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By Paul Millerd
Reimagine Work is one of the top future of work podcasts hosted by Paul Millerd of Boundless. Reimagine Work explores our modern relationship with work and features conversations with philosophers, freelancers, self-employed entrepreneurs, thinkers and generous humans who share their perspective on the anxiety of the modern work experience, personal reinvention, creativity, sabbaticals, leisure, self-employment, unconventional living, digital nomadism, and corporate culture. Join Paul as he shares his own reflections and tries to learn from others
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Should Everyone Have A Coach? (Ben Brooks, Founder of Pilot)
Years ago, Ben wrote that his personal mission statement was “to help people reach their full potential” and our conversation touches on this theme in many different ways.  Ben is a former car rental pro turned consultant turned HR executive.  His work in HR landed him on the cover of Human Resource Executive but instead of staying on the path to CEO he decided to carve his own path. Our conversation touches on a number of issues including coaching, entrepreneurship, how his relationship with work has evolves, management versus leadership and what he wants written on his tombstone.  Some other topics we touch on: Ben’s motivation to work at Enterprise Rent-a-Car after college and what he learned His early entrepreneurial “ventures” starting at 12 years old How his mindset about work shifted as he became successful in the corporate world His experience hiring working with an executive coach in his late 20s His experience coaching and favorite exercises Why companies are scared of trusting their people Why being a manager is actually an incredible opportunity for people The learning and ownership upside of carving your own path The value of having advisors, friends of confidants to celebrate “wins” Balancing life & work and his personal sustainability Deciding to give himself a raise as an entrepreneur Links Mentioned: What coaches can do for you (HBR) Pilot: Executive Coaching For Organizations Ben Brooks Coaching Connect with Ben: LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter Boundless:  Want to support the podcast?  Offer a one-time or recurring donation on Boundless.   Check out Boundless - The Site For Creative & Curious Rebels
June 19, 2019
What living on a boat for 18 months can teach you about work & life (John Zeratsky)
John Zeratsky was a designer in the tech industry has worked with hundreds of startups in his time at Google Ventures.  He’s also obsessed with redesigning time and thinking about what matters in life.  Earlier this year he just got back from 18 months living on his boat "Pineapple" with his wife sailing around Central America, which he wrote about in an article titled “What quitting my job to sail around central america taught me about fulfillment.”  In this conversation we talk about: Growing up in a small lake community His love of sailing growing up Why him and his wife change their mind on taking the trip in 2015 Rethinking convenience and comfort What comforts are worth paying for Belonging and community How his relationship with money has changed How him and his wife are structuring their life to work how they want The one change that helps people be less addicted to their phones Links Mentioned: Designing Your Life Sprint: How To Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas In Just Five Days Make Time: How To Focus On What Matters Every Day Twitter: @jazer Want to support the podcast?  Offer a one-time or recurring donation on Boundless.  
June 12, 2019
Hannah Wei on her nomadic life, Muay Thai fights, Tinder experiments & community
Hannah Wei has been living as a digital nomad for the last four years traveling across the US, Canada and Southeast Asia.  When she is not working as a product consultant, she trains in Muay Thai, photographs people, and collaborates on local initiatives.   In our conversation we touch on many things, including: Her upbringing in China and move to the US Her creative inspirations as a child and how that evolved as she got older Her experiment to code a bot to swipe on Tinder and tell people’s stories What she has learned from Muay Thai Her decision to compete in a professional Muay Thai fight in Thailand What Muay Thai that has taught her about burnout, performance and success How she defines success as a nomad depending on the region she is in Follow Hannah Hannah’s Website Hannah on Twitter: @herlifeinpixels Her personal review Notion group How to pack up your life in eight steps Tinder Photography Bot Experiment  Want to support the podcast?  Offer a one-time or recurring donation on Boundless.  
June 5, 2019
Microadventures, Long-term Travel & Busking Through Europe (Alastair Humphreys
I talked to Alastair Humphreys after he had returned the previous night from a micro-adventure.  It wasn't a four year biking trip or a challenging long walk across the desert (he's done that though!), but instead a short overnight camping trip with himself to re-connect with nature and his adventurous spirit.  He helps others think about how they can design similar micro-adventures to find joy in the "5 to 9" rather than doing everything in service of the 9 to 5. Links Mentioned: Alastair Humphries Subscribe to his newsletter "living adventurously" His new book: My Midsummer Morning: Rediscovering How to Live Adventurously Hardcover – May 30, 2019  Want to support the podcast?  Offer a one-time or recurring donation on Boundless. 
May 22, 2019
Dreaming, starting a tribe & living on an island with three kids (Ben Keene)
After attending a few corporate recruiting sessions, he didn't take for granted that his path was to enter the corporate world.  Twenty years later, he is still carving his own path and has recently returned from Koh Lanta, where he lived with his three children in Thailand for the last six months.  We Talked About Ben starting a "tribe" in Fiji Early internet adventures His experiences coaching people with career transition The decision to move to Thailand with his three kids for six months Using "no code" tools to start things like Rebel Book Club How to think about a career in today's world How finding a friend is one of the most important things to head in a new direction Links Mentioned: Ben Keene's site Rebel Book Club Tribe Wanted Fiji Right to Dream Escape The City Moving to Koh Lanta with three kids His experience after the six-months in Thailand The 100 year life (book) Curiosity Conversations with Paul Want to support the podcast?  Offer a one-time or recurring donation on Boundless.
