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Love Invocation 12: Love Fortifies

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By Ayodele Fuega
Our prayer line has a new home! This channel will be the home of BOSSYbruja’s prayer invocations and guided meditations. I pray you enjoy! Be sure to check out our Podcast “BOSSY Bruja Podcast!” Enjoy.
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Our prayer line has a new home! This channel will be the home of BOSSYbruja’s prayer invocations and guided meditations. I pray you enjoy! Be sure to check out our Podcast “BOSSY Bruja Podcast!” Enjoy.

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October 10, 2019
Day 13: LOVE ALWAYS TRUSTS, ALWAYS HOPES, ALWAYS PERSEVERES  When we young we believed in the immediacy of love. We hoped for it and dreamt of it. Yet for many of us along the way love lost its luster and promise. Maybe our hearts were broken or we experienced deep disappointment or sorrow in love. Perhaps our love was unrequited and we began to ignore our yearning for love and partnership. Perhaps we have bought into the lie of selfishness and individualism above all else. Many of us are avid self-care aficionados, we are doing us (whatever that means) and yet we may still feel sadder and lonelier than ever. Today, I’d like you to assume the position of your young self (whether that’s a teenage version of you or a version in his, her, or their early twenties). I want you to listen to some of the love songs or read some of the love poetry you enjoyed back then and then I’d like you to have a conversation with you. I’d like you to ask your younger self about his/her/their hopes and dreams regarding love. I’d like you to take some time to reacquaint yourself with the part of yourself who is still dreaming of love and who still believes in love wholeheartedly. Welcome back. Witches! This is prayer 13 of our LOVE INVOCATION! Prayer:  There’s a Scripture in the Bible that reminds me of my mother. I believe it’s at the end of chapter 13 in first Corinthians. Can’t remember, it’s been a while since I read it but I remember this statement (from Paul? I don’t know). The words were:  “[Love] always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” God is love, and because God is fully present with us always, love is fully present with us always. Love is exactly where we stand, filling up the room—permeating creation. Love is the core of our being, is the air we breathe. Love is life. Thank you for another day of life, Spirit, thank you for living through us, walking, speaking, seeing, experiencing and creating through us. Thank you for correcting our thoughts and removing every anti-love thought from our mind and anti-love word from our mouths. Thank you for instilling in us a spirit of courage, and of love and truth. Thank you for implanting a sound mind within us. Our minds now transcend the bullshit of this world. We are here, in this world, but Spirit you are our Home. You are our center and our Source and we are never confused about who maintains absolute dominion. We remember that we have the freedom, agency, will and right to manifest the love and the lives of our choosing regardless of what others are doing or not doing. We are thankful for our freedom and as a demonstration of our gratitude we take this power of creation which has been with and in us from BIRTH seriously. We approach our power of creation with a calm spirit and a clear mind — thoughtfully choosing our experiences, interpretations and next steps with maturity and wisdom. We choose loyal friendships, harmonious families, uninterrupted self-love, and committed, joyous partnerships. I consider it done. So it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen. 
