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By Benjamin Boyce
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57 | Parenting the Gender Dysphoric Child, with Sasha Ayad


57 | Parenting the Gender Dysphoric Child, with Sasha Ayad


s04e65 | Curtis Yarvin, on How American Power Operates, At Home & Abroad
Curtis Yarvin has been writing about the "deep right" for several years. Originally writing under the pseudonym Mencius Molbug, his ideas made waves for their apparent radicalness—notably, his assertion that the United States would be best served by electing a monarch, or Political CEO type figure, who has autocratic authority to clean up our government's entrenched and unaccountable bureaucracy. This idea is shocking to most Americans, but makes a lot of sense once you hear out his reasoning.  Find his writing at Support this channel
May 18, 2022
s04e64 | Sex Differences in Detransition, with Sinead & Tullip
Sinead (@ImWatson91) is a female-to-male-to-female detransitioner, and Tullip (@TullipR) is a male-to-female-to-male detransitioner. In this calmversation, they discuss family relationships during transition, the influence of trauma and stereotypes, and what lies ahead for the growing "detrans" community. Find them on twitter at the above @'s and support this channel via
May 14, 2022
s04e63 | Adolescence Via Internet: a Detrans Story, with Michelle
Part of a series: Michelle speaks to me about growing up on the internet, dealing with self esteem and bullying and undiagnosed autism, becoming an activist and transitioning, and then using critical thinking to work her way toward acceptance of herself and reality. Find & follow Michelle on twitter @somenuancepls and on substack at   Support this channel:
May 08, 2022
s04e62 | A Catholic Critique of Liberalism, with Marc Barnes of New Polity
Marc Barnes publishes New Polity podcast and journal, a site where "theocratic nut jobs" discuss the failures of Liberalism and what should come next through a Catholic lens. His work on Gender is especially insightful, but I've been digging his conversations on Tyranny and other relevant topics.  Find more of  @New Polity  at and  Support this channel:
May 03, 2022
s04e61 | Speaking Truth to Gender, with Helen Joyce & Stephanie Davies-Arai
Stephanie Davies-Arai has been exposing the inadequacy of gender medicine in the UK since 2015 at  Helen Joyce has written the leading critique of the transgender movement "Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality" found at bookstores everywhere. Read more of her work at  Channel 4 Documentary:  MORE READING:  Support this channel:
April 30, 2022
s04e60 | Why "Woman" Needs to Mean, Well, *Woman*, with DR. Karleen Gribble
Doctor Gribble is a medical professional focusing on women and infants. She has recently with some colleagues written a paper on the need to preserve sex-based language in the medical context. We speak about that, breast feeding (kinda learned some things there!), and how the COVID response lacked understanding of the infant-mother relationship. Find her on twitter @DRKarleenG and her work at  Support this channel:
April 26, 2022
Special Episode: The Family Sex Show: A Dramatic Website Reading [Explicit Content]
"The Family Sex Show" is a production that was going to be toured through the UK. The content of the show included full nudity and curiously intimate discussions about sex targeted to minors. Internet backlash caused the production company to cancel it. I was attracted to the hoopla, took a look at their website, and found some quite disturbing material. The More You Know meets TMI. support this channel:
April 24, 2022
s04e58 | Detrans Stories: Depression & Addiction, with Brian W
Connect with Brian on twitter @BriWagon   His  @Soft White Underbelly  interview:  Support this channel:
April 24, 2022
s04e57 | Dysphoria & Self-Acceptance, with Cynthia Breheny
Cynthia has experienced intense gender dysphoria since childhood—despite being a very feminine female. That, combined with abuse at the hands of her father, has caused her to deeply look into the source of her traumas and take control of her body, her life, and her sense of agency. Her message to troubled young people about realistic self-acceptance is not to be overlooked.  Find Cynthia on twitter @PTElephant and her art at  Support this channel:
April 15, 2022
s04e56 | Facts & Fictions of the "TransKid" Phenomenon, with Denise of 4thWaveNow
Denise began researching and writing about the spread of transgenderism in 2015 when her teen daughter one day decided she was "trans," and wished to have surgery. Denise searched for information about teens suddenly identifying as the opposite sex, and found a dearth of information, so began 4thWaveNow to chronicle her findings. The trans phenomena has since gained major momentum, and last week the Biden administration declared full support—legal and executive—for the "affirmation only" model for children. Denise has something to say about that. This is her first public appearance.   LINKS:    Support this channel:
April 14, 2022
s04e55 | Revolution, Rationalism, Revelation: Imaging A Post-Woke World, with James Lindsay & Jonathan Pageau
So a rationalist and a symbolist walk into a podcast...    Jonathan Pageau hosts The Symbolic World at  James Lindsay hosts New Discourses at  Connect with them on twitter at @PageauJonathan and @ConceptualJames   Support this channel:
April 09, 2022
s04e54 | Testosterone! The Science, The Experience, with Carole Hooven & Helena Kerschner
Carole Hooven is an Ivy League lecturer who's recent book: "T: The Story of Testosterone" delves deep into the science of the male hormone and its effect on our bodies and society.    Helena is an outspoken detransitioner (female-to-male-to-female) who took a high dose of testosterone for eighteen months, in a bid to identify as a transman.   Follow them on twitter @lacroicsz and @hoovlet   Links for further reading:  Helena's writing:  Article Helena mentioned:  Support this channel:
April 06, 2022
s04e53 | Can Culture Survive the Culture War? with Famous Artist Birdie Rose
Birdie Rose is a British Artist who has come under repeated fire for... drawing pictures of her heroes. We speak about her creative process and the relationship between art and the culture war. Find her art:  Follow her on twitter @TheFamousArtBR   Support this channel:
April 02, 2022
s04e52 | Inflation Nation: Energy Policy & Your Wallet, with Joan Sammon & Alma Cook
Joan Sammon and Alma Cook work with oil companies in North Dakota. In this conversation, I ask them why the heck gas costs so much. The answer didn't make me happy with US Energy policy. Joan's writing:  Alma's singing:   @Alma Cook  's song "5000 Candles"  Find Alma and Joan on twitter at @HearAlma and @sammonsays, respectively.   Support this channel:
March 26, 2022
s04e51 | On the Ground in Ukraine, with Erin Smith
I speak with @erinsmithSF about her venture into Ukraine to deliver medical supplies. The conflict there, that us Americans are seemingly unable to project our own narratives on, is much more complex—and real—than social media depicts. Send Ukrainians some armor:  Send Ukrainians some food:  Support this channel:
March 18, 2022
s04e50 | In The Beginning Was The Discourse, with Wokal Distance
Why do people change their profiles en mass—for example, mask emoji's being swapped out for Ukranian flags, with little to no real statements or propositions or discussion of policies packaged with those virtue signals? Wokal and I speak about the lack of propositions within internet realities. Follow Wokal on twitter @Wokal Distance, and on youtube Support this channel:
March 15, 2022