May 15, 2019
Heather McGowan on learning, adapting & identity in the future of work
Heather McGowan is the most thoughtful writer and speaker I follow on the future of work. She is able to connect the dots between work, culture, society and identity in a way that has captured the attention of many individuals, companies and universities around the world.  Heather’s career is also a perfect example of the type of path and work that was not possible in the past.  Reflecting on her path she admits “this field just sort of emerged.”  As her career has shifted more towards speaking, she has been able to design her life around learning.  Through her talks, she is able to get feedback and combined with her own curiosity, it helps her focus on what to learn next.   In the working world, she focuses on how we can think about learning and work in a more holistic way and traces many challenges back to education.  She cites research from Gallup showing that: “while 74% of surveyed fifth-graders are engaged with school, just 32% of surveyed 11th-graders are engaged.”  Perhaps some of that disengagement is because people aren’t too excited about their job prospects.  She worries that organizations in the short-term are still too focused on productivity, which depersonalizes the experience of work.  As work increasingly becomes specialized - she calls it “atomization” - she fears that we will increasingly only focused on “explicit knowledge” instead of the deeper tacit knowledge that makes us special.  Find out more about Heather's work here or follow her on Linkedin. ---- Boundless Support Reimagine Work Read About The Future of Work
May 8, 2019
Building A Company And Life Filled With Joy (Rich Sheridan, CEO)
Rich fell in love with coding as a child but lost that passion when coding just turned into a job in the late 1990s.  As he looked around and saw everyone overwhelmed in his industry, he decided to take a different path.  He co-founded of Menlo Innovations in 2001 with a personal mission to end human suffering in the workplace.  He is also the author of two books Joy, Inc. and Chief Joy Officer.  Hear about his company has achieved gender diversity in the workforce, introduced pay transparency, embraces pair-working methods across all functions and other transformative principles. Links/Books Mentioned Menlo Innovations Extreme Programming, Beck The Fifth Discipline, Senge Chief Joy Officer, Sheridan Joy, Inc. Sheridan Boundless (Learn More Here) Support Think-Boundless
May 1, 2019
A Mission-Driven Life & Career (Jerel Bonner)
Jerel calls himself one of the original "job-hoppers."  While he never found a great fit in the corporate world, in the 1980s, he was inspired by Steven Covey to develop a "personal mission statement."  He used this to shape his decisions in life. In the early 2000's he decided to shake it up and headed to China for what turned into a 14 year journey of learning and adventure. To learn more about Jerel click here. ---------- Boundless => Reimagine Work
April 24, 2019
How To Fill Your Morning With Purpose & Joy (Craig Kulyk)
I met Craig at a conference called The World Domination Summit and when he introduced himself he gave me a pack of tea with his business card on it. Everything he does is like this - packed with thoughtfulness and humor. Craig is also the creator of the Morning effect, something he ended up being passionate about after going from someone that hated mornings to a morning advocate over the past 7 years.  He defines the morning effect as: "the principle that what you choose to do in the morning can have an amazing impact on other parts of your life. It leads you to get up and be productive, do more of the things you wish you were doing, and embark on your days already feeling accomplished. All of that is a HUGE win, but honestly, it’s just the tip of the iceberg…" He’s experimented with 100 morning rituals over that time and now works with people to help them take back their mornings and find “another 20 hours” a week as he did. His story is more than another “hustle” hack - its grounded on bringing more presence, joy and creativity to ones life and is why I hope you check out the podcast this week! For More => The Morning Effect Boundless Page Books/Articles Mentioned: When by Daniel Pink The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg 127 Morning Rituals How to Schedule Your Workday 9 Lessons from a 9 Day Silent Meditation Retreat  Boundless / Reimagine Work: Support the podcast on Patreon  Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter on our modern conception of work 
April 17, 2019
Beyond Average: Co-Creating A Life & Company (Tanya Zhang & Wesley Kang,
Wesley Kang and Tanya Zhang are the co-founders of Nimble Made, an e-commerce clothing brand that makes “actually slim” dress shirts.   Before taking the leap to work full-time on their business, they worked in the corporate world in New York City.  As first generation Asian-Americans, they had achieved “success” - good jobs, good salary.  They were on their way.  However, deep down both wanted something a little more. Some of Tanya’s challenges working as a freelance graphic designer on the side convinced them they should try to think a little deeper about building a brand and a business, instead of just helping other people. As they found themselves thinking about the business all day at their full-time jobs and coming home ready to work on it, they realized they finally had to go all-in. Over the past year they have worked on the business and are starting to find some traction.  As they’ve dealt with the challenges of running a business, they have also had to constantly reflect on how to manage a relationship both as committed partners and co-founders.  Check Out Nimble Made (unsponsored): Interested in their shirts? Check out more at Nimble Made.  For their past reflections check out Wesley's guest post on entrepreneurship and Tanya's post on how her father inspired her to start the company.   Boundless / Reimagine Work: Support the podcast on Patreon  Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter on our modern conception of work 
April 10, 2019
Lessons from 13 years of entrepreneurship & living nomadically (Chris Kirkland)
Chris Kirkland is a bootstrapped entrepreneur who has been living nomadically since 2006 and is the founder of several web businesses including and We talk about how he has experimented with money, creativity, health and his lifestyle over the past 13 years.  His nomadic journey started when he took a trip to Japan and after two days decided "fuck it," I'm going to stay a bit longer.  We talk about his journey, entrepreneurship and his life experiments Why entrepreneurs are really risk averse His learnings from living nomadically and stoic exercises of living minimally  Prioritizing time over money as a bootstrapper  How running an online business was different in 2006 and why he "felt like he was cheating" His experiments with becoming a "breatharian" and trying polyphasic sleep (do not try these at home) How he thinks about running an online media business in 2019 His recommendations for cheap eats in Tokyo More about Chris: TokyoCheapo Chris' Personal Site & Writings Headstands Across The World Boundless / Reimagine Work: Support the podcast on Patreon  Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter on our modern conception of work 
April 3, 2019
Creating Art Filled With Magic (Martha Balaile)
Martha Balaile is a fantasy illustrator living in Cape Town, South Africa originally from Tanzania.  Her mission is to figure out how magic, mythology and fantasy can have an impact on real life.  She’s also the wonderful creator of the new cover art for this podcast.   Martha aspired to create “art that is filled with subtle lessons on living a magical and adventurous life.”  Two of the lessons she has found: Go with the flow Be aware of fear We explore these a bit and she shares some examples from fantasy that have inspired her. Check out the show! We talk about: What drove her to pursue an art career after growing up in Tanzania What she wishes she learned in art school What she looked from working with clients How she switched from magic “standard” art to art she cared about How she decided to take the leap to freelancing “early” in her career. How she structures her day around her work Her Top 3 Magic Podcasts: Magic Lessons, Elizabeth Gilbert  Natalia Benson Podcast Hippie Witch Magick For A new Age Mythology Studios: Work With Martha ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Boundless / Reimagine Work: Support the podcast on Patreon Subscribe to the free weekly newsletter on our modern conception of work
March 27, 2019
Reimagine Work & A Short Update From Paul
A quick little update from Taipei. A couple links from the podcast: Revisiting Keynes Prediction for a Post-Work 2030 in “Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren” Luke Kanies Podcast Interview Curiosity Conversation With Paul Would love any feedback - e-mail Paul.
March 20, 2019
From the basketball court to the yoga mat via the corporate world (Gabi Macra)
 Gabi Macra was a top Canadian basketball player that never really thought about the "life after basketball" before dealing with a major injury towards the end of her college career. Instead of following any sort of traditional path, she headed East to Japan where she came to teach English.  She loved her experience there and now reflects on the immense value of learning how to teach and coach others helped her in the following years. Instead of heading back to Canada, she headed to London where she had a successful career and journey as an actuary.  She was a leader in her company but reached a point where she was dealing with health challenges and finding that her career was no longer giving her the fulfillment that it once was.  She ended up deciding to take some time off and told her boss that she was leaving.  However, she ended up staying another 18 months as she helped the team transition with some other internal changes.  Just knowing she was leaving enabled her to approach everything completely different and think about how she could best serve her team while also taking care of her own health. She finally took the leap in 2018 and after several months of sabbatical, including some time in Bali, she realized that becoming a Yoga Therapist was something she was ready to commit to over the next few years.  While preparing for that program, she also created a learning internship for herself in London (stealing this from Lydia Lee's podcast episode!) by taking 8 people interested in Yoga and creating a customized program for them.  Her only goals: to learn a ton about how she can serve people and learn what to do next. What we covered: Her drive and motivation as a basketball player Her experience living and working in Japan after university Starting her actuarial career and what she enjoyed about work Becoming successful but questioning her role as a successful worker as the center of her life Her decision to take a sabbatical and leave the company (and how she ended up staying for 18 months but doing so with a completely different mindset) Her recent creative projects, "learning experiments" and decision to start a long-term Yoga therapist training program Links Instagram: Gabi Macra and Real People Do Yoga Website: Real People Do Yoga  For More Boundless: Consider supporting the podcast on Patreon Join The Reimagine Work Course Starting March 24th Join The Boundless Newsletter - Reimagining Work & Life  
March 13, 2019
Learning To Quit & Life Reinvention (Christine Bader)
 Christine Bader is currently living in Bali, Indonesia, where she is spending time focused on her family and self.  She is the author of The Evolution of a Corporate Idealist: When Girl Meets Oil and the former head of CSR for Amazon before leaving in 2017, a journey she details in an amazing essay titled “The year I learned to quit.”   She talks about leaving the corporate world and shifting her focus from building a career to building a life. Topics Discussed: Corporate social responsibility Taking a sabbatical in Bali Building a life The greek concept of Kairos Working in Asia Working at Amazon Recommended Reading Can a business of any size be good? The Year I Learned To Quit (New York Times)
March 6, 2019
Building & Investing In Calm Companies (Tyler Tringas)
Tyler Tringas is an entrepreneur and traveler.  He's started two companies (one worked!) and now is founding Earnest Capital where he wants to help companies avoid going into $50,000 of credit card debt (like he did) to start technology companies.  We talk about how this type of investing vehicle can help transcend some of the pressures to "scale at all costs" in ways that may not be suitable for most companies. Topics Digital nomads Starting a company Bootstrapping How to sell a company The four-hour workweek Calm companies Flaws with the VC model Taking leaps Transitions Meaningful work while traveling Related Links: Earnest Capital Tyler Tringas His Journey Selling StoreMapper ------------------------------------------------  For More With Boundless: Consider supporting the podcast on Patreon Join 125+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack Community Set Up A Curiosity Conversation With Paul Join The Free 3-Week Self-Employment Challenge Sign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting 
February 13, 2019
Paul on success, storytelling, learning & experiments (UX Gorilla Interview)
I joined the amazing Jagriti Pande for a fun conversation around a number of different topics.  You can subscribe to her master series on UX designers and other creatives here. Her amazing editing, way-too-kind-intro and fun clip at the beginning were such an amazing gift. Let me know what you think!
