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56 | True Fantasy, with Steven Brust

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By Benjamin Boyce
Here are the interviews from my YouTube channel, stripped of all distracting visuals. Topics range from spirituality, to gender, culture, communication, art, and politics.

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More places to listen

74 | Free Range Discourse with the Future Thinkers Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland
Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova run – a multimedia workshop focusing on personal and spiritual development. We’d been chatting over the course of the summer, and decided one day to hit record.  Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
September 12, 2019
73 | Defense Lawyer Speaks About Ramifications of the Yaniv Case
Exploring the legal origins and ramifications of Yaniv's human rights complaint against small business owners who refused him pubic service, with John Carpay, the lawyer working on the defense. Follow me on twitter: @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
August 2, 2019
72 | Blaire White: Persona and Personality
Blaire white is a conservative speaker and trans person who has experienced rapid success on youtube and other platforms. In this interview, we discuss her experience of being trans, and translating herself into a social media influencer. Her channel: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
July 30, 2019
71 | Civility and Citizenship with Philosopher Steven Clouse
Steven Clouse is a Philosophy professor in the Mid-West. In this discussion, we explore the rights and responsibilities of a well educated citizen, and how democracy depends on such. Stephen's "Sympathology" article (recommended): Support this podcast:
July 29, 2019
70 | Transition by Tumor: An Accidental Androgen Story
This is the story of Kate, who struggled with depression and identity while growing up—which issues were compounded when, unbeknownst to her, her body developed a pure androgen secreting tumor. This is part of a series: Support this channel: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce
July 25, 2019
69 | Saving Our Religions, with Paul Vander Klay
In this interview, Rev. Vander Klay and I delve deeper into the "social justice as religion" proposition that James Lindsay spoke with me about here: Paul Vander Klay is a Reformed Calvinist Minister located in Sacramento. He runs a great youtube channel here: Support this podcast via donations through https:/
July 24, 2019
68 | A Postmodern Postmortem with James Lindsay
James Lindsay (@ConceptualJames) is a co-architech of the so-called Sokal Squared Affair and has long been studying the influence of postmodern thought on present day puritanical political correctness.  Find his writing here: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
July 19, 2019
67 | Transsexual vs. Transgender, with Amazon Eve
Erika Ervin (@AmazonEve) tours the world modeling and making public appearances.  She is an actress, paralegal and advocate. In this interview she speaks about the transgender movement, the fight for transsexual medical care, and why Scarlett Johansson should definitely play a trans person. website: Support this channel: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce
July 15, 2019
66 | The Science of Hormones with William Malone, MD
William Malone (@will_malone) is a practicing community endocrinologist. In this discussion, he speaks about the real effects that cross-sex hormones have on humans; the problems with puberty blockers; and the ways in which the scientific and medical community are being misinformed regarding gender treatment. He has compiled a list of resources on these matters here: Support this channel: Follow me on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
July 12, 2019
65 | A Life in Transition, with Miranda Yardley
Miranda Yardley is a trans individual who has been outspoken against the excesses of trans ideology. Consume her viciously reasonably essays at: Support this channel: Follow me on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
July 10, 2019
64 | Parkouring Life's Obstacles, with Rafe Kelley
Rafe Kelley is an instructor of parkour in the Seattle area. In this discussion we speak about self understanding, self actualization, and how training the body leads to wisdom. Rafe Kelley's Youtube:  More resources:  Evolve Move Play podcast:   Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce And on bit chute: Support this channel:
June 28, 2019
63 | Creativity & Cancellation, with playwright Libby Emmons
Libby Emmons (@li88yinc) is a prolific playwright and columnist whose works are featured in The Federalist, The Post Millennial, Quillette, and other online and print media. We talk about "artivism" and the narratives that are battling over public discourse. Find more of her work at Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
