Part 1: Singledom, Relationships & Everything In Between

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More places to listen

S2: What to do if Someone Breaks Your Trust
Whether a friend has lied, a loved one has been deceitful, or someone new isn't who they said they were, this practical guide will help you handle it! Introducing a different, bitesize podcast format on what to do if someone breaks your trust. This turn of events can be an emotional rollercoaster and muddy our thinking. We're likely to be more reactive in the heat of the moment or worse-want to hurt the other person back, but this may be counterintuitive to moving forward together. And then there's the other person; they're likely to be more defensive, victimize themselves or come across aloof-even more of a mindf*ck... Today, I share a personal experience and how (with a year's hindsight on my side), I was able to digest and learn from it, in 4 key stages. __________________ Liked this episode? Hit subscribe and please rate it on Apple podcasts so I can keep spreading stories and wisdom! 🙏Then maybe, who knows, one Sunday afternoon scroll, Oprah will find this and think to herself "Alix is A-Okay!", and invite me over for a coconut mocha. Ahhhhh, dreams. 🙏 Also, here's an episode called 'Getting Through the Pressures of Modern Life,' if you like practical, advice-style content: __________________ 👉Any comments, episode ideas & memes to my IG HQ 👉@a_blanx. I read 'em all! Thanks for tuning in, lovely people!
October 21, 2019
S2: When Is It Right to Stay the Night?
When is it right to take it to the next level with someone you're dating? When does it feel okay for YOU to sleep with someone new? This is another AMAZING and ENLIGHTENING episode where all of YOU share your ideas, experiences and unique points-of-view! It's so crazy and fab how we all approach this differently, and most of the time, our thoughts are left unsaid. We can learn lots from speaking openly about sex and our values, to discover new ways that could work for us. 💭 In here, we've got those who prefer to wait, those with a five-date-rule, those who lay their cards out on the table on the first meet, and those who share how their mindset towards sex shifts when they're in different countries and cultures. At the end, I share the main learnings, and leave YOU to decide if you might evolve your approach to intimacy. ______ THANKS ONCE AGAIN, TO EVERYONE WHO GOT INVOLVED and your patience with my messages! You've made season 2 much more varied, boosted listenership, and helped me learn A TON!!
October 7, 2019
S2: Getting Through the Pressures of Modern Life
IF YOU'VE EVER FELT NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THAT YOU'RE CONSTANTLY COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS OR TRYING TO CHANGE TO FIT IN - STOP AND LISTEN TO THIS. When writing this title, I was deciding between the words 'overcoming, 'conquering,' and 'battling' the pressures of modern life but none of them quite fit... The reason for choosing 'getting through,' was because overall, it's an ongoing process – society changes quicker than your knickers, and the approaches and tools we can use to keep up, are continuously arising too. So here are mine... ____ In this episode, I outline three major influences that shape our upbringing, beliefs of the world and our decisions towards adulthood, including the media, our parents and social institutions. Pulling on my own troubled transition from teens to twenties, I share how I learnt to establish my own value outside of the one prescribed of me by Western society. I came to realize that I was trying to fit in, and abide by, the more favoured human qualities and achievements, such as extroversion, thinness, higher academic grades versus other talents, working until it hurts, obedience, and pursuing only a few career paths. THERE IS NO ONE TRUTH, AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS HUGE VALUE TO OFFER OUTSIDE OF THESE. ____ There isn't a one-size-fits-all solution, but with new awareness and by spending time with ourselves, we can rewire our thinking to become happier again! ____ I HOPE YOU GET HEAPS OF VALUE FROM THIS. If you have any more ideas or thoughts of your own, DM me on IG @a_blanx – I read them all! Please hit subscribe to be alerted of new episodes, and share with a friend if you think it will help them :) Appreciate YOU!