February 8, 2019
Launching Uncommonly: One Year Later (Chris Donohoe)
"I didn't think I'd be turning down work and choosing not to grow"I spoke with Chris Donohoe one year ago about his just-announced launch of his consulting firm, Uncommonly. He's more committed to carving his own path than ever and we walk through some of the lessons learned, pivots and his long-term strategy. Chris breaks down what he's learned over the past year, how he has started coaching people one-on-one and how he is thinking about structuring his time and day.Topics Discussed:Selling time versus projectsWorking a max 40-hour workweekTaking a coaching programThings he didn't expect 1 year into building his own firmWorking with an amazing co-founderHis reflections on leadership and his goalsUncommonly: Website-------For More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 125+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
January 30, 2019
Guest Episode: Joe Dumars x Adam Grant x Cody Royle
This episode is a special treat from friends of Boundless, Cody Royle, who came on the podcast last year to talk about what the business world can learn from sports.I wanted to share a special episode from his podcast that was just launched featuring the NBA great Joe Dumars and workforce research great Adam Grant. I thought the three of them had a special conversation. If you want to subscribe to Where Others Won't do so here:ItunesOvercastWebsite
January 23, 2019
Learning, Self-Employment & Making Business More Human (Mike Tannenbaum)
Mike was always a self-driven creator, developing TI-83 apps for his classmates to keep track of their grades from an early age. He spent a lot of time "head in in the clouds, making things." It is no surprise then, that he eventually found that self-employment was the right fit after several years of trying to make it work in the corporate world.Mike and I dive into his path in which he slowly made sense of the fact that it was time to take the leap to self-employment. As he was about to take the leap, his company ended up laying him off anyway. Reflecting back, he has found many valuable lessons in his journey and has brought these together in a self-published a workbook called Clear Path Forward. The workbook helps people re-assess their relationship with work. We talk about the process he took to publish the book and where he sees his work taking him over the next couple of years.He now lives and works around the tagline "making business more human" which he is using to run workshops with clients and have deep conversations with people around what really matters.Topics Discussed:Building his first program on TI-83Creativity & WritingMindfulness & awarenessHis relationship with workMoney and the fear of going brokeLearning & readingDiversity of viewpoints Embracing uncertaintyMaking work more humanBooks That Influences Mike (That We Discuss)The AlchemistLiving BeautifullyThe War of ArtSo You Want To Talk About RaceSapiensDaring GreatlyConnect With Mike:Personal Blog — LinkBusiness — Enjoy HumanityWorkbook — Clear Path ForwardDownload a Free Worksheet — Link Offer: 25% off either edition of Clear Path Forward with code “Boundless” — LinkFor More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
January 16, 2019
10 Career Myths We Should Stop Believing (Jeff Hittner)
Jeff Hittner of Your Project X and Paul talk about their favorite 10 career myths. They dive deep into the beliefs and mindsets that drive these beliefs while making an argument for people to reflect at a deeper level to shift past the default to contemplate a wide range of optionsReadable Version: Top 10 MythsMyth #1 - "Once I land my dream job / make $X a year, I'll be happy" (2:35)Myth #2 - "I need to find my passion" (7:15)Myth #3 - "I should never take a pay cut" (14:15)Myth #4 - "You should have a 'steady' income" (20:40)Myth #5 - "I have to know what I need to do before I change directions" (26:15)Myth #6 - "An extended break is irresponsible" (32:30)Myth #7 - "It's fine to take a risk when young, but not when you have kids" (40:35)Myth #8 - "I should go to grad school to figure out what I want to do" (46:15)Myth #9 - "I can't make a change now after years in this field" (55:20)Myth #10 - "I'll be happy once I'm running my own business" (1:04:54)Links Mentioned:How to Get Unstuck In The New Year, Jeff Hittner On QuartzSelf-Determination Theory, Deci & RyanComparing Passion & Purpose, Thrive GlobalJeff Hittner leads Your Project X, a social venture with a mission to help 1 million people find more purposeful work. He has more than 18 years experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and changemaker. He is the founder of five social ventures, including IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consulting practice globally. In 2011, he developed the curriculum for one of the first MBA’s in Sustainability in the US, at Bard College, where he was the Leadership professor. He was also two-time Chairman of the Carnegie New Leaders at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.Jeff’s passion has always been at the intersection of education and entrepreneurship. Prior to your Project X, he ran a career transition program for 64 New Yorkers, built global education programs including a blended learning initiative for high school dropouts in Latin America and career discovery programs for youth in Europe. Jeff received his Masters in Cultures and Development Studies from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, and a Bachelor of Business Administration from The College of William and Mary in Virginia where he was an elite gymnast. As a thought leader, Jeff has been published in a dozen major publications, including Forbes. Jeff lives in NYC with his wife, Grace, and one-year-old son, Rivington.For More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment Challenge
January 9, 2019
Mini Episode: Five Things Before You Leap: Lessons From The Self-Employed
In this short episode, I talk about the five lessons I've found that help people make the leap to self-employment:Find a friend taking a different pathRe-define your relationship with moneyBuild up your "eff you" fundTeach others somethingFind a way to make money other than full-time incomeFull Article | This episode is also a YouTube videoFor More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
December 21, 2018
Bryan Victor's Education: wedding planning, year-long travel & building a visual animation studio
Bryan Victor has never taken a traditional path but he doesn’t know any other way. Perhaps that is why he started his own podcast in Singapore, Misfits, which interviews unconventional Singaporeans.  At 20, he saved up $10,000 while he was serving required military time and decided he would travel the world for a year. During the trip, he realized this was all the “schooling” he needed (see 10 things I learned). After learning how he could live simply on very little money, he knew that this opened up many options for him. He knew that he would always value flexibility over maximizing income, learning this lesson earlier than others.Regardless of any position towards “formal” schooling, his chosen path, wedding planning, wasn’t something you learned at school. He knew he had to create his own internship. So before his trip, he wrote to 50 American wedding planners (the best, he says), to ask if he could work with them. One person gave him a chance and he was able to learn while making enough money to live.Going back to Singapore, he couldn’t get anyone to hire him, so he realized he was “forced” to create his own wedding planning business. In the process, he became named one of Singapore’s Top 10 Wedding Planners (though he argues there weren’t that many anyway!).After proving he could make it, he started dabbling with a side business, 2D animation and founded Sage Animation. He decided to give the wedding planning business away as a gift and was able to find one person (out of 40) that he thought would do a great job.Bryan has been fascinated with understanding what makes him happy. As he was on another trip in the United States, he was drawn to another project (motivated by the #vanlife movement) to build a liveable van for himself. While he accomplished the feat, he found that he was overcome with a “something-like depression” feeling after he achieved it. While he thought he had everything, it led to a new and deeper curiosity in what actually leads to happiness. Books & Other Resources Mentioned:Jose Villa – Wedding PhotographerSeth GodinTim FerrissAntifragileNaval Ravikant Podcast on Farnham StreetSolve For HappySEO That Works CourseVanessa Van Edwards – People School---------------------------------------------------------For More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With Paul
December 12, 2018
Why every company should adopt the 4-day workweek (Tash Walker)