s04e49 | How to Become Bully-Proof, with Stella O'Malley
Stella O'Malley is a psychotherapist, founding member of Genspect, co-host of Gender A Wider Lens podcast, and all around great woman. We speak about her forthcoming book "Bully-Proof Kids" and how it applies to online adult interactions.   Follow her on twitter @stellaomally3, also, LINKS:  Support this channel:
March 09, 2022
s04e48 | What Feminism Gets Wrong About Men, with Janice Fiamengo
Janice Fiamengo has been speaking about the inconsistencies and consequences of feminist theory and activism for nearly a decade. In this discussion, we get a sample of her breadth of knowledge on how feminism has negatively impacted both men and women.  And her writing at  Support this channel:
March 07, 2022
s04e47 | All The News Unfit To Print: Failures of Elite Journalism, with Trish Wood
Trish Wood is a veteran Canadian reporter. In this conversation we speak about the warped coverage of COVID, the Canadian Convoy, and now Ukraine—and how the ruling elite are using mainstream media to set their agenda, to the detriment of common citizens and, not least of all, the public's ability to ascertain and act on the truth. Find Trish @WoodReporting on Twitter and on apple podcasts via  Support this channel:
February 28, 2022
s04e46 | Out US Schools, with Lisa Logan
Lisa Logan (@iamlisalogan) is a Utah mom who began investigating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum being taught in her children's school, and found that it was an onramp for teaching kids Critical Race Theory and Queer Theory. She banded together with other parents, and has been fighting to keep this type of ideological indoctrination out of schools. More Resources:  Support this channel:
February 24, 2022
s04e45 | Psychoanalysis in Theory and Practice, with Jonathan Shedler
Jonathan Shedler is a psychologist and clinician whose research covers personality types. In this discussion, we explore the ethos and historical context of Psychoanalysis, from its beginnings with Freud to its subsequent developments, and how it is distinct from other therapies. We cover psychoanalysis' purpose and methods, how it has become weaponized in common discourse, and what its real aims are. Follow Jonathan on twitter @JonathanShedler   Read his work at  Support this channel:
February 21, 2022
s04e44 | School to Sex Work Pipeline: Grooming in Education, with Charlie Jacobs
Charlie Jacobs is a California mom whose daughter came out suddenly as trans. She began investigating where this identity had come from and discovered schools promoting sexuality and identity disorders, internet brainwashing cliques and predators, and a system—and a generation caught in this system—that has gone far, far off the rails. Follow Charlie on twitter @helplessma PARENT RESOURCES: Support this channel:
February 19, 2022
s04e43 | Logos, Chaos, Meaning Crisis, with Professor John Vervaeke
John Vervaeke is a professor of cognitive science at the University of Toronto. In this discussion we speak about the crisis of meaning that is occurring in the modern world, and steps we can each take to make our minds robust and resilient in the midst of so much information and flux. Find his brilliant Awakening from the Meaning Crisis video series on youtube at Support this channel via
February 13, 2022
s04e42 | Crisis in Education, with Paul Rossi and Frank McCormick
Paul and Frank both worked in high school and were fired for challenging the woke orthodoxy. In this discussion we speak about twerking, education, and cultural ethics. Connect with these fellas on twitter via @CBHeresy and @pauldrossi   Get more of these guys:  Paul's story:  Support this channel:
February 08, 2022
s04e41 | The Science of Climate, the Climate of Science, with ScioSophia
ScioSophia (@Scio_Sophia) is a climate scientist in a midwest university. We speak about what she considers to be a threat within universities to the scientific project—namely, Critical Theory under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. We also speak about climate science and factors involved in our changing environment, and what we can do to help or hinder the natural world. Find her on youtube at Support this channel:
February 04, 2022
s04e40 | Woke as Cancer: Diagnosis & Treatment, with James Lindsay & King Crockoduck
King Crocoduck's channel is a wealth of information on scientific though, which he applies to to dispel far-left and far-right fundamentalism, found here:  James Lindsay can be found on twitter @ConceptualJames and his plenteous anti-woke and pro-liberal resources can be found at   Support this channel:
January 31, 2022
s04e39 | Detrans Stories: Education, Autism, Gender, Communism, with Limpidă
Limpidă discusses his struggles with toxic relationships—with his self, his family, his friends and lovers.  Find Limpidă on twitter at @americandog98 Support this channel:
January 28, 2022
s04e38 | Pandemic Impacts: Canadian Prisons, with Heather Mason
Heather Mason has been speaking out about female prisons and the treatment of criminals in general in Canada. In this interview we speak about how COVID policies are impacting the prison system and the addicts caught up in it. Follow Heather at @Mason134211f   More resources:  Support this channel:
January 27, 2022
s04e37 | Liberals Fall While Conservatives Decline, with Mary Harrington
Mary Harrington is a weekly contributor to Unheard magazine. She's a self ascribed (not without tongue in cheek) "reactionary feminist" and has been working for some years on mapping her ideas about the failures of liberalism and what to do to segue the West toward a more realistic and grounded philosophical and social framework. Follow Mary @moveincircles on Twitter and find her spicy, brilliant articles at  Support this channel:
January 24, 2022
s04e36 | Political Mythologies, with Michael Millerman
Michael Millerman (@M_Millerman on twitter) has been working on setting mysticism in relation to philosophy, and broadening the realm of acceptable political discourse by setting right political philosophy into relation with liberal and left philosophies. In this conversation we speak about Leo Strauss, Heidegger, and Alexander Dugan—three philosophers that most inform Michael's thinking. He teaches philosophy online, and his courses can be found at  Find is youtube at  Support these calmversations by donating through:
January 16, 2022
s04e35 | Appreciating Men, with The Prim Reaper
The Prim Reaper (@The_PrimReaper on twitter) is a canadian counselor who has been speaking up for men's mental health issues and against the harmful rhetoric of social justice activism in academia and culture for several years now. In this interview we discuss her work and why she gives a damn about men's issues. Find her work on youtube at   Support this channel:
January 15, 2022
s04e34 | Gender Absurdities, with Exulansic
​Exulansic returns! We speak about "I Am Jazz", hormones, erectile tissue, Fiona Apple, and much much more! Watch her work at  Support this channel:
January 11, 2022
s04e33 | James Lindsay Lets Loose, with James Lindsay, Letting Loose
Lindsay joins me for another livestream where we talk about his fiery Dr. Phil appearance, race marxism, and a bunch of other stuff. Follow him if you dare @ConceptualJames And definitely check out his podcast features on new Support this channel vis
January 11, 2022
s04e32 | Getting Hormonal, with Carole Hooven
