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The Bounce Back Podcast

The Bounce Back Podcast

By Maëlis Mittig
Welcome to the bounce back podcast! This podcast is about all things yoga as it relates to being a tool for resiliency. We’re here to bring you integrative and applicable content to help you be at the top of your game mentally, physically and spiritually. We’ll dive into conversations with fascinating guests who range from new and seasoned yoga students, emotional intelligence experts, gurus, entrepreneurs, athletes, doctors and of course, some of the best yogi teachers out there. Thank you so much for listening. We wish you many bounce backs. Namaste, Maëlis
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#31: When it's time for something new, the end.
Tune in to the BBP's finale with host, Maëlis Mittig, and producer, Emeka Nwakibu! Plenty of yoga talk, Big Sean and Chance quotes, random off-track side convos, and a recap of each one of our cherished 30 episodes and some of the gems we took away from this project.  It's time for something new, and we're evolving to a new project, so it's "sees you later!" Thank you for listening, for sharing, for growing with us over the last 2+ years. Thank you to all our amazing guests who shared so much wisdom -- we had so much fun on this journey!! 
March 2, 2021
#30, Ft. Sarah Glenn | Designing a life you deserve, successful entrepreneurship, yin yoga, hard vs. unknown
Welcome to episode 30!  Our guest on today's episode is the amazing Sarah Glenn. Sarah is a life and career coach, who cares deeply about helping her clients (including our host!) reach the life and career they deserve. She has nearly a decade of experience supporting over 3,700 individuals with goal setting, career, and life design, and has also supported over 150 businesses with their recruiting and staffing strategies. She has been meticulously trained through the Robbins-Madanes School of Coaching as a career and life coach and has extensive experience as a recruiter, manager, business developer, and coach. What people are staying:  "More value in 6 months of coaching than in 10 years of therapy. Sarah helped me have more self-compassion, while also working with me to create a plan that I felt good about to move forward with my life." --  "Sarah absolutely changed my life.” “I got my life back.” In this episode, we cover:  how Sarah helps her clients bounce back   how yoga plays a role in her current bouncing all things life and career coaching yin yoga and why Sarah practices this style at this time in her life consistency and mindset tips work/life dynamics how it's okay to feel neutral about situations  hard vs. unknown  recent breakthroughs around the idea that life can be easy group coaching how to design a life you deserve how to bounce back to center and ground in learning to create goals for YOU and not for others  ... and more! If you've been curious about life coaching, this is the episode for you.  You can find Sarah on instagram: @skglenn15 @completely_coaching or her website:  an @itsnationdotcom production, #goodinanyhood | @bounceyogaco #thebouncebackpodcast
February 1, 2021
#29, Ft. Maëlis Mittig (Interviewed my Marcus Mosby) | Consistency, hosting the BBP, staying above the line, changing the world with self-care
In the first episode of the year, we switched it up and had Maëlis' partner, Marcus, in the interviewer's seat.  We covered topics like:  What bouncing back means to the BBP host  What’s one thing she wishes she had known when she began the 2020 year One thing she wishes she had known prior to starting a podcast  What advice she would give someone wanting to pursue a path similar to hers What are the best resources that have helped her along the way What’s something people seem to misunderstand about her The student that touched her heart and how it changed her practice What makes her feel inspired or like her best self What advice would she give to her 18-year old self What’s the most important thing she's learned in her life What is her best tip for making the world a better place If she could do anything to improve health and healthcare in America, what would it be The power of Orangetheory fitness and fitness in general  Following your heart  And always, the power of yoga as a tool to cultivate resiliency and bouncing back from setbacks.  You can follow Maëlis on Instagram: @felizmaelis and the BBP on Instagram @bounceyogaco You can follow Itsnation Entertainment production: @itsnationdotcom 
January 4, 2021
#28, Ft. Sheffy Minnick | Growing up with yoga, running, the myth of conflict resolution
In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with my PSU "frat brother" (AKPsi, what's up!?), Sheffy Minnick, about the ways in which yoga has helped her bounce back from setbacks, from a young age to today. It was beautiful to hear about how in her childhood in India, yoga was approached as a medicine, and how she now shares this with her own children. We also talk about her passion for running, dance, and her fascinating role as a Facilitated Dialogue Practitioner and a Sociologist.  As the Facilitation Training Manager for World in Conversation, a Center for Public Diplomacy at Penn State University, Sheffy has dedicated over a decade of her career to developing, designing, and teaching students the fundamentals of sociological conversations. The work she does is based on research, development, and execution in the realm of sociology and dialogue. When she is not working, she is running, writing, and mothering two beautiful kids (seven and four). As she says, "everything I do is a piece that continues to create who I am." More on Sheffy: Follow Sheffy on Instagram: We can't wait for you to hear this month's BBP episode, and we wish you many bounce backs! Est. 2018: A Nation Entertainment production | | @bounceyogaco | 
