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The Brandon McMillan Podcast

The Brandon McMillan Podcast

By Susan Merlino
The Brandon McMillan Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers training/behavior topics, conversations with guests, and will keep you current with trending animal topics. Brandon McMillan is a professional animal trainer who has spent his entire life learning about and working with all types of animals. When Hollywood's top A-listers need help with their out of control dogs, Brandon is the one they call.
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Fan Questions p. 2
In this final episode of Season 2, Brandon helps a listener with their new puppy and separation anxiety issues that the dog is beginning to show. He gives some tips on how to best handle this situation as people are slowly starting to leave their house more.  He also gives some tips on ways to transport a new puppy in the car and how important it is to crate train your dog.  Be sure to listen to Brandon on his new Sirius XM Radio Show, watch his Master Class, and always support our sponsors. Use Promo code at EQyss for 15% off your cart.  
September 07, 2020
Fan Questions
Today Brandon takes question live from his Instagram followers. This is part 1 of 2.  In this episode he answers questions about helping a dog who is licking all the time, a dog who won't stop barking and helps a couple that adopted a puppy whi is starting to bite their heels. Be sure to use promo code Brandon when you order any of the Eqyss dog and cat products.
August 31, 2020
Animals on Airplanes
Brandon chats with a flight attendant, who works for a major US airline, about how some people are sneaking their pets onboard, how there needs to be better regulations for Emotional Support Animals, and some crazy things that she has seen while flying.  Be sure to check out Brandons new Master Class and visit our sponsors: Lucy Pet Products and EQyss. Use promo code Brandon for savings.
August 23, 2020
Brandon McMillan
Today Brandon is interviewed by Doc Halligan and Joey Villani. He chats about Shark Week, animal training, and how Lucky Dog came into being.  Doc Halligan and Joey Villani are launching their own podcast next week. So be sure to listen to their free vet and grooming advice, along with Brandon's training tips.  Be sure to check out Brandon's new Master Class Series! Sponsors for this episode: Lucy Pet Products and EQyss. For 20% off use code Brandon. Doc Halligan Unleashed with Joey Villani podcast is now available.
August 17, 2020
Jonelle Shmoldas
This week Brandon chats with Jonelle Shmoldas, owner and groomer at It's Pawfect.  They discuss grooming topics including double coated dogs, cleaning ears, teeth, and the best way to combat fleas.  Be sure to visit our sponsors: Lucy Pet Food, and EQyss (use promo code Brandon for discount).
August 10, 2020
Stacy Krafczyk
Today Brandon speaks with Animal Communicator Stacy Krafczyk.  Stacy is an international renowned Professional Animal Communicator Specialist, Psychic/Medium and Reiki Master Teacher.  Brandon asks Stacy to check in with one of his passed animals and hear what comes through!  You can book reading with Stacy at her website All Spirit Healing Our sponsors: Lucy Pet Food and Eqyss enter promo code Brandon for a discount.
August 03, 2020
Dr. George C. Fahey
Brandon recently spoke with Dr. Fahey in a live FB session and here is the audio portion of the Q/A.  Dr. Fahey developed an early passion for animals and wanted to find ways to keep them healthy. Over a long and distinguished career, he has come to realize that helping optimize animal's digestive health is the best way to do that. Sponsors: Lucy Pet Products, (use promo code Brandon for 15% discount)
July 27, 2020
Debbie Gibson
Brandon McMIllan and Debbie Gibson recently caught up to chat about her love of all dogs, (Dachshunds as of late), her commitment to being the best dog Mom and what it means to stay grounded while touring with her pups. Sponsors this week: Lucy Pet Products, Bark Be Gone and EQyss.
July 20, 2020
Ask The Experts
Todays episode is a special 'Ask The Experts' edition.  Recently Brandon welcomed Joey Herrick, of Lucy Pet Products, and Veterinarian Karen Halligan (Doc H), for a live Q/A.  They discuss dog food, how to introduce a new dog, and why brushing your dogs teeth is so important. These topics and more are answered.  Sponsors: Lucy Pet Products, Bark Be Gone and EQyss, use promo code BRANDON for special discounts.