Tash Walker is the founder of a firm and spends her Fridays making marmalade.Before instituting a four-day workweek at her firm, The Mix, she barely had time for her relationships. She decided to start doing research about different ways of working. There had to be a better way than the default options of "Summer Fridays" and "flexible work," that never seem to make less anxiety or stress-ridden.In her research, she discovered many examples of Swedish companies embracing 4-day workweeks and also found that when they instituted it, they often helped improve productivity. After bringing the option to her team at The Mix, they decided to do a three-month trial. They didn't even tell their clients.The funny thing? The clients didn't even notice. Even better, when they shared it with their clients - they weren't offended. They were curious to learn more and impressed that they had prioritized their people. While many quickly reflex to "well that can't work here," Tash and her team went forward anyway and have shown that a 4-day work week can work and it can work in professional services - an industry where many take for granted the fact that you should always be available for your clients.Beyond improving the lives of the people at the firm, they achieved some incredible results:Revenues up 57%Absenteeism down 75%Productivity stayed the sameDoubled the number of clientsClient referrals up 50%Want to learn how to make this happen at your company? You can download their "4-day week" report which is one of the best reports I've seen on the future of work.---------------------------------For More Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
December 5, 2018
The Real (Human) Gig Economy
Amid all the buzzwords and reports on the future of work, I find Sarah Kessler's stories about the gig economy to be the most insightful and the most human. Her stories and her book, Gigged, give an accurate picture of some of the upsides of the gig economy, but also some of the downsides.  She shares stories of people that are sleeping in their office making five cents per task on Amazon's Mechanical Turk to creative freelancers who can make six-figure salaries working from anywhere.  She also shares the story of companies that see limits to the gig economy, like Dan Teran's company Managed by Q who is following Zeynep Ton's Good Jobs Strategy and looking at people as valuable and investing in them as full-time employees and partners in the businesses success.Our conversation dives deeper into some of the stories she shares as well as some of the current challenges with platforms, the PR machine (all the firms say people want flexibility, but fail to mention they are happy to give it up for more pay!). One of her subjects in the book puts it most powerfully, Kristy Milland, “I am a human, not an algorithm” More From Sarah:Gigged (Amazon)Her writing on Quartz@WorkStartups Incomplete Narrative On The Future Of Work (Quartz)Managed by Q is Profitable (Quartz)---------------------------------------------------------BoundlessConsider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 90+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
November 28, 2018
Screw The Cubicle
Lydia Lee was a self-described "multi-potentialite" growing up and loves to experiment and play games growing up. You can probably draw a straight line from her hosting television shows for the stuffed animals in her room to her current YouTube channel Screw The Cubicle TV. However, life is never that simple.Lydia is based in Bali where she is the Founder and Corporate Escape Coach of Screw The Cubicle, a movement to inspire people to break free from the shackles of conventional work.From building businesses to forging freelance careers, she’s helped hundreds of talented professionals repurpose their skills to create better versions of their careers and become better versions of themselves.Topics Covered:How she balanced her interests with the default pathBurnout in RussiaHow she started her business Screw The CubicleA cool approach to start your coaching businessWhat you need to be self-employedThe beliefs you should questionCoaching & continuous learningWhy so many pineapples in Lydia's branding?Connect With LydiaScrew The CubicleBali Retreat: April 2019BoundlessConsider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
November 14, 2018
How A Remote Company Enables Freedom, Trust & Digital Dance Parties (Wade Foster, CEO of
Wade Foster was graduating during the worst recession in the past 100 years and traditional employers were simply not hiring anyone. He reached out to a local software company in Missouri and talked them into hiring him to work on marketing. The experience "opened his eyes" to the digital world and the enormous opportunities that were beginning to emerge. He also tapped into a "thirst for developing new skills" that pushed him to learn how to code.The idea for Zapier emerged from some work Wade was doing with his friend Brian to connect different apps on the internet. They brought the idea to Startup Weekend in Missouri and ended up building a prototype of what would later form the foundation of Zapier. By Monday morning, they were committed to spending time on it and seeing where it would go.Seven years later, Wade is the CEO of that company and he is leading it as a remote company. Wade shares reflections on building a remote company and the fact that you have to default to trust and be very intentional about building a connection between people. In traditional companies, he notes that "The default for most companies is that they don't trust you."Connect With Wade & Zapier:I highly recommend checking out the resources Wade and his team have put together on running a remote company:The Ultimate Guide To Remote WorkZapier WebsiteFollow Wade on Twitter & LinkedInWant To Work For Zapier? They are hiring!Connect With Boundless:Join 65+ people in the slack communityCarve A New Path With Paul
November 7, 2018
"My Name Is Nemo and I Don't Do Small Talk"
Nemo Ashong's bold vision is "a truly inclusive and empowered world" He helps people to be fully expressed and to be more authentic, be more unique and be more powerful.This conversation brought out some vulnerability in both of us and we barely scratched the surface around some tough topics like diversity, & inclusion. I live for this type of tough conversation and appreciate that podcasts give the kind of space to explore topics with nuance. I'm not sure we ended up with any clear answers, but I think had the type of conversation filled with respect and curiosity that can enable us to go deeper with each other and with other people.Connect With Nemo:Empjoyment1-On-1 Coaching With NemoWorld Joy Movement------BoundlessConsider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
October 31, 2018
Ervin Ling On Escaping The Corporate World At 30 To Travel The World
Ervin Ling followed the default path as an actuary, passing test after test. After passing all the tests, he found himself working harder than he was ever working. As he stared at the television and saw his friends on TV during a weekend trip to the Final Four, he realized he didn't want to keep doing this. He declared (after a few drinks, nonetheless) to his friends, "If UConn wins the national championship, I'm going to quit my job."As any good number-driven actuary would, he didn't quit his job immediately. He took about 18 months to plot his escape from the corporate world. During this time, he re-thought his relationship with money, his possessions and his relationships with friends and family. He ended up traveling around the world for 12 months. Here are some stats from his trip:Total USD spent: $24,740Total days on the road: 338Total countries visited: 38 (including the USA)Most days in a single country: 30 (Vietnam)Total number of miles traveled: 68,307 (109,925 km) – equivalent to circling the earth 2.7 timesAir Travel: 51,044 mi (82,143 km)After this trip, he still felt a pull towards living abroad and now lives and teaches English in Taiwan. This journey has helped him discover and invest a life he could be proud of.Link to Video Version Of Interview (Dumplings Included)------------------For More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting
October 24, 2018
Ted Bauer: The Absurdity Of The Corporate World & Real Future Of Work
Ted Bauer is a freelance writer and content strategist who writes prolifically about the future of work. In this episode, he talks about some of his experiences in the corporate world. He shares a story of how he broke the record for the number of story ideas when he first joined ESPN which both captures his frustrations with the corporate world and also illuminates his process of how he generates new ideas for his writing.  We talk a bit about technology and his view is that people are using technology not to engage with people but to hide from them. His view of the future of work is simple - it's about moving back to in-person, human to human engagement and questioning a lot of the things we take for granted in modern organizations.Twitter: @tedbauer2003Ted's Writing & Blog: The Context Of ThingsJoin The ConversationJoin the exclusive Slack Boundless Community & engage with other people carving their own pathSignup for the newsletter
October 17, 2018
Shayne Spencer on the dumb idea project and how failing econ helped him start his firm
