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By Cory Schmidt
Focused on our passion for tea and what we would say is a symptom of drinking it, philosophical thought, BrainSteep is here to entertain and inform in equal parts. Join your host, Cory Schmidt, and occasional guests, as they sip their steep and ponder their predicaments.
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Tiltshift, Humanity's Progress, and Proper Perceptions
I guess I'll just have to come to grips that this will be a willy-nilly podcast that gets made when I have time and feel like it.  Keep Steepin' regardless!
July 05, 2021
Hot Brandy, Memory Receipts, and Identity
Have you ever gone through old documents or pictures that have brought back old memories and nostalgia?  Of course you have!  Listen to me consider the implications of doing just that in this episode.  Keep Steepin'!
June 08, 2021
Gong Fu Brew, Autism, and Confidence
We're baaaaaack! Join me for a gong fu sess, and some thoughts on how I try and hack my own reality and how you may be able to as well! Keep Steepin! Tea sites mentioned in the episode: White2Tea - Farmerleaf - ATK: The Science Behind Tea -
June 01, 2021
Tactical Tea Case, Existential Threats, and "Reading"
In this monologue episode I describe how I get my teaware from place to place safely, describe one more thing you need to worry about, and how to possibly view why people have different levels of drive, or motivation.
May 05, 2021
Melon Seed Green, Spectacle Society, and Individuality
We get to our first tea that we drink together and compare notes, talk about a French philosopher's view on society, and sorta go off the rails toward the end.  Classic BrainSteep.  Keep Steepin!
April 24, 2021
Ice Cold Puer, Limitations on Comprehension, and Glitch Art
My thoughts on puer, then on to questioning individual's comprehension , and finishing off on a very modern style of art.
April 21, 2021
Tea Prices, Caffeine, and Trust in Technology
We have quite a long steep on a few tea subjects in this episode and then round it out talking about the relationship between self-driving cars and covid vaccines.  Keep Steepin!
April 10, 2021
Brendon's Tea Origin Story, Era-based Viewpoints, and Humanity's Future
We get pretty deep in this episode and question the legitimacy of our species.  no biggie...Keep Steepin!
March 30, 2021
New Steeper, Physical vs Digital, and Information Addiction
An old friend stops by to talk about pepper and grape skins.  Enjoy!
March 20, 2021
Live Tea Tasting, Day-dreaming, and Escapism
I attempt to taste a new tea in this episode.  I may not try that again. Enjoy!
March 13, 2021
Evolution, Intelligence, and Video Games
If you've ever wondered, "Why am I here?", I've got the answer for you right here in this episode.  No need to thank me. Enjoy!
March 06, 2021
Extraterrestrial, Getting Over It, and Discord
If you like aliens, absurd games, or overthinking communication, you're going to love this episode! Enjoy!
February 27, 2021
A change of tea, changing environment, and driven by passion
I change up what I'm drinking in this episode and then proceed to try being coherent for about 40 minutes.  Enjoy!
February 21, 2021
Oumuamua, Taxonomy, and Split-brain Phenomena
What do you get when you mix an alien artifact, manila folders, and a human brain? This podcast.  *I'll work on the delivery...
February 13, 2021
Teaware, Computer Parts, and Tools of the trade
You may not know it yet, but teaware and computer parts have a lot in common. Just hear me out.
February 06, 2021
Doublefisting Tea, Wallstreetbets, and Neverthink
Perhaps this podcast is devolving into me just drinking tea and working through my meandering thoughts...or perhaps it always has been that. Enjoy!
January 30, 2021
Purchasing Domains, Lettuce vs. Tea Leaves, and Aphantasia
Have you ever purchased a domain before, bought some pre-washed lettuce, or read a book? Well I bring up all three of these things in this episode, so you're sure to find something you can relate to or yell at your speakers about. Enjoy!
January 23, 2021
Vtubers, Supernatural, and TEAseus
Yet again this podcast takes a new direction!  I'm thinking that the "true form" of the show is slowing taking shape with this episode.  It's just me, some tea, and three topics I dive into and discuss with varying degrees of communicative success.  Enjoy!
January 16, 2021
Episode 6: Keyboards and Information Processing
In this episode I introduce you to my newest tea-ware, describe what a mechanical keyboard is, and ramble on about information for too long. Enjoy! BrainSteep is a podcast about tea and contemplative  conversation.  Join  me, your host, Cory Schmidt as I sip my  steep and ponder the world around us.
January 09, 2021
Episode 5: New Decade, New Resolutions, Coding, VR, and Communication
Do you have any new year, or should I say new decade, resolutions?  We go over my new year resolutions, talk about coding in the emerging VR/AR space, and whether our current way of communicating could be improved upon. BrainSteep is a podcast about tea and contemplative  conversation.  Join me, your host, Cory Schmidt and my co-host Mark Stoddard as we sip our steep and ponder the world around us.
January 03, 2021
Episode 4: Horse Manure and Backup Cameras
Welcome to BrainSteep.  A podcast about tea and contemplative conversation.  Join me, your host, Cory Schmidt and my co-host Mark Stoddard as we sip our steep and ponder the world around us. In this episode we discuss whether your reluctance to use a car's backup camera says something about your personality and the interesting tasting notes I pulled from a certain Japanese green tea.  We also give some tips on how to start getting into tea for the noobies out there and the endless interest we have in online communities. For episodes, articles, and more, check out BrainSteep
December 28, 2020
Episode 3: Fractal Safari Shenanigans
In our first ever special episode Mark and I get together to debrief and recap our harrowing efforts to win Don Mei's Christmas cake.
December 20, 2020
Episode 2: Santa Claus, Under The Table, and Duck Poop
This episode is frugal in that it's actually just the second half to our first recording.  We discuss the horrible job of filtering content uploaded to platforms like Facebook, the ethics of lying to children about a fictional man named Santa Claus, and whether or not anyone is actually listening to this podcast at all.  More, hopefully better, episodes to come. Enjoy.
December 16, 2020
Episode 1: Working out the kinks
Welcome to the first episode of BrainSteep.  Frankly, this episode is more of a test than anything else.  We do however enjoy some good tea and heavily discuss the implications of Section 230 and YouTube taking down certain videos, what that means for freedom of speech, if anything, and our differing views on censorship.
December 12, 2020