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Adventuring through motherhood, building our careers, and not losing our sh*t!
Boss Ladies and Babies is a place for women to come together and find support for all things that come along with motherhood, business, and everything in between! You've found THE podcast for you when you need to feel less alone, commiserate, or laugh over relatable "hot mess moments". Tune in weekly for our Business BLAB minisodes, where we cover our favorite tools and tips to help you OWN your business, and for our full-length episodes, where we go there on all things motherhood and interview amazing Boss Ladies!
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How to Discover Your Natural Born Rebel
We all have a rebel inside of us, and it’s time to get to know her...and  let her out! Life coach and public speaker, Dr. Melissa Bird,  joins us to talk about how to do this while creating a “graceful revolution” in our lives. This episode will leave you feeling like you can do ANYTHING...and you CAN! We talk about tapping in and discovering our passions, what truly fuels our souls, and how to watch for the signs guiding you to what you’re meant to be doing. Dr. Bird helps us work through how we can change our passions into our business and truly listen to our heart’s calling, and embrace our intuition. Tune in if you need a major kick of inspiration, or to reaffirm that you’re doing what you’re meant to be. This episode is powerful! Be warned, you may laugh, cry, and have alllll the feels!  Want to connect with Melissa? 👉 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email! This week’s Boss Lady Business is Sweet Indulgence🤩 Sweet Indulgence is a custom bake shop. They do cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies that are as beautiful as they are delicious. The owner Amy loves frosting and hopes to bring smiles to as many people as she can through baking- and she does just that. Check out her amazing creations and contact her to order your own @sweetindulgencepnw or you can find her goodies at Joe's Fine Coffee on Mt. Baker Hwy here in Whatcom County. Again that’s @sweetindulgencepnw If you’re interested in us promoting YOU on our show, send us an email and let’s get bossy!
February 18, 2021
Business BLAB - How to Discover Your Zone of Genius
Have you realized that you’re a genius? Really… you are THE EXPERT in something special, and people are waiting to learn from you… whether you have tapped into it yet or not! There is something really special that happens when you discover your zone of genius, cut through the crap, and start doing what you actually enjoy doing...and what you’re the best at! Whether you’re drowning in your business with feelings of the need to do it all, or just haven’t found your thang yet, it’s time to discover your zone of genius and get to work! 📝 Grab a pen and paper and list out all of the pieces that go into your business. Really break down each task and moving part that you’re doing on a daily. Choose what are you favorite and what you’re best at. 📝 Next, ask yourself probing questions to discover some of your passions… and be honest! 📝 Now, take all of your favorite things from the two lists, and merge them into their own list. This is your gold mine, this is where you get to decide where your zone of genius lies, and what you enjoy doing the most. 📝 Now that you’re clear on your zone of genius is and what lights you up, let’s talk about how you run with this! And what you do with all of the other tasks that aren’t in your zone of genius! ✨ Craft your schedule around focusing on what you’re best at! ✨ Share your zone of genius often! Make sure that everyone knows that you are the go-to girl, and show them what you have to offer. ✨ Continue to grow your knowledge around what you love.
February 16, 2021
Business BLAB- How to be Consistent on Social Media
Raise your hand if you have a love/hate relationship with Social Media… Social Media is such an important piece of our businesses but can bring up a lot of feeling Consistency is the way to carve out an audience - do you know who your audience is? When you know them, and let them know you/what to expect from you, the true magic happens! ✨Be YOU ✨OWN YOUR VALUE ✨Stop Comparing Yourself ✨Don’t Over Commit ✨Be Intentional ✨Discover Your Message and Audience ✨Know Your Brand ✨Batch Your Content ✨Focus On Connection ✨Have Fun
February 9, 2021
Learning to Be Flexible During Challenging Times
What do you get when you combine becoming a mother, a move, a career pivot, all during a global pandemic? … A badass woman sharing her story and speaking some seriously motivating truths! The Boss Ladies are joined by Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, mama, and creator of Baby Steps pregnancy planners- Ali Wolf - After being career-obsessed for nearly a decade, Ali got pregnant in January 2020 and moved to Washingtat state to support her husband’s new job. We all know what happens next - COVID19. It's been quite the journey for her not working and having a baby during a pandemic, and she’s here to share how she’s getting through it 🙌 We talk with Ali about her broadcasting career, how intense all the changes have been for her, and how she found inspiration to create her pregnancy planners.. This episode will offer you advice on navigating becoming a mom or pregnant during uncertain times, advice on making a move into a competitive career, tips to start a side hustle, and how to deal with the discomfort that comes along with life’s changes 👏 Want to connect with Ali?  👉 Etsy: Instagram: Personal IG: Pinterest: 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email! This week’s Boss Lady Business is Holden Counseling🤩 The transition to parenthood can be rough on a relationship! Attend a Gottman Bringing Baby Home workshop to strengthen your relationship, reduce conflict, and increase intimacy. Use code BOSSLADY for 10% off the workshop. Registration and more information can be found at
February 4, 2021
Business BLAB - The Scoop on Clubhouse
Have you heard the buzz about the new, invite-only, app everyone (with an iphone) is talking about? 👋 We decided to break it down this week for those of you enjoying it, those who are having FOMO, or those who are just wondering what the heck Clubhouse is! So clubhouse is basically like a live/interactive podcast that cannot be recorded and is open to the world! When you get on the app there is a “hallway” of rooms happening that fit into your interests. People talk about all sorts of things from business to manifesting, social life, networking, and everything in between. There are a few things to remember as you’re exploring and connecting. Here are some Clubhouse tips that will help you get the most out of this hot new app 🙌 👋 Get your bio right 👋Mute your mic when you get on stage 👋When starting a room of your own, give a few mins for people to see your room before you get discouraged and quit 👋Host rooms with topics that will connect with your target audience to grow trust with future customers 👋Join larger clubs and ask to host rooms under their club name 👋Don’t question your value. Everyone speaking is an “expert”, but so are you! 👋Show up to listen, don’t just wait for your turn to talk 👋Go in with a connection mindset, not just for a sale 👋Set some boundaries or you will get sucked in and overwhelmed
February 2, 2021
The Brand You Strategy Preview and Review
 The Boss Ladies and Babies show is celebrating 100 EPISODES!!! Who would have thought that our little show, that started at Megan’s dining room table 2 years ago, would turn into something so special! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us, cheered us on, and joined in on our journey! We couldn’t have done it without you!!! Cheers to 100 more! Make sure you subscribe to our show and leave us a review to be entered into our 100th Episode Giveaway, full of amazing gifts from some of our favorite Boss Ladies that helped us get here 👏 Ends TODAY 1-28-21 🎉 In this episode, the Boss Ladies take a deeper dive into what is coming up next for them. Megan just launched her new adventure with The Brand You Strategy, and Mikki shares her experience with Megan’s program and how she is going use what she learned to take her embroidery business to the next level. The Brand You Strategy is a three-part balance and branding program that helps women and mothers find balance in their life and career, by changing their mindset and creating an authentic personal brand centered around their life! We talk about who the program is for, what you will learn and how impactful it is, how to change our mindset around business and branding, and some of our favorite parts of the process. Tune in for a peek into what to expect as Mikki shares an in-depth look at her experience with the program, and how it was different than what she was expecting! Does the Brand You sound like it may be for you? Enrollment for the next round of The Brand You Strategy is opening on January 31st, and there are limited spots available! Learn more and sign up at If you’re interested in learning more about The Brand You Strategy, contact Megan to set up a complimentary “pick my brain” session Follow along on insta @itsmegangillespie 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email! This week’s Boss Lady Business is The Toddler Lab 🤩 The Toddler Lab offers a monthly subscription box that helps parents complete fun and educational activities with their kids from ages 2-5. Each box comes with 4-5 ready-to-use activities, a book, and printable worksheets that are all created for kids by a teacher. You can learn more at and use the code FRIENDS+FAM to get 15% off of your first 3 boxes.