Carole Hooven is a co-director and lecturer at Harvard University's Department of Human Evolutionary Biology. Her recent book, "T: The Story of Testosterone, the Hormone that Dominates and Divides Us" is a deeply researched, spirited romp through the juice that makes men, men. In this conversation we speak about her research into cars and the endocrine system, her thoughts on "toxic" masculinity and femininity, and how academia is failing to uphold its own standards of free inquiry and robust debate. Follow Carole on twitter @hoovlet, and read Carole at Support this channel:
January 07, 2022
s04e31 | God & The Devil: Catholic Counter-Woke Strategies, with Noelle Mering
Noelle Mering is a writer, Catholic, and mother. Her recent book "Awake, Not Woke" is an elegant précis (pronounced prāˈsē or ˈprāsē, by the way) that developed the key values animating woke activism and thought, and then put these values into dialogue with her Catholic faith. We speak about these themes and issues and I hope to have her on in the future to speak about her "Theology of Home" project (links below) Learn more about Noelle Mering's work at & find her on twitter @noellem   "Awake, Not Woke"  Support this channel:
January 01, 2022
s04e30 | Feminine Overcorrection in Academia, with JD Haltigan
JD Haltigan is an developmental psychologist and researcher. In this conversation we speak about human development, attachment theory, and academia’s overcorrection from imbalanced masculine values to imbalances feminine values. (Feminine and masculine values are to be distinguished from female and male individuals.) Follow JD on twitter @JDHaltigan And at Support this channel:
December 30, 2021
s04e29 | What is "Street Epistemology"? | with Reid Nicewonder of Cordial Curiosity
Reid Nicewonder has been practicing "street epistemology" for a number of years now—finding people out and about who are willing to talk about their thoughts and opinions, and exploring through the socratic method how people know—or think they know—what they know—or think they know. Find his work: Support this channel:
December 24, 2021
s04e28 | Sidewalk Skepticism, with Billboard Chris
Billboard Chris is standing on street corners having controversial conversations about children consenting to puberty blockers and body modification. Keep abreast of Chris' ventures on twitter @BillboardChris   And learn more at  Support this channel:
December 17, 2021
s04e27 | Biological Sex and US Law, with Candice Jackson
Candice Jackson is a California-based lawyer who worked on Title IX matters during the Trump administration. She's now spearheading a lawsuit against the state of California, to halt the placement of male prisoners into female prisons, under the guise of "gender" inclusivity. Support this lawsuit here:  And follow Candice on twitter @CEJacksonLaw   Support this channel:  Read my writing:
December 09, 2021
s04e26 | Abandon Cope, Ye Who Enter Here, with James Lindsay
A livestream with James Lindsay, author of Cynical Theories, founder of New Discourses, and frequent channel guest. In this conversation, we speak about the theology buried within Critical Theory, James' current work fighting against its encroachment into education (albeit, things might be more than a little fatal on that front), and his personal development from a bible study leader, to a fervent New Atheist, and toward a more tolerant and mature humanism. Links: King Crocoduck's "Nuking Social Constructionism":   CRT debate:   James on Youtube:   20 Hours of Boyce Not Interrupting Lindsay: Support this channel:
December 06, 2021
s04e25 | Counter Wokecraft: Using Cold War Tactics against Critical Social Justice, with Charles Pincourt
Charles Pincourt is a STEM professor who has recently published a book (edited by James Lindsay) about the ideological capture of academia by Critical Social Justice (aka Wokeness). In this conversation we speak about the ins and outs of this ideology, and how cold war era spy novels gave him clever strategies to counter it. Buy Counter Wokecraft:   Find Charles on twitter @wokedissident  and on GitHub:  Support this channel:
November 29, 2021
s04e24 | The Gender Cope: a Detrans Story, with Isaac
Isaac opens up about crippling depression and mental health issues in trans-focused internet communities. Connect with Isaac on his youtube channel or via twitter @CryptoCluniac  Support this channel:
November 28, 2021
s04e23 | Evolutionary Psychology of the Incel Phenomenon, with William Costello
William Costello is working on a Masters degree in Evolutionary Psychology, leading into a Doctorate. His thesis, which lays the groundwork for his dissertation, concerns Incel culture, its relationship to victimhood and mental health, with insights into how society can better understand these young men. Get yourself more William Costello:  Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes:
November 23, 2021
s04e22 | Rejuvenating Journalism, with Nancy Rommelmann
Nancy Rommelmann (@NancyRomm) has been a journalist and writer since I graduated high school. In this episode we talk about being lead by the truth, the pratfalls of modern journalism, and her new GenX hogwarts, Highly recommend her non-fiction book To The Bridge: A Story of Motherhood & Murder: support this channel by sharing it with friends or making a direct contribution at
November 18, 2021
s04e21 | Cognitive Dissidents, with Sasha Ayad LPC
@SashaLPC Ayad joins me again to speak about spotting tricky ideology and balancing empathy with skepticism. Highly recommend her podcast  More resources:  Support this channel:
November 12, 2021
s04e20 | Sacred Profanities, with Jonathan Pageau of The Symbolic World
Jonathan joins me again to speak about the masculine and feminine symbols, how they are honored and profaned, and why #NoNutNovember is a shoddy substitute for Lent. Find Jonathan on twitter and youtube @PageauJonathan and  Check out his and his brother's graphic novel, Godsdog:  Support this channel:  Read my writing:
November 11, 2021
s04e18 | Orthodoxy in Public Education, with Frank McCormick @CBHeresy
Frank McCormick (@CBHeresy) is a public high school history teacher in Chicago. He's been watching as the administration spends tens of thousands of dollars on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training while the school suffers electrical problems, dire reading levels, and all manner of substance and emotional abuse among staff and students. Questioning the the DEI agenda has put his job at risk, but he believes that standing up for American values of hard work, competency, liberty, and civil identity is the most pressing matter to forestall the break down of the USA. Follow him on twitter @CBHeresy and find his work at   Support this channel:
October 31, 2021
s04e17 | Being A Woman Being A Man, with Aaron Terrell
Aaron Terrell (@elegationvain), co-host with Aaron Kimberly of transparency podcast, speaks to me about life as a transman, about the critical thinking journey that separated them from their political tribe, and how transition has worked well for resolving persistent psychological distress. More resources: Support this channel:
October 27, 2021
s04e16 | Truth Is No Stranger To Comedy, with Maye Muses
Maye moved to Los Angeles after studying History, Journalism, and Sociology. Having been told to avoid Journalism if she cares about truth and honesty, she decided to get into beauty, art, and comedy—only to discover that Hollywood wasn't about those things, either. Now she runs a youtube channel discussing the ridiculous topics of the day, and joins me to speak about how she got were she is, and where she will be heading. Find her fabulous content here:  Support this channel: Read my writing:  
October 24, 2021
e04e15 | Heather Heying; in Calmversation
