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Body Wisdom

Body Wisdom

By Kiara Orbe
Join us, your hosts, Kiara Orbe & Gaby Barboza every Wednesday for educational, inspiring and honest conversations about women's health, spirituality and so much more. The Body Wisdom Podcast was brought to life by integrating the physical + emotional body to deepen one's healing journey. Note: Nothing inside of these episodes replaces medical advice. Please seek the guidance before implementing any changes.
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Meeting the Parts of You with Elizabeth Macinnes, LCSW
This week, we sit down with Elizabeth MacInnes to talk about a therapy modality called Internal Family Systems. Elizabeth is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Internal Family Systems trained Therapist, Intuitive, and Astrologer. Elizabeth works with individuals and couples to build a healthier relationship with self that is rooted in love and nourishment. Elizabeth's goal is to provide guidance to help us unlearn what we have been taught so we can return to who we were before the world told us who to be. Elizabeth believes our bodies are our greatest messengers and we just need to learn the language of our bodies. Elizabeth lives in Maine with her wife and two children.    We talk about:   - What Internal Family Systems/Parts Work is and the difference between other therapy/treatment modalities - How to start working with the different parts of you and also, the parts of others - IFS and Trauma work - How to use IFS with Anxiety, Depression, and Grief - We end with a mini IFS session on Gaby!   Elizabeth is currently available for new clients! Connect with her here: Website: Email: IG: Elizabeth.Ritual
September 21, 2022
Romantic Relationships & Your Nervous System
Today, we're going deep on romantic relationships & how they impact your nervous system. Kiara & Gaby share personal experiences and lessons they are taking with them to relationships now.   We talk through:  - Triggers from partners & how to navigate them, including stretching your nervous system/building capacity when appropriate  - Self & coregulating during times of emotional activation  - Attachment styles & how to deal!  - Us then vs us now in terms of allowing what comes into our life (boundaries with others & ourselves)  - What to notice/ask new partners  - Discerning between fear & intuition    *We also talk through some listener questions around triggers & sexual trauma. We want to be sure you are aware of topics like these before listening, as they may bring up some activation within you. We also want to extend our deepest consideration for the listener who inquired about sexual trauma. We are so sorry this has been your experience and we hope we can shed some light on a path forward.  The Coming Home to You Breathwork series is a beautiful compliment to this episode. You can grab that here.   We are preparing for the next round of The Nourished Woman group program! We will have a free info session on 10/12/22. Want $300 off the program? Join the waitlist here! PS..TNW members also receive $400 off our next retreat in Asheville, NC :)  Let us know if we should do a Relationships episode, part 2!
September 14, 2022
Is Your Movement Serving You?
On today's episode, we talk through movement. This can be a tricky one for women and especially when on a healing journey. However, we want to help you find ease + excitement for movement without stressing your body too much. We discuss: - Why movement is important - How to know when to pause, take breaks, or try more - Our thoughts on running/cycling - Should you quit exercise entirely with hormone imbalances? - Best types for hormone imbalances + How to know if it's serving you - Female vs male cycles & why they matter for movement We are preparing for the next round of The Nourished Woman group program! We will have a free info session on 10/12/22. Want $300 off the program? Join the waitlist here! PS. TNW members also receive $400 off our next retreat :)
September 07, 2022
Elimination Diets -- Are They Worth It?
After an AMAZING Nourished Woman Retreat in Tulum, Mexico… we're back! On today's show, we start with some retreat reflections & then talk all things elimination diets. It is hard to put into words the experience we had with ourselves + the women on the retreat, but we are going to do our absolute best. We discuss: ▪️ Retreat reflections + DREAMS! Let us know if you relate! ▪️ Elimination diets & if we think they're worth it ▪️ Digestion & optimizing your ability to digest MANY whole foods ▪️ Reflections on clients who had eliminated foods prior to working with us ▪️ Mineral status & its role on digestion ▪️ Hope for an expansive dietary intake :) ALSO - We are preparing for the next round of The Nourished Woman group program! We will have a free info session on 10/12/22. Want $300 off the program? Join the waitlist here!
August 31, 2022
Trauma, Attachment Styles & Women's Health with Kymber Maulden
Today on the show, we have my friend & colleague, Kymber Maulden. Kymber is a functional nutrition consultant and a women's health coach based out of California, running a private practice online. She is deeply passionate about supporting women to take their healthcare back into their own hands, using embodiment practices, body literacy, and prometabolic nutrition principles. In her work with women, she combines several different tools, such as critical thinking, hard sciences, attachment work, and nervous system regulation, to offer women the necessary guidance for long-term self-healing. Find her on Instagram, where she hangs out the most! We discuss: ▪️ How her trauma as a child impacted her relationships ▪️ Why sisterhood is important for our health ▪️ How our attachment styles can manifest in our bodies ▪️ How to tap into your feminine essence & so much more! We really enjoyed this conversation & we hope you do too. IG handle: HABITUALLY HEALTHY: Website:
August 24, 2022
The Relationship Between Psychedelics & Minerals
Today's episode is a special one. We discuss two topics that are now widely spoken about...but not necessarily in relation to each other. Today, we merge psychedelics with minerals alongside Hamid Jabbar from @mineralshaman ! Some highlights to expect: ▪️ Hamid's history/experience with psychedelics & his own health ▪️ Do psychedelics have therapeutic impacts? At what cost? ▪️ The connection between psychedelics & minerals ▪️ Trauma, minerals, and plant medicine ▪️ The potential impact of legalization ▪️ Specific considerations before embarking on a plant medicine journey We leave for Tulum in less than one week AND we still have O N E room left! If body, mind, and soul nourishment is calling's not too late. We would absolutely love for you to join us :) Send an email to us & join! You can find Hamid here: Instagram  Website Personal Instagram Personal Website 
August 03, 2022
Minerals & Nervous System Health Pt. 1
Today's episode is all about the relationship between minerals & mental health.  We cover:  A look into each of our own mental health history  The calcium/magnesium ratio & how it impacts mental health  What impacts calcium & magnesium levels  How the state of your autonomic nervous system impacts minerals  HTMA testing is included for VIP clients, and Kiara still has spots left for this month! Here is the link to apply.
July 27, 2022
Living a Low Toxin Life
In today's episode, we discuss: Danielle's story & background How to avoid overwhelm as you transition to a less toxic lifestyle Her skincare routine How your skin expresses itself when your nervous system is dysregulated We love using the wide array of products from @balanced.bod! Don't forget to leave a review/rating letting us know what you think as this helps the health & vitality of the podcast. We appreciate you listening! Balanced Bod Website use code KMW for a discount! 
