#20 - Missie Schlegel | Movement Love

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Welcome to Bindlism. A Philosophy to a Self-Sufficient Lifestyle! Kyle Fisk and Andy Padula the co-founders of BOHO HOBO host this new age show that unlocks perspective as they build a community and philosophy to a self-sufficient lifestyle.

We will be sharing stories of artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, and independent thinkers about their Self-Sufficient Lifestyle that keeps them sustained mentally, emotionally, and physically in fulfilling their purpose.

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More places to listen

More places to listen

#30 - Derek Greenough | Dirk Green
On episode number 30, we got the opportunity to meet up with Derek Greenough (AKA Dirk Green) to talk about his life.  Dirk is a DJ and music producer from the Syracuse, NY area with a wide variety of musical influences including electronic, trance, house, and dub step. With his creativity, Dirk has the ability to weave these different genres into a personalized style reflective of himself.  Though he's only 25 years old, he has big visions for the future and relentless ambition to make it all happen.  We hope you enjoy our conversation with Dirk Green! Instagram @DirkGreenMusic Soundcloud at  Personal Website at 
July 10, 2019
#29 - Tyler Rhinehart | Ramblin' Rabbit
This episode Kyle and I interviewed, Tyler Rhinehart. Tyler is a nomadic free spirit who has been traveling on the road in his van home, with his dog Nivia, for the last 3 years, mastering his skills in music and poetry. He shared insights of about being aloof, minimalistic,  and living in the moment. This is a great one for anyone considering to live life on the road. Insta: @ramblin_rabbit Soundcloud:
July 3, 2019
#28 - Seth Dollar | Children of The Summer
This episode Kyle and I interviewed Syracuse native, Seth Dollar. Seth is a rapper born in Cuse', brought up in Miami, then came back to Cuse' to master his career in the hip-hop world.  With heavy influence from G-unit, Seth's contemporary style truly depicts the life of an entrepreneur on the rise, with very real and relatable insight into his life track to track, album to album. @pessoblanci @childrenofthesummer 
June 17, 2019
#27 - Celine Rahman | Cup of Rahman
Greetings fellow Bindlists! Welcome back for another episode.  This episode Kyle and I had the pleasure of interviewing Celine Rahman, the creator of Cup of Rahman. Not to be confused with ramen noodle soup, Cup of Rahman is a fashion accessory and clothing brand that Celine started to channel her inner 90's childhood while also spreading a positive message for equality and change in our society.  This episode has great insight into the mindset of an entrepreneur absolutely killing it and we are so excited to share her story with you!  Insta: @cupofrahman             @thatgoodrahman
May 30, 2019
#26 - Dalton Dobson | Apex Automotive Magazine & Fetagetaboutit
Another week, another amazing and insightful story. Meet Dalton! He's a photographer for Apex Automotive Magazine and content creator for the soon to be released cookbook "Fetagetaboutit". Dalton grew up in Phoenix, NY and went to high school with both of us! His story is genuine and truly shows the power of sticking to your gut and following your passions to reach success in life. Make sure to give Dalton a follow on social media to follow along in his journey! @dobson_shutterworks @apexautomag @happyprobably
May 13, 2019
#25 - Sammy Hedlund | Take Out Shorts
Sam is the creator of Take Out Shorts, a clothing brand created in Burlington, VT. Sam came to school to be a history teach only to realize that entrepreneurship would be his actual calling. In the last year he has taken what was just him and his friend sewing clothes, to the big stage as he dropped his first official line of shorts and sold out that week! Sam tells a great story encapsulating his life story and how Take Out Shorts came to be. ENJOY! @takeoutshorts @dingus_khan @cameradoodman 
April 29, 2019
#24 - Sheryl DiStefano | Purpose Farm
