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Brand Plus Brand

Brand Plus Brand

By Julie Turkel
You’ve got the makings of a promising, even popular, product line. Amazing. Now what? How do you focus on your craft or build your brand when you’re crazed with sourcing, shipping and, when you can get to it, customer service?

The answer: Brand Licensing. Celebrities, influencers, entertainment companies, fashion labels and savvy artists who know how it works do what they do best (and what they love) while watching their businesses grow on someone else’s dime.

The Brand Plus Brand podcast will take the guesswork out of licensing, collaborations and partnership. This is the hustle-no-more business model for creative brands. In this podcast you’ll meet top licensing agents, designers, manufacturers, lawyers, life coaches and other gurus who will inform, inspire and set you on a healthier/easier/more lucrative path to creative and commercial success.

I’m Julie Turkel, your host and founder of a boutique licensing agency that takes creative clients from seed stage to multi-million dollar lifestyle brand. In a business dominated by corporate trademarks and global corporations, I champion makers and designers because I am one. I love nothing more than to see my clients products sitting on shelves alongside Disney, Martha Stewart - whatever their dream collaboration may be.

Inspired by my best-selling brand licensing course, Brand Plus Brand serves up practical and strategic advice from my 20+ years in bridging creative talent with national and global partners. I’m your corporate matchmaker and I want to see the indie brands I love thrive.
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My Take and My Tips for Influencers
Influencers are a rising trend in brand licensing, which makes perfect sense considering they have the same mass level exposure and aspirational connection with consumers as many successful celebrities who license (such as Jessica Simpson or Sarah Jessica Parker, to name a few).  Like celebrities, while the sales potential is for influencers is huge, the risks are also high - make one mistake, and you are your licensing partners can get "canceled".  In this episode, Julie shares her observations and tips for influencers seeking to design and license products. If you want to learn how to license, take Julie's class Brand Plus Brand. If you have specific questions regarding licensing your brand, go to Julie's website and book a consult and follow Julie @iamjulieturkel on Instagram.
July 30, 2020
Fees, Guarantees and Royalties
In this episode of Brand Plus Brand, Julie shares her thoughts and advice on one of the most common questions she gets asked about licensing: When to ask for fees vs. royalties, and How do I know how much to charge?  Julie walks you through the formula she learned to use over 20 years ago when she began her licensing career at Nickelodeon.  She also discussed how licensing deal making has changed over years, and provides advice and encouragement that will help you decide what deal terms are best for you.  For even more information on how to negotiate licensing partnerships, you can buy Julie's online licensing class Brand Plus Brand.  
July 12, 2020
Robyn Miller + Tiny Prints
When Robyn Miller decided on a whim to show her side-hustle line of birth announcements at the New York Stationery Show, she never dreamed that she would walk away as one of the first designer licenses for a little startup named Tiny Prints.  Cut to 16 years later, Tiny Prints was acquired by big company Shutterfly, and Robyn Miller + Tiny Prints is still growing strong.  In this episode, I talk to Robyn Miller about how she make the leap from former SELF magazine art director to working full time on her brand, and how her license with Tiny Prints became the cornerstone of her brand.  Check out @robynmillerdesigns on Instagram.
May 5, 2020
5 Things That Will Set Your Creative Business Up For Success
Looking back almost 20 years, in the early days of building my own creative licensing agency, I can identify 5 things that really set me up for long term success.  In today's episode, I share those 5 things with you. If you want to create your dream collaboration and build your creative brand through licensing, be sure to follow this podcast on Itunes, follow my Insta @iamjulieturkel, peruse my site and take my best-selling online licensing class Brand Plus Brand.
March 4, 2020
The Prosperity Game
In today's episode, I share a tool I find helpful called The Prosperity Game that was created to help you get in alignment with your goals. think this is a helpful exercise for anyone who is starting a creative business or feeling stuck, or anyone who may be feeling like turning your creativity into a thriving business is out of reach.
February 26, 2020
8 Reasons Why Brand Licensing is a Brilliant Business Model
Are you unsure about how licensing can benefit your brand? Over my 20+ year career in licensing, I have had these same misgivings about the licensing business model.  In this episode, I explain why becoming a brand licensing agent was one the best decisions I've made in my adult life. I share 8 reasons why licensing can change your life too (some are obvious and others may surprise you).
February 25, 2020
Lemonade out of Lemons
Welcome to the Brand Plus Brand podcast. I'm Julie Turkel, the host and co-creator of the Brand Plus Brand licensing class.  In this episode, you get to know me as the founder of a brand licensing agency. I describe how licensing, like marriage, is a relationship, filled with joy and challenges. You'll have to listen to the episode to hear the juicy details of how I made "lemonade" out of  the lemons of my past partnership failures.
February 5, 2020