September 23, 2019
S2: YOUR Dating Stories!! A Dive into Modern Dating
Well aren't you all a bundle of joy!? I asked YOU about your most memorable dating stories and you provided! This is a very UNIQUE episode where your voice notes take the lead. From abroad, to back home in the UK, we've got some awkward one-night stands, some DEAD boring dates, some whirlwind romances and someone lying about Nandos to impress another... I round it off with a conclusion of the modern dating scene in our twenties and thirties. TUNE IN TO FIND OUT. SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED and took the time to send them through. You're LIT - Thank you!!!! Leave me a comment/rating on iTunes if you loved this ep. Subscribe on all platforms: Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Stitcher, Acast, Podbean etc. to stay updated with bi-monthly episodes! Want MORE of this type of episode or to join in on the next one? Message me on IG: @a_blanx. I read every one! Peace & (hopefully some more luck in) love. x
September 9, 2019
S2: What Is Love? with Lucy Gutierrez
THE BIG 4 LETTER WORD gets its moment! What is Love? (baby don't hurt me...).  Is Love a feeling, a verb, a noun? Is it organic or does it require effort? How does Love differ between romantic and non-romantic relationships? Lucy Gutierrez (host of The L Podcast) and I delve into this fascinating subject pulling on pivotal experiences, such as a big break-up and how persistency is NOT the key to success, not having a father figure around, and the importance of understanding how you RECEIVE and GIVE Love across your various relationships.  After talking on commom quotes on Love, including 'Trust is the key,' 'Communication is the key,' Lucy leaves us with this gem- 'Love is a choice and an action.' TUNE IN TO LEARN WHY!! SHE IS SO WISE AND ELOQUENT (but sadly not single - she got back with her ex just before recording this August episode!.#FilmStory).  Find her on IG @lifewithlucero or listen to our other chat on her podcast about key life lessons: _________________ Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate and review wherever you can - SHARE THE LOVE!  :D
August 27, 2019
S2: 'No Toothy Blow jobs' & More Male Dating Insight
**Disclaimer: Contains Adult themes and language** What do you get when you mix beer, two Canadian males and a tipsy female antagonist? Juicy insight on DATING!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST EPISODES YET. We chat dating apps and ghosting, how to lie your way out of a bad date, Catfishing, attractive traits in a partner, and major NO-NOs. Matt and Lyle are from BC, Canada - both in their thirties - one single-ish, one less so at the time of recording (Spring 2019) - and were kind enough to let me probe them for goss one Saturday night. Hope you love it!! 🙏 Let me know your thoughts or future episode ideas on IG @a_blanx!! I relish the DMs. Please SHARE with a friend who'd love it & SUBSCRIBE/REVIEW on Apple podcasts, Spotify, Google podcasts, Castbox, Stitcher etc. - I'd be UBER grateful! Want more in dating? Listen to the related 2 eps- 'Single, Relationships & Everything In Between' with a polyamorous guy I met in Cape Town, here-
August 12, 2019
S2: The Episode on Anxiety
You guys asked for this one! Anxiety comes in various forms and is triggered by a range of things rooted in the beliefs of an individual. This episode covers info and insight about, what appears to be, a modern phenomenon; what is anxiety? What are the symptoms? How can I manage it or get rid of it? I explore all of these based on my own experiences related to work, the future, relationships (romantic and non-romantic) and health, as well as drawing on some informative sources. There's also some great mental health accounts to follow for encouragement & tips, PLUS how one London school is going above and beyond to boost the mental health of children! HOPE YOU'RE ALL DOING WELL! _______________ Please leave a review or rate me on Apple podcasts if you loved this episode! 🙏 You can also subscribe on Google podcasts, Spotify, Acast, Podbean, Stitcher & many more! Please get in touch or send episode suggestions to my IG @a_blanx. LOTS OF LOVE (and calm) x
July 24, 2019
S2: Dealing with Emotions in Relationships
There's dealing with emotions (which is friggin' hard enough) and then there's dealing with TWO sets of emotions in a relationship! No one teaches us how to navigate the road-bumps or sticky situations when dating. IT'S A LOT but it can be simplified with some awareness and pausing before a reaction. This episode centres around respecting your own feelings, whilst appreciating the needs of the other. I open up about my own experiences as well as those of friends; about going back to ex, vulnerability, sexual health conversations and break-ups. ___________ If you have any questions about relationships, handling emotions or experiences of your own, message me on IG @a_blanx. I LOVE HEARING FROM YA and plan to incorporate them into future episodes! That goes for any other themes you're interested in. Please rate and review on Apple podcasts or subscribe on Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Acast - wherever you listen! THANK YOU SO MUCH :) Blog:
July 10, 2019
S2: Life, Love & Leaning into Adulthood with Ella Ringrose
My new podcast format STARTS HERE! After a little step back and rethinking on how to evolve it, it's become a little more conversational, I've added some quick-fire questions for guests and now shape episodes around your ideas/ messages. There will still be plenty of life insight - it'll just be a lighter package for the social summer season! Ella Ringrose is this week's guest. She's a 20-year-old podcaster/YouTuber/digital marketer, all-round wise and beautiful girl. As the host of @blondebiblepodcast and her interest in self-growth, I had to get her on! We cover; understanding emotions, adulthood, how the media shapes our beliefs and fear holds us back, vulnerability and modern dating culture! Find her on IG @ellaringrose. HIT ME UP WITH YOUR Qs & topics for coming episodes on IG @a_blanx I read everything :) Subscribe on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Acast, Stitcher, Podbean etc. - ALL apps 🙏 THANKS SO MUCH!!