June 13, 2019
62 | The Unbearable Whiteness of Being, with Jonathan Church
Jonathan Church (@jondavidchurch) is an economist and critical thinker who has been writing a series of intellectually rigorous counter arguments against Robin DiAngelo's "White Fragility" theology. Find his articles on Areo Magazine here: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 31, 2019
61 | Intuition and Wholeness in Jungian Therapy, with Lisa Marchiano
Lisa Marchiano is a world class East Coast Jungian psychoanalyst. Find her website and podcast here, and here: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 30, 2019
60 | Identity, Gender, and Development, with Dr. Ken Zucker
Part of a series: Dr Kenneth Zucker (@zuckerkj) is a renown researcher and clinical psychologist specializing in therapeutic interventions with gender dysphoric children. He has held many positions of repute and currently holds the title of Professor in the University of Toronto Department of Psychology, and runs a private practice, while forwarding research into areas of developmental psychology. Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 24, 2019
59 | The Biology of Male and Female, with Robin Forbes-Lorman
Part of a series: Robin Forbes-Lorman is an assistant professor of Biology at Ripon college. In this discussion, we talk about the effects of testosterone on development and performance. Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 17, 2019
58 | Stigma and Censorship with Dr Ray Blanchard
Part of a series: Doctor Ray Blanchard (@BlanchardPhD) is one of the world's foremost experts on gender and sexuality. This past weekend, a tweet informed by his life's work was deemed harassment by activist or algorithm, and his Twitter account suspended. Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 14, 2019
57 | Parenting the Gender Dysphoric Child, with Sasha Ayad
Part of a series: Sasha is a licensed professional counselor working in Texas. She is one of the main (if not only) therapists using a least-invasive-first, individualized approach to gender-questioning teens. In this conversation (being our second) we speak about her therapeutic approach, the developmental importance of identity, and how it can often be confused with individuality—that is, being an authentic self. You can find more about her work at Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 13, 2019
56 | True Fantasy, with Steven Brust
@StevenBrust is my favorite author, at least who’s alive and writing fantasy. Top recommendation: His blog: I also particularly enjoy his Vlad Taltos series, while the Khaavren Romances awoke me to the possibilities of English when I was a wee high school bookworm. He’s running a writing conference this summer in Minneapolis: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 9, 2019
55 | Telling the Grievance Studies Story, with Mike Nayna
@MikeNayna is doing awesome work documenting the flow of ideas from higher up in the academy and into the popular culture. He has been working for over a year with Hellen Pluckrose, James Lindsay, and Peter Boghossian, documenting their "Sokal Squared Hoax". In this interview we dive into the difficulties and wonders of presenting the inner workings of academia, and its sometimes chaotic outcomes, to a wider audience. Mike's channel: His Evergreen documentary: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 8, 2019
54 | Identity Politics is Rubbish, with Rose of Dawn
Rose of Dawn (@Rose_of_Dawn (how's that for brand consistency)) is a British transwoman who is stationed in London, first of all, and libertarianish, in political geography. She was never taken by the identity politicking in the trans community, and has increasingly spoken out against collectivism, self id, and the illiberal leftism that to her mind is toxic to all individuals. Find her work on the youtube at Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
May 3, 2019
53 | Storytelling & Transition with Wheston Chancellor Grove
Wheston is an old soul with a deep story to tell, about being an introvert and transitioning from female to male, and then recently desisting. His novel: His YouTube: Website: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 24, 2019
52 | Trauma and Dysphoria with Erin Brewer
Part of a series: Erin Brewer (@ErinBrewerin) speaks about her gender dysphoria, its origin in childhood abuse, and her concern that doctors are being too quick to diagnose it, and prescribe physical transition too readily.  She's regularly making videos at: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 22, 2019
51 | Becoming a Feminine Entity with Jadis Argiope
Part of an ongoing series: Jadis Argiope engages with me in the contradictions and conditions of being a trans individual. Find her on twitter: @S3LF_MAD3_WOMAN And on youtube: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 14, 2019