July 20, 2022
Parasites: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Today, Kiara & Gaby are diving into a very popular topic (parasites) these days. However, we have a unique approach that might be different than what you are used to hearing about them. We hope, that this episode reduces any fear you might have & gives YOU hope! We talk through: Foundations before considering a parasite cleanse The role of iron in relation to parasites The underlying root cause of parasitic infections How to build up your body's innate resilience for prevention And so.much.more.'s not too late to join The Nourished Woman Retreat, but we are getting very close!! Click here to find out more & perhaps, you'll join us 💕
July 13, 2022
How to Support Digestion with 5 Basic Steps
Today, Gaby & Kiara talk about supporting digestion which is probably THE most important foundation. It sure isn't fun being bloated, gassy or backed up. So often when we're feeling this way, we are DESPERATE for relief. For this reason, we tend to fall into trends & quick-fixes. We get to the root of why these quick-fixes are not sustainable & why it's so important to establish this foundation. Don't worry, we give you the HOW, too! We discuss: Our backgrounds with digestive health  What didn't work & why 5 steps towards better digestion PS. Wanna join us in Tulum in August? Click here to check out The Nourished Woman Retreat 💕 
July 06, 2022
HA & Eating Disorder Recovery Using Somatics and Parts Work with Meg Doll
Meg Doll is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Spiritual Coach, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in training. After years of battling and overcoming eating disorders of her own, Meg specializes in supporting women heal from eating disorders and disordered eating as well as hypothalamic amenorrhea and quasi recovery. She is the host of the weekly podcast, Unbreakable You, and can be found on Instagram at @iammegdoll. Links:
June 29, 2022
Integrative Pelvic Care with Caytlyn Dee
Caytlyn is the founder and creatrix of Integrative Pelvic Care. her own healing journey led her into this sacred body of work and she is deeply committed to revolutionizing the story we have been told about living in a female body. How we feel about and in our bodies affects every single aspect of our lives. It is her life's mission to support other women on their journey to feeling deep belonging in their own bodies and on this Earth. Integrative Pelvic Care offers a nervous system centered approach to whole woman healing and lifelong vitality. Her work reaches women all over the globe to guide them back to the inherent wisdom and power they hold within their bodies. Caytlyn holds a sacred, tender container for women ready to explore this life changing work. This is a pilgrimage deep into your own body. A descent into the shadows, ancestry, trauma, and emotions we hold within. It is a journey of reweaving every aspect of Self back into relation with our sacred center. This is an invitation to explore our beliefs and stories about being a woman. She offers online programs and in person retreats for women all over the world to connect and heal together. In person retreats, energy and bodywork are hosted in Denver, CO and Dublin, Ireland. Instagram
May 18, 2022
Postpartum Recovery with Therese Dansby
Therese is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She believe in taking a "whole"-istic approach to the breastfeeding relationship, and she strives to find creative solutions to common (and not-so-common) struggles, enabling moms to reach their breastfeeding goals. She truly believes that a mom who is active and involved in her plan of care is the happiest, and happy moms are most prepared to raise a baby in the healthiest possible environment, physically and emotionally. Instagram
May 11, 2022
Somatic Intuitive Healing with Stephanie Scarminach
Stephanie is a a body-focused mental-health practitioner, and offers Somatic Healing. She has an MA in Clinical and Mental Health: Somatic Psychology and blend this with her own intuition and flavor to help guide clients towards themselves and healing. Through my own journey of healing past trauma, she has found deep purpose in sharing this practice. She teaches and lives this practice, using this skill to continue listening and learning from my body about how better to connect and deepen our relationship together. She believe our bodies hold deep innate wisdom, and are always trying to guide us home to ourselves. Her goal is to walk alongside her clients, helping them discover their own bodies' natural wisdom.  Website Instagram  30 days to Embodiment Course code KIARA for a discount!
May 04, 2022
Meeting Your Inner Child with Tracy Holemeyer
Tracy Holemeyer is my mentor inside of Pause Breathwork. I invited her on because she has helped guide me for the past almost 6 months and I am so grateful for her. Tracy is chockful of wisdom. Each time I ask her a question she never hesitates and the answer is always just what I needed to hear. Tracy holds space for her clients + students through breathwork, meditation and somatics as they embark on their journey of sacred healing. Tracy is a soul worker but also, human.  Follow Tracy on IG  Tracy's website 
April 06, 2022
FAM for Conception with Jamie Murphy
Jamie Murphy is a fertility awareness educator with a passion for educating women about their bodies. She believes everyone should have the tools necessary to be confident and knowledgeable about their fertility and her mission is to help FAM users become autonomous and empowered, whether trying to achieve or avoid a pregnancy. Follow Jamie on IG 
March 30, 2022
Cycle Alignment with Emily Butner
Emily Waterfield-Buttner is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Golden Wellness. She specializes in women's hormonal health and menstrual cycle wellbeing. She works closely with women to discover the root cause of their hormonal imbalance. Through this, she creates personalized protocols to gently guide them into a more sustainable and healthy way of living that helps balance hormones and promote healing.  Emily's specialized 1:1 program helps women to reclaim their lives through focusing on the foundations of health and connection to the menstrual cycle to experience easy, symptom free periods and true wellbeing. Emily's Website Emily's Instagram 
March 23, 2022
Going deep into IBS with Hannah Aylward
Hannah Aylward is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, gut health expert, author of Recipes for A Healthy Gut, and the founder of HAN. She helps women around the world overcome chronic digestive issues naturally, regain their energy, and feel at home in their bodies again. Hannah cuts through the overwhelming wellness noise and uses a science-backed, intuition-guided formula to help her clients transform their gut health. Hannah approaches health issues at the root cause level to get her clients real, sustainable results. When Hannah isn’t helping clients you can find her singing RnB, dancing in the kitchen, or cuddling her cat Winston. A few things she’ll never give up: watching New Girl reruns, her morning cold brew, and being everyone’s hype woman. Read more about Hannah’s story here. Hannah's Instagram 
March 09, 2022
Real Food for Pregnancy with Lily Nichols, RD
Lily Nichols is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Certified Diabetes Educator, researcher, and author with a passion for evidence-based prenatal nutrition. Her work is known for being research-focused, thorough, and critical of outdated dietary guidelines. She is co-founder of the Women's Health Nutrition Academy and the author of two books, Real Food for Pregnancy and Real Food for Gestational Diabetes. Lily’s bestselling books have helped tens of thousands of mamas (and babies!), are used in university-level maternal nutrition and midwifery courses, and have even influenced prenatal nutrition policy internationally. She writes at  Instagram 
March 02, 2022
Womb Work with Carly Rae