January 28, 2021
Busness BLAB - How to Optimize Your Instagram Bio
You know what they say, first impression matter… and that isn’t any different for social media! When someone stops by your platform, you have a matter of literally seconds to impress them or convince them to keep scrolling! And, one of the biggest mistakes that we see people making is NOT optimizing their bio in a way that will make viewers want more! Optimizing your bio is your chance to speak directly to the person you can help, tell them why they need your help, how you can help them, and then direct them to sign up or purchase the thing you offer to help them! It can feel overwhelming, but you just have to go back to the basics! So, grab your phone and pull out the ol’ bio! Let’s dust off the cobwebs and make it sparkle! ✨So that first line… WHO YOU ARE (your name/title)- This is the name field on Instagram, and it is separate from your user name! ✨WHAT YOU DO- This is your chance to tell the people exactly who you help and HOW you do that! ✨WHO YOU SERVE- Just in case your ICA (ideal client avatar) was second guessing if what you do is for them, this is where you get to spell it out. ✨WHAT YOU OFFER- This is your call to action! ✨Now put it all together! If you have space, throw in some emojis to make it sparkle, and you’ve got yourself a fully optimized (client-attracting) Instagram bio! If you need help getting clear on any of these questions, determining your ICA, or figuring out how to use your voice to stand out, make sure you check out The Brand You Strategy! Enrollment is opening at the end of this week! Have questions? Contact Megan
January 26, 2021
How to Change Your Mindset About Eating, Weight Loss, and Health
⚠️ WARNING- Not another diet episode ⚠️ This time of year has most of us setting some unrealistic weight loss goals that will likely turn out to make us feel worse about ourselves. But, it is time to STOP doing this to ourselves...and that’s what this episode is all about! The Boss Ladies are joined by certified weight loss and life coach - Kwavi - to talk to us all about how much our mindset plays into our health and waistlines 🙌 This conversation has such an inspirational spin on your “diet” and what we can do to make a shift within our minds to start living healthier and happier. Kwavi says, “we all know what to do, it’s really just overcoming those obstacles”. What obstacles are holding you back? Fad diets? Not knowing the different types of eating or when/how to eat? Unhealthy habits around your relationship with food? We cover it all in this episode, and talk about the power of us to find the WHY! When you know the why, you can make powerful decisions around food and take back control👏 This episode will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to tackle your obstacles and health goals today! Kwavi is offering a complimentary 20-minute coaching call when you mention this episode! Bring your questions and reasons why you believe you have been unable to lose weight. 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email 🤩
January 21, 2021
Business BLAB - How to Maximize Your Productivity
We all know that girl on Instagram… she’s running an amazing business that is clearly her passion, her life seems perfect, and she’s raking in the dough! And, I’m sure we have all thought “if only I had more ____ I could be doing what she’s doing”, “she just got lucky”, or whatever other lies we tell ourselves to feel better. But, there is a lot that we don’t see her doing… that no one does. Running a successful business doesn’t come from luck (or Instagram followers). Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a healthy and balanced regimen of habits that happen every day behind the scenes. If we don’t start changing the way we look at our business, and how we work on and in it, nothing will change! So, what are some simple things that you can start implementing today to take your business to the next level and increase productivity? ...We’re going to share our faves… in no specific order!  ⏰ Decide and Commit to Creating HABITS ⏰Time Block ⏰Batch Your Tasks ⏰Set a Timer For Tasks ⏰Get Clear on Priorities ⏰Put Your Phone Away ⏰Spend Time and Energy Doing What You’re Good At ⏰Create Systems to Stay Organized ⏰Know When to Say NO
January 19, 2021
Tips To Make Tax Time Easier with The Mama Bear Bookkeeper
Who is ready for tax time? The thing most of us dread, but all of us have to do 💴 In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by Bookkeeper and Educator, with over 15 years of industry experience, to help break down ways to make tax time a little bit smoother. Chante’ of Mama Bear Bookkeeper is a remote bookkeeper for entrepreneurs and small business owners, and she KNOWS her stuff 🙌 Chante’ talked numbers with us, and our eyes didn’t glaze over!! She shared her advice, favorite tools, biggest mistakes she sees people doing, and ways we can set ourselves up throughout the year to reduce some of the stress at tax time! Hiring a bookkeeper may be easier, and more affordable than you think! And a huge step to maximize your time and level up your business in 2021✨ Mention this episode and receive a complimentary 30 minute consult with Mama Bear Bookkeeper 👏 Chante Bierman/ under construction! 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email 🤩
January 14, 2021
Business BLAB - Make Your Planner Work For You
Sticking to our big New Year’s plans can be tough without the proper organization. Over here at Boss Ladies and Babies… we LOVE a good planner! But, not all "good planners" are actually good. The key is finding something that works for you and your lifestyle! One of the first sections of Megan’s new program, The Brand You Strategy, is balance. Self-management and time management working together is the perfect equation for a beautifully balanced life, and learning how to utilize your planner to the highest potential will keep you on track! Here are some of our tips to get the most out of your new favorite book: 📚 Know what YOU need 📚 Pick something that matches your personality, brand, and inspires you 📚 Use the tools 📚 Color code your events 📚 Schedule a weekly date with your planner 📚 Grab some sticky notes to maximize space and minimize mistakes 📚 Get used to carrying your planner around with you
January 13, 2021
Learn Where Style Starts From with Wardrobe Consultant
New Year, Same Style? We can blame 2020 for a lot of things, and between pandemic and that at home/mom life, we’ve spent A LOT of time at home in sweats🤷‍♀️ A lot of us may feel like “style” isn’t even in our vocabulary, let alone our wardrobes! In this episode, we are joined by - Holly Chayes, Style and Wardrobe Consultant - to talk about how style starts from where you are… and how to ditch the mom uniform (or keep it if it really makes you feel amazing) 👏Holly chats with us about the importance of giving yourself those 3 minutes in the morning to get dressed, and how our clothing can mean so much more than just the thing we throw on our bodies. She shares how to find inspiration within our wardrobes, and how to go about a total wardrobe overhaul the responsible way! We learned so much in this episode including 3 items everyone should have in their closets, the biggest fashion mistakes women can make, and how to start being intentional to make your clothing work for you 🙌 So, tune in, and then go take a look at your closet! How does your clothing make you feel? Hopefully as great as this episode 😉 Find more from Holly at Stay in touch- Podcast- Started Guide- 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email 🤩
January 7, 2021
Business BLAB - Manifest Your Life
Happy New Year! We are a few days in, and by now, you have probably been thinking a lot about your business goals for 2021! But, as our dear friend 2020 has taught us, life is unpredictable and goals don’t always go as planned. And even on a “normal” year, aren’t we all guilty of making some resolutions that we just forget about 2 weeks later? So, this year, we challenge you to change how you look at your personal and business goals and start manifesting what you want into existence! ⭐ Get clear on what you want  ⭐Ask for what you want ⭐Visualize what you want ⭐Write your future self a letter ⭐Start working for what you want  ⭐And most importantly, Stay Positive!  So, what are you going to manifest this year? Use these four categories to get started: ⭐ Career and Money ⭐Home ⭐Fun ⭐ Personal
January 6, 2021
Bye 2020
We made it to December, it’s almost over!!! As the year comes to a close, looking back on 2020 can bring up lots of mixed emotions… and The Boss Ladies get real, as we do, and talk about them all in this episode 🙌 We recap the year from each of our perspectives, talk about goals we accomplished and those that will have to wait until next year (hopefully), most memorable moments, and how 2020 has affected us on an emotional level. Thank you to all of our listeners that have helped us reach a lot of our 2020 goals for Boss Ladies and Babies, amongst all the craziness, your support has helped us grow this space and make it a safe space during a challenge year ❤️ 2020 has been a tough year for all of us and our mental health, and this time of year can be exceptionally challenging. Please remember you are not alone, and if you need support or someone to talk to, please reach out to us! Merry Chirstmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! We hope you have a cozy and safe Holiday with your family, and we will see you the week after Christmas! ✨ 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email. This week’s Boss Lady Business is Carefully Made Crafts 🤩 Are you looking for last minute gift ideas, or maybe a little something to reward yourself for making it through 2020? Alyssa at Carefully Made Crafts does it all! She makes and sells custom tumblers, shirts, doormats and so much more. Alyssa started this business to be able to stay at home with her children, which we can definitely relate to. Check out her business page on fb Carefully Made Crafts, or her Etsy store, Carefully Made Craft (no S)
December 17, 2020
BLAB How to Goal Set During a Pandemic
Can you believe 2020 is wrapping up? It’s hard to believe it is the end of the year, and the thought of goal setting seems so foreign for the “new normal”. But, just because we may not know what is going to happen tomorrow, that doesn’t mean we can’t take some time and plan some goals that fit into our new lifestyles. The key here is being realistic and flexible! Here are some tips on how to start planning for 2021, because we have ALL had enough of 2020! 👋 ✔️Be realistic and flexible ✔️Have a backup plan ✔️Focus your goals on what you can control ✔️Keep your mind open to the possibility that your goals may not be achieved at all… and that’s ok ✔️Don’t compare your goals to anyone else’s ✔️Break it down ✔️Grow your mind ✔️Review your priorities
December 15, 2020
Dating and relationships can be tricky this time of year (and especially challenging thanks to the annoying COVID) so the Boss Ladies wanted to spread some love in this episode and talk about ways to keep things fun, whether you’re coupled up or single, this Holiday season ❤️Joined by matchmaker, dating coach, and relationship expert - Tami Pickle - we dig into the concept of matchmaking, relationship advice, and tips on dating your long term, or new, partner🙌 Tammi shares some ideas on how to keep things fun and make time for your relationship while juggling work and kids etc, and some advice and safety tips for dating as a single mom in 2020 😷 Tammi’s energy is contagious, and we talk about some silver lining moments that she has found throughout COVID when it comes love and connection, and how we can grow our relationships safely. The world could really use more love these days, and this episode is sure to leave your heart feeling full 🥰 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email. This week’s Boss Lady Business is Nicole Marcom- Arbonne consultant 🤩 Nicole is a Mom of 5, a former nurse, and an Independent Consultant for Arbonne. Arbonne takes a holistic view of the mind, body, and skin connection. They offer a huge variety of vegan, cruelty-free, nontoxic, nongmo, safe, pure, and beneficial products. Things from baby care, skincare, nutrition, men’s line, hair, and sports supplements. Arbonne is a B Corp Certified, which means they value people and the planet, not just profit. Check out Nicole and all she has to offer from Arbonne on social media @NicoleRaeAndKiddos - She offers a free gift with your order if you mention this ad.
December 10, 2020
BLAB The Brand YOU Strategy
It's finally here!!! 🎉 Megan has been pouring her heart into the creation of her new program, The Brand YOU Strategy , and shares it all on this episode🙌 She goes over what inspired her to create this program, how she got to where she is today in her branding message, and how she hopes to help other Boss Ladies find balance and confidence in their branding and life ✨ You heard it here first, and get a front row seat to watching (and helping) The Brand YOU Strategy grow. Thank you for all of your support! We are so excited for this new adventure 🤍 Reach out to for info or to participate in a Beta Test Group, and be sure to follow @thebrandyoustrategy on Social.
