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Bo Knows Stuff

Bo Knows Stuff

By Dr Bo, Physio
Working on providing a manual to the human body. Stress, sleep, movement, nutrition, physio , anything else you want to discuss and learn from and with me!
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23 - Bo Knows Benefits Beyoncé

Bo Knows Stuff

73 - Doctor Kickass Knows Rehab For Combat Athletes
Dr. Mike Piekarski, DPT, OCS known on social media as “Doctor Kickass”. We cover Rehab for combat athletes, convincing athletes the benefit of physical therapy among many other fun topics.
January 19, 2022
72 - Dr Chris Ellis Knows Dynamic Is The Way To Be
Dr. Ellis is a hands-on therapist who thrives at educating his patients. He has worked with military personnel and professional athletes, and strives to help his patients reach higher levels of performance. Being through physical trauma, Dr. Ellis understands what it takes to rehabilitate not only physically, but mentally. His relaxed and warm personality create a positive environment to achieve your goals. On a Personal Note Dr. Ellis took the hard road to find physical therapy. In 2002, he fell down an elevator shaft while working as a carpenter, fracturing his pelvis, a lumbar vertebrae, and his wrist. He began physical rehabilitation and several months later, found himself to be pain free and never required surgery or any casting. Dr. Ellis maintains an active lifestyle and continues to play ice hockey and practices Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. 1 The direction of PT (push for cash). 2. Hip impingement 3. Foot obsessed
December 13, 2021
71 - Dr Lance Mabry Knows Redefining Health Education
Dr. Lance Mabry is a board certified orthopaedic specialist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists. He is a retired veteran of the United States Air Force, and was the Director of Physical Therapy Services at Bagram Air Base in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. He is currently an assistant professor at High Point University where he teaches clinical reasoning and diagnostic imaging. His research focuses on the clinical application of diagnostic imaging in physical therapy practice 1. The current status of Musculoskeletal Imaging in Physical Therapy 2. What is the definition of Primary Care physical therapy? 3. Why should therapists pursue a residency or fellowship? 4. Tips and tricks to be accepted into a DPT program 5. As a clinician, how can I get involved with research?
December 06, 2021
70 - Ian Kornbluth Knows Redcord and Activcore Are Improving the PT Profession
Ian Kornbluth has been a cash based physical therapist for 20 years. He went from doing everything on his own to forming a team of cash PTs in 3 cities: Atlanta, Denver and Princeton (New Jersey). Together they run a business called Activcore which offers physical therapy, pelvic health, and performance training services. But they are best known as the pioneers of suspension based physical therapy through a Norwegian system called Redcord.
November 29, 2021
69 - Richard Symister Knows Physio CAN Change
Richard is one of the humans I consider a truly close friend that I have also known for nearly 20 years! We discuss some interesting topics including “alternative medicine” and how we approach those conversations with our patients.
November 22, 2021
68 - Dr Antonio knows how to “Live Loud Life”
Dr. Antonio Gurule is a rehab and movement focused chiropractor in Lafayette CO. Teaming up with his wife Nichelle to create Live Loud Chiropractic and coaching they believe families deserve more from their healthcare providers and aim to help fill that void. You can learn more about Antonio and his wife Nichelle and how they can help guide you to the adventurous life you were made for at Topics covered: 1. Kettlebells all things 2. fixing squat stance and other movement modifications for leverage or pain reduction 3. Low Back Pain Solutions (Acute or Chronic)
November 15, 2021
67 - Dr. Ryan DeBell Knows Movement IS THE Fix
Dr DeBell is one of the leaders in the field of health and fitness.
