Bold Movers & Shakers: interviews that ROCK (the boat)!

Heather Shourds - from Fat Kid to Front Runner

An episode of Bold Movers & Shakers: interviews that ROCK (the boat)!

By Lonee Rey
What does it take to bust-a-move when you are faced with huge challenges & the odds are stacked against you? A single BOLD MOVE, one baby step-at-a-time.
Redirecting their course & keel, adventure-seekers, transformational designers, coaches, podcast super stars, speakers, authors, and "regular people" who stepped-off the curb and share their story to inspire and ignite you into action, today.

This episode is brought to you by where Nervous Nellie's become CONFIDENT presenters & story-tellers on podcasts & in-person.
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What does it take to bust-a-move when you are faced with huge challenges & the odds are stacked against you? A single BOLD MOVE, one baby step-at-a-time.
Redirecting their course & keel, adventure-seekers, transformational designers, coaches, podcast super stars, speakers, authors, and "regular people" who stepped-off the curb and share their story to inspire and ignite you into action, today.

This episode is brought to you by where Nervous Nellie's become CONFIDENT presenters & story-tellers on podcasts & in-person.

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God & Country Veterans Living History Event - an interview with organizer, Bob Willis
YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS: *9 Notable WWII Veterans Speak, Shock, Inform, and Engage in this EPiC day of heartfelt story-telling. An all ages event, students are especially encouraged to come and hear genuine stories from the trenches of World War II.    The president of Veterans Honored For His Glory, a 501c3, Bob Willis, organizer of an unprecedented gathering of WWII veterans, chats openly with Lonnee Rey, revealing candidly the unusual events and God-directed his actions which he feels made this event happen.  His passion for living legends to share their stories while they are still young (lol) and the privileged opportunity attendees will have to know what really happened 'back there, back then,' is obvious.   Bonafide heroes gather in an unprecedented event on Saturday November 2, 2019  8am-3pm  and later: 6-9pm for cocktails & dinner together.   Best Western Hotel 503 Washington Ave., Kingston, NY VISIT: or call (843) 629-2864 to get your tickets: $15 - $30 |  Stay late: 6-9pm Cocktails & Dinner event  $40   Special appearance by Tibor Spitz, the high-spirited, happy-go-lucky 90-year old Holocaust survivor who inspires school age young adults with his animated stories and incredibly positive outlook on life.   Bring the kids! These gentlemen will delight their ears and expand their views of life, to say the least!   Host Lonnee Rey helps others get their story TOLD and SOLD. Visit for more information.
October 17, 2019
Todd Cherches: from take a hike to give him the mic
Todd Cherches used to run and hide when the telephone rang. He was painfully withdrawn, shy to a fault, and stayed to himself. These days? Todd isn't running anywhere. In fact, he is leading the packs of enthusiastic students to realize their own greatness through leadership training courses at NYU and Columbia University. As the CEO & Founder of Blue Gumball, and with a motto "We make training entertaining," this is the story of how one man fell into a microphone and never stopped talking. BigBlueGumball Management/Leadership/Teambuilding & Presentation Skills/Public Speaking Consulting, Training & Executive Coaching New York City Email: LinkedIn: Twitter:
August 27, 2019
Heather Shourds 2nd to None
Once 100 lbs overweight and unable to walk the block, Heather Shourds ended-up taking her fitness seriously and became a multi-certified triathlete COACH. Yes, one step further than entering or winning a triathlon, she has become an international ambassador and leader in her field. And that happened after she turned 40 years old. Wait. Wut? Yes, she IS amazing and she is the  most sincere, generous trainer you will meet. Her assessment is found here: Get on the phone with her and see if there is a fit, or a tip or something even better that has been calling to you for so long.  When would now be a good time to make that happen? 
August 1, 2019
Matt Sassano Transcend - The Album that is His Message
You don't often get so much authenticity of story behind the music as you do with Matthew Sassano's album, Transcend. A mix of so many styles it's dizzying, the album is an eclectic mix with 100% pure heart, soul and story in it! Trent Reznor, step aside: Matt Sassano is hittin' it hard and making vibes that last long after that needle drops!
