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The Brandea Miller Podcast

The Brandea Miller Podcast

By Brandea Miller
Hey guys! My name is Brandea Miller and in this podcast we will have conversations about mom life, wife life, work life, and everything that falls in-between!
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BMP 112 Declutter With Me: Lucas's Closet
Mercari link: Instagram- Blog:
September 29, 2021
BMP 111 My Number 1 Most important Advice for Parents and Parents to be: HEAL
Therapy resource: Instagram: Blog: Wishing you the best vibes and healthy lives
September 22, 2021
BMP 110 Feeling Stuck In Your Life? Motivation to Live Fearlessly & Take The Jump
I hope this episode helps you understand that as adults we have to lay down the excuses and live the life we want to live. I have spoke to so many people encouraging them if they feel stuck or unhappy in their hometown or life to take the move they keep dreaming of and let go of the excuses. Now it's your turn!  Connect with me: 30 days free at amazon prime Winc Wine to your door subscription-
September 01, 2021
BMP 109: Sugar Points and Snacks
In this episode we discuss how our snack system is and how sugar points helped us better monitor our child’s sugar intake. Connect with me Instagram: Snack Boxes: Pack of 4 plastic snack bins- Rae Dunn "Things" basket (the one we have is just like this except instead of "things" it says "snacks" however I was unable to find it.)- Small Wooden Crates 3 pack (great for multiple kids)-
August 25, 2021
BMP 108: 3 Tips For Organizing Your Home
Hey Guys! thanks for listening! Hopefully these tips help you organize your home better and help you find a place of peacefulness in your home! Conect with me! I would love to hear from you guys best way to reach me is Instagram: www/ Containers used in home:  OXO containers 10 piece set 20 piece set Cereal dispenser set Toy containers Small plastic containers mini latch boxes (great for art supplies) Under Bed boxes rubbermaid under bed boxes Pantry Bins Plastic pantry bins Clear set of 8 pantry/fridge bins Clear set of 4 pantry/fridge bins Clear set of 10 5 wide and 5 narrow Metal wire basket 6 pack Metal wire basket narrow
August 19, 2021
BMP 107 Financial planning, Explaining my crazy and confused budget process
Hey guys this week we talked about the importance of financial planning and how important it is to budget. I also tried to explain my system for setting up my budget even though my process may be crazy and confusing it certainly works for us. Come along for the ride!  It's always Wednesdays over on my instagram! come join me! You can also find me at we would love to have you! 
August 11, 2021
BMP 106 Welcome Back; What is Positive Impact?
This episode much like jeopardy I give you the answers to the questions you haven't yet asked, Where was I? What is positive impact using your platform. Etc. Im so glad to be back with you guys after a much needed self care and mental health break for such a long time! come talk with me about making a positive impact using your platform no matter how big your audience is. 
August 03, 2021
BMP 105 What the heck are we going to do with all these kids this summer?
Instagram: Facebook: Companies: come join the fun!
May 26, 2021
BMP 104 How do I make money?
This episode will explain how exactly I make money and how I got into the industry I’m in. For business services head on over to so we can help get your business on the right track!
May 19, 2021
BMP 103 From One Small Business Owner to Another
Marketing firm: Charlotte Joy Soap CO.: Financial Strategist: Instagram: Facebook:
May 11, 2021
BMP 102 How I Juggle All The Things
Instagram: Facebook:
May 05, 2021
BMP 101 Who am I?
Our company: Podcast hosting: Instagram:
March 22, 2021