While Shayne has built a successful marketing consulting firm, there was no "plan" to do this. His first exposure to marketing was out of necessity - his professor let students boost their low economics grades by joining the marketing group he ran. Shayne quickly applied the lessons to his DJ gigs on the side in college and became more interested in how to build real relationships with people through incredible experiences. He brings this same passion to his work today.Shayne has had many "dumb" ideas, but he would argue that most ideas (good and bad) start out as dumb ideas. The difference is the people with the courage to keep moving and respond to feedback. He has called the entrepreneurship journey "one of the most humbling things he has done in his life." From this humility and willingness to stay vulnerable, Shayne has been able to build a successful digital marketing firm. So what's his secret? He shares four key steps to turn your own "dumb idea" into something that might work:Write down the ideas, make it realShare your dumb idea as widely as possible (don't worry if people steal it)Get as much feedback as possible (even the negative!)Continue to tweak and re-work the dumb idea (don't get too tied to the original idea)Shayne wants more people to follow their silly ideas and see what they can make of it. In 2010, he decided to start his own business during a recession and with no money to his name. Eight years later, he has no regrets and couldn't imagine taking a different path. It may not have made sense at the time - but its the decisions that don't make sense that often turn into something meaningful. If it made sense, people would already be doing it!Dumb Idea ProjectShayne Spencer (LinkedIn)Boundless Links:Subscribe to the newsletterSupport On PatreonFreelance Consulting Playbook
October 10, 2018
Jacqueline Jensen on sabbaticals, rethinking work and building a "calm company"
Jacqueline Jensen has been a digital nomad for 3.5 years, living and working globally. It might surprise you to find out then, that she's written a book called "Travel Isn't The Answer." While counter-intuitive, she argues for a return to awe and wonder with what is already around us. She talks about different moments of wonder she has experienced (including a breathtaking view in Montenegro) and different techniques for how people can "Live With a Sense of Curiosity, Passion, and Awe Anywhere and Everywhere" (the subtitle of the book).Last year, in a planned sabbatical she came face-to-face with the fact that work was the center of her world. While she almost "quit" the sabbatical, she pushed herself to redefine her day and time to claim back some of herself from a sole focus on work.  She provides many actionable tips and perspectives that can help people question the role of work in their lives, take steps to increase the amount of awe in their lives and connect with people that matter to them.More About Jacqueline:TedX TalkTwitter: @JackieMJensen & LinkedIn: Jacqueline JensenBook: Travel Isn't The Answer (Amazon)Recommendation on getting outside of your comfort zone:Check out local music: sofarsounds.comGo to an art museumTravel-as-a-service recommendations discussed: Hacker Paradise, Recess Labs, Roam, OutsiteApp for re-aligning your day: Today------------------------------------------------Boundless Links:Subscribe to the newsletterSupport On PatreonJoin The VIP Facebook Group (upcoming book club on Bullshit Jobs in September 2018)
September 26, 2018
Dr. Laura Gallaher on using humor at work, leadership at NASA after crisis, and building a business traveling the world
Dr. Laura Gallaher joins me from Serbia, where she is part of Remote Year, a community that travels to twelve locations within a year with a cohort of people working remotely. Laura is an organizational psychologist who studied humor and communication in the workplace and notably completed a dissertation with "that's what she said" in the title (office fans, anyone?). With a title like that it was probably clear that Academia would be too limiting for her. We talk a bit about humor and how it can be helpful or destructive in an organization. She first points out that "aggressive" humor - even if you mean well is rarely a way to strengthen bonds. We then talk about how leaders can embrace humor, especially to show their vulnerability, and give their teams more freedom to make mistakes, be open and be themselves. After getting her Ph.D., she worked with NASA after the Columbia explosion and worked on some of the toughest "they fell victim to the same thing that could happen in any organization." She notes that these factors are prevalent across many organizations, but the stakes are often not life or death. Her work with a small tech company found that two key elements can help companies transcend hierarchy. First, the leader is willing to be vulnerable and second, the leader demonstrates both through words and actions that they care deeply about all the people in the organization. "We hire people for what they think....what we care about is your ability to learn, your ability to think, your ability to grow...creating an environment where the employees opinion and input has value and you ask for it and you seek it out and you actually listen to it, this is where really, really engaged organizations are born and powerful cultures are created" Links: Check out Laura's Free 3-Part Culture Course Gallaher Edge TEDx Talk:  How to Feel at Home Anywhere - Dr. Laura Gallaher Travel the world with Remote Year ------------------------------------------------ Boundless Links: Subscribe to the newsletter Support On Patreon Join The VIP Facebook Group (upcoming book club on Bullshit Jobs in September 2018)
September 19, 2018
Andrew Taggart, Practical Philosopher, on how "total work" is taking over our lives
Andrew is a Practical Philosopher who believes that "there may be no greater vexation in our time than the question of how to make a living in a manner that accords with leading a good life." We dive deep into the questions of "what is the good life?" and what he means by "sustaining life." He also shares his perspective on the concept of "Total Work," a phrase first put forth in 1947 by the German Philosopher Josef Pieper and shares how that phrase became central to his current writing on the topic and conversations he has with business leaders and executives.We also dive into his dichotomy of the three modes people could think about to make a living:Use what you've gotExchange what's in handOffer what you canHe reflects on our modern cultures over-reliance on exchanging our time for money while ignoring how we can live off the land and operate within the gift economy. Next, we talk about some of the different modes of living (whether it be a "settler", nomad or somewhere in between) and the implications for the community in society as a whole as well as how has dealt with that with his wife.Finally, Andrew offers three practical steps people can take to re-engage with life and trying to understand what "a life worth living looks like" that does not include the advice to just quit your job.Dis-identify with the identity of the worker: Questioning whether you truly only are a worker, a CEO, a marketing manager, an accountant, etc...Begin an inquiry into the question "If I am not a worker, then who am I?": What else is worth living for? What practices do I want to have in part of my life? What relationships and conversations nourish me?The question whether or not the life you have defined is "sufficient": Are you thinking deeply enough about the question of who you are?Andrew's Writing & Site:Andrew's Newsletter On Total WorkIf Work Dominated Your Every Moment, Would Life Be Worth Living (Aeon)Andrew's WritingOther Writing Mentioned:Josef Pieper's Leisure, The Basis Of CultureAndre Gorz, Reclaiming WorkDavid Graeber, Bullshit Jobs------------------------------------------------For More With Boundless:Consider supporting the podcast on PatreonJoin 110+ People Carving Their Own Paths In The Slack CommunitySet Up A Curiosity Conversation With PaulJoin The Free 3-Week Self-Employment ChallengeSign up For The Strategy Toolkit - Learn The Secrets Of Strategy Consulting------------------------------------------------Detailed BioAndrew Taggart is a practical philosopher. He asks and seeks to answer the most basic questions
September 12, 2018
Longform Thoughts: Why Organizations Undermine Creativity & Potential
For the re-launch of the Boundless podcast, I'm releasing a previously Patreon-only audio discussion of a piece I wrote - Crisis at Work - which was published in the fall of 2017. *You can read the piece here*: Crisis At WorkI talk through six key reasons why organizational fail to unlock human potential:We're defaulting to the wrong goals (shareholder value)We're mistaking authority for performance (the Tom Brady principle)We aren't providing a connection to purposeWe don't understand how organizations operate (Chaos theory)We aren't giving people autonomyWe're choosing comfort over growthBoundless Links:Subscribe to the newsletterSupport On PatreonJoin The VIP Facebook Group (upcoming book club on Bullshit Jobs in September 2018)
September 5, 2018
Podcast Update, Digital Course Experiment & Moving To Asia
Paul provides a summer update:Shifting the podcast from making sense of the future of work => "The Human Side Of The Future Of Work"Early lessons from the digital course experiment, Solopreneur ShiftI'm moving to Asia...Boundless LinksMy article on beanie babies and doing things that don't make sense = > yes, pleaseCheck out the latest tools, including the Freelance Target Income CalculatorWant an e-mail of 5 good reads every Sunday? Subscribe to #boundlessreads**This podcast is supported via micro-donations. Consider supporting the 10+ other patrons on Patreon**
August 8, 2018
