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Boujie Media - The ISO Diaries

Boujie Media - The ISO Diaries

By BoujieLou
Boujie Media is a digital production company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Boujie Media was born from a love and enthusiasm for production. A passion for diversity, inclusion, culture, people development, and raising aspirations with a desire to make accessible digital content that can be shared across social media platforms. This podcast details Team Boujie's journey through isolation and beyond.
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The ISO Creative Diaries with Tanya Vital
We had the pleasure of interviewing Tanya Vital. Tanya is an Actor/Writer/Digital Content Producer/Podcaster with a long list of illustrious credits to her name. We discuss her fantastic career to date, her new digital web series For T'Culture and her podcast Dominican Dad. Please check out our website to read the accompanying blog page. Next Episode we discuss The Inner Critique and ways to silence it with Tracy Forsyth New Intro track music from Claire Batchelor - composer
May 28, 2020
Episode 1 - The ISO Hair Diaries
Isolation has changed the way we think about all aspects of our life as a family; we lead such busy lives and sticking to convenient routines used to just make so much sense! Going natural wasn't an easy decision, in fact, I was invited to be part of hair groups long before I went natural and when I joined the group It was purely because I wanted to expand my networks. I was very sceptical, I mean why on earth would I want to go back to my natural hair. I'd not seen my natural hair since the age of 13, 1993 may have been an excellent year for RnB, but my edges weren't laid, and my short 4C hair wasn't gonna bring the boys to my yard! This podcast discusses the hair journies of Sam and Elisha from Boujie Media. And our special guests Angela who owns Body You Lovely a company that specialises in natural homemade hair and body products and Serena a broadcast professional who is embarking on an at-home natural hair course via Whatsapp.
May 06, 2020
Pilot Episode
The pilot episode of Boujie Media's The ISO diaries. Conversations with Team Boujie Media and friends. Discussing life while in isolation and exploring our differing opinions of society and the impact social distancing is having on us.
April 15, 2020