July 19, 2019
Love Invocation 12: Love Fortifies
What’s good witches? Welcome to day 12 of our Love Invocation!! I’m Ayo! I’m happy you’re here. I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships and particularly about the types of relationships I desire to have in my life. And I think one of the things that I really desire and enjoy in all of my relationships is fortification. I like relationships which strengthen, encourage, and embolden me. I love a good challenge and I believe challenges are necessary to growth. I also love a strong word of encouragement and knowing that my loved ones believe in me! How about you? For today’s activity, please send a message or speak a powerful word of encouragement to someone you love, speak it to your partner if you can. If not, send a loving word of encouragement silently, from your heart to theirs. Today’s topic is LOVE FORTIFIES. Let’s pray.  Prayer God is good and worthy to be praised. Give thanks for another day of life. God is with us, our teacher, comforter and source of wisdom within. We are grateful because when we turn within and listen to the Voice of Intuition we are instructed and guided with ease. Listening to this Voice and relying on divine guidance keeps us strong and protects us as we journey and work. We are grateful to be surrounded by intuitive people who honor the spirit within them by following divine guidance with boldness and courage. We are grateful to be an example to those in our lives who are still struggling with this. Today, God we pray that our loved ones find favor in every situation and that they would feel strong and powerful today. May they understand and know the immense power they have access to! May we be a radiant examples of what a life of prayer, work, and honor to our Ancestors can and will do. May those we love feel spiritually empowered to go after their goals and make their dreams a reality. May we do the same. We especially would like to elevate the spirits who walk with us and our partner. We thank them for their tireless support and service and thank you Spirit for keeping the lines between ourselves and our ancestors open for communication. May we honor these lives we live with excellent choices and righteous behaviors. May we produce efficiently and easily with divine assistance. May our partners create and produce the work which longs to be birthed through them with grace, joy, passion and may they be fulfilled by their work. May our days and our nights be filled with passion, laughter, thinking, building, sharing and inspired action. May our family have the touch of the Almighty all on it. May our hearts be flooded with an absolute love and appreciation for Goddess. May we demonstrate a love so strong and may our acts of generosity be a reflection of the Divine. We know who we are and we know whose we are. This knowledge fortifies us and empowers us to empower the ones around us with blessings, knowledge, and unending support.  I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 12, 2019
Love Invocation 11: Love Reincarnates
D A Y 11: L O V E  R E I N C A R N A T E S What’s good witches! It’s day 11 of our LOVE INVOCATION! Welcome, welcome. My name is Ayodele Fuega. You can find me on instagram @bossybruja or at I am so happy you’re here. Eleven is a special number, it’s a number denoting wisdom, gateway to higher consciousness, and instantaneous manifestations. So, for today’s activity, I want you to think of your Ancestors—the ones who came before you and the ones who walk with you and among you still. Whenever I think of the Ancestors I can’t help but think of the incredible love and sacrifices that they made to create opportunities for us. As a Black woman in America, I can’t help but think of those families which were divided and the lovers whose love was not honored, whose love was destroyed. But, I also feel encouraged because of a book I read in my teens called Redemption Song. It was the story of two spirits who reincarnated lifetime after lifetime, generation after generation to seek and love one another. Today, I need you to take a moment to feel real gratitude for the freedom you have to love the one you love. When you’re feeling angry or negative towards your partner…I want you to understand what an immense privilege it is to love this precious soul. There will come a day when you both release yourselves from these physical bodies and lifetimes. Enjoy these moments while they last. Feel them as deeply as you possibly can. Our topic today is LOVE REINCARNATES. Let’s pray.  Prayer  Spirit is here. Present in the body of my beautiful Partner. God stands right where they stand. When I look into the face of my love, I see the touch of the Almighty. My beloved is a masterpiece crafted by Goddess Herself. How beautiful!!—It is an honor to love you. It is an honor and a gift to be loved by you. I am grateful to high heaven, to my spirits and to your spirits for making this possible. Every moment, every laugh, every gesture, touch, every thrill of pleasure is a gift and I cherish it. You are one of my life’s greatest treasures. Your warmth, your voice, your laugh—are so sweet to me. I think about the different love affairs that happened in times and places we know nothing about and how their outcome is you. I think about the lives that our love will inspire and create. God bless the ones who loved the ones who made. you. God blessed the ones who love, touch, experience the ones we make. This is possible because of love, because of togetherness and sacrifice. This is possible because many before us made difficult decisions, did backbreaking work, and humbled themselves to life. This is possible because they didn’t give up, and maybe they thought of us and decided to survive and keep fighting because of the love we would one day share. May we honor the ones who prepared the way for us to live, by living gloriously in our love, in wisdom and in truth, in power and in righteousness. May we honor the ones who walked before us with our commitment, loyalty, work and passion. May we make our Ancestors proud. I love you. Thank you for being with me. Thank you for staying wit me. Asé. Ameen. Amen. 
