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By BOTA Sports
A weekly recap in the world of Sports from the BOTA Bois.
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BOTA Cast 54: Week 7 Celebration and MVPs!


BOTA Cast 59: What’s Going Wrong in New England?
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode, the Bois do the usual run down of the previous week of the NFL, but they do a deep dive into this weekends games and what exactly is going wrong with the Patriots?
November 26, 2020
BOTA CAST 58: Building the Ultimate Athlete
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast and oh boy are you in for a treat! Zack and James Co-host this episode, it’s a beautiful disaster. They do the usual recap and preview, but they end the show with building their ultimate first overall pick athlete.
November 20, 2020
BOTA Cast 57: Master Debaters
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! The bois are up to the usual antics as they go over week 9 and preview week 10. James debuts a new segement called Master Debaters! Join us and follow us @botasports you beautiful bastard.
November 12, 2020
BOTA Cast 56: Where Did MVP Lamar go, Sword Fish, and Who OP?
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast. On todays episode, the bois discuss the regression of Lamar, review week 8, Preview week 9, and discuss sword fish. all of this while performing better than the 49ers on Thursday night. Join us, and as always, Stay Beautiful. 
November 6, 2020
BOTA Cast 55: New and Improved Featuring Prop Bets, Recap, Preview and Who OP?
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast! We took the show, crushed it up, burned it, got some glue, tried to re-build it, got sad, drank a bunch, got our ;lives together, and re-formatted the show to feature the preview and review of select games! we also added segments like BOTA prop bets and who OP! Join us! and be sure to follow us everywhere @botasports
October 30, 2020
BOTA Cast 54: Week 7 Celebration and MVPs!
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate this thing we call.... Week 7. Join the bois as they dive into all the biggest stories before kickoff!
October 23, 2020
BOTA CAST 53: Week 6 Recap, Phil’s comments, and TUA TIME
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! We missed you! On today’s episode, the bois recap week 6 and talk about everything that came with that! Join us and be sure to follow us @botasports everywhere
October 21, 2020
BOTA Cast 52: Week 6 Preview, Picks, and Fantasy MVPs.
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode, the bois discuss week 6 in the NFL.
October 15, 2020
BOTA Cast EP: 51 ADHD, Week 5, and James’ brain is 10 years old.
Welcome back to the BOTA CAST! On today’s episode, the bois fight all distractions and bad WiFi to bring you all a week 5 recap and James shares his deepest thoughts!
October 13, 2020
BOTA Cast ep:50 Week 5 Preview and Idiocy
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode the Bois preview week 5 in the NFL and James gets distracted!
October 8, 2020
BOTA Cast ep.49 Week 4 Review
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode, James, Chris, and Drew all run down an exciting week 4 in the NFL!
October 6, 2020
BOTA Cast 48: Week 4 preview!
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast, we missed you? How’s your dog? Anyway, we go into the NFL week 4 preview on this episode so join in and enjoy!
October 1, 2020
BOTA Cast 47: Week 3 Review + Special Guest Broccoli Rob!
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode, Zack and James run down everything that made week 3 great in the NFL! Join us and follow us everywhere @Botasports
September 30, 2020
BOTA Cast episode 46: The Week 3 Preview
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today’s episode, James has multiple small strokes that lead to the preview of week 3 in the NFL.
September 25, 2020
BOTA Cast ep: 45 week 2 review
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast. On today’s episode, the bois run down week 2 and make some amazing future bets. Enjoy!
September 23, 2020
BOTA Cast 44: Exhaustion and Week 2 predicitions
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On this episdoe, the bois break down their week 2 predictions, Zack falls asleep, and James is left solo twice! Join us!
September 19, 2020
BOTA Cast 43: Week 1 Recap
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast. on today's episode, the bois break down everything from a disappointing week 1 for a lot of fantasy owners.
September 15, 2020
BOTA Cast 42: Week 1 Kickoff
The bois are back and ready to go with their old format. They run down their picks for week one! 
September 12, 2020
BOTA Cast 41: Mass Appeal
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast after our group vacation! Boston sports are in shambles and the Bois are in the center of it. Listen in as the Boys talk about the best city in the world!
September 6, 2020
BOTA Cast 40: Top 10 Worst Mascots and our first interview!
Welcome back to the  BOTA Cast! on this weeks show, the boys list their top 10 and we have an interview with Nick Vitone! Join us!!!
August 16, 2020
BOTA Cast #39.5: InTALKSicated
The BOTA Bois show what happens when they have no material planned for the podcast. InTALKSicated enters the mind of Chris, James, and Zack and shows just how weird we are here at BOTA.
August 9, 2020
BOTA CAST 39 (Dolphins, Bengals, Lions, Washington)
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On this weeks episode, we run down the final four teams of 2020!
