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Books Aren't Dead

Books Aren't Dead

By Books Aren't Dead
Books Aren’t Dead is a podcast with authors and makers that deal with the intersection of feminism, new technology, new media and digital spaces. The goal of Books Aren’t Dead is to provide a forum for discussing and promoting new feminist books, games, and projects and to facilitate networking among feminist scholars and junior faculty and graduate students.
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Mia Fischer, Terrorizing Gender
We spoke to Dr. Mia Fischer about her recent book, Terrorizing Gender.  Mia Fischer is an assistant professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver. Sophia Booth Magnone has a PhD in literature from University of California Santa Cruz, and currently works in development at Equal Rights Advocates, a feminist legal nonprofit in San Francisco.
August 18, 2021
Rebecca Adelman
Sarah Ford, guest interviewer, interviews Dr. Rebecca Aldeman about her book Figuring Violence: Affective Investments in Perpetual War, published by Fordham University Press in 2018. Rebecca Adelman holds a PhD in Comparative Studies from the Ohio State University. Her research focuses on the intersections of visual culture and militarized violence, especially as it relates to affect, citizenship and ethics. She has presented at numerous national conferences and contributed to numerous anthologies and peer reviewed journals. Dr. Adelman teaches in the Department of Media and Communication Studies at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, where she will a full professor as of July 1st. Figuring Violence: Affective Investments in Perpetual War examines the affects that define American militarism—apprehension, affection, admiration, gratitude, pity, and anger.  These affects constitute a variety of figures from civilian and military children to Guantanamo Bay detainees. The book tracks the imaginative work that sustains this process to show how figuring these beings makes them both hyper-visible and invisible all at once.
March 15, 2021
Dr. Sahar Khamis
Dr. Sahar Khamis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Maryland, College Park and a leading expert on Arab and Muslim media. Dr. Khamis has formerly served as Head of the Mass Communication and Information Science Department in Qatar University and is a former Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative Visiting Professor at the University of Chicago. Her work has appeared in numerous books and journals including the Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research, International Journal of Communication, and Feminist Media Studies among others. Dr. Khamis is the co-author of the books including Islam Dot Com: Contemporary Islamic Discourses in Cyberspace and Egyptian Revolution 2.0: Political Blogging, Civic Engagement and Citizen Journalism. In addition, Dr. Khamis is a former human rights commissioner in the Human Rights Commission in Montgomery County, Maryland and hosts a monthly radio show entitled "The Bridge" on U.S. Arab Radio.  We will be speaking with her today as co-editor of the book Arab Women's Activism and Socio-Political Transformation: Unfinished Gendered Revolutions published with Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.
August 25, 2020
Nick Taylor
Dr. Nicholas Taylor is an Associate Professor of Digital Media at North Carolina State University. In this episode, we discuss the edited collection Masculinities in Play, which Dr. Taylor is the lead editor, along with Dr. Gerald Voorhees, . Dr. Taylor has published in numerous journals including  Critical Studies in Media Communication, Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Game Studies, among others, and is the incoming director of the PhD program in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media (CRDM) at North Carolina State University. Dr. Taylor’s most recent publication as co-editor, along with Dr. Chris Ingraham, is, LEGOfied Building Blocks as Media published in February 2020 with Bloomsbury Publishing. We also discuss Getting a Game Studies PhD: A Guide for Aspiring Video Game Scholars by Dr. Ruberg. 
June 25, 2020
In this episode, feminist writer, podcaster Carmen Rios interviews the authors of a new book for young readers and their families titled IntersectionALLIES: We Make Room for All. This was recorded at a live recording of a reading at Skylight Books in Los Angeles with authors and academics Chelsea Johnson, LaToya Council, and Carolyn Choi.
June 24, 2020
Polina Kroik
We talk with Polina Kroik about her book, Cultural Production and the Politics of Women’s Work in American Literature and Film. Polina Kroik holds a PhD in Comparative Literature and teaches World Literature and Composition at Fordham University and Baruch College, CUNY. Her book, Cultural Production and the Politics of Women’s Work in American Literature and Film is out from Routledge. Her work has also been published in The Canadian Review of American Studies, The Journal of Labor and Society, and scholarly anthologies.
June 24, 2020
Michael Dowdy
Poet, Essayist and Editor Michael Dowdy speaks about his anthology American Poets in the 21st Century: Poetics of Social Engagement . Read more about the book and Professor Dowdy here.
June 24, 2020
Carol Stabile
On this new relaunch of the Books Aren't Dead podcast, Carol Stabile is interviewed about her book The Broadcast 41. To learn more about Carol Stabile, please see her website To submit to the podcast, please contact co-producers Robin and Emily Edwards at Books Aren't Dead is a project of the Fembot Collective.
June 15, 2020