Sheryl is a loving mother and wife. A retired physicians assistant, animal lover, jewelry maker, and even knits hats in her spare time. She is a busy hard working women who is driven to serve and spread positivity. Most days you'll find her volunteering at Purpose Farm. Purpose Farm is a CNY local non-profit organization located in Baldwinsville, NY.   The farm mentors youth ages 6-18 who have experienced emotional trauma from neglect and abuse. Each youth is paired with an animal on the farm who come from similar circumstances. Through contact with the animals and human mentor-ship the hope is that the youth will gain a sense of purpose, experience genuine love, and give them hope. @purposefarm @shaysher58
April 26, 2019
#23 - Ed Teneyck | Ultimate Health Performance & Team USA
Welcome to the mind of Ed Teneyck. He is the founder of Ultimate Health Performance in Syracuse, NY as well as being a professional nutritionist, ironman athlete, and Duathlete for Team USA. Ed brings some serious knowledge and mindset to the table in this week's episode. He covered his life and topics such as eating healthier, having better life habits, and overall just how to go about living your best life. This conversation was a great insightful addition to the show and we hope you all enjoy and gain some new perspective on how to go about this crazy thing called life.  Insta: @ed_teneyck             @ultimatehealthandperformance website:
April 11, 2019
#22 - Adam Jaber | Out Of Bounds Podcast
This week Andy sat down with the host of Out Of Bounds Podcast, one of the fastest growing ski and outdoor gear industry podcasts, Adam Jaber. Adam grew up working for his parents ski shop, the Colorado Ski Shop, located in West Springfield, MA and West Dover, VT. He still works for the shop today and is a go to expert in the ski industry for all things ski gear. His story is that of an immigrant father from Jordan, who came to America to make a life for himself and in time his family as well. That's how the ski shop came about. Adam created the Out Of Bounds Podcast as a way to get his opinions and voice out to the industry, while also interviewing athletes, business owners, and successful professionals alike.  Check out his podcast on all podcast platforms. Out Of Bounds Podcast. Andy was also featured on the show and that episode will be posted soon, so keep your eyes peeled for our first guest feature podcast! Social Media: @outofpodcast @coloradoskishop
April 1, 2019
#21 - Bill O'Brien | Thrilla Nation & Boston Cannons
This one is huge! Our biggest guest yet! Bill O'Brien is a professional lacrosse player currently playing for The Boston Cannons of the MLL. He is also the Founder/CEO of Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, Apex Nutrition Group, and Thrilla Nation. This dude brings the heat in this episode with tons of motivation, mindset, and self-awareness insight you don't want to miss. We are truly spoiled to have had the chance to interview him and share his story with all of you! Give Bill a follow and stay up to date with the amazing life and example he is setting for anyone who wants to set out to life the life of their dreams. Insta: @thrilla96 Twitter: @Bill_O'Brien96
March 27, 2019
#20 - Missie Schlegel | Movement Love
We made it to 20! Crazy to think this podcast thing is really still happening. Thanks for all the support. This week Kyle had the opportunity to chill with Missy Schlegel. Missy is an OT, Yoga Instructor, and Massage Therapist. Not only has she been on a quest to make the world a better place even if that just means in her hometown. Missy's work and mindset have allowed her to positively impact so many and help her get to live the life she could only dream of growing up.  This is a real good one y'all, so grab a beverage or snack, sit back and enjoy! Insta: @movement_love @simple_yogini
March 18, 2019
#19 - David Chief | davidchief_
I'm BAACCCCK! Yes that's right Andy is back at it with this week's episode where he interviewed David Chief. David is a DJ and Music Producer originally from New Jersey and currently living in Burlington, VT. David is a super chill and humble dude with a cool story and insight into the world of music production. Andy and David dive into show stories, what to and not to do at show, tips on how to get started in music production and much more. This was a great addition to the show and a good episode to pair with episode 17 with Shiggy.  Insta: @davidchief_ Spotify: David Chief Soundcloud:
March 12, 2019
#18 - Tom Dillon | FINDYOURS