Heather Heying is an evolutionary biologist, coproducer of The Darkhorse Podcast and co-writer of A Hunter Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century along with her husband Bret Weinstein. She taught at The Evergreen State College from 2002 to 2017 and was thrust from academia by means of an illiberal mob and equity-minded (read: empty-minded) bureaucrats in the wake of the 2017 intersectional meltdown I have documented extensively. In this episode we discuss evolution, the hero's journey, love, individualism, the tensions between men and women, the downfall of our institutions—and how the new ones might, ahem, evolve. Heather’s writing: A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21st Century:  Tune into Heather's weekly podcasts with  @Bret Weinstein  at  Support this channel: Read my writing:
October 21, 2021
s04e14 | Self Esteem is for Suckers; Critical Thinking is for Everyone, with Steve Salerno
Steve Salerno (@iwrotesham on twitter) is a professor of journalism at the University of Las Vegas, and author of several non-fiction books, among them SHAM: How the Self-Help Movement Made America Helpless. In this discussion we speak about his perspective on the failure of mainstream journalism to adhere to ethical practices of critical thinking and truth seeking, how self-esteem movement has hobbled Gen X and beyond, and what's actually okay about being a boomer. Find SHAM here: Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes or by making a modest cash donation via
October 19, 2021
s04e13 | Rise of the Well-Adjusted Weirdos, with Jessie Mannisto of Third Factor Magazine
Jessie Mannisto (@jlmannisto on twitter) is a retired CIA analyst, one-time DSA activist, and now runs an online publication The Third Factor, which publishes works and interviews with a particular sort of person: namely, the peculiar kind. In this conversation we speak about Kazimierz Dąbrowski's "Theory of Positive Disintegration" which postulates a developmental pathway for those who non-conformist by nature.  And the channel:  Support this channel: Read my writing:
October 17, 2021
s04e12 | Inside Antifa: Tactics of the Radical Left, with Erin Smith
Erin Smith infiltrated antifa during the Trump years and studied their tactics of "direct action." In this discussion, we speak on those tactics, why the Mainstream Media seems to cover for them, and what the conservative movement is lacking with regards to effecting the political process of the United States. Follow Erin on twitter @erinsmithSF   Read more about her research:  Support this channel: Read my writing:
October 13, 2021
s04e11 | Countering Critical Theory's Nihilism with Mindful Humanism, with Jason Littlefield
Jason Littlefield worked in public education for several years when he saw Critical Social Justice begin to take root and take over. He left, then got into Social and Emotional Learning, where Critical Social Justice soon took over. Observing the impact that CRT and other anti-oppression doctrines had on the psychological and social well-being of people, he has teamed up with Eric Smith and Zander Keig to design a training regimen that centers mindfulness, compassion, and reason as methods to overcoming personal and structural bias. Resources:  Follow Jason on twitter @JasonTheeHuman   Support this channel: Read my writing:
October 10, 2021
s04e10 | Bureaucratic Incompetence & the Death of Expertise, with Michelle Naef
Michelle Naef is an engineer with many years in Canadian Oil, and is now working on her doctorate in organizational theory. In this interview we talk about the "clay layer" of middle management that is gumming up so much of our institutions, and causing failures in public trust and safety. Brilliant woman! Follow her on twitter @Bornforbarn Support this channel by a meagre donation
October 06, 2021
s04e09 | Writing Fantasy, Making History: On Craft & Communism | with Steven Brust
In this convervsation, Steven Brust (@StevenBrust on twitter) and I speak about writing—how plot is like a magic trick—how the the imagination and blind luck builds worlds, and then we speak about his parent's involvement in Minneapolis unionization politics over the course of the 20th century.  Steven has so, so many books. I suggest the Vlad Taltos series, but a couple great one-offs are Agyar and Brokedown Palace.  Here's a link to his amazon page:   Support this channel: Read my writing:
October 03, 2021
s04e08 | Babymaking is Crazymaking! Reproductive Mental Health with Robin Atkins, LMHC
Robin Atkins is one of very few mental health professionals specializing in the traumas and stresses of pregnancy and birth—both successful and non-successful. In this interview we speak about her professional philosophy and her personal experience as a mother of four (and more), a wife and a devotee of Life's beautiful and troubling tides. Follow her on twitter @TruthAgape ; contact her via  More resources on reproductive mental health: For infertility support: For fetal anamoly: For post-partum mental health complications : For care after abortion: Help out this channel by a one time or recurring donation @
September 29, 2021
s04e07 | Tomboys & Other Untold Stories, with Lisa Selin Davis
Lisa Selin Davis is the author of scores of essays and an impressive number of books, including "Tomboy" (available now). In this conversation, we speak about how she discovered gender was to be spoken about through the New York Times platform, and the consequences of straying off script. We speak about Trump's influence on the media, political homelessness, and are treated to a bit of her banjo playing. Get Tomboy via:   Find Lisa on twitter at @LisaSelinDavis   And at Support my work by insisting someone you know give it a listen, or through direct tips at
September 27, 2021
s04e06 | The Failure of NYC Public Schools, with Maud Maron
Maud Maron speaks about her experience serving as NYC Public School Board member, he time as a defense lawyer, and what she's trying to accomplish by running for NY City Counsel. Support Maud's City Counsel run:  Find her on twitter @MaudMaron   Crazy School Board video:  Support this channel: Read my writing:
September 21, 2021
s04e05 | A Rational Feminism, with Erika Bachiochi
Erika Bachiochi (@erikabachiochi ) is a legal scholar who has written a fascinating and informative intellectual history of women's rights from the Enlightenment to the present, based on the work of Mary Wollstonecraft. We speak about aspects of her research and what a rational feminism wants for women and from men. The Rights of Women (highly recommended!):   Find more of Erika's legal writing at:   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
September 14, 2021
s04e03 | Woke Psychopathy: Cluster B & Activism, with Josh Slocum of Disaffected Podcast
Josh Slocum runs the Disaffected Podcast (@DisaffectedPod on twitter), where he analyzes current political phenomena through a psychological lens. In this conversation he speaks to me about Cluster B Personality Disorders, how they operate in individuals, families, and on social media. We also get a glimpse into how Cluster B has impacted him personally. Find him across the web at: Support this channel by linking your favorite episodes in your social media comment fields, or directly through
September 07, 2021
s04e02 | How to Stop Being a Jerk and Get Along with the Opposite Sex, with Lorelei
Meandering discourse about stereotypes and gender. Lorelei is a real dame. Follow her on the twitter @hatpinwoman   She co-edits The Radical Notion:   Support this channel:
September 05, 2021
s04e01 | Challenging Gender Ideology in Public Schools, with Peavy
Peavy brings her decade+ experience working in the California Public School system to bear on this conversation about challenging the gender ideology that is running through many US schools. Support this channel by singing its praises in aisles 4 or 12 of your local supermarket, or by tipping me at