June 26, 2019
Making the Most Out of Your Day & Boosting Productivity
Some episodes don't need a grand intro. This one - on making the most out of your day and boosting productivity - is one of 'em! Let your ears be caressed by some life insight on maximising your potential through simple, daily habits and mindset switches. Don't try them all at once but try ones that feel right to you! _____________________ Let me know your thoughts, feels, what works or any or your productivity hacks on IG @a_blanx. 🙏☺ If you liked this podcast, I'll love you if you leave an APPLE PODCAST REVIEW! _____________________ Former episode- How to be more creative, whoever you are! here: Blog at:
June 19, 2019
Remote Working Changed my Life with Nomad Emma
Remote working and travelling the world whilst doing so, is a lifestyle choice so many dream of but few make happen! This week I chat to someone who did and can confidently say it was the best thing she ever did! Remote worker of over 2 years, Emma Shimmens (the lovely and intelligent woman behind the blog, Nomad Emma) shares her experiences. Expect stories on transitioning from full-time teaching work, how to get a remote job, staying productive without structure and breaking free of family and societal expectations. There's way more obviously, but you'll have to listen! Fun fact: we were 15hours apart in time zone when recording this!! ______________ Find Emma on IG: @Nomad.emma and If you want to be a guest too or have a great idea, message me on IG: @a_blanx. :) More explorations of 'Self' and the world on my blog: _______________ Please share, subscribe or review this ep on any platform you love!! Thank you, all - stay humble.
June 7, 2019
Finding a Job You Love
The age old quest of purpose x getting money continues to rear its head...(it definitely does for me, anyway!). In this age of endless choice, pressure, and influences coming from every direction, anxiety around finding a career is at an all-time high! Years of navigating what I wanted to do in the creative industries and feeling scrambled during my twenties, made me realize that the answer lied between: WHO I wanted TO BE, HOW I OPERATED as an individual, and what I STAND FOR.  In this episode, I talk about how to find a job you love and meaningful work. ENJOY. _______  Check a former blog post - '300 Signs You're In the Wrong Job & How To Find Meaningful Work.' Here, I was deciding where my values lied, during a transition - it was an integral part of my journey:  _______  Once again, thanks for listening!! Please subscribe, share or review if you took something from this episode! Always up-to-date and down to chat on IG: @a_blanx :) YAY.
May 29, 2019
How to be Alone!
BEING ALONE IS COOL. Period. But it wasn't always seen this way by Western society... This episode is short, sweet and practical. I talk about this odd taboo surrounding being alone, as well as how lone time is beneficial for growth and productivity. PLUS, there are some tips on how to be alone for those who find it uncomfortable or don't always know what to do with themselves... Netflix isn't always the answer (...but sometimes it is). Thanks for tuning in, loves! Further IG wisdom & send your comments/ideas/free cake to: @a_blanx 😎 Blog: Maybe add an Apple review...? I'd love to hear from you! ;D
May 22, 2019
Why Reality TV is Good for You!