50 | Hierarchy, Trauma, & Psychology with Dr. Patrick Lockwood
Dr. Patrick Lockwood is a practicing clinical psychologist and professor of the same down in southern California. Links to his work are as follows: His book "The Fear Problem": Youtube: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 12, 2019
49 | Is Social Justice a Cultural Revolution Reboot? with Simon Chen
Simon Chen (@simonbchen) is a medical pathologist whose family immigrated to Canada after witnessing the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Recently, he read an article in the New England Journal of Medicine by a white woman confessing her privilege and subtle acts of racism, and it eerily reminded him of the confession his grandfather wrote before being executed during China’s Cultural Revolution. We talk about the similarities between Mao’s movement and the radical strains of current progressivism, and speak about how to avoid repeating the worst parts of history.  ”Racist Like Me” (article in question): Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 10, 2019
48 | Let's Talk About Intersex with Claire Graham
Claire Graham (@MRKHvoice on twitter) is a British woman who began speaking out about the misuses of the intersex community by the trans lobby in the UK and elsewhere. In this discussion, she speaks with me about the difference between the intersexes and how biology can be messy—but not as messy as the activists would have us believe. Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 8, 2019
47 | From Dysphoria to Euphoria with Therapist Carey Callahan
Carey’s Advice for Dysphoric Teens: Carey Callahan is a therapist and counselor and communicator of powerful loving truths. You can follow her wit and wisdom on twitter @catt_bear and her blog at Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 6, 2019
46 | Adolescent Identity & Exploration with Sasha Ayad, Licensed Professional Counselor
Sasha (@SashaLPC) is a licensed professional counselor working in Texas. She and is one of the main (if not only) therapists using a least-invasive-first, individualized approach to gender-questioning teens. In this conversation (being our second) we speak about the developmental importance of identity, and how it can often be confused with individuality—that is, being an authentic self. You can find more about her work at  Best way to contact me is on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 4, 2019
45 | Inside Radical Islam with Filmmaker François Margolin
François Margolin is a French filmmaker and documentarian. His latest film, "Jihadists" documents the world of strident—and unapologetically violent—Islamist sects in Africa and the Middle East. I was able to view an advance screener and it's a very powerful and often unsettling look into various regions that have been overtaken by a very hard version of Sharia Law. Watch the film via these outlets: Trailer: Vimeo Digital Stream: Amazon DVD: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 3, 2019
44 | Art Dies Where Correctness Thrives | with Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams (@AdamsArtist) is an art critic and artist located in the UK. His collection of essays, "Culture War" was recently published by Societas Imprint Academic ( His essays pull no punches and have been a stimulating read for me, for whom the political and the artistic have always been at odds. Pick up your copy online or by requesting it through your local bookseller: Follow me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
April 1, 2019
43 | Dr. Ray Blanchard on Sex, Research, and Typology
Dr. Ray Blanchard (@BlanchardPhD) is a titan among researchers into sexuality, and spent a large portion of his clinical career studying homosexuality, transsexuality, and other paraphilias. He worked at  The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto beginning in 1980 and became the Head of Clinical Sexology Services at the Centre until 2010. His typology of transsexualism, and the concept of "autogynephilia" greatly influenced the research of previous guest Michael Bailey. In this discussion we speak about his research and the need for biological data in the understanding of human sexuality. This is part of an ongoing series on Gender, Sexuality, and Transition, found in video form at: Contact me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support for this channel can be give through
March 29, 2019
42 | Gender Biology & Ideology with Kalvin Garrah
Kalvin has been a youtuber since his early teens. He also transitioned from male to female during this time, but remained skeptical of gender ideology. In this interview, we talk about his life on and offline, and his views on the current state of trans discourse. Kalvin's channel: Support this podcast at:
March 27, 2019
41 | Taking on the Gender Industry with Maritza Cummings