July 28, 2019
Daniel Gomez Inspires
Confidence Architect, Daniel Gomez, inspires everyone, everywhere, only all the time! Passion backed by systems, his corporate and private clients benefit from growing personally and professionally, as a result.  He speaks his visions into reality and teaches others how to do the same thing. This interview is lively, fun, funny and full-on impact! Grab his generous offer here:  Mindset Mastery is an awesome program!!
July 28, 2019
Tami Crea: Online Coach's Business Growth Ace
Tami Crea is an exceptional (and rare!) entrepreneur. Her lifelong journey and immense talents culminate now in a done-for-you business model which helps coaches and consultants grow their business. Grab this extremely generous gift!! $1,000 value: a review of your present marketing systems and insightful advice on how to focus, fix and financially expand your business! Wow. Tune-in, lean-in, and check-out this amazing woman's story of perseverance, adaptability and resilience and creativity.   A done-for-you online advertising agency with a FREE offer of exceptional value!
July 28, 2019
Heather Shourds - from Fat Kid to Front Runner
Heather Shourds lived through so much darkness she thought it was normal to be put-down, teased, turn the other cheek, and just keep eating. Yo-yo dieting routines landed her with a diagnosis of near-diabetic and a host of other issues. She was 100 lbs overweight, to boot. But at some point, she turned the corner...and then got her act together: she is now an multi-award-winning athlete, certified trainer and, as she puts it:  personal experience with my weight loss of 100lbs and a total life transformation has inspired me to discover my gifts, talents and has pushed me to be pushed to my potential!  The mission of "JOY Thru Fitness" is to inspire others to set goals, live a healthy lifestyle and empower them to be the best they can be through lifestyle, setting personal goals and athletics!"  Check out the 'BEFORE' and 'AFTER' pictures, the awards, the accolades and certifications of Heather Shourds, a woman who was clearly born to do we like to say, she has lived to tell about the journey, and help you...literally! 
July 17, 2019
Sara Jean: redo YOU from the Inside-Out
Sara Jean has a unique way of helping transform lives. It might look like moving the coffee maker, but it so much more than that! This is her first interview, ever. KUDOS, Sara!
July 15, 2019
Thom Singer -A Stand-up Guy
A comedian at 50? With a goal of doing 50 stand-up gigs? Yep, you betcha...that's Thom Singer. By day he's as professional and 'straight' as they get, but by night he's a crack-up! Listen-in as he relates his new passion for leaving smiles in his wake.
July 1, 2019
Follow Your Own Dreams
Mark is what you might call a late bloomer or an early career staff scientist, depending on who you ask, of course. From a software engineering position which he now credits as the basis of current career at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Labs) he tracks for the path taken to land well, really well! You can hear the joy in his voice. The work he does lights him up. Who wouldn't want to hear more of that, right? Bravo, Mark!! And thank you for opening up your world to those who might wonder how one things leads to another.
June 8, 2019
Is this YOU?
 Did you place your hopes on a corporate ladder that led to disappointment? Have you managed to get the *&@! out of a bad relationship or away from bad people (including family)? Is it time to celebrate instead of denying your gifts, talents & story? You know, the one you have lived to tell about--LITERALLY. Masterminding Your Message & Mission is for you...even if you don't know what your story is or how to use it YET, this course will lead to, and through, the process of discovery, self-expression and make evident the true path of fulfillment.    The affordable way to find your way is described here in a short video interview with Lorianne Vaugh-Speaks:  Wanted: Enlightened Conversationalists who are ready to show up OUT LOUD. Email with expressed interest. If you WANT to be that type of person, please visit
June 2, 2019
Lightworkers "The Global Microphone" Podcast Needs Your Voice & Vibe
Come, if you are called.  The Global Microphone is yours.  Are ready to step-up, stand in your power, and do what YOU came to do, out loud? Elevated and expansionary options await you, as well. Are you feeling called? THE Call, maybe? Join other 'lone wolf' types as we collect in one place. It is T.I.M.E. A new podcast broadcasting unique stories of self-awareness, steps to actualizing those visions you keep getting (too) and an invitation to create community of EPiC Impact, Reach & Positive Impact. If you are ready to step-up, please email your interest to: If you are hesitating, feeling nervous but called, please visit to join others who, like you, who just need a bit of support.  The Mid-life My Ass Club for Women might also be of interest to you. Coming soon:  Email if you would like updates as this group blossoms with game-changing information designed to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life:
June 2, 2019
What do mean I'm "disabled"? Paralympic athlete James Roberts
How fortunate that James Roberts was the child of very wise parents! So wise were they that they 'voted' to keep quiet and treat their son as if he were like everyone else... What he became was an extraordinary example of possibility no matter WHAT was said to him. Listen-in to the host of podcast "The Mind Set Game." Please visit his website: Please SUBSCRIBE to this podcast on
May 18, 2019
Celebrating Already!
