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The Box Gathering Podcast (Formerly The Boxing Coaches' Podcast)

The Box Gathering Podcast (Formerly The Boxing Coaches' Podcast)

By Adam Haniver
Understanding how we learn is surely the most important tool in any coaches skill set. The boxing coaches’ podcast discusses learning within a boxing context and shares the application of theory. Getting better starts with us, the coaches.....
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#29 - Boxing Superstition(ism) With Guest David White.

The Box Gathering Podcast (Formerly The Boxing Coaches' Podcast)

#69 - Josh Peacock. A chat around combat practices.
Host of the fantastic, 'Combat Learning Podcast', Josh Peacock invited me on to talk around all things 'practice design' for combat sports. We talk around how we can change and adapt some traditional approaches to training and some of the theory around it. Josh is a fascianting guy with bags of knowledge in the skill acquisition and motor learning fields. Check Josh's website out at for much more indispensable knowledge bombs!
August 30, 2022
#68 - Pads up or down?
I got to watching some Patacake pads on Instagram last night and thought to myself we need to talk! But when do we leave a pad up and when do we present it? Just a few thoughts knocking around in my skull as to how this can affect skill acquisition and transfer. Look out for our The Box Gathering quizzes coming up on our website next week. Visit
July 01, 2022
#67 - Designing More Effective Boxing Sessions. With Cal Jones
Along with his quality beard, Cal Jones has a great big brain and it's full of amazing stuff around how to create more effective combat learning sessions. Or, 'Representative Learning Design (RLD). He has a masters degree in advanced coaching practice and his main sport in which he coaches is Judo. Cal drops nugget after nugget around how we can all make our boxing practices more effective through applying REAL motor learning principles. I learned so much in the 40 odd minutes we chatted, so, happy listening! Cheers Cal. Get in contact with Cal on Twitter @CalJonesJudo
May 16, 2022
#66 - Individualised conditions for sparring
We put a condition in for the whole group and for some it’s fantastic development. But what about the others? Are they engaged are they receiving suitable development from the generic condition put in place? Today I share some of my recent experiences around the boxers choosing their own conditions to meet their individualised needs. Come and visit us at
April 28, 2022
#65 - Punching on the move and skill development
How often as a sport when we are doing pads with our boxers do we either hold our feet and pad stood still and then progress it to punching and moving where essentially it’s the same thing we’ve done but in a different part of the ring? How does punching on the move help develop realism that mirrors the actual demands of the sport? Can we teach punching on the move earlier then what we traditionally do? Will the benefits outweigh the negatives? As usual, would love to hear your thoughts and opinions so please go to Meanwhile Ivan and I have made some 90 second videos all around different approaches to boxing coaching which are on the ‘coaching ideas tab’ on the website. Become a gold member to access them and then join our WhatsApp group to discuss the pros and cons of each video.
February 08, 2022
#64 - Point Scoring in Sparring
Can we manipulate the scoring system inspiring to help our Boxers focus on how they adapt to their opponents. I also speak about ‘representative practice design’ and covert missions in sparring! Another podcast episode today in the condition sparring series! Love to hear your thoughts on any of our social media platforms. We’re on Instagram as the_box_gathering. Also join us at today!
January 07, 2022
#63 - “You were robbed!!!”
Robbery!!! We all hear it from time to time. But what kind of impact does this choice of words have, even if there maaaaaay be some truth in it? Come and visit us at
November 27, 2021
#62 - Pressure Proofing Your Boxers with Professor Adam Nicholls
They can do it in sparring, then they climb the steps, pass through the ropes and then go to pieces. Today I talk to Sport Psychologist and BJJ athlete Professor Adam Nicholls. A fascinating chat sharing practical ideas and tools you can use in your gym to help pressure proof your boxers to perform in the ring. You can get Adam’s book, ‘Psychology in sports coaching, theory and practice. Third edition.’ here ➡️
November 16, 2021
#61 - Messy pads to messy sparring!!!
In boxing we always talk about, “you learn from your mistakes.” Or “You learn from your losses.” I couldn’t agree more! But with certain pad work the boxer lands their shots 100% of the time, so where is the failure? Today I jabber on about how we can destabilise pads to make them more messy and bridge that gap between pads and sparring to help with (potentially) greater skill transfer. Have a great bonfire night everyone! Remember to visit us at
November 06, 2021
#60 - “Aim small, miss small.” More on Conditioned Spars.
