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Who needs Medicare help? Everybody! Financial advisors do. CPAs do. People approaching age 65 do. People over age 65 do. Right, we have a lot of work to do! We bring you real stories and real suggestions so that you can make the best Medicare decisions possible for you and your family. Need more help? Call us at 248-871-7756 and our friendly and helpful advisors can help further. Also visit our website for educational content.
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More places to listen

The Psychology of Medicare!
Always interesting what makes a person "tick" regarding their Medicare selection!  Call us and "have the Medicare conversation" 248-871-7756
October 22, 2019
Know what you're buying!
Easier said than done... ! We coach people each and every day through the Medicare conversation. Make it easy on yourself and call us for a free consult. 248-871-7756  Listen to "Pam's" story about deciding between Medigap and Medicare Advantage. 
October 13, 2019
$ isn't always the Medicare focus....?
When you're having the Medicare conversation, try and take the focus off of "dollars" - at least as the primary focus.  We'll help you to look beyond the commercials highlighting that you'll get everything for "free" regarding healthcare. Call us at 248-871-7756 for help, email us at -- anything to talk the process through.  Most people misunderstand an enormous amount re: Medicare!  Don't be one of them --- 
October 8, 2019
To Each His Own!
There is an underlying psychological component to Medicare consultations. Listen in. Call 248-871-7756 and one of our advisers will help clear the murky waters for you.
October 6, 2019
Complete overload!
Holy smokes, I made the mistake of turning on the TV for the day. Call us at 248-871-7756
October 2, 2019
Education is key!
It’s been a long day in Medicare land. I am reflecting end of day regarding just how important Medicare education always is.
October 1, 2019
IRMAA Appeals - It's possible!
What do you mean my Medicare will cost $460 per month?  I had no idea!  It can happen. Listen in to how you can possibly appeal that amount that is determined by the Social Security Administration. See our website at that has the forms that you need to do so. Or, call us at 248-871-7756 and we'll walk you through the process. 
September 27, 2019
Devil's in the Details
As we head into the annual election time of the year, this is your chance to review what you have and/or change what you don't want to have. Understand HOW your plan works. Call us at 248-871-7756 or connect with us on our website  This episode talks about "physical therapy" not being covered by Medicare.  Be careful of who you are listening to! 
September 25, 2019
2019's Annual Election Period! Avoid mistakes!
Some tips from Joanne about what to do and what not to do during the annual crazy time of Medicare.  She references the Vault - head over there to learn. Then schedule your time with a BHG advisor and get all of your questions answered. Then, make an educated choice and enroll into your Medicare product with Boomer Health Group. Call 248-871-7756 if all else fails!  
September 23, 2019
Super important choices
It’s not easy to choose between Medigap and Medicare advantage. Listening to hear about one couples story. Go to our website for more information WWW BOOMER HEALTH or call at 248-871-7756
September 20, 2019
Crazy Stuff!
You won't believe, well, yes - you will, all the mistakes that we see made with Medicare. Listen and avoid this fellow's mistake. Give us a call at 248-871-7756 or schedule a time to talk with an advisor.  Mistakes are avoidable with Medicare; believe it or not!   Boomer Health Group
September 17, 2019
Saturday Medicare Thoughts!
Random thoughts from the last week out and about teaching Medicare! Learn more over at our website    Call us at 248-871-7756 - we'd love to talk Medicare with you, family & friends. 
September 14, 2019
Factual Friday: The Donut Hole
How many times have you heard about the "donut hole" closing in 2020. Listen here or read up to find out what is actually happening!  
September 13, 2019
Annuities! KIDDING :)
Careful out there.  If you're an FA? We need you talking to your client about Medicare.  We can tell you that they're looking for information re: Medicare and, what do you know, the Medicare "person" that they're referred to happens  to then sell them a big annuity along with their Medicare product.  The public? Be careful with what you're buying and from whom.  Our website Call us with questions as need be!  248-871-7756
September 11, 2019
Medicare HELP!
Where you get your Medicare help is super, super important! Not just anybody is GOOD with this stuff. Connect with us, find us ---   It's super important to get things right.   And, check out our Google reviews! 
September 9, 2019
Medicare is a Process - not a one and done...