September 01, 2021
s03e114 | When Ideology Meets Reality, with Helen Joyce
Returning guest Helen Joyce is a mathematician and editor of The Economist. Over the past few years she's been investigating the cultural phenomenon of Transgenderism, and has recently published Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, which gives an excellent overview of the ideology, history, and impact of the trans movement. Follow Helen on Twitter @HJoyceGender.  Order her book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality at  Previous discussions:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
August 30, 2021
s03e113 | Based & PoliSci Pilled, with Wilfred Reilly
Professor Wilfred Reilly speaks to me about contemporary politics through a political science lens. Find him on twitter @wil_da_beast630 and his books at:   Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
August 27, 2021
s03e112 | Gender & Autism, with Ash and Raphael
As a child and into his teen years, Ash had a very difficult time understanding people and getting along with them—especially boys. This lead him, as a freshman in high school, to consider if he was in fact trans. Fast-tracked by his therapist, but held back by his father, a closer, more careful inspection of how he makes sense in the world lead to a diagnosis of autism. Once that connection was made, things became a lot easier for him to manage. Support this channel by murmuring about it on zoom meetings, or tipping via
August 24, 2021
s03e111 | Hardship and Hope: a Detrans Story, with Veera
Veera is a detransitioned Finnish youtuber who shares a very personal story about struggling to love and care for herself through a life of foster care, anorexia, and other mental and emotional difficulties. Watch her content at Support this channel by stuffing url's of your favorite episodes into local church hymnals and those cute little Free Libraries that are here and there, or by tipping via
August 20, 2021
s03e110 | Are US Public Schools Beyond Saving? Deb Fillman Argues for Abolition
Deborah Fillman is a mother and writer who, shocked by the treatment of her daughters in public education, has done her research and decided that public schools are beyond reformation, and should be abolished. Find her on twitter @insomnochick, on youtube at The Reason We Learn and on locals If you're interested in homeschool resources visit the Homeschool Legal Defense Association at Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with your local contractors and journeyman, or by sending tips through
August 18, 2021
s03e109 | Cult Thinking Then & Now: An Okay Boomer Story, feat. Jim Heller
I'm not the first to notice symmetries in the political and social arc of The Me Generation (Boomers) and The Me² Generation (Zoomers). Jim Heller talks about his experience in a 70's era cult and how he sees the same thinking going on at present. Jim Heller lives and works in the costal town of Victoria, British Columbia Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with your childhood sweetheart(s) and by tipping at or via CashApp $benjaminaboyce
August 14, 2021
s03e108 | Teen Mental Illness & Trans Identity, with Ella Washington
Ella Washington (@rhetorical_joke on twitter) speaks to me about the years she devoted to a child with severe mental health issues, and how she gracefully managed his foray into a trans identity. Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes, and by tipping via CashApp $benjaminaboyce or
August 11, 2021
s03e107 | Writing About Women & Reviled for Writing "Woman" with Milli Hill
Milli Hill (@millihill on twitter) has been writing about women's reproductive health for many years, and was recently shunned and abused for putting women first.  Find her writing at  "Give Birth Like a Feminist"  "My Period"  Support this channel: CashApp $benjaminaboyce Read my fiction:  
August 08, 2021
s03e106 | GenZ: The Politicized Generation, with Elika Imanaga
Elika is a university student whose proclivity for critical thinking, logic, and humor makes her somewhat of an outcast among her peers. We talk about navigating a social landscape that is highly moral, ideological, and vengeful (in the name of fairness, justice, and equity), and how she's coming to terms with thinking out loud and for herself. Find the beginnings of her impressive writing career at Follow her on twitter at @rimeslikedimes Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with friends and middling acquaintances, or by tipping via CashApp $benjaminaboyce or
August 06, 2021
s03e105 | Canceled out of Counseling, with James Esses
James Esses found working in counseling very fulfilling, and decided to pursue a degree in the field. Three years in to a five year degree, someone complained about his views on the affirmation-only approach to gender issues, and his educational institute unceremoniously kicked him from his program. What follows is his story, and what he's doing to fight back. Find James at @JamesEsses on twitter and check out his legal fund if you feel so moved at: Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with friends and enemies, and tipping via CashApp $benjaminaboyce or
August 04, 2021
s03e103 | Crowdsourcing COVID & Vaccine Facts, with Alexandros Marinos
Alexandros is an entrepreneur practice solutions to design-based problems. He's also keen on making sense of the world, in order to optimize human life and ingenuity. Pulled into the controversy surrounding Bret Weinstein's questions of the COVID vaccine and alternatives thereto, Alexandros found a lack of substance in these critics' complains. So he has put together a crowdsource sort of fact checking mechanism which I think might give us clues to fielding the broadest amount of input and truth in a world overloaded with information and personality quirks. Find out more by following @BetterSkeptics and @alexandrosM on twitter, and learning about The Ground Truth Challenge at Support this podcast by sharing your favorite episodes with friends, or tipping via
July 26, 2021
s03e102 | Bullying in the Trans Community, with Aaron Kimberly
Aaron Kimberly (@Aaron_GDAC) is a long time mental health professional and transman. He has been advocating for evidence based trans health care, while Canada is implementing laws that ban people from exploring gender identities in any way other than affirmatively (casting this as "conversion therapy" and outlawing even talk therapy). A vocal advocate for Gender Identity, who has been working nationally and internationally, has decided to harass and bully Aaron for not toeing the line of an ideology that isn't based on facts, but rather internal feelings. I have Aaron on to discuss what he is really standing for and trying to teach people about.  Learn more about Aaron's trans health advocacy: Also: Support this channel:
July 24, 2021
s03e101 | United States' Path to a World Power: The War of 1812, with B.B. Dade
Beau Dade is a self-described "history nerd" and wanted to speak with me about the War of 1812, because it is a little-known chapter in US history and in it is found the seeds of the will to world power that the United States would one day follow through on. This war between the US and the British Empire is filled with pitched naval battles, razed Capitals, and embarrassing defeats on both sides. Truly a roller coaster of history chapter!  Find Beau's writing at   And his  @History Bro channel here:   Support my channel by sharing your favorite episodes or by a small monetary contribution via  Read my fictions:   Sip the Nuance!