Who else loves Reality TV? Or if you don't, I bet you've got an opinion on it? In this episode, I hope to shake that up a bit, and open up a conversation on why reality TV can be good for us and our human development... "Odd!" you say? Not once you've listened. Don't judge a book by its cover...and that goes for this episode, too! IGTV: @a_blanx - now posting weekly 'Guru Friday' videos on inspiring knowledge bites! Twitter: @a_blanx if you want to chat to customer service - a.k.a me, and read my blog at: THANKS FOR LISTENING! If you liked this ep, please leave a review or subscribe on Apple podcasts/ wherever you listen :)
May 15, 2019
Seventeen & Self-Aware - Growing up in Today's World
A delve into how a young person views the world today... In this episode, I chat with my half sister, Indy, 17, who was born in Ghana and raised in England. We unpack how a dual-culture has shaped her into who she has become, the big pressures facing the younger generation (dubbed Gen Z) today, who inspires her and what she's most looking forward to in the future. Indy is a role model and someone I admire HUGELY. She is bright, conscientious, motivated, dedicated and diplomatic, as well as kind and giving. How DOES she manage it all?!? It was time for her to share her secrets! I'm fascinated by generational differences, and how smart and value-driven young people can be! If you are too PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to, rate or review🙏thank you, thank you. Find Indy on IG: @indy_blankson. My updates on IG: @a_blanx and the blog at:
May 8, 2019
Moving Abroad - Top Tips & 2 Different Experiences!
Joining me this week is a fellow Brightonian and school friend - the lovely, free-spirited, curious and ever-effervescent, Madeleine Sava. Maddy has been in Vancouver, Canada, for nearly 2 years at the time of recording, and I've been here just a few weeks! She at 26-years-old, me at 28, both left our UK lives for different reasons, and have learnt HEAPS about the process and ourselves along the way. Sharing practical tips on establishing a new home, the power of hindsight, our life outlooks, and links to a former, more daunting move to Australia in 2014, this episode provides a dual perspective. I hope it helps you to see life as an adventure, provides comfort if you too are considering walking into 'the unknown', and highlights that moving countries is something EVERYONE can do with a little 'help from our friends' / podcast insight! ____ Check the love and light of my life out on IG: @madeleinesava (she creates AMAZINGLY witty art), and as per, share your thoughts/experiences with me on @a_blanx! I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU AND DO READ EVERY COMMENT! Blog: ----- First episode on the Podcoin platform.
May 1, 2019
How to Make Friends & Digitally Influence People
We learn about the human behind the term 'influencer.' The influencer industry is going through a bit of reputation crisis with many skeptical of its morality and authenticity. However, with every career there's conflict between earning a living, doing what you love and what it contributes to the world... Let's face it, all humans are contradictions! This week I chat with my sister, Liv Blankson @livblankson, who's been a 'Content Creator' (preferred title) for several years now. We chat about the effects of growing up so close to social media, her experience of forming and maintaining friendships, and how she navigates this always-on lifestyle on a personal, moral and emotional level. My baby sis is a BEAUTIFUL, SENSITIVE, INTELLIGENT young woman. I hope you dig this episode!! I'm so proud of her and her dedicated entrepreneurship. Catch me on IG: @a_blanx //
April 17, 2019
Quarter-life Change & Decision-Making! THE BIG MOVE
If you've got some big life decisions ahead or get confused as hell at making them like me, this episode's for you! I think I've found a credible process here, transitioning from a full-time career and busy lifestyle, to a more uncertain and nomad one abroad! From acknowledging the brain as a survival organ and batting away fearful thoughts, to noting the positive signals thrown at us by the universe, here are some nuggets helping you through the well-known questioning period in our twenties/thirties. Follow my move to Canada on IG: @a_blanx or read my blog at BIG LOVE X
April 10, 2019
What I Learnt from Chef's Table/ Pursuing What You Really Want