Carly has been a full spectrum birth worker for 8 years and manual therapist for 16 years; specializing in hands on, hands in pelvic work - guiding women into the layers of their female anatomy and physiology. Carly walks with women womb to tomb, exploring the edges of their flesh, feminine nature, and animal bodies. She is the creator of FLESH + BLOOD, a community devoted to women knowing their female body literacy, embodying their true nature and being in reciprocity with their blood. All of Carly’s work is devoted to the remembrance of the feminine in ourselves. Follow Carly on IG
February 23, 2022
Creating Safety with Theresa Piela
Theresa Piela is the founder of Living Roots Wellness. A Colon Hydrotherapist by training, she now works as an independent health researcher & brain rewiring coach.  Theresa holds space for 1:1, group coaching, and hosts a brain rewiring membership & community.  She emphasizeses “brain rewiring & EFT tapping” for those with complex histories of gut-brain-trauma reactions.  Theresa focuses on supporting the most complicated cases with “chronic illness” & trauma patterns that may have lost hope & the ability to connect to joy as a result of their conditions.  With pro-metabolic nutrition, learning to truly embody safety at the level of the nervous system, and release inherited & stored trauma, she empowers her clients with simple tools to reclaim their elegance, confidence, and strength and to ultimately, heal themselves. Links:
February 16, 2022
Embodiment + Somatics with Stevie Wright
Stevie Wright is a Transformational Embodiment Mentor who specializes in supporting people in both deepening and ascending. Deepening into the safety in their bodies, and ascending into their most aligned life. She  applies somatic embodiment, breathwork, depth psychology and subconscious practices to help her clients live full, fun, creative and limitless lives. Stevie is the founder of The Breath Channel, a breathwork membership platform that has attracted hundreds of members for its fast and effective breathwork practices. Links & Resources: Join the Embodied Woman Follow Stevie on Instagram Join the Breath Channel 
February 09, 2022
Cultivating a Relationship to Self During Preconception
Kourtney is a nutritionist that helps women identify the root causes of health struggles and show them how healing is possible. Through strategic nutrition and targeted supplementation, she empowers and educates those she works with so that they can reach their goals and find healing. Her compassionate and strategic approach brings custom solutions that help you succeed. Her years of experience in the field of health, combined with her knowledge and expertise, fuel her ability to help women get their health on track. In this episode we discuss: What it's like being a woman who wants to have a baby, but not right now Prepping the body for pregnancy In other ways than food & getting off the pill What to do if you're wanting to get off birth control Why we wouldn't recommend just getting off the pill & trying to conceive right away Building a relationship to self before a baby comes Into the picture Healing any Inner childhood wounds before conception How we can begin to trust our bodies The spiritual component to healing Kourtney's Instagram Kourtney's Website 
October 05, 2021
Fertility Awareness with Nina Boyce, FAM coach
In this episode Nina & I chat ALL about FAM: What is Fertility Awareness What you need to get started What your cervical mucus means throughout the month How to confirm ovulation What FAM can tell you about your health What to do if you're afraid to come off birth control ... & so much more! Nina's Instagram Favorites Freebie
September 28, 2021
Minerals & Fertility with Loren de la Cruz
Loren de la Cruz is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Root Cause Protocol Consultant, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner that specializes in preconception nutrition. Her mission is to empower women with the tools and the knowledge they need to regulate their cycles, balance their hormones, heal their metabolism, optimize their fertility, and have a thriving pregnancy. In this episode Loren & I chat all about preconception:  Fetal imprinting Why balancing minerals prior to conception is important  Her perspective on prenatals  A mini breakdown of the iron recycling system  The importance of vitamin A  ... & so much more!  Instagram Conscious Conception MITIGATE STRESS DISCOUNT CODE & MORE
September 21, 2021
Preconception Prep
In this episode, you'll learn about the actionable steps you can begin taking to plan for pregnancy in regards to your nutrition + lifestyle -- more than your standard conventional advice of starting a prenatal. Men, this is for you too!  If this episode resonated with you, please feel free to give the Functional Fertility podcast a 5 star review so we can have spectacular fertility specialists on the show!  VIP waitlist (4 spots left for the rest of the year!) Join Period Restoration Website   Favorites freebie
September 20, 2021
Pelvic Floor, Strength Training + Preconception with Adina Rubin, NTP, MES
Join Adina + I as we chat ALL about the pelvic floor as it relates to women's health + preconception! You will learn:  - What the pelvic floor is exactly - How to tell if it is overactive or underactive  - How breathing + alignment play a role in correcting the pelvic floor - Why aligning the pelvic floor prior to birth is so important  - How strength training could play a pivotal role Instagram 
August 31, 2021
Hypothalamic Amenorrhea + Stress with Strong Sistas Ashley + Sarah Armstrong
Join Sarah, Ashley + I as we start to connect the dots in their healing journeys as it pertains to their loss of their periods + how stress (in so many different forms) has played a role.  Instagram Youtube
August 24, 2021
A Balanced Body, Fascia and the Lymphatic System with Margaret Barry FNTP, CPT, PCES
Since Margaret's late teens, she studied health, fitness, and nutrition on her own for many years. However, she had some health issues she just couldn’t decipher! After discovering the NTA, she began to pursue her certification in Nutritional Therapy and graduated in 2014. It gave her the valuable tools and insight into how the body functions as a whole further fueled her desire to help others take back their health. In addition to her nutrition training, she currently holds a Personal Trainer Certification through the ISSA and a Master T-Tap Trainer Certification. In addition, she is also a certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She currently offers T-Tapp exercise classes and personalized nutrition counseling and is proud to be North Carolina’s Master T-Tapp Trainer. Her passion is for helping others achieve optimum health and vitality through simple, effective modifications to diet and lifestyle. Educating and supporting women on their own health journey is something Margaret truly enjoys. Instagram  Spinning Babies  Fit & Fabulous in 15 Minutes  The Melt Method The Roll Model  Tom Myers 
August 17, 2021
Healing from painful periods + acne with Amanda Montalvo, Women's Health RD
Join Amanda and I as we discuss her journey from her teenage years to now. Amanda shares how she had always struggled with painful periods + acne and got on the birth control pill to help alleviate those symptoms. Amanda was introduced to the potential side effects of the pill such as nutrient depletion and slowly but surely began learning how her symptoms were not a pill deficiency, but were rather a reflection of her nutrition habits + lifestyle as an athlete.  Amanda shares what she has done to heal those symptoms without the pill or copper IUD.  Tune in for a surprise Amanda shares on the show! 🥳  Where to find Amanda: Instagram  Master Your Minerals course
July 27, 2021
Healing Post Birth Control Prior to Conception
Welcome back to another episode of the Functional Fertility podcast!! Today we’re going to break down our ex best friend - birth control. I know so many women are either on the pill or some form of hormonal contraception (preventing ovulation) and are fearful of coming off the pill because of the horror stories they may have seen or heard of. Tune in to learn more about birth control, its potential side effects + what to focus on as you come off of it.  Learn more inside of Period Restoration! 
