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By Tom Fischer
Bourbon and whiskey expert Tom Fischer shares the news with a glass of whiskey in one hand and microphone in the other. Discussions of cocktails, travel, and occasionally even Scotch. Calling all chefs, distillers, and humans: Pull up a seat at the bar and have a chat...the first drink is on us! Contact: bourbon@ to book an interview or say hi.
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Glenmorangie Review: A Tale of Cake Scotch Whisky finished in Hungarian Tokaji barrels

Glenmorangie Review: A Tale of Cake Scotch Whisky finished in Hungarian Tokaji barrels
The Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch Whisky finished in Hungarian Tokaji barrels is the new Tale of Cake Scotch Whisky limited edition created by whisky-maker Dr. Bill Lumsden. They've said it has cake-like notes, so  Whiskey expert Tom Fischer talks with David Blackmore, Global Master Brand Ambassador for The Glenmorangie, and they review this limited edition Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 
May 3, 2021
Jefferson’s Rye Cognac Finish Whiskey Review and Founder Trey Zoeller Interview
Bourbon expert Tom Fischer talks with Jefferson's Founder Trey Zoeller live from the Kentucky Artisan Distillery about the new Jefferson’s Rye Cognac Finish Whiskey. They do a live review and whiskey tasting of this rye whiskey finished for 18 months in a blend of VSOP, VS and other ages of used French Cocgnac casks. Trey also gives an update on Jefferson's Ocean Bourbon Voyage 25, Ocearch, and other Jefferson's Bourbon whiskey releases to come.  Subscribe to this podcast channel and check our 
April 21, 2021
Kentucky Derby 147: What will Kentucky Derby look like in 2021?
As Kentucky Derby 147 draws near with a smaller allowed capacity at Churchill Downs Louisville, 's Tom Fischer asks what will Kentucky derby look like in 2021? Bourbon expert Fischer speaks with Woodford Reserve Bourbon Master Distiller Chris Morris.  As Woodford Reserve is the presenting sponsor of Kentucky Derby 147, Morris and Fischer take a look at what the changes at Derby will be this year along with the Woodford Reserve $1,000 Mint Julep Charity Program which, this year is honoring black jockeys who won the Kentucky Ferby. Chris also talks about the upcoming release of Woodford Reserve Batch Proof, the recent Double Double Oaked Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey, Woodford Master's Collection Very Fine Rare Bourbon  Subscribe to this podcast on this channel. Also, check out the links below. Bourbon Tastings
April 13, 2021
Post Covid-19 Film and TV Production: What will it look like?
As we look at the Coronavirus effects on Hollywood and the film and television industry, film veterans Del Harvey from Rockford Files and Hill Street Blues along with Israel Marrero talk with Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer and Matty Rock. Iz and Del tell us about their new projects including Bobby Brick and Moonlight Mile. They also discuss the reboots of major shows like Magnum P.I. and The Equalizer and what is expected in the near future once more film production resumes.  Watch the Cigar Saturday show every Saturday night for more guests at 8 pm ET and follow us on this channel and also on our channel.  Learn about our Virtual Bourbon tastings on this link: 
April 5, 2021
Professional Wrestling Episode: WrestleMania 37, SWE Fury and More
Pro Wrestlers Kevin Sullivan and Andrew "The Reinforcer" Anderson talk about the upcoming Wrestlecon, WrestleMania 37,  SWE Fury, plus a look back on the old days with top wrestlers in this podcast with Matty Rock and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. Recorded durinfg the Cigar Saturday show.  Subscribe to this Bourbon podcast channel and also to our Bourbon YouTube channel. Learn more about our Bourbon tastings
March 30, 2021
Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel's 86 Struggle Fund for Out-of-Work Restaurant Workers
Celebrity Chef Andrew Gruel talks about his fund called "86 Struggle" with the goal of raising $1 million for struggling restaurant employees who are out of work during the pandemic. They've raised over $300k so far.  Chef Gruel joins Matty Rock and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer and talks with them about the campaign and also about how his restaurant Slapfish is helping. Chef Gruel also talks about easy seafood recipes and suggested whiskey pairings with oysters.  With locations across the country, Slapfish has taken a new approach to seafood and sustainability.  Vist to learn more.  Subscribe to this Bourbon podcast channel and also check out:  Virtual Bourbon Tastings BourbonBlog YouTube Channel 
February 7, 2021
Ernie Padilla of Padilla Cigars
Ernie Padilla, the owner of Padilla Cigars, talks about cigar trends as he talks with Matty Rock and Tom Fischer.  They pair Padilla Cigars with whiskey and cocktails.  Bourbon and Cigar Fans:  - Watch our Cigar Saturday every Saturday night on at 8 pm ET - Check out our  - Signup for our Bourbon Newsletter on this link. 
February 7, 2021
Henry A. Sipes Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey in a Smoked Barrel
Hard Truth Distilling Company Master Distiller Bryan Smith joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer for a live tasting of their new Henry A. Sipes Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey in a Smoked Barrel. Smith says he worked with the Independent Stave Company to create a barrel with a light toast and heavy char that would deliver a one-of-kind flavor in the Bourbon whiskey world.  The Nashville, Indiana based distillery continues to show innovation. They will soon become one of the first distilleries to have their own smokehouse experience which will be used to smoke their own barrels and to educate. 