November 08, 2021
66 - Dr Corey Hoffner Knows You Should Never Quit CrossFit
Licensed physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist who has been working in the field for over 4 years now. Opened my own business during the COVID Pandemic in 2020 called Choffner Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning and offer full 1-to-1 virtual physical therapy and health coaching/personal training to people all over the world. I help adult crossfitters eliminate shoulder, back, and knee pain so they don't have to miss another workout and can avoid medications injections and surgery. We address mindset, movement, and accountability. Topics Covered: PT insurance based field (the way it is run), emergence of virtual PT (true coach), and PT aftercare (Post-PT)
November 02, 2021
65 - Solocast - October 2021 Dr Bo Updates
Allow me to reintroduce myself - my name is Bo, some call me D-O-C… :) A lot of positive things going on the last few weeks so I wanted to catch up my own thoughts and share some of it with you all. Very excited about the Demand Better podcast with my good buddy David Corona in NYC!
October 18, 2021
64 - Clint Evans Knows Behavior Chef is the way to change your body from the inside out
Clint Evans is founder and co-creator of Behavior Chef and cohost of The Behavior Chef Podcast. Clint and his cofounder Tony Chambers have advanced degrees and certifications in the psychological science of Applied Behavior Analysis, and are Precision Nutrition certified coaches. Clint and Tony are both focused on all things wellness when it comes to lifestyle goals. The focus of Behavior Chef is helping individuals reach their goals through Values Driven Behavior Change. Topics covered: - mindset shift / language matters - applied behavior analysis - values inventory - 7 dimensions of health - breath work - weighing in - lifestyle UPDATE - goal setting
October 12, 2021
63 - Dr Kristian Knows Core Values Will Lead Physical Therapy Into The Future
Dr. Kristian Marcial, physical therapist and co-founder of Tribeca Physical Therapy. He has been in a practicing physical therapist for over 15 years. He co-founded Tribeca Physical Therapy to change people's perception on physical therapy that you need to have an injury to go see a PT. That people base their physical therapy on what their insurance covers or where is the most convenient for them. He has this vision that if all people will have a great physical therapist, the world would be healthier, happier, and sexier! LOL! #podcast #physio #physicaltherapy #nyc #tribeca
September 29, 2021
62 - Kenny Santucci Knows You Can't Go Wrong Getting Strong
NYC Personal Trainer & Creator of STRONG NEW YORK
September 16, 2021
61 - Abdalla Nasr Knows The Corporate
There's a freeze on promotions this year... We need to cut the fat... We expect the best from you... It was HR's decision... The corporate world is full of vague buzzwords and unclear direction. Ambitious employees who want to succeed often translate such vagueness to mean working longer hours, sacrificing their personal life and relationships, and compromising their mental and physical health. The Corporate is your key to career success without compromise. Unlock the hidden areas of every organization, and learn how leaders think and what they really mean. Understand how talent is identified, selected, and developed in large, multinational organizations. Learn how to use these insights to thrive in a competitive talent market and accelerate your career to new heights - without having to sacrifice your personal time and wellbeing. Abdalla Nasr is an award-winning certified trainer in talent assessment and development. With over 10 years' experience working with organizations around the world, Nasr has leveraged his extensive firsthand knowledge into this accessible, practical book. Full of crucial insights from leaders across the globe and research-based tips and tricks, The Corporate offers practical, simple, and creative solutions for healthy, sustainable career success. This book is a must-read for anyone on the corporate ladder who wants it all.