July 20, 2021
Slowing Down with Jessica Ash Wellness
Kicking off Season 4 with a goodie! Join Jess + I chat about her healing journey. Jess opens up about her tendencies and what she has done to create safety for her nervous system and begin releasing stored emotions. Jess talks about the stress of this process + what she has done to mitigate some of that stress. She shares her two favorite nervous system focused healing tools she's into right now and how they're benefitting her!   Where to find Jess:   Instagram   Join Fully Nourished   Looking for more?  Period Restoration waitlist  Work with me 1:1 
July 13, 2021
Healing from gut + hormone imbalances
In this episode, I share intimate and emotional details of my birth, childhood, adolescence + early adulthood. I get into the nitty gritty of what contributed to my health imbalances.  I share what symptoms started as a child and how they started to exacerbate after being ignored for years. I share my experience with my functional medicine practitioner and what led me to pursue a career in this field!  I wanted this episode to serve as a reminder that healing IS possible. But it isn't an overnight quick-fix. It involves taking deep inventory of your life and committing to this lifestyle change.  I believe God has called us closer to him by going through these healing journeys. It's a gentle nudge to "wake up" so we can understand all that we have been through and what we have put into and onto our bodies.  Just as it took years and years to become symptomatic, it can take some time to gently peel layers back. We need to ditch the quick-fix mentality so we can achieve true optimal health which is by no means linear ♥️  Period Restoration waitlist  VIP waitlist for July  Join the FB community Four Phases of Your Cycle Webinar HTRYM freebie! Castor oil pack discount code KMW
June 01, 2021
Ovulation: The Main Event of Your Cycle
Today, we’re going to talk about supporting OVULATION which releases the true feel good hormone… progesterone! In Monday’s email, I discussed estrogen dominance. Be sure to sign up here so you don't miss out on any emails! When there’s estrogen dominance present (not enough progesterone to oppose estrogen) that can usually also mean there’s a thyroid issue present, poor liver and gallbladder health, etc all leading to symptoms such as irregular periods or (late) periods, heavy, painful bleeding, PMS, lack of period, etc. You guys may have heard me say this… but your period is not the main event of your cycle. OVULATION IS! So tune in to learn about the possible reasons you’re not ovulating and how you can confirm ovulation! Period Restoration waitlist!! Books mentioned: Taking Charge of Your Fertility The Fifth Vital Sign  Period Repair Manual The PMS Bible Once a Month 
May 25, 2021
Weight gain + healing your metabolism
I want to address one of the most popular questions I get in this metabolism sphere: “Help! I have been eating PM for 4 months and I gained 10 lbs” So I want to address it in one place so that you all can have something to refer to. Wanna learn more? Join us inside The Nourished Method!  Stay tuned for my mini Period Restoration course launching in a couple weeks! Become a VIP client Follow me on IG! Join the private FB community Purchase TempDrop here using code KMWTD Keep up with the weekly emails here! Enjoy a Four Phases of your Cycle webinar here  Download the FREE Liver Detoxification Guide here Purchase your magnesium bicarbonate here using code kiaramarie10 If you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend and don't forget to leave us a 5 star review/rating. Thank you for all of your support!
May 18, 2021
Getting to the Root of Your Hormone Imbalances
Do you think you have a hormone imbalance? Unsure of where to begin? Listen to this episode! I break down the symptoms of a hormone imbalance The 3 phases of estrogen detox  Where to start balancing your hormones  How stress slowly imbalances hormones  How to improve your perception of stress Wanna learn more? Join us inside The Nourished Method!  Stay tuned for my mini Period Restoration course launching in a couple weeks! Become a VIP client Follow me on IG! Join the private FB community Purchase TempDrop here using code KMWTD Purchase Viv for your V here using code KIARA15 Keep up with the weekly emails here! Enjoy a Four Phases of your Cycle webinar here  Download the FREE Liver Detoxification Guide here Purchase your magnesium bicarbonate here using code kiaramarie10 Purchase your Elix Cycle Balance here using code KIARA15  If you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend and don't forget to leave us a 5 star review/rating.  Thank you for all of your support! 
May 11, 2021
Less Instagram, More Connection.