December 8, 2020
Owning Your Business
Owning a small business is no joke, and though it has the most rewarding perks, there are definitely some tough challenges that come along with it. In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by the wonderful -Tracy- who shares her journey of how her 2 businesses came to be, how she manages to run them while being a mama, and her favorite parts of being a business owner 👏 We talk about systems, goals, time management, and focus heavily on remembering why you started and the heart of your business ❤️ Tracy offers some inspiring and innovative tips for anyone who has/wants to start their own business, and left us feeling extremely motivated and ready to take on the world! We loved chatting with Tracy, and are so thankful for this community of women and everything their businesses have to offer 🙏 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email. This week’s Boss Lady Business is Chuckanut Bay Distillery 🤩 Though not run by a boss lady this business is owned by, our dear friend Kelsey’s partner, Matt. Kelsey is a huge part of the success of this business and we love supporting our Boss Ladies’ families as much as we love them! Chuckanut Bay Distillery was started in 2011 in downtown Bellingham, WA. Right now they have potato vodka, muzzleflash whiskey, Old Busker coffee liqueur, bourbon, Krampus Liqueur. They Work with all local grains, and they Can ship anywhere within Washington State. Their products make a great holiday gift, and in true 2020 fashion, they also have isopropyl based hand sanitizer, made in house! Check them out at or follow along on social!
December 3, 2020
BLAB Owning Your Small Business
Owning a business is not easy but the payoff is worth the stress! Business BLAB is always about tips for helping you in business, but here are some of our personal favorites. I’m sure you’ve heard us talk about these before, but as small business owners ourselves, we have to say these really do make a difference 🙌 ✨Find something love- shoot for your dreams ✨Get organized ✨Be consistent ✨Set flexible goals and reassess them often - monthly, quarterly, yearly ✨Make time to work on and in your business - establish those priorities ✨Be clear in your branding, your mission, and what value you want to provide your customers ✨Be creative- offers, giveaways, sales, think outside the box to attract new clients ✨Know your audience and give back to them ✨Network everywhere you go ✨Stay authentic ✨Invest in yourself. Continue growing your knowledge/fine-tuning your skills ✨Accept help ✨Ask for support and give it back ✨Don’t be afraid of failure ✨Show up on social media ✨Don’t let imposter syndrome sneak in
December 2, 2020
It’s Thanksgiving, and though things look a bit different this year, we still have so much to be grateful for! Practicing gratitude isn’t just important each year in November, it is something that will benefit us year-round, and most successful and happy people have a strong gratitude game! When we think about the idea of being grateful, we have our go tos (family, partner, children), but we often don’t think of extending gratitude to ourselves as women and mamas. The idea of honoring ourselves is something that can be so powerful! In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by the founder of the Mornings for Mamas Movement and The Mornings for Mamas Podcast, Alison Ryan. Alison talks with us about honoring ourselves as mamas, the benefits of a morning practice, how and when to put our needs first, and so much more! Alison shares some vulnerable and powerful moments of her life that have brought her to where she is today and we are here for it! Take some time this Thanksgiving to recognize and show gratitude for yourself, because you are doing an amazing job...and you deserve it! 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us an email. This week’s Boss Lady Business is KP Metalworks 🤩 KP Metalworks is a woman and mom-owned welding and metal fabrication company based in Bellingham, WA. With 25 years of experience in structural and artistic welding, KP Metalworks will bring your custom metal project to life with integrity, durability, and individuality. Find them on Facebook @KPMetalworks or visit
November 26, 2020
BLAB How to Build Your Audience
You have determined that the world needs what you have to offer, but how the heck do you get it in front of them?!? You need an audience! But how?!?! Growing your audience online seems like a simple task, but it can be harder than you may anticipate. Here is what we have learned as we have continued to (slowly) grow our platform 🙌 🤩Get your mindset right Slow and steady always wins- Chances are you won’t go from 100-10,000 overnight, and that is ok! What are you offering? Is your message clear? Do you believe in it? 🤩Make sure you are owning your product or services before you start trying to sell it to others. 🤩Don’t rely on your friends/family- Ouch! But take this wake up call from us now so that it stings a little less when you come to realize this on your own. Yes, our friends and family support the heck out of us, but in the heavily saturated social media land, they are feeling just as overload as the rest of us. 🤩Quality over quantity- Numbers don’t matter! Don’t build your audience with fake people! 🤩Put yourself out there- They won’t see you if you don’t get in front of them! 🤩Stay authentic- Ah, authenticity… the thing we all say we want to see online, but still aren’t getting! I’m the first to say I love a curated page, but being vulnerable and showing your audience who you are is a guaranteed way to connect. 🤩Make it easy- Don’t leave your audience guessing how to do the things you want from them. 🤩Listen- Yes, this is your thang… but you’re not the one buying it! Give your audience a voice and LISTEN to what they are telling you. 🤩Stay grateful- Your audience is CHOOSING you and that says a lot! They could be hanging out anywhere else online, but they are here supporting what you have to offer.
November 24, 2020
Mashed-up Families
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we wanted to take some time to discuss families. We talk about our families a lot- our spouses, our kids, sometimes our parents or in-laws. But we also recognize that families don’t all look the same. Not everyone has a Mom, a Dad, siblings, Grandparents, etc. Family structures and dynamics can be messy, mashed-up and complicated to say the least. Those are the families we discuss in this episode. Our guest - Seth Molano- shares with us his emotional journey from growing up in foster care and getting adopted, to finding his bio Dad and siblings. It's a wild ride, and Seth shares it all. His wife Felicia weighs in on Seth's resiliency and commends his role as Super-Dad. Mikki shares her two stories of finding long lost siblings on social media, and we discuss how our upbringings and relationships with our families have shaped us as parents. It's a deep, thoughtful conversation, so grab your tissues and join us.  🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us your email address. This week’s Boss Lady Business is Sweet Indulgence 🤩 Sweet Indulgence is a custom bake shop. They do cakes, cupcakes, macarons, cookies that are as beautiful as they are delicious. The owner Amy loves frosting and hopes to bring smiles to as many people as she can through baking- and she does just that. Check out her amazing creations and contact her to order your own @sweetindulgencepnw or you can find her goodies at Joe's Fine Coffee on Mt. Baker Hwy here in Whatcom County. 
November 19, 2020
Boss Ladies and Birthdays
We are turning 2!!!! And what better way to celebrate than looking back on our Podcast journey together! 🥳 In this episode, the Boss Ladies reflect on how the Boss Ladies and Babies Podcast came to be, and our journey to get where we are now. We share our highs and lows of Podcasting, reminisce on our most memorable guests, get real about the struggles of hosting, and celebrate some big accomplishments👏👏👏 Where will the Podcast go in the next year? We have some big plans for this show and share some of them as we dig into our goals for 2021👊 If you have been thinking about starting your own Podcast, you will get the inside scoop as we share our best tips, and advice, on how to get started. Hint, all you have to do is just start🎙✨ The episode rounds out with our favorite segment, Hot Mess Moments, that we only get to share on our live episodes once a month! … and they are definitely messy😂 We want to send the sincerest thank you to all of you who have helped make our show what it is today! We honestly didn’t think we would be where we are now 2 years ago, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you. Your support and feedback mean the world to us as we continue to grow a safe space for women to come together and feel encouraged, supported, and less alone🥰 THANK YOU! And here is to another 2+ years together 🥂 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us your email address 📧 This week’s Boss Lady Business is Ada Mae (Ay-duh May) Cosmetic Ink 🤩 Ada Mae Cosmetic Ink is a microblading and permanent cosmetics company and salon in Lacey, WA. They provide microblading and ombré powder brows, allowing their clients to shorten their daily routine and spend less time in the mirror, which all of us busy Moms and Boss Ladies need! They are running a Fall special right now, making their current sale price just $199 (normally $500). Find them on Facebook at Ada Mae(Ay-duh May) Cosmetic Ink for more details and to set up your appointment. That’s A-D-A M-A-E Cosmetic Ink.
November 12, 2020
Humble Beginnings
It's our Birthday Week 🎉 Our podcast is turning 2, and wow, have we come a long way 👏 So, for this week’s business BLAB, we thought it would be fun to republish our FIRST episode as a reminder of where we came from and why we started this 🤩 Spoiler alert, our mission hasn't changed and we feel like we are doing exactly what we are meant to be doing💕 Tune in Thursday for our full episode with tips on how to start your own podcast 🎤 xo
November 10, 2020
United States of Anxiety
It's a huge week for Americans as we are in the middle of a heated Presidential election. It's a very stressful, emotional time for everyone, so we didn't feel comfortable releasing our scheduled episode. We send some love to our fellow Boss Ladies, and remind everyone to take care of themselves and each other.
November 5, 2020
BLAB Why You Need a Website
Sure, social media is great (and rules when we think about online marketing), but a good old website is not dead! As you are growing your brand it is crucial to get yourself in front of as many eyes as you can 👀 We are by no means website designers, but Megan has recently built two websites from scratch on and and it has been a piece of cake! Literally, the most un techy person here… trust us, you can do it too! And if you still don't think the designing is your jam, there are plenty of amazing website designers that can hook you up! Here are some of the reasons we think you NEED a website for your business, too! 💻 Own YOUR name and YOUR brand 💻 Networking made easy 💻 Blogging for connection 💻 Build your email list easier 💻 Let your audience know what you want them to do 💻 Learn who is watching to create better FB ads 💻 It’s fun! Whether you decide to DIY or hire a professional to help you design your site, it is a fun and rewarding step to take in your business.