December 7, 2020
#27, Ft. Briani Claggett | Women's health, cyclical syncing and yoga, creative blueprint for optimal flow, breathwork and embodiment
In this episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with the brilliant Briani Claggett. Briani is the founder and chief educator of Nu Rhythms, an online platform, and community created for purpose-driven women who seek to reclaim the power & wisdom of their bodies. She uses her education in International Health from Johns Hopkins University and her certifications in yoga to bring a holistic approach to women's sexual health and spiritual wellness. Through Nu Rhythms, Briani offers classes, workshops, and courses that help her students reclaim and express the Truth of who they are.  We cover topics like:  how cyclical tracking and syncing can help you bounce back from setbacks faster and plan out your month optimally  the power of breathwork & movement and how it has helped Briani manage difficult emotions what styles of yoga work for what phase of your menstrual cycle  Briani's research around the fluctuations of energy and how to reconnect with our bodies  the 4 phases of our cycles and how can we track them to better understand ourselves  making periods fun again (!!) creating a blueprint based on our monthly cycle to help us tap into our creative energy tapping into our true feminine power and reclaiming ourselves  Embodiment and how to integrate our wisdom into our day to day life Briani's research on women's health and why she chose to focus her work on women  how yoga helps us bounce back from setbacks  Special Guest: Simone from Live from the pack seat  Follow Briani on Instagram:
November 3, 2020
#26, Ft. Emily Harman: 30 days of yoga, 38 years in the Navy, setting goals, moving Onward
Emily Harman is a powerful woman who I greatly respect and look up to. She has 38 years of service to her country as both a Naval Officer and civilian federal employee. Emily retired as a member of the Senior Executive Service in May 2019. Emily’s last assignment was Director of the Department of the Navy's Office of Small Business Programs where she served as the chief advisor to the Secretary of the Navy on all small business matters. Emily finds deep satisfaction in helping others achieve their goals and realize their potential. She continues to serve through her business, Emily Harman Coaching and Consulting, LLC, as a personal life coach, a small business consultant, and the host of Onward Podcast. She recently agreed to do a 30-day yoga challenge and come chat with us about the results... and how she's still going!  what happened after 30 days of consistent yoga and meditation how Emily gets so much done  productivity hacks 
October 5, 2020
#25, Ft. Bridgette Lewis: The Bounce Back Coach, empowering women, stories for the books @bridgettespeaks on Instagram  Bridgette Lewis is a Woman with vision, indomitable spirit, and an iron will to win!  Bridgette’s get back-up fighting spirit would never let her quit.  She has learned hard lessons in the valleys of life (which we hear about in this episode) but gained wisdom and insight during the process. It's her mission in life to teach Women how to shift their mindset so that they can live a life filled with purpose. Bridgette walks in her purpose restoring hope as a Speaker, published Author, and workshop facilitator. ​She has been speaking publicly for two decades. Her conversational talks are based on her experience. Today, Bridgette is an Author of her recently penned book “From Pitfalls to Purpose” appearing in countless media outlets, magazine articles and speaking on dozens of podcast episodes. She boldly applies time tested principles to help each person gain hope and inner healing by learning to “do the work.” In this episode, Ms. Bridgette shares with us some wild stories, how yoga became a daily practice for her, and the why behind her mission to help us bounce back from setbacks. 
September 8, 2020
#24, Ft. Keith Golden: A mission to inspire continues
"Strong Practice, Strong Life" Welcome to Episode 24, where we catch up with THE Keith Golden, our very first guest on the show, to chat about how a couple of things have evolved over the last year and a half like:  How Keith's practice/teachings have evolved towards functional movement  Whether or not we are still down to teach Donald Trump a class 🙄 (taking one for the team here, he clearly needs it)  Men in yoga How Keith has continued his mission to inspire .... and more. We also talked about:  How Keith shares a birthday with Malcolm X and his experience growing up Black in the US  The Black Lives Matter movement and why it’s important to love yourself before you engage in conversations How Keith sees himself as someone who battles racism, not as a victim of racism Victim vs. fighter  Why after George Floyd's death so many people reached out saying "I'm sorry" (and Keith puts me on the spot and asks me if I get upset as a woman since no one apologized when for example Epstein cases come out)  His teacher Mr. Hooper who made a big difference in his life in the 80s (and who he's reconnected with since!!) How being Black in America is different than being Black in Denmark (and France, and almost everywhere else in the world)  Being as cool as possible  The importance of conversations and dialoguing/listening to people  Being open to experiences vs. statistics  ... and last but not least, how to make life better for people.  You can connect with Keith on Instagram: @keith_golden, Facebook: or on his website: **An Itsnation TV production: @itsnationdotcom for more #goodinanyhood content** 
August 3, 2020
