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EP 19: Know Thy Astrology Know Thyself

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Welcome to Bossy Bruja Podcast! This channel is hosted by Sister Ayodele Fuega (IG: @bossybruja) and is dedicated to awakening and re-awakening witches everywhere. I strive to share clear, practicable ideas to make your spiritual life and business life more enchanted, satisfying and prosperous. Please don't hesitate to submit topic requests to Ayo at! I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this space for healing and personal transformation with all you beautiful brujas out there!
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EP 19: Know Thy Astrology Know Thyself
Darlings Tre Xavier (Sir Xavier) has come to take his place as KING of the Astrological Ball! I am so happy for y'all to meet my friend. I don't know many people who are as obsessed with Astrology as he is! He lives it. He breathes it. He's speaks it in every waking moment while managing to be the gentleness Divine Masculine you're eyes have ever seen. And STILL will put a bitch in her place (that bitch is me.) We're really in for a treat. He giving us Virgoan accuracy while indulging all our Venusian fantasies! He's bringing brilliant simplicity to his interpretation of the stars! He's dispensing endless wisdom and giving us Astrology as the original psychology realness!! He's stepping on the Ptolemies and the Copernicuses and mixing up a Sun, Moon, Rising centric natal chart cocktail for an affordable price near YOU! Follow Xavier @thenightskyseer
August 27, 2019
Ep 18: Baseline Prayer (a service)
Loving you
August 20, 2019
EP 17: First of all, f*ck guilt
Guilt implies a criminal offense. It is the result of our failure to honor a moral or legal obligation. Some of the things that we assume we are obligated to do are pure fantasy! And if we're really being honest with ourselves the only reason we do some of this stuff is that we are convinced it's the only way to be a "nice girl" or a "good boy" in others' eyes. I am suggesting that we drop the bullshit approval-seeking, people-seeking antics and get back to ourselves. After all, if we can experience bliss and wellness what good are we to anybody else? I am advocating for putting and keeping yourself first and enjoying more of what interests and pleases YOU. 
July 11, 2019
EP 16: Tips for living your witchiest, most creative life
These are some of the ideas which have helped me tremendously in my craft and business. 🥰💕 I hope you find benefit in listening to it. Of course, everything which has worked for me may not work for everyone. “Eat the fish and spit out the bones.” African Proverb 🐠
May 30, 2019
EP 15: From Surviving to Thriving
In this episode, I share the thoughts and experiences from a day of sauntering, wandering and exploring. In a recent meeting with my coach I was advised to spend more time being creative and in-flow because this is a necessary part of my spirituality and creativeness. I took the day to go purchase a new book, sit at a bar, enjoy a coffee and a daiquiri followed by a meal with the barman. I'm at home responding to emails now (It's 11:48 PM) but I had to share some of the thoughts and ideas I've been facing on my road from surviving to thriving. I hope you enjoy and I hope you can follow along--this episode has a meandering quality to it, much like my day today. 
April 29, 2019
EP 14:The Sea, Deities & Unapologetic Magic
In today’s episode, Rhiannon from The Hag's Cottage, shares with us tales of running barefoot through the woods and discovering her witchy path in the occult section at Borders. She’ll share her experience with sea magic, her experiences with supporting clients in breaking generational curses and why effective witching requires you to get comfortable with doing some nitty gritty work. Follow Rhiannon on Instagram and Facebook @thehagscottage for witchy wisdom, to book a reading or to inquire about her exclusive products. 💋
April 15, 2019
Episode 13: Successful Witching & Living
I have four major recommendations for LIVING YOUR BEST WITCHY LIFE: 1. Be clear about what YOU desire for YOU. 2. Control your Self. 3. Plan for the future and stick to the plan. 4. HUSSLE ⚡️
April 7, 2019
EP 12: Tantra, Sex Majik & Making It Snow
Today's podcast is...interesting. We have a blast from my Past (*cough* MAGNETISM *cough*). His name is Sbk (Sebek) and he's a Pisces Mathematician Medicine Man - and in the name of our LOVE INVOCATION we will speak about TANTRA and SEX MAJIK. Whew. Get your wine ladies. We will share our tips for engaging sacred sexuality responsibly. Enjoy!
