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Episode 12

An episode of Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast

By NicholasBrady
Weekly Coverage of Boston's professional sports teams (Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins, Patriots).
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Episode 29 - Pats Preview and the Water Police
In the episode of the Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast we discuss the how the Red Sox really need to turn it on if they want any chance of a playoff spot. Next we take a more in depth look at the coming NFL season for the New England Patriots. James then discusses his recent fantasy draft while Nicholas grades his picks. We end with subpar stories about an old New York actress, the boat police and finally how James and his friend broke some guys truck. Enjoy!
August 17, 2019
Episode 28 - Red Sux and The Fence
In the episode we cover the miserable week where the Red Sox didn't get even 1 win. We finally talk some football with the NFL Preseason and regular season quickly approaching. We close the show with stories of a many running from a crime scene, a child who was not smarter than a fence and then we read our horoscopes. Thanks for listening!
August 6, 2019
The Fight for the AL East and the Argument
 In this week's episode we discuss the absolute beating the Red Sox have applied to the Yankees and how that affects the Red Sox placement in the American League East. We also cover some of the moves that the Celtics have made during this wild NBA free agency as well as how the NBA seems a lot more balanced this coming season. Finally we got to talk a little football as we cast our “way too early” rankings for every division in the NFL. Lastly, we finish up with some stories ranging from Nicholas’ goal to appear as funny as he finds himself and James’ childhood lack of understanding. We hope you enjoy this episode. Thanks for listening!
July 30, 2019
Episode 26 - Red Sox and Self Driving Boats
After a brief lapse in episodes we are back! In this episode we discuss the Red Sox and their recent bullpen struggles as well as the Celtics and their draft picks. We give a very late and somber review of the Stanley Cup. After that we go to uncharted waters where we (and by we I mean mostly James) share some stories about everything from graduation, our dog getting arrested, drivers education and boaters education! Please let us know what you think and thank you for listening!
July 1, 2019
Episode 25 - Bruins going to the Cup and Patriots Offseason Moves
In this episode of the Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast we discuss the Red Sox and a couple of standout guys that have been helping for the last month or so. We get into Celtics drafts picks and more speculation about the offseason. We talk Bruins and how their recent tear has lead them straight to the Stanley Cup finals. Lastly we get into the Patriots and all the moves they have made thus far in the offseason. Thanks for listening!
May 22, 2019
Episode 24 - Celtics are done, Bruins move on
After a slight break in the action we are back with another episode of the Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast. This week we discuss the Red Sox and their recent success. We talk Celtics vs Bucks as well as our thoughts on what will happen this offseason. We touch on the red hot Bruins and their run through the Stanley Cup playoffs and finally end with what little news we have on the New England Patriots. Thanks for listening!
May 11, 2019
Episode 23 - Celtics and Bruins are Playoff Bound
In this episode of the pod, we get into the shaky start to the season for the Boston Red Sox. We then discuss the Celtics and the Bruins and the first round of the upcoming playoffs for both of them. We then get into out tribute to The Gronk as this is the first time we recorded since his announced retirement. At the very end we discuss some upcoming additional content that will hopefully be available very soon. Thanks for listening!
April 8, 2019
Episode 22 - MLB = $$$ and Bruins push for #1 in the NHL
After a week hiatus, we are back and better than ever. The Red Sox are a week out from regular season baseball. On top of that everyone in the MLB is getting paid big money, listen to our two sense. The Celtics continue trying to push for a higher playoff seed and the Bruins are still on a tear of the NHL. Also, tons of free agency news from the Patriots and the entire NFL. We also quickly talk about March Madness with our very limited college basketball knowledge. Thanks for listening!
March 23, 2019
Episode 21 - Celtics and Bruins Thrive and James gets High
This is an interesting week on the Brady Bros Podcast as we continue to cover Red Sox spring training action, the Celtics successful west coast road trip, the Bruins continuing their streak and minor Patriots updates and way too early predictions. Also, the end features James about an hour after getting out of wisdom teeth surgery and provides some hot sports takes. Thank you for listening!
March 10, 2019
Episode 20 - Celtics Skid and Bruins on the Rise
In this week's episode we discuss the first week of the Spring Training games for the Boston Red Sox as well and the implementation of the pitch clock. We discuss the Celtics terrible week back from the All Star Break. The Bruins look continue their roll and the Patriots need to learn how to offseason. Thanks for listening. 
March 1, 2019
Episode 19 - Baseball is Back and Basketball Tangents
In this week's episode we discuss the start of Spring Training games for the Red Sox, everything going on in the basketball world, the NHL hottest team in the bruins and our plans for the Patriots segment going forward. Thanks for listening!
February 23, 2019
Episode 18 - More Celtics Woes? and Bruins Crunch Time
In this week's episode we finally get back into talking about baseball with the start of Spring Training, a very up and down week for the Celtics, a poorly timed injury of a Bruins star and a recap of the Patriots free agents this offseason.
