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What I Know About Motherhood & Business

What I Know About Motherhood & Business

By Jessie Parker
Stories, tips & unfiltered experiences of women building empires alongside raising their families.
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4. Amee Triscari PART 1 - Falling pregnant on a one-night-stand & life as a single mum.

What I Know About Motherhood & Business

6. Ami Kitchingman | Why you need a business plan & what should it include?
This is audio taken from the Facebook Live we did in the FREE Facebook Group for Mums in Business - make sure you hop on over and join for first access to these live interviews, tips, tricks and an awesome community of likeminded women in business. Ami Kitchingman is a mum-of-two and owner of two successful small businesses: accessories company Pop & Crackle and co-owner (with her husband, Richie) of Kitch Creations.  She has a background in business, with her most recent gig working in a state-funded not-for-profit. As you will gather from the title of this episode, we are hashing out all things business plans today.  Ami is a passionate advocate for the use of business plans and believes it is the NUMBER ONE thing we should be doing as business owners when developing a business idea. She has a wealth of knowledge on the subject and we covered so many things including: Why you need a business plan in the first place. What to include in your plan How long should a business plan be? How often should we be updating our business plans? Why business plans help with budgeting and setting realistic expectations and goals for your biz. She was also kind enough to include a FREE business plan template - which you can get your hands on inside the Facebook group. HUGE thanks to Ami for your time and wisdom - be sure to give her a follow over on @popandcrackle 
March 18, 2020
5. Amee Triscari PART 2 - On starting her business with 200 bucks and an iPad.
How do you start a business with no money? Amee Triscari founded @juicycreativeco with 200 bucks and an iPad.  She had NO buffer and NO contingency plan.  Oh, and she is also a single mum - her beautiful daughter the result of a one-night-stand with a guy she barely knew. To hear more about how Amee became mum to her daughter (affectionately known as Hurricane Havana) check out PART 1 of this interview where we delve into her very JUICY (pun intended) and hard-to-believe road to motherhood. In this episode, Amee shares her tips on: Why she decided to launch Pinterest training. How joining a networking group was the catalyst to her biz success. Why she never considered taking a ‘regular’ job. What advice would she give someone in her position who is starting up in business,  for where to spend their money at first. How she deals with ‘imposter syndrome’. Why it’s so important to share your story with your customers, as a business owner. HUGE thanks again to Amee for being so hilariously and refreshingly honest with her story. To follow along, make sure you head over to @juicycreativeco where Amee features heavily in her insta stories.
March 10, 2020
4. Amee Triscari PART 1 - Falling pregnant on a one-night-stand & life as a single mum.
Amee Triscari's story reads like a Hollywood blockbuster: She fell pregnant on a one-night-stand to a man she barely knew, she decided to become a single mum and this was just the beginning of the roller coaster that Amee found herself on.  She ended up moving states to be with another man, whom she felt would complete her family but little did she know she'd be 30-something weeks pregnant, single, alone in another state, with no money and no contingency plan for when her baby was to be born. The thing I love about Amee is that she is so refreshingly honest.  She also swears... A LOT. So, if sweary words offend you (or you have children present) I'd probably keep that in mind when you press PLAY. 'Why didn't you have an abortion?' Is something she has been asked on MANY occasions (like, even though she has a LIVE and vibrant daughter - Havana) and in this episode we cover at length, the somewhat taboo and delicate topic of pregnancy termination.  If this is something that is triggering for you, I would advise against listening to this podcast ep. Oh, and along this crazy motherhood journey, Amee decided she wasn't working for the man and so she founded @juicycreativeco - but that's a WHOLE other episode (Part 2 - dropping soon!). Thank you to Amee for being so frank and brutally honest.  I loved exploring this snippet of your story and I believe it will be inspiring for so many other women. Don't forget to follow Amee over on her socials @juicycreativeco where she is helping your business harness the power of PINTEREST in your marketing.