Maritza Cummings is a detransitioned natal female who was a strong trans advocate in the early and mid 2000's within the medical field. Some years ago, she began doubting that transition was correct for her, but instead a way of avoiding other issues she was beset with, such as childhood trauma and some neurological hiccoughs. She is now detransitioned and is speaking out against the Gender Identity Industry on youtube and via blogging. She's a firebrand, and takes a very strong anti-transition position, but is concerned first and foremost for dialogue to occur around "affirmation-only" modes of treatment. More Maritza: Best way to contact me is on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
March 24, 2019
40 | Toward a Trans-Centrism with Rhys McKavanagh
Rhys (@RhysMcKavanagh) is a transman dwelling in the UK. In this interview we discuss the difficulties not only in being trans, but how that identity has become in itself a political act. Rhys' speaks about his engagement on social media, the need for more moderate voices, and how biology isn't something you can escape from—without unintentional (and very biological) consequences. Best way to contact me is on twitter @BenjaminABoyce Support this channel:
March 18, 2019
39 | Curb Your Postmodernism with Helen Pluckrose
Helen Pluckrose (@HPluckrose) speaks to me about how postmodernism wed itself to Marxist activism and became the Grievance Juggernaut we see today. Helen is the editor of and is one of three intellectuals (along with James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian) involved in "The Grievance Studies Scandal" (see Mike Nayna's ongoing documentary series here: Support this channel via:
March 16, 2019
38 | Conformity and Abuse in the Gender Ideology Community with GNC-Centric
Ben (@gnc_centric) is a young detransitioned woman living somewhere in that broad stretch of northern real estate that pretends it's not a subsidiary of the US. Just kidding, Canadians. She recently started a youtube channel that pulls no punches about her early experiences in the LGBT and Kink communities, her gender dysmorphia, transition and detransition:
March 14, 2019
37 | Hip To Be Trans? with Jesse, of The Pique Resilience Project
Jesse (@dogcalledbambi) is the fourth member of the Pique Resilience Project that I've had the honor of interviewing. In this discussion we talk about her transition & detransition, the LGBT+ groups she joined as a teenager, her activism and "multiple marginalities"—and how getting the identity out of politics might be what moves us forward. Find out more about The Pique Resilience Project at: Support this channel through
March 13, 2019
36 | Therapy & the Teen Gender Crisis with Sasha Ayad, LPC
Sasha Ayad (@SashaLPC) is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with adolescents on issues around gender identity. She's been an outspoken critic of the affirmation-only gender therapy model that is pushed by trans activists. Her therapeutic approach is exploration-based, compassionate, and seeks out a more nuanced understanding of the client as a whole person.  Find her on the web at Support this channel via
March 12, 2019
35 | A TransMan's Cautious Transition with Sean Lindsey
Sean Lindsey (@RrTiste) is a transman and lover of Irish proverbs. In this interview he speaks about his cautious process of transition in the mid-90's, and the problems with the voices that have taken hold of the trans narrative. This is part of a series on Sexuality, Gender and Transition: Support for this podcast can be given through
March 9, 2019
34 | Reforming the Social Sciences with Lee Jussim
Lee Jussim (@PsychRabble) is a professor of Social Psychology at Rutgers University. He also identifies as a rabble rouser. His main focus in the social sciences is to get them consistently outputting high quality research. He is a firebrand and this conversation was fun as hell. Read his thoughts on psychology and the state of science at: Support this channel:
March 7, 2019
33 | Smashing the (Non)Binary with Jamie Shupe
Jamie Shupe (@NotableDesister) entered the national spotlight when, in 2016, he legally changed his gender to "non-binary." In this interview, he speaks about that court case and his entry into and exit out of being a trans woman. You can find his writing (including excerpts from his autobiography) at
March 5, 2019
32 | Social SPIDERS! & What They Say About Us, with Colin Wright
Colin Wright (@SwipeWright) is an evolutionary biologist and humanist who realized, somewhere along the road to professorship, that he was constantly putting off the moment he would speak up for science and against the anti-rational movements in the media—both social and mainstream. In this interview we talk about things that make webs and live in nests, and what they might tell us about human social interaction. This was one damn fine conversation—because SCIENCE.