February 15, 2019
Episode 17 - Bergeron's 1000th Game and the SUPER BOWL
In this week's episode we talk about the quickly approaching MLB season, all the NBA speculation you could ever need, Bergeron plays his 1000th game and of course the now 6x Super Bowl Champion, New England Patriots
February 10, 2019
Episode 16 - Anthony Davis to Boston? and James has a Burning Hatred for Jamal Adams
In this episode we discuss the upcoming Spring Training for the raining World Series Champs, all sorts of NBA trade rumors, the week back from the All Star break for the Bruins and of course the Superbowl! 
February 3, 2019
Episode 15 - Controversial Missed Calls and James Secretly Doesn't Like Football
In this episode of the podcast we talk about some changes to the Red Sox roster and the MLB Hall of Fame inductees, the Celtics win streak and the beginnings of a playoff push approaching the all-star break, the Bruins finally looking like a healthy team during their week off, and a whole recap of the AFC Championship and all the events of championship weekend in the NFL. Enjoy the show!
January 26, 2019
Episode 14 - Kyrie Quotes and Patriots Speculation
In this weeks episode we talk about how great a guy Brock Holt is, if the Celtics are falling apart (they aren't) some much deserved rest for the  Bruins and of course the upcoming AFC championship that the Patriots are in.  All this and more, thanks for listening!
January 18, 2019
Episode 13
In this episode we talk about how the Red Sox might be the only place left for Kimbrel, the Celtics and Bruins both have great weeks and of course the NFL playoffs with the Patriots taking on the Chargers!
January 12, 2019
Episode 12
In this weeks episode we talk more Red Sox offseason, the suddenly injury plagued Celtics, a break down of the NHL's Winter Classic, and finally the playoff scenario going forward for the Patriots.
January 5, 2019
Episode 11
In this episode of the podcast we discuss more MLB trade rumors involving the Red Sox, the status of several different players on the Boston Celtics and the beginning of All-Star voting, the return of several injured players to the Bruins lineup, and tons about the Patriots week 16 matchup with the Buffalo Bills and their chances looking forward at the AFC Playoff picture. Thank you for listening!
December 29, 2018
Episode 10
In this weeks episode, some minor league moves for the sox, the Celtics are off their win streak and looking to replace the Bruins as most injured Boston sports team.  The bruins finally getting back Chara and Bergeron? We also talk about another disappointing week for the patriots and a lot about Nathan Peterman cause why not?
December 21, 2018
Episode 9
In this week's episode of the podcast we discuss the offseason plans of the Red Sox, the current win streak of the Celtics, the still injury riddles Bruins and a disappointing week of the Patriots and what it means going forward. Thanks for listening!
December 14, 2018
Episode 8
In this episode of the podcast we talk about updates from the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox, the promising future of the Boston Celtics, the continued struggles of the injury struck Bruins, and an in-depth analysis of the recent success of the Patriots.
December 9, 2018
Episode 7
In this weeks episode we discuss the Red Sox Spring training, the continuing woes for the Celtics, a crippled Bruins team and a playoff bound Patriots team
December 2, 2018
Episode 6
In this episode of the podcast we cover updates about the Boston Red Sox during their offseason, the Celtics lack of performance through the first couple weeks of the season, the Bruins troubles with injury, and the Patriots road to the playoffs coming off the bye week. Enjoy!
November 23, 2018
Episode 5
In this episode of the Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast we talk more postseason awards in the MLB, if the Celtics are finally turning it around, what the hell happened in the Patriots vs Titans game and so much more.
November 16, 2018
Episode 4
In this episode of the podcast we cover the 2018 World Series Champion Red Sox, highlights from the post season, awards, and speculate what will happen moving forward. We talk about the Celtics slow start to the 2018-19 season as well as Kyrie's haircut and frustration with Jamaal Murray's last second shot. On the other side of the TD Garden we discuss what the Bruins need to do to be a threat in the playoffs this year, as well as mention a few Bruins who are at the forefront as league leaders. Lastly, we cover the last few weeks of Patriots action including games against the Chicago Bears, Buffalo Bills, and the "Goat vs Goat, Brady vs Rodgers" game against the Green Bay Packers. Thank you for listening!
November 14, 2018
Episode 3
In this episode of the podcast we cover the record-breaking Boston Red Sox and there chances in the post season, the Boston Celtics and their capabilities for the next season, the Boston Bruins preseason, and the slow start to New England Patriots season.
September 28, 2018
Episode 2
This week we look at the subpar week the Red Sox had, tell you our thoughts on's top 10 games for the Celtics, talk about the Bruins crazy preseason schedule and discuss the Patriots preseason matchup against the Eagles. Thanks for listening!
August 23, 2018
Episode 1
In the very first episode of the Brady Bros Boston Sports Podcast we take a look at the historic year the Red Sox are having, talk about some noteworthy games for the Bruins and Celtics and break down the Patriots first preseason game. Thanks for tuning in! Intro Song - Shipping up to Boston (
August 15, 2018
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