November 3, 2020
Time to get spooooooky 😱 In this episode we are talking about ghosts, but not the kind you may think! We are talking about friendship and relationship ghosting, and the spookiest ghosts of all, that just disappear from our lives 👻💔 Bidi, a badass wife, derby player, and non-profit boss lady joins us to share her spooky story of how she was ghosted by her fiancé! Her story will make your hair raise, and maybe even trigger a loud WTF⁉️ The Boss Ladies commiserate with Biddi about how awful ghosting can be. Megan shares her worst ghosting story that still haunts her, and Mikki admits to a time she has, rightfully, been the ghost 🙌 Ghosting is an awful act, but we have all been on one (if not both) ends of it! Share your ghosting stories in the comments and let’s keep it spooky! 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 👉 Are you a Boss Lady with a business? We want to support you! If you’re interested in us promoting your business on our show send us your email address. This week’s Boss Lady Business is Tidy Spruce 🤩 These are uncertain times for many of us, and what better way to regain some control than by decluttering and organizing your space. Professional Organizer and Certified KonMari Consultant, Kimberly Warriah, (WAR ee uh) can help you do just that through her virtual 1-on-1 sessions. Kimberly will personally guide you through each step to declutter and organize your home for good. Check out her website - - for details and set up a complimentary phone consultation.
October 29, 2020
BLAB Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome can be a holdback for many of us in life and business. Have you ever had any of these feelings: Why would people listen to ME? I don’t know what I’m talking about. There are better people out there that they could be working with. I’m a fraud. No one cares what I have to say. I’m not important. I’m not good enough. I have no idea what I’m actually doing. I’m too new, or too young, or too old. It’s already been done, by someone smarter/better/cooler than me You may be battling imposter syndrome if you’re suffering from: Feelings of being insecure Having anxiety Not feeling good enough Fear of judgment Doubting yourself Lack of confidence So, how do you get this feeling of being an imposter out of your life? We break it down and share our tips for kicking out the imposter in this episode!
October 27, 2020
DIY Photography
It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and with that comes all the pictures of our kids! Halloween costumes, holidays, family time... it is all just so dang photo worthy, and with our camera in our pocket at all times, we just can’t stop 📷📷📷 But, how do we make our photos look better?? In this episode we talk all things DIY Photography with the talented -Emily of Cozy Clicks-👏 Emily is a photographer and photography/photoshop educator who helps moms take and edit better pictures of their kids, and she shares her tips on taking more professional looking photos at home 🙌 We talk about how to get your children to look AT the camera, making photo-taking fun, the importance of YOU getting in the photos, photo organization, and how Emily manages her successful business with 4 little ones. We round out the episode with one of the most relatable hot mess moments to date 😂💕 If you’re like us, this episode will leave you feeling inspired to pick up your camera (or iPhone) and get creative! We can’t wait to see your photos✨ 👉 For more from Emily head over to 👉Special Offer our listeners-- Free Class for new photographers: 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
October 22, 2020
BLAB Consistency is Key
How To Stay Consistent So you want to grow your business, but are struggling to gain momentum? You may have an issue with being consistent! Follow these tips to help get on track to show up for your audience! ✨Determine your highest and best use of time ✨ Get your priorities in check ✨ Put it on paper or find an accountability partner ✨ Ask for help and create habits ✨ Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Have a goal list, but scale back to what you can handle RIGHT NOW! Commit to your audience and consistency will come! Now get out thread do the things 👏
October 20, 2020
Marriage Talk
Ah, marriage! The joys of committing yourself to one person for life, and then possibly raising a tiny human together, while trying to run a household, manage your careers, and keep the spark alive… *swoon* 😍 But really, marriage is hard and rewarding, and we wanted to share our thoughts 🙌 In this episode, we shook things up a bit! We recorded LIVE in our private facebook community and opened the conversation to our listeners👏 There is no guest this week, as we wanted to get real about our own marriages. We talk about each of our marriage stories, our biggest hurdles and wins, favorite things to do with our spouses, and how marriage has changed since having children. Though we are no experts, we have a combined 15 years of marriage under our belt! We share some of our personal tips that have worked in keeping our marriages healthy and happy. The episode rounds out with a Marriage Myth Busters segment… and you guessed it… we share our own Hot Mess Moments. This episode has a few awkward moments, and will definitely leave you with some laughs, and hopefully some fresh ideas to bring into your own marriage 💖 We are excited to announce that LIVE recordings of our episode will now be happening monthly in our private facebook community! Thank you to everyone who tuned in, we had so much fun! 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 Find links to it all at
October 15, 2020
BLAB How To Identify Your Target Audience
We talk a lot about things you can do to connect and provide value to your audience, but how do you determine WHO your audience is? Check out these foolproof tips to find your crew 🙌 👀 Use analytic tools to learn who your audience is and when they are watching 👀 Know your insights and how to read them 👀 Identify your top performing posts and post types 👀 Keep an eye on your page growth and what type of content is bringing the most likes/followers 👉 Once you have an idea of who your audience is, you want to determine if this is the audience you want! Does this audience fit into your branding words? Your mission statement? You niche? Find your crew and work smarter by gearing your content towards them!
October 13, 2020
Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness
October is national Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and in honor of so many women who have lost a child during pregnancy or in infancy, we wanted to share an open conversation about an important and, unfortunately, “taboo” topic. This is a topic that women need to continue to normalize being open about, because we are not grieving these losses alone💕 In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by -Andrea Thayer- who shares her story, and offers hope and help for finding peace in life after loss. Andrea shares what her life is like now, and how her loss has impacted her view on motherhood and relationships. Andrea is open about what gifts she has found through her suffering, how to handle triggers, and ways that friends and family can support their loved one suffering loss. This is the kind of loss that no woman should have to suffer, but 1 in 4 of us do, and we don’t need to suffer alone! If you or someone you care about has lost a child to stillbirth, miscarriage, SIDS, or any other cause at any point during pregnancy or infancy, please join us in raising awareness this October. We are so thankful to Andrea for being so open, and for extending such a big hand of love and support out to our community by sharing her story. We will continue the conversation and never let these sweet babies be forgotten. Andrea has invited anyone suffering this type of loss to reach out to her if you need support, or to talk it through. Please find ways to spread awareness and more ways to support bereaved parents below: Star Legacy’s October #NeverBeStill campaign seeks to break the silence surrounding stillbirth and other pregnancy/infant losses by not only educating the public about ways to support bereaved families but also empowering expectant mothers to have a healthy pregnancy. OCTOBER 15TH – WORLD PREGNANCY & INFANT LOSS REMEMBRANCE DAY On October 15th, participate in the International Wave of Light by lighting a candle at 7 pm local time to honor all babies gone too soon. Keep your candle lit for at least one hour to create a continuous “wave of light” across all time zones covering the entire globe! SUPPORT BEREAVED PARENTS There are many ways to support the bereaved parents in your life/community, including: 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
October 8, 2020
BLAB How to #Hashtag
#howtheheckdoiusehashtags?!?! Hashtags are a super useful tool to build your audience and increase your visibility on social 🙌 As silly as they may seem, getting strategic with your hashtags is a quick and fool proof way to grow your presence. In this episode we dive into our tricks for Instagram hashtags! Just stay consistent and follow the formula! #️⃣ Instagram has a Hashtag Limit of 30 #️⃣ Always use at least 15- 20 hashtags to increase your chances of being found #️⃣ Use as many hashtags as you can, while being strategic and in reference to your business #️⃣ Hashtags over a million are too diluted with posts. Don’t use them! Your posts will get lost and only seen by spam bots ✨HASHTAG FORMULA✨ Create your go to list of hashtags using this formula: #️⃣ 3-5 Popular hashtags- 300,000 to 1 Million #️⃣ 3-5 Moderately Popular hashtags- 80,000 - 300,000 #️⃣ 3-5 Niche-specific hashtags #️⃣ 1-2 Branded hashtags #️⃣ Stay consistent and change your last few hashtags to relate to your post. Be sure to engage with potential clients and audiences from hashtags depending on types of postings 👏
October 6, 2020
Gender Roles
Let’s talk about sex baby….but not how you think. We are talking Gender and the “traditional” roles that come along with it. In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by the incredible boss babe and mom to be -Jessica Hickman- 🙌👏 Jessica and her husband are total couple goals and breaking the mold of the typical gender roles! We dive into everything from our stance on gender reveals (and how to not start wildfires), to what roles we each carry in our households vs. the roles modeled in our childhood. As a career driven and full time working mom to be, Jessica has some big changes to adjust to, and shares her plan on handling parenting roles - she will continue to be the main earner for their family while hubby becomes the main caregiver-, values and traditions that are important to instill on her child, how she may want to parent differently than she was raised, and the internal struggle that many of us woman feels when we are split between the desire to grow our careers and become a mother. The conversation hits many hot topics as we discuss the challenges of raising boys and girls, what changes we can make within ourselves to break the modeling of “traditional” gender roles, and how heavy and important the responsibility of teaching consent and consideration for others is. This episode is full of “girl power”, and though women's rights have come so far, 2020 has made things a little uncertain for the progression of our rights moving forward. The topic of gender roles and identity is not something we should ever stop talking about, and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to share this necessary conversation with Jessica! Follow along with Jessica’s journey into motherhood (narrated by her fur baby Leo) at @leotheforestcat on Insta 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
October 1, 2020
The Startup Squad
We see you Boss Ladies out there killing it. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, an employee, or running your household like a boss, you are setting an amazing example for your children on what it’s like to be bossy🤩 In this episode, the Boss Ladies and joined by the incredibly inspiring -Brian Weisfeld- to talk all about the Startup Squad and growing entrepreneurs 🙌 The Start Up Squad is a book about girlpreneurs and was inspired by Brian’s two daughters. It’s something he wanted them to have and it didn’t exist so he created it for them. Brian strongly believes that girls with an entrepreneurial mindset – who are comfortable with risk, who see opportunities instead of problems, who know how to sell something (be it a cup of lemonade or one of their ideas), and who know that failure isn’t what happens when you don’t succeed, it’s what happens when you don’t try in the first place – will be more successful in life regardless of the path they choose 👏 We talk to Brian about tips and tools we can provide our children with to pursue their dreams, and how we can support them even if it’s scary. The episode rounds out with TWO hilariously messy Hot Mess Moments, and some great resources that Brian is offering to our listeners! ✨Big shout out to Brian (our first Boss Dad) for spending time chatting with us about something we don’t talk about enough! This episode will leave you feeling inspired and ready to tackle the world, with your little Boss in tow! Find the Start Up Squad books, and more from Brian at Offer – If you purchase a book, email with the name of your child and address and Brian will send you a signed bookplate and SWAG. 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