June 11, 2019
Love Invocation 10: Love Persists
Welcome to day 10 of our love invocation sweet witches! Today’s topic is LOVE PERSISTS. Today’s activity is to sit in a meditation and to think of all the people you love. Hold them in your thoughts or see them in your mind’s eye and tell them how much you love them. Tell them thank you for the specific things they’ve brought into your life. See them in a state of total bliss and comfort. You can imagine people who are incarnate and/or those in the spirit realm. Lastly, I would like you to go to your mirror, look yourself in the eye and tell yourself thank you. Tell yourself you love you. Thank yourself for staying alive, making it work, making the necessary choices, and persisting even when life gets tough. Let’s pray. God is with us, always. God is the air, the rain, the sun, the earth. God is ALL. God permeates all of existence and animates every cell. God is our very spirit-She is alive and well. She strengthens us, fills us with courage, satisfies our souls and empowers us to persist even when things get tough. Sometimes sadness overcomes us like a flood, but the love in our heart gives us the will to rise again and again. Though our hearts have been broken and we have sometimes questioned ourselves and wondered what our purpose is in life—love has remained. We have been gifted with yet another day to learn, create, work, support, enjoy ourselves, and to love. We are so grateful that we get to share this moment with our beloved whether they are physically present here or not. They are as present with us as the air. They are everywhere we are. We carry them in our heart. We carry them in our thoughts. We carry them in our sacred space. We carry them in our visions. We are fortunate to know love in this lifetime. We are fortunate to know ourselves as perfect embodiments of love. We decide and declare this day to be glorious and grand representatives of love on this planet and in this world at this time. We deserve love and so does everyone else. We make an effort to extend love to others, to those who are particularly difficult to love, and to ourselves especially. We deserve our own love more than anyone so we give it to ourselves lavishly. And by filling ourselves to overflowing with thoughts and words of love and demonstrating our love through high levels of self-care we bubble over with love We runneth over with love. Our thoughts and words are of love—especially for our partner. No one is kept outside the realm of our love. All are welcome. We strive to understand, to know, to share, to serve, and to love—always. We honor where others are on their path and we know that there is no threat in love. We accept. We allow. We give. We honor. I release this word to law to be activated and to be carried continuously — as far as possible — even to the ends the universe. May we always know love. May we always be love. It is done. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 11, 2019
Love Invocation 09: Love Enchants
What’s good witches! Today is day 9 of our prosperity invocation and I’m hype. I can tell that this prayer series is working. Please note: You may begin attracting people who still love you. That just means the prayers have pull, but keep going. Today’s topic is LOVE ENCHANTS. Today’s activity is to create a list. This list is two parts. Part one is all the characteristics and qualities you desire your partner to possess. Part two is all the characteristics and qualities you desire to possess. Then figure out what practical steps you need to take to embody them and start taking those steps. Some of you may have a list, go find it and review it and update it as needed. Thank you! Let’s pray. Prayer Dear God, I dream of a love for myself and my witch babes that is bold, beautiful, and enchanting. I envision a love that is so satisfying and fulfilling that everyday we wake up in peace, deep gratitude, and excitement for what the day holds for us and our beloveds. I imagine a collective of witches who are elevated and empowered off the deep, satisfying love they feel in their homes, partnerships and for themselves. I imagine the love we share with our partners is so good that others can tell we are being loved just by looking at us. May we be adorned by an adoring mate. May everyone who sees us feel the presence, protectiveness, admiration, care, and love of our partner. May we walk with a confident, well-sexed stride and may the touch of love be unmistakable in the glow of our skin. Bless our mornings with sweet whispers, kisses, touches, and laughter. Fill our nights with rapturous, orgasmic, explosive, deep, penetrating love. May our mouths be filled with sweet words, compliments, and encouragement for our partner. May they pour out love, kindness and gentleness on us. God you are the absolute power in existence. You are nearer to us than our breath. You are our very Spirit. This life is a gift and we didn’t come here to live ordinary, boring lives. We desire enchantment, adventure, boundless prosperity, health perfection, and great love. May we experience a love now which revolutionizes our lives. May this love transform us on a cellular level so that we may be our greatest, most awake and generous selves. May our lives change this day and may the love in our hearts and in our lives ripple out and touch every person we come into contact with. May we elevate the vibration of every space we inhabit. I consider it done. And so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 11, 2019
Love Invocation 08: Love Remains
