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Branding With Purpose

Branding With Purpose

By Kelly Brito
Hey, there! I'm Kelly. I am a branding coach and the podcast brings you weekly episodes about branding for entrepreneurs and small businesses. These are short and sweet episodes, straight to the point, with valuable info that you can apply to your brand strategy and business growth plan.
Connect with me on any social media @heykellybrito
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S1E5 Your Brand's Why

Branding With Purpose

Season 2 Trailer
Season 2 launches on Monday, June 7th. A new experience, where I will share with you all valuable information I share with my clients, during The Elevated Brand Experience strategy sessions. One valuable brand strategy step per episode, with a cheatsheet!, to help you refine and put into practice what you listen on each episode. Starting June 7th, we will be building your brand experience. Together.
May 28, 2021
S1E10 Market Research For A New Brand Identity
This is the last episode of the Branding With Purpose. Well, under this name, anyway. And it's the last episode of Season 1. While Season 1 covered the basics of branding and how I went through a branding revamp (thanks for sharing the journey with me!), Season 2 will focus on chats with women entrepreneurs and how they built their own brands. Season 2 starts on May 11th. So don't miss it!  Would like a free brand audit? Or just want to join the waitlist to be notified when The Elevated Brand Experience launches (and get a discount code)? Enter your info HERE.  As always, I invite you to connect with me on Instagram - @heykellybrito  On this episode I break down why I am working with a sales coach (hint, I hate sales) and why I choose Jereshia Hawk. I also mention why high ticket experience is considerably different from low ticket and why I decided to work with a high ticket coach after having my own coaching experience. So, if you want to create an elevated brand experience, if you are considering working with a coach, and if you want to know what steps I took in terms of researching my market before creating my new brand identity, this episode is for you!
April 27, 2021
S1E9 Creating My Elevated Brand Experience - Part 2
Continue from exactly where I left off on Part 1 of creating my elevated brand experience. I'll start on a ranting mode (sorry!) and talking about the many different ways you can structure your business, package your product, and the overwhelming amount of options available.  I'll also talk about: why I'm dropping the title "coach" and choosing "mentor."  Why my program is not a course (hint: because I want to actually HELP and connect with you -and not waste your money/time).  How I don't like sales and that's why I hired a sales coach What I'm finding out about social media strategy and my love-hate relationship with it I'm sharing this because this is an intimate episode,  not where I want to brag, but to share my WHYs with you and help you think if and what actually might be working for you. As always, let's connect where I hang out the most: INSTAGRAM! @heykellybrito . And visit the blog to read this and other episodes in full. PS: You should subscribe to the newsletter on the footer of because you will be getting episodes highlights + freebies before anyone else.
April 21, 2021
S1E8 Creating My Elevated Brand Experience - Part I
This is the last podcast episode under the name "Branding With Purpose." Starting next week, the podcast's name will be "The Brand Experience." Clarifications: On minute 22 I say "change" your worth. I mean "CHARGE" your worth. When I was first choosing a name for my program, I decided that, whatever it was going to be, would start a movement. Branding With Purpose and Brand Experience were the names I came to, in the end. And because purpose is what changed my life and business significantly and positively, that's the one I chose.  But several things are contributing for my brand splitting, and I share it through a 2 parts (back to back) episode, which is going to be part clarifications, part process, part ranting. I can't wait to launch my new, refined, elevated branding program + service in May. And I am so happy to share the adventure with you. Now, get ready to think out of the box and understand your brand like you have never before! Join me on Instagram and let's have meaningful conversations that will help you build an elevated brand experience! - Kelly Brito
April 21, 2021
S1E7 Typography In Branding