Take your time, learn and do things methodically. Then you won't be like Jon who said "It all happened so fast, I left employer insurance and picked the wrong thing just to get it done. I hate it. Help."  Call us! 248-871-7756 or visit the website  
September 7, 2019
Understand What You're Buying ~~
As we head into the Medicare season full of agent solicitations, postcards in the mailbox, etc.  Buyer beware.  Learn about the two products you can choose as it relates to Medicare. We'll help you.  Go here to listen to a really good (long!) video about the products. It's one of the core things to know about Medicare. Be armed with some knowledge. Call us if you have questions, because we know you will :)   248-871-7756
September 4, 2019
Challenges of the Annual Election Period
Turning into September brings us squarely facing Medicare's Annual Election Period!  Yikes. This year will bring more and special challenges which we feel will bring more confusion to our consumers. NOT what they need nor want.  
September 3, 2019
It’s a nightmare to call the insurance carrier
We all know how difficult it is to call the insurance carrier. Here’s my story as I sat in trying to assist someone in another state. :)
August 31, 2019
A different one!
There are countless situations that we come across with our Medicare beneficiaries. There is often no direct line of advice that we can give. We work with you until a solution is found!  248-871-7756 
August 30, 2019
SO much confusion... and it's only going to get worse...
The complexity is rising!  Tough to stay protected but you realllllly need to learn a few things about Medicare. Realize the system is designed to confuse you. We can help.   
August 28, 2019
Decisions to Make
Not always easy! As people AGE and health changes, you hope that you picked or have the "right coverage" for what you'd like your health insurance to deliver.  Cost vs coverage. Can I go to my doctors, etc. Case study with a gentleman making a tough decision. Slow down, get all the facts and do the best you can! We'll help. 248-871-7756
August 27, 2019
Plan F discussion and... call us!
A family member that bought a Plan F because she didn't talk to us... how crazy is that :)  Ask questions!  We're here to help with all things Medicare.  Fondly, Your Michigan Medicare Team  
August 26, 2019
No Family Plan in Medicare!
It's that time of year -- coming up to the crazy Fall enrollment times for Medicare AND employer coverage (typically in the Fall)!  Listen in to understand that there is no "family plan" when it comes to Medicare. Visit  and to learn more! 
August 23, 2019
Fall = TEACHING time!
Fall is certainly in the air in Michigan!  Boomer Health Group is here to teach all that you need to know about Medicare enrollment and product selections. We attended a DFCU Social Security session and talk about understanding that the SS Administration is NOT your best place for MEDICARE advice! Listen in and call us.   
August 22, 2019
Careful out there -----
The never ending stuff that we need to combat on a daily basis. Listen in.
August 20, 2019
Tip for a Financial Professional
Think about who you're referring to. 1. Yes, please bring up Medicare!  2. You don't know what to do when the client says "yes, I'd love help!" (YIKES!)  3. Careful that who you refer to isn't engaging your client with products that you may not be aware of.  Happens far more than you can imagine.
August 18, 2019
Medicare Frustration
Consumers are the only ones that get frustrated with the Medicare process. Listen in!
August 17, 2019
Think Ahead
Try and put yourself into the shoes of an 82 year old, for example, when you are choosing your Medicare products. Sounds crazy but there are good reasons to do so. Like purchasing insurance on your house after a fire, some things just cannot be fixed. 
August 15, 2019
Cab Ride
Chance encounter with an advisor in San Diego leads to a good outcome for his father in law!  Tune in - 
August 14, 2019
Chaos time of year in Medicare-Land!
It's our annual prep time for the coming year in terms of "new stuff". Plan changes, new testing requirements for agents, things like that. SO, if we are getting hit with all sorts of chaos? We certainly know that are consumers are as well....  Take a planned approach to Medicare and you'll be OK. 
August 13, 2019
Millennials and Medicare!
Listen in to hear how millennial’s can spice up our industry :-)
August 11, 2019
Medicare - Each and Every Day!
It's a constant message that we work to deliver.  When someone approaches Medicare, they have only two choices of products to "supplement" their Medicare.  One is Medicare Advantage, the other is Medigap. Apples and oranges. Each and every day we hear from folks who have/had 'no idea'. Don't let that be you. Call BHG!
August 8, 2019
San Diego Medicare Days!
Joanne is here in San Diego to talk to CUSO Financial Services FAs from across the U.S. Incredibly happy to be able to bring them our Medicare-Message.  The industry is starting to take note of the confusion facing 10,000 people per day - so why not bring us to San Diego to talk about it! Share with your advisor as well. 