What’s good witches! Welcome to day 8 of our love invocation. Our topic today is LOVE REMAINS. For today’s activity I would like you to visualize an ideal day! I would like you to sit down in the morning or before you retire for bed in the evening, close your eyes and simply imagine what an ideal day would look like for you! Who would you be with? Where would you be? Where would you live? What sorts of activities would you do? How would people treat you and communicate with you? I want you to imagine that the love you feel or desire in your heart has expanded out into your life and touched every relationship and interaction. Feel the love of this vision filling you up. Let’s pray. Prayer God is here. God is absolute love so love is always with us because God is always with us. God will never forsake us or forget us even if the whole world does. God is with us. God is here and God is total wisdom so the wisdom to know what to do and how to handle things is always available to us. We know that nothing, absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God and that love is the greatest power in existence. God is love. And God is all power. So we accept that we are completely loved now and forever. We feel this love penetrating to the depths of our subconscious mind. This love evacuates and eliminates all traces of illogical fears and self-doubt. Now we stand in the confidence that we are love, we are loving, we are lovable, we are loved. Today we give thanks for the ability to see love in ourselves and reflected back to us from our world, relationships, and our partner. We are thankful to have discovered this great love in the heart of another person and to share the love we feel in our hearts with them in return. Romantic love is one of the great gifts of this lifetime and we there is no one we would want to share this love with more than our beloved partner. We are grateful to life for happening in the ways that it has to bring us to this exact moment and point in our lives. We acknowledge that wherever we go from here is a choice we make. We acknowledge that life is the gift God has given us and what we choose to do without life is the gift we give back to Life, to God. We choose to invest our life loving, caring, educating, sharing, supporting,  building, and improving conditions for ourselves and our loved ones. We choose to invest this life experiencing and enjoying our life down to the very little things. This is our right and our pleasure. And it is the delight of the spirit within us to express and experience life through us. We lend our minds, hearts, words, bodies, and relationships to be used and thereby prospered by the Creator of all. I release this word to law knowing that it goes out into the world to prepare the way. May we always demonstrate that which is for our good and the good of those around us with ease, understanding, and gratitude. I consider it done and so it is. 
June 9, 2019
Love Invocation 07: Love Expands
What’s good witches! Welcome back to our love invocation! Today is day seven! This is Ayodele Fuega of, you can find me on Instagram @bossybruja! I am so thankful for those of you who are following along. I’m having a really good time with you guys and I’m loving seeing and hearing your feedback. Today’s topic is love expands, so get comfortable and let’s pray!  Prayer Dear God today our minds are on our families, our community, our partner, our love. It is on our responsibility to our bloodlines—to those who came before us and those will come after us especially those of us who desire to carry our individual bloodlines forward. We consider how our behaviors and actions of today will affect and influence those who come after. We are always striving to be more aware of how our choices, beliefs, habits, customs, words, and treatment will affect our descendants, our immediate children in particular and those who come after them. And so we’re choosing and seeking to be the best that we can be. And what that means for us is that we are taking regular moments to turn within and to ask of universal intelligence, knowledge, spirit what is the best action? What is the best course for us in moments—especially those moments when we feel at a loss of we feel confused or unsure of what approach or what path to take. And because we are developing this habit of seeking wisdom directly from spirit our partner is as well. We see that our relationship is incredibly enhanced, blessed, fortified by this practice of seeking wisdom before taking action and elevating from an emotional space into a logical space when it comes time to make decisions. Because our decisions and actions affect not only our future children, out current children, and those who come after us but they affect our partner whether that affect is immediately noticeable or not. We understand that it is happening. So we approach our relationships with a high degree of respect and responsibility understanding that our relationship with this person is love-centered. Our goal is to support them and we relish in the fact that they support us as well. And the work that we do together even down to the smallest decision that we make expands out through our blood, through our work, our reputation, through our creations and interventions, through all of the seeds that we plant throughout living to affect and influence the future generation. We declare that our influence, the effects that we have on the coming days and the coming generations will expand easily and beautifully and always be for the highest good of all. I trust that this is so. I know that God is the one who spreads and carries and expands the seed and mission. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.  Activity: Research an ancient love story. Perhaps an old fairy tale, folklore, legend, or myth. [Hint: Start with Google.]