September 24, 2020
BLAB A Few Things Successful People Wish They Knew at 22
We can’t turn back time, but we can learn from other’s mistakes and success. Here are some of our favorite tips from super successful people: ✨Begin working on your personal brand early ✨Learn what you’re good at ✨Get to know how other people live ✨Work won’t remember that weekend you didn’t give up, but your friends will ✨Learn as much as you can ✨Read the books
September 22, 2020
You Are What You Eat
Health is at the front of everyone’s minds these days, and nutrition can be an extremely overwhelming and confusing topic. In this episode the Boss Ladies has the honor of talking with nutritionist and nature-foods advocate -Jamie Truppi- 🙌 Jamie holds a Master of Science & Nutrition in Integrative Health and a post-masters board certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist. She let us pick her brain about Whole Foods, food values, how to handle picky eaters, and so so much more! We just skim the surface, but Jamie provides so many tips and ideas to start trying right away 👏 Jamie has an amazing offer for our listeners- a free 1-week family "back to school" lunch & snack plan! Check out Jamie and all the knowledge she has to offer in her Facebook Group "Conscious Family Food Community" , on Facebook at Integrative Nutrition, on Instagram @jamietruppi, or at her website 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
September 17, 2020
BLAB How to Write an Awesome About Me
Let’s talk about YOU! How do you write that clever, stand about “about me” section? We have some tips 👏 🤩Pick a Photo- friendly and professional 🤩Intro- who, what, why 🤩Share your story- how you got to where you are now 🤩It’s time to be the hero- showcase your success and how you can help others 🤩Mission Statement- share one main goal with your business 🤩What’s in it for me- explain clearly how you can help your customers achieve their desired goals 🤩Call to action- choose the main thing you would like your potential customer to do and call it to action 🤩Closing- show your personality and leave them wanting more
September 15, 2020
Time Management
Time is not always on our side, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Yes, it’s something we can all use more of, but we how can we find more? We might have found some answers 👏 In this episode the Boss Ladies and joined by the inspiring, strong, and amazing -Heather Simpson- 🤩 Heather talks with us about how time management is really just distraction management, the heaviness in parenting and teaching while running a business, and shares her new favorite quote that might change your life 🙌 Managing your time is one the most important things you can do to help your personal and professional life, and this episode will help get you started✨ Check our Heather and her amazing community at Instagram: 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
September 10, 2020
Branding Checklist
Whether you’re a entrepreneur, a blogger, or a creative, we all need a BRAND! But how? There are so many things to consider when defining your brand. Start with these: 💖Define your Brand 💖Identify your strengths 💖Know your target audience 💖Create your brand story 💖Find your voice 💖Design your look 💖Be consistent
September 8, 2020
Toxic Family Relationships
With all the challenges and division 2020 has brought, relationships with our loved ones can become challenging, to say the least. But how do we handle these relationships when they become toxic? On this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by the inspiring -Amanda Tento- to talk about how to navigate toxic relationships 🙌 Amanda shares her family’s experience with racism, divide in her family and close circle, and how she handles relationships when they become toxic. We answer some tough questions like do you keep quiet and not make waves in your relationships? Or do you speak up for what’s right and risk the relationship? And what do you do if you can’t get to a healthy place of disagreement? We also talk about how a difference in opinion is ok, but how to spot when it becomes toxic. With the upcoming election, the pandemic, and as the Black Lives Matter movement continues, more of us may be spotting these relationships in our lives. This episode will help you learn how to set boundaries with the people in your life and with the added challenges that makes mommin’ even harder in 2020😬 Big thank you to Amanda for being so open and honest, and sharing her stories 💖 The Determined Mom Podcast Google My Business Course- 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
September 3, 2020
BLAB How to Write Your Elevator Pitch
An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in what you do. A good elevator pitch should last no longer than a short elevator ride of 20 to 30 seconds, hence the name 👏 When you begin writing your pitch, ask yourself these three questions: Who do you help (in an ideal world) What problem are you solving What is your solution? Once you have that narrowed down you can start! 👌 👉 Start with who you are. Write about what you do and how you do it. 👉Explain the results of your work and what makes you unique. 👉Edit what you've written. 👉Add a good conversation-starter at the beginning. 👉Record your pitch. 👉Make sure you stay within the 30 seconds without talking too fast. 👉Practice a lot.
September 1, 2020
Navigating Loss
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by their dear friend, and first guest they ever had on the show back in 2018, Beth Vreeke👏 Beth is a newlywed with one very unlucky thing in common with both Mikki and Megan, and likely some of our listeners 💔 We have a raw conversation about suffering loss right after our weddings, and we each open up to share our stories. Loss can strike at the worst times and can feel impossible to navigate. We share some tips on how to handle the grief, be a good partner through it, and how to work towards truly healing ❤️ Our hearts go out to anyone experiencing loss. Please remember you are not alone, there is help out there, and you will get through this one day at a time. 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
August 28, 2020
Networking for Introverts
Networking can cause a feeling of dread for even the most confident professional. If you’re an introvert at heart, it can be down right anxiety provoking. Check out these Networking for Introvert Tips to get ready for your next event 🙌 BEFORE THE EVENT: 👉 Have tour elevator pitch ready 👉 Do your research on the people that will potentially be there 👉Pack your business cards 👉Have an end goal of how many connections you’d like to make 👉Prepare before hand so you can focus on the event 💕 DURING THE EVENT: 🤝Take a friend 🤝Enjoy the food and have some fun 🤝Wear comfortable clothing 🤝Don’t judge a book by its cover 🤝Trust your instincts 💕 AFTER THE EVENT: 👌Follow up 👌Debrief 👌Find opportunities for network again
August 25, 2020
Teacher Feature
The school year is almost here, and feeling a little unsure of how this is going to go seems to be general the feeling 😬 How are we going to be moms and all of the things we do, work, run a household, AND teach our children?!? There really isn’t a right answer, and however you and your family make it work is the best for you We are all just doing the best we can👏In this episode, the Boss Ladies wanted to chat with a teacher to get to the bottom of the situation and ease some of our concerns. Brooke Jillian, k-2nd grade teacher with 22 years experience, sits down with us and answers all of our back to school questions🙌 We talk about the pros and cons of distance learning, tips parents can do to prepare, concerns on what our children may be missing out on, and some serious politics that the school system needs to address‼️This school year is going to present a whole set of new challenges, and so many questions still aren’t answered. Big thank you to Brooke for being so transparent with us and opening up about this hard situation❤️ 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
August 20, 2020
BLAB Essential Words for Small Business Owners
Whether you're pitching your product or networking with others in your field, you may be seen as a more reputable colleague if you use the right terminology when you're talking. The fact is that buzzwords will probably never go away, so it's important to learn to speak the lingo 💕🙌 BUSINESS LINGO 🗣Gross Income 🗣Net Income 🗣Expense 🗣Owner’s Draw 🗣Liability 🗣Receivable BUZZ WORDS 🗣Deep Dive 🗣Incentivize 🗣Outside the Box 🗣Bleeding Edge 🗣Move the Needle 🗣Ideate 🗣Unpack 🗣Reach Out 🗣Amplify 🗣Ping 🗣Bandwidth 🗣Low-Hanging Fruit
August 18, 2020
Mamas Mental Load
In this episode the Boss Ladies get honest about the mental load 🙌 The mental load is a term for the invisible labor involved in managing a household and family, which typically falls on women's shoulders. It's remembering. Organizing. Multi-tasking. Planning. Preventing. Refilling. Compartmentalizing. Budgeting. Fixing. Reminding.... and working… and now home schooling?!? And so so much more 🤯 We decided it is so important for woman to know that they aren’t alone in carrying their load, and that we all need to speak up to normalize it! This episode is just us and our struggles, and tips we have found to deal with it all 👏 We round it out with some of our own #hotmessmoments 🔥 and left the episode feeling empowered and ready to tackle all the things! 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 Find links to follow Mikki and Megan personally at
August 13, 2020
BLAB 10 Best Time Management Skills
Who needs more, all of us?!Check out these tips to help make the most out of the time we have! And maybe you’ll discover some extra ⏳ ⏰Begin with a clear focus ⏰Make a task list ⏰Prioritize wisley ⏰Minimize Interruptions ⏰Stop multi tasking ⏰Don’t procrastinate ⏰Use a calendar ⏰Learn to say no ⏰Keep a clock in front of you ⏰Know your deadline
August 11, 2020
Queer Motherhood
In this episode, the Boss Ladies had the opportunity to sit down with two amazing women, mothers, and friends -Beth and Christina- We got to pick their brains about their experiences with same sex marriage, their journeys to coming out and becoming mothers, and how they navigate their relationship now as ex-wives/co-parents to their two children👏 We “demystify” some of the classic questions same sex couples are asked, and laugh about the smh questions they often get like “so... who’s the dad”. This was such a fun and inspiring conversation with two strong woman who aren’t afraid to keep it REAL✨ We round out the show with the best hot mess moment to date 😅 and some fun parenting tips from Beth and Christina’s daughter👌 Follow Christina’s TikTok @ kingofbadpunsandmomjokes or email her at with any questions about same sex parent adoptions, etc. 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
August 6, 2020
BLAB How to Conquer Downtime
We’ve all been there... sitting at our desk and thinking “what do I do now?” Here are some tasks to tackle when you’re feeling the downtime at work! 💡Double check you work 💡Look ahead 💡Organize your workspace 💡Organize your digital workspace 💡Prep for your year end review 💡Create a time-do list 💡Build your knowledge 💡Do a back burner-project 💡Help a co-worker/get involved with another team project
August 4, 2020
Cracking the COVID
This episode is a little different from our usual, but it’s an episode we have been really looking forward to, and are excited to share answers to some of your questions 🦠 With COVID-19 at the top of everyone’s mind, and the overload of information that can make things so confusing and unclear, we wanted to sit down and get some straight answers😷We are joined by the amazing Mary Ellen Biggerstaff DNP, MPH. Mary Ellen is a family nurse practitioner, associate professor of nursing 👩‍⚕️ She let us pick her brain about all things COVID. School? Masks? Socializing? What is safe and what can we do to stay safe? And basically every question we could think of in between 🧠 This episode is full of unbiased scientific and fact based answers that we all need 🙌 Big thank you to Mary Ellen for taking the time to let us pick her brilliant mind👏 👉 Follow Mary Ellen on Twitter @ForLD22 and Facebook- Mary Ellen Biggerstaff 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
July 30, 2020
BLAB How to Market Online
Marketing online is THE way to get your business seen 👀 Check out some of our favorite ways to do it! 💻Build and attractive and easy to use website 💻Prioritize blogging 💻Work on your SEO 💻Build your email list and send emails regularly 💻Use other channels to sell your product 💻List your business on local directories and apps 💻Use classified ads 💻Build a strong social media presence 💻Create videos 💻Consider paid advertising on Social Media 💻Partner up with influential bloggers 💻Collaborate with other business owners online 💻Learn from other businesses 💕 Bonus tip: be consistent and your authentic self online and in person! You don’t have to be different, you just have to be you and keep showing up with value. Do that, and the customers you want will come!