February 4, 2021
Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon 100 Proof: Trey Zoeller Interview
Jefferson’s Founder Trey Zoeller joins Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer to talk about and taste the new Jefferson’s Reserve Single Barrel 100 Proof on the first day of its release. Jefferson's Reserve Single Barrels will also soon available in limited quantities across the country.  However, Kentucky Artisan Distillery is the first place you can this new release and they will continue to have unique single barrels under the Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon expression. This is the first 100 proof release from the brand. Zoeller also tells about a new Rye whiskey release coming in March 2021 and other new Jefferson's Ocean Voyage releases coming.  Have a guest you'd like to see on our show? Email 
January 29, 2021
Louisville's Buzzard's Roost Whiskey and Against the Grain Brewery Collaboration
Jason Brauner, the founder of Buzzard's Roost Sippin' Whiskeys, talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about Buzzard's Roost Whiskey and Against the Grain Brewery Collaboration. Both based in Louisville, Kentucky, they have united for this project using Indenpdent Stave Company barrels. Sourcing Jaason's favorite selections of Rye whiskey from MGP and transforming it through the magic of the barrel is what makes this whiskey so unique.  For this release, both the Against the Grain's Roosted Chiquen Beer and Buzzard's Roost Roosted Chiquen Brewer's Toast Finished Rye Whiskey have seen the same type of barrel.  This allows us to taste the impact of the barrel on both beverages.   Jason and Tom also try the Buzzard's Roost Toasted Barrel, which Jason says will be a seasonal release. Subscribe to this podcast for more updates in the world of whiskey and Bourbon and check out
January 26, 2021
New Basin Distilling, Madras, Oregon
Once a school superintendent, distiller Rick Molitor started s New Basin Distilling Company in Madras, Oregon, and now distills American Light Whiskey, Rye, Wheat. Whiskeys and more.  He talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer in this podcast and gives a for a virtual whiskey tasting and distillery tour. Rick also talks about his whiskey cigar project and special vinegars he makes.  Have a whiskey or spirits guest you'd like to see us interview? Email
January 21, 2021
Danger Danger's Ted Poley: Rockstar, Jeweler and Feline Lover
Rocker Ted Poley is most known for being the lead singer of Danger Danger. Ted catches up with Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer and Matty Rock on Cigar Saturday Live. Ted talks about releases from Four the Hard Way to Revolve, and how he looks forward to performing live concerts once again. The pandemic also inspired his new Miss your Touch Jewelry Collection. Ted also discusses  his work with Forgotten Felines, learn more on Subscribe to this podcast channel and check out our Cigar Saturday Live show every Saturday live at 8 pm ET on 
January 19, 2021
Empire State Rye Whiskey with Kings County Distillery, Brooklyn
Once a year, Kings County Distillery releases their Empire State Rye Whiskey. This catetory of New York whiskey has its very own standards of identity with this New York, legal classication. Based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, this is New York City's oldest distillery since Prohibition. Founder and distiller Colin Spoelman talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer in this podcast.  Kings County Empire State Rye has won awards from San Francisco World Spirits Competition to ACSA and ADI Awards. If you have a guest you'd liek to see on our show, email 
January 19, 2021
Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire Podcast: Views on Tesla, Favorite Cars and Whiskey
Matt Farah of The Smoking Tire Podcast joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer and Matty Rock on's Cigar Saturday.  Matt Farah talks about his favorite cars, his views on Tesla and electric cars, and of course, they sip some whiskey. WhisltePig 15 Rye Whiskey is even poured during the show.  Matt also recently open the Westside Collector Car Storage Facility in Culver City, California, for collectors car storage.  With the best in cigars and smokes, this podcast could give new meaning to "burnout."  Check out Matt's podcast on Have a guest you'd like to see on our show? Email 
January 2, 2021
Cigar Podcast: Frankie Dranks of Sips and Stick on Cigar Saturday
Cigar and whiskey pairings with Frankie Dranks, the host of Sips and Sticks podcast along with Joey Drew, join Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer and Matty Rock on Cigar Saturday. They talk about pairings like Drew Estate Liga Privada No. 9 Cigar, Acid Cigars, and a few favorite Bourbons including Jefferson's  Reserve Bourbon and FEW Spirits of Evanston, Illinois.  Frankie is also known as Frank Moreno, He is Drew Estate Cigar & Spirits Pairing Ambassador and also a killer mixologist. Have a guest you'd like to see on our weekly Cigar Saturday show? Email 
December 29, 2020
Straight No Chaser: Social Christmasing Interview and a few songs live
Straight No Chaser joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer live as the group members are all in one room preparing for their Livestream Shows during Christmas, In this podcast, Straight No Chaser sings a few  Christmas songs and tracks from their new album "Social Christmasing"  and they talk about what their virtual shows are like during the holidays. To watch one of their virtual shows, visit Fischer hosts backstage Bourbon tasting for SNC every year. In this show, Straight No Chaser brings their Straight No Chaser Vodka and also some Sipes' Bourbon, both from Hard Truth Distilling Co. to taste.  Special thanks to Randy Stine, Michael Luginbill, Steve Morgan, Charlie Mechling, Jerome Collins,  Walter Chase, Sargon Isho, Tyler Trepp and Jasper Smith for joining us! 