Welcome to the show, Tom Dillon! Tom is a philosophy/ travel blogger from Syracuse, NY. His story takes us on a journey to self actualization and personal discovery. If you have ever felt low in life or wanted answers to the problems that keep seeming to hit you, then you'll definitely want to tune into this episode. Tom not only shows what it takes to take your life into your own hands, but he also sheds some light into how easy it can be to lift people up and live life being the best human you can possibly be! Insta: @findyours_life Website/blog:
February 25, 2019
#17 - Dom "Shiggy" Scicchitano | Shiggy Music
Another week means another podcast! Kyle sat down with Dom Scicchitano more notable known as Shiggy. He is music producer and drummer from the Syracuse, NY area. Dom has a cool insightful story about getting into music and pursuing it for his full-time career. If you've ever been interested in this sort of lifestyle then you won't want to miss it! Insta: @shiggymusic @theblackrivermusic Songs played: The Concubine by Shiggy Another Town by The Black River
February 13, 2019
#16 - Max Kenin Schaffner | Resonance Animality
This week Kyle sat down with Max to talk about the interesting stories of Max's life. They covered everything from his passion for film and photography, lucid dreaming, battling through a rough childhood, and his researched and coined concept for the connections of nature to oneself, Resonance Animality.  Insta:  @resonanceanimality @maxamillionkenin @___00._.00___
February 4, 2019
#15 - Alexandra Shytsman | The New Baguette
This week we had the privilege of welcoming Alex Shytsman the creator of The New Baguette to the show! The New Baguette is a food blog that Alex created and her purpose with the blog is to promote wellness through food, to inspire you to cook more at home, and incorporate more vibrant, plant-based meals into your life.  Website: Instagram: @thenewbaguette
February 1, 2019
#14 - Justin Keskin | Wool Skateboards
We are happy to introduce Justin and welcome him to the Bindlism family. Justin is a super rad individual who decided it was a good idea to start his own skateboarding company. Not only did he start a brand, he has real hard good skateboards you can buy and ride to prove he's as legit as they come. This conversation is a cool look into the world of building a skate brand and how to truly live life on your own terms.  Give Justin and Wool a follow: Insta: @justinkeskin & @woolskateboards Leave a Comment, Share with your friends, and leave a REVIEW!!
January 25, 2019
#13 - Gino Mammolito | Three Guys and a Dad Podcast
Another week and another bindlist ready to take the airwaves. Gino is an outdoor enthusiast from Syracuse, Ny. He loves to hike, ride his bike all over the country, make wise cracks at any moment, and brew beer.  Gino has gone on two cross country cycling trips with the Ulman Cancer Foundation and tells stories about both of his trips. This is easily the funniest episode yet and I'm so happy to have Gino's humorous personality join the Bindlism community.  Check out the Ulman Cancer Foundation  Check out Three Guys and a Dad Podcast for more podcast fun with Gino and friends!
January 15, 2019
#12 - Nick Feeley | A Lovely Time Pt. 2
WE ARE BACK! Thanks for being patient, the holiday season can be very hectic and hard to make plans. Not to mention I just moved to Burlington right after our last episode (Andy). We got to sit down with Nick Feeley, the creator of A Lovely Time. This was a great addition to the first episode we did on A Lovely Time back in episode 5 with Charlie Giancola. Nick just got back from traveling across country on his motorcycle and breaking his leg after hitting a cow out in Wyoming. He had a lot of cool stories and takes on all sorts of topics and we can't wait to share!  Check out A Lovely Time at: (Blind Faith Tickets on Sale NOW! Only $30) Instagram @alovelytime
January 11, 2019
#11 - Richard Bowen | ColorBlindBowen
Everyone meet Richard Bowen. He's a wise cracking standup comedian who currently resides in Burlington, VT. He's also a really good skate boarder too! This episode is a cool look into the world of comedy, skating, and finding your way to living life and pursuing your passion and true calling in life. Follow Richard on Instagram: @colorblindbowen He's going to be doing shows all over the country soon so tune in to hear his schedule and try to make a show if you can!