Setbacks, fear and asking for help are all part of the journey towards getting what you really want... and I learnt this by watching the Netflix series, Chef's Table when seeking some answers in my own life... I'm currently on a quest to move to Canada, whilst identifying the environments, companies and types of work I'm going to invest in, that will help me flourish as a person (and a professional). After a few job rejections, I decided to sit back and take stock of the bigger picture... What did I really want and how was this process nudging me towards it?  This episode is useful for those confused about where they're heading, undergoing a career change or wanting to put more into their passions... Hope you can get something out of it, even if it's just thinking about delectable food!!! Catch on me IG: @a_blanx // More life learnings at
April 3, 2019
Debunking Happiness
This episode contains the secret to happiness...NAAAAAT! We just need a simple mindset shift... You may have heard 'the pursuit of happiness' thrown around (or just seen the film with Will Smith), BUT in truth 'the HAPPINESS of PURSUIT' is how we should be thinking... Happiness is a state that can be more easily attained if we accept that it's not the end-goal but the ride. I explain it better on the podcast, so tune in!! Plus there's a few tools, ingredients and spices thrown in on how to cultivate more of it (take it with a pinch of salt though - there's no one-size-fits-all recipe). If you prefer written form & fancy sketches, read the blog post:  Insta fun here: @a_blanx
March 27, 2019
The Meaning of Life: Chats With Mum
Life with meaning is a constant search of the human condition... well it is for those in their twenties/thirties today. This is due to the pivotal point in society we were born into. It's a period of structural change, new and renewed human rights, vast environmental pressures weighing in on our near future, increased individualism, the effects of tech, and conflict with the former generation's value system. With this comes a lot of uncertainty, questioning and people trying to navigate where to put their time and effort...there's SIMPLY TOO MUCH TO DEAL WITH! On chatting with mum, a cute 61 year-old Yorkshire lass, this episode highlights generational differences, what could contribute to a meaningful life, and why a tumbleweed rolled through our living room when we recorded... but seriously, BIG love for my mum! She's the nicest person I know. Find her IG: @mummagbear. As per, catch my updates on IG / TW: @a_blanx and blog:  
March 20, 2019
How to be More Creative, Whoever You Are!
Creative thinking isn't just for those in the creative industries! In my POV, being creative stems from being connected to your innate self and uncovering your unique view of the world. Everyone can do it! It's about originality, better problem-solving and injecting an element of surprise into the ordinary. This episode contains tools that have been CRITICAL in helping me think outside the box. For those who want to shake up their thinking, generate more ideas or be more inspired in their everyday lives! Full and fun blog post at:  Cute updates on: IG & TW @a_blanx
March 13, 2019
On Giving & Setting Boundaries
'Giving' can provide a sense of purpose, fulfillment and a sense of connectedness to something bigger, but there can also be drawbacks... In this episode I discuss 3 scenarios where I gave my time and energy, and how they affected me. Balancing personal needs with those of others is paramount in order for everyone to get the best out of it. Sometimes giving too much can end in self depletion... :O I loved recording this one - it gave me so much joy sharing my volunteering and family stories!! (Excuse the sound quality - I was on the road) BLOG: and IG: @a_blanx as usual. PEACE N LOVE.
March 6, 2019
Finding Your 'Who' & 'Why'
Life M.O.T time! Anyone stopped for a moment and thought about why they're doing what they're doing, and what's driving underlying behaviour and decisions? (and I don't mean like when making toast...). This episode covers some useful thought-starters on working out who 'you' are a bit further; dominant forces curating our lives and a deep-dive into 'self' using some examples from my own. P.s. Russell Brand's in it... BLOG: for further personal growth content and fun nuggets on the gram at: @a_blanx.  Lots of love, loves!
February 27, 2019
Quitting Alcohol, Meat & People
That's right - I quit alcohol, meat and people (well not wholly, I just removed myself from the bustle of city life) for a month when I lived on an island last year... All in the name of reclaiming my own voice, and re-establishing clarity and my authentic self without external influences. A few months on, I'm podcasting my learnings! The effects on mind and body were HIGHLY noticeable. I also changed my outlook on some why I should DEFINITELY continue to drink alcohol WOO. Listen to the full ep today, yay!! Full blog post and pictures from island life, here: Social shenanigans on IG &TW: @a_blanx.