December 17, 2020
Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Virtual Conference 2020
Craft Beverage Expo and Distribution Conference goes virtual for the first time and you can be part of it this week. In this podcast, Bourbon expert Tom Fischer talks with the director and founder Kellie Shevlin about the first and only show dedicated to independent beverage producers including beer, wine, spirits, whiskey, mead, cider, and saki.  They talk about this year's virtual conference happening this week on  Dec 2 and 3 AND more virtual events happening through 2021. "Women in Craft" will also be virtual in 2021 and the conference intends to resume in person in October 2021.  A CBE Virtual Showcase Pass is free, and there are other options, including a $25 discount when you use the code "cyber"  when registering at
November 30, 2020
The Last Drop Distillers: 1980 Rare Buffalo Trace Bourbon WHiskey
Time travel with whiskey:  a 1980 Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey that aged from 1980 to 2000, The Last Drop Distillers Limited Managing Director Rebecca Jago joins Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer live from London, England to taste this $4,600 a bottle. They also discuss the 1976 “Overproof” Very Old Jamaica Rum and  1959 Vintage Grande Champagne Cognac.  The Last Drop Distillers is a company based in England that specializes in acquiring and bottling incredibly old, rare, and delicious, spirits including Scotch, Cognac, Rum, Port, Bourbon, and other whiskies. 
November 27, 2020
Best Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes with Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.
New Thanksgiving cocktail recipes showcased with Bourbon and Rye Whiskey as we chat live with John Waddell and Cordell Lawrence of Kentucky Peerless Distilling  Co on this podcast . Bourbon expert Tom Fischer chats with Peerless as they demonstrate and discuss fall drinks  live from the  Louisville, Kentucky distillery.  They also taste some of the new distillery excuslive single barrel Bourbon whiskeys and Rye whiskeys including Rye Cherry Cola, Low & Slow, Lucky Kentucky Mint Julep, Blood Orange Old Fasiohed, and 10th Street Tiki. Check out the latest distllery offerings and order ahead on
November 25, 2020
Rare Kentucky whiskey from Town Branch: Single Malt Cask Strength and Double Oaked Bourbon
Town Branch Distillery of Lexington, Kentucky releases two limited-edition whiskeys this week: an 11-year-old Single Malt Cask Strength aged in ex-wine barrels and Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey. is first to review and report on both as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer interviews Master Distiller Mark Coffman and Marketing Manager Pete Weiss in this podcast as they taste them live. 
November 5, 2020
WhistlePig Rye Boss Hog VII Magellan's Atlantic Whiskey
A rare tasting of WhistlePig Rye Boss Hog VII Magellan's Atlantic as Bourbon expert Tom Fischer tastes and chats with Doug Ward and Gregory Gatti of WhistlePig Rye Whiskey of Vermont. They discuss the new limited-edition  17-year-old in American Oak rye finished in both Spanish Oak and South American Teakwood casks. They also talk about the single barrel program, WhistlePig Piggyback Rye, and ready to drink cocktails coming from WhistlePig. 
October 20, 2020
Stephen Amell on Heels Starz Wrestling TV Series
Stephen Amell shares exclusive insight on his new TV Starz show "Heels," a  professional wrestling television series. Amell stars as the pro-wrestler Jack Spade in the fictional series expected to be released in 2021.  Actor Stephen Amell joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer for the podcast live from Atlanta, Georgia as Heels is set in small-town Georgia.  They also talk about the actor's love for Bourbon whiskey and Southern culture.   Amell is also the co-founder of Nocking Point Wines. Heels will also star Kelli Berglund and Alexander Ludwig. 
October 19, 2020
French Lick Spirits Bourbon Tasting with Alchemist Alan Bishop
Spirits of French Lick Alchemist Alan Bishop joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer for a Bourbon whiskey tasting of their the Bottled-In-Bond Bourbons: Mattie Gladden Bourbon and Lee Sinclair. The craft distillery is also known for their Old Clifty Hoosier Apple Brandy, delivering powerful autunmal notes.  Based in West Baden Springs, Indiana, they are known for making some of the best whiskeys in Indiana.
October 19, 2020
Italian Spirit: Montenegro Amaro, Vecchia Romagna and Select Aperitivo
Italy meets Kentucky! We review and taste Italian spirits from our friends at Gruppo Montenegro including Montenegro Amaro, Vecchia Romagna, and Select Aperitivo. We discuss new cocktails and the history of each wit Marco Monefiori,  Tad Carducci, and Christina Berardi. Also, Vecchia Romagna's new release of Riserva Tre Botti is showcased, including brandy aged for 10-15 years.
October 14, 2020
Kings County 7-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey
As Kings County Distillery of Brooklyn, New York celebrates a decade of their distillery, they have a historic release  Kings County 7-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey. Kings County Founder Colin Spoelman talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer as they taste the new 7-Year-Old Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey which will go on sale Wednesday, October 14 both the distillery at on  They also taste the original Kings Country Straight Bourbon whiskey and talk about the collection and the distillery.
October 13, 2020
David Mallow of Barrister Cigars in Union, New Jersey
David Mallow, owned of Barrister Cigars in Union, New Jersey, joins Matty Rock and Tom Fischer to unveil the limited edition Liga Privada Unico Pancetta Cigar. Barrister Cigars is one of the only Liga Privada Lounges in the world.  The Cigar Saturday show happens every Saturday at 8 pm ET and you can watch on or stream on this podcast channel. 
October 13, 2020
Few Spirits Immortal Rye Whiskey tasting with founder and distiller Paul Hletko
A first-ever in Whiskey: Few Spirits of Evanston, Illinois releases the Immortal Rye Whiskey,  proofed to bottling strength with cold-extracted “8 Immortals” tea from renowned Denver-based tea purveyor, The Tea Spot.  Whiskey expert Tom Fischer interviews FEW Spirits founder and distiller Paul Hletko and tastes the new Immortal Rye with him. 
