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Books Applied Podcast

Books Applied Podcast

By Iggy Perillo
A deep dive into an excellent book and how to apply it to make your work, sport and life more awesome.
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Episode 22 - Thinking Fast and Slow By Daniel Kahneman (Featuring Mark Suroviec)
Thinking Fast and Slow has had a huge impact on how I work with people and make decisions. In this episode, I speak with trainer and facilitator Mark Suroviec about highlights from the book and how it influences his work.  We both had so much excitement when reading we blabbered all about it to anyone who would listen. Luckily, we found each other to talk about it. Learn more about Mark and his work (he also has a fun and insightful podcast!) at:
June 01, 2022
Books Applied Podcast - Wait by Frank Portnoy - Featuring Special Guest Dan Miller
We discuss when it is better to wait and delay making a decision or taking action (spoiler alert: pretty much all the time - but the reason why is intriguing). Some related tangents include fighter pilots, OODA loops, experiential education, wilderness medicine and more. Join us for a lively conversation littered with pearls of wisdom from the book.
May 01, 2022
Episode 20 - We Should All be Millionaires by Rachel Rogers Featuring Special Guest Tierra Bonds
We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rogers is by turns inspiring and grounded. Special guest Tierra Bonds works in the field of personal and business credit and we have a thoughtful and uplifting conversation about how we think, feel and act regarding money. We should all be millionaires and this book (and hopefully this conversation about the book) will help you take tangible steps to make that a reality.
April 01, 2022
Books Applied Podcast - Secondhand by Adam Minter - Featuring Special Guest Julia Williamson
I talk with Julia Williamson of Unburdened Life about the book Secondhand by Adam Minter. Julia is here to help you discard the crap you hate and this book talks about how that works. We have a great time talking about the very personal mysteries of letting things go and the global realities of where those things go when that happens.
March 01, 2022
Books Applied Podcast - Small List, Big Results by Robbie Samuels - Featuring Special Guest, The Author, Robbie Samuels
Robbie and I discuss his book and what makes it interesting and useful for people who are building their businesses. Robbie also very generously set up a personalized link for listeners to download The Big Results Toolkit, which has several resources to help you implement the strategies in "Small List, Big Results: Launch a Successful Offer No Matter the Size of Your Email List." Get your download today:
February 01, 2022
Books Applied Podcast - Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon - Featuring Special Guests Amy Angelilli and Chandra Sivaraman
We discuss How to Steal Like an Artist and what that means for us as creators in the worlds of improv, coding and leadership. 
January 01, 2022
Books Applied Podcast - Noise by Daniel Kahneman, Olivier Sibony and Cass R. Sunstein
Which is worse: a scattered distribution of answers to a question or many (or even most) answers being slightly wrong? Surprise! The scattered distribution is way, way worse. Also, when is the last time you thought about how statistical analysis could change your life and decision-making? Well, here's your chance to listen to me talk very, very excitedly about this topic using the book Noise as a guide. 
December 01, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - The Practice: Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin - Featuring special guest Dan Cayer
We discuss what it takes to do creative work consistently. Dan Cayer brings insights from the world of professional writing. Learn more about Dan Cayer and his work here. ---- To expand your creative problem solving with fun and laughter join me at the monthly Leadership Ecosystem Lunch.
November 01, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath - Featuring Special Guest Jess Kubat
We talk about how to create amazing moments in your life (and in the lives of those around you). 
October 01, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Wilinik and Leif Babin
An improvement on Extreme Ownership (by the same authors) that addresses more of the nuances of leadership. I found it to be a fascinating explanation of how to identify competing extremes in finding your balance as a leader.
August 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink - Featuring Special Guest Hannah Fitzgibbon
Creativity Coach Hannah Fitzgibbon and I discuss how the brain works and how you can make it work better according to Daniel Pink n his book A Whole New Mind. Learn more about Hannah and her work at
July 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - Curious by Ian Leslie featuring special guest Chris Martin
We discuss curiosity, what it is and how to cultivate it to live a better life. A lively  conversation with Chris Martin.
June 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari - featuring special guest Stephen Warley
How we got to be who we are and the convenient lies that made it happen.
May 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova
Poker isn't about lying and your capacity to adapt and learn is even bigger than you probably expect. Join Maria Konnikova on an amazing journey from not even knowing how to play poker to sponsored professional player in about a year. It's a wild ride and tells you a huge amount about human nature.
April 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - Atomic Habits by James Clear. Featuring Special Guest Gregor Stoddard.
We love good habits and detest bad habits - this book gets down to details and practical about cultivating more of the good ones and rewiring the bad ones.
March 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - Range by David Epstein - Featuring Special Guest Safiya Robinson
Safiya Robinson and I discuss the ideas presented in Range - why it's better to have broad interests and follow many divergent paths (even if you later choose to specialize in a single area).
February 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - Deep Survival by Laurence Gonzales
An examination of people who survive harrowing extreme situations and what they share incommon and how to bring more of those deep survival skills into our everyday life.
January 20, 2021
Books Applied Podcast - The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman and Paul White
How do you like to receive appreciation? How do you like to show it? What are the blindspots you're missing when appreciating others?
December 20, 2020
Books Applied Podcast - Extreme Ownership by Jocko Wilink and Leif Babin
Ownership of your actions is a great way to take control of your life and when you take it to the extreme you can make powerful changes. Check out the useful ideas from Jocko Willink and Leif Babin in Extreme Ownership. 
December 08, 2020
Books Applied Podcast - Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
How to change your habits and change your life from the master Charles Duhigg.
December 08, 2020
Books Applied Podcast - Mindset by Carol Dweck
A look at the highlights of the book Mindset by Carol Dweck and how to apply these ideas to your work, sport or life.
December 08, 2020
Books Applied Podcast - Deep Work by Cal Newport
Working deeply is an art and a skill that can be cultivated. Get more done and do better work by applying the ideas from Deep Work by Cal Newport.
December 07, 2020