August 4, 2019
Second Opinion
People that work in the group workplace benefits space don’t always know the ins and outs of Medicare. Do yourself a favor, make a call for a second opinion.
August 1, 2019
The MAPD and your commitment
Enrolling into a Medicare Advantage plan shouldn't be a "one and done".  We highly, highly recommend a good old review each fall performed by.... YOU!  You need to check with your doctors, your medications, your plan documents and more.  Don't want to deal with all of that? Don't enroll into Medicare Advantage. Call our team at 248-871-7756 to talk things through! 
July 31, 2019
"I don't pay for Medicare"
Hilarious (to us!) how people just don't understand what they have, if they have, regarding Medicare coverage.  Listen in to the story..... 
July 30, 2019
Too good to be true?
We get it. Sometimes our Medigap plans sound too good to be true so they can be looked at with a tad of skepticism. Totally get it!
July 23, 2019
Group insurance coverage and Medicare!
A hot topic these days as people work longer. Tune in to see if group insurance is better than Medicare or vice versa.
July 22, 2019
The Good and the Bad - Health insurance conversations
When our clients ultimately have a sickness (the bad), we often can deliver positive health insurance information (the good). That’s what we’re here for!
July 15, 2019
Scare Tactics
If you are approaching age 65, you will totally relate to this short clip.
July 2, 2019
Don’t listen to everything that your neighbors tell you.
There is so much misinformation and miscommunication in the world of Medicare. Remember the old game of telephone when you were a child? You start it again when you’re 65!
June 17, 2019
Second Opinions
Get second opinions! We’re used to getting a second opinion regarding our health care – why not get a second opinion on your health insurance?
June 11, 2019
Medicare = chaos, confusion and commissions
How are we compensated? Consumers should know how their agent is compensated. Know the questions to ask and how it might affect you.
June 3, 2019
Medicare is like a teeth cleaning!
We schedule our teeth cleanings six months in advance, right? Why not take the same approach to Medicare. Listen in.....!
May 28, 2019
Careful Out There....
You can have really good coverage without buying multiple policies – listen in!
May 23, 2019
Random Medicare thoughts and a couple of announcements!
The work never ends for those of us working in the Medicare space. Incredible amounts of work to do. Sharing some stories and a few announcements in this episode.
May 15, 2019
Paying your premiums from your Social Security check
Don’t do it! Listen in as to why we suggest that you do NOT have your premiums withheld from your Social Security checks.
May 13, 2019
Analysis - Medigap vs Medicare Advantage
Dig beneath the surface in your Medigap vs Medicare Advantage decision
May 10, 2019
Don’t always get Part B!
There are times when people need to sign up for Medicare part B, and there are times when they don’t need to do so. One 10 minute phone call to us would clear up their confusion. And, save them some hard earned cash!
May 7, 2019
Medigap Plan F vs Plan G - the difference?
We get a lot of questions about the historically popular Medigap Plan F. How does it differ from Plan G? Listen in.
May 6, 2019
Chemotherapy and Medicare
Quick discussion about chemotherapy and Medicare charges. Understand how your policies and contracts work.
May 2, 2019
Medigap versus Medicare Advantage plans .... Know the differences
We find that many many people do not understand the differences between traditional Medicare plus a Medigap contract versus Medicare Advantage plans. It’s important to know the little nuances. Listen in!
April 30, 2019
Boomer Health Group's Webinar before the Annual Election Time!
Listen in for an overview of Medicare! Then, call or email us with questions :)
September 16, 2018
Not so straightforward!
Medicare decisions are often not very easy. Listen how this wise advisor steered his clients toward a better decision.
March 9, 2018
Medicare Advantage Mistakes
Tune in to hear about this common Medicare advantage mistake. Avoid it for yourself or for your clients.
February 20, 2018
Two Medicare product choices
Advisers, CPAs, the world: let’s help your clients understand that there are two choices when it comes to Medicare product selection time. Listen in!
February 2, 2018
Biz Owner Issues
Business owners have special circumstances related to Medicare. Beware of the traps. Advisers – dig deep into healthcare with your clients. They will love you for it
January 26, 2018
Yes, you pay for Medicare.
Medicare From The Island
January 19, 2018
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