I cannot wait to see, learn, listen to and collaborate with YOU. Yes, YOU! The Know/Like/Trust Factor is only EVERYTHING, for your visibility = your profitability. My goal is to free your soul so you can rock n roll in the ways you are 'told' urged, by your soul.  When you fulfill this part of you it is a win-win, for the people who NEED YOU TO STEP UP RIGHT NOW are standing-by. Tick tock, baby. It's time to rock n roll. I came to git down! How 'bout YOU? Can't wait to celebrate! But first, let's laugh a ton and set the tone for a good time. The Adventure Mentor leads people to their kind of fun. The A-ha's along the way? Well, that's where "The A-ha Coach" came from...there really isn't a demographic specifically for 'supplying A-ha's. Everyone needs them, regardless of their role at work or in life. Discover what you came to recover with a quick A-ha session. We'll both be glad you did. :-) 
May 14, 2019
The Spiritual Entrepreneur -featuring Devi Adea
Once a closeted spiritualist, this velvet-voiced beauty is OUT in a big way and helping others to find, express and make money with purpose and passion!! This is best interview and you can watch on it on YouTube. She's a gorgeous woman, from the inside-out. True fulfillment in life comes from expressing that truest voice of our soul. -Devi Adea   podcast: The Spiritual Entrepreneur Free resource guide also available from her main website. Check out her Facebook group, Podcasters on Purpose.
May 6, 2019
Sharon Lynn Wyeth - Gain the Advantage in ANY Situation
First names indicate the way a person thinks, feels and behaves. Check this out!  There is no greater pleasure for a host than a guest interview which goes beyond expectations & timelines; topics and tales. Extraordinary time spent and so happy to share with you.  What do people expect from you when they hear your name? First name meanings give clues as to who you are to others when you introduce yourself. What are you saying to others? You can find out from having your name analyzed.  Sharon will show you how to gain the advantage in any situation; save time and money when hiring personnel; ACE that sales proposal...the list goes on and on. Please visit and grab insights on YOUR name...and what you are revealing to others without a single word. If you enjoy video, please check this out on YouTube...this is one of the most diverse, enlightening and insightful interviews in my life.  There is no greater pleasure for a host than a guest interview which goes beyond expectations & timelines; topics and tales. Extraordinary time spent and so happy to share with you.
April 23, 2019
"Burnout Guy, Michael Levitt"
The Burnout Guy lived to tell about it...  Listen-in to the voice of experience who lived through 369 days of the worst possible scenarios EVER, and has turned it into a meaningful career that is not only shaping, but saving, lives. Executive stress starts by doing, not delegating. Grab your free download: Social Media Links: LinkedIn: Twitter: Website: Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: YouTube:
April 21, 2019
An Interview with Promotional Ace, Alexis Ray
What an honor to be on Breakfast Leadership and interviewed by The Burnout Guy himself, Michael Levitt! In this show we cover marketing angles you may have never thought of...ones that open the door and keep it open with humor, wit and a memorable impression lasting long after the event has ended. Grab a free download of the best follow-up tool ever: 
April 16, 2019
Joe Gill: Lead with Value & Influence will Follow
Joe Gill has copyrighted Valuencer. Yes, he believes in it THAT much. Listen-in as the man behind the legend shares his candid thoughts on being an influencer, a dad, and tiny fingers under the bathroom door.