September 07, 2021
60 - Dr. Joe LaVacca Knows Strength In Motion Tends To Stay In Motion
Books Discussed: Joe's Top 3 - 1- How Emotions Are Made, Lisa Feldman 2- Sapiens 3- Breath, James Nestor Alternative #3 Think Fast & Slow Other Books Mentioned: The Body, Bill Bryson Behave, Sopolsky? Why We Sleep Endure, Alex Hutchinson Range, David Epstein Wired to Eat, Robb Wolf Nice Touch Points- -Collaborative efforts between different health professionals (Stay in your lane, makes everything work smoother?) -Skills greater than Pills -Listen, Communicate, Educate -Messages have to be heard 7x to sink in FOR NEXT TIME - NEED TO DISCUSS FRINGE! Joe's Definition of Fitness - "The ability to tolerate and adapt to changes" Joe's Bio: Born and raised on Staten Island, I made my way up to Connecticut for graduate school, where in 2010 I completed my Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy at Sacred Heart University. I have since been a physical therapist in New York City for over 10 years, and have seen (and been a part of) both the good and the bad of the healthcare system. Throughout my time as a PT I always wanted more. More for myself, and more for my patients. Through my experiences, time with mentors, countless continuing education courses, teaching around the world, and my own personal battle with depression, I began to question what I could actually do as a Physical Therapist, and perhaps more importantly, what I could do better as a human being. I began to develop a style of care that centered around education, empowerment, and communication. It was there I discovered the importance of empathy and compassion, and how these tools were the biggest thing missing in my ability to help people in the past. Coupled with the birth of my daughter in 2014, these events and thoughts helped me re-shaped my view on life and my career. I started Strength in Motion Physical Therapy in 2018 with the goal of truly being able to deliver a patient centered model that was of the standards I, and patients, expected and deserved. Through utilization of techniques and systems such as Functional Range Conditioning/Functional Range Release, Kinstretch, RockTape, and Functional Movement/Selective Functional Movement Assessments, I am now proud to offer care the way it was meant to be received, and with one goal in mind - to keep you moving.
August 30, 2021
59 - Angela & Jesse Know Where YOU Are Really From!
Angela Lin and Jesse Lin are co-hosts of the podcast, But Where Are You Really From?: An Asian-American Struggle. They are first-generation Taiwanese-Americans who started their podcast to explore their identities as being part of two cultures. They’ve since discussed over 50 episodes' worth of topics, including the recent wave of anti-Asian violence, the model minority myth, media representation, dating as an Asian-American, and more.
August 24, 2021
58 - Megan May Knows Being A Fit Mom and Influencer
Megan has been in love with fitness for over 20 years. Her humble beginnings started with coaching competitive gymnastics while earning her degree in Exercise Physiology. After earning her degree, she trained heavily in the sport of Figure where she holds multiple professional titles including “Ms. Fit Body”. From competing in Figure she moved into full time coaching CrossFit and is a 2-time Regional CrossFit Team competitor. In addition to Megan’s personal physical achievements, she is a fitness advocate and writer whose articles have been published in Fitness Magazine, Self Magazine, and Ebony. She has appeared on The Kelly and Michael morning show as a guest fitness expert and was even featured as an athlete on American Ninja Warrior. Now a mother, Megan is learning to balance staying fit and healthy while keeping up with her 3 yr old. As a recent transplant to Puerto Rico she has picked up surfing and expanded her love for minimalist living.
August 11, 2021
57 - Dr Theresa Larson Knows The 21 Day Mindset Challenge Can Change Lives
1. 21 Day Mindfulness Experience page: 2. FREE Journal/Guide to the 21 Day Experience (goes up to 70 days): Dr. Theresa Larson (aka “Dr. T”) has become one of the healthcare and fitness world’s most sought after experts on movement health. Dr. Larson earned her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Saint Augustine in San Diego, CA. A former Marine Corps Engineer Officer and Combat Veteran, Theresa also played professional softball in Italy as well as semi-professional softball in the United States. Theresa founded Movement Rx with her husband in 2013 in order to break free from the limitations that traditional physical therapy puts on practitioners and patients. The result was a company where skilled practitioners can authentically treat patients with the time, care, and movement education they deserve. Dr. Larson is determined to deliver movement and mindset health to as many people as possible with her team – including adaptive athletes, as she is an adaptive athlete herself. She is a motivational speaker for companies, helping individuals and teams understand that change is possible and leadership starts within. She also presents on movement and mobility internationally and is the co-creator and lead instructor of the popular Functional Training for Adaptive Athletes program. She recently authored a memoir (WARRIOR) that was published through Harper One, an imprint of Harper Collins. In addition to her practice, wellness and speaking efforts, Dr. Larson is a huge advocate for Challenged Athletes Foundation, Team Red White and Blue, a veteran non-profit, National Eating Disorder Association, CrossRoads Adaptive Athlete Alliance, and Resiliency Project. Theresa’s mission is to deliver crucial information to people who need it the most. Anybody who has gone through loss, trauma, or a major change in their life needs to find their new normal again. Through ADAPT Media and the “My New Normal” podcast, she offers stories of motivation and strength, overcoming hardship, and information on injuries from some of the top professionals and organizations in the world. She believes that our ability to optimally adapt to a new normal is a choice. As the Dalai Lama says, “beautiful things don’t come without some suffering.” Topics Covered: -Movement Rx Vision -Working w/ vets & military -21 Day Mindfulness Experience page: -FREE Journal/Guide to the 21 Day Experience (goes up to 70 days): -Adaptive Course info coming up in Colorado: July 17-18th is our next course CEU Course & FREE initial course
August 02, 2021
56 - Steven Horney Knows How Not To Die...