Tony Triumph on growing up entrepreneurial, moving to NYC with $300 and building incredible relationships
Tony grew up around entrepreneurs but did not use the label at the time. At age 19, he was going to college in Maryland and felt the pull to something bigger.  He decided to move to New York City with $300 to his name and started modeling to pay the bills.  He got a lot of pushback from the people in his life about the move but knew he had to take the leap. Despite many setbacks and almost running out of many several times, he kept his head down and stayed in the city, saying to himself "you cannot leave."His path only makes sense looking backward. He has had a wide range of jobs and gigs over the last ten years in New York and is now starting to see all the pieces come together into something that makes sense with who he is and what he has to offer to the world. We talk a lot about how he thinks about building relationships and connections and how some surprising relationships have come back around (including a job he was fired from!) to help him in his current entrepreneurial adventures.Find Tony Here => Tony TriumphFull Bio: Is a contributing Life & Style Editor, Brand Entrepreneur, and the Founder & Editor of The Triumphant Scoop website. As a Creative Entrepreneur and international Brand Ambassador, he is the CEO & Founder of The Triumphant Group, having successful collaborations with top brands: Barney's New York, PUMA, Macy's Inc., Lord & Taylor, Pirelli, Sunglass Hut, and SONY among many others.----------------------------------------------Boundless LinksInterested in taking the leap to self-employment? Join the first cohort of the Solopreneur Shift Program, starting July 30thCheck out the latest tools, including the Freelance Target Income CalculatorWant an e-mail of 5 good reads every Sunday? Subscribe to #boundlessreads**This podcast is supported via micro-donations. Consider supporting the podcast on Patreon**--------------------------------
July 18, 2018
Reflections: One year of freelancing, experiments & other people's reactions
In this short "reflection" episode, I check in on where my head is at one year into my freelance journey and share some of the opportunities I have had, how I have changed my mindset over the last year and how people have reacted to me carving a different path in the world. Some things mentioned in the show:Links:Awakening - Quitting The Default PathQuestioning Work
June 13, 2018
Luke Kanies on his journey from commune to CEO and why people hate working for big companies
Luke grew up on a commune and then ended up as a co-founder and CEO of a startup that raised $87 million. He talks about his unique path and how that shaped his thoughts about building an organization. He raises the central tension of organizations in a free market economy - the fact that our corporations are run more like authoritarian states with centrally planned economies than free-markets. We talk about lessons he learned as he built his company and his perspective that he shares in his article: "Why People Hate Working For Big Companies" on Medium.Lukes long-term interests are software that helps people, making better founders, the intersection of organizations and economics, and improving inclusion in the information economy. You can find his work at Information: #BoundlessPodBecome a Supporter Of The Podcast for $1 a month: Patreon
June 6, 2018
Candace Cabrera Moore, fearless yoga entrepreneur on building a global business, brand and community
Candace was first inspired by her mother who always looked for solutions to problems rather than admitting defeat so always had an entrepreneurial spirit. She had also been practicing yoga for several years (also with her mother) before deciding to invest more time and signing up for a Yoga workshop in Thailand while recovering from a challenging case of lyme disease. This leap of faith led to her thinking about yoga more seriously and starting to experiment with different projects such as a DVD and online videos. Over the past few years, this has taken off and YogaByCandace has evolved into a community, a company with a team and has enabled her to teach workshops all over the world (including to 1,000+ people in the middle east), write a book called Namaslay and have a chance to personally impact many people. Check out this episode to hear lessons learned, challenges and her perspective on gratitude, setting intentions and generosity.Connect With Candace:Instagram: YogaByCandaceYoutube: YBC ChannelBuy The Book: NamaslayLearn About Workshops & More: WebsiteMonthly "Mantra Box"Teacher Training Classes & Workshops: Learn More---------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodShow Notes: CandaceJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook groupWant To Support The Pod? => Patreon / One-Time Gift
May 30, 2018
Stephen Warley on the biggest shift since the industrial revolution (Episode 19)
Stephen has been self-employed for more than 18 years. At first, it was by accident. He referred to himself as a “reluctant freelancer.” We talk about how that mindset evolved into one where he now sees self-employment as THE option for today’s world. He is the founder of Life Skills That Matter, a platform, and community to help people to build the real skills they need to build a life they are proud of.There are many future of work “thought leaders” but that title would sell Stephen too short. He has been in the weeds experimenting in his own life and has helped hundreds of people carve their own paths in the world that I would instead call him the wise elder statesman of the freelance economy. If you have ever thought about working for yourself, I recommend Stephen’s work over my own.Stephen puts the emerging trends bluntly: “The only work left is managing yourself. If your going to manage yourself, you mine as well work for yourself.”To get started, he pushes people to “work on creating…you’re not just going to get paid right off the bat, just enjoy the freedom of creation of whatever it is that you want to do, whatever form that is, however you want to do it without judgement…just start doing that.” Because that’s what really gets people interested when you can share your creations and there’s nothing more human than that."To connect with Stephen => Life Skills That Matter---------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodShow Notes: Stephen WarleyJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook groupWant To Support The Pod? => Patreon: Support Paul
May 23, 2018
Nita Baum on how to "be free" and self-employed (Episode 18)
Nita Baum is a rock star self-employed freelancer. She has been working on her own for over a decade and now splits her time across many domains, describing herself as an "entrepreneur, co-creator, facilitator, mentor-coach, and community-builder." A lot of her current work focuses on supporting and working with people who are carving their own paths as freelancers, which evolved from her helping hundreds of people informally over the year. In 2013, she turned this into a business, launching b*free in 2013 as a platform "by freelancers for freelancers" to help people with the transition to self-employment as the future of work evolves.One of her core beliefs is that you can "design the contribution you want to give from the inside out." We discuss this and more including her perspective coaching freelancers, working as an independent consultant, some of the blocks people face when taking a leap and much more about the evolving future of work.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodPatreon: Support PaulShow Notes: Nita BaumJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
May 9, 2018
Boundless/Unleashed: Paul on the future of work, freelancing and his media diet (Episode 17)
This was an interview of Paul on the Unleashed podcast hosted by Will Bachman, who is the founder of Umbrex, a platform for independent consultants.Will's podcast interviews many freelancers who are working independently and I can't recommend it enough. Check out the unleashed Podcast => Subscribe Today------Weekly #BoundlessReads Newsletter - 5 Things Every Week: Subscribe NowBook Recommendations Mentioned:Designing Your Life, BurnettHow Will You Measure Your Life, ChristensenTuesday's With Morrie, AlbomLast Lecture, PauschSurvival In Auschwitz, LeviThe Righteous Mind, Why Good People Disagree On Politics & Religion, HaidtThe Art Of Learning, WaitzkinAnything You Want: 40 Lessons For a New Kind Of Entrepreneur, SiversAntifragile, TalebCourse: 60 Minute Dream Job Resume & Personal Story Course
May 2, 2018
Damien Peters on blogging, wealth, and building a remote business from Spain (Episode 16)
Damien Peters is a self-described "personal finance nerd" - which explains how he ended up founding, a platform to preach and teach about the importance of financial freedom and generational wealth to Black millennial professionals. He started blogging over ten years ago and has recently focused more on writing as he increases his focus on building Wealth Noir. Damien is also a big fan of travel and recently made the decision to move out of San Francisco and move with his family and son to Spain, where he will focus on building his company remotely. We talk about a range of topics including his passion for writing, how he defines success, his influences, how to run a remote company and his relationship with money.Book Recommendations:The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can't Stand Positive ThinkingSmall Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of BigFour Hour Work-Week, Tim FerrissPersonal Finance Influences:Afford Anything, Paula PantBigger Pockets, Real Estate InvestingFinancial Samurai---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodPatreon: Support PaulShow Notes: Damien PetersJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