July 21, 2021
s03e100 | "South Africa is a CRT State" with Vincent De Boni
Vincent De Boni is a South African entrepreneur and psychology student. He speaks to me about South African history from apartheid to the conditions precipitating last week's riots. The lessons of South Africa are very pertinent to every country wrestling with diversity, justice, and social harmony. Follow him on twitter @VincentPsychSA and find his writing at Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes, or sending tips to
July 19, 2021
s03e99 | Nobody's in the Wrong Body | with Erin Brewer
Erin’s channel:  Follow Erin's adventure:  Purchase Erin's Book:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
July 12, 2021
s03e98 | You Are Your Avatar (Identity in the Profile Age) | with Professor H. Georg Moeller
Professor Moeller teaches at Macau University in southern China. He has been publishing excellent philosophical videos on youtube, having to do with Identity as it is expressed currently and in the past. I find his model of explaining current social behavior quite helpful in better understanding how people are relating themselves in the digital era. In this interview we explore his concepts of Sincerity, Authenticity, and Profilicity—and their implications. Find his videos at Purchase his book (use discount code CUP20): Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with friends and enemies, or by tipping via Cash app: $benjaminaboyce
July 07, 2021
s03e97 | Damaged by Gender: A Detrans Story, with Garrett
Garrett got swept up into gender ideology / queer theory while in college, which eventually lead him to physical transition, including the surgical removal of his testicles. These medical procedures were given to him with the bare minimum of doctor oversight or therapeutic inquiry. We speak about what lead him into and out of transition. Follow him on twitter @detransgayguy Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes with friends and enemies, and/or send tips to
July 06, 2021
s03e96 | Much Ado About Transition, with Blaire White
Blaire White is a male to female transsexual, and possibly one of the most well known, especially for her unexpected views and contrarian content. In this interview we speak about the reality of transition; the rapid, alarming growth of detransitioners; and the politicization of gender and sexuality in contemporary discourse. Find her work on Twitter and Instagram @MsBlaireWhite And on Youtube at If you enjoy this and other episodes of The Calmversant, consider sharing with friends, enemies, and love ones, or send a tip via
June 30, 2021
s03e95 | Human Contact, Devil's Contract with Jodi Shaw
Two artsy Gen-Xers ponder what to do with marginal amounts of midlife notoriety Female vocals and end music by Jodi Shaw (@Smith_Surge on twitter) Male vocals and sniggering by Benjamin Boyce Tips welcome! If you enjoy an episode, consider sharing it with friends.
June 28, 2021
s03e94 | The End of Women's Sport, with Coach Linda Blade
Coach Linda Blade (@coachblade on twitter) has been coaching professionally, and at the highest levels, for several decades. In this chat she gives me a rundown of the history of women's sports, and how they're currently being destroyed. Find Coach Blade (@coachblade on twitter) 's book at  Also check out  Support this channel:
June 23, 2021
s03e93 | "Transkids" and Medical Ethics, with Jennifer Lahl
Jennifer Lahl is founder and president of The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network ( A lifelong medical professional, she has over the last few years been making documentaries about a variety of medical ethics issues. Most recently, she has released a film about childhood transition, which can be found here: We speak about her career, and what do ethics mean in a world of such advanced and advancing tech. Find her on twitter @JenniferLahl Support this channel by sharing your favorite episodes and/or tipping me via
June 21, 2021
s03e92 | Through the Looking Glass: A Detrans Story, with Issa Ismail
Issa Ismail speaks to me about her transition and detransition, her experience growing up as an Arab American, of her hardships with identity and sexuality, and how the transition and then detransition process have added to her understand of self and life. Her documentary can be found at Find her on instagram and tiktok @issaxismail Support this channel:
June 17, 2021
s03e91 | Critical Race Thinking, with Kimi Katiti
Kimi Katiti is a music industry professional, artist, and most recently an advocate against "Critical Race Theory." In this interview she speaks about her life, from growing up in Africa to attending American university—and how her Christianity fed into her "wokeness," and brought her back out of it. Spirited and honest, find her work below: Website: Instagram: Instagram (art): Youtube Channel: Support this channel:
June 15, 2021
s03e90 | The Hormone Hangover: A Detrans Story, with Grace
60 Minutes recently gave Grace 1 minute to talk about her story of transition and detransition. Here, I give her 67. Find Grace on twitter @HormoneHangover   Learn more about the Gender Care Consumer Advocacy Network (GCCAN) at   Part of a series of Detrans Stories:   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
June 09, 2021
e03s89 | A Preponderance of Gender, with Sasha Ayad LPC
Sasha Ayad is a Licensed Professional Counselor working closely with gender questioning youth. A regular guest, we catch up on developments within the culture at large and in the therapeutic and medical industries where it comes to the treatment and perception of gender. Find Sasha at @SashaLPC on twitter And her podcast Gender A Wider Lens at   More resources for detransitioners:  Sasha on  @barnabydixon 's show:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
June 07, 2021
e03s88 | Pride & Prejudice, with Helena and Sinead