Third time is a charm! Stephen was on episodes 22 and 32, and has come back for more! Excited to delve into lessons from a pandemic, global health, and general fun/human body concepts. Steve's Website: Topics Covered: -Lessons learned from his first pandemic (hopefully his/our last...?) -Waist to hip ratio - "central adiposity" -Over fat - under muscled -NEAT - non exercise activity time -Wired to Eat Book -Healthy Gut, Healthy You "protocol" - Fast - Paleo - Fermented/FODMAPS Topics for next time: -Global health -Ergonomics -Stress Management -VO2 Max
July 28, 2021
55 - David Bidler Knows Physiology First Will Save Our Souls
David Bidler is the President of Physiology First, a nonprofit organization that provides 21st century mental health education to students and the larger community that supports them. Through a new online learning platform, Physiology First University, the organization shares brain and body based education and 21st century life skills while working to create a model for mentally healthy technology. 1.) The greatest health problem of our time that we aren’t addressing-the misdiagnosis of millions of children labeled “mentally ill.” 2.) How accelerating technologies can both escalate and potentially help to solve this problem. 3.) The future of “mentally healthy” technology.
July 23, 2021
54 - Dr Daria Oller Knows Long Covid
Daria Oller, PT, DPT, ATC is a clinical physical therapist at Pro-Activity in New Jersey in both an outpatient clinic and on-site with employer clients. She specializes in working with dancers and athletes and in prevention and health promotion. She is also an athletic trainer, and has worked in clinical, research, and education settings. She contracted COVID-19 in March 2020. It continues to affect her daily life, including her ability to participate in and pursue her passions for dance and running. She is one of the founding members of Long COVID Physio, and has been sharing her lived experience on social media.
July 06, 2021
53 - James Quigley Knows Biz Coaching for Fitness Pros
James Quigley is a business coach and mentor based out of Austin, TX. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, He spent 17 years in the fitness industry working in various roles and leadership positions in NYC. James led and managed at the highest of levels in the corporate fitness world. At the age of 16, at the height of his athletic career, between his parents divorce and losing his best friend to a drug overdose. It sent him into a spiral of depression and giving up on his dreams of being a collegiate athlete. After a few years later of dealing with his depression and anxiety (20) he no longer recognized himself. He decided he wanted to honor the memory of his best friend. At the advice of a mentor, he joined a local gym. After a few months of learning how to take care of himself again, James found his passion for fitness and self improvement. James would go onto help open gyms and host high level fitness events in other countries such as Kuwait, Dubai and Germany to name a few. After spending many years in the service side of fitness, James felt it was time to move behind the scenes to help and teach others how to lead. James is extremely passionate about growth and personal development. After experiencing the ups and downs as an entrepreneur, James realized there was still much to learn. He continues to invest in his own development therefore setting the example that growth is a never ending journey. He founded AMPLIFY on the principle of helping to make business simple. He loves the outdoors and lives an active lifestyle that allows him to be at his very best as an entrepreneur and human. Whether its hiking trails with his dog, stand up paddle boarding down the lake, learning brazilain jiu jitsu or just working out with friends. James believes through the struggles are the opportunities to find out who you truly are. He manages his business and life with three key values. Constant Growth Intentional Connection Selfless Contribution.