September 23, 2020
Savage & Cooke Master Distiller Jordan Via Whiskey Tasting
Savage & Cooke Master Distiller Jordan Via joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer to talk about what is new at their Vallejo, California distillery. The unique distillery owned by winemaker Dave Phinney takes innovative approaches to both flavor and distilling. Their whiskeys are finished in used wine barrels and their distillery on historic Mare Island showcases rare art.  For the podcast, they taste Burning Chair Bourbon, Lip Serice Rye, and Second Glance whiskeys. Via and Fischer also do an early taste of the 2020 Bad Sweater from Savage & Cooke Distillery, coming for the holiday season. 
September 22, 2020
Cohiba Cigars and Kentucky Peerless Bourbon and Rye Whiskey Pairings
Sean Williams of Cohiba Cigars and Bourbon expert Tom Ficher pair expressions of Rye and Bourbon whiskeys from Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. with Cohiba Cigars. As Peerless is one of Fischer's favorite whiskeys to pair with a cigar, they do a comparative tasting on how both Peerless Small Batch Whiskeys and Peerless Single Barrel expressions can enhance the flavors of the cigars in unique ways.  Have a guest you'd like to see on our podcast? Contact 
September 21, 2020
Angel’s Envy Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Finished Bourbon Whiskey
The first review and live tasting of the Angel’s Envy Japanese Mizunara Oak Cask Finished Bourbon Whiskey with founder Wes Henderson and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. They taste the new limited edition Bourbon whiskey and talk about the last 10 years of Angel's Envy as they celebrate this special anniversary with the first-ever whiskey in the Angel’s Envy Founder’s Collection. The only way to get a bottle of this Mizunara Bourbon is to sign up for Angel's Envy 500 Main Club on this link, as they will go on sale on a first-come, first-served basis tomorrow, Wednesday, August 19.  Have a guest you would like to see on our nightly show? Email suggestions to
August 19, 2020
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey Ambassador Rick Edwards
Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey National Brand Ambassador Rick Edwards sips and chats with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer in this podcast. Rick and Tom taste Stranahan's expressions while telling stories of Colorado adventures and distillery friends. They also try the Stranahan's Sherry Cask and other expressions. Though no specific details are given, Rick teases forward to potential future releases of Stranahan's and Stranahan's  Snowflakes distillery only releases.  The team have long been fans of Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey as we've watched the distillery and brand grow in Denver over the years. If you have a guest you'd like to see on our nightly BourbonBlog show, email  
August 14, 2020
Pro Wrestlers and Whiskey
Professional wrestlers Jerry Sags, of The Nasty Boys and Andrew "The Reinforcer" Anderson and join Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer and Matty Rock Cigar Saturday for a conversation about cigars, the future of wrestling and more in this podcast. Have a guest you'd like to see on our nightly show? Email   
August 3, 2020
Kentucky Derby 146 Update: $1,000 Mint Julep Recipe
Bourbon expert Tom Fischer talks live with Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris about the $1,000 Mint Julep for Kentucky Derby 146 at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. This year's cocktail celebrating Diane Crump, the first female jockey to ride in  Kentucky Derby 50 years ago.  As the $1,000 and the $2,500 Woodford Reserve Mint Julep Program always support a good cause, this year's cause is The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund. You can purchase a cup on
August 3, 2020
Old Forester Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskeys: 100 Proof and Barrel Strength
The new Old Forester Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey program is now bottled at 100 proof and barrel strength. Master Taste Jackie Zykan tastes through some of the new ones with Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer.   The new limited edition found both as limited-edition, distillery only releases (those sold only in Louisville). They can also be a privately by holders of on-premise off-premise liquor license.. Until recently, the Old Forester Single Barrels were only available at select retailers and accounts at 90 proof.
August 2, 2020
Cocktails with Anthony Caporale and Tom Fischer Live
World-renowned food and beverage expert Anthony Caporale joins Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer. Plus, Caporale shares more about his new Virtual Theater Festival in partnership with Playbill, learn more about that and how to submit on Fischer and Caporale have partnered on a number of film, spirit, and cocktail projects and events for over a decade.  Thus, bringing these two together in one podcast is like a well-balanced cocktail! Have a guest you want to see on our nightly show? Email
July 29, 2020
Ivy Mix of Brooklyn's Leyenda and author of Latin Spirits of America
Ivy Mix, co-owner of the famous Brooklyn bar Leyenda Brooklyn Cocteleria, talks with spirits expert Tom Fischer about Latin American liquors and cocktails from her new book "Spirits of Latin America.'   The James Beard Award-nominated bartender also talks about how she is working with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and others on the Independent Restaurant Coalition to support restaurant and bar employees and owners in need during the COVID-19 crisis.  Learn more about that project on Purchase the book and learn more about Ivy on this link. Have a guest you'd like to see interviewed on our nightly show? Email 
July 28, 2020
Black Truffle Rye Whiskey from Sonoma County Distilling Co.
French black Périgord truffles are infused into Sonoma County Distilling Company this a highly anticipated limited-edition release.  Learn how the flavors of France unite with California's rye whiskey as head whiskeymaker Adam Spiegel tastes with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. They also talk about the importance of whiskey, Bourbon, and culinary pairings from a California and Sonoma County perspective. 