On this episode, I'm talking about how to use typography in branding. I feel I was mumbling or redundant on the don't use overused fonts vs. use it but make it your own. It's a tough one, but what I meant is: - If you can, avoid using overused fonts! The idea of branding is to help you stand out, not fit int. BUT... - If you love a font and feel you MUST use it, make sure to find a way to make it fit in your branding and make it your own. Bam! Branding With Purpose is my 1:1 coaching program, that helps you cover all your brand strategy and visual identity basics in ONE WEEK!  I hang out and do Lives on Instagram! So follow me @heykellybrito . VIP Days for design are here! Get your visual identity or website in one day, on a fully collaborative method! Get details here. Read the full post at: And, as always, feel free to email me at  or join my newsletter for weekly updates! See you next Tuesday. Until then, keeping Branding With Purpose! - Kelly
April 13, 2021
S1E6 When To Use The Rebranding Marketing Strategy
On today's episode we are talking about rebranding. I give you my own rebranding examples -and mistakes!, as well as the New York Red Bulls' brilliant rebranding of the MetroStars.  For full episode description, go to For everything else, you'll find me hanging out on Instagram (a bit too much) at @heykellybrito -and that's my handler on every social media! Wanna get a new brand identity or website in a SAME DAY DELIVERY collaboration? VIP Days are here, baby! Shoot me a DM or email for details. See you next Tuesday, on the next episode. Until then, keep rocking your brand and keep #BrandingWithPurpose - Kelly Brito
April 8, 2021
S1E5 Your Brand's Why
On this episode, we are talking about your why. Your own personal why, your business why, and your brand's why. These can be one and the same or they can be different -but always complimenting each other. Your brand's why is the basis to create everything else in your branding: define your purpose, your audience, your mission, and even products that convert better. Full show notes on the accompanying post at Currently accepting clients for April + May! Book your call at Find me on Instagram at @heykellybrito
March 23, 2021
S1E4 Personal Branding
It's time to talk Personal Branding for creative entrepreneurs and small business. Most importantly, I not only cover personal branding on this episode, but I also talk a little about how it differentiates from branding for business -without having a person's image as integral part of the brand. So, key episode takeaways:  Branding and Personal Branding are built differently. So, if you don't want to be "the face" of your brand and build it around YOU, do branding strategy with pillars and goals that do not involve your presence. Not ALL of you needs to be part of your personal branding strategy. Choose the parts of you that support your branding goals. Branding is how you are perceived, so if you don't build a brand, you are allowing people to perceive you as THEY want. Honorable mentions: BrandWell personal branding podcast episode. Mike Kim's upcoming book "You Are The Brand" Let's connect! I hangout on Instagram at @heykellybrito Ready for Branding With Purpose? It's coming up!!! See details at Currently accepting new clients, so get in touch!
March 16, 2021
S1E3 Brand Storytelling
What the heck is storytelling on a brand? I know we understand storytelling when it's structured in a book: beginning, middle, and end. But when it comes to applying it to a brand, many of us have a hard time translating it. My best advice is: think of a hero's journey. YOU are the "hero" on your brand.  Everybody has a different story. Exploring what makes us unique and then finding the strategic way to tell it, in a way it supports the business growth and brand awareness, is brand storytelling. As humans, we are naturally attracted to story. Be it through writing, photography, orally... we like to tell stories. We like to listen to stories. That's what makes brand storytelling such a powerful tool. Of course, you cannot just pick random parts of your story and share it with your audience, just because. If there's no strategy, well, it's not brand storytelling -it's, simply, storytelling. And, in business, if there's no strategic plan and purpose behind what you're sharing, then is it even worth sharing it?  But if you have a plan, a strategy, you will choose a specific part of your story that will allow you to connect with the audience, or provoke a certain emotion (which is the way to attract the right audience and build a community), or even make a sale. It all depends on your plan and strategy.  The story you tell can have an individual goal, on a single post (like promoting a webinar or selling a one-of product), or it can part of a bigger picture (as a campaign for a launch).  Episode takeaways: Storytelling is a branding strategy that helps you connect with your audience through telling your story (or A story) The story you tell must have a purpose and strategy behind it The story can be a one of or part of a larger story/plan Photos/images are important, as that is usually the first thing our audience sees (before they actually read our story) If there is no strategy and purpose behind the story you are sharing, why share it?