Another chat about conditioning spars! This time about handing over autonomy to the boxers so they can choose the targets to throw to and working out different movement solutions to score whilst stopping their opponents from scoring! join us today!
November 03, 2021
#59 - Conditioned Spars
I’d like to start talking more about conditions and constraints on spars. Why? It simply fascinates me. Today I’ll gas on about just one example of how I’ve been playing with setting conditions to make boxers more ‘adaptive.’ Love to hear your thoughts. Meanwhile here is the link to The Box Gathering Sparring Challenge Cards which I talk about also.
October 09, 2021
#58 - Deceptive Boxing Skills with The Talent Equation’s Stuart Armstrong
I was massively honoured to be invited on the globally acclaimed Talent Equation with the fantastic Stuart Armstrong. We talk about how we can be more intentional in creating practices to read our opponents better as well as using deceptive skills to create more adaptive boxers.
June 15, 2021
#57 - ‘We Don’t Play Boxing?’
It’s an age old adage that we don’t play boxing and most of the time I’d say that’s right. But, are there times we can ‘play’ boxing?
May 27, 2021
#56 - Brainstorming Coaching
Weird one. Weird but strangely powerful. Basically I emptied my coaching mind on a white board in to 3 areas....1) Boxing Subject knowledge. 2) ‘Ologies.’ 3) Pedagogy. I found it really useful to explore what’s in my bonce and how it all interacts and affects each other. Have a listen. Remember you can join our website for free at
April 30, 2021
#55 - Boxing Parents Seminar 24/4/21
Boxers are with their parents 99% of the time, and with us 1%! But how much information do we share with the parents? On Saturday 24th April, 10am-12pm we are hosting an online seminar with 2 incredible presenters. First up is Dr. Anna Robins of Salford University who has provided expert nutritional advice and programmes to countless pro and amateur boxers. She will share effective strategies with you, the parents. In the second hour, Non-Perfect Dad Richard Shorter shares how to be a high-performing sport parent. Richard has worked with the FA and RFU amongst many more high profile clients. Just £10 per online person. Make an instant impact on your son or daughter’s boxing performance. Buy your place now at
April 11, 2021
#54 - Coach Development with UK Coaching’s Andy Bradshaw & England Boxing’s Chris Porter.
Today we talk coach development within boxing and all the intricacies that’s surround it! We are delighted to invite two pulsating minds in the field, Andy Bradshaw, Senior Coach Developer at UK Coaching and Coach Development Manager of England Boxing, Chris Porter.
March 12, 2021
#53 - How many decisions did the boxers make today?
We invited the outstanding John O’Sullivan from Changing the Game Project on The Box Gathering last week and one of the questions in his book was to always ask, ‘How many decisions did they make today?’ I thought I’d gas around this important question. The full gathering with John can be found here at
February 26, 2021
#52 - Amanda Coulson. A Live Box Gathering with England Boxing’s Development Coach
A glittering international boxing career to great international success as a coach. England Boxing’s Amanda Coulson talks about her great success as a boxer, the rise and rise of England on the international stage, her core values and motivation to be the best coach she can be. An insightful peek into international coaching and the challenges which go with it. We also open the floor up to questions for Amanda from other members of the Gathering. Join the gathering at our next live gathering is with Jamie Moore and Nigel Travis.
January 15, 2021
#51 - 2020 & The Box Gathering
Crap year. Crap. But did we stop learning ? Did we stop getting better? Hell no! Every constraint placed on us afforded an opportunity to learn. But how have I taken this challenge? I talk about ‘Bernstein’s Hammer’ and how this applies to skill attunement. Also we are 9 months in with The Box Gathering - a site packed full of interviews, famous guest appearances, downloadable resources for coaches, boxers, officials and boxing fans to #ConnectShareGrow together. Join now at
January 03, 2021
50th Episode celebration! Talking ‘Great Coaches and great coaching.’
Wow! 50th episode! Thank you to everybody who has supported the podcast - guests and listeners. I’ve enjoyed every moment. We invited on my Box Gathering colleague Ivan Cobb, Preya Dhanecha, John Stubbs, Scott Sievewright, Chris Lodge and Mick ‘considerably richer than yalll’ Maguire to talk ‘great coaching.’ Check out for all things boxing coaching! Free membership!
November 20, 2020
#49 - COVID-19- Back to Boxing Basics & Principles
So how do we train during lockdown and how do we emerge from this whole COVID-19 catastrophe? In this episode I speak about how going back to boxing principles may be beneficial for when normality finally returns!