April 25, 2018
Connor Gillivan on entrepreneurship, selling on Amazon and working with freelancers (Episode 15)
Connor's path as an entrepreneur began when he was in college via an AIM chat with a classmate in one of his classes. What started as a textbook e-commerce business led him to build a sizeable business selling things on Through his work on that, he ended up working with many freelancers across the globe on a variety of different projects. Realizing that he had developed skills in recruiting and working effectively with freelancers led him to start where he vets the best freelancers in the world and helps companies tap into this global talent pool.Connor Gillivan is the CMO of He has sold over $30 million online, has hired hundreds of freelancers to build his companies, is a published author, and is the owner of Connor is driven by making a positive impact on others through the companies that he builds. He currently lives in Denver, CO.Podcast Recommendation: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Eric SiuConnect With Connor: Contact Connor---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodPatreon: Support PaulShow Notes: Connor GillivanJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
April 18, 2018
Jen Morilla on breaking plates and traveling the world with purpose (Episode 14)
Jen Morilla is an impact travel influencer. What does that mean? It means she travels the world and writes about her experiences but also has a central mission. At first, she started out with the mission to "change the world" that has since gotten more specific. She has been bringing water filters to many different villages across the globe and impacted an estimated 12,000 people globally What has been meaningful for her is not bringing the water filters, but teaching people how to solve problems. Her own journey is an experience of learning as well - spending time on youtube and learning from others to develop skills in video editing, writing and more. She never saw this as a risky move and saw that if she was at the same job in five years (although her view of the empire state building was pretty nice!), that she would always regret not having tried.Find Jen Here:DONATE + MORE Here => Jen MorillaSocial Girl TravelerInstagram - @thesocialgirltravelerTwitter - @socialtravelerOrganizations She Admires:Storyteller FlagmateWorld Travelers AssociationInfluences: Tim FerrisTony RobbinsJay Shetty, Wisdom InfluencerNas DailyOprah (no link needed)Her Book Recommendation:Grit by Angela Duckworth
April 11, 2018
Romy Rost on leadership, freelancing & coaching as a skill (Episode 13)
Romy is an employee engagement consultant turned coach. She built her career consulting for and working in Fortune 100 companies on all challenges employee-related. Her mission is to drive meaningful and behavior-based change for mid-level leaders that helps them operate in a more productive and human way in the workplace. There are a lot of coaches out there, but what makes Romy stand out is that she has a lot of experience working with senior executives in her consulting career and she has deeply studied what works and what doesn't. Hear more in our conversation...Romy Rost - WebsiteEmpower Your Conversations - Work With RomyPodcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a MonthShow Notes: Romy RostJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
April 4, 2018
Tanya Alvarez on entrepreneurship, community & redefining failure (Episode 12)
Tanya Alvarez is the Co-Founder, and CEO of OwnersUP is a platform which advances solopreneurs business through accountability, goal setting, and community. Over the past fifteen years, Tanya has accumulated marketing experience with international & US companies such as Nike and US Olympics. She started her first company at the age of 25 and grew it to be a profitable company from credit card debt to over $1mm in gross revenue the first year. Since then, she has founded, bootstrapped, sold and invested in several companies.OwnersUp - Website & TwitterTanya's Recent Book RecsHow To Fail At Anything and Still Win BigHow To Raise A Perfect DogSuper BetterMy Book Recommendations: Boundless Top Reads on AmazonPodcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Become a Patron For $3 a MonthShow Notes: Tanya AlvarezJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
March 28, 2018
Pauri Pandian on tennis as a career, coaching & healthy masculinity (Episode 11)
Pauri started playing Tennis when he was seven and it has turned into a clear passion. He wasn't always sure that was the path he wanted to take, but when a job as a teacher fell through because he decided to attend his sister's wedding, he picked up some coaching work to make some money. One thing turned into another and he is now the head women's and men's coach at Wheaton College. As a coach, he is in the position of constantly having to think about how to motivate different types of people and how he wants to lead. We also discuss his role in the healthy masculinity project and his work with college students.Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a MonthShow Notes: Pauri PandianLearn More: Helathy Masculinity @ WheatonJoin the conversation: #boundless VIP facebook group
March 21, 2018
Ben Dubow - From State Department Rejection To Propaganda-Fighting Startup Founder (Episode 10)
Ben is the founder and COO of Omelas, a startup that is focused on using technology to fight propaganda. Ben's journey, however, does not start there. His journey is a classic case of "do not try this at home" - as we walk through Ben's story, I found myself impressed at the number of rejections and roadblocks he faced. Early in his career, he thought he landed his dream job, at the State Department, only to have the offer reneged. This led him to put his passion (which was diplomacy), to the side, while he pursued a "practical" career. A job from Google appeared just at the last minute, where he found himself in a role to help redirect terrorist search results. This helped re-awaken something he was passionate about and led to the founding of his current company.Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a MonthShow Notes: Ben DubowBoundless Facebook Group: Join the #boundless community
March 14, 2018
Paul Millerd on Finding Work That Matters To You (Episode 9)
This is a copy of the interview I did with Stephen Warley on the Life Skills That Matter Podcast. Stephen is a bit of a role model for me. We have similar missions and ways of seeing the world. He interviewed me on Facebook live and I thought we had an interesting discussion on doing things that matter, defining priorities and how to figure out the answer "what do you want to do?" (which I think is an absurdly bad question!)Show Notes: Life Skills That Matter (Episode 174)Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a Month
March 7, 2018
Amma Marfo on Combining Humor, Creativity & Writing (Episode 8)
Amma Marfo cracked me up several times on this podcast. It is no surprise then, that she describes herself as "thoughtful yet incurably silly." She also defines herself by three words: humor, creativity, and energy - something we talk about at the beginning of the podcast. Like many freelancers, she does so many things - she is a speaker, teacher, coach, and podcaster and has a lot of insight around the future of education and what helps people succeed in school. If you are interested in writing, education, and creativity check out this episode.Show Notes: Amma Marfo - Episode 8Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a MonthLinks: Amma's 2017 Reading List and The 2018 Reading List Netflix - The Standups Podcast: The Imposters Book Recommendation: Hamilton The Revolution Book Recommendation: When They Call You A Terrorist Twitter: @ammamarfoFormal BioAmma Marfo is a thoughtful yet incurably silly independent higher education professional, writer, and editor based in Boston, MA. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island, and a Master of Education from the University of South Florida. Amma is a dynamic and sought-after speaker on topics such as leadership, group dynamics, learning and optimizing the temperament of your organization, cultivating environments that encourage creativity, and incorporating your values into your work and larger goals- and has written three books on those topics since 2014. She speaks on college and university campuses across the country, at regional and national conferences, and has partnered with organizations like HubSpot, Wayfair, Startup Institute Boston, and General Assembly. She is an outspoken advocate for creativity, believes strongly in the power of humor, and looks forward to helping you find the way you live and work best. Her other interests include live comedy, surfing, trivia, and gluten-free cooking/baking. You can follow her on Twitter @ammamarfo.