December 3, 2018
#10 - Kaitlyn Prince & Corey Zimmer | katandcorey
We hit our first milestone with the podcast, EPISODE 10!!!! The next milestone will be to hit 50, see you all there in due time. This episode Kyle and I sat down with Kaitlyn Prince and Corey Zimmer who are a Wedding Photographer duo. Yes they are dating and tag team in the world of Wedding Photography! The two have a really cool story on how they met and became such a dope team. One went to college for photography and the other for illustration. Never the less they crossed paths and embarked on a journey to live life on their own terms as traveling wedding photographers and kill the game. Check out their website for booking inquires and their entire portfolio and give them a follow on instagram @katandcorey @kaitlynprince @shy_party Be on the lookout for video bits from this episode on our youtube and instagram soon! Also, get ready for full length video podcasts to compliment our audio experience coming next episode! @boho_hobo_
November 17, 2018
#9 - Melanie Dewey | MELD
Take a look into the world of Fusion Soul music with the band MELD! Melanie is the brainchild of MELD which is based out of Nashville, TN. She is an Upstate NY native and brings great perspective and authenticity to the table. She not only aspires to be a front runner in the new wave of what she calls it "Universal Soul", but also seeks to help the environment with her music and message. Check out the KickStarter for the debut album "Water" and DONATE!! @meldmusic
November 5, 2018
#8 - Mike Hurn | themikehurn
Hey y'all! Sorry we missed last week, sometimes it is hard to line up a person to interview and we are sorry. This week we got to sit down with local photographer Mike Hurn. He is truly a very humble and talented dude looking to impact humanity through the lens of his camera. He has done everything from weddings to product shots and everything in between. This is one of if not the best episode yet and we are so hyped to bring it to you all!  @themikehurn
October 16, 2018
#7 - J.T. Horne | oOgle
JT is the lead singer and founder of the up and coming folk/ rock band oOgle! He is a super humble guy with a cool story of sticking with it through learning instruments at a young age to discover a passion and build a dream for becoming a full time musician. Be sure to check out oOgle and there debut album "This is the one" on Apple music and Spotify!  @badwithnames2424  @oogleband
October 1, 2018
#6 - Tony Washington | t0newash
Kyle and Andy sat down with Syracuse/ NYC artist and creative Tony Washington after a fun skate session at Onondaga Lake Skate Park. Tony has done everything from art school to working in the art industry in NYC and brings huge insight into what it is like to be a "starving artist." With his movement HumanArtCo, he shows the true power of what art can do for humanity! This is a really great episode and we hope you enjoy! Don't forget to subscribe, follow, comment, etc.  @t0newash @humanartco  Plugs: @progressdailyearth  @johnhill  @bam_margera and click Support this Podcast
September 24, 2018
#5 - Charlie Giancola | A Lovely Time
This week Andy and Kyle sat down with a good friend Charlie Giancola. He is one of the 3 godfathers of the new indie festival A Lovely Time, located at Snow Ridge in Turin, NY. This is a special episode since we recorded this while we were vending at Otis Mountain Get Down 2018! There is engagement with festival goers and of course our conversation with Charlie. This is easily the funniest episode we have done and we can't wait to hear what you all think! Lots of cool insight and the story behind Otis and A Lovely Time nicely wrapped into one episode. @_cakeeater @alovelytime @otismtngetdown
September 17, 2018
#4 - Kevin Darcy | Solon Quinn Studios
Kyle sat down for his first solo interview with a new friend Kevin Darcy. He is a freelance photographer, filmer, and marketing professional for Solon Quinn Studios. Kyle and Kevin met at a Arts/creative collective event out in the Adirondacks back in June. Kevin has a very interesting story and perspective of the media production side of the marketing industry and truly wants to bring value to the clients and viewers a like. @kevin.on.earth_ @solonquinnstudios
September 10, 2018
#3 - Rob Reilly | Suburban Specialty
Rob is yet another Syracuse entrepreneur who's been killing the game. His story truly brings insight to what it's like to start your own business while in high school and end up making a years salary worth more if not equal to professionals in the work world. Growing up in the North Syracuse suburbs and building Suburban Specialty to becoming a full time screen printing company, you're not going to want to miss this one! @rob.reilly @suburbanspecialty @suburbanprinting @print.hub @kirschenewyork Twitch: robbii (click the link to become a monthly supporter of the podcast!) Shout outs and giveaways to those who do!