When reviewing others’ social activity, people tend to make comparisons such as, “Did I get as many likes as someone else?,” or “Why didn’t this person like my post, but this other person did?” They’re searching for validation on the internet that serves as a replacement for meaningful connection they might otherwise make in real life. FOMO—fear of missing out—also plays a role. If everyone else is using social media sites, and if someone doesn’t join in, there’s concern that they’ll miss jokes, connections, or invitations. Missing experiences can create anxiety and depression. When people look online and see they’re excluded from an activity, it can affect thoughts and feelings, and can affect them physically. A 2018 British study tied social media use to decreased, disrupted, and delayed sleep, which is associated with depression, memory loss, and poor academic performance. Social media use can affect users’ physical health even more directly. Researchers know the connection between the mind and the gut can turn anxiety and depression into nausea, headaches, muscle tension, and tremors. The earlier teens start using social media, the greater impact the platforms have on mental health. This is especially true for females. While teen males tend to express aggression physically, females do so relationally by excluding others and sharing hurtful comments. Social media increases the opportunity for such harmful interactions. In addition to providing young people with a window through which they can view missed experiences, social media puts a distorted lens on appearances and reality. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat increase the likelihood of seeing unrealistic, filtered photos at a time when teen bodies are changing. In the past, teens read magazines that contained altered photos of models. Now, these images are one thumb-scroll away at any given time. Apps that provide the user with airbrushing, teeth whitening, and more filters are easy to find and easier to use. It’s not only celebrities who look perfect—it’s everyone. When there’s a filter applied to the digital world, it can be hard for teens to tell what’s real and what isn’t, which comes at a difficult time for them physically and emotionally. This “social comparison” factor takes many forms online that can negatively affect users of social media. To compensate for the natural tendency to compare themselves with the people they interact with online, young people need to remind themselves that social media makes people and things look better and more attractive than they are in real life. This is why I’m moving away from Instagram and shifting my main platform to be on my website - I plan on using social media as a strategic tool so I can spend less time on it which I’ve already been practicing and I have been so much happier, less worried, less anxious, less crippled by this little app. I plan on spending my time that I would have been spending on instagram - cultivating deeper connections with friends + family, reading more books, going on more hikes, planning big things for my practice and devoting more play time with my dogs. I hope this message resonated well with you. I simply want you to become aware of the matrix we have created for ourselves… as easily as we created for it for ourselves, we can create a different vortex for ourselves too - cultivating real human connection like we once used to. If you enjoyed this episode, please don’t forget to leave me a 5 star review or rating as it helps the podcast so much! Until next time. Instagram  Join The Nourished Method  VIP waitlist 
May 04, 2021
Gentle Parenting with Caitlyn Doerksen
Caitlyn is a mama of two toddlers Selah and Gemma and has developed a strong passion for gentle parenting throughout the years. Her heart for parenting grew as she was pregnant with her first and realized that culture had a lot of negativity to offer when it came to raising children and she wanted to start a different path for her kids. Through the years of raising her own kids she has come to love the topic and importance of connection based parenting and longs to empower other families who desire the same. Caitlyn's book recommendations: Unconditional Parenting Jesus the Gentle Parent Positive Discipline
April 27, 2021
Weights, Dieting + Unlearning with Emma Sgourakis + Kitty Blomfield
Emma Sgourakis, mum of two, and Certified Nutritionist in Melbourne Australia, working with clients one on one worldwide. Emma's 2-3 month programs help to re-educate about nutrition for optimising digestion, metabolism, reducing stress and improving fertility. A big part of her work particularly in the past 10 years has been helping people interpret the research of Dr. Ray Peat, someone she is greatly inspired by.  Kitty spent most of her adult life dieting. She jumped from one quick fix diet to the next. Shakes, fasting, keto and low carb. You name it she's done it. She was obsessed with food and felt like she was either restricting or I was binge eating. She felt happiest when she was thin but she had to starve myself and train 6-7 days a week to maintain it. She had irregular and painful periods, suffered miscarriages, rarely slept through the night, was bloated and constipated and she was exhausted. That all changed in 2015 when she met Craig and stumbled across the work of Ray Peat and Emma Sgourakis. What she learnt transformed my body and health. It's now her mission to free women from restrictive diets, help them restore their metabolisms, balance their hormones and build bodies they love
April 20, 2021
Creating Harmony + Rhythm with Michael Angel, FDNP
In this episode, I am joined by Functional Diagnostics Nutrition Practitioner, Michael Angel, who combines functional medicine, Ayurveda, and spirituality into his practice. Through his own suffering, he has learned how to heal and help others overcome digestive issues, mold, anxiety, fatigue, and much more. His formal studies in psychology and personal exploration with yoga, plant medicines, and psychedelics, have made him particularly skilled at uncovering the mental and emotional blocks that prevent people from healing. His scientific mind and open heart make him a wealth of knowledge and a joy to listen to. Follow on IG
April 13, 2021
The Stories We Tell Ourselves
There’s a hidden mechanism that creates unhappiness, difficulty changing habits, relationship problems, frustration, anger and disappointment. Barely anyone is aware of this hidden mechanism, even though it’s happening all the time, in all of us. It’s the stories we tell ourselves. Tune in to learn about the stories I've been telling myself, becoming aware of yours + what you can do about them. 
April 06, 2021
Your Thyroid's Influence of Energy Metabolism with Josh and Jeanne Rubin
In this episode, I'm joined by Josh and Jeanne from East West Healing. Josh has a Bachelors in Occupational Therapy, studied TCM for 3 years and is almost done with his 5th year at Canadien College of Osteopathy. He is a CHEK Level 4, HCL 3, CNMT, and CN. Jeanne is a Certified Nutritionist, CHEK 2, HLC 3 and skilled BioDynamic Therapist. They have spent the last 20 years not only educating themselves through self research, courses and certifications, but also working 1:1 clients all over the world. We chat about: their different upbringings + how it affected their outlook on nutrition how they landed in the metabolism sphere why it's important to get vitamins + minerals from food rather than supplements the role that the thyroid plays in our bodily functions  You can find more information about Josh and Jeanne on their website, or by reaching out directly via email!
March 30, 2021
Breastfeeding and Postpartum with Therese Dansby
Therese Dansby is a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She believes in taking a "whole"-istic approach to the breastfeeding relationship, and she strives to find creative solutions to common (and not-so-common) struggles, enabling moms to reach their breastfeeding goals. She truly believes that a mom who is active and involved in her plan of care is the happiest, and happy moms are most prepared to raise a baby in the healthiest possible environment, physically and emotionally. on IG
March 23, 2021
Bridging the Gap with Kasey Goins
As an ADAPT-trained functional health practitioner, Kasey helps women overcome hormonal imbalances and have better periods with a metabolism-first approach. Snag her free Metabolic Healing Quick Guide at and find her on Instagram @kasey.goins.
March 16, 2021
Why Health Matters to Me
In this episode, I walk you through some of the self-reflection I have been doing these past couple weeks. 
March 09, 2021
Gentle Parenting and more with Kori and Fallon
This week I'm joined by Kori Meloy and Fallon Danae to talk about their health journeys, pregnancy, parenting + more! Kori began her journey by first being diagnosed with Endometriosis and was able to successfully get pregnant after healing her condition. Fallon was diagnosed with Hashimotos Thyroiditis and is in complete remission by making nutrition and lifestyle changes without fear of food or restriction. In the episode, we discuss: Fallon's journey with Hashimoto's and Koris' journey with Endometriosis Their pregnancy experiences + Kori's plan for VBAC Parenting + handling topics such as food, health, + discipline The importance of finding a supportive community for your motherhood journey Understanding that parenting often leads to uncomfortable truths + more! If you're interested in checking out any of the books referenced in this episode, you can check them out below: The Theory of Objectivist Parenting by Roslyn Ross Parenting by Paul David Tripp The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson No Drama Discipline by Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson The Connected Parent by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Lisa Qualls Also referenced is Noelle Kovary, who's Instagram is @noellekovary and you can listen to our episode with her on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Fallon on IG  Kori on IG 
March 02, 2021
The Other Side
I'm sharing what has been heavy on my heart lately. 
