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Bombers and Sleeves: BombCast

Bombers and Sleeves: BombCast

By Bombers and Sleeves
We are Kevin and Steve from Bombers and Sleeves, a clothing/lifestyle brand dedicated to the war on self-doubt, where we encourage you to BOMB YOUR BOUNDARIES and chase after your dreams. The goal of this podcast is to give you tangible and practical advice on how to win the internal war of creative pursuit. Our guests vary from successful Songwriters, Artists, Bands, Music Producers, Music Publishers, Internationally-Touring musicians, Entrepreneurs, Industry Professionals, Authors, and more.
You will listen to compelling stories, feel inspired, laugh with us, learn more of your craft, get motivated, and ultimately gain important knowledge that will help you along your creative or personal journey.
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How The West Was Won Feat: Ryland Fisher
In this short segment, Steve sits down with past guest, music producer, songwriter, and co-founder of the multi-vendor music market place "Jetracks", Mr. Ryland Fisher, to talk about his recent "Soul Vacation" out West.  This is a truly inspiring conversation about "getting outside your box", self-discovery and chasing after the unknown. 
December 15, 2020
Jetracks- Search Tracks And Beats From Today's Top Producers.
In today's episode, we're talking with music creators/entrepreneurs, Ryland Fisher and Joey Ebach, the founders of the multi-vendor music marketplace, JETRACKS. Joey and Ryland are two Nashville-based songwriter/producers, who had a dream of connecting artists, writers, and track builders from all around the world. That dream came to life with Jetracks. Their passion is to see talented musicians bring their sound to life and share them with the world. This is a MUST LISTEN for all of our songwriters, music artists, producers, and entrepreneurs who tune into the show! Find your sound, and discover beats and tracks from today's hottest producers at As always we hope you find value in this episode that helps guide you along your creative and personal journey. If you did, then please make sure to "like" this episode, and subscribe to our channel. Shop Bombers and Sleeves at: Follow us on IG @bombersandsleeves and @bombcast_official
November 13, 2020
5 Steps To Start Your Own Apparel Brand
In this episode, Steve & Kevin discuss the 5 Steps To Start Your Own Apparel Brand while sharing personal stories, and how each of these crucial steps has had an impact on Bombers and Sleeves. This is a_** MUST LISTEN**_ if you are serious about getting into the apparel game, but each of these steps can strongly be applied to someone who's seeking a career as a solo Music Artist, someone wanting to start a band, or anyone trying to build a creative business. These steps we assure you will help guide and prepare you for success along your creative journey.
September 24, 2020
Sean Giovanni- Record Producer, Audio Engineer, Educator, and Owner of The Record Shop Recording Studios (Episode 26)
In this episode, we are honored to have Record Producer, Audio Engineer, Educator, and Owner of the Record Shop Recording Studios, Sean Giovanni. Sean is a sonic storyteller who is passionate about helping artists achieve their unique creative vision. Sean has worked in a wide range of genres and has had the privilege to work with artists such as John Legend and Juicy Jay, Tim McGraw, Zakk Wylde, Big and Rich, and The Wallflowers.
July 20, 2020
Michael August- General Manager/Staff Songwriter For Demolition Music Publishing (Episode 25)
We are excited to welcome back Staff Songwriter and the new General Manager for Demolition Music Publishing right here in Nashville, Mr. Michael August. Mike has recently had his music featured in the Netflix original "Selling Sunset" and invites us in on his knowledge of writing for film and T.V. and gives key advice that every songwriter and artist needs to hear, especially during this pandemic.