February 20, 2019
The Travelling Lifestyle
In an open chat over tea, pro traveller of 9 years and close friend Hollie and I, discuss the pressing questions about the travel lifestyle. We cover the Millennial crisis of how best to use our time and twenties, societal norms and pressures associated with a non career-focused trajectory, and self-learnings acquired from temporal, nomad living. At the end we leave you with this question - what is most important to you? Catch Hollie on Instagram @hollieclarke - She's an amazing, driven, sunny self-starter! More travel learnings at and regular updates on my IG @a_blanx
February 13, 2019
Top 10 Podcast Recommendations
A podcast episode on podcasts! If you’re keen on hearing the stuff I consume, knowledge sources, and the key themes that feed my mind every week, have a listen! There's some female entrepreneurship, TED talks, artists trying to make it, and a US comedy duo thrown in. Here are my top 10 and what to expect... (plus a bonus!) Want more knowledge? Check out my blog: or follow @a_blanx on Instagram & Twitter for regular updates!
February 6, 2019
Coping with Change
It's the start of the year which means we're all going through changes in one way or another! This episode outlines change from two angles: being a victim of unforeseen change and being the change-maker in your life.  I chat about what each transition might look and feel like, why various feelings arise, and how to go through the differing experiences more easily! Hope it helps :) Regular updates on IG and Twitter: @a_blanx. Full blog:
January 30, 2019
Short Ep: Learning from Loss
Learning from loss is part of the grieving process and it can highlight the power of one person... A shorter episode this week due to an unexpected departure of a unique spirit and loved one to many. This person's light, energy, talent and compassion to all, deserves to be respected and shared, acknowledging the many lives they touched and will continue to, through their art and memory. Here's how the space a person leaves can propel us into a more meaningful future... If you've ever experienced loss, know that it's okay to process how you feel fit and take everyday as it comes. RIP.
January 23, 2019
A Closer Look at Self Love
If you've been battling with yourself for years and want to show yourself some love, this one's for you! This episode explores what factors contribute to how we view ourselves, what can influence our self worth, how relationships affect us, and some useful exercises to help us LIFE M.O.T and be kinder to ourselves. It's time to accept who we are - HUMAN, IMPERFECT, INDIVIDUAL. BEST LISTENED TO IN QUIET PERSONAL TIME over a cuppa or on a jolly walk! The full blogpost here: Latest updates on IG: @a_blanx      BIG LOVE!
January 9, 2019
New Year Thinking- Cut The Goals, Be Real Instead
Addressing the usual schpiele on new year's resolutions, I offer a different way to look ahead that's less cliche, easier going and somewhat practical. In this episode I use reflections on 2018 as a springboard into 2019- aka wanting to feel more human, more myself, more centered and more honest. What themes has this past year brought up for you? Listen for some light wisdom that won't (hopefully) add any more pressure to this thing called adulthood! HAPPY NY!!! As always, updates on the regs on IG @a_blanx!
January 2, 2019
Why Christmas is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
We're nearing the end of another year - what a perfect time to capture the cheer and reflect! A 4-person family invite you to experience a snippet of their festive period in Sussex, England. In this spontaneous episode (during the making of Christmas lunch!!), we discuss what makes Christmas magic, what human needs and qualities this time of year conjures up, and what's changed over the years on a societal and personal level.  Maybe this giving season can help us enter 2019 with a better outlook...? HOPE YOU ALL HAVE A RUDDY GREAT FEW DAYS WITH LOVED ONES, HOWEVER YOU CHOOSE TO CELEBRATE! Check the jolly shenanigans on IG: @a_blanx!
