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Pass The Prosecco

Pass The Prosecco

By Brandi Kimberly
IG Influencer @brandi_kimberly puts together an Audio Blog about Trends and Lifestyle. Pass the Prosecco is about girl talk on all things basic, beauty, fashion, and trends.
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006- Side Parts and Skinny Jeans
Pour yourself a drink and come join me on my audio blog and I go into the topic of the Swiping Up break-up.  Swiping Up is a podcast that gets me through my drive to and from work and I truly wish them all the best.  I also Touch on the topic of the Gen Z bashing Millennial and their fashion choices on TikTok. Mentions: The Guardian "No Skinny Jeans; Gen Z launch TikTok attack on millennial fashion"  by Pryia Elan Instagram @wanderlustbeee - Fran Garcia Product Inspo: Wanderlustbeee's cozies Etsy-
February 22, 2021
005- On the Reel!
Pour your drink of choice and join me in some girl talk about why it is important to use Instagram's Reels for your content, and how purging your clothes in spring should be a thing, and I talk about my new excursion with Instagram's Reels by showcasing 100 outfits for spring.  Also, Iook for ideas on these wearable trends for Spring 2021!  I will post them on my Instagram stories- @brandi_kimberly. Lastly, BriVanna is a small fashion boutique that I collaborate with!  Check out their cute clothes here and use my coupon code: BRANDI15 for 15% off.  Mentions: " 12 Innovative Retail Trends to Watch in 2021" by Tara Johnson IG:  @Brisfashionaddict @brivannaboutique Inspo: Quay Australia Sunglasses. (High Key) Black/Gold smoke: Black/Clear fade : I Added new music!  I hope ya'll like it!!! 
February 15, 2021
004- I am such a good.. Galantine
Grab a cocktail or your favorite drink and hang with me while I talk about Galantine's along with its origins.  I also talk about the recent Sephora debacle with a certain influencer and what it means to reach 10K followers on Instagram!    Product Inspo: The Grandiose Extreme Mascara by Lancome.  This stuff is amazing and will allow your lashes to pop!  Check it out right here-  Mentions: Cosmopolitan "You Ultimate Guide to Galantine's Day" Feb 4, 2020 by Hanna Smothers and Alex Brady-  @amandaensing on Instagram
February 8, 2021
003- Audio Blog
Grab yourself a glass as we talk about valentine date ideas, starting a blog in 2021 and some of my favorite hair products.   Mentions:  Instagram- @thetrendygal_ blog:  The Spruce- "16 Stay-at-Home-Valentine's Day Date Ideas" by Ashley Knierim  My links:  Olaplex no7 :  Moroccanoil:
February 1, 2021
002-Embrace My Inner Carrie Bradshaw
Grab yourself a drink of choice and listen to some love advice, on-line dating app horrors, and my fashion blogger journey.  Also check out the Sol Janeiro Brazilian 4 play Moisturizing Shower Cream-gel, you can shop my link right here: Mentions:  Instagram- @cmcoving What Does M&M Stand for? by Erict CulinaryLore NewYork The Cute "20 People on the Best Relationship Advice They ever Received" by Alexia LaFata 
January 25, 2021
001 -Break Up With Starbucks & 2021 Trends
Bring out the Prosecco and chat with Brandi as we dive into a dating mishap & the trends to come in 2021.   Mentions:  ArtNews "Pantone's Pandemic Colors for 2021" by Kyle Chayka You Tuber// Fashion Mumblr, Style Hard, ModernGurlz, & Shea Whitney.   Instagram// @cmcoving 
January 18, 2021
000- Meet Brandi
At little preview of whats to come in 2021!  I sure hope you join us.  Here's to a New Year and new adventures.  Be on the Look out for Jen's introduction, coming soon!
December 16, 2020