Well spoken detransitioners Helena and Sinead speak with me about the excesses of trans activism, its potential to harm the civil rights and cultural acceptance hard won by gay and lesbian activists, their own intentions in speaking about detransition issues, and overcoming their own inner demons. Find these fine ladies on twitter @lacroicsz and @ImWatson91   More Detrans stories:  Helena’s Russian Emo playlist:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
June 05, 2021
s03e87 | The Lost Boys of Genderland, with Angus Fox
"When Sons Become Daughters" (by Angus Fox): will be launching on June 19th   "Interview with the Mother of a Trans Daughter"  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
June 04, 2021
s03e86 | Liberating Women from Patriarchy Part 2, with Julie Bindel
Julie Bindel is a British feminist working and writing for women's rights for well-on 40 years. We speak about her history, and the arc of the feminist movement, has its "waves" overlap and separate, and what gains it has made over the years. Follow Ms Bindel on twitter @bindelj   Notable works:    Feminism for Women:   Pimping Prostitution (audio)   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
June 01, 2021
s03e85 | Liberating Women from Patriarchy, with Kara Dansky
One day I wrote an offhanded criticism of feminism on Twitter. I muted the tweet and went on about my business, then later realized it had gone marginally viral. Kara Dansky engaged me respectfully on the issue, but Twitter ran out of usefulness very quick, so we took our discussion long form. This episode explores the meaning of the proposition that Feminism is about Liberating Women from Patriarchy. Part two concerns the same question from the UK Feminist perspective, as voiced by Julie Bindel (stay tuned for that one!) Follow Kara on twitter @KDansky Find out more about the Women's Human Rights Campaign: Support this channel:
May 30, 2021
s03e84 | WOKEBUSTERS! with James Lindsay and Wokal Distance
From May 28th livestream with @wokal_distance and James Lindsay (@ConceptualJames) Topics: explaining “disrupt, subvert, and dismantle” rhetoric in woke progressive politic ; Hegelian dialectic and its relationship to the utopian no where that the woke are seeking ; how to counter CRT and other ideologies via policy that still enshrines liberal values of open discourse ; the difference between identifying with an identity as apposed to identifying as an identity — and many more! support the channel
May 30, 2021
s03e83 | Detrans Stories: Dominic Lauren
In this intimate interview, Dominic Lauren opens up about what attracted her to a trans identity, and how hormones and surgery left her feeling more dissociated from herself than when she began her journey with gender. Follow her on TikTok and Instagram @itsdominiclauren and find her on youtube at If you enjoyed this or other interviews, consider sharing them with your friends and social network. You can support this channel directly through
May 27, 2021
s03e82 | Bret Weinstein: Four Years Later
I speak with compatriot in campus unrest Bret Weinstein about the historical significance of the 2017 Evergreen events, how they presaged widespread cultural patterns occurring in the summer of 2020, while also discussing the undiscussed aspects of the COVID-19 response and vaccines. FULL STORY:   Find Bret on twitter @BretWeinstein and on youtube at  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 23, 2021
s03e81 | How Queer Theory Interferes with Good Therapy, with Aaron Kimberly
Part of a series on Gender & Transition:  Learn more about Gender Dysphoria Alliance:  Follow Aaron on Twitter @Aaron_George73   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 20, 2021
s03e80 | Update on the Hormone Health Crisis, with Dr. William Malone
First interview:   Follow Dr. Malone on twitter @will_malone   Find out more about The Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine at  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 17, 2021
s03e79 | Oh, the Humanities! with Stephen Blackwood
Stephen Blackwood is president and founder of  @Ralston College  Find out more about this new academic institution at  Follow Stephen on Twitter @stephenblackwd   And find the deeply informative Ralston College podcast here:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 14, 2021
s03e78 | Asian Americans: The Inconvenient Minority, with Kenny Xu
Follow Kenny on twitter @kennymxu   Preorder "An Inconvenient Minority":  And his podcast:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 12, 2021
s03e77 | Resisting Dogmatism—Both Religious and Secular, with Sarah Haider
More info on Sarah's non-Prophet nonprofit:   Follow her on twitter @SarahTheHaider   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 10, 2021
s03e76 | Standing Up to CRT in Education, with Paul Rossi
Support this channel:  LINKS:   @Jordan B Peterson  interview:  David Mitchel talk:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 08, 2021
s03e75 | Rebuilding the Love Story, with Alison Tieman of Honey Badger Radio
Alison from  @HoneyBadgerRadio  speaks to me about the love story our society is missing, that might reconnect us through trust and slow the continued devolution of our institutions.  Find her on twitter  @Typhonblue     Originally aired on Monday May 3rd at  @Badger Live Streams     Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 04, 2021
s03e74 | Libertarian Principles, with Christian Watson
Find Christian Watson on youtube at And on twitter @officialCWATSON Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
May 02, 2021
s03e73 | Black Victim to Black Victor, with Adam B. Coleman
Adam's book:  Follow him on twitter @wrong_speak   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
April 30, 2021
s03e72 | Revelation & Rebellion, with Jonathan Pageau
Support this channel:  Other discussions with with Jonathan (@PageauJonathan on twitter):  His channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
April 28, 2021
s03e71 | Equity in Corporate & Federal Hiring, with Amy Bee
Support this channel:   Follow Amy on twitter @AmyBeePhoenix   Find resources to challenge critical social justice at  Sip the Nuance!