June 27, 2021
52 - Frank Benedetto Knows The Honey Badger Project
Frank has a ton of exciting projects going on, including being a change agent for pushing the PT profession into the future!
June 26, 2021
51 - Michele Rigby Assad Knows Getting Off The X Can Save Your Life - CIA Super Spy Breaking Cover The CIA is looking for walking contradictions. Recruiters seek out potential agents who can keep a secret yet pull classified information out of others; who love their country but are willing to leave it behind for dangerous places; who live double lives, but can be trusted with some of the nation’s most highly sensitive tasks. Michele Rigby Assad was one of those people. As a CIA agent and a counterterrorism expert, Michele soon found that working undercover was an all-encompassing job. The threats were real; the assignments perilous. Michele spent over a decade in the agency―a woman leading some of the most highly skilled operatives on the planet, secretly serving in some of the most treacherous areas of the Middle East, and at risk as a target for ISIS. But deep inside, Michele wondered: Could she really do this job? Had she misunderstood what she thought was God’s calling on her life? Did she have what it would take to survive?
June 24, 2021
50 - Evangelos Knows ACLs!
Repeat guests are always fun! Would love to have so many of my guests back for more - if they will have me :) My PT school professor Evangelos is back to dive deep into this crucial cruciate ligament - the ACL. Tears of the ACL seem to be on the rise, especially in youth sports, so let’s see if we can get that situation 1% better with this podcast.
June 22, 2021
49 - Dan Doty Knows Masculinity Is Due For A Revolution
I met Dan in NYC through a men’s group which certainly at the time pushed my bounds of comfort levels with expressing my emotions. I’m currently participating in a weekly virtual men’s group that I attribute to folks like Dan pushing the envelope around revolutionizing what it means to be a “man” in this modern era.
June 14, 2021
48 - Dr Molly King Knows Free MVMT Can Change The 🌎
I’m a huge fan of her IG account and you should be too! So much great info bringing TRUTH to this crazy healthcare space we are surrounded by. We need more of this in the universe! Enjoy the chat.
June 07, 2021
47 - Arthur Mac Knows There Is Still A Lot of Work That Needs To Be Done
We dive into some deep topics. Since some are much more sensitive than the usual, I would really love your inputs on what we discuss. I truly believe the best path forward is with meaningful conversations, so let’s discuss! Thanks as always for listening.
June 04, 2021
46 - Dr Jason Silvernail Knows Reliable Rationality Can Save The Physio Profession
Dr Silvernail joined one of my journal club groups to provide a spark for conversation… and he did not let us down! There was a great energy throughout as we tried to solve all the problems of the profession 😁
June 02, 2021
45 - David Tao Knows BarBend and of course all things WHISKEY
I was lucky enough to meet Tao close to my fitness journey in NYC. His website, is an incredible resource and if you want to know anything about Bourbon or Whiskey he is the man!