February 28, 2018
Tom Critchlow on Personal Branding, Freelance Consulting & The Future of Work (Episode 7)
I discovered Tom by reading a piece he wrote on freelance consulting.  I was fascinated with his approach and how similar it was to mine - especially coming from a completely different perspective - digital marketing & content.  We talk in depth about how he thinks about content in today's world, his thoughts on personal branding, how writing helps him create and leads to serendipitous connections and how he manages a diversity of interests.  We also geek out about our love of all things Ribbon Farm and Venkatesh Rao.His Advice For Careers: Go work somewhere interesting rather than something that is safe. Earlier in your career, Tom pushes people to sacrifice revenue or stability in favor of learning and growth.Podcast Information: #BoundlessPodSupport: Support The Podcast For $1 a MonthLinks: Tom Critchlow & @tomcritchlow Field guide for Independent Consultants by Tom Critchlow The Consultant's Grain by Tom Critchlow Seeing Like a State: How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed  Venkatesh Rao on The Knowledge Project Podcast Blockchain Man by Taylor Pearson RibbonFarm Blog
February 21, 2018
Cody Royle on The Talent & Performance Secrets of The Sports World (Episode 6)
Growing up all Cody thought about was sports. He saw his path as becoming a professional Aussie Rules Football player. However, after competing at the highest level of the sport, he quickly saw felt his “talent just fell away” at the age of 18. He struggled to live in the moment and stewed on the fact that everyone around him seemed much more talented. While this period would help him realize that he was better suited as a coach than a player, it took him a few years to make that realization.Show NotesSupport the Podcast: PatreonPodcast Information: #BoundlessPodPaul: @p_millerd & Cody: @codyroyleCody's Book: Where Others WontBook Recommendations:Legacy: What The All Blacks can teach us about the business of lifeOriginals by Adam Grant and A Dozen Things I Learned From Adam GrantLinks:altMBASimon Sinek: Start With WhyNetflix CultureHow Netflix's Culture Got Patty McCord FiredBoundless Podcast: Episode 3
February 14, 2018
Janet Matta - Rock Star Career Coach On The Alternative Paths We Fail To See (Episode 5)
Janet is one of my favorite people. We have a similar belief that people are capable of more than they believe and that alternative paths are more realistic and the reality than people realize.Not a fan of default paths from an early age, one quote stood out from Janet that she has continuously asked herself throughout her life:“The conventional path is not going to work for me, what can I do instead?”Janet first started “hacking” life in high school when she decided that the standard curriculum wasn’t for her. Despite pushback from parents, teachers, and peers, she followed her curiosity and negotiated an alternative path — avoiding things like Math to go deeper with teachers in social studies, religion and politics.Her next “hack” was to apply to college in Canada. Starting with the constraints that she wanted to avoid debt and that her parents would support the equivalent of in-state tuition she looked for different options and found a way when her uncle convinced her to look at Canadian universities. Although taking a non-conventional path, she learned a lot about being able to adapt that would help her later on in her career. Full writeup: http://www.careerjanet.comLinks:* www.boundlesspod.comSupport the podcast & join the community:*
February 7, 2018
Super Bowl Minisode - Cody Royle on The Patriots and what business can learn from sports
In this episode Cody Royle and I discuss what sets high performing NFL organizations like the Patriots and the Giants (and others apart from the rest). Cody is the author of Where Other’s Wont: Taking People Innovation from the Locker Room into the Boardroom. His book is available here: DETAILS: I am giving away two of Cody's books for free. Just retweet this episode with the hashtag #boundlesspod or send a screenshot of you subscribed to the podcast to paul@think-boundless.comLinks:** www.whereotherswont.comSupport the podcast & join the community:*
February 4, 2018
Chris Donohoe on "uncommon" leadership, starting his own firm and "limitless creation" (Episode 4)
Chris is the founder of uncommonly and an avid fan of the long-running CBS television show Survivor. A former teacher, marketer, and management consultant, Chris has an eclectic mix of skills and professional experience. Chris has worked with over a dozen Fortune 500 clients spanning multiple industries including Media & Entertainment, Publishing, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, and Corporate Social Responsibility. He is obsessed with inspiring great leadership and creating incredible learning experiences that change the way people think and operate.Learn More:Chris' Website: www.un-commonly.comHis Youtube Channel:*Podcast:*Support:*Show Notes:
January 31, 2018
David Vaucher on Ending His Career to Start His Life (Episode 3)
David was born abroad then moved to the US at a young age, all while being raised to believe that the path to success rests solely on going to school and getting a “safe” job with a big company. For the last 11 years he did just that, and by traditional measures of success, it looked like things were going well. Unfortunately, starting on Day 1 of his first job, he could never shake one, recurring feeling: “I really, really, really don’t like this”.In December 2017, after a lot of saving and planning, he worked up the courage to quit his job, build his retirement house in France, and focus on building a life around a freelance career.Forget the big house and fancy cars, his new measure of success is the amount of control he has over his time. He is using his time to explore his passion for learning new things, particularly in technology and programming, as well as helping others who are also looking to forge their own path away from the cubicle farm.Support the podcast: out more episodes:, questions, guest ideas?
January 25, 2018
Noel Boyland on “doing the things you want to do” in your career (Episode 2)
Although Noel claims he lacks wisdom, he has a lot of it. He describes his career as “eclectic.” Starting his career in the 1980’s the environment around him (greed, money) influenced him to question what he was really trying to accomplish. He took a long term perspective and tried to focus on what he did not want his career to be at sixty — which he put simply as not doing “the things he wanted to do”. Although on a more corporate track early on in his career, he tried to continuously reflect on what mattered — even if it raised some eyebrows in among his peers.
January 18, 2018
Episode 1 - Why do I care about the future of work?
Paul talks about why he is passionate about the future of work and shares some of his personal journey
December 20, 2017
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