March 3, 2019
31 | Sexuality & Gender Identity with Dr J Michael Bailey
Dr. Michael Bailey is a professor of psychology and researcher of sexuality at Northwestern University. In this interview he shares his extensive research in paraphiliac (atypical sexualities), specifically those which inform some transgender experiences. We also speak about Gender Dysphoria and the current surge in young women identifying as trans during pubescence. Find his writings on the matter at
March 2, 2019
30 | Teen Transition and Social Media with Helena
Helena (@lacroicsz) is the third member of The Pique Resilience Project that I've had the honor of interviewing. In this discussion, she speaks about her experience of dysphoria and how interactions online (via Tumblr and Reddit) influenced her transition—and how she realized that an ideology was boxing her into a life that brought more frustration than joy.  Connect with The Pique Resilience Project on twitter at @PiqueResProject and on youtube at
March 1, 2019
29 | Free Will & Inescapable Bias with Dr. Cory Clark
Cory Clark (@ImHardcory) is a social psychologist and experimental philosopher focusing on free will and bias—and that's pretty much what we discuss in this interview. She runs a podcast with Bo Winegard (another psych prof) called Psyphilopod, found here:
February 27, 2019
28 | Transition vs Transformation with Jungian Analyst Lisa Marchiano
Discussing mass hysteria, rights of passage, and the meaning of transformation with Jungian Analyst Lisa Marchiano (@LisaMarchiano). Lisa is a prolific author at, and runs a weekly podcast at  Articles on teen transition:
February 24, 2019
27 | Transition and Self Actualization, with Dagny
Dagny, a detransitioned woman, is a founding member of The Pique Resilience Project (@PiqueResProject)—a collective of young women focused on providing guidance and advice to gender questioning teens and their parents. In this interview, we delve into what prompted her transition and her desire to desist.
February 24, 2019
26 | Detransition & Self Acceptance with Chiara
Chiara (@chiaracanaan) is a founding member of The Pique Resilience Project a collective of young women focused on providing guidance and advice to gender questioning teens and their parents. Check out there channel:
February 22, 2019
25 | The Divine Feminine, with Rachel Fulton Brown
Rachel Fulton Brown (@RFultonBrown) is a Medieval Scholar who writes on the Catholic contemplative tradition, focusing on the divine feminine. In this interview we explore what Mary represents in the journey of spiritual progress.
February 16, 2019
24 | Radical Feminism & Power Structures with Dr. Jane Clare Jones
This is the first of two discussions between Dr. Jane Clare Jones (@janeclarejones) and myself. You can find her writing at
February 14, 2019
23 | BJ Campbell: Guns, Memes, & Societal Ills
BJ Campbell is an engineer and data nerd. His essays on gun control and media manipulation can be found at:
February 9, 2019
22 | John Vervaeke: Wisdom, Myth, and Artificial Intelligence
Professor John Vervaeke (@vervaeke_john) teaches Cognitive Science, Mindfulness, and Buddhism at the University of Toronto. He's producing a series of lectures titled "Awakening from the Meaning Crisis" charting the development of thinking technologies (narrative, writing, democracy, etc), and their influence on our development as selves and as a species—and how at this point in history we are struggling to make collective and individual meaning. Check out his work at
February 6, 2019
21 | Egolibrium: A story of lost lovers
Excerpted from "A Resistance of Letters", this short story details the vicissitudes of two unemployed lovers in early 2000's Portland, Oregon. 
February 6, 2019
20 | Art & Identity with Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams is an artist and art critic who splits his time between Britain and Germany. In this interview we speak about the encroachment of identity politics into the art world, and its significance on the aesthetic project. More from Adam:
February 3, 2019
19 | Lior Leser: Sargon, Patreon, & The Case Against Paypal
Loir Leser (@YouTuberLaw) is a tech lawyer and the host of the YoutuberLaw youtube channel. In the past he has been answering many legal questions about the state of digital rights, free speech, and deplatforming. When Patreon banned Carl Benjamin, and then Paypal cut off business with the Patreon competitor SubscribeStar, Lior decided it was time to act. He is now pursuing an Anti-Trust Complaint with the FTC against PayPal, and has found himself in the center of an emergent digital rights movement. Learn more at
January 24, 2019
18 | Dr Jane Clare Jones: Communicating Feminism
Dr. Jane Clare Jones, a UK feminist scholar, and I speak about what feminism is trying to tell society about the treatment of women. Her essays can be found at, and she can be followed on twitter @janeclarejones. 