December 25, 2018
Part 2: Singledom, Relationships & Everything in Between
PART 2 of 2: **DISCLAIMER: A VERY real, open and personal episode, so expect some foul language and crude subject matter.** A continuation on from part 1 with a focus on the single-life this time; an open-minded, honest and curious male and female open up about their sexual histories, annoying dating behaviours, some advice for starting an open relationship, and what the heck it means to be 'single' anyway. Plus, what are the differences for men and women?  LISTEN FOR AN EQUALLY INSIGHTFUL EPISODE from two travelers in Cape Town. BIG THANKS to a few glasses of wine, and the arty cafe, Ground Zero/Marley Coffee in Observatory, Cape Town. Paul and Ross very kindly offered us their back space to record in. Perfect for the conscious eater or coffee connoisseur! IG: @groundzero_obz As always, more on my Instagram & Twitter @a_blanx
December 23, 2018
Part 1: Singledom, Relationships & Everything In Between
**DISCLAIMER: A VERY real, open and personal episode, so expect some foul language and crude subject matter.** Discussing monogamy, commitment and polyamory, fellow traveler Elijah and I establish that accepting you're human first - complex, ever-changing, multi-faceted - is paramount before starting a relationship with another, and that there may be a way to maximise life's satisfaction and happiness levels via the type of relationship you choose... Should we expect one person to meet all our needs? Can we all have our cake and eat it...? LISTEN FOR THE JUICIEST EPISODE YET! BIG THANKS to a few glasses of wine, and the arty vegan cafe, Ground Zero/Marley Coffee in Observatory, Cape Town. Paul and Ross very kindly offered us their back chill space to record in late at night. Perfect for the conscious eater or coffee connoisseur! IG: @groundzero_obz As always, more on my Instagram & Twitter @a_blanx
December 12, 2018
What Cape Town Living Taught Me About Myself
After 4 months away (journeying new landscapes internally and around the world), with 2.5 of them spent in Cape Town, SA it was time to reflect and round-up. As a 27-year-old, African mixed race, middle class, nomadic female from the UK, here’s what I learnt about myself, managing the process of being away alone, and how I’m perceived differently from another cultural and societal lens. As always, check regular updates on Instagram & Twitter: @a_blanx. My blog contains years of visual and mental goodies + solo travel learnings: THANKS & ENJOY ☺️!
December 5, 2018
3 Ways To Alter Our Perspectives & Expand Our Minds
It’s so easy for us to carry on viewing the world as we’ve always done and acting on default behaviour. But what if there’s a better way? In this episode I explore 3 new techniques for looking at, and understanding everyday encounters and difficulties, enabling us to respond and behave with greater empathy. This not only fosters more calm and fulfilment in ourselves but also for others, creating an easier time for us all! Ahhhhhh 🙏🏻 If you want more insightful stuff, check out my blog: or follow @a_blanx on Instagram & Twitter for regular updates! Thanks and love.
November 28, 2018
Morning Routines - Myth or Magic?
Some people wake up at 5.50am to see the sunrise, others cull social media for the first hour of the day. Whatever they may consist of, morning routines sure are being researched, sworn by and shouted about A LOT these days. But is all the hype adding extra pressure? In this episode I question if this trend is perpetuating personal success or self sabotage, as well as how to look at them in a way that may work for you. REMEMBER: there’s no one size fits all! Loved this ep? Check out my blog: or follow @a_blanx on Instagram & Twitter for regular updates! Thanks for listening XX
November 21, 2018
What Hiking Taught me About Navigating Life
Sometimes it’s so hard to know how much to plan, look to the future or live in the moment. When should we use our minds, trust our guts or go with feelings?! This episode cuts through these questions providing clarity on how to live life with more trust, ease and enjoyment, and how to use all of these approaches in harmony! Trying to find an outlook that suits you? Here’s: What hiking taught me about navigating life. For more on this topic, hit up or follow @a_blanx on Instagram & Twitter for more regular updates! BIG LOVE.
November 14, 2018
Welcome to the Brand Mind Body Podcast! Story & Mission
HI HI! This is the introductory episode of the Brand, Mind, Body podcast; feed your MIND + BODY right to make yourself into a better brand - a podcast rooted in human insight. Expect to hear about me, Alix Blanx the host; my career overview, experience with mental health, growing up into this confusing thing we call adulthood, and my work on ‘self’. I cover key podcast themes, ambitions for the platform, and why I felt it was time to share life-learnings and researched knowledge! In association with - my passion project of a few years. Follow @a_blanx on Instagram & Twitter for regular bites and IGTV episodes. WELCOME! * shimmies *
November 6, 2018
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