February 21, 2019
EP 11: Raving Artists
In this episode we have award-winning artist Ms. Sophie Lisa Smith from Northeast England! She shares her incredible journey of becoming a thriving, full-time artist, her beliefs about the nature of creativity, and resounding encouragement for all aspiring artists (and creative humans everywhere). If you desire to become a thriving artist despite societal pressures and need a little inspiration tune in! You can find Sophie on Instagram @sophielisasmith! ❤️
February 14, 2019
EP 10: Safeguard Your Spirituality
Distractions are deadly. Don’t tolerate them. Find me on Instagram @BOSSYbruja ❤️
February 11, 2019
EP 9: Wild Goddesses
Neha Rayamajhi is an award-winning writer, activist, feminist, and educator born and raised in Nepal, the Homeland of Gautama Buddha. In this podcast, my dear friend shares with us some of her healing chanting, the wild goddesses behind her purpose as a writer, and the spirits who raised her and traveled with her from her Home. Find Neha on Instagram @neharaysays. Read her award-winning short story “Pink Frock” at
February 4, 2019
EP 8: Confidence in your craft
This week we welcome Sage back! We’re talking about having CONFIDENCE IN YOUR CRAFT. Thanks for listening! If you’d like to learn more about the Wholeness Challenge check out If you’d like to follow Sage and me online find Sage on IG @sage.skadisdottir and find me on IG @BOSSYbruja 💋
January 24, 2019
EP 7: Self-trust is part of the foundation of spirituality.
Ayodele Fuega is back with another solo episode and this one’s all about self-trust, knowing yourself and allowing your spirit to guide your majik. Enjoy! For more information about metaphysical and majikal products check out the BOSSY BRUJA Shop. 💋 You can find Ayo online at or on Instagram @BOSSYbruja!
January 16, 2019
EP 6: Preserving the past, progressing in the present the heathen way
Saaaaaaaaaage my badass heathen homegirl is blessing the Bossy Bruja Podcast! She will blow you away with the story of her unique upbringing, lifestyle and work! Hint: she picks up dead bodies for a living 😳💀 // Aaaaanyway! If you’re interested in hearing from a Witchy, southern gal descendant of Russian nobility who was raised on the fringe of society this podcast is for you! She’s been practicing her craft since she was 12, working with herbs since childhood and she is striving to become 100% self-sustaining — this girl is one metal head after my own heart! Check the podcast out! Link is in bio, episode drops at midnight. // Follow @sage.skadisdottir and reach out to her for specialized witchy wares @sage_mountain_shop! And join us for the #wholenesschallengemagic for a chance to win a master bottle of my magnetism majik oil, palo santo, Florida water, a double strength Mr. Money candle, magnetism bath and Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power (did you know his girlfriend wrote The Love Witch? 😉) For more info check out
January 7, 2019
EP 5: Five Lessons from 2018
In this solo episode, Ayodele Fuega shares a few tips that she learned in 2018. Have a great new year and I’ll see you in 2019! Join #WHOLENESSCHALLENGEMAGIC our January 2019 Giveaway and follow @sage.skadisdottir on Instagram. Find more information about the challenge at
January 1, 2019
EP 4 Santeria: Transmuting grief to strength
Today we are joined by Maxine and her haandsome 4 years young son Max. My girl Maxine is a 34 years young Puerto Rican woman from NYC. She's been married for 8 years in a 12 year same-sex relationship. She was blessed into Santeria in March of 2018. Before rediscovering the religion she lived in complete grief due to the loss of her maternal GrandMother in January 2014, her beloved Mother December 2015, her paternal Aunt August 2016, and her paternal grandmother October 2017. They all had the experience of terminal cancer and Maxine watched 3 out of 4 go through treatments, chemo and hospice care. She was broken down by her grief but that grief became her power. Through Santeria and the guidance of her Padrino she has learned how to connect with her ancestors and those who have passed. They are her strength and her bruja power. Add Maxine on IG @max_ann_grey & follow her store page @SantoAsheNY
December 24, 2018
EP 3: To My Six
Spirit told me She would select 6 Brujas to journey with me as an exclusive MAJIKAL MASTER MIND over the next year. If it’s you, please send a letter of intent—outlining your goals, work, mission, a little about your spirituality and how you would like to support yourself and the 6 Brujas in demonstrating our godhood over the next year. Do not bother if you have not listened to the Dennis Kimbro interview on Redefining Wealth podcast. Send your letter of intention to! Be sure to tell me the significance of $17,000 and $171,000. Include any inquiries with the letters of intention. There is a deadline, so move your ass!
December 19, 2018
EP 2: Is it possible to be happily single?
Editor’s Note: The recording was created over the phone and gets a little scratchy but the message rings true and CLEAR so stick through til the end to get all these jewels. In today’s episode we’re interviewing my good friend Carol. Carol is a 38 year young, Capricorn from LA. She’s the mother of two and is a happily single divorcee. She shares how her personal standards and self-reflection has led her to enjoy her singleness until she finds something that feels better than her solitude. You can follow Carol on Instagram @Carolg0891
December 17, 2018
EP 1: Opting Out of Suffering
Are you ready to opt out of suffering and enjoy The Struggle of growth and living? In this episode, I offer an alternative to suffering through struggle!
December 11, 2018
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