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BOOM Podcast

In an era of information overload, it is easy to fall prey to misinformation. Join us every weekend, as we demonstrate to you the perils of fake news and how we can fight it - through conversations with experts and those with relevant experience in the topics that we discuss. If you are bothered by the spread of fake news, and would like to join us in the fight, this is the podcast for you.
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1: Tukde-Tukde: A JNU Story
As far as misinformation campaigns go, we've seldom come across one as persistent and relentless as the one hounding the students of the prestigious Jawaharlal Nehru University in India. From terrorists, freeloaders, amoral drunkards to drug addicts and sex maniacs - many a names have been used by mainstream media, politicians, spiritual gurus and celebrities to denigrate the students of the varsity.However, the one memorable name that stuck was the "Tukde-Tukde gang" - a gang who wants to allegedly break India to pieces.In this episode, we speak to former Zee News producer Vishwa Deepak, JNU ABVP member Venkat Chaubey and social activists Umar Khalid and Saket Gokhale to answer one simple question: does "Tukde-Tukde" gang really exist?Language: English, HindiNarrator: ArchisProducer: Archis, Krutika
February 03, 2020
5: Deadly Rumours, Mob Mentality And Challenges For The Law Enforcement
Social media and instant messengers have enabled rumours to spread like wildfire. Spontaneous panic and apprehension spread through these rumours have led to a large number of deaths in India by fueling mob violence across the country.Indian police officials Harsh Poddar and Rema Rajeshwari have led the path in drawing the blueprint on how to douse a breaking situation of mob violence and take precautionary measures by spreading awareness. In this episode, we speak to both of them, to understand mob mentality in India and the ways to deal with these deadly rumours on social media.All feedback welcome at
November 25, 2019
4: A Day In The Life Of Fact Checkers
Fact checking is no funny business. The requests we get on our WhatsApp range from politics, economics and medicine to violence, fantasy and black magic.In this Diwali Special episode, we speak to some fact checkers at BOOM to find out how they go about a typical day at office, as the fake news ecosystem lurks in the background.
October 27, 2019
3: Online Quackery: Is WhatsApp A Reliable Doctor?
WhatsApp and social media are rife with misinformation related to health and illnesses. But should we trust random medical advice from unknown sources? Could it land it us a much bigger trouble?Join us, as we speak to some medical health professionals to figure out how to combat such misinformation ourselves. 
October 20, 2019
2: Money: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t
Ever since the current crisis at the Punjab Maharashtra Co-operative Bank hit the news, social media and WhatsApp have been rife with misinformation regarding finance and banking. From cash going defunct, to banks shutting down, people are sharing highly panic inducing messages all over the internet. But can such fake news cause offline damage to the state of banking and finance in our country? Join us, as we sit down with author Vivek Kaul to discuss ways to protect ourselves from such a fate
October 13, 2019
1: How Fake News Almost Ruined A School
Since 2017, RMVM School in Valsad, Gujarat, has been targeted with a massive misinformation campaign. A series of unrelated images and videos of child abuse were shared on WhatsApp and social media, alleging that they portrayed instances of horror faced by the students of RMVM School at the hands of their teachers.So we drove to Valsad, and spoke to the teachers, students and the principal, to find out what really happened.
October 05, 2019
Kashmir: Post 370
On August 5, 2019, India's Union Home Minister announced the abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A from the Indian Constitution that provided a special status to the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Since then, the valley has been in a state of partial lock-down, with people not having access to mobile networks, internet and cable television. In this episode, we explore the current state of affairs by speaking to people who have witnessed the situation unravel in front of their eyes.
September 20, 2019
5: Deepfake Videos: Why You Have A Lot To Worry
Deepfakes - or fake content made using AI and machine learning, is soon going to become one of the biggest challenges for fact checkers and internet users. How can you possibly tell the difference between real and a deepfake, when the latter is made with a certain degree of precision that your eyes fail to see? In this episode, we discuss some of the potential solutions before us, in combating AI generated fakery.
August 24, 2019
4: How to Identify Satire From Misinformation?
Satire can empower, and it can misinform. In this week's episode, we ponder over the thin line between satire and misinformation with cartoonist George Mathen and comedian Kunal Kamra. Tune In!
August 17, 2019
3: What Is Science, And What Is Not?
There is a very thin, ever-changing line between science and pseudoscientific myths. In the case of India, that line is heavily distorted with a strong blend of religion and scientific advancements. As we head towards the future, how could we extract scientific knowledge from our past without falling trap to myths? Join us this week, as we explore the realm of scientific thought.
August 10, 2019
2: Why Do We Fall For Fake News?
Is there something about us that makes us vulnerable to the onslaught of fake news? Communication and media scientists think there are quite a few things about us that have been exploited by both tech giants and fake news campaigners. Check out our latest episode to know where your weaknesses lie, and what you can do to get your defenses up against misinformation.
August 02, 2019
1: Darkness On Our Screens
Social media and instant messengers have unleashed a can of worms by exposing us to something a lot darker than we could have imagined. Join us, as we take you through the sinister side of information technology and the effects it can have on us.
July 26, 2019