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We feel it is important for stories to be told & conversations to be had. Not from a singular perspective but from a multitude of perspectives. Not from a singular voice but from many voices. Voices that talk about the real Indian climbing and outdoor scene. This is BoxTalks. A pursuit of holistic understanding.
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BoxTalks | Episode #9 | Conrad Anker - Gravity Unites


Episode #15 | Andrew Bisharat | Storytelling, outrage culture, privilege in climbing, etc.
Given the global conversation around amplifying diverse voices in climbing, we thought this would be an interesting chat. The idea was for two writers from very different climbing cultures - India and the United States - to exchange views on storytelling in climbing. In this episode Dhillan chats with the remarkable Andrew Bisharat, one of the most renowned rock climbing writers in the world about: What makes a good climbing story? Has social media caused a decline in the quality of storytelling? Why rock climbing doesn't have the body of literature that alpinism does? Has outrage culture made journalism difficult? Dealing with the backlash around his recent Rock & Ice article about renaming offensive routes In India, is climbing linked to privilege? How to tackle the lack of diversity in climbing media?
August 09, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #14 | Kieren D'Souza - After the fuel is gone
What does a model athlete's mind work like?   In this episode, Dhillan Mowli talks to Kieren D'Souza, one of India's most accomplished trail runners and ultramarathon athletes about a variety of subjects ranging from dealing with failure through the tricky game of sponsorship.    Here are some of topics discussed:   Kieren's childhood His entry into running  Dealing with failures  Becoming a 'full-time' runner  Experiences in Europe  His yearly budget  Working with sponsors    Friendship peak speed record - making the video   Kieren is open, especially about money and sponsorship, in a way few athletes are. We're extremely thankful for his willingness and insight. Hope this offers you value!
July 31, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #13 | Mohit Oberoi - Forever Young
If Mohit Obeori had never climbed, where would the Indian climbing story be? To understand the magnitude of his influence, let's begin there.    In this episode, Dhillan chats with ‘Mo’ about his rather colourful life in the sport:   How he started climbing Climbing and development in the 80s  Competing in Tokyo in 1991  Pushing difficulty levels in Indian climbing  Reconciling with a generation's reduced interest in rock  Returning to climbing after an injury   And, lots of other anecdotes along the way.  Knocking on Air India's doors for flight tickets, which famous climbers were jumping on leftover sandwiches… we can't give away everything now, can we?
July 24, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #12 | Madeleine Crane - If you were a child
In India, it's no secret that authority is still used as a tool in sports coaching, often at the expense of empathy and support. 'Tough love', essentially.   Dhillan Chandramowli chats with Madeleine Crane, founder of Climbing Psychology - a sports psychology company with a focus on climbing - about the old and new ways of training children.    In this episode they talk about:   Her entry into Psychology The niche of 'Climbing Psychology'   Is the older, authoritarian style of coaching valuable?  Working with young athletes in age groups of 6-10 years and 10-12 years  Overcoming the generation gap in coaching values   Communicating with child athletes  The positives of empathetic training  Group dynamics when coaching  Handling failure and separating self worth from performance  Understanding the impact of Social Media on young athletes  The importance of allowing athletes to talk about romantic feelings   If we want more children 'climbing for life', these are thing we MUST pay attention to!    Resources:
July 13, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #11 | Maddy Cope - Climbing Training for Women
Madeleine Cope, also known as Maddy gives us insight into the various aspects that involve training for climbing and how to approach it. How training can aid injury prevention, longevity in the sport & pushing hard grades. We talk about the differences in physiological markers, the inherent strengths that women possess and distribution of training around the menstrual cycle. Finally we talk about how to train for power and overcoming our fears to expand our comfort zone. Topics of discussion - Her journey as a climber - How she became a coach - What does 'training' mean - When is a good time to start training - How is training for climbing different for women - Distribution of training around the menstrual cycle - How can women train for power - Overcoming fear and expanding your comfort zone Resources:
July 05, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #10 | Gujju Razak - No regrets, still playing
Can climbing truly heal? In this episode with Gaurav 'Gujju' Jagadish, that is the central question. Gujju opens up about a deeply traumatic life event - his wife Kala's suicide - and how climbing helped him cope.    As a climber, Gujju brings a LOT to the table - he's an incredibly passionate boulderer; an example of someone around whom communities build themselves. He's been responsible for kickstarting bouldering activity in newer areas around Bangalore. He's also the founder of Bangalore's newest bouldering gym, Let's Play Climbing. Very importantly, he sees beauty in climbing in a deeper, redemptive way that has repeatedly been informed by his life's trajectory.    Topics in this episode:  His introduction to climbing  Feeling isolated by the climbing community   Meeting Kala, his wife  The stigma against relationships  Kala's suicide   How climbing and the community helped him cope  The impact of the event on Krishna, his son  The story behind Let's Play Climbing, his bouldering gym   What makes him a community figure?  Our deepest thanks to Gaurav for trusting us with such delicate and personal subject matter. We hope you find value in the episode.   Tell us what you think.
June 29, 2020
BoxTalks | Episode #9 | Conrad Anker - Gravity Unites
In this episode of BoxTalks, Dhillan chats with the incredible Conrad Anker. Conrad's career has been immensely successful, yet punctuated by lots of personal tragedy - the loss of friends, mentors and climbing partners. His life trajectory has been repeatedly altered, especially by the loss of his best friend, Alex Lowe, in 1999. All of this is well known.  Here, he opens up about a variety of personal and social subjects:   The history of exploration and expeditions  Privilege in the modern climbing world  His process of dealing with loss Mentor-ship initiatives  His earliest visit to India Is there less 'shame' around grief today?  How he started climbing   It's less a chat about climbing exploits and more an insight into his perspectives about subject matter relevant to everyone. Informed, of course, by one of the greatest careers in climbing.   #BoulderBox #ExploreTheVertical #ConradAnker #talk #conversation
June 21, 2020