#23, Ft. Moradeyo Adeyi | An Open Secret, relationships, wellness for Black Liberation , daily yoga
AN OPEN SECRET BLOG: AN OPEN SECRET: ESSAYS ON LOVE BOOK: ($12 + free fast shipping with prime… support your girl!) INSTAGRAM: @alwaysmlove In this episode, we discuss: a regular yoga practice  the importance of daily self-care ritual  what is an open secret?  relationships  communication  and more...  Moradeyo Adeyi is a Nigerian-American woman, the child of immigrants, a sister, a partner, a friend. In addition to that, she is a social worker, adjunct professor, published author, & freelancer. On her blog, “An Open Secret” Moradeyo started off offering space to discuss the complexities of relationships. She started out sharing stories from Black women and men on the topics of love, sex, and dating, and has recently expanded to focusing on centering Black bodies, exploring relationships from a different angle, and adding additional space to talk about wellness and social justice. In March of 2019, Moradeyo wrapped up ten years of love with a book, AnOpenSecret: Essays on Love. You can buy her book, a raw, funny, joyful, intimate, relatable and beautiful read on Amazon. “As a black woman, the decision to love yourself just as you are is a radical act. And I’m as radical as they come.” ― Bethanee Epifani J. Bryant In the episode, Moradeyo recommends the book, “Attached” by Amir Levine and Rachel S. F. Heller
July 6, 2020
#22, Ft. KristaLyn A. Vetovich | Raising collective consciousness through fictional reading & writing
How do we raise the collective consciousness and our own vibration through reading, writing, and intentional entertainment? How do we heal emotional trauma through the process of consuming High-Vibe content and journaling or writing? How can reading and writing help us bounce back faster and in what ways are they part of a yogic path? We're thrilled to have internationally Bestselling Author of more than ten books and holistic coach mentored by Marianne Williamson, KristaLyn A. Vetovich on this episode of The Bounce Back Podcast. KristaLyn strives to write high vibration stories that birth fandoms. She is an astrologist and metaphysical expert with two decades of independent and traditional publishing experience who helps people find emotional healing through the joy of entertainment and Divine timing. She currently works with The Author Incubator helping people write books that make a difference. In this episode, we discuss:  reading and writing as tools to bounce back from setbacks  the benefits of a steady yoga practice upleveling energy healing  imagination as a tool to heal  creation of fictional characters  content digestion and impact  High Vibe Bookclub  ... and more.  KristaLyn lives in a treehouse in Elysburg, Pennsylvania with her husband and corgis, Jack and Zelda. You can reach her via her website: or on Instagram: @therealkristalyn
June 1, 2020
#21, Ft. Emeka Nwakibu “You don’t have to hit rock bottom” with the producer of The Bounce Back Podcast, @itsnationdotcom
On this episode of the BBP, we chat about the concept of "hitting rock bottom" and whether this is a must to reach high levels of success, with the producer of this podcast, Emeka (Mek) Nwakibu.  Our hypothesis: you don't have to hit rock bottom.  We chat about things like: Not getting stuck  Not letting ourselves hit rock bottom after setbacks  What is rock bottom? The importance of our inner dialogue Giving/receiving advice Filling our time with positive activities Being patient with ourselves Stacking good things  You can follow Mek's work and get the latest #goodinanyhood swag here: | @itsnationdotcom 
May 4, 2020
#20, (BONUS EPISODE) Ft. Gina Rollo White | Mindfulness for first responders, front line workers, navigating COVID-19
We dedicate this episode to everyone on the front line and everyone working to make a positive difference at this time. We see you, we appreciate you, and we honor you. This bonus episode is for you. Gina Rollo White is the Founder of the non-profit, Mindful Junkie. I had the great pleasure of meeting Gina at Lululemon’s International Women’s Day event in DC last month where she and I spoke about doing an episode down the line, but since this type of information is needed now, we decided to get on zoom and do the thing.  In this episode, we talk about how mindfulness can measurably reduce stress and increase wellness for frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and why it is so important to practice mindfulness techniques during this crisis. We focus on topics like: Stress management Situational awareness Interpersonal relations Responding vs reacting Trauma and what it is Mindstate regulation Body scans  Smiling at bus drivers and the little things that can make a difference  ... and more. Gina Rollo White grew up in a household with two parents who were first responders, and as a child, she saw how the sacrifices her parents made for their communities not only took a toll on their physical and mental health but also created strain at home and in the family. Gina has spent the last 7 years creating mindfulness workshops and helping our front line heroes stay at the top of their game. Although she primarily works with first responders such as EMS, paramedics, police officers and firefighters (the individuals who put their lives on the line to ensure public safety), she is also sharing her workshops at this time to all front-line workers, as well as everyone and anyone who needs support with their mental health at this time. She has worked with leadership from police departments, fire departments, and special task force detectives, delivering curriculum specifically tailored to those working in high trauma environments. The Criminal Justice Mindfulness Training Curriculum authored by Gina Rollo White was DCJS approved and has been used as the backbone for all the mindfulness workshops for first responders. Gina is also an experienced Pilates instructor and has been training with techniques passed down from Joseph Pilates for over 10 years. She believes in the mind-body connection, and she felt a strong pull to incorporate training the mind as part of her physical training efforts.  