July 31, 2020
BOTA Cast 38 (Browns, Chargers, Giants, and Panthers)
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast. On today's episode, We dive into the 2020 season for the Chargers, Giants, Panthers, and James' favorite, the Browns! 
July 26, 2020
We decided to record some of the dumb conversations we had after the recording! We hope you all enjoy and let us know if you want more!!
July 24, 2020
BOTA Cast 37 (Cards, Bucs, Jags, and Jets) Featuring @notcredible and a secret Packers Segment
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast. On this weeks show, The boys welcome on Mike to talk about the Jets and all things towards the bottom of the League. listen in and don't forget to find us every @Botasports
July 19, 2020
BOTA Cast 36 (Cowboys, Falcons, Raiders, Colts) Plus a Bonus James Story at the End!
Hello Beautiful BOTA Faithful. On today's episode, we Go into the 2020 preview for some underrated teams. Listen all the way to the end for a special James story about the Georgia Dome.
July 12, 2020
BOTA Cast 35 (Rams, Bears, Steelers, Broncos)
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast!! On this weeks episode, James, Zack, and Chris break down the future for these four teams. Listen later as we answer some of our fan questions. psssst. Find the hidden message hidden in the episode for a special prize!!!!!
July 3, 2020
BOTA Cast 34: Eagles, Bills, Saints, Patriots
Join Chris, Drew, James, and Zack as they welcome returning guest Omar and special guest Hersh! The BOTA crew and guests focus on the next four teams down the rundown list and where each stands in the NFL's upcoming season.
June 27, 2020
BOTA Cast 33: Ravens, Vikings, Texans, Seahawks
Chris and James are joined this week by our favorite ravens Fan, Omar! Join them as they run down the next four teams on the list as we look forward to the 2020 season.
June 20, 2020
BOTA Cast 32- The Bois Break it Down
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast. Episode 32. On today’s episode, Zack and James start their rundown of the 2020 NFL season.
June 14, 2020
BOTA Cast #31
Join Chris, James, and Zack as they weigh in on their mock drafts! The bois talk about the NFL and their predictions for the upcoming season as well as where they see the players fit for the 2020-21 season.
June 6, 2020
BOTA Top 5: Best Jerseys of All Time
Welcome back to a very interesting episode of BOTA Top 5! This time, we have Chris joining Zack and James as the bois give their picks for the Best Jerseys of All Time! Don't forget to comment on our social media to tell us who had the better top 5! 
May 15, 2020
BOTA Top 5: Rivalries
Zack VS James, BOTA Top 5. Which rivalries in sports history hold our top spots? Who wins this round of heavyweight sports knowledge? Find out on the newest episode of BOTA Cast!
May 7, 2020
BOTACast Mid-Draft Special
This is for all you NFL draft lovers out there. We have some in depth reviews on some of the draft picks from the ongoing NFL draft! Zack and Royce have some laughs, and James finds a cult...? Find out on BOTACast. 
April 25, 2020
BOTA Draft Special
Welcome to the BOTA Draft Special. James, Royce and Zack break down every first round pick in this years draft.
April 16, 2020
What Free Agency Means for You (BOTA CAST 26)
Coronavirus is here and so is the BOTA Cast! We are here to bring you joy in a dark world. Join us as we discuss the only sports we have, NFL FREE AGENCY!!!
March 21, 2020
BOTA CAST 25: CORONA Shuts Down The Show
In a world where Coronavirus has taken everything from us. Sports, Travel, and Toilet Paper one thing will always be there. BOTA. The boys aren't scared and bring you the latest in the world of Sports.
March 13, 2020
BOTA Cast EP 24
Listen to the bois battle technical Difficulties and other drama within this Late-Post Podcast! The crew focuses on TB12, the Astros future and more in this weeks show! Join us and our shenanigans!
March 4, 2020
BOTA Cast Presents: Sub .500 Draft
Join the BOTA Crew as they take you on a wild journey with this episode. Focused on a new segment and the Crew's personal below .500 NFL team from the 2019-2020 season who they believe will thrive next season. This episode, however, is much more than that! Join us through our party of slandering, alcohol, and much, much more!
February 23, 2020
BOTA Cast Episode 22
Welcome Back to BOTA Cast you beautiful human. We have a jam packed show for you! We discuss the finalized mookie trade, our picks for the 202o MLB season, the XFL, and NFL free agency updates. Join us once again and let us know what you think!
February 12, 2020
BOTA Cast 2.4.20 Mookie Derails the show
The title says it all. Listen in as the boys hear the Mookie news live with some sports in between. 
February 5, 2020
BOTA Cast EP 21
This week on BOTA Cast, the bois open up with some tragic news, then dive in to focus on some MLB talk and NFL rumors. Join us as we zone out about half the episode!
January 29, 2020
BOTA Cast Episode 20
Welcome Back to the BOTA Cast presented by Anchor! James, Zack, Chris, and Royce discuss the NFL Conference championships, The Baseball Hall of Fame voting, which college transfer will have the most impact, and some hockey to finish it off. Come spend some time with us!