July 28, 2020
Money. Career. Motherhood
In this episode the Boss Ladies get real about the topic we love to hate... finances 💰💰💰Money, and understanding how to manage it, can be challenging... especially in these unprecedented times. Joined by business strategist and podcast host -Janice Scholl- we dive into understanding money, career, and business topics as they relate to motherhood and family – the way many women actually think about money 🙌This episode is full of helpful strategies to get started on better financial decision making, and some real talk about the struggles that come along with family and finances. Connect with Janice and tune into her Podcast for more inspiration on managing motherhood and career👏 🗣 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
July 23, 2020
BLAB 5 Skills Everyone Should Have
Master these 5 skills to stand out and be more confident in your career 💕 ✍️ How to be alone ✍️ How to take a compliment ✍️ How to keep a conversation going ✍️ How to ask for feedback ✍️ How to remember names
July 21, 2020
Setting Boundaries
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by -Dr. Manuela Powell- and we talk all about boundaries 🙌 Boundaries are one of the most important things we, as woman, can do to help lead a happier life. Daring to set boundaries is about having enough courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. Manuela teaches us what a boundary is, who you should establish boundaries with, and how to be successful in sticking to your boundaries 💪 Big thank you to Manuela for joining us and sharing her message. She is full of knowledge and has some big things coming up! Follow Manuela on Social @drmanuelapowell Join her new Facebook community: Audacious Motherhood Society and stay tuned for her Podcast: Audacious Motherhood, coming this summer 👏 Want to join our conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
July 16, 2020
BLAB How To Be An Assertive Woman at Work
Being assertive can be uncomfortable! Here are a few tips to help 💪 Gather as much info as possible before a meeting so you have your thoughts ready to present 💪 Practice being assertive with a friend or co-worker before hand 💪 Don’t wait for the opportunity to talk 💪 Practice being the first to speak 💪Start small 💪 Asking questions is an easy way to assert yourself because it doesn’t make the other person feel bad 💪 Identify the situations where you will most likely have trouble speaking up 💪 Instead or telling someone you think they’re wrong, try using suggestions to soften the blow 💕
July 14, 2020
Parenting Beyond the Headlines
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by the host of Parenting Beyond the Headlines podcast, author, and educator -Dr Amy Alamar- 👏🏻 Amy is a a wealth of knowledge, and her experience and expertise with parenting are especially valuable during the hard times 2020 has brought to us. How do we parent our children when we ourselves are feeling so worried and uncertain? What “should” we be doing? How much is too much? And how to have these tough conversations with our children? Amy offers some confidence and reassurance to all of us parents out there, and her ideas are a great place to start if you’re feeling totally stuck 🙌🏻 Find more info from Amy at on social @amyalamar and check out her podcast Parenting beyond the headlines anywhere you get your podcasts 🎧 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
July 9, 2020
BLAB Video Interview Tips
Have a virtual interview and have no idea how to nail it? These 5 tips will help! 💻Know where to look 💻Set up a professional background 💻Dress for success 💻Ask your interviewer questions 💻Practice practice practice 💕Bonus tip: be yourself!
July 7, 2020
Traveling with Kids
Traveling with little ones can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be the end all of your travel goals 🌎 In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by the queen of traveling with a toddler -Cailin- 👏🏻 Cailin and her family have been on international plane trips, state crossing roads trips, and everything in between ✈️ and she has some serious knowledge on how to be successful 🙌🏻 Cailin shares her wins and fails of her travels, some major mom hacks, and why traveling is so important for our children✨ We talk a little about what traveling looks like with COVID 🦠 and ways we can still safely scratch the travel bug in the current time. We may not be able to do all the things we had planned this year, but you better believe we will be using these tips ASAP... these mamas need a VACATION 🥂Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
July 2, 2020
Let’s BLAB Social Media
Some tips to scratch the surface of social media ✨Find where your target audience is hanging out and focus your energy on those platforms ✨Plan some content ahead, 1 week to a month, and use a scheduling service to save time✨Remember it’s not just about showing your audience WHAT your business is, it’s about WHO you are 🙌🏻 Here are some fun post ideas: ✨Motivation Mondays ✨Tip or Talk about it Tuesdays ✨Work it Wednesday or Feature a fav spot in your community ✨Throw back Thursdays or Upcoming Local Events✨Fun Friday - memes, would you rather, etc ✨Showcase Saturday- share your products ✨Sunday Call to Action post 💕Remember, social media doesn’t have to be intimidating. It just takes one post to get started!
June 30, 2020
That’s Not Proper!
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by the host of the Thats Not Proper Podcast -Cori Asuncion- 👏🏻 We challenge the molds of motherhood, and womanhood, and discuss how to be yourself even if it feels “wrong”. There are so many “proper” ways and expectations on how we “should” do things in parenthood and we chat about how to navigate through them without compromising who you are. Cori teaches us how to break norms on self raising children, sexuality and open discussions of sex, inclusiveness and communication, mom guilt, and how to battle the high pressures of society. She teaches us that it is ok to be a "loud mom/woman". Not necessarily in voice, but in your stand in choosing your own path for yourself and your children 🙌🏻 We are strong woman in this space, and we can do it all, proper or not! Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 Hear more from Cori on the That’s Not Proper Podcast, or on Instagram @thatsnotproper 👈🏻 Need some sex-positive resources? Check out @sexpositive_families
June 25, 2020
2020 (re)Vision
Ok 2020... we are 6 months in and what is even going on?!? We thought it would be a good idea to pull out those goals we set at the beginning of the year to reassess, adjust, and re inspire ourselves👏🏻 Pull out your goal list, make adjustments for the current times, celebrate your accomplishments, and be realistic on goals that may be a little less achievable than we originally planned. Give yourself grace, patience, and understanding as you move forward with a new outlook on original goals ✨ Hang them somewhere you will actually see them, and come back in a month or two to update 💕
June 23, 2020
Parenting and Family Dynamics
Let’s talk parenting... do any of us really know what we are doing?! In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by parenting coach -Danielle Bettmann- Danielle is a parenting coach with her own business, Wholeheartedly in Omaha, NE., and host of the Failing Motherhood Podcast 🙌🏻 She believes parenting is the hardest job in the world, and we couldn’t agree more! We grabbed our note books and took some serious notes during this conversation, as Danielle covers some of the biggest parenting and family dynamic struggles 👏🏻 She shares some amazing tips, and life changing knowledge that we can all start right away, to help make the hardest job in the world a little smoother👌🏻 The episode rounds out with Danielle’s hot mess mom moment and a fun rapid fire round 🔥 We may all feel like we are “Failing Motherhood”, but we are definitely not alone! Danielle has provided a special offer for our listeners 👉🏻 Grab a free 5 page work book on managing your kid’s big emotions at 💕 You can find more resources and an awesome podcast from Danielle at ✨ Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
June 18, 2020
BLAB 10 Rules Confident People Live by
✨Get to know themselves and accept who they are ✨Believe in themselves and have faith in their own abilities ✨They don’t let negative self talk enter their mind ✨They challenge themselves and push themselves to grow ✨They take control of their life, have a positive outlook, and are in charge of their own attitude ✨They are comfortable in their own skin ✨They are grateful for life’s blessing ✨They don’t fear life’s challenges and obstacles ✨They don’t seek outside validation ✨They surround themselves with people who believe in them 👏💕
June 16, 2020
Stay Authentic
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by a force to be reckoned with, talented, brave, and truly authentic woman -Valentine Perez AKA Whorchata- Valentine is a cosmetologist with a salon business, a boutique owner, alternative model, performer, and a total inspiration. She is out there doing it all while keeping it real, and we got to pick her brain about how to stay true to yourself, even when pressures from society of start to creep in. No one said owning a business = not being yourself, and this episode cracks that wide open 💥 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕 @whorchataofficial
June 11, 2020
How to Support the Cause through Your Business
How to support the cause and maintain your Business: Ditch the I don’t post about politics mindset. This isn’t politics, it’s human rights. Be prepared that you may offend somebody, or lose business. Educate yourself. Be ready to answer questions. Your clients may not understand your stance and may need your help with resources in where to learn. Give back. Support your local black community in any way you can. Don't put yourself in a box. Diversify who you offer your services to. Don’t be afraid to stand up for what is right Be inclusive in your products and branding - skin tones, models Expand your network- meet business owners of different races/backgrounds, build relationships and share referrals
June 9, 2020
#PODCAST BLACKOUT: Podcasters For Justice Campaign
TAKE ACTION NOW! Donate to any of the following:**George Floyd Memorial Fund: Minnesota Freedom Fund: Black Visions Collective: Campaign Zero: Black Lives Matter: Minneapolis NAACP Branch: Sign A petition:**Text “Floyd” to 55156 to sign a petition and demand justice for George Floyd Sign-up at Color of Change: to be notified of more opportunities to take action. • 75 things white people can do to for racial justice • Anti-racism resources for white people: • Rachel Rodgers on why white allies need to do better • Trevor Noah on why looting is a symbol of a breakdown in society and not just a free for all: • The She Podcasts Team invested in Trudi Lebron’s masterclass called Show Up and Serve. It is brilliant. • This Historical Twitter thread. • So You Wanna Talk About Race (get the audiobook or kindle, it seems to be sold out) • White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism • me and white supremacy Lastly, If you can’t be bothered with any of the above watch this, 45 seconds and answer the question:
June 4, 2020
#PODCAST BLACKOUT - say their names
Our normal content is being put on hold this week for a #podcastblackout in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Please take this week to listen, learn, and find your voice to speak up in unity🖤 We are fully aware of our white privilege and desperately want to use it to help. In this episode we go down a list of some of our privileges that are taken for granted, and the names of Black victims, just doing what we do daily. We want to help! Enough is enough! Use your voice, join the movement, say their names!
