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Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - Rule number one

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By Boris Grozev
Dubai Lessons podcast offers you value by sharing the learning points from his mistakes. Chances are by listening you won't make at least the same mistakes he did. It is made by Boris. He is sharing unique experiences from his journey on achieving financial freedom, helping people build and manage businesses as well as his passion about fitness and healthy lifestyle.
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Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - How to reach a deal with a Russian?
On today’s episode of Dubai Lessons we discuss what is like to deal with Russians and how you can reach a deal. Especially useful for people coming to live in Dubai as there is about half a million of them...
April 24, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - How to invest in classic cars? First Steps
After having a discussion with my friend Jean François a wealth expert speaking on the Middle East Investments Summit about classic car investment decided to share the main points of our discussion. Happy listening and thank you.
April 24, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - How to invest in watches? Your first steps
In this episode we continue exploring alternatives forms of investment. We look closely at the intersection between a personal passion and investment, which ultimately bring financial independence.  We discuss what makes a watch an investable asset. We discuss the characteristics of investment in watches. Also, we look at ways of investing in watches. Finally, there is a tip on where to buy a good every day watch at a reasonable price. Thanks for listening and let me know what you think.
April 9, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - Financial freedom, step one top 5 readings
In that episode we discuss the concept of financial freedom. What it is ? How it can be achieved? Also, we look at step one of the process and Boris is sharing his top five reading titles tat can motivate you to achieve financial freedom. 
April 8, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - 5 easy steps to social selling
In this episode we discuss what’s is social selling and how you can use it to create credibility, engage with your customers and eventually close more deals. The same technique applies for entrepreneurs, business owners, students, investors and many others who are willing to gain exposure and get involved with something of their choice. Happy listening. Looking forward to hearing what you think.
April 8, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - How to prep for a mile race in 30 days?
What is the relationship between physical fitness and on the job performance? Are fitter people better performing better in sales and financial services? All that and how to prep for a mile race in 30 days on Dubai on the block this week. Enjoy and share.
March 17, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - Why do we follow someone’s content?
Today we are trying to understand why do we follow someone s content. Personally, I am looking for value. I am also doing my best to offer value on
February 8, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - Real Estate investment in Sofia Bulgaria, is it really investable?
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev on the block goes to one of "the Motherlands"  Bulgaria. We look in detail on the numbers behind the recent real estate boom in Sofia. We share experiences about investing  in Bulgaria as well as we share some hard facts about the economy, the business cycle and real estate investment there. Visit for the whole in depth analysis and the powerpoint presentation that I did for the our family owned company before we took a decision whether to invest in the Bulgarian capital this year.
January 16, 2019
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev: Blockchain 1-1 with Allen Wazny
Allen Wazny is a dear friend of mine. Former CFO, he left his full time job about a year ago to become a full time advisory role to companies innovating by using blockchain technology. Really good episode where we discuss what are implications of blockchain technology in finance and transportation. 
June 8, 2018
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - What it is this podcast about?
So ... So... What is Dubai on the Block?
June 8, 2018
Dubai Lessons with Boris Grozev - Rule number one
Rule number one - focus
May 27, 2018
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