January 24, 2020
BOTA Cast Episode 19
Join Chris, James, Drew, and sometimes Zack as they venture on a quest into the unknown territory of the sports world. This episode is not for the faint-hearted, meaning we're all pretty dumb throughout the whole episode. The BOTA Crew talks about the NFL Playoffs thus far, The Astros cheating scandal, Red Sox and Patriots need/wants, and more!
January 16, 2020
BOTA Cast Episode 18
Got a little Friday night quickie for y'all. Soggi Boi and Drewchainz coming at ya with some Divisional Round playoff talk. Get it while it's hawt!
January 11, 2020
BOTA Cast episode 17 1.7.20
It's a new year! and it's NFL playoff season! Join us as we discuss the past week in sports!
January 8, 2020
BOTA CAST Episode 16
Welcome back! The boys attempt to preview the final week of NFL Regular season football, but end up becoming the poster children for ADHD. Join us!
December 28, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 15 (12.25.19)
Welcome Back! Merry Christmas. Do you want to leave your family for a bit? Join us for a bit and Let's talk some football from week 16.
December 25, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 14 (12.22.19)
It's Week 16 already. We aren't happy about it. We still have to discuss it. Why? Because we love you, and we are in this together. Join us! We missed you
December 22, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 13 (12/18/19)
Oh hey, didn't see ya there friend. Soggi Boi here, delivering some quality sports talk with JEmS, Royce, and yours truly. Enjoy my peeps.
December 20, 2019
BOTA Cast Presents: Rage Cage EP:3- The Wrath of James
Join Chris, James, and Zack as BOTA dives into all the anger buried inside James' sad, sad soul fueled by the Browns failures.
December 16, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 12 (12.14.19)
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast! On today's episode, we preview week 15...and uhhh.....that's actually it. Join us!
December 14, 2019
BOTA Cast Presents: RAGE CAGE #2
YOU HAVE NOW ENTERED THE RAGE CAGE. hi :)  Zack enters the Rage Cage and brings you some anger towards the NFC East. 
December 13, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 11
Welcome back beautiful people. On today's episode, we bring you an NFL recap of an awesome week, we discuss the latest baseball free agent news, and discuss the College Football Playoff 
December 11, 2019
DO YOU DARE ENTER THE RAGE CAGE?!?! We here at BOTA don't feel great about the Patriots game from last night. Come be angry with Chris and James. 
December 10, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 10 12.8.19
Welcome back! For our late week episode, we go into the preview for the NFL and we talk about some more NFL news. 
December 8, 2019
BOTA College Football Preview (itty bitty baby episode)
Welcome to the BOTA College Football Preview! James welcomes the newest member of the BOTA team, Royce, to the team!
December 5, 2019
BOTA Cast episode 9 (12.3.19)
Welcome back to the first episode this week. We are going to recap the wild thanksgiving weekend in the NFL. We also talk about The Iron Bowl, Terrell Pryor, and what exactly is going on with NHL coaches. Join us!
December 3, 2019
BOTA Cast EP:8 11/26/19
On today’s podcast we dive into our week 12 recap, why Zack loves Blaine Gabbert, the upcoming playoff picture, and the BOTA bois throw in a little spice with some late season bets.
November 27, 2019
BOTA Cast 11.23.19
Welcome to today’s episode of the BOTA cast. We do our usual rundown of the week to come in the NFL, we discuss the latest in sports news including the Myles garrett gearing and we talk about penn state vs Ohio state. Join us
November 23, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 6 11/19
We dive into some juicy week 11 recap. Is Rob Gronkowski making a comeback? Which young quarterback do we think resembles Russell Wilson? And where the hell is Chris?? Find out on this weeks episode. Stay soggi my people. 
November 20, 2019
BOTA Cast 11.15.19
Welcome to the second episode this week. We will intro with some talk about Myles Garrett, then we go into Colin Kaepernick's workout, after that we treat you to a preview of the NFL week to come, and we finish off with some College football and Big BOTA hockey news. Join us!!
November 16, 2019
BOTA Cast 11.12.19
Welcome back beautiful people. We decided to do two episodes a week, so here comes the first of the split. We have a recap of an awesome week 10 in the NFL, some college football talk, Zack brings us to the Ice , and James gets drunk!
November 13, 2019
BOTA Cast 11/5/19
Welcome back to the BOTA Cast. This week we talk about week 9 and Predict what happens in week 10. We also discuss college football, the NHL, some steamy hot stove in baseball, and Chris gives us some sexy spreads. 
November 6, 2019
BOTA Cast 10.31.19
Welcome to episode 2. We do our weekly rundown of sports and James confesses sports sins.
October 31, 2019
BOTA Cast Episode 1 (10.24.19)
Our Inaugural Podcast!  We run down week 7 in the NFL and preview week 8. We also talk about the world series, the NHL, and more!
October 26, 2019