June 2, 2020
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by owner of TWO home business -Crystal Ramalho- 👏🏻 Crystal is the owner of Crystal Ramalho Designs, a personalized crafting business that focuses on making each item unique, as well as an established Hair Salon built right next to her home. We chat about COVID-19 and the Salon world, what things will look like as Salons start to re open, and what you can do to be prepared. We also dig into the highs and lows of running two business from home with children, and answer some of your crafting questions 🙌🏻 Follow Crystal’s designs on Facebook! 👏🏻Want to join the conversation? Follow along on social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
May 28, 2020
BLAB Talent Talk
In this episode, Megan joins John L Scott Talent on their live show “Talent Talk” 👏🏻 We shared the clip of Megan charring about how our Podcast came to be, and a little bit of Boss Lady life! Enjoy 💕
May 26, 2020
Military Life
In honor of Memorial Day next week, the Boss Ladies wanted to give the floor to woman to speak about Military Life 🇺🇸 In this episode we are joined by Hannah, a strong independent Military Wife from Georgia ❤️ and Navy Veteran now Military Wife/Mama, Jennifer ❤️ These woman have totally different lifestyles and stories, but the one thing they have in common is their strength and commitment to their family 👏🏻 Thank you to Hannah and Jennifer for sharing their stories and giving us a look into their lives! And a big thank you to the service men and woman, and their families👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We are thankful for your service! Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
May 21, 2020
Business BLAB Gets Smart
We all have some extra down time these days, and what better time to learn some new habits! Here are 7 skill set habits to help make you smarter 🤓
May 19, 2020
Your Food and Body Relationship
Our relationships with our bodies and food can be tricky, and can often bring up a lot of baggage. Even just mentioning the topic of food can make some of us feel really uncomfortable 😣 and the relationships we all have with our bodies have surely had their ups and downs. In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by yogi, model, and feminist writer -Danica Johnson- Danica is a powerful presence, and shares her struggles with disordered eating and how she got to where she is today 🙌🏻 Her story and work encourage woman to learn to love their bodies, and to navigate a healthy relationship with their womanhood and food 😍 This episode goes there, and is an important conversation woman need to have! Disordered eating is a mental illness, and is often overlooked, but there is help! Washington Warm Line is peer support for people living with emotional and mental heath challenges and can talk to you about disorder eating. 👉🏻 ‭ 877-500-9276 Big thank you to Danica for being so vulnerable and sharing your story! Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
May 14, 2020
How To Work Efficiently From Home
Working from home can be tricky. Here are some tips to help. Hint: putting on pants is key!
May 12, 2020
Dear Mama ❤️
In this episode the Boss Ladies open up with our community of amazing woman! In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to feature some woman in our community! Enjoy a montage of birth/postpartum stories from the Boss Ladies and a few mamas that joined in with their experiences😍 No two stories are the same, but they are all beautiful 🙌🏻 Happy Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there! We see you, and you’re doing amazing 👏🏻💕 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
May 7, 2020
Discover Your Power Color
In this episode the Boss Ladies will teach you how to discover your Power Color based on your power number 👊🏻 To start, let's calculate your daily number. It's a pretty simple calculation. First, add the full current date (day, month, year) to your full birth date, then reduce to one digit. You won't reduce to one digit if you get to a number of 11, 22, or 33. For example, if you were born on January 12 1987 and today was May 5, 2020: 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 +7 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0= 43 ———- 4 + 3 = 7 In this example, your daily power number would be 7. Now, with whatever number you land on, you'll want to correlate your wardrobe for the day with the color of that number to ensure you have a balanced day. After you've made your calculation, review the color and number guide below to determine the color you'll need. NUMBER: COLOR: • 1 Red • 2 Orange • 3 Yellow • 4 Green • 5 Blue • 6 Indigo • 7 Violet • 8 Pink Rose • 9 Gold • 11 Silver/White • 22 Red/Gold •33 Sky Blue Now that you've determined what your daily power color is, let's break down how each color is supposed to help the energies in your day: RED: This color in your daily power color represents your need for balance in energies in your power, independence, and authority in the situations you'll face for the day. ORANGE: Orange has a focus on giving you a balance in your tranquility and peace. YELLOW: Yellow balances your optimism and joy in your energy. GREEN: Green provides a more systematic and organized day. BLUE: Blue gives you the freedom to make changes that you've been holding back on. INDIGO: Indigo balances your responsibilities and your love in personal relationships (or with yourself). VIOLET: Violet balances your spiritualism and intuition to help you find guidance within yourself. PINK ROSE: Pink rose balances your gentleness and tenderness. GOLD: Gold helps you materialize the things you need. SILVER/WHITE: Silver helps you focus on a vision and illuminates the path you need to take for your future. RED/GOLD: Red and Gold balances the power you need in achieving abundance and prosperity. SKY BLUE: Sky blue is the calmest of blues and balances your energy in selfless love and fidelity.