January 23, 2019
17 | Adaptations in Masculinity with Eric Anderson, PhD
Eric Anderson is a professor of masculinity, sexuality, and sports in the UK. His research and writings can be found at
January 23, 2019
16 | Physicist Sam Gregson: Resisting Media Manipulation
Sam Gregson is a particle physicist and teacher of science based in the UK. His youtube: • His twitter: • His website:
January 21, 2019
15 | A Crash Course in Sexology with Dr. James Cantor
Dr. James Cantor (@JamesCantorPhD) is a psychologist, researcher, and professor of atypical sexualities. He speaks to me about the different ways in which sexuality is wired in the brain, and how this should be informing policy, therapy, and public discourse—but for some reason isn't. Learn more about his research at
January 20, 2019
14 | Kinesis: Beyond the Trans Identity
Asha (@Kinesis) is a trans woman living in the Pacific Northwest. In this discussion we talk about the bad representatives of the trans community, how to focus on better representatives, and the typologies of transgenderism.
January 18, 2019
13 | Kinesis on the Potentials of Trans People
Asha (@Kinesis) is the founder of the TransRational movement, which is a group committed to forming reciprocal allyship between feminists and others impacted by the trans community. 
January 18, 2019
12 | Psychologist Oren Amitay: Social Media & its Discontents
Dr. Oren Amitay (@docamitay) speaks to me about the pitfalls of activist culture, and how we just might save social media from permanently becoming the toxic cesspool it sometimes is.
January 18, 2019
11 | Graham Linehan: In Good Faith
Eminent comedy writer and cantankerous twitter user Graham Linehan (@Glinner) speaks to me about the stand he's taking for women's rights in the UK. 
January 17, 2019
10 | Corinna on Trans Rights & Wrongs
Corinna (@corinna_cohn), a software engineer and trans woman, speaks to me about the ineffectiveness of certain aspects of radical Trans Rights Activism, and the media companies that are catering to them.
January 15, 2019
09 | Esther O'Reilly: Unapologetic Christian Apologetics
Esther O'Reilly (@EstherOfReilly) speaks to me about her Christian faith, and how it intersects with her daily life.
January 14, 2019
08 | Robynne on the Reality of Transition
Robynne, a trans woman, speaks to me about her path, her identity, and does not shy away from the details of medical transition.
January 14, 2019
07 | Journalist William Ray: On the Death of the Left
Old school leftist and hardboiled journalist William Ray speaks to me about how identity politics are corrupting the truly progressive values of the left wing of politics. His article we speak of:
January 14, 2019
06 | Filmmaker Jay Shapiro: On the Future of Tolerance
Filmmaker Jay Shapiro (@jay_shapiro) speaks to me about his journey filming the documentary "Islam and the Future of Tolerance" starring Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz. Find links to the film at
January 14, 2019
05 | Dr. Kathleen Stock: On Being vs Identifying as Female
Dr. Katleen Stock (@docstockk) speaks about recent changes within the LGBT community which are eroding the status and rights of lesbian women.
January 14, 2019
04 | Arno Michaelis: Life After a Hate Group
Ex-White Supremacist Arno Michaelis (@stopthehate) speaks to me about how he is now helping teachers and students to move toward a truly inclusive community—one built not on shame and reparations, but compassion, patience, and humility. Learn more about his work at
January 14, 2019
03 | Carrey Callahan: Rethinking Transition
Carrey Callahan (@catt_bear), a psychologist specializing in child spectrum disorders, speaks to me about what the psychological and medical establishment are not doing to help transgender individuals.
January 14, 2019
02 | Coleman Hughes: Categories and Consequences of Race
Wunderkin of the Centrist Revival, Coleman Huges, joins me to talk about what the progressives get wrong about African American mobility.
January 14, 2019
01 | Reverend Paul Vander Klay: "Walk Softly & Carry a Big Cross"
Reverend Paul Vander Klay discuss Jordan Peterson, the seductive mirage of utopia, and how Christianity fits into a socially just world. Follow him on twitter @PaulVanderKlay
December 22, 2018
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