Gina believes that for optimum health, it is important to train your body and mind together. The non-profit Mindful Junky's mission is to empower first responders with mindfulness strategies to be safe, healthy, and emotionally regulated. They give first responders tools to deal with stress and trauma, as well as increase compassion and empathy. They teach first responders how to manage reactions, notice impulses, and work through emotions - on the job and when they go home. You can connect with Gina at and @mindfuljunkie on Instagram Special shoutout to Revive Juice ( for their support in bringing healthy juices to nurses and doctors around the DMV as well as parts of Pennsylvania. You can donate healthy, uplifting juices directly to doctors and nurses by ordering juice at
April 29, 2020
#19, (part two) Ft. Sidney McNairy IV | Big truss, big Love
Part two of episode 18 with @sidneymcnairyiv is live on all the podcast streaming platforms you love⚡️✨🎊 In this second segment of a conversation with Sidney McNairy IV — the owner of @thetribe4warriors, entrepreneur, community leader, visionary and yoga instructor — we chat about how easy it is to get stuck in our stories and how hard it is to shift the narrative to move past certain trauma/hurt. We talk about that moment when we are able to shift the story and how that can become the bounce back. We also talk about "I" statements, baby steps to veganism, big love, big truss, shifting perspective to bounce back and directing your concentration. Tune in to learn more about Sidney and to hear his wisdom on how yoga helps us develop our [mind body spirit] strength and highest potential. Shoutout to @itsnationdotcom production 🎥 Learn more about Sidney and his incredible mission at "Once awareness takes place, we have a new choice." 
April 20, 2020
#18, (part one) Ft. Sidney McNairy IV | 4 Warriors Yoga, fire, evolving narratives, brotherhood
Part one of episode 18 with @sidneymcnairyiv is live on all the podcast streaming platforms you love⚡️✨🎊 In this first segment of a conversation with Sidney McNairy IV — owner of @thetribe4warriors, entrepreneur, community leader, visionary and yoga instructor — we chat about his definition of bouncing back, owning our #truths, allowing our narratives/stories to evolve, yoga (😌), being a big brother and more. Tune in to learn more about Sidney and to hear his wisdom on how yoga helps us develop our [mind body spirit] strength and highest potential. Part two drops on 4/20 | shoutout to @itsnationdotcom 🎥 learn more about Sidney and his incredible mission at
April 6, 2020
#17, Ft. Venay Puri | Beating thyroid cancer, throat chakra, yoga for special needs & vipassana meditation
Venay Puri is a former rower at Cornell who has been in and around fitness throughout his life. Born and raised in Northern Virginia, at 24, Venay opened and operated Ozone, a fitness facility in downtown Orlando. After building the membership base to over 2,000 with a strong support staff, Venay went on to purse a JD/MBA and consult in Regulatory Compliance at investment banks Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. In the Fall of 2017, Venay enrolled at Yoga Teacher Training (YTT-200) at Lifetime at Lifetime Reston. Due to an unexpected diagnosis of thyroid cancer, Venay withdrew from the course for surgery and treatment. In the Fall 2018, Venay re-enrolled in YTT200, however, an unexpected diagnosis of autism of Venay’s child resulted in a second withdrawal to focus on support. In the Fall 2019, Venay completed YT200 and completed Vipassana, a 10-day 100 hour meditation instruction, in Denver, CO. Today, Venay teaches adaptive yoga classes for child and young adults with special needs, yoga clinics and meditation at ACAC Germantown as well as in and around the greater Washington metropolitan area.
March 2, 2020
#16, Ft. ELYZA DOLBY | Facing our traumas, non-judgement and cacao love
Elyza Dolby is a 500-RYT yoga instructor, and self-proclaimed professional soul seeker currently living in Baltimore, Maryland with her pup, Beamer. She teaches yoga full-time in both public and private settings, while also managing a local studio, Movement Lab. When she isn't on her mat, she is probably pulling tarot, taking a training of some kind, putting her feet on Pachamama, dancing like there's no tomorrow, or chasing the sun. She has lovingly been called a "G.S.D. Moon Goddess" due her her passionate (Get Sh*t Done) approach to all things yoga and healing, while still fully embracing her "woo-woo" side and holding space for the divine feminine to do beautiful work through the softer channels of life.​ Her journey with yoga first began in the late 90's at a YMCA on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where she decided she was NOT a fan. She eventually returned "home" to her mat after years of self-destruction and spiraling after a traumatic experience which we discuss on the show. She has since been on a transformative roller-coaster of a journey that has involved daily practice, meditation, travel, and lots of trial and error. Her goal is to share her personal story and her love of yoga, in all of its forms, so that others might find their own light and healing. Check out all of Elyza's work and attend her upcoming classes here: ----- As always, we wish you many bounce backs. 