July 24, 2020
Somrus Cream Liqueurs with Monica Badlani
Rum-based Sōmrus Cream Liqueurs add a new Coffee Flavor to their India-inspired collection, and is first to bring you the news in this unveiling. Spirits expert Tom Fischer speaks with Sōmrus partner and COO Monica Badlani in this podcast. They also taste the Sōmrus Chai Cream Liqueur and Sōmrus Mango Cream Liqueur.  Have a guest or brand you would like to see on our show? Email 
July 14, 2020
Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey with LC May
LC May, grandson of Clyde May and ambassador for Clyde May's Alabama Whiskey talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about the historic brand dating back to 1946. They taste through Clyde May's Whiskey collection and talk about Clyde's May's Bourbon, Alabama Style, and rye whiskeys. Have a guest or brand you'd like to see on our show? Email
July 10, 2020
Colkegan Whiskey and Santa Fe Spirits with Colin Keegan
Santa Fe Spirits Distillery Founder Colin Keegan tastes and chats with Whiskey expert Tom Fischer live in this podcast as they taste the Colkegan Whiskey collection.  Colin is also a founding member of The American Single Malt Whiskey Commission (ASMWC), so they discuss the regulations and definitions of American Single malt and the category as well as craft distilleries.  The Santa Fe, New Mexico craft distillery is famous for their Apple Brandy, Silver Coyote Pure Malt Whiskey, and Colkegan Single Malt.
July 9, 2020
Americana Artist Chad Harvey Performs Live
Top Americana Artist Chad Harvey performs an acoustic set live as he chats with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer on the nightly BourbonBlog Live show as they both sip whiskey.  Chad recently released his new album "Run from the Sound" which is in the Top 100 in the Americana Album Chart.  Learn about Chad's new album and his music by visiting  Have a guest you want to see featured on our show? Email
July 7, 2020
Bugatti Lighters with Rick Ardito
Cigar and whiskey fans, we explore how the best cigar experience begins with the right lighter in this podcast.  We talk with Bugatti Lighters  National Sales Director Rick Ardito and test out their Vulcan lighter and highest quality butane.  Matty Rock, Drew Estate Cigars Ambassador, and Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer also join in in the conversation.   Have a guest you'd like to see on our nightly BourbonBlog Live show? Email  
July 6, 2020
Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey with Brian Treacy
Brian Treacy, President of Sagamore Spirit of Baltimore, chats, and tastes with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. From the history of Maryland Rye whiskey to the Sagamore's journey as a distillery, they talk about rye whiskey and the innovation in the spirit category while tasting  Sagamore Spirit Calvados Finish Rye Whiskey and other Sagamore Rye expressions
June 30, 2020
Joya de Nicaragua Cigars President Juan Martínez
Executive President Juan Martínez of Joya de Nicaragua Cigars chats live with Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer and cigar ambassadors Matty Rock and Pete Totaro about the Joya de Nicaragua cigar collection. From the Número Uno to the Antaño and Cinco Decadas, the passion of the company and team is shared in this interview about the brand established in 1968. This is the oldest brand of cigars made in Nicaragua. Have a whiskey, spirits, cigar, or another guest you'd like to see us feature on our podcast and nightly show? Email 
June 29, 2020
Alaska Bourbon Whiskey? Yes, from Port Chilkoot Distillery
Port Chilkoot Distillery head distiller and co-owner Heather Shades talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about their distillery Haines, Alaska.  The only rye whiskey and Bourbon whiskey to hail from Alaska. They've been innovators in Alaska also distilling a Green Siren Abstinthe from locally sourced ingredients Heather Shade is also the founding president of the Distillers Guild of Alaska.  Have a guest you would like to see featured on our podcast or nightly show? Email 
June 24, 2020
Kings County Distillery's Founder Colin Spoelman talks New York Whiskey
Ready for some New York Bourbon Whiskey? Kings County Distillery's Colin Spoelman talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about the Brooklyn, New York distillery. Colin talks about their award-winning Kings County Bourbon Whiskeys, Kings County Peated Bourbon, and even their new limited edition bonded applejack.  Email if you have a guest you would like to see on our podcast and nightly show. 
June 20, 2020
Brandy Sainte Louise with founder Jennifer Querbes
Brandy Sainte Louise founder Jennifer Querbes talks about her journey in creating the innovative brand that reflects the flavor of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jennifer talks with spirits expert Tom Fischer as they taste her French brandy, a 3 to a 10-year-old blend of brandies with a primary focus on the Ugni Blanc grape varietal.   With a refined flavor that tastes much older than brandy and a remarkable price point of only $30 for the superb quality, this brandy is finding its way into the hearts of enthusiasts and bartenders across the country.