May 29, 2021
44 - Bo Knows Being Locked Down with Dr Maha
If you want to finally get to the root cause of your aches and pains let’s work together: 📱💻remote programming Website: Book a call to chat: Please like, share, subscribe Check out my podcast “Bo Knows Stuff” on all major platforms We address the 5 pillars of health 🫂connect ♻️movement 🥗nutrition 😴recover 🧠mindset #onepercentbetter #everyday #fitcare #healthcare #fitness #privatecoaching #virtual #online #results #driven
May 27, 2021
43 - Bo Knows Functional Medicine Will Save The 🌏 w/Pamela Jacobson
Pamela has lived in Orange County for 35 years where she began her career as a nurse specializing in gynecology and oncology. With many years of conventional medical experience, Pamela brings a unique strength to her practice of Functional and Chinese medicine in that she is able to integrate these various medical disciplines to assure a comprehensive approach for her patients. Pamela made the decision to return to school to learn Traditional Chinese Medicine after battling a difficult illness that was unresponsive to Western medical treatment. Upon the advice of a friend, Pamela visited a naturopath and was quickly cured using nutrition, acupuncture and herbal therapy. Her recovery was so remarkable that she was compelled to return to school to learn how she could combine Functional and Chinese medicine with her conventional medical experience to help those with difficult health challenges regain their health and vitality. Today Pamela is board certified by the Metabolic Medical Institute (ABAAHP) to practice functional medicine and licensed to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine by the state of California (LAc). She is also a diplomat of the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). She attended a rigorous four year training program at the prestigious Pacific College of Oriental Medicine-San Diego campus where she graduated among the top in her class. Additionally, she has continued her education in the field of Functional Medicine, a branch of conventional medicine that utilizes laboratory testing and other modalities to identify developing conditions before they become disease. After a comprehensive 3 year training program through Metabolic Medical Institute which is vetted through George Washington and Stanford Universities, she was awarded a board certification in the practice of Functional medicine. Her education in all disciplines is ongoing which allows her to take advantage of the latest advances in all areas of healthcare. Pamela treats a wide variety of health issues but has a particular interest in complex medical cases, autoimmune disease and cancer recovery.
May 10, 2021
42 - Bo Knows World Class Coaching and Men’s Groups w/ Lee Povey
My lovely wife, Dr Maha, actually connected me to Lee a few months back and it has been a powerful impact on my life already. We get into some deep stuff on this episode. As always if you enjoy it, please share, leave a review/rating, and feel free to reach out to either of us!
April 11, 2021
41 - Bo Knows Nova3Labs Is The Real Deal
I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from Mike Kesthely for almost a decade. He is a go to for any questions I have around supplements and nutrition in general. If you want to order any of the supplements from Nova3Labs, he was nice enough to provide the code “Elevated15” to be used at checkout for our listeners here!
April 08, 2021
40 - Bo Knows The Very Artistic Billy Buntin
Billy has many talents and it was truly a pleasure to catch up and discuss world events with this excellent human. He got married the day before I am releasing this podcast episode so congrats again to him!
April 06, 2021
39 - Bo Knows His Former PT Professor Evangelos Pappas
Evangelos is a PT school professor in Australia so we dove deep on the current and future state of physio education and the profession. I won’t say we solved ALL the problems facing healthcare... but we tried real hard 😎
April 05, 2021
38 - Bo Knows Men’s Health is more than Just a Magazine w/ Dr Laura McKaig
Go sign up for a free session with Dr Laura - I am especially speaking to the men out there who have not had their pelvic health checked in a while or ever! Please share this with someone who might benefit from it - let’s keep spreading the good word and knocking down these taboos.
March 29, 2021
37 - Bo Knows The Real Jeff Evans
Could you believe it really got real, with the Real Jeff Evans. I’m very excited to see all the things he has upcoming including checking out his Flow product to improve endurance.
March 22, 2021
36 - Bo Knows The Choice Point w/ Sam Pogue
This was a great chat, pardon the internet delay! Sam has seen a lot in this fitness space and has a lot of great energy to bring! His Choice Point App sounds amazing and I am looking forward to them finishing that project!
March 17, 2021
35 - Bo Knows Front Desk Success w/ Jerry Durham PT
Jerry is the king of Twitter between rage against the machine and bourbon and of course how to build your front desk to allow your business to get the right clients and improve their client life cycle! So many great insights from this one!