March 4, 2020
3. Q & A With business coach Stephanie Gorton - founder of House of Hobby.
This is the audio from the live video in our FREE Facebook group for mums in business. In this episode I interview Stephanie Gorton -  a Certified Business & Mindset Coach & Owner of House of Hobby – an uber successful business which earned 6 figures within it’s first year of operation. We sat down with her to ask her questions from our Perth women in business Facebook community – if you want first access to these interviews make sure you jump over and join us. She takes us through: · The growth of House of Hobby and why sometimes growing FAST isn’t the best idea. · Where to start outsourcing in your business and how. · What to keep in mind when you want to outsource tasks. · How to use branding guide in outsourcing and what to include in a branding guide. · Tips on how to advertise and build hype around events. · How long do you need to advertise an event? · What to do if you haven’t sold many tickets to your event? · How mindset is the biggest factor in running a successful business and the common mindset blocks that she sees in business owners – ie ‘mums have no money and they won’t buy my product’ · How to find the courage to charge your worth in your business. · Why building a community is the number one way to sell your product or service. · How Steph started and scaled House of Hobby. · How she found her staff on Instagram! You can check out Steph on her socials: @stephgorton__ And via her website:
February 19, 2020
2. Mothers Guilt - An Interview with Samantha Dhu: Womens Counsellor & Coach.
"Guilt helps us act in a way that aligns with our values' In today's episode we cover the dreaded 'mum guilt' - a term that is so often thrown around in motherhood. Sam Dhu is a womens empowerment coach, speaker and qualified psychotherapist who works with many women who are mothers facing the juggle (and struggle) of life with kids, relationships and career/business goals.  I loved chatting to her about what exactly is guilt, why shame is often mistaken for guilt and how do we go about relieving ourselves of the burden of 'mum guilt' & feelings of shame. What we cover: What even is guilt as an emotion? And why it can serve a good purpose. Helpful vs Unhelpful guilt. Why guilt is actually often confused with shame and the difference between the two. Why do women seem to experience guilt & shame so much more than men? How shame results from unrealistic expectations. HOW to stop mum-guilt turning into shame. Connect with Sam via Instagram: @samanthadhu  Join Sam's FREE 5 day Biz Mama Mindset Experience.  Follow Borne Too: INSTAGRAM: @bornetoo FACEBOOK: /bornetoo Join the FREE Facebook group for mums in business.
February 13, 2020
1. What I know About Motherhood & Business - An Intro.
Thanks so much for stopping by to check out my podcast! Please allow me to introduce myself; my name is Jessie, I am a registered nurse, mum-of-two and wife to my hubby Kane who works fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) here in sunny Western Australia. I originally started Borne Too as a maternity clothing label 4 years ago, after having my first baby and not feeling like I had any clothing I wanted (or could, functionally) wear to breastfeed in. Fast forward to today and Borne Too has evolved away from clothing production into all things creative: illustration, design and everything in between! Strangely, I feel that starting a business was my saving grace in motherhood and was the catalyst for allowing me to express myself fully as a woman and mother.  It introduced me to other likeminded women (thanks largely to local women's networking group Fusion Biz Co) who supported me on my personal development journey and made me realise that growing alongside my children, instead of watching from the sidelines, was so important to me. I'm super passionate about encouraging and empowering mums in business to make decisions that benefit them as well as their families and I hold regular meetups for these women in my hometown of Perth, WA. This podcast exists to share the highs and lows of my crazy life and to explore the many lessons I have learnt around running a business as well as  the many lessons I've learnt about being a woman and mother in today's world.  If you're looking for ideas, tips and inspiration for all things: Motherhood & Matrescence Illustration & Design Startup businesses Women in Business With a  little bit of 'woo' and spirituality Then you're in the right place!  I look forward to sharing this journey with you all. Don't forget to follow me over on my socials: Instagram: @bornetoo  |  Facebook /bornetoo  |  Join the FREE Facebook group for mums in business.
February 10, 2020