June 19, 2020
Cohiba Royale Cigar Review and Interview with Sean Williams
Sean Williams of Cohiba Cigars joins Bourbon and whiskey expert Tom Fischer to talk about the newly released Cohiba Royale Cigar. They review it on this podcast with tasting notes and whiskey/rum pairing suggestions. With a Nicaragua forward flavor, this is one of the most full-bodied, non-Cuban Cohibas to date. It is also the first Cohiba to ever to be rolled Honduras. It is rolled in Danlí at General Cigar Co.’s Honduras American Tobacco S.A. (HATSA) factory. Have a guest you'd like to see on our show? Email 
June 11, 2020
Drew Estate Cigars with Matty Rock and Peter Totaro
Drew Estate Cigars Ambassadors Matty Rock and Peter Totaro join Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer for a cigar and whiskey pairing AND conversation about upcoming releases from the Drew Estate Cigar line including new sizes for Tabak Especial, Joya de Nicaragua Número Uno and more.  They smoke Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Fermented Cigars paired with Bourbons during the live conversation.  Have a guest that you'd like to have us feature on our nightly show? Email 
June 7, 2020
National Donut Day with Celebrity Chef Scottish Francis Legge
National Donut Day 2020 as Celebrity Chef Scottish Francis Legge of Masterchef and Chopped pairs whiskey and donuts with Bourbon whiskey expert Tom Fischer. Listen to Chef Legge's suggestions on what makes the best donuts and his favorite donut recipes. As the owner of Sugar & Water NYC, he talks about other TV show projects he has coming up.   Have a guest you'd like to see on our show? Email 
June 5, 2020
Nine Banded Bourbon Whiskey
Nine Banded Whiskey's President Kyle Herman and Shelley Buck talk about this delicious Austin, Texas brand brought to life with limestone-filtered water from the Texas Hill Country. They talk with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer for a  tasting of their Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Wheated Bourbon and a conversation on the podcast.   Have a guest you would like to see us interview? Email
May 29, 2020
Henebery Whiskey with Jesee Fanning and David Lizarraga
Henebery Spirits has long been a favorite distillery of BourbonBlog. CEO and Co-Founder Jesse Fanning along with COO David Lizarraga chat live with whiskey expert Tom Fischer and taste their new Blood Orange IPA Whiskey: a 3-year-old collab with the San Diego's Latitude 33 Brewing PLUS other Henebery whiskeys. The team in Vista, California has been busy during the COVID-19 pandemic helping support San Diego hospitality workers who are out of work and also making hand sanitizer. Have a guest you would like to see interviewed on our nightly show? Email
May 27, 2020
Saint Cloud Kentucky Bourbon Founder Ray Walker
Saint Cloud Bourbon Whiskey Founder Ray Walker talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about Ray's unique brand. Ray shares the story of how he created the company.  The Bourbons are all limited releases,  barrel proof, and unfiltered.  Saint Cloud Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey will release new 12-year-old and single barrel expressions in the coming weeks.  Be watching for updates on and check out and their Instagram page on @SaintCloudBourbon.
May 24, 2020
USBG National Charity Foundation and Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co.
A whiskey tasting and conversation with friends from Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co Master Distiller Caleb Kilburn and United States Bartenders Guild National Charity Foundation Director Kim Haasarud what has been happening during COVID-19. Caleb talks about how Peerless has been helping support the USBG Emergency Assistance Fund through their Single Barrels sales. Kim talks about ways we can continue to support the foundation to help the hospitality community in need. Kim and Caleb both join Bourbon expert and podcast host Tom Fischer.  Do you have a guest or brand you would like to see us feature on our show? Email 
May 23, 2020
Copper Fox Distillery's Rick Wasmund
Copper Fox Distillery Distiller and Owner Rick Wasmund joins Bourbon expert Tom Fischer live from the distillery in Williamsburg, Virginia to chat about what has been happening at Copper Fox and to tase their award-winning rye and single malt whiskeys.  With a location in both Sperryville and Williamsburg, the distillery has been producing hand sanitizer during COVID-19.  Watch our nightly show each night on 
May 20, 2020
Jefferson's Bourbon Tasting and new Releases with Foudner Trey Zoeller
Kentucky Distilleries are now allowed reopen on June 8 according to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear. As the news is announced, we interview Jefferson's Bourbon Founder Trey Zoeller on the nightly BourbonBlog Live show hosted by Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. This is the first reaction from a Kentucky distillery brand representative as he talks about what the reopening at the Kentucky Artisan Distillery could look like. Due to COVID-19 and coronavirus concerns, Kentucky distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail closed to the public. In this episode, we also taste several Jefferson's Ocean Bourbons, Jefferson's Pichon Baron, Jefferson's Pritchard Hill, and tease forward to the new Jefferson's Rye Whiskey Finished in a Cognac Cask.
May 20, 2020
Cigar Federation's Tripp Waldrop and Denis Tsvang
Pairing cigars with whiskey and cocktails,  cigar trends and how will COVID-19 affect the cigar market.  Top cigar podcast Cigar Federation hosts Tripp Waldrop and Denis Tsvang join Bourbon podcast founder and whiskey expert Tom Fischer with Camacho cigars in hand and cocktails too for this conversation.   Also, check out the Cigar Federation store on this link. 
May 19, 2020
Bryan Nolt: New Breckenridge Distillery releases AND craft distilleries during COVID-19
Bryan Nolt, founder of Breckenridge Distillery in Breckinridge Distillery, talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about topics ranging from ways craft distilleries can forge forward during the COVID-19 era to new whiskey releases from Breckenridge Distillery in Breckenridge Colorado.  A few of those new and forthcoming whiskey releases include Two Clans (a blend of Breckenridge distilled and aged Single Malt whiskeys along with Scotch whiskies sourced from Scotland); Breckenridge Bourbon Rum Cask Finish; Breckenridge Double-Barrel Bourbon, and the Breckenridge Bourbon Madeira Finish.  Watch our nightly series EVERY NIGHT on at 8 pm ET. 
May 16, 2020
Jason Littrell: How restaurants, bars and distilleries may reopen and more
Beverage and cocktail consultant Jason Littrell is host The Littrell Show podcast and also a systems and operations consultant.  Whiskey expert Tom Fischer talks with Jason about current coronavirus /  COVID-19 issues affecting bartenders, distillers, and the hospitality industry as states look to reopen.  We chat with him on our nightly Bourbon Blog Live, tonight Monday, May 11 at 8 pm ET on Have a guest you would like to see us interview on our nightly show? Email and stay well, friends!