February 3, 2020
#15, Ft. Zaineb "Zizi" Hassan | Yoga for elite athletes, connection & success
Zaineb "ZiZi" Hassan is a certified yoga Specialist (RYT-500 HR), a Lululemon ambassador and the boss woman behind ZiZi Yoga which she started in February of 2016. She is the true definition of "hustle harmoniously and humbly." Zizi specializes in sports performance yoga and works with Elite Athletes worldwide. She was born and raised in the Middle East and moved to America in 2008 to attend Towson University. After the completion of her PharmD at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy & Johns Hopkins University, Zizi moved to Georgetown and realized that yoga was her full time calling. She has been practicing herself for over 12 years and knows the importance of yoga and meditation in stressful situations. She started focusing on teaching Performance Athletes her specific style of yoga practice which primarily entails dynamic, static movement & mindfulness meditation. She now dedicates her time to helping the elite prepare for competition and everyday life, focusing on physical and mental strength facilitated through yoga and meditation. WORK WITH ZIZI: | INSTAGRAM: IN THIS EPISODE, WE CHAT ABOUT: - What Bouncing Back means to Zizi - How she got into yoga and where she is now - How music plays a role in class - Meditation & mindfulness for elite athletes and how it enhances performance - What key teachings/"aha" moments did Zizi receive which lead to her becoming a full-time yoga entrepreneur - Zizi's favorite books, poems, savasana readings - Why is yoga still getting some resistance amongst athletes and where should they start - The importance of staying leveled and surrounding ourselves with a great circle of friends and mentors - Success stories with clients & proud moments  - Being part of a student's developmental journey - Teaching others how to bounce back  - Zizi's personal tips on how to bounce back SHOUTOUTS TO: @lululemon @sunsetrawjuicebar @columbia and more.... ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
January 6, 2020
#14, Ft. DIVA YOGI (Michelle Stafford, The Goat) | For the love of humans, our personal stories, knee injuries and yoni eggs
In this episode, we had the absolute pleasure to chat with Michelle Stafford aka Diva Yogi about all things: - What bouncing back means to Michelle - How she got into yoga  - Understanding pain, knee injury recovery, physical therapy - Being a meathead at Gold's Gym - The evolution of representation/diversity in the yoga community  - Empathy and choosing where to extend ourselves  - Her personal struggles and how she has used them to bounce back and help others do the same - Her love of humans  - How meditation is a communal power  - Women empowerment - Veganism, not eating alone, eating in season, and shopping local  - Yoni eggs and our sacred wombs - What D.I.V.A. stands for
November 25, 2019
#13, Ft. D'ijae (Deedee) Ellis | Jamaica edition: Bouncing back through Tai Chi, dance and community
An impromptu episode in Negril, Jamaica with D'ijae Ellis, a young 18-year-old woman who overcomes obstacles through tai chi, dancing, community and more. I was so impressed with everything D'ijae was telling me when we met that I asked her to come on the podcast and share her tools with us. There's so much impacting teenagers in 2019 and she's got it figured out. 
November 10, 2019
#12, Ft. Neal Stokes | Men who yoga & bouncing back from sports injuries
In this episode, we interview Neal Stokes, owner of Dream Fit Wellness. You can follow Neal's journey on Instagram: @dreamfitwellness We chat all things:  Accidentally stumbling into a yoga teacher training How yoga helps you build confidence and being more in tune with your body The little victories that make yoga a great tool for compounding progress How yoga never gets boring and is a never ending source of inspiration Transformation starts with an honest assessment How to help clients stay focused on their goals Breakup week and timed crying How to handle being vata 3 top things learned from yoga teaching and training Men and yoga Top issues plaguing manhood in this country How Aggression and pita imbalance are destroying our planet How gallantry is bouncing back How yoga is helping men be more in tune with themselves and others Why we need more male yoga teachers Hot yoga vs regular yoga benefits Neal’s favorite yoga pose and how grocery shopping helps him bounce back
October 27, 2019
#11, Ft. Chris Parkison | How yoga helps power-up your career
Chris Parkison has been an athlete all his life- from team and individual sports as a kid and adolescent to triathlons and bodybuilding as an adult. He teaches Pilates and Group Fitness as Group Fitness Manager at VIDA Fitness but his true passion is yoga.  Like many yogis in the DC area, Chris was a full time office worker (lawyer) before being introduced to yoga and decided to switch careers a little over 7 years ago. Chris leads a 200- hour Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher Training program at VIDA and leads a retreat each year to St. Lucia: He is also creator and host of the DC Yoga Podcast:
September 10, 2019
#10, Ft. Schyler Sootho | MMA fighting and yoga: Resiliency is a courageous art