April 13, 2019
Marketing Wizardry with Rob Goyette
Rob Goyette shares golden nuggets you can learn from and use to grow your list and create raving brand fans. How do I know? Rob's emails are the ones you WANT to open. Who gets to say that, right? Well, it is just the plain old fashioned truth when it comes Rob Goyette. He provides value and supports other value-driven coaches to promote their offers and coaching programs. Take notes! This is a great episode for anyone interested in building their online presence.
April 2, 2019
WHY does Judi Fox ROCK?
Known for her astonishing track record number of video views (millions!) on LinkedIn, Judi Fox is ALSO an adventurous and spirited woman, business owner, and mother.    Inspiring, informative and insightful, Judi Fox is worth the watch, for your view today is the 'cat bird's seat' into a most humble, bold and optimistic woman!   Visit to learn about her coaching programs! In addition to learning you will have a blast with one of the most REAL people around!
April 2, 2019
Removing the Mask with Josh Cary
 Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding! That’s right. He was hiding every aspect of himself and showing up with a ‘mask’ on in all areas of life trying to gain the approval of everyone else.   At 19, he changed his name and entered into, what would become, a 15-year career as a professional actor and filmmaker. The applause and external accolades didn’t completely heal his feelings of anxiety and insecurities and he found himself more isolated than ever.   Today, Josh Cary is a podcast host and business coach to entrepreneurs who are ready, willing, and able to say “F That NOISE!” and show up once and for all as the person they know they are capable of being.   Visit to learn more about growing your business beyond its plateau. 
April 2, 2019
Mindset Reset
Mindset Reset: a 30-second insight with fabulous results!  *Short, sweet, to the point, this has been shown to work and do so without effort on your part.  *Use this everyday to generate a good, GREAT or record-breaking day in the ways that matter most to YOU. *All you have to do is look back at the end of the day and notice how it worked for you, too.
March 18, 2019
Is this ALL there is?? with Paula Alphonse
Paula Alphonse was once the do-good, people-pleasing type who fulfilled the expectations of others very well. Truth is, she had a breakdown from doing it so doggone well. Yes, they call it 'burnout' at work, but it was a total breakdown. In this episode you will hear the story of a woman BOLD enough to question the status quo and convinced that her power lies in helping others realize THEIR best life now. She does this in spite of external opinions and even ridicule from her family. Now that's a bold woman! Grab her free ebook: | visit
March 11, 2019
Finding Your Voice, with Robin Joy Meyers
From zero-to-sixty in less than a year, this international speaker, who did not speak until age four, found her voice and realized her path: to help other women unearth their authentic selves and be bold in their expression of who they really are now!  Do you need proof that it's possible to alter your world in record time? Lean-in and hear the extraordinary story of a molecular scientist-turned-author-speaker-coach...Robin Joy Meyers is worth a listen! "Alone but Not Lonely" | Find her book on Amazon or at your local Barnes & Noble | Got a story to share? Please visit for details! Thank you so much for watching, sharing, subscribing and most of all, for your spent time watching. What a blessing! THANK YOU! Brought to you by Alexis Ray, the Adventure Mentor. Why struggle any longer?  Find your happy place or get with someone who has walked in your shoes and knows the way out, OK? It's the only purpose you & I have: to let go, self-express and exude good vibes. Besides, it's a much better time, so set yourself free! It's an option, ya know?
March 11, 2019
How Sean Douglas turned a chip into a diamond with brilliant reinvention tactics
Beat-up, tore-up and FED UP: this is the story of how a cocky kid from Detroit picked himself up and FLEW to the top of every mountain he wanted to climb. Powerful, raw, edgy, no bullshit. That's Sean's style and it's a breath of fresh air for anyone who needs inspiration & a genuine soul at their side.  Entrepreneur | TedX Speaker | Trainer | Author | Mentor | Active Duty Military--all at the same time. 
March 2, 2019
Intro "Bold Movers & Shakers: interviews worth listening to!"
Stories change lives. These are stories of lives changed. Hosted by Alexis Ray and featuring interviews with outstanding men and women who dared to take that one small step and change their path forever. It happens in a moment, and the impact is life-changing. Please subscribe and share! 
February 27, 2019
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