June 8, 2019
Love Invocation 06: Love Cares
What’s good witches! It’s day 6 of our LOVE INVOCATION! Welcome back. This is Ayodele Fuega of Catch me on instagram @bossybruja! Today’s topic is deeply significant and important to me. I think there’s a world of difference between a considerate partner and an inconsiderate one. I think, by far, the considerate partner is the better one in every situation. So we are going to be calling forth THAT partner. Get comfortable, breathe deeply, relax and let's pray.  Prayer  God is here—always with us, fully present, ever giving of Herself withholding no good thing from us ever. God is love itself. God is all-knowledge, all-wisdom, perfect joy, perfect health, and well-being. God is the answer to every question we have—the remedy to every malady. God is the resolution to every problem we thought we had. We don’t have a problem with love. We don’t have a problem with receiving love or giving love because God is love itself and God is the most natural thing in life. We know ourselves as individualized expressions of The One—The Most High, The Creator of all—that underlying  all-pervasive intelligent substance of the universe. We know that as individualized expressions of this one our love life and our love experiences are spirit encountering and engaging with it self through us and our partner. We are overjoyed to lend ourselves to this expression and experience. And now the spirit within us meets the spirit within our partner and these two spirits come together in harmony, in joy, in gentleness, and in love with the highest degree of regard and consideration for one another. Our spirits come together supporting one another; seeking to improve one another; seeking to love, accept, and allow one another. When we are physically apart we carry one another in our hearts and we maintain high levels of honor, respect, and regard for our partner and our partnership and our partner does the same for us.  Every single day they do something, say something, send something, offer, something, or give us something which is a clear indication to us that we have been on their minds. It feels so good to be loved this way. It feels so good to be respected this way. It feels amazing because this is what we have always desired and this is what we deserve. We are so thankful to finally be experiencing it. This is what we choose for ourselves for the rest of our lives and this is what we are committed—this level of concern, regarding, respect—is what we are committed to giving our partner for the rest of the time that we have together in this lifetime. I release this word to law knowing and trusting that it is right, perfect, and exact. It prepares the way. It transforms our heart and our behavior. It creates a beautiful, harmonious, loving, and successful relationship for us now. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen. 
June 7, 2019
Love Invocation 05: Love Restores
What’s good witches? Welcome back to our LOVE INVOCATION. Today is day 5 and our topic is LOVE RESTORES. Before we pray, I want to offer a word of encouragement to those who are creating your psychic oil from yesterday’s ritual. Take your time and enjoy the process. Today’s activity is to take the Five Love Languages test. If you have a partner who is currently present, and physically present in your life, please have them take the test also. I will provide a button below to take you to the test. If you have taken this test at some point in the past, I ask that you retake the test, as I have seen love languages change slightly with maturity. Now, please get settled and let’s pray.  Prayer GOD IS HERE, with us always—nearer to us than our neck vein, closer than our breath. God is our exact spirit. God is right where we are always and will never leave us nor forsake us. God is our life. God is the supreme power in existence—the supreme intelligence—that underlying energy which animates and permeates everything. And we are so happy—we’re grateful. We find peace in knowing that we always have access to absolute power, all knowledge, all wisdom and all love. If we will simply turn within, get still, relax, and turn within there is so much that we can discover directly and presently.  God thank you for another day. Thank you for this space, for these prayers, and for the power that is inherent in these prayers. We trust and we know that these words are commandments to the atoms, to the air, to the ether that go out in all directions to accomplish that which we are calling to ourselves. So with this word we speak peace, calm, gentle, beautiful, joy-inspiring lessons in our life and in the life of our beloved.  We call upon our Maker to completely heal us of past traumas relating to love. We are now experiencing a divine, pure, beautiful, and gentle restoration of ourselves to full wholeness. We are reinstated within our own minds as completely divine and spiritual beings enjoying this human experience with our beloved. Love has restored us. Love has reminded us of who we are and what we are capable of. Thank you for guidance, for wisdom—spontaneous understanding. Thank you for ripening every moment of our life with enchantment and beauty and love.  We feel lighter now, our heart is open—our hearts are open. Our minds are open. We are receptive to receive love and we are so ready to pour love out unto the world and specifically our partner. Thank you for this opportunity to love, to be loved, and to be thereby restored to our magnificent, remarkable, wonderfully-made selves. And thank you for doing the same for our partner.  I release this word to law trusting and knowing that it is made perfect, exact, right. That it goes out in every direction to prepare the way—to set up all of those corresponding factors that we need, those cooperative factors that we need to make our dream the reality that we are calling forth now. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 6, 2019
