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The Changing Taste

The Changing Taste

By Black Pepper Magazine
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112 - R&B Male Group talks about politics in music, legacy & identity

The Changing Taste

Male Model Roger Dupé and his skincare brand MELYON
Our special guest today is the amazing male model Roger Dupé (@mrdupe). Born and raised in Sweden and decided to create his own inklusive skincare brand: MELYON (@officialmelyon) . Get to know his brand and himself on today’s episode of Black Pepper Magazine Podcast .
October 15, 2021
112 - R&B Male Group talks about politics in music, legacy & identity
Do you remember the golden era of R&B/Soul and Hip-Hop ? Yesss, me too ! The music back then hit different. One of those pioneers in R&B male groups were 112 and even after 25 years they still got it . Bringing back that 90’s / early 2000’s flavor . Through ups and downs and loosing 2 group members along the way , Mike & Slim are not giving up on music . Listen and found out how they still managed to hold it together.
July 08, 2021
ASÍKÓ Visual Artist talks about African Identity, BLM & more | Black Pepper Magazine
Who is Asiko ? Visual language that articulates strength, resistance and excellence is what Asiko strives for. He is continuously over exceeding our expectations with his outstanding visual aesthetic with adornment, choreographed movement & distinctively enticing. To keep up with Asiko , follow him on Instagram: @asiko_artist
May 18, 2021
Bestselling Author Anna Nyakana | How her children’s book NIYAH ZURI is changing perspectives
The bestselling author Anna Nyakana took some time to talk with our writer/contributor Nikia @itsjustnikia about what inspired her children’s book @niyah_zuri , the importance of literacy, shifting mindset and more . Grab your favorite drink 🍹 and snack to fully enjoy this motivational interview
January 05, 2021
Feature | Ari Lennox teamed up with Anthony Ramos x Crown Royal for a special cause
I’m ItsJustNikia with Black Pepper Magazine, your favorite lifestyle publication dedicated to showcasing the talents and stories of Black people worldwide. I am thrilled to be here with all of you today. Our guest is none other than DMV-born singer-songwriter, and Dreamville’s very own “Shea Butter Baby” Ari Lennox. Today we’ll be discussing her new collaboration with singer-actor Anthony Ramos, titled “If You Want Me To Stay,” A track meant to inspire hope, unity, and generosity while giving back to small businesses. Backed by Crown Royal in conjunction Main Street Alliance — a nonprofit organization committed to supporting small businesses in the United States — every stream will generate a donation of $1 up to $500,000. STREAM HERE :
September 08, 2020
The Importance of Financial Literacy, Automation & Self-care | Jennifer Streaks
Season 2 of BPMAG Podcast starts off with the educational interview with the MBA financial journalist & author, Jennifer Streaks. She started her career in financial compliance for major banking institutions. To now being the financial journalist & author . What made her to pursue further in her life ? When the economy collapsed and the housing crisis started, she shield herself with an MBA to offer her solution to many homeowners. Jennifer helped them save their homes & pay off their credit card debt. That’s not it. Her presence is felt in the media . She was seen on major TV & Radio Network such as FOX, CBSN & many more . To now being featured in Black Pepper Magazine. You can read the article in this month’s issue on | Enjoy !
January 19, 2020
Individuality,Education & Community First | w/ Entrepreneur Jasmine Byrd
Hi everyone ! Welcome back to BPMAG Podcast. Today we are talking about individuality in the educational system and how the educational entrepreneur Jasmine Byrd is adding valuable contribution to the community with her STEAM school project. What does STEAM mean ? And what it has to do with advancing ? The response is two clicks away. Keep up with Jasmine Byrd @byrd_capital on IG and @dmvpartytime .Thank you for listening and tune back in next Sunday.
December 15, 2019
Personal & Business Development | RoseTalks
Hello everyone! December Issue is out now . Our writer and #podcast host Rosalyn gives you an insight on her article called ‘Personal Growth and Business Development’ . How your personal growth effects your business is a vital aspect of learning. Follow us @blackpeppermag on IG and Rosalyn @msrosalynofficial . Check out the full article , here > Thank you for tuning in and rendezvous Next Sunday .
December 08, 2019
Growing your business w/ Christopher R. Coleman
In today’s episode the CEO&Founder of Black Pepper Magazine, Amina interviewed the published author Christopher Ray Coleman. They had a great conversation about ’growing your business ‘ , the process of success and how Chris experienced the ‘180 effect’ while being homeless to now owning a business that he can call a home for many . Join in and let the day end with your cup of coffee or tea.
November 17, 2019
Interview with Laine B. Waller | Finances, Motherhood & Purpose
Welcome back to BPMAG Podcast ! In this today’s episode you will get to know our special guest Laine B. Waller , CEO&Founder of @vraimentfinancial . She talks about quitting her 9-5 job to start her own business . How she is managing it all with 3 children and while being married? And what does purpose has to do with it ? Grab a snack and a drink, because Laine is dropping gems over here ! Enjoy listening .
November 10, 2019
Daisy’s Grow Series | Mental Health, Poetry and Self-development
Welcome back to BPMAG Podcast. On today’s episode, we are diving into mental health. Hosted by our writer Daizē Williams. Daizē opens up about her journey with Trauma and #mentalhealth . She introduced her story with a self written poem... Thank you for tuning in. If you’ve enjoyed it, please leave a review, follow us on IG @blackpeppermag @nursedaizy. Have you read the november issue of Black Pepper Magazine? Here’s your destination >
November 03, 2019
Cover Interview w/ Tyrese Gibson | Black&Blue Movie
In today’s episode, our writer Rosalyn L had the opportunity to partake in a conference call along with other publicists and journalists. She was allowed to ask one question: . And Tyrese Gibson and director of the #BlackandBlueMovie , Deon Taylor answered. FYI this is a cut version of the call, but still raw . So , you may be surprised why all of sudden another person in the background starts to raise their voice tone. Probably a reaction to what Tyrese said about awareness in the media. We hope you enjoy listening ! **All rights belongs to Sony Entertainment**
October 27, 2019
RoseTalks | It’s all about Branding
In this today’s episode Rosalyn, writer at Black Pepper Magazine, breaks down the steps on how to successfully market your brand identity . To follow along and to write it down , make sure to follow us @blackpeppermag on IG to not miss the launch of the November issue tomorrow . Rosalyn is truly inspiring right ? Keep up with her @msrosalynofficial on IG
October 24, 2019
Interview w/ Rissi Palmer | New “Revival” Album, Country Music & Mental Illness
In today’s interview : Host and Founder of Black Pepper Magazine- Amina had a deep conversation with the country singer, Rissi Palmer. They’ve talked about her upcoming album “Revival ” , Mental Illness and her music career so far. Enjoy !
October 20, 2019
The Blood Type Diet | RoseTalks Podcast series.
RoseTalks Podcast is a series presented by Black Pepper Magazine aka BPMAG. The BPMAG podcast is your magazine on-the-go . Listening wherever you are ! Whether in a public transportation or while cooking , our host Rosalyn, an official writer at #BPMAG , will be your best friend on demand ! Read her newest article about #thebloodtypediet on
October 11, 2019
Confidently, Me (Poem)
We can do more than just survive. The strong black woman/man era is no longer beneficial for our mental wellness. We pursue happiness with a gentle, stylish and educated approach. Living our lives confidently and revolutionary from the inside out. Welcome in to the changing taste podcast, where we talk about fashion, beauty, pop-culture, wellness & much more from a black/brown perspective.
October 10, 2019