June 22, 2020
Ryland Fisher- Staff Songwriter For Vibe City Music (Episode 24)
In today's episode, Steve and Kev are joined by Vibe City staff songwriter, Mr. Ryland Fisher. Ryland is currently celebrating his first penned Billboard Top 40 single with Stephanie Quayle's, "Whatcha Drinkin' Bout"
May 21, 2020
Drew Smith- Nashville Music Producer, Songwriter, Artist (Episode 23. Zoom Interview Audio)
This is the Audio from our latest Zoom interview with Nashville Music Producer, Songwriter, and Artist, Mr. Drew Smith. Drew talks about his brand new online course, The Before You Record Course. A detailed course in everything you need to know before, during, and after recording in the studio. You'll learn how to budget your specific project, how to save money without cutting corners, how to book the right studio and musicians, how to prep for the studio, and a whole lot more! Drew was kind enough to offer 50% off of this incredible program for all of our listeners by using the coupon code: BOMBCAST go to https://the-before-you-record-course.teachable
April 28, 2020
Phil Barnes-Nashville Music Producer/Songwriter (Episode 22)
Welcome back our dear friend, One of Nashville's most sought after Music Producers, Songwriters, and Collaborators Mr. Phil Barnes.
March 23, 2020
Expo Survival Guide For Vendors (Episode 21)
The boys are back discussing their adventure at the Villain Arts Tattoo Convention in Cleveland. in this episode, you will receive knowledge and tips on how to be successful on a weekend Expo.
March 5, 2020
That's What I'm F*#king Talking About: A Tribute To Kobe Bryant
Today We remember the impactful words from the late, Kobe Bryant.
February 9, 2020
Introducing 6-1-VIBE (Episode 20)
Happy 2020! The Boys are back in the new year talking about Bombers and Sleeves' new signature line, 6-1-VIBE. 6-1-VIBE is not only a new signature product line that plays off of the area code right here in music city, 6-1-5, but it's a socially conscious apparel collection with the mission to help support creative and economic integrity in the city of Nashville.
January 13, 2020
Clare Cunningham- Irish Award-Winning Artist/Musician/Songwriter (Episode 19)
In the studio today we have the Irish award-winning musician and songwriter and former lead singer of the Sweedish all-girl rock band "Thunder Mother", Ms. Clare Cunningham. Clare will inspire you with her outlook on life, her approach to music, her mental game, and her unquenchable determination.
December 16, 2019
Beau Lastavich- Front Man Of Nashville's Hottest Hard Rock Band "True Villains" (Episode 18)
In this episode, the boys are back hanging with Beau Lastavich, frontman of Nashville's most talked-about, kick-ass, in your face, hard rock band: TRUE VILLAINS.
November 14, 2019
Sarah Ames- "California Country" Artist/Songwriter (Episode 17)
Today in the BombCast Studio, our guest is the badass, Sarah Ames. Sarah is a country music artist and songwriter born in Northern California. Sarah’s music takes on a fresh, tell-it-like-it-is, “California country” sound, combining a conversational and colorful lyric, with the sounds of country and rock. Please be sure to check our her music available on iTunes/Spotify, and tune into her latest music video "Stoned" currently featured on CMT.
October 21, 2019
Kenny Olson- Lead Guitar Legend (Episode 16)
For our final interview at Rock N Pod, we sit and hang with lead guitar legend, Mr. Kenny Olson. Kenny Olson is one of the world’s greatest rock lead guitarists. Let the words of his peers tell you just how accomplished this multi-platinum artist is: “Kenny Olson is one of the best rock guitarists on the scene…” Keith Richards – Rolling Stones “I love listening to Kenny play. He’s got a real voice with his guitar, which is a rare talent.” Paul Rodgers-Bad Company “Kenny is and always will be considered part of the Metallica family. As for his guitar playing – that simply speaks for itself and needs no further comment.” -James Hetfield of Metallica
October 2, 2019
Brian "Damage" Forsythe-Legendary Guitar Player For Kix & Rhino Bucket (Episode 15)
We're back at Rock N Pod 2019 with legendary 80's band KIX & Rhino Bucket guitarist, Brian "Damage" Forsythe. Kix (sometimes stylized as KIX) is an American hard rock band that achieved popularity during the 1980s. Led by frontman Steve Whiteman and bassist Donnie Purnell, the band's classic lineup was rounded out by drummer Jimmy "Chocolate" Chalfant and guitarists Ronnie "10/10" Younkins and Brian "Damage" Forsythe.