February 23, 2021
Free birthing and Pregnancy with Noelle Kovary
Join Noelle and I as we sit and chat about the following:  How Noelle's health journey unfolded What pregnancy looked for her Her experience with free birthing Rapid fire Q&A from the audience Resources:  Noelle's Instagram Youtube Channel Courses
February 16, 2021
Body Literacy and Hope with Meg Langston, FNTP, RWP
Join Meg and I as we chat about:  A breakdown of the female cycle A note on estrogen and iron How joy and rest play an important role in your health journey Meg's story with back to back miscarriages Keep up with Meg on Instagram  Meg's Website
February 09, 2021
How to Heal Your Metabolism with Kate Deering
Join Kate and I's conversation on the metabolism. She's busting all of the myths she covers inside of her book "How to Heal Your Metabolism". Learn how Kate went from feeling cold all of the time, not having a period and having intense sugar cravings to feeling warm, strong and balanced. Where to find Kate: Instagram
February 02, 2021
Simplifying Wellness with Theresa Piela, Colon Hydrotherapist and Tapping Coach
Have you been trying to heal by nailing down your nutrition, taking all of the right supplements and doing all of the right things? Is there something blocking you? Have you experienced trauma? (we all have) Then join Theresa and I as we sit down to chat about her journey and how it led her to work with women to rewire their brains so they can see the progress they've been wanting to see! Even when it comes to food fears! Where to Find Theresa: Instagram  Follow her for EFT videos and information on nutrition and brain rewiring. She works with clients 1:1 or in a group setting. 
January 26, 2021
Unpacking Trauma with Alaina Salerno, LCSW, CTLC
Join Alaina Salerno, LCSW, CTLC and I speak on: What is trauma? How to navigate it How we're experiencing it as a collective right now How to connect emotional manifestations to physical symptoms  Where to find Alaina: Instagram Email for NYC based therapy
January 19, 2021
Happy Hormones & Strength Training with Adina Rubin, NTP, MES
Join Adina and I as she busts some workout myths and what types of workouts really benefit you and your hormones! Where to find Adina:
August 26, 2020
Divine Feminine Energy Work with Caprisha Richards, Holistic Health Coach
Join Caprisha Richards and I as we chat about her story, boundaries, shadow work, ego, sisterhood wounding,  gut + hormone health! Where to Find Caprisha: Instagram: Immunity Support Blueprint:
August 11, 2020
Balancing Hormones, Skin & Energy with Diane Teall, NTP, RWP
Fellow practitioner, Diane Teall and I sat down for a little chit chat about all of our favorite things: hormone health, skin health, and creating stable energy levels! Diane shares her personal health journey, the common mistakes one makes when trying to create balance in the body and tips on where to begin your healing journey!  Where to Find Diane: Founder of Root Cause Reset Join the Hustle to Healthy Workshop:
August 04, 2020
Happy Hormones with Krista King, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP
Krista King is a registered dietitian nutritionist, integrative and functional certified nutrition practitioner, and holistic health expert. Through her online practice, Composed Nutrition, she provides virtual nutrition coaching, courses, and resources to heal your hormones, digestion, and anxiety naturally. She specializes in women's health using a holistic approach for PCOS, endometriosis, PMS, and fertility.  With a strong passion to connect the dots to your health story and discover how the things we have gone through in life can show up in the body, Krista's curious and ever-questioning mind has led her to develop a unique approach to nutrition. Through her personal healing journey she has explored many holistic modalities to reconnect with the body that she fuses into her practice. She integrates evidence-based nutrition practices, intuitive eating philosophies, and spiritual and emotional tools to explore the deeper meaning of imbalances that show up in the body, which often present to teach us to look deeper, reclaim our power, and ignite our path to healing and purpose. Website: Books mentions: Beyond the Pill by Jolene Brighten This Is Your Brain on Birth Control by Sarah E. Hill, PhD Promotional offer: Heal Your Period is your personalized solution to finally have a regular, pain-free period naturally through simple, sustainable nutrition and lifestyle shifts, without strict rules, overwhelming restrictions, or complicated protocols! Code: HYP20 for 20% off
July 28, 2020
Getting Off Birth Control & Coming Back to Self with Grace Borden
Sit back, kick your feet up and enjoy this very special episode with my dear friend, Grace! Grace & I haven't known each other very long but our first conversation (this one) was one for the books. I felt a very deep connection to her and her spirit. She is kind hearted, intuitive, and super chill. I love how she speaks + writes and I know you will too! In this episode we chat about getting off birth control + what that looked like for her. We also ended up talking about her journey back to self through some testing times as a child and how that has led her to evolve into the woman she is today. Get ready to be inspired.  Where to find Grace:
July 21, 2020
Tapping Into Your Intuition with Johanna Olivas
I myself have lost touch with my intuition. I have listened to friends and family who only wanted the best for me but at the end of the day I have always known what was best for me even when my ego thought I didn't. Recently, I've began connecting to my intuition again through yoga, deep meditations and continuously checking in with my body. Joey (Johanna) is my cousin who is a RYT, RPYT & Reiki Master Practitioner! She has inspired me to add these tools to my tool belt because I have seen the profound outcomes from incorporating these practices whether it be for myself or for my clients. Nutrition and proper supplementation can only do so much to heal. They are an important part of the puzzle but we have to address stuck energy within the body. Get out of our minds into our bodies.  Joey and I sat down to chat about where the heck to begin tapping into our intuition. Joey shares some techniques she loves to incorporate! Ultimately, our intuition is our best guide throughout life - so why not connect daily?  Where to Find Joey:
July 14, 2020
Women’s Health & PMS with Dr. Alexandra Cope
Dr. Alexandra Cope, is a trauma-trained physician with a professional background, including a 5 year Medical Degree + Naturopath License from The National University of Natural Medicine, 2 years of clinicals with an ENT Naturopath, 2 years of clinicals in Transgender Medicine, a homeopathic certification from the New England School of Homeopathy, as well as Food Sovereignty Training. Dr. Cope strives to inspire empowerment on all levels, focusing on womxn’s health, libido, fertility, and contraceptive options. She specializes in fasting, digestive health, microbiome restoration, and the fertility journey before and after motherhood. Working with Dr. Cope is a good fit when you’re looking for the underlying issues that are creating discord in your mind, body, and/or spirit. Where to Find Dr. Cope: Boketto Wellness in the Fan of Richmond, VA: Charlottesville: Pantops in the Fox Integrative Care Office - Lily app - Taking Charge of Your Fertility - 5th Vital Sign
July 07, 2020
Biological Dentistry with Dr. George
Get ready to take some notes on this episode CHOCKFULL of helpful information. Dr. George & I dive deep into how our oral health is largely tied to our gut health. We chat about root canals, flouride, implants, bone grafts, the types of toothbrushes and toothpaste you should use, if flossing is more important than brushing your teeth, mouth taping and so much more!!  Where to Find Dr. George IG @pureholisticdental RESOURCES:
July 03, 2020
Why Digestion is So Important with Eleni Chechopoulos, NTP, RWP
Ever feel bloated? Constipated? Gassy? Burp a lot? Ever been told these symptoms are NORMAL? Have you since been dealing with terrible PMS, irregular cycles, brain fog, fatigue or mood swings?! Then this episode is for you. Eleni & I have experienced some of these symptoms too before we knew ANYTHING about gut health and thought we were going crazy.  In this episode Eleni shares reasons why we experience these symptoms and how to go about healing them.  Eleni was one of my resources as I was trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. She also inspired me to become a FNTP and start this podcast. So OF COURSE I had to have on the show!! I KNOW you guys are going to find this episode beneficial - it was even eye opening for me! Where to Find Eleni:  Join Her 9 Week Gut Rehab Blueprint!