Love Invocation 04: Love Refreshes
What’s good witches! Welcome back to our love invocation! Today is day 4! I’m Ayodele Fuega of You can find me on Instagram @bossybruja! Today’s topic, while the sirens blare in the background, is LOVE REFRESHES! Get comfortable and let’s get ready to pray. Prayer God is here, fully-present, ever-giving up Herself withholding no good thing from us especially not the love of our lives. And we are so happy and thankful for these beautiful partners of ours—whether they are with us now physically or not. They are still with us always, you understand?—We carry them in our hearts always. We are happy and thankful for another day of life! We are out here winning the lottery—waking up refreshed, happy, alert, ready to work our altars, ready to lay some tricks [Laughter]. Ready to have a good time. We are thankful for a relationship where we get to be ourselves—where we are honored as the big, beautiful witches that we are. Where we are fully prepared, stocked up to support the love of our life in the accomplishment of their dreams and goals. We are happy because love refreshes us every single morning. We wake up and motivated and inspired to hit the ground running. We wake up ready to stretch ourselves beyond our limits to accomplish more of our goal—to put forth more effort on behalf of ourselves our partner, our family, and our communities. We are excited to accomplish more, to get more things done. We are excited to see our partner doing the same. We are excited because being in this relationship with our partner motivates us. It’s a very expensive relationship where the success of our partner and the continuous effort and striving of our partner motivates us to do the same. We love being in relationships with our partner, but with other people who are also motivated and inspired to grow, to expand, to serve, to create. We are surrounded by people who approach life as if they are on a mission—people who approach to life with purpose and clarity of mind and self-confidence. And that type of support system and that type of community and that type a circle just inspires us to be more of who we were created to be. It inspires us to go after more, to seek more, to knock on more doors, to get more things done and accomplished and we wouldn’t trade these types of relationships for anything at all. We know that it is the Spirit of God within us—that absolute power—which is seeking to express and experience more life through us that really propels us forward in life. And it does the exact same thing in our relationship. And we both are just—we’re so busy becoming more; producing more; improving upon ourselves; accomplishing our goals; clarifying the vision; and doing whatever we can with whatever we have exactly where we are that we are both inspired by one another. Our relationship never grows stale, it never gets old because we are both progressive people. We are both seeking to expand and we support one another in our individual expansion. We come together as partners, feel me?—and we expand as a partnership so that we can provide the foundation of a powerful family; so that we can form the foundation of a powerful community, feel me? [Laughter] We are so happy, we are so thankful that this relationship is a source of refreshment for our soul. I release this word to Law trusting and knowing that it is made right, perfect, and exact. And that it goes out into the ethers over these airways in every possible direction to fortify and encourage and enliven our partner and ourselves and every person that we come into contact with. I consider it done. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 5, 2019
Love Invocation 03: Love Transforms
What’s good witches? Welcome to day 3 of our LOVE INVOCATION. So, y’all know I be sitting around waiting for Spirit to tell me what the topic is, right? [Laughter] Today’s topic is LOVE TRANSFORMS. Whew! Y’all go ahead and take some breaths, get relaxed, and let’s pray. Prayer God is here, fully present, ever-giving of Herself withholding no good thing from us ever. We are so happy and thankful for another day of life. We are thankful for our community of magical practitioners all of whom are co-creating the loves of their lives with us. We are thankful to have this agreement within our circle. We all know that we can have it all. We all know that love—blissful, harmonious, pure,—blissful love is possible for each of us. So when we release these prayers to Law we are releasing them on behalf of ourselves. We are releasing them on behalf of our sisters and our brothers. We are releasing them on behalf of all of those who pray with us in concert now. We trust and know that the desires of our hearts are being fulfilled now. We are thankful for this truth, it gives us supreme confidence and since we are so confident and since we have made room in our minds and our lives to be healed and purified and released from the past God now we open ourselves to be transformed by love. We open ourselves