March 10, 2021
34 - Bo Knows The PURPOSE of Supplements w/ Rowan Minnion of Blonyx
If you want to consider working with me: 📱💻remote programming Website: Book a call to chat: Please like, share, subscribe Check out my podcast “Bo Knows Stuff” on all major platforms We address the 5 pillars of health 🫂connect ♻️movement 🥗nutrition 😴recover 🧠mindset
March 01, 2021
33 - Bo Knows Eating The Frog & ADHD w/Adam Caratini
This was a great chat - Adam is one of the most authentic and nicest humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with as a coach. Listen in about his journey and the super interesting aspect of dealing with ADHD, how exercise and nutrition can be key to avoiding the medications and overall problems that can come with such a diagnosis.
February 25, 2021
32 - Bo Knows Steve Horney is Back!!! Part 2 of his foundational 8 🙌💝
Maybe we should just co-host a podcast??? We have a lot of fun together. Tune in as we explore more of the concepts around looking at health from many different lenses.
February 17, 2021
31 - Bo Knows Bo ft. Special guest star Dr Maha
I dig into my own past a little to reflect on my mission of helping humans live longer, happier, healthier lives.
February 10, 2021
30 - Bo Knows Putting Ourselves Out Of Business
Dr Matthew Perry is a San Diego based Physio who owns Autoness Therapies @autonesstherapies - I wanted to do this one in person but we played it safe. Had a great time chatting about all things PT and the future of healthcare! We hope you enjoy.
February 09, 2021
29 - Bo Knows Crews Control
We have an awesome chat with a lot of tangents 🤷🏻‍♂️ we cover adapting to covid in the fitness space, experimenting with nutrition concepts, and general malarkey 😁 He is @andrecrews on IG
January 28, 2021
28 - Bo Knows Interfaith Environmental Healing w/ The Reverend Dallas Conyers
This one got heated when it came down to vegan versus meat eating - this woman knows her stuff!! I learned a lot and hope you do too.
January 27, 2021
27 - Bo Knows how to Fuel Move Think with the Aussie whose name rhymes with Bali
Mali is one of my clients who has a lot of amazing things going on from his second kid on the way, to being an OT, to growing his Fuel Move Think company. We cover all this and many of the differences between our countries 🇦🇮v🇺🇸
January 25, 2021
26 - Bo Knows Better Public Speaking w/ Marc Williams
What a fun and high energy episode this was. This man really is a positive human! +++ If this doesn’t put a smile on your face I’ll give you your money back...
January 19, 2021
25 - Bo Knows 75 Hard w/ Chelsea B
Chelsea is a super woman here in OC. She tells us about this incredible 75 day challenge she went through and how to get the most out of it or other challenges if you dare try them out :)
January 15, 2021
24 - Bo Knows Chronic Pain w/Allen E
We discuss treating AND preventing chronic pain. Defining it. Common pitfalls. The difference between the Canada and American healthcare systems. Ultimately, we boil it down to A) personalize the approach B) move more/load it up C) you are not your MRI
January 11, 2021
23 - Bo Knows Benefits Beyoncé
Cassie is a superstar HR expert - changing the game in the corporate world. We discuss how WFH might change the world of work and some of the ways wellness programs might be implemented in different companies.
January 08, 2021
22 - Bo Knows 4 out of 8 of Steve’s Foundations of Health
We touched on a lot in this episode and I loved it all. We plan to do a part 2 in a month. We only got through 4 of the 8 officially!!! I’m sure we could talk for many more hours and we would love to hear your thoughts on all that we cover :)
January 05, 2021
21 - Bo Knows PaulLFit
This one got intense! We discussed recovering from covid and the current state of the fitness industry, along with defining fitness. - if you are a client, do you want to get an assessment or do you want to just be told what the workout is today? - if you are a clinician do you use a standard assessment or definition of fitness? I would love to hear your take!
December 25, 2020
20 - Bo Knows Richard Post Covid Preparations
Check in with your neighborhood friendly Physio to get a head to toe screening before 2021 starts a new physical adventure for you!
December 14, 2020
19 - Bo knows Eza’s Journey 30 days in
Dr Bo’s client Eza shares how the first 30 days has given him renewed confidence and health. We discuss how he got here and where we go in the future!