June 30, 2020
Healing Trauma with Nina Passero
Childhood traumas whether emotional or physical, big or small, can be carried into adulthood. These traumas and emotions are then repressed into the physical body MANIFESTING physical symptoms and creating dis-ease in the body. Nina & I chat about her personal story with traumatic relationships and self-harm starting in the 8th grade.  Nina was able to find true healing true lifestyle changes and most importantly, releasing trapped or stored energy. That led to her current work as a coach guiding others thru their traumatic experiences and helping them tune into their bodies and minds. Nina is a Reiki Healer and offers Sound Healing. Nina also hosts BEAUTIFUL wellness retreats on the Amalfi Coast of Italy!   Join us as we dive DEEP into this episode.   Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationship with Food Through Myths, Metaphors, and Storytelling by Anita A. Johnston PhD.  Where to find Nina -  Where to find Shannon -  Where to find John - 
June 19, 2020
The Solo Wanderer with Caroline Rose
Caroline Rose & I know each other from some mutual friends at VCU! We didn't really get the chance to connect until now... but better late than never! Caroline embarked on a solo trip to parts of Asia and South Africa after graduating college. Within a month of returning from South Africa she had her bags packed & she was off! Before she knew it she was experiencing new worlds, new people, new food and new ways of getting around. The moment she arrived to Singapore, she looked at herself in the mirror asking herself what she had gotten herself into.  Now? Caroline cannot wait to get the hell out of quarantine so she can continue crossing all countries off her bucket list. That's right - every single country. Caroline has been to 10 countries and is just getting her feet wet. Not only has Caroline inspired me to take the leap of faith to solo travel, but she has done the same for many others!  Caroline shares her best tips for budgeting before and during trips, safety advice, words of encouragement for those who are thinking of ever traveling solo.   APPS:  Grab App  Rome2Rio  iTranslate  Where to Find Caroline -  Website:
June 16, 2020
Navigating Her First Pregnancy & Birth with Taylor Schulte, FNTP
Join Taylor & I as we sit down and chat about her journey with pregnancy and birth with her first baby girl, Isabel. Taylor & I were in the same FNTP program and became really close. In the midst of our program, Taylor found out she was pregnant! Caught by surprise, Taylor still ensured she did her own research to make sure she was doing what felt right with HER pregnancy. She sought out help and searched up and down for resources. She created a phenomenal birth team and plan so she could have a safe and healthy pregnancy & birth.  Taylor and I chatted about her home birth, who she had on her team, breastfeeding, vaccinations, a mapped out food plan for Isabel and SO much more.  This episode is not to be taken as medical advice but as some insight from a couple of FNTP's and a mama's experience. At the end of the day, we want every mama to be informed when they make family decisions and so it feels right - not just because someone is telling you to do something.  Where to Find Taylor:
June 09, 2020
Epstein Barr, Mold & Heavy Metal Toxicity with Dr. Kasey Holland
Dr. Kasey Holland, ND is a Naturopathic doctor. She chose to go into Naturopathic medicine because she believes that health is made up of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual components. She is passionately driven to provide her clients with a complete holistic approach to their health concerns no matter how simple or complex they may be. Dr. Holland’s goal for each client is to unveil the root cause of their ailments. She understands that the key to achieving optimal wellness and being free of chronic disease is multi – dimensional and different for each individual. Part of this comes from her own experience with health obstacles. After graduating from Montana State University with her Bachelor’s of Science in Cell Biology and Neuroscience with an emphasis on biomedical sciences, Dr. Holland earned her Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA through a four year CNME accredited program. While there she completed specialty rotations in environmental medicine, immune wellness, oncology, IV therapy, Parkinson’s disease, emergency medicine and mind body medicine. After this she worked in an Integrative health clinic that incorporated functional medicine during her residency. This has provided her with exposure to a wide variety of pathologies and patient care in order to serve you better. While enjoying working with any client’s health concerns, ranging from hormones to gastrointestinal health, some of her specialties include chronic EBV, Lyme disease, mold exposure, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, and depression. Dr. Holland maintains her license in Washington state. She is a member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Her passion is to bring Naturopathic medicine to all communities and provide people with options that fit their needs. In order to support this mission she takes action with the Institute for Natural Medicine and Global Lyme Alliance. Where to Find Dr. Kasey: Resources: The Wahl's Protocol: Break the Mold:
May 29, 2020
The Importance of Gut Health & Healthy Food Swaps with Cindy Enriquez
Soon to be Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Student, Cindy Enriquez shares her personal health journey that began many moons ago and how she has transformed her gut health by working with a fellow practitioner, Eleni @keepyourkefi on IG.  Cindy has always tried to keep a positive relationship with her body and health. She embarked on a fitness journey at first and believed she had to count macro-nutrients in order to achieve her health goals. Little did she know the chemicals and ingredients in the food she was eating made the biggest difference.  By starting to look at ingredients rather than numbers, Cindy was able to drop 30lbs just like that! Cindy and I chat about gut health, hormone health and where one can start to make changes with their eating habits and food choices! Where to find Cindy - Cindy shares several helpful tips, ingredient label comparisons and informative videos/recipes on her channel! Be sure to subscribe!