September 10, 2019
Land Divided- One Of Memphis's Hottest Up-And-Coming Hard Rock Bands (Episode 14)
Were back at Rock N Pod talking with one of Memphis's hottest up-and-coming bands, Land/Divided. Focusing on both hit songs and deep tracks from rock bands who reigned from the sixties through current day, they bring an unrivaled level of energy, passion, and skill to the stage. In addition to covering all the songs you know and love, they’ve also got a growing repertoire of their own original work that’s inspired by influences that range from Motown to heavy metal. This is a band that electrifies audiences, gets them on their feet, brings them back to the great memories they had growing up listening to these classic rock songs and making new memories with a whole new generation of rock.
September 6, 2019
Tony Harnell- Legendary American Rock Vocalist/Songwriter (Episode 13)
The Boyz are live at Rock N Pod 2019 in Nashville, TN with Tony Harnell. Tony is an American rock singer, best known for his work with the 80's hard rock band TNT. He is also known for his exceptionally wide vocal range, with his chest-voice spanning over 4 octaves. In 2015 he was briefly the frontman for heavy metal band Skid Row.
August 26, 2019
KAATO-Australia's Modern Rock Band With 70's Swagger (Episode 12)
We're back again at Nashville's ROCK N POD with Sydney Rockers, KAATO! KAATO is a modern hard rock band with a distinct 1970’s swagger and style. True believers in the power and glory of this music, the group creates ferocious new songs inspired by the best of rock’s Golden Age and performs them with the energy and abandon of emerging young musicians working hard to get their share. KAATO’s new album Slam! is a blast of fresh, stadium-filling rock and roll influenced by masters like Aerosmith, Boston, and Cheap Trick and continues the evolution of the sound those icons brought to the world. Download their new EP: Slam! on iTunes or stream on Spotify. Keep up with tour dates at: As always, if you found value in this episode, please head to iTunes and rate and review this show. It really helps us get our message out there and helps other creators just like you bomb their boundaries and stay in the creative fight longer! To help support this podcast, please check out our apparel line at
August 20, 2019
Andre Labelle-Rock N Roll Drum Icon (Episode 11)
In this episode, the boys are live at Nashville's Rock N Pod chatting with legendary rock drummer, Andre Labelle! Andre has worked with many of Rocks biggest artists such as KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent, Michael Monarch from Steppenwolf, and Buckcherry's Josh Todd to name a few. Be sure to check out Andre's playing and hit him up for any of your new projects at As always, if you found value in this episode, please head to iTunes and rate an review this show. It really helps a lot! Visit us online at and check out our new apparel line up and help support this BombCast!
August 16, 2019
Welcome To Rock N' Pod!
Kevin and Steve are live at the Rock N Pod Expo 2019 in Nashville, TN, and deliver a little introduction of what's to come for BombCast listeners!
August 13, 2019
August Update!
What's new in the world of Bombers and Sleeves? Find out here in this brief update from Steve.
August 3, 2019
Drew Smith- Nashville Music Producer/Songwriter/Artist (Episode 10)
In today's episode, the boys are hanging with Artist, Songwriter, Music Producer/Engineer, Mr. Drew Smith. Drews songs have been recorded by Randy Houser, Merle Haggard, Vince Gill, and several others. Drew has also received an RIAA certified gold record for Randy Houser's album, "How Country Feels".
July 25, 2019
Cassandra Sotos- International-Touring Musician/Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist (Episode 9)
In this BombCast the boy's interview Viper electric violinist, acoustic violinist, fiddler, mandolin/guitar player, singer/songwriter, recording artist, rock queen, world traveler, and all around BADASS human being, Cassandra Sotos.
