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Ideas in a Bottle

Ideas in a Bottle

By Bottle
A weekly podcast featuring entrepreneurs and industry leaders having candid conversations about their work, productivity, team management, and more.
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Work-life balance for Remote Work
Shreyas Koushik is an executive coach and founder at Get Set Rise Coaching. He has had a lot of experience in training executives from across the world, and in this episode, he shares his learning about how founders (like himself) have adapted to the remote world. Most importantly, how have they managed to maintain a balance between their work and life. Shreyas bursts many myths about what people usually think about when they have to maintain a work-life balance while working remotely. If you're a founder struggling to balance the two, you would be able to get many useful and actionable tips out of this episode that you can start implementing right away.
August 01, 2021
Personal branding for growing your startup
In this episode, we have a conversation with Dravisha Katoch, the founder of a non-profit ed-tech initiative - 'Learn for Less' about the importance of building a personal brand for startup founders, managers and employees. Dravisha has an impeccable personal brand herself and offers multiple workshops on personal brand building.
July 25, 2021
Exploring Startups as Students
Yashank and Laasya are the two of the most prolific student founders in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. In this episode, we talk about their journey interning at startups and starting one themselves. The problems they faced in the process and how they found the best-suited co-founders. This is a special episode just for all the students out there evaluating their choices - whether to work at a startup or an MNC or how to go about starting up as a student with the limited resources we have as students.
July 18, 2021
Managing personal and team productivity as a Founder
As an early-stage startup founder, it might get too intimidating to stay productive in the remote world while also looking out for your team's productivity. In this episode, Akash talks about his transition from an employee to a founder and how his ways of staying productive evolved as he stepped into a leadership role. If you're a founder yourself, struggling to stay productive, this might be a great source of inspiration for you.
July 11, 2021
Working Remotely as a Designer
In this episode, we will discuss a rather interesting topic about working remotely as a designer. The guest for this podcast is Aditya das, a designer at a startup called FrontRow and has had a lot of experience working in the product design space. If you want to reach out to Aditya after listening to this conversation, you can do so via Twitter. There’s a lot of amazing career advice for people who want to make it as a designer and for startup founders looking to hire designers. This conversation would help you understand the point of view of a designer in the remote world. We also have a fun segment towards the end that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. So what exactly are you waiting for? Click play and listen in!
July 04, 2021
Working in a Post-Apocalyptic World
Rehan Gupta is the Co-founder of Bottle Co. and the guest for the first episode of the Ideas in a Bottle podcast. In this conversation, we will discuss how the pandemic has affected the work culture at big companies and startups like Bottle. We discuss how leadership styles have adapted to the remote work environment and what role "drop-in audio" platforms play in workplace socialization. Rehan talks about an optimistic perspective of work from home and the future of work that would follow as the pandemic comes to an end as a staunch supporter of remote work.
June 21, 2021
Introduction to Ideas in a Bottle
Welcome to Ideas in a Bottle! This is an introduction to our weekly podcast featuring entrepreneurs and industry leaders having candid conversations about their work, productivity, team management, and more.
June 16, 2021