BOI Meets Wellness is a podcast that features people that are BOI's (Born, Obviously, Incredible)

Each episode poetic and motivational speaker Evolve Benton provides the audience with a wellness tip.

This MAR Media Production is hosted by Evolve Benton
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Ep 4 - Miller Time Resisting the Status Quo
On this episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS Evolve sits down and connects with Miller. Miller (they/them), is a world traveler, social entrepreneur, and foodie who enjoys connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They have held leadership and executive roles in both the nonprofit and corporate sectors, and is a passionate advocate for empowering others through leadership development. Currently, Miller supports brands and businesses with digital marketing and equity, inclusion, & diversity strategies. Miller is co-host of an amazing podcast called “Queer and Married” with their wife Rashida KhanBey Miller. Check out Queer and Married Learn more about BOI MEETS WELLNESS Learn more about Evolve Benton
March 20, 2019
Ep 3 - New Year, Best You, Building a Wellness Ritual with Zami Tinashe Hyemingway
On this episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS Evolve sits down and talks to their wellness coach Zami Tinashe Hyemingway. Over the course of year working with Zami, Evolve shifted their wellness ritual, build extreme strength and found their path as a motivational speaker and wellness lover. Zami is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and received a certification in nutrtion from the Shaw Academy. He identifies as a Trans of Center healer and coach. Zami also has a Masters in Social Work from Arizona State University as well as a Masters in Arts and Social Transformation from Pacific School of Religion, allowing him to use a holistic framework based in mind, body and spiritual healing and wellness. He has experience working with People living with HIV/AIDS, Gender Dysphoria as well as Body Dysmorphia, and working with people with a history of disordered eating, as well as survivors of violence. Zami believes in using love as an ethic for liberation and uses his work as a trainer, life coach and spiritual leader, to help others learn to forgive and heal themselves, through physical and spiritual wellbeing, in hopes that people will practice more love and compassion for others, by practicing it on themselves. Learn more about Zami’s work at
December 31, 2018
Ep 2 - The Power of Manifestation with Nick from Studology 101
On this episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS host Evolve Benton drops some tips on dealing with grief, embracing the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos ) and letting go of toxic relationships. Evolve invites Nick formally known as Pookz from Studology 101 to the show to talk about the history of Studology 101, the power manifestation and how to build a Youtube business with family. Studology 101 is a LGBTQ-inspired YouTube channel by Nick and DZ, a pair of friends that wanted showcase positive images for the younger LGBTQ generation. The duo prides themselves on giving advice to anyone in need – no matter their age or sexual orientation, which has garnered them quite a huge following on YouTube and various other video channels. In this episode you’ll discover: The power of manifestation Tips for taking your youtube channel to the next level How to let go of toxic relationships Nicks favorite pizza spot "Serious Pizza" Thank you so much for checking out this episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute and leave a quick rating and review, subscribing and sharing the show. It will help us to keep delivering incredible information for you every month! Learn more about Evolve at and find the podcast exclusively on Join the movement and check out Studology 101 on Youtube at
November 18, 2018
Ep 1 " More Money...More Lawyers with K. Martinez"
Evolve Benton celebrates their first episode of BOI MEETS WELLNESS and their love for LGBT history month. Evolve sits down with K. Martinez to discuss their journey as diversity and inclusion professional. K. Martinez was recently wrong termination as Mazzoni Center’s first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). K. Martinez drops some major gems about preparing yourself for diversity work, professional and lived experience advice for trans/gender non-conforming folks and opens up about their relationship to wellness. Learn more about Evolve at and find the podcast exclusively on
October 4, 2018
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