October 12, 2020
#48 - Repton’s Seema Aggarwal - ‘The inner struggle.’
About a year ago, I read a fascinating article from today’s guest regarding the inner battle of boxer faces. Repton’s Seema Aggarwal discusses her experiences within the sport and how it has helped shape the person she is today. You can check out her article here - a fascinating read.
September 12, 2020
#47 - Ben Stewart - British Army Technical Lead Coach. ‘Spreading our bets’
There aren’t many coaches out there as revered as the British Army Lead Technical Coach - Ben Stewart. An AIBA 2 star coach, GB Coach and former England Talent Pathway Assistant Coach, Ben has consistently coached at the coal-face of high performance boxing. Ben speaks with passion and enthusiasm about the Army’s high performance programme especially regarding how they structure their approach to development. ‘We spread our bets.’ Ben goes on to speak about this philosophy and the learning principles behind it. Furthermore, some exceptional advice for up and coming coaches. It was fantastic speaking to Ben who I have had the pleasure of coaching with, learning great amounts about the art and science of coaching as well as being a great admirer of his interpersonal skills. Ladies and Gentleman - Ben Stewart.
August 29, 2020
#46 - USA Boxing’s Coach Education Coordinator - Chadrick Wigle
A fascinating conversation with USA Coach Education Coordinator Chad Wigle. Chad delves in to the USA Boxing coach education programme and how it feeds in to their high performance programme under internationally renowned coach Billy Walsh. He articulately describes how he has used his knowledge from his Canadian education in to an applied development setting in the States. He also talks American culture and how the team are looking to review and instil a robust system to bring USA Boxing back to the forefront again in International boxing.
August 05, 2020
#45 - Opposed vs Unopposed Practice
Practicing with an opponent or without - is one better than the other? What’s optimal? Should it be both? A few questions we ask in this episode.
July 29, 2020
#44 - A Boxer’s Mindset. With All Stars Coach, Preya Dhanecha
Ex boxer and a current coach for All Stars ABC, NE London - Preya Dhanecha. Coach Preya talks about her interpretation of a positive growth mindset and how we as coaches can help cultivate one.
July 04, 2020
#43 - Coaching Autonomy with Casey ‘Steekz’ Nachman 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
The autonomy support approach to coaching relies upon good communication and handing over permission as Colchester ABC coach Casy Nachman describes in this week’s podcast.
June 18, 2020
#42 - Leadership with Lieutenant Colonel Shamus Kelly of the RRF. 👑
Leadership. What is it, really? Lieutenant Colonel Shamus Kelly of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers explains how leadership isn’t what it’s often perceived and also how it pertains to coaching and soldiering.
June 06, 2020
#41 - Italian Boxing. A chat with Coach Giuni Ligabue 🇮🇹
Bolognese (Well, from Modena) boxing coach Giuni Ligabue shares his views on The Italian coaching structure and how the sport is growing in Italy. A great chat with a lovely bloke. Check out his club Boxe TPO Quartiere Porto here “Urlando contro il cielo!” 🎶
April 10, 2020
#40 - MMA vs Boxing Coaching. With Scott Sievewright. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇺🇸
A fascinating chat with Scott Sievewright from Primal MKE MMA gym in Wisconsin, USA. We talk about our approaches to coaching our different sports and make sense of coaching buzz words. You can contact Scott at
April 03, 2020
#39 - Is boxing ‘in the blood?’ Nature vs Nurture. With Ross Clark.
A fascinating chat with Lawrence ABC Coach Ross Clark about the age old pub chat - Nature vs Nurture. Is boxing in the blood? What do you think? What examples do you have? Let us know on social media at
March 27, 2020
#38 - Shadow Boxing. Pros and Cons
Shadow boxing - a staple part of any boxer’s training regime. But how effective is it? Today we talk about the pros and cons. Please post your thoughts and views on our social media pages.
March 18, 2020
#37 - My Coaching Mistakes.
Today I spoke about certain mistakes I keep making and why I need to address them! Feel free to share with me or on the social media pages, the challenges you currently have and how you’re tackling them. Meanwhile it really helps giving reviews for the podcast on your chose podcast platform, so, thank you.
February 14, 2020
#36 - Which Podcasts do coaches listen to?
We ask coaches from all over the country to share which podcasts they listen to and how they have helped them develop their coaching skills and knowledge.
February 06, 2020
#35 - How boxing engages the community. With Wayne Smith.