What’s a martial artist and why is yoga a key tool for professional MMA fighters to bounce back from setbacks?🧐 In this podcast episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Schyler Sootho, a Pro MMA Fighter out of Baltimore, Maryland, and the #4th ranked Pro Mens Lightweight in Virginia. He’s been fighting professionally since 2016 with a focus on Muay Thai and Jujitsu. He teaches at Ground Control in Columbia, a mixed martial arts gym. His next fight in November at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore.  You can follow him on instagram: @kai_sootho In this episode, we'll discuss:  What are the different types of martial arts? How is the headspace different and the same in yoga vs. fighting? How does yoga help us in literal and metaphorical “fights”? Why do athletes practice yoga for optimal performance? The importance of breath Why drastic shifts can help you come out of stagnancy Interconnection of physical skills, mental resiliency and mindfulness The power of solo traveling Tips on starting a yoga practice
August 7, 2019
#9, Ft. Christi Albert | CBD, Plant Medicine and Ayurveda with Yogi-preneur
Ellister's Elixirs is a collection of Organic, plant-based Skincare and Holistic Wellness Products, handmade in small batches by owner Christi Albert. Christi completed her Bachelor of Science in Bio-Behavioral Health and spent the next five years traveling through Europe, Central & South America, Southeast Asia and India. During this time she studied Amazonian Plant Medicine, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurvedic Healing. Upon moving home, she started Ellister's Elixirs as a way to fuse her knowledge of Western Science and Eastern Healing. Products include Essential Oil Roller Blends, Skin Salves, Scrubs, and Herbal Tinctures. @ellisters_elixirs
July 1, 2019
#8, Ft. Dr. Jonina Turzi | Oneness, Deep Core, and the Vagus nerve
How does the body bounce back from setbacks and how does yoga facilitate the process? What if we could get out of our own way and surrender to the perfection of our anatomical systems? In this episode we dive into the anatomy of the human body, core muscles, alignment yoga practices, our innate bounce back systems, "real vibes only" and the importance of acknowledging negativity and alchemizing it, as well as how postural stability leads to physiological release, sobriety, veganism and other socially relevant yoga practices.  Jonina Turzi is a Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware, a yoga teacher and an educator. She is the owner of West End Yoga Studio in Lancaster, PA, where she practices integrative bodywork including visceral and craniosacral manipulation and Functional Manual Therapy.  More about Dr, Turzi:  Certified Functional Manual Therapist through the Institute of Physical Art Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University 200-hour teaching certificate in Hatha yoga from the Himalayan Institute Art of Attention Teacher Training with Elena Brower. Founder of The Farm Sanctuary Creator of The Yoga Sanctuary School 200-hour alignment teacher training  You can follow Jonina's activism, bodywork and more at: We hope this episode brings you applicable wisdom and as always, we wish you many bounce backs! 
June 5, 2019
#7, Ft. Jordan Steffy | Loving people to success, compounding habits and giving back
On this episode of The Bounce Back Podcast we have the pleasure of hearing from Jordan Steffy, founder of Attollo Prep, Children Deserve a Chance Foundation, entrepreneur and Philanthropist. As an athlete and community leader, Jordan shares with us the keys to cultivate resiliency in our minds, bodies and spirit.  “As someone who's been surrounded by big thinkers, who aim to solve big problems, I'm very interested in creating opportunities for first generation college goers and those coming from lower socioeconomic backgrounds.” Attollo, a college preparatory program in the heart of Lancaster, PA, develops change agents, leaders who act as catalysts for transformation, with the help of academically aware students, proud parents, an engaged community, and a staff that leads by example. They have worked with hundreds of scholars from high schools in Central Pennsylvania and are expanding at dramatic speed.  In this episode we will discuss:  The deeper meaning of resiliency and how to cultivate it  What it means to be a product of your surroundings  How to start over when you realize you've surrounded yourself with the wrong crowd  Playing offense in life  Events + Response = Outcomes (E+R=0)   Paying forward vs. paying it back  How life is happening for us and not to us  Responding vs. Reacting  Creating a habit of resiliency  The importance of challenging yourself physically  .... and more!  Follow Jordan and Attollo on Instagram: @jordan_steffy + @attolloprep -------------------------------------------------        This episode is sponsored by Rijuice (@rijuicefam), the king of juice and a forward-tasting beverage crafting company located in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. Rijuice works intimately with over 100 local farmers in the Lancaster County and Central PA region to craft beverages that are second to none in regards to freshness and flavor. They are a premier source of organic, local and naturally crafted farm to bottle beverages and they deliver from Washington, DC to NYC so tune in to today's special offer code for 10% OFF your online orders. Life in a bottle is about to hit your doorsteps! 