to be upgraded and improved in every possible way by love. We are open to becoming more patient—kinder, sweeter, gentler in love. We are open to becoming more communicative, more supportive. We are open to support our loved ones and in particular our beloved. We are open to be supported in return. We let go of senseless arrogance and pride. We let go of the need to do everything on our own. We are grateful for a partner who helps us by holding up half the sky. We are grateful for a partner who has our backs. We are grateful for a partner who does well by us. We are grateful for a partner who wants to see us win. We are grateful for the partner who challenges as to be the best that we can be. Improving upon ourselves doesn’t mean that we’re wrong. It means that there is more to be seen, more to be experienced, and more to be had. There is more to become and we are so thankful to not only become more but to also witness the love of our life accomplish their dreams and goals and become more of who they were created to be. This love is so strong and so powerful because it is held together, it is protected by and permeated by the absolute perfect love of God. And because its foundation is purpose we are together not for our pleasure alone but to bless humanity, to bless the coming generations, to bless the world while we are in it. This is an important work—this relationship. It goes so far beyond our lifetimes. So we approach it with the honor, the urgency, the love, the respect, the focus, the commitment, and the discipline it deserves. The work we do together will prosper our children even to the fourth generation. I release this word to Law trusting and knowing that it is made right, perfect, and exact—trusting and knowing that we are divinely guided and protected—so is our beloved and all of my loved ones—so is this relationship. Nothing can disrupt it, disturb it, interrupt it, block it, or destroy it. This bond is created between ourselves, our beloved, and the Most High I consider it done. We’re so grateful for all of the transformations that we get to experience now with a fearless, adventurous attitude. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 4, 2019
Love Invocation 02: Love is Patient
Prayer  God, this prayer is a little bit difficult for me because I have these preconceptions, I have these beliefs carried over from my youth that tell me I should feel a certain way—that my love life should look a certain way. But I know that truth is often subtle; that truth is truth whether or not other people believe it; that even romance has been romanticized. [Laughter] I am so thankful for the life my Sisters, Brothers, and I get to live. I am so thankful for another day. I’m grateful to know you as absolute power—to know that I am full of, permeated by, and surrounded by the absolute power in existence—that nothing is impossible to us. There is no ‘incurable’, there is no ‘impossible’ when we know Spirit. I’m grateful to know that and I’m grateful to know that we each have the very real ability to create the loves of our lives, to create the love that we desire and dream of. And we take this responsibility seriously, God.  Thank you for co-creating the love of our lives with us whether we are in that relationship physically right now or not. It is still being created with Love itself—with you God. And I’m so grateful because knowing that Absolute Love, Absolute Wisdom and Knowledge, The Way-Maker is on our side and is co-creating this beautiful love with us gives me perfect confidence. And knowing that you are always on time—that divine time is synonymous with perfect time, that you got us and that you already know who are partner is. You are already working through them—working to purify and working in their hearts—working to purify them and us.  Knowing this perfects our trust and empowers us to enter into a state of complete contentment and enables us in the most positive way to exercise complete and total patience. That means if it requires us to wait on our love— wait on them to grow, wait on them to to understand how much we love them, or wait on them to come into our lives, or whatever is required. Whether we are waiting on them and patiently awaiting their growth, their becoming, and for them to see how amazing they are in our eyes.  We wait patiently and blissfully—pouring the love on. This means that we don’t take substitutes for our partner. We don’t take whatever we can get anymore. We know that love is much more than emotional and physical seduction. We know that it’s more than having our egos stroked. It’s loyalty, it’s patience and support. It’s kindness and forgiveness. It’s peace and harmony and openness and we are so thankful to not only embody these divine traits but to see them embodied and to enjoy them in our Partner. We extend patience to them as spiritual, eternal beings, as beings created in the likeness of the Most High, as gods ourselves.  And we always hold the vision of our partner as a fully realized, loved, loving, and lovable person. We understand that our partner is love itself.  I release this word to Law declaring that we are focused, committed, loyal, loving, and patient-blissfully patient when it comes to our love. We extend graces to them beyond anything that we ever give to another human being. They are important and significant to us, in our lies and that it is our pleasure to wait on them. Asé, Amen, Amen. Click here to follow along with today's ritual.