May 15, 2020
Peg Leg Porker Bourbon Whiskey and Carey Bringle
Tasting Peg Leg Porker Bourbon Whiskey collection with the founder who is the award-winning BBQ pitmaster, Carey Bringle. Care talks live with  Bourbon expert Tom Fischer from Nashville, Tennessee.  They taste the white label  8-year-Old, 12-Year-Old, and give an exclusive announcement of a 15-year-old Peg Leg Porker Bourbon coming soon.  Carey talks with Tom about the Peg Leg Porker BBQ Restaurant in the Gulch selection of Nashville.  Watch our nightly online show on at 8 pm ET. 
May 14, 2020
Bourbon Barrel Foods Founder Matt Jamie
From the Bluegrass Soy Sauce to Bourbon Smoked Salt and more, Bourbon Barrel Foods produces a collection of all-natural, award-winning gourmet foods that embrace the history and mystique of Kentucky’s Bourbon Country.   Founder Matt Jamie talks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about his products, and we taste his array of Old Forester, Woodford Reserve, and Jack Daniel's bitters on camera.  Matt is also the author of the book Eat Your Bourbon.   Watch every night live on
May 10, 2020
King's Family Distillery in Sevierville
King's Family Distillery owners Justin King & Cara King talk with whiskey expert Tom Fischer live from Sevierville, Tennessee to taste their award-winning rye whiskey, Bourbons, and Ginger Vodka. They talk about the distillery and their unique approach to whiskey.  Watch our nightly series on at 8 pm ET. And learn more about the distillery on
May 8, 2020
Barrel and Bottle Whiskeys and Whiskey and Barrel Nite
Barrel and Bottle is an innovative and new whiskey line giving a one-off experience in single barrels, oaks, and whiskey maturation. Their President and industry veteran, David Sweet speaks with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about the brand. They taste  Town Branch 10yr + American Single Malts, as well as the Balcones Deconstruction, all hand-selected single barrels. They also talk about the new Whiskey and Barrel Nite. These new festivals from Dave Sweet and his team feature all types of aged spirits across the country. 
May 8, 2020
The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey
The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey team talks with whiskey expert Tom Fischer on BourbonBlog Live. Joining us is Scott Reid CMO, Master Blender Chris Leskowicz. Colonel Tierney is with the Historic Fighting 69th Trust. They taste and review  The Fighting 69th Irish Whiskey and talk about the history and traditions of this new whiskey hailing from Ireland presenting new flavors to the spirit category.  Watch our broadcast live on
May 8, 2020
Richard Paterson: Tasting Scotch Whisky with The Dalmore Master Distiller
Master Distiller Richard Paterson of The Dalmore talks about the world's most expensive scotch, cigar, and whiskey pairings, and does an on-camera whiskey review with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer. They talk about The Dalmore Cigar Malt, drink The Dalmore 18, and recall the lessons Richard has shared before on how to drink Scotch whiskey.    Richard Paterson is also the Master Blender for Whyte & Mackar in Scotland. Watch BourbonBlog's nightly show on
May 7, 2020
Ralph & Gable Erenzo: Gardiner Liquid Mercantile, Hudson, and Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Co
From Gardiner Liquid Mercantile and Hudson Whiskey to Speakeasy Motors Whiskey Co., the father and son pioneers of the craft distilling movement are Gable and Ralph Erenzo. These good friends of started their whiskey journey back when we started ours on They talk about what impact COVID-19 will have on craft distilling and spirits.. Additionally, Ralph also talks about his retirement, but Gable says he will get his dad involved in some other New York projects soon. Listen to our nightly broadcast at pm ET on 
May 5, 2020
WhistlePig Rye Whiskey
WhistlePig Rye Whiskey National Ambassador Doug Ward tastes WhistlePig Piggyback, 10-Year-Old, and more with whiskey expert Tom Fischer on the nightly BourbonBlog Live. They also talk about the new WhistlePig HomeStock crowd-sourced bottle and the upcoming pre-bottled cocktail style releases coming soon. Listen to our nightly broadcast on Have a guest you would like to see on our nightly live series? Email 
April 30, 2020
Ardbeg and Glenmorangie Scotch Updates: Drinking with David Blackmore
Whiskey expert Tom Fischer sips and chats live Scotch Whisky with Ardbeg and Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky Ambassador David Blackmore. We get updates on new releases from the brands including Glenmorangie Cadboll Estate 15-year-old, Ardbeg Blaaack Committee Release, Ardbeg Wee Beastie, and the original Ardbeg Blaaack release. We also review the Glenmorangie La Quinta Ruban 14 vs. the 12-year-old releases. Watch the only nightly whiskey broadcast of its kind live each night on
April 28, 2020
Sunday Brunch: A Pairing of Good Friends and Libations
On our Sunday Brunch Edition,  we pair good friends and libration by welcoming Umberto Lucchini, founder of Wolf Spirit Distillery in Eugene, Oregon that produces Blood, Sweat, & Tears Vodka.  And live from Bruce Julian Clothier, in Charlotte, North Carolina,  Bruce Julian, Bonnie, and Paul Raybin also join us to talk about their Bloody Mary Mix and Bruce Julian Heritage Foods. We mix all this together for a perfect way to start the Sunday.  Wold Spirit Distillery is also the importer of Tom of Finland Organic Vodka. Umberto tells us about his Puncher's Chance Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey will also be released later this year. Recorded live on our 
April 26, 2020
Plantation Rum with Guillaume Lamy
We sip Plantation Rum live with Guillaume Lamy as he guides us through a virtual tasting of Plantation Xaymaca and Plantation XO 20th Anniversary Rum.  He also gives a preview of the Plantation Isle of Fiji release coming later in 2020. Many fans of Plantation join in with questions about vintage releases and Guillaume tells the history of the brand.  Guillaume also describes how helpful the distilleries for Plantation Rum have been during the COVID-19 crisis producing hand sanitizers and the safety measure they have taken at the facilities. 