May 6, 2020
Grief and Guilt in Motherhood
Motherhood can take you on a wild ride when it comes to emotions... and it can often start before baby is even born! In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by Postpartum support practitioner -Christine Romero- owner of Family Thrive in Olympia WA ❤️ Christine helps us get real about the emotional and physical needs of new mothers, and how to deal with the grief and guilt that can come along with baby. Christine also shares her insight on the effects of COVID-19 for new mothers, and offers some ideas to handle the loss of plans that have been made. This episode will leave you feeling less alone, with more confidence, and hopefully feeling validated in the emotions you’ve felt postpartum 🙌🏻 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
April 30, 2020
Business BLAB Trailer
In addition to our weekly episodes, we wanted to add some more value to our Boss Ladies with a Business BLAB minisode every week! We are taking off our mom hats and letting our entrepreneurial sides show ✨ On these episodes we will talk all things business, and share tips that we have found valuable in our careers or hope to implement soon. Not a boss lady? No babies? No problem! These episodes will be short and sweet, and hopefully spark some ideas 🙌🏻 So stay tuned for new episodes every Tuesday! Next week we will talk about How to Discover your Power Color💕 The study of colors and how it impacts individuals on an emotional level has been a powerful thing for ages. In this episode, we'll discover how your daily power color, added subtly into your wardrobe, can help you feel a little boost in your daily life and activities. From both scientific studies to a spiritual ones, colors have a large impact on our thought frames. Grab a notebook, and give yourself bossy timeout! See you next week! ☕️ xo
April 28, 2020
Mother (nature) Knows Best 🌎
Earth Day is a good time to reflect on health, wellness, and doing our part to make the world (and our homes) a better place ✨ In this episode, we are joined by -Kaylani Brown- with Young Living Essential Oils🌱 We learn all about oils, answer some of your biggest oil questions, talk natural alternatives, and fun DIYs to make at home 🙌🏻 Making a switch to a natural home isn’t easy, and doesn’t happen over night, but this episode might help you figure out where to start 😊 Want to try out Essential Oils? Kaylani is offering $25 back when you purchase a premium starter kit. Just mention this episode ❤️ We are all in this together, and we can make the Earth a better place, one step at a time ✌🏻Join the conversation and follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
April 23, 2020
Connection Based Branding 🙌🏻
What is a Connection Based Brand? And should YOU have one? There is no time like now to figure it out👌🏻 As women it can be challenging to know who we are, feel confident, and connect with ourselves...but that is such a huge part of everything we do! In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by Branding Educator and Lifestyle Photographer -Kelsey Kurtis- 👏🏻 Kelsey is the founder of the Connection Method, which teaches how to define a Connection Based Brand✨Kelsey dives in and shares her passion about Connection Based Branding and explains the importance of connecting with ourselves first in order to connect with others 🙌🏻 There can be common misconceptions on what branding is and who should have one, but you will leave this episode with answers to your questions and a clear direction! Ps, it’s not what you think!! Kelsey is a wealth of knowledge, and this episode is just the tip of the iceberg! Be sure to follow Kelsey and stay tuned for her book “The Connection Method” coming out later this year ❤️ Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
April 16, 2020
Traditioooonnnn 🎵
With Easter coming up this weekend, and all of us STILL staying safe inside, the Boss Ladies thought it would be fun to chat about some of our favorite family traditions 🙌🏻 Joined by the wonderful -Jessica Toney- we share some laughter and joy reminiscing on these family favs, and ideas on some new traditions in these crazy times💕This episode will be a welcomed distraction from “you know what” 👌🏻 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on Social @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
April 9, 2020
Keeping it Clean 🧼
Spring cleaning is at the top of mind these days, and what better time than a quarantine to tackle some projects that have been pushed aside! In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by professional organizing and intuitive tidier -Mandy Ryle of Mandy Poppins LLC- 👏🏻 Mandy shares some cleaning hacks to make the day to day chores easier, and some advice to get you ready to tackle the big projects 👊🏻 We even propose a challenge for all of our listeners... do you accept? Mention this episode to receive your first hour of service FREE with Mandy Poppins, including a 30 minute consultation 👏🏻Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
April 2, 2020
Quarantine and Chill
There’s no place like home... said no one ever after this quarantine 😂 With the world at a stand still, and all of us doing our best to make life work from home, the Boss Ladies welcomed a fellow Boss Mom- Ashley Diaz - to talk about the realities of what being quarantined really looks like! All in different stages with our children and careers, we are hoping this will be relatable! Or at least just provide a distraction and some comic relief👌🏻 Do we know what we are doing? Nope! And I’m sure none of can confidently say they do right now... and that’s OK🤷🏼‍♀️ Enjoy this episode while you’re staying home and commiserate with us on the road the WTFsville 🙌🏻 Stay home, stay safe, and remember we are all in this together! You’ve got this 👊🏻 Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
March 26, 2020
Mental Health Matters
It’s a crazy time witH COVID-19, and health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. But, what about our Mental Health? It’s often something that is forgotten in the hustle and bustle of Boss Lady life ☕️ In this episode the Boss Ladies and joined by mama, business owner, and mental heath activist Megan Travis 👏🏻 We discuss some truths about Mental Health struggles and share some great tips to help manage some of the stress 🙌🏻 If you’re struggling with your Mental Health (because of it before covid-19) please remember you are not alone 👊🏻💕 Mobile mama therapy New hope psychiatry EFT acupressure therapy with Brad Yates Mercola website 
March 19, 2020
Hit your goals and Wash you hands! 👏🏻
In this episodes the Boss Ladies are flying solo and checking in on those New Years Goals we all set at the beginning of the year! With the end of the first quarter creeping up, Mikki and Megan wanted to touch base and get back/make a plan to stay on track with those goals that often fall off by this time of year 👊🏻 They share their progress, wins and fails, and talk about all the relatable struggles of keeping goals 😬 The episode rounds out with some hilarious hot mess mom moments, and will hopefully leave you feeling inspired and ready to crush the rest of the year… Or at least for the rest of the week💕 Follow along with the Boss Ladies on Instagram @bossladiesandbabies - Boss Ladies and Babies on Facebook Megan: Instagram @keepingitrealestate360 Facebook Megan Gillespies- Realtor Mikki: Instagram @fixerupsandsippycups @pipersdesignsandembroidery
March 12, 2020
Motherhood Uncensored 👏🏻
Motherhood is beautiful and we love it and our children very much ❤️ ... but there can be more than just cuddles and rainbows. In this episode, the Boss Ladies are joined by Hannah Finkas-Ganders and we get real about the nitty-gritty of motherhood 🙌🏻 Hannah’s candid approach on motherhood and pregnancy is a breath of fresh air, so relatable, and what we all need more of 👏🏻 Tune in to get real about these taboo topics and break the mold of what motherhood is “suppose” to look like! Want to join the conversation? Follow along on @bossladiesandbabies and join our private community on Facebook in our group Boss Ladies and Babies 💕
March 5, 2020
Hey Girl... Love yourself 💕
We’ve talked about relationship, we’ve talked about friendships, but in this episode the Boss Ladies dig into Self Love❤️ This is just something that women don’t do enough! The Boss Ladies are joined by the fierce Jamie Whilhelm who shares her journey with being bold and making those big scary life decisions 🙌🏻 Tune in for some major inspiration, ideas on out of the box self care from our listeners, and a fun never have I ever game. Follow Jamie on Instagram @pnwmamasitajamie 📱 Want to join in on the conversation? Join our Boss Ladies and Babies group on Facebook!
February 27, 2020
Thank you for bein’ a friend💕
Adulting is hard, motherhood is hard, being a boss lady is hard... how the heck do you make time for friendships? In this episode the Boss Ladies bring on two other long term besties to talk about maintaining friendships, friendship dynamics with children, making new ones, how to be a good friend, and how to find the time! The episode ends with a dramatic would you rather game and lots of laughs 😂 Thank you to besties ,Whitney and Nicole, for joining in on the conversation 💕
February 20, 2020
Love The One You Love💕
In this episode the Boss Ladies are joined by a licensed mental health counselor, Certified Gottman Therapist, Felicia Molano 🙌🏻 We dig in to some of the biggest struggles that couples face and answer some extremely relatable questions from our listeners 🎙 Felicia shares some tips to help keep the spark alive...just in time for Valentines Day 😉 If you have ever thought about checking out couples therapy, this is just what you need to see what it’s all about! Big thank you to Felicia for sharing her expertise and giving us some free therapy👏🏻 You can follow Felicia on Facebook, Instagram @cuppycakemom and Snapchat @cupcakemama 📱 Free Tool: Gottman Card Decks app Books: Come As You Are and The Normal Bar
February 13, 2020
Keepin' it real...awkward 😳
Mikki is back holding down the fort while Megan recovers from the plague. 😷 She discusses accountability, her awkward Mom moments, and bedwetting. So. Much. Bedwetting. 🤦‍♀️
February 6, 2020
One is the loneliest number...🎤🎶
The Boss Ladies are having one hell of a week! Megan is out sick 😷, but keeping with their promise Mikki takes on the episode in her solo debut! She keeps it short but sweet while discussing confidence, body image, authenticity and a sprinkle of reality tv 😉. And you know your girl couldn't leave you without a story involving 💩🙈.
January 30, 2020
Guilty as Charged 😉
In this episode the Boss Ladies divulge some of their guiltiest pleasures and share some guilty pleasures from other Boss Ladies that we can all relate to far too well 🍷 They have a great conversation with guest Kristina Sleight, bad a$s mom of 3, who has no shame in her mommy game 👊🏻 The episode wraps up with an impossible game that had us cringing, and we announce our FIRST GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!! Congrats to Mandy Olsen 👏🏻We hope this episode will leave you feeling a little less alone and sharing a whole lot of laughs 😂 Xo
January 23, 2020
Organized Chaos 💕
This episode was inspired by National Clean off your Desk Day! The Boss Ladies have an in-depth conversation about office and business organization. They are joined by the lovely Kelci Douglas of Douglas Marketing Agency. Grab your notebooks for this one because Kelci spits GOLD 🙌🏻 The episode ends with a little controversial game that will have you questioning everything! Don’t forget about our GIVEAWAY hosted on social @BossLadiesAndBabies. Check out how to play on Insta or Facebook! Xo One of Kelci’s favorite organization inspi accounts: @theorderlyspace
January 16, 2020
Let’s do this decade ✨
The Boss Ladies are back (again)... and this time for good! Catch up with Mikki and Megan in an episode that was a long time coming. Boss ladies share some cringe worthy stories, share their goals for the Boss Ladies community this year, and spill in a couple announcements 👏🏻 This episode will make you feel a little awkward, motivated, laugh, cry, and maybe even itch!!
January 9, 2020
Dating as a Mom Episode 10
Mikki and Megan are joined by Libby (aka Miacupcake) to dive into the tribulations of dating as a mom. She has some S T O R I E S, and some amazing advice for all you dating mamas out there. Tune in for lots of laughs and insight into the crazy world of dating (with a kid). Enjoy!
June 7, 2019
Breaking the mold of motherhood Episode 9
Mikki and Megan are joined by the fierce Kate Labelle to talk about breaking the mold of what motherhood “should be”, working out during pregnancy, and more! They go there and have a great time keeping it real 👊🏻
May 24, 2019
Know your worth Episode 8
Mikki and Megan talk about knowing your worth in your business and motherhood. Tune in for some major empowerment, truths on motherhood, and hilarious hot mess mom moments!
May 10, 2019
We're Baaaaack! Episode 7
Megan and Mikki are back after some major life changes. They catch up on the big news, introduce some new segments, and bring on the laughs, as usual. Motherhood at its realest! 
April 16, 2019
The boss ladies being on one of their favorite boss babes! We talk fitness, balancing new relationships, being a bonus mom, and share lots of laughs!
January 31, 2019
New year, same us
The episode that wasn’t meant to be! We talk about New Years resolutions, Mikki’s bday (there may or may not be a live rap), and spill the wine on some hilarious moments.
January 16, 2019
Episode 4
Mikki and Megan are talking holidays, busting open expectations, and doing some serious mom preaching 🙌🏻
December 20, 2018
Episode 3
Mikki and Megan talk about big changes with their families, goal setting tips, and share some embarrassing stories.
December 13, 2018
Episode 2
Mikki and Megan are much more confident behind the microphone! This episode dives deeper into their careers and how they got where they are now. The boss ladies share some laughable mom moments, “spill the wine” on some silly confessions, and share some business branding tips. Enjoy the show!
November 29, 2018
Episode 1
November 15, 2018