June 3, 2019
Love Invocation 01: Love Heals
Peace and blessings, I am Ayodele Fuega of Welcome to our LOVE INVOCATION and a special welcome to Bunny who will be reading along while most of you will be listening along. I am so thankful to have this space, this opportunity to pray and to express gratitude to the Divine for the experience of beautiful, blissful, enchanting, wonderful, rapturous love in our lives. We are going to release one prayer a day for the entire month of June. And for everyone following along our affirmation for this month is: “May the love of Spirit permeate our being, radiate through us, and find its match with ease. May we give expression to Spirit loving itself in another. May we lend our Bodies, Minds, and Hearts to love. May we know true love intimately now. Amen. Asé. Ameen.”  I am thrilled to start this journey. I started off with a spiritual bath, I suggest that anyone who feels led to do so do the same and also make sure you check out my blog on where I have left a short note for all participants of this June‘s LOVE INVOCATION.  Prayer God is here!—fully present, ever-giving of Herself, withholding no good thing. God is nearer to us than our neck vein, closer than our breath is to us. God is our exact spirit. We are so thankful and happy now to experience the joyous, beautiful, wonderful, healing love of our lives. We are thankful to have met our match, our partner. We are thankful for the love that we get to share now. We know ourselves to be individualized expressions of spirit. We understand that our partner is the same. We see our partner as a reflection, an extension, and another version of ourselves because we are all one. We are so happy and thankful that this love heals and purifies our hearts, that every past hurt, every burden from the past is miraculously and instantaneously healed. We experience fresh, new wholeness, an abundance of blessings in our lives now. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our life with our beloved. We are thankful for the peace and the harmony in our homes. We are thankful that our communication reinforces the love that we share with our beloved. We are grateful that communicating and sharing with our partner is as easy as breathing. We are thankful to know that part of our life purpose is to love this one. We are thankful to know that part of our life’s purpose is to support our partner in the healing of their heart and we do so with absolute joy. We are thankful that they do the same for us. We release and let go of all pains and hurts of the past, understanding now that every heartbreak and heartache has reinforced the love that we feel for our partner. We are thankful to be completely and totally loved, accepted, and to have this partner extend compassionate understanding towards us as we do the same for them. Life is beautiful and enchanted now that we get to share our life, our space, our purpose with our beloved. Life is prosperous, harmonious, overflowing with an abundance of experiences and events that bring us pure bliss and joy now. And we are so thankful that we get to share this love, this space, and these creations with our beloved. Thank you God for this love. Thank you God for our partners. Thank you God for our life. Thank you for healing us completely and preparing us both to experience absolute joy, endless growth and expansion, and perfect peace with one another. I release this word to law trusting and knowing that it is made right, perfect, and exact— that it goes out into the Ether, over the airways in every possible direction to prepare the way, to heal and prepare us so that the thing that is created by this word may be experienced in perfect and divine time. I consider it done and so it is. Amen. Asé. Ameen.
June 1, 2019
Affirmative Prayer: Divine Feminine Rising
Affirmative Prayer: Divine Feminine Rising
April 19, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Heart, Mind, Will
When your heart speaks, listen.
March 15, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Laughing to the Bank
You’re a child of the Universe, you set for life.
March 12, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Ice Cream & Ancestors
Yesterday may have been a little heavy for some of us so let’s go with Jessica’s suggestion and grab some ice cream 🍦
March 11, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Self to Self
You should take your own advice 😉
March 9, 2019
Visualization Challenge: AKASHIC Library
Your ANCESTORS have a message for you. Let’s go get it. Once you’ve been to the AKASHIC you can go back whenever you please. 📚
March 7, 2019
Visualization Challenge: King Castle
Today we are flexing our imagination by working with TOUCH and visualizing what we choose to see and what we’re instructed to see. In this short journey, we’re going to meet KING CROWN to receive a special helmet she’s created for us. 👑
March 6, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Birthday Candles
Many are unable to see themselves past a certain age. Tonight we are quantum jumping to our 90th birthday. Safe travels.
March 5, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Power Enhancer
We witches work with the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit to make things happen. In today’s meditation we will explore and observe these elements. I encourage you to think deeply about the immense powers of creation and destruction contained in each. Safe travels. ❤️ Add me on Instagram @BOSSYbruja
March 4, 2019
Visualization Challenge: Welcome & Installments
This is our Visualization Challenge Welcome & Installments! In this episode we install our Anchor, Protector, Egg, Door, Majik Movie Theater. Enjoy ❤️
March 3, 2019
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