May 26, 2020
Womb Wisdom with Karla Perez & Her Journey Home
Karla is a Holistic Health Coach in the making! But I didn't find her because of that. She had shared an INCREDIBLE and eye-opening video talking about womb trauma & yoni steaming! Immediately, I went to follow this girl because we were vibing on the same resonance. Everything about her hit home with me and after our first phone call, I knew we were meant to cross paths.  Her wisdom she shares on this episode is incredibly healing and helpful. Through her own childhood traumas & toxic relationship, Karla was able to face these truths and evolve into the beautiful and wise woman she is today. I did get emotional on the show because I didn't realize we had such similar background when it came to childhood trauma. Every word she had said resonated so much with me.  We talk about her healing journey beginning with her food choices and then diving into "the work" which led to a conversation about womb trauma, yoni steaming and yoni eggs!  Where to find Karla: YONI STEAMING HERBS: code: VENUS15
May 22, 2020
The Empowered Woman with Ally Rupard
Ally & I have known each other through mutual friends as we grew up in the same hometown, but never had the chance to truly connect until college. Ally had done my make up several times and through those deep, thereapeutic conversations we were able to develop a beautiful friendship!  You know... the type of friendships where you know you have each other's back if you need one another? Or one where you can just open up and share so deeply even if you haven't spoken in a few weeks? Months? Yeah. Those are special.  Ally & I sat down to chat about her childhood and how she was raised all around women. Not to mention all SAGITARRIUS women. Phew! I have learned so much from Ally's experiences and I'm so happy she was able to open up on the pod and share it all. We dive deep into the depths of relationship trauma, how she's healing and some important life lessons. Sit back, get your popcorn ready and enjoy the show! Where to Find Ally - Ally shares short yet sweet intimate clips of her self care, make up tutorials on her Instagram as well as longer clips on YouTube! Be sure to subscribe! 
May 19, 2020
What is Your Dosha? Ayurveda with Ayurvedic Consultant Jasmin Bersamin
Join me and my special guest Ayurvedic Consultant, Jasmin Bersamin.  She and I chat all about what Ayurveda is and how it can help restore the body to its prakrti (the dosha you were born with). She breaks down each dosha - Vata, Pitta & Kapha and how to support each one through diet and lifestyle choices.   Curious to see which dosha you are?  Click here: DOSHA QUIZ:  Where to find Jasmin -
May 12, 2020
What’s Really Going On? Coronavirus Chat with Dr. Jessica Peatross
Dr. Jess is here to put a stop to all of the propaganda behind the media. She shares facts about the coronavirus, who is truly at risk and how we can navigate life while this is happening. She also shares her best tips for supporting your body/immune system not only during this time, but for life after virus. Dr. Jess also brings up the two possible theories that are circulating right now pertaining to the virus. We shed some light on the COVID-19 vaccine that is set to come out by the end of the year and how we can make an informed decision when it comes to our medical freedom.  Dr. Jess is a leader in Functional Medicine & Gerson Therapy and has also created the Kill, Bind, Sweat method which has not only helped me but thousands of others. She shares her step by step method and who it's for.  This episode is juicy and filled with a TON of useful information. Sit back, take some notes & enjoy!  Where to Find Dr. Jess:
May 08, 2020
The Link Between the Gut & Vagina and Being in a Relationship with Someone Who Had An Addiction
Join me and my very special guest, my cousin Natasha Ponomarenko who is a CPT & soon to be FDN-P. Natasha embarked on her health journey once she became a homebody. She arrived here through her relationship with her partner as she wanted to stay home, spend time with him and herself. She has always been into health & fitness, but didn't truly understand what real nutrition was. Nourishing herself with foods that fit her specific needs, grounding to the earth, incorporating all different types of exercise to keep the body guessing and tuning into what feels right.  Natasha shares her personal health struggles and how she is overcoming them today. This entire process led her to pursue a career as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. We embarked on the course together and are both wrapping up around the same time! She'll be able to help guide others through their personal health struggles through diagnostic lab work and issuing catered protocols!  Through her health journey, some symptoms were exacerbated through some unaddressed trauma. Not only from childhood but as well as within her relationship. Natasha opens up about what it had been like being in relationship with someone who had an addiction, how they've navigated, how that was impacting her health, what it's taught her and how he has been able to find healing!  Where to Find Natasha -
May 05, 2020
Trauma & EMDR Therapy with Sarah Lawley, LMFT, FNTP-S, RYT
Turn the volume up, get out some pen and paper and take some notes for this trauma related episode!  Sarah Lawley, LMFT, FNTP, RYT joins us to chat about her career helping her clients work through their trauma with EMDR, coping techniques and as well as nutrition soon! She shares her personal health journey and how she’s used these forms of therapy to help her heal. Sarah defines what “trauma” actually is and breaks down what EMDR stands for. She shares the coping techniques she uses in her practice and recommends for everyone!  Where to Find Sarah - ENNEAGRAM LINK:
April 28, 2020
Pregnancy & Planning for Birth During COVID-19 with Ashley Romero
Join soon to be first time mama, Ashley Romero & I chat about how she’s been guiding herself through her pregnancy with her daughter, Mar. We talk about how SHE proposed to her husband, if the pregnancy was planned, coming up with her daughters name, her birth plan and how she’s been checking in with herself.  Ashley has over 15 years of experience with children and is now a part of her current career as a kids yoga teacher. Ashley teaches them Spanish and helps empower themselves. We chat about how she’ll be incorporating these practices into raising her daughter.  IG HANDLES: @ashsolromero & @roomtobloom4  PHOTOGRAPHY: @carlyephotography
April 21, 2020
Kiara & Sierra: UNCENSORED
Join me and my special guest, my very best friend Sierra chat about all the things that no one wants to talk about in public. Listen to her own personal healing journey, identifying patterns and how she’s navigating life currently.  Find Sierra on IG @fishmaman
April 14, 2020
Join me on this intro episode! Find out what to expect from The Human Experience podcast.
April 07, 2020
Creating a beautiful mother/daughter relationship & dealing with disappointment with Mama Orbe
Join my mom and I in a real conversation chatting about our relationship, our current living situation, setting boundaries and moving past certain experiences.
April 07, 2020