April 26, 2020
Cardinal Spirits in Bloomington, Indiana
Spirits journalist Tom Fischer talks with Cardinal Spirits craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana to taste their this Pineapple Spiced Tiki Rum, Lake House Spiced Rum, Songbird Coffee Liqueur, Bramble and other spirits.  Fischer talks with Cardinal Spirits co-founder Adam Quirk as they review the spirits and showcase cocktails. They also talk about the important role Cardinal Spirits has played in the Bloomington community during COVID-19 and cocktails to-go available at the distillery during the shutdown. Watch our BourbonBlog Live interview every night on
April 26, 2020
Old Dominick Distillery, Memphis Tennessee
Old Dominick Distillery Master Distiller Alex Castle joins whiskey expert Tom Fischer to taste spirits from their distillery including "All the Cookies" Bourbon whiskey finished in used Meddlesome Brewing Company Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Beer barrels. They also taste an Old Dominick Distillery Gin and barell-finished Gin in the live interview and tasting. The distillery has also been producing hand sanitizer during the Coronavirus crisis.
April 26, 2020
Straight No Chaser: Live chat with cocktails
Hit a cappella group Straight No Chaser members Steve Morgan, Charlie Mechling, Jasper Smith, and Dave Richards "DR" talk with Bourbon expert Tom Fischer about a capella. The singers sip whiskey and chat about what has been happening with the group during the COVID-19 crisis and also tell us about their new SNC Music releases and tours to look forward to. They also showcase their Straight No Chaser Vodka by Hard Truth Distilling Company of Nashville, Indiana.  Join BourbonBlog Live for their nightly live series every night at 8 pm ET on 
April 25, 2020
Uncle Nearest Whiskey: The story and a Live Whiskey tasting
The story of the Uncle Nearest Whiskey brand told by Ambassador Sailor Guevara. Sailor talks live with whiskey expert Tom Fischer for a live whiskey tasting and review of Uncle Nearest 1884 and Uncle Nearest 1865 Whiskey.  Founder Fawn Weaver read a story by Clay Risen in the New York Times about  Nathan "Nearest" Green teaching Jack Daniels how to make whiskey. Sailor also gives updates on the Nearest Green Distillery in Shelbyville, Tennessee   Sailor is the winner of the Icons of Whisky American Whisky Ambassador of the Year 2020 from Whisky Magazine.
April 25, 2020
Kentucky Derby at Home for Derby 146, new updates
Kentucky Derby 2020 updates in this podcast include details on the day-long virtual experience planned for Saturday, May 2, with Churchill Downs of Louisville, Kentucky, and Woodford Reserve. This will help celebrate the annual "Run for the Roses" rescheduled for September 5, 2020, due to the COVID-19 crisis.  There is a first-ever virtual horse race planned along with presentations from Master Distiller Chris Morris and Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall. Recorded live on our channels, watch that links for daily broadcasts. 
April 24, 2020
Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris on Bourbon and Kentucky Derby 146
Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris teases forward some Kentucky Derby 146 news and festivities that will be happening as part of the rescheduling of Kentucky Derby 146 from May 2 to September 5.. As Chris talks with whiskey expert Tom Fischer, they talk about and the Woodford Malt, Wheat, Rye, and Double Oaked whiskeys. Chris shares his favorite mint julep and cocktail recipes made with Woodford. Recorded live on BourbonBlog's nightly social media broadcast "Quarantine Drinking Team" series. 
April 19, 2020
Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. Supporting USBG During COVID-19
Distilleries are doing their part to support the hospitality industry during the Coronavirus restaurant and bar shutdown. The Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. team talks with's Tom Fischer about making their Bourbon and rye whiskey single barrels available for purchase to go with a portion of sales going to the United States Bartenders Guild  Emergency Assistance Fund.   They are working on this and other efforts to support bartenders and hospitality teams who are out of work.  Caleb Kilburn,  Carson Taylor, and Cordell Lawrence join us live from their distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. To learn more about the single barrels and donations to make,  visit this link .
March 22, 2020
Bar Rescue's Mia Mastroianni: Encouragement for Bartenders During Coronavirus Shutdown
Mia Mastroianni of Bar Rescue and whiskey expert Tom Fischer discuss the current situation of restaurants and bars being shutdown during COVID-19.  What can those in the hospitality industry do during the Coronavirus shutdown to stay positive and keep making cocktails for consumers?  What will the future look like for all of us once the bars are open once again?  Pour yourself a "Hunker Down" cocktail and listen. 
March 21, 2020
Coronavirus: Effects on Restaurants and Bars
As bartenders and servers rely on tips, we have a conversation with restaurant and bar veteran Walter Edwards Jr. We talk about the effects of today's announced restaurant and bar closings and restrictions. In the midst of COVID-19, how can communities support local and search for ways to support the hospitality industry with a "living wage?"
March 17, 2020