December 01, 2020
18 - Bo Knows Meaningful Connections with Dr. Maha
We discuss in depth on what a meaningful relationship is all about in 2020. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 800-273-8255
November 17, 2020
17 - Bo Knows Something About Supplements - which includes START with real food FIRST
A few thoughts about the supplements I take for MY health. This is meant as a primer to start some discussions on longevity and wellness.
November 05, 2020
16 - Bo Knows FAQ Low Back Muscle Spasms in a Golfer
This concept is key and I will continue to pound these in my content until the entire world gets it :) the hips, rib cage, breathing patterns ALL contribute to back pain. Muscle spasms tend to be a normal response to being worked improperly.
October 30, 2020
15 - Bo Knows 4 Things
1- DHA 2- Creatine 3- vegetable oils 4- exercise IS the panacea
October 20, 2020
14 - Bo Knows 7 Primal Movements
Are you including all 7 in your Movement practice?
October 19, 2020
13 - Bo Knows Habit Building
Here’s the challenge: 1-set a timer 2-every hour 3-pick something realistic, squats, pushups, email check? Whatever will help you get BETTER. Make sure to hit repeat on that timer!
October 04, 2020
12 - Bo Knows Relationship Resiliency w/Dr Maha
On this episode Dr Bo is joined by his lovely wife, Dr Maha, to chat about ways to build resiliency. Sorry for any distracting doggie noises 🐶
September 29, 2020
11 - Bo Knows What He Doesn’t Know About Relationships
With special guest star, Dr Maha Nasrallah-Babenko (Bo’s Wife). We chat about the benefits of seeking out a mental OR physical health professional ASAP. The taboo and current thinking of why a lot of people wait until the situation is much worse sometimes. Enjoy and take our challenge!
September 25, 2020
10 - Bo Knows Starting an Exercise Program
Step 0 - know your why Step 1 - mechanics aka Form Step 2 - consistency Step 3 - intensity aka progressive overload
September 16, 2020
9 - Bo Knows Cardio is Hardio
A look at different ways to think about how to structure your workouts... best advice is get a coach to do it for you. But this is hopefully shedding some light on different ways to think about getting fitter in the long term.
September 04, 2020
8 - Bo & Cliff Know Scoliosis
We focus on Cliff’s specialty of scoliosis and also the grand concept of Telehealth. IG: @cliffordyunpt Twitter: @cliffyunpt Website:
September 02, 2020
7 - Bo Knows Gluten & Dairy
I’m doing a 30 day domination of gluten and dairy from my diet. I’m joined with Dr Maha to discuss some details about this concept and what’s behind it. If you want to jump in at any point let me know!
August 31, 2020
6 - Bo Knows Desi & Nic
Had a super fun chat with these guys about performing on the stage, staying healthy in 2020, and many other things.
August 30, 2020
5 - Bo Knows Movement Is Medicine
And motion is lotion And if you rest you rust And nutritious movement is a thing And you are only as old as your joints... So many takes on this Just getting some thoughts down and hope talking through this helps you... because I enjoy exploring these concepts Please like, share, and subscribe ✌️
August 28, 2020
4 - Bo Knows Correlation Does Not = Correlation
Crazy times we live in... sometimes the WAY we think about things can be a bit biased and flawed. I suffer from a lot of this as well and always want to be mindful. So I really want to explore some of these concepts through this platform and hope it provides some value to you.
August 23, 2020
3 - Bo Knows JERF
Just Eat Real Food
August 21, 2020
2 - Bo Knows Low Back Pain
Trying out the car for video and acoustics. Low back pain is one of the most common things that I get questions about. Over 80% of us will experience it, I know I’ve had a few “episodes” of it :) and learned a lot - so here are some of my thoughts. Top 3 things to focus on! Please share, comment, connect 💝
August 20, 2020
1 - Bo Knows Intros
Trying this thing out- please share your thoughts on what you want to hear. Excited to roll with this project!
August 20, 2020