July 16, 2019
Christina Porcelli- Author/T.V. Personality (Episode 8) Pt.2
Part 2 of our BombCast with Author of the new book, FCK them All Big and Small, T.V. Personality, and Million Dollar Game Show Winner, Christina Porcelli
July 9, 2019
Christina Porcelli- Author/T.V. Personality (Episode 7) Pt.1
In today's BombCast we talk to T.V. Personality, Million Dollar Game Show winner, and the author of this summers newest inspirational comedy, Fck Them All Big and Small, Christina Porcelli.
July 2, 2019
The 4 Pillars-Ways To Enhance Creativity When Feeling Blocked (Episode 6)
In this episode, Kevin and Steve start off by discussing their journey so far with the 75 Hard Challenge and how it's impacting their lives. Then they dive into part 1 of the "Creative Code" introducing for the first time a 4 Pillar system designed for creators to produce their best work, or to enhance creativity when feeling blocked. As always, we hope you take something meaningful from this episode. Be sure to have a notepad ready for this one! Please share and connect with us on social media. We are most active on instagram @bombersandsleeves. Also, please rate and review this iTunes, it really helps us share this content and spread our message. Check out our new summer items at Our next pop up events include: 1) Fire on the Water music festival in Gallatin TN on August 3rd 2) Nashville Rock 'n Pod Expo at the airport Marriot in Nashville TN. We'll be selling merch and recording live from the event!!
June 25, 2019
Phil Barnes-Nashville Music Producer/Songwriter (Episode 5)
Today in the BombCast Studio we have one of the most sought after independent producers in Nashville today, Mr. Phil Barnes. In this episode, we get to know the man in the producer's chair while he expresses powerful insight and incredible knowledge on the music industry today. This is a MUST LISTEN for any of our listeners who are interested in pursuing a career in music. If today's episode brought you value please be sure to share with a friend. Tag us in your story on instagram, or any other social platform. Please leave us a review on iTunes as well. It really helps!! Check out our new summer gear available now at
June 18, 2019
Nora Collins- MV2 Entertainment Recording Artist/Songwriter (Episode 4)
In the Bombers studio today is MV2 Entertainment Recording Artist/ Songwriter, Ms. Nora Collins. In today's episode, the Milwaukie native talks about her unique creative journey, the music industry, and also opens up about personal struggles. This is a very impactful episode that we are excited to share with you, and hope, as always, you get something out of it. Check out Nora Collins' latest "Strings" EP available on Itunes/Spotify. Please do yourself the favor and see her live! To see where Nora is playing next visit
June 11, 2019
Episode 3: Garret Speer-Touring Country Music Artist/Songwriter (Episode 3)
The Bombers gang is back talking to Touring Country Music Artist/Songwriter, Garret Speer. In this episode, the Florida native talks about his introduction to music, inspirations, songwriting, and what it's like traveling and playing stages all around the world. Garret released his single "We Drink Beer" on May 17th. Be sure to check him out!
June 4, 2019
Episode 2: Michael August- Creative Director/Staff Songwriter For Demolition Music Publishing (Episode 2)
In the studio today we have Nashville songwriter and Creative Director, Michael August. Michael discusses his early introduction to music and expands on his creative journey, and how it led him to become a professional songwriter and Creative Director at Demolition Music Publishing, located here on Nashville's most iconic "Music Row". A must listen to for any aspiring songwriters, producers, musicians, artists.
May 28, 2019
Episode 1: Kevin And Steve From Bombers and Sleeves (Episode 1)
We are Kevin and Steve founders of Bombers and Sleeves. In this episode, we invite you inside our own personal creative journeys, and how we started our clothing/lifestyle brand, Bombers and Sleeves. In our first episode we wanted to peel back the layers and hope you get a better understanding of our mission behind the brand and what we stand for as creators.
May 20, 2019