May 14, 2019
#6, Ft. Brianna Wiest | Yoga is emotional intelligence
Visit for books & info For daily words:  You can also read her articles on Facebook   Brianna Wiest is a writer and author. She has published thousands of articles that have been read by millions of people throughout the world. She is a senior contributor at Forbes and half a dozen other national publications, has written for Fortune 500 companies, traveled internationally as a reporter, and is the author of five books including 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think and I Am The Hero Of My Own Life. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband.    In today’s episode, we will get to know Brianna and cover topics like emotional intelligence, trauma, the law of least effort, cellular memory and what it means to be MID BOUNCE. We’ll get to know Brianna’s techniques for releasing stagnant energy and even bless you with a beautiful Tibetan Prayer so get comfy and enjoy the magic that follows.   This episode is sponsored by Rijuice (@rijuicefam), the king of juice and a forward-tasting beverage crafting company located in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. Rijuice works intimately with over 100 local farmers in the Lancaster County and Central PA region to craft beverages that are second to none in regards to freshness and flavor. They are a premier source of organic, local and naturally crafted farm to bottle beverages and they deliver from Washington, DC to NYC so tune in to today's special offer code for 10% OFF your online orders. Life in a bottle is about to hit your doorsteps! 
April 24, 2019
#5, Ft. Betsy Heeney | Aging in bliss, how meditation and yoga help you stay bouncy
When you think of growing old, what comes up for you? If it's negative, listen up! We're here with the fierce and hilarious Betsy Heeney to chat about reconstructing the negative ties to aging and embracing growing old, old people and everything aging. We're here to talk about why we've taken up such a downer and limiting, "You're too old for this" mentality and how age is a mindset. Whether you're in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, you'll love this conversation and perhaps share it with your elders :)   *******************  Betsy is the host of the new podcast conversations, "Elder & Wiser Podcast" dedicated to shining light on shifting the paradigm of ageism in our culture. If you're not familiar with the term: ageism, here is a great definition by the World Health Organization:   *******************  "Ageism is the stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination against people on the basis of their age. Ageism is widespread and an insidious practice which has harmful effects on the health of older adults. For older people, ageism is an everyday challenge. Overlooked for employment, restricted from social services and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalizes and excludes older people in their communities. Ageism is everywhere, yet it is the most socially “normalized” of any prejudice, and is not widely countered – like racism or sexism. These attitudes lead to the marginalization of older people within our communities and have negative impacts on their health and well-being."    *******************  In this episode, we'll answer questions chat about things such as:   How is yoga a tool for resiliency as we grow older?   What is ageism?  How do we shift the negativity around ageism and the disconnect between age groups?   How do we as millennial and bellow 40'ers re-encapsulate the desire to honor our elders, to support our elders and to respect the aging process? What does it mean to go from a focus on retiring to "rewiring?"  Why do different cultures see elders as the highest, most respected members of society while others go the opposite direction?   Why don't "old people" and "young people" merge together more in the United States?  What is meditation and how does it benefit us?   Why is it important to sit on a prop in meditation?   *******************  Mentions:   Eat Feel Fresh by Sahara Rose  Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning   Greater Baltimore Yoga - Stan Andrzejewski - Joan White - Johns Hopkins University - *******************  Podcast:   Email:  Instagram:    *******************  Let's spread some love for our elders, redefine growing old and keep the conversation going about yoga as a tool to keep the body jazzed up as we get older! 
April 4, 2019
#4, Ft. Yogini Kali Om | Peace of mind, dharma yoga and bouncing back from injuries
  ************ In this episode of The Bounce Back Podcast, our special guest, Gabrielle Sulc, takes us through her 20 year yoga journey, being initiated into Sri Dharma Mittra's family lineage, the necessity of moving past the labels, what resiliency means to her as it relates to yoga and a fascinating study by the navy seals that reveals our true capacity for surpassing our limits.    ************ We chat about dharma, being the sun, perfection, seeking knowledge, peace and more. Enjoy!     ************ "Our true nature is something like peace or internal bliss, underlying content state. Yoga helps us realize that this state is within us already and it's something that we have to realize, it's just covered up by a lot of stuff." -- Yogini Kali Om     ************ About Gabrielle:  Gabrielle began practicing yoga in 2000 and 10 years later found master teacher and guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. In 2015 Gabrielle received the honor of being initiated into Sri Dharma's family and lineage as Yogini Kali Om. Gabrielle has over 1000 hours of teacher training certifications and many more hours in workshops, immersions, and classes. She has completed trainings and studied with many teachers from many styles of yoga including: Dharma, Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga.   Her teachings are rooted in the 8 limbs of yoga, as described by Master Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras.  In a typical class you will find yourself practicing pranayama, meditating, chanting, deeply relaxing, and being challenged with physical postures.     ************ Gabrielle is the author of “My Life List: Yoga Journal” a reference book and guided journal that leads yoga practitioners from the foundation of yoga to developing their own personal practice and provides a method to record their path along the way. Yogini Kali leads her yoga teacher training program annually in Maryland and is a senior Dharma Yoga Teacher on staff at the center in NYC. She is based in Baltimore, Maryland you can find Gabrielle teaching classes locally and traveling for retreats and workshops.     ************ FIND HER AT:     ************ WISHING YOU MANY #BOUNCEBACKS ! 