Today we talk to Wayne Smith from the Olympia boxing podcast, Olympia boxing CIC and Saint Mary‘s boxing club in Chatham about how the incredible work they do in the Kent area. Listen to the Olympia boxing podcast here
January 17, 2020
#34 - My Boxing Coaching Journey In 2019
2019 has been a great year. In episode #34, I talk about some of my main learning opportunities and experiences as I move in to 2020. Please leave a review on your listening platform and join in the chat on our social media sites.
December 20, 2019
#33 - Boxing - feel the force!
“I learn best by listening, I learn best by watching, I learn best by......” Why do we limit ourselves by pigeon-holing ourselves? Today I briefly talk about how mixing in kinaesthetic coaching and ‘stick-ability’ strategies has engaged some grass roots boxers I’ve coached recently.
November 29, 2019
#32 - Driving Values to Drive Performance with Guest Dr. Kathy Adcock
Dr Kathy Adcock is the Founder & Director of the award winning social enterprise In Your Corner. She is a Clinical Psychologist, boxer and England Boxing accredited Boxing Coach, and a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs. In Your Corner combine non-contact boxing with evidence based ideas from psychological intervention to improve emotional wellbeing in hard to reach young people. Find out more here:, @iycboxing, @drkathyadcock
November 13, 2019
#31 - Sparring and Starring. Gamifying spars.
Great word isn’t it - ‘Starring’. Today I have another car-based journey chat with myself about my experience of the sessions I ran today at DiSE. I wanted to consider how to ‘gamify’ a spar more and see how offering super powers to a boxer would change behaviours. Have a listen and see what we discovered! Remember to share your comments here
November 05, 2019
#30 - Padwork. What are good pads?
Pads have been around a while now In boxing. But what are good pads? What’s bad? How valuable are they? Today I rant slightly about padwork. This one may be fairly contentious, so please comment on your experiences of using pads on the Facebook group
October 21, 2019
#29 - Boxing Superstition(ism) With Guest David White.
Wow, what an episode! David White eloquently explains the fascinating topic of superstition and the impacts within boxing and sport in general. Here are the links to the initiatives David Mentioned in the episode. Please click and connect! and Twitter = LinkedIn = Book - Superstitionism - The Psychology of Sport
October 09, 2019
#28 - Boxing Warm Ups With Rhauri Kane.
Today we talk to England Talent Coach Rhauri Kane. Warm ups - does tradition put the hand break on development or is there sound science in what we do as a sport on warm ups? Rhauri explains the science and the importance pertaining to performance. You can see lots of warm up examples on Rhauri’s Instagram here As usual, please feel free to share this episode and comment on social media. If you have a moment, a review on iTunes also goes a long way. Thank you!
September 21, 2019
#27 - Why Training Should be Messy.
Episode #27 takes a look at Ric Shuttleworth et al’s model on ‘safe uncertainty’ and how it applies to boxing. Take a look at the Facebook page where his model is posted and a boxing specific one next to it. Are the sessions we organise for our boxers destructive, constructive or somewhere in the middle?!? My model is a collection of thoughts when considering Shuttleworth’s model and so is not even close to accurate, but it may spark a few thoughts and is there to be critiqued. It is an effort at applying his model to boxing. Love to hear your thoughts.
August 13, 2019
#26 - Coaching - Old School West, Meets New School East.
Episode 26 - Old school versus new school coaching! How did Ray Arcel shine across most of the 20th century? What has Anatoly Lomachenko brought to the table in the 21st century? Which school is the best school? Today’s conversation invites full time coach Mark Collings to discuss and compare the approaches of coaches across the eras. You can contact Mark on
July 24, 2019
#25 - Assessing Athletes With 4x Olympian Bo Hanson
Every boxer is different. Episode #25 Talks to 4 time Olympian, Bo Hanson about how we can profile boxers so we can make better decisions when interacting with them. Using the sport adapted DISC model, this episode largely discusses ‘self awareness’ and why this is vital on impacting performance. Visit to discover more about Bo’s work. Or, drop Bo an email on
July 18, 2019
#24 - Resilience. How We Can Always Be Positive and Say, YES!
In Episode #24 we speak to the remarkable Af Panjalazadeh. Af is an ex amateur boxer and has worked in 2 Olympic Games. We speak to Af about how he approaches life and how it can be applied to boxing. When one of the biggest challenges imaginable came clattering in to his life, Af shares how he chose to say ‘yes’. Follow Af on twitter at af_yougotthis and visit his website
June 26, 2019
#23 - Sam ‘Midge’ Noakes - My Journey To Success.....So Far.