September 3, 2018
#2 - Drew Shoup | Print Hub
Drew Shoup is a Syracuse Entrepreneur in charge or involved in many business ventures from Print Hub, Slime Co., Hub Creative, and The Bland Market Place. He has an amazing and motivational story from being kick out of his home at the age of 17 for denouncing his parents religious cult to being homeless and diving into entrepreneurship ventures with little money. This story has it all! Here are some of the links to find everything Drew is a part of shouted out in the show! GO FOLLOW! @drewsif_soup @print.hub @slimecogram @getbettr @royaltynine (Click Support this Podcast to become a monthly supporter!) We will be doing shout outs and giveaways as an incentive to helping us out!!!
August 27, 2018
#1 - Hannah Wnorowski | Deck of Character
Hannah Wnorowski is the creator of Deck of Character. She was an absolute boss for being our first interviewee for our new format with Bindlism upgrading and renaming from our first 9 episodes with Bindle Boiz. Her story is really unique covering the art, fashion, textile, comedy, tv, and entrepreneurship world. She brought tons of insight and posivity as well! Listen in and fin out what Hannah and the Deck of Character are all about in our 10th podcast episode, but episode 1 of Bindlism. @thedeckofcharacter
August 23, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 9 Life Coaching
We are BACK! This week we are talking life coaching, entrepreneurship essentials, net neutrality, racism, and more. Here is the link to the Udemy Life Coaching course we are referring to in the podcast: Helefest: @helefest2018 A Lovely Time: @alovelytime
June 27, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 8 Brain Dump
Imagine being able to live your life to the fullest potential...
June 17, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 7 Coffee Shop Talks
Hey everyone! Welcome back to another episode of Bindle Boiz! Kyle and Andy sit down at the Hudson River Coffee House in Albany, NY and talk North Korea, Kanye West, Conversations, Education and much more. Follow/ Subscribe Twitter & Instagram: @boho_hobo_ YouTube: BOHO HOBO Facebook: BOHO HOBO Songs: Anemone by Slenderboides Sleepy Eyes by Elohim
May 9, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 6: Save Us Elon Musk Feat. Nick Padula
This week we sat down with our first guest Nick Padula! He is brothers with host and co-founder of Boho Hobo, Andy Padula. Nick Padula Insta: @madpadcatzaddy Twitter: @madpadkeepin Topics include The Current Political Environment, New Technologies, Social Media, Tesla/ Elon Musk, and much more!
April 3, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 2: Motivation and Origins
Episode 2! Chill with Kyle and Andy as they discuss Happiness, Success, Self Actualization and more!
April 3, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 5: Clash of The Eras
Welcome back to Bindle Boiz Podcast! This week Tye and Andy are shaking things up once again as the podcast develops into a masterpiece. Topics this week include Uber Eats, NCAA Tournament, Retro Fads and more! Don't forget to follow us Instagram: @boho_hobo_lifestyle & @boho_hobo_vegan Facebook: @bohohobolifestyle Twitter: @boho_hobo_randy YouTube: Boho Hobo Website:
March 29, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 4: Vapes & Capes
Andy & new member Tye, talk about the new craze of vaporizers and their favorite super heroes in episode 4 of Bindle Boiz.
March 22, 2018
(Bindle Boiz) Ep. 3: Authentic Happiness
Kyle and Andy are back at it with Bindle Boiz talking sustained happiness, meaning of life and other thought provoking conversation
March 13, 2018
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