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Boxing Club Coaching

Boxing Club Coaching

By Dave Rimmer
A podcast that talks about coaching amateur boxers as seen through the eyes of Coach Dave Rimmer. There will also be interviews with Boxers of all levels.

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Chatting With GB Boxer Lewis Richardson
Have a listen as we talk with Olympic hopeful GB Boxer Lewis Richardson about his Boxing Journey, Olympic qualifiers and the future. 
March 14, 2021
The Lone Wolf
After reading a fantastic book called Gold Dust, I wanted to share some real golden nuggets with you.
March 3, 2021
Should We Teach All Boxers To Box The Same Way?
I believe Boxers can be over coached, especially Novice Boxers. Its my theory that styles are found not taught and i this Podcast I explain more. Please email any comments or thoughts to Check us out on Instagram / FaceBook / YouTube and TikTok
September 27, 2020
5 HUGE Mistakes When Using A Punch Bag
Check out the Video here > IS THIS YOU! Are you making these 5 HUGE Punchbag Mistakes and developing poor technique and skill Discover The 5 BIG Errors That Boxers Make On The Bag So You Can Accelerate Your Progression And Not Sabotage Your Skill Set!!! Check us out on Social Media   Facebook - Instagram - TikTok -  Website -
August 31, 2020
Can i JUST Do Cardio To Lose Weight?
Subscribe to our Newsletter packed with info  Find out if the best way to lose weight is through Cardio only? Contact us for more details on how we can help you.
August 25, 2020
Team Work - Peer to Peer Coaching
In this episode we look at how we can develop better team work through Peer To Peer Coaching and communication. As always, I would love to hear feedback and comments.
August 17, 2020
You need to understand WHY
Theres no point doing a boxing drill if you gave no idea why you're doing it? Take a listen to this episode as we dig a little deeper into this
August 12, 2020
How Long Should I Do Cardio For?
Is your Cardio Training Transferable to competing? Are you spending too long on your Fitness workout?  Are you training the correct energy system ? We answer these questions and more in this Podcast Episode...
August 8, 2020
Boxing Coaching - Repetition
Check out our Episode about Repetition Without Repetition and how tweaking your drills could bring serious progressions to your boxer.
August 6, 2020
Find out the best App on the market that will help you with those Fat Loss goals
August 3, 2020
Three tips to follow BEFORE you start at a Boxing club
Three great tips to follow before you start boxing at a club for the first time.Check out my 7 Videos teaching the boxing basics
July 31, 2020
Realistic Boxing Drills v Looking Good Drills
Check out our latest Podcast where we talk about realistic drills v looking good drills
July 27, 2020
The Return of Boxing
I’m this episode we talk about the return of boxing and what clubs will look like as we prepare to open our doors in just 5 days
July 20, 2020
Girls Confidence In Sport
Girls become less confident as they get older and end up dropping put of sport. In this video we quickly look at some of the reasons why this happens and what we can do as coaches to retain more girls and help to improve their confidence
June 6, 2020
Interview With Leah | Wimborne Boxer
In this episode, we talk to 10yr old Leah Paylor about her journey so far as an amateur boxer, including what it was like to box abroad and what her plans and goals are for the future. A great listen
May 9, 2020
Interview with Kiki
We caught up with another one of our Wimborne Boxers who started 12 months ago. She has since competed out in Sweden and had a skills bout on our Home Show. Have a listen to why she started and how she has found the journey so far.
May 2, 2020
England Boxing Rules Quiz
How well do you know the 2019/20 season Rules and Regs? For a bit of fun and to see what our boxers new about current rules we put a 15 question quiz together to see how they would get on. Now you can have a go and see how much you know
April 29, 2020
Interview with Chloe Dover
12yr old Chloe Dover, boxer at Wimborne has experienced a lot in the early part of her Amateur Boxing Journey. In this chat, she tells us about the wins, losses, injury setbacks, and confidence battles shes had in the first 2 years of boxing. It's a great watch for any Coach or Boxer
April 22, 2020
Should Boxers Be Training During Lockdown
A very common question Ive had asked by my boxers and their parents as well as seen asked multiple times on Social Media. In this short Podcast, I give my opinion on whether Boxers should be training and what we can do as coaches to help them. As always, I love a discussion so please feel free to contact me if you want to chat more
April 18, 2020