From amateur success to a new dawn of professional boxing, Westree’s Sam Noakes and Coach Lee Owen reflects on a great far.
June 17, 2019
#22 - Transformational Coaching
What’s important to you as a coach. Winning? Character? Can both co-exist? Episode #22 talks about transactional versus transformational coaching.
June 06, 2019
#21 - Unlocking Your Boxer’s Potential With Lee Hallworth.
Episode #21 talks Psychology! What’s standing in the way of the boxer’s potential and how can we unlock it. With guest Lee Hallworth.
May 07, 2019
#20 - Strength & Conditioning In Boxing With Guest Elliot Dillon
Episode #20 speaks to the awesome Elliot Dillon about his views on S&C’s place in boxing.
April 26, 2019
#19 - Qualities of an Elite Open Class Boxer.
Episode #19 talks about the qualities of an open elite class boxer including range control and flare!
April 24, 2019
#18 - Boxer/Coach Relationships
A chat with Downend and England Talent Pathway Coach, Craig Turner about the importance relationships between coach and boxer.
March 29, 2019
#17 – Parents In Boxing
It can be great for the boxer, it can be disastrous for the boxer. Episode # 17 talks about strategies for involving and managing parents.
March 21, 2019
#16 - Skills Bouts
Episode #16 talks about skills bouts. Pros and cons - what are your views?
February 14, 2019
#15 - Matchmaking Amateur Boxing Shows
With guest speaker Ben Harmsworth of Guildford City ABC, we talk about the monster which is matchmaking!
January 25, 2019
#14 - Taking a Break from Training
Having time away from boxing - good? Bad? In episode #14 we discuss this from the boxer’s and coaches’ stand point.
January 05, 2019
#13 - Skipping. The Pros and Cons
This week, I ask 4 coaches from around the country about their opinions on skipping and its place in boxing.
December 21, 2018
#12 -🥇Karol Itauma. Youth Olympic U81kg Gold Medalist. 🥇
The Boxing Coaches’ Podcast speaks to One of Karol’s Coaches - Jerome Xavier. Jerome speaks about his experiences as part of the coaching team and what he’s learned in the coaching journey. A great incite in to the collective and collaborative approach to supporting an elite boxer. Enjoy.
December 14, 2018
#11 - Punishments
In episode #11 we discuss how physical activity used as punishment can impact on our boxers.
December 03, 2018
#10 - Do We Gamble Too Much as Boxers?
Do we read the cues our opponent gives off or do we gamble and hope? Episode #10 talks about, ‘Perception Action Coupling’ and shares the science behind it with a few related experiences. As always, please comment and share, guys!
November 23, 2018
#9 - The Blame Game. Coach Accountability.
Episode 9 discusses being accountable for our boxers. If they fail do we blame them or do we blame ourselves? How do we take control and be accountable.
November 02, 2018
#8 - Boxing Coaching Chameleons.
In episode #8 we talk about adapting to the boxer’s needs to get the best from their performance.
October 19, 2018
#7 - Praising Boxers vs Affirming them.
Praise is great, but is too much just empty words which loses impact? Today we talk about affirmations as a means to effectively engage and change behaviour of our boxers.
September 20, 2018
#6 - Shouting at Boxers.
How many decisions do we allow the boxers to make? Does our coaching prepare them to make the right choices? Episode #6 discusses experiences and theory behind it all.
September 12, 2018
#5 - 'Repetition. The Mother of All Learning?'.
Surely if we keep practicing our boxing skills over and over again we get better, right? May be so, but can we adapt this approach and speed up the process?
August 27, 2018
#4 - Boxing Metaphors & Proverbs.
Boxing has got to be one of the most assigned sports to cliche, metaphors, proverbs - you name it. Today we talk about a common one, ‘Get in to a rhythm,’
August 13, 2018
#3 - Tell me about a Coach in your Journey.
We all remember a coach who had an impact on us, for better or worse. Why was that? In episode 3 we discuss some of the rapport qualities of a great coach.
August 03, 2018
#2 - Building a Boxing Culture
This week we talk about developing a club culture and the experiences i've had as well as some of the recent research. Hope you enjoy!
July 31, 2018
#1 - Boxing Coaching. My 'Why'.
Welcome to episode 1 of The Boxing Coaches' Podcast and my 'Why'.
July 27, 2018