April 27, 2021
e03s70 | Dysphoria & Acceptance, with Natasha Ybarra-Klor
Natasha is a TV writer. You can connect with her via instagram @nybarrak   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
April 21, 2021
s03e69 | Social Media Censorship: A Legal Perspective, with Ramsey Ramerman
Ramsey Ramerman is an Attorney with over 20 years of experiences in open government and first amendment issues. Follow him on twitter @RamseyRamerman   Further reading:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!   #Section230 #Censorship #FirstAmendment
April 18, 2021
e03s68 | What Is Up With Men and Their Issues??? (with Brian Martinez from Honey Badger Radio)
Follow the Honey Badger Radio crew on twitter @HoneyBadgerBites And on youtube Support this channel
April 16, 2021
s03e67 | LGB Advocacy, with Belissa Cohen & Carrie Hathorn
learn more:  and on twitter @LGBFightBack   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance! @BenjaminABoyce
April 13, 2021
s03e64 | Critical Theory's Threat to Jewish-Muslim Relations, with David Bernstein & Suhail Khan
David’s writing:   Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!   Join me on alternative video sites:  And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
April 11, 2021
s03e66 | Native Americans & Classical Liberalism, with Jason Miller
Jason (@Native_Liberty_ on twitter)'s YouTube channel:   Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!   Join me on alternative video sites:  And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
April 11, 2021
s03e65 | Debunking "White Fragility" with Jonathan Church & Christopher Paslay
Exploring White Fragility" by Christopher Paslay:  & his channel:  "Reinventing Racism" by Jonathan Church:  On twitter and the web @jondavidchurch,    Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
April 08, 2021
s03e63 | Critical Critical Theory Theory, with James Lindsay & Wokal Distance
Support this channel:  Follow James @ConceptualJames on twitter and  @New Discourses  on the youtube.   Follow Wokal @ wokal_distance on twitter and on youtube at  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
April 05, 2021
s03e62 | Diversity & Exclusion, with Lindsay Shepherd
Lindsay's book, #DiversityAndExclusion:  #ExposéLaurier:  Her youtube channel:  Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
April 04, 2021
s03e61 | Gnosticism / Nihilism / Humanism, with Professor Bruno Chaouat
Support this channel:  LINKS to the Professor's Work!  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
April 01, 2021
s03e60 | #IStandWithMaya, with Maya Forstater @MForstater @BenjaminABoyce
March 29, 2021
e03s59 | The Art of (Narrative) War, with Cactus Chu
Meta-politics podcast:   Cactus Chu on twitter @meta_pol and on clubhouse @metapol   Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
March 25, 2021
s03e58 | The Corruption of US Colleges, with Aaron Kindsvatter
Professor Kindsvatter teaches counseling and psychotherapy at the University of Vermont. Recently, he couldn't stand by anymore and decided to speak out about the ideological corruption on his campus and how it effects the field of counseling. Aaron's Videos:  Connect with him via twitter @akindsva1   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
March 21, 2021
S03E57 | The Plight of Women in India, with Vaishnavi Sundar
Vaishnavi's documentary "Dysphoric" follow her on twitter @Vaishax support this channel:
March 19, 2021
356 | The Rhetoric of Woke / Anti-Woke Discourse, with Professor Erec Smith
Erec Smith is a professor of rhetoric at York University. Follow him on twitter @Rhetors_of_York Read about "entomathematics" here: Support this channel:
March 15, 2021
355 | Managing Crippling Anxiety, with Jess
Find Jess on Minds and Twitter @BadCripple Support this channel
March 14, 2021
354 | What Men & Women Want, with Nina Power
Get yourself more Nina Power:   Support this channel  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!
March 10, 2021
353 | (Culture) War & Peace, with Jeremy Pollack
Support this channel:  LINKS!  LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @PollackPeace  Book:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
March 08, 2021
352 | Autogynephilia: One Man's Account, with Kayla
Kayla's music:  And twitter: @kaila83981783   Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
March 07, 2021
351 | Comedy Uncanceled, with Francis Foster
Follow Francis @francisjfoster on twitter  ​  @Triggernometry channel:   Support this channel:  Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!   Join me on alternative video sites:  And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
March 05, 2021
350 | Basic Biology: Somehow Controversial??? with Emma Hilton & Colin Wright
Find Emma at @FondOfBeetles and Colin @SwipeWright on the twitter   Their wsj article:  Support this channel: Read my writing:   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
March 03, 2021
349 | Russia's Past, America's Present | with Ora Itkin
Find Ora's work at  Support this channel:  Read my writing:  Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
March 01, 2021
348 | The Fib In Women's Lib, with Inez Stepman
Follow Inez on twitter @InezFeltscher   Work of note:   Learn more about the International Women's Forum:   Support this channel:  Sip the Nuance!   Join me on alternative video sites:  And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 25, 2021
347 | The Future of Content Creation & Consumption, with LBRY founder Jeremy Kauffman
Watch me on odyssey:   Support this channel:  Sip the Nuance!   Join me on twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 24, 2021
346 | An Unconventional Millennial, with Little Apostate
Find her on instagram & twitter: @littleapostate  Youtube: Podcast:  Support this channel: Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 22, 2021
345 | A Postmodern Humanity, with Mary Harrington
Follow Mary on twitter @moveincircles Find her articles at Of note: Support this channel
February 20, 2021
344 | Detrans Stories: The Feminine & Divine, with Waffling Willow
Willow's channel:  Support this channel: Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 18, 2021
343 | Speaking Out For Children, with Christoph Elston
Support this channel:  Find Christoph on Twitter @ChristophElston   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 16, 2021
342 | Parting The BS Seas: The Capitol, Trauma, and Trump, with Karlyn Borysenko
Support this channel: @DrKarlynB on Twitter  Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 12, 2021
341 | Tonic Masculinity, with Jack Murphy
Support this channel:  LINKS! @jackmurphylive on twitter   Purchase Democrat to Deplorable:  Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 11, 2021
340 | Portrait of the Podcaster: A Brief Autobiography
Thanks for tuning into my show! If you'd like to support my work, you may send a tip via
February 08, 2021
339 | Courageous Gratitude, with Konstantin Kisin
@KonstantinKisin (on twitter and in "real life," so called) is a British comedian and cohost of the wildly successful youtube channel "Triggernometry" Support this channel
February 02, 2021
338 | Straying from the Woke Script, with Jodi Shaw
Jodi's Channel:  Jodi's Music:  Jodi's Twitter: @Smith_Surge   Follow Counterweight on twitter @Counter_Weight_  Support this channel: Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
February 01, 2021
337 | The Broken Religion of Identity Politics, with Professor Joshua Mitchell
Support this channel:  List of citations:  American Awakening, Joshua Mitchell •  Reinhold Niebuhr John Rawls  Saint Augustine • Confessions  Friedrich Nietzsche • Genealogy of Morals  Thorstein Veblen • A Theory of the Leisure Class  Penny Marshall • A League of Their Own  Edmund Burke • Reflections on the French Revolution  Ari Aster • Midsommar  Athanasius of Alexandria  Michael Polanyi • Personal Knowledge  Rousseau • Emile, or On Education  J oin me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
January 30, 2021
336 | When The Left Left Women, with Ani O'Brien
Support this channel:  Link to Ani's work (@aniobrien on twitter):   Podcast:  Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
January 28, 2021
335 | Ethical Failures in Academia, with Abby Nissenbaum
Support this channel:  Follow Abby on twitter @abbynissenbaum   Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
January 27, 2021
334 | Executive Disorders, with James Lindsay & Wokal Distance
@ConceptualJames and @wokal_distance (on twitter) join me for a three hour romp into the radicalism brewing (and spilling over) in our midst. Follow us on twitter for more!
January 24, 2021
333 | Counseling & the Human Condition, with Timothy Courtois
Support this channel: Sip the Nuance!  Further reading:  Join me on alternative video sites: And on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
January 18, 2021
332 | All the Birthing People, with Isabella Malbin
Find Isabella's work at Support this channel: Sip the Nuance!  Join me on alternative video sites: And me on Twitter @BenjaminABoyce
January 12, 2021