March 18, 2019
#3, Ft. Monte Sanders | The Heart of a Lion, hall of fame trainer and Discipline
On this episode of The Bounce Back Podcast we had the pleasure of chatting with America’s favorite trainer, Monte Sanders, CEO of MBS (mind body spirit) Fitness Lab.    ************ Coach Monte’s method is a unique one that has successfully developed some of the greatest athletes including Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Aaron Maybin to name a few. Tune in to our discussion on the parallels between yoga and “traditional workouts.” We also chatted all things REVEALations, unconditional support, vision, purpose, yoga, aligning with the three parts (mind body spirit), self discovery and outgrowing parts of yourself in order to become the TOTAL man.    ************ You can follow Coach Sanders on Instagram @mbsfitnesslab and read more about what he’s up to now (like his brilliant 5:30a bootcamps, work with the police force, schools and more) at    ************ As always, THANK YOU so much for tuning in. If this podcast inspires you, please share, review and send us your thoughts so you can pass along the inspiration. May you be blessed with many #bouncebacks 🙏🏼 — Namaste, Maëlis, owner, Bounce Yoga LLC
February 8, 2019
#2, Ft. Esther Kim | Faith, motherhood and inversions
Welcome back for Episode 2 of #TBBP!    ************ On this episode of The Bounce Back Podcast, we welcome the inspiring Esther Kim who started her practice after her becoming a mom for the third time and realizing that she needed to get back to focusing on her well-being. Esther teaches intermediate and beginner vinyasa yoga with an emphasis on building strength and flexibility as well as mastering difficult poses such as handstands and other balancing poses. She has been practicing since 2012 and teaching since 2014. Esther is a 200-RYT after receiving her training from Kim Manfredi in 2014 and since then, she has studied with teachers such as Kino MacGregor, Kathryn Budig, Rodney Yee, Colleen Yee, and Dharma Mittra. She continues to draw inspiration from her fellow students and her own explorative curiosity in the yoga practice.    ************ She believes that there is no limit to your practice because yoga is a lifelong journey and we couldn't agree more. Also, check out her Instagram and you'll see her walk the walk!    ************ Her classes bring creative sequencing and challenge you to journey to new places in your asana practice. This one of a kind teacher reminds us to slow down, break it down step by step, and mostly to be kind to others and to ourselves. Esther reminds us that if we practice daily, we will see the results in our practice, in our bodies and in our lives off the mat. After mastering a pose, the way you come out on the other side with a different perspective, that’s where the goodness lies in teaching us resiliency.    ************ Esther’s story is a story of incredible bouncing back from physical setbacks (can you believe that just a few years ago, Esther had such bad wrist pain that she couldn't lift a cooking pan, look at her now!), the constant resiliency of motherhood, and her mission to share this practice and its benefits with others.      ************ You can find Esther’s latest yoga inspiration on her  (for real, check this out) and you can follow her journey at or by contacting her:    ************ NAMASTE
January 6, 2019
#1, Ft. Keith Golden | A Mission To Inspire
Welcome to the very first episode of The Bounce Back Podcast!   ************ The Bounce Back Podcast is a podcast about all things yoga as it relates to being a tool to cultivate resiliency. This podcast is produced by Nation Entertainment. We bring you wisdom on how yoga helps us bounce back from physical, psychological and spiritual setbacks. All of the guests on this show are amazing contributors to the yoga community and we are excited to have you here thank you for listening. ************ On this pilot episode, I had the pleasure of chatting about yoga with a great teacher of mine, Keith Golden, a former talented musician turned devout yogi. Keith is one of the best teachers I have ever come across and I’m sure one that will just keep on getting better and better. It’s a great honor to be able to go to Keith’s class on a weekly basis and to watch others and myself grow in the process. Visit to learn more about Keith and his practice.  ************ THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!  Your host,  Maëlis Mittg, Owner, Bounce Yoga ************ Produced by Emeka (Mek) Nwakibu, Nation Entertainment Keith Golden website: Keith Golden Instagram: Zach Deckelbaum - FRC & Kinstretch Teacher - Functional Range Conditioning Website -  Functional Range Conditioning Instagram -  Helen Heffer - Rubin Museum:  Monica Motley: Mike Ranfone:  Itsnation:  Itsnation Instagram:  Bounce Yoga: Bounce Yoga Instagram:  Bounce Yoga Facebook:  Bounce Yoga Twitter:  Bounce Yoga Linkedin: 
November 30, 2018