March 9, 2021
S1E2 Brand Identity Guides
Why do we talk about mood boards so much but rarely touch the topic of brand identity guides? They are as important as -if not MORE important- moodboards. If the moodboard is the opening step of your branding process, the identity guide is the closing step. Why Should You Have an Identity Guide? Well, once you’re finished with your brand identity design (the first, main, elements, anyway), you will want to have them all in one place. One board, where you collect your logo, colors, fonts, photos, etc. Your go-to place, so you can make sure that you’re always “on brand.” Because, believe me, it’s really easy to lose track of things -specially depending on how stretched out your business presence is. How to Use Your Identity Guide Share it with professionals with whom you will collaborate or that you are hiring to work on your brand. For example, if you hire a photographer, sharing your identity guide with her will provide invaluable info about your brand. It will help your photographer understand your message, your “vibe,” and how to help you get the images that actually compliment your branding goals. The same applies to marketing strategists, copywriters, etc. The Types of Identity Guide You can have an Identity Guide as simple or as complex as you want. I tend to create something truly simply for my design clients -a place to collect the main elements of their identity design. But if you are a CEO, you can add your brand promise, message, mission, brand words, and possibly create a booklet with anything and everything about your brand. It’s a great tool to share with your employees, to make sure everyone understand how to use each element of your brand. The Brand Identity Guide can be a powerful tool to help you stay on brand and always help improve your brand experience. Find me on any social media @heykellybrito Register for the free webinar at and download the freebies at
February 24, 2021
S1E1 Branding vs Visual Identity
Welcome to the first episode of Branding With Purpose! PS: Hang on tight while I re-learn the ins and outs of podcast recording/editing and improve the audio quality. 😬 And stick around for interviews with photographers, web designers, copywriters, clarity coaches and other fantastic people that have invaluable tips on how to improve your brand impact. Episode highlights: "Can a brand NOT be a business?" "Personal branding makes no sense!" "Branding is how I go beyond being just another business."  I share these and other wild thoughts in this article. So let me know YOUR thoughts on branding and this episode. Although branding has become very popular, the extension of a branding process still seems somewhat unclear in the creative startups community. Breaking down brand, visual identity, and branding will open the gates to the deeper and even more enchanting branding seas… READ THE FULL BLOG POST ON THIS: THE BRAND This might be the one we are the most familiar with. A brand is a business. It is the face and persona we create for a business. And that is, actually, why some marketers didn’t accept “personal branding” well when it first became a thing. The conflict in the concept was: creating a brand already meant making a business more human and personal, so personal branding makes no sense! And I get it. It makes no sense, but it does. We'll talk amore personal branding on another episode. VISUAL IDENTITY The brand design is the most important part of a brand’s visual identity, in my opinion. But then again, I'm a brand designer. To prove my point, if you stop and think, the most popular brand elements are usually the logo, patterns, business cards, website, social media templates… Design! Always seemed to me like the "heaviest" part of developing a brand's visual identity falls on the designer. The designer tends to become the strategist. The quarterback of the brand's visuals. Sidenote: And that's why, dear friend, choosing the right designer for your brand is so very important! Although illustration is its own thing, I’ll throw it in the design mix, just because they usually go hand-in-hand most of the time. Sorry (and thank you!) illustrators. BRANDING Branding is everything involved in manipulating how you want your business to be perceived by your audience. Let’s say I open a scented candles store. I certainly didn’t invest time, money, and tons of dedication in creating my business, just to be another scented candle business in town. I want to be unique. I want to be perceived as unique. I want to connect with the right people and I want the right people to have a certain experience when interacting with my business. From my fonts and colors, to my product packaging, to the emails I write during communication process, to why I chose each scent, to the colors that will go with each candle, to the feedback form I will ask my client to fill out, everything… when everything is together, it is branding. Branding is how I go beyond being just another business; it is how I become memorable! I hope you enjoyed this episode. Follow me, on every social media, at @heykellybrito and visit to see my courses and services. See you next Tuesday. Until then, keep rocking your brand! - Kelly
February 16, 2021
S1 Trailer - Branding With Purpose
Welcome to the Branding With Purpose podcast! Every Wednesday I'll talk about how to grow your business, by going deep into your brand. From visuals to strategy, let's explore how to build a brand that feels right and supports your business growth. Find me on Instagram @heykellybrito
February 4, 2021