, protect + keep underarms odour free for up to 12 hours. Website: Discount code: B3MASSAGE  (Valid until June 30th, 2020) Get in touch with me :) Email: Instagram: @jackietann_rmt
May 27, 2020
Welcome to the Bodies Built Better podcast!
Hello amazing human! I am your host, Jackie Tann and I am so happy to have you here! This is a super quick intro episode which will tell you who the heck I am, AND exactly what you can expect this season. I have the most amazing guests who will be sharing their expert knowledge, inspiring stories, and giving you simple strategies to discover your unlimited potential. If you have any questions or would love to hear a specific topic or from a specific guest, I would love to hear from you Want to connect? Head over to my instagram to say hi! @jackietann_rmt In Adelaide and in need of a Remedial Massage? Check out our services and book here. Thanks so much for checking out the Bodies Built Better Podcast. Please Subscribe and share with your awesome friends.
May 27, 2020