July 13, 2020
Will Chesney
Brandon McMillan talks with Retired Navy Seal, Will Chesney. Will and co-author Jim Layden wrote about his special ops dog Cairo, called 'No Ordinary Dog'. Will and Cairo were on the mission that raided the Bin Laden compound. Will tells an amazing story about when Cairo recovered from being shot and Will points out how service animals are an integral part to helping soldiers both during and after missions. Sponsors/: Lucy Pet Food, BarkBe Gone, EQyss: Promo Code Brandon for 20% Off
July 06, 2020
Kwane Stewart, DVM
Dr. Kwane Stewart and Brandon McMillan sit down to chat about what it takes to be a street Vet, and both tell moving stories about homeless people that they have helped.  Kwane also works with animals that are on movie/tv studio shoots.  IG @drkwane and to support his street vet work: Go Fund Me. Sponsors for todays show: Lucy Pet Products, BarkBeGone and LifeLinePet, Eqyss Promo Code: Brandon for Discounts
June 28, 2020
Paul de Gelder
Today Brandon talks with Paul de Gelder who is an elite Australian Navy diver who lost two limbs in a horrific shark attack that changed his life. Paul now inspires others to overcome obstacles and champions shark conservation. Paul and Brandon talk about  follow Paul on Instagram at @PauldeGelder. Sponsors: Lucy Dog, Bark Be Gone, Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, Eqyss, Promo Code: 'Brandon' for discounts.
June 22, 2020
Fan Questions #1
Today Brandon opens up the phone lines and answers your dog related questions. Todays questions include: Is my dog lazy? Why won't my dog eat her food? How can I stop my dog from getting car sick? What to do about a noise phobia? and many more.  Thanks for listening and we look forward to opening the lines up again in the future. Sponsors for todays show are Lucy Pet Products, Life Line Pet Fish Oil* and  PetReleaf* use promo code Brandon for 20% off entire cart.
June 01, 2020
Steve Smith
Brandon answers a question about how to help a dog who hates getting their nails cut, and then he chats with PetReleaf Founder Steve Smith.  One of the most common topics that people want to hear about is CBD. Steve and Brandon help to debunk and clarify all your pet CBD questions.  Is CBD going to get your pet stoned? Will it help relieve anxiety? Pain?  These questions and more are answered.  Show Sponsors: Lucy Pet Products and Life Line Pet Nutrition, promo code: 'Brandon' for 20% off and free ship
May 25, 2020
Brandon Fouche
Today Brandon helps a listener with her puppy who keeps eating poop.   Brandon then interviews Brandon Fouche who wants people to learn and understand The Fouche Way which is looking at Nature's way of communicating with aggression in dogs. He says we have to have the right information to be successful because traditional training methods aren’t always doing that for all dogs.  Sponsors: Lucy Pet, PetReleaf* and Life Line Pet Nutrition*, and Blue-9 Harness. *20% off, free shipping with promo code: Bran
May 18, 2020
Two Amazing Dogs: Curly & Charlie
Today, Brandon talks to two folks whose dogs got them out of dangerous situations.  The first story is with Brian Rand, who lives in SC with his dog Curly.  Curly woke up Brian in the middle of the night to get Brian out of a burning home. The second dog hero is Charlie who was able to get Lesli DeVito from Virginia, out of harms way.  Sponsors: Lucy Pet Food, PetReleaf and Blue-9 Klimb
May 11, 2020
Evan Antin, DVM
Do you have a dog that has suddenly changed his behavior? Maybe there is something in your house that is the cause. Brandon helps a listener try to figure that out and offers help with how to train a 'no' command. *Please be advised that this topic may not be easy to listen to.* Brandon welcomes Dr. Evan Antin, into the studio.  Evan is a small animal vet including exotic animals. He has travelled the world and his working with teams of people helping to save many wild species.
May 04, 2020
Stephanie Herfel
Brandon answers a question about how to bring a new puppy into your home. He then chats with cancer-survivor, Stephanie Herfel who admits that she is living in a miracle and that is credited to her dog Sierra.  Sierra can sniff out and indicate when cancer is present. and has done that 4 times. This is a remarkable story and a remarkable Instagram: @sierrasavedsteph Sponsors: Lucy Pet, PetReleaf, Podcast Survey:
April 27, 2020
Rebecca Corry
Brandon sits down with Rebecca Corry in the studio to talk with her about the misconceptions about pit-type dogs, her foundation; Stand Up For Pitts, and dog fighting in the US. Brandon also answers a question about how to train a rescue who is stubborn and does not come when called off leash.  Sponsors: Lucy Pet, Pet Releaf, *Teef, *Zen Clipper Precise . *Be sure to use promo code Brandon to get 20% off
April 20, 2020
Julie Reck, DVM
How is Covid-19 affecting our pets?  There is a lot of information in the news and Brandon and Dr. Julie Reck get to the bottom of what recent studies and information are saying an how we can take measures in our own homes.  Brandon also helps a caller with 2 full-proof ways to stop her dog from jumping on people. PetReleaf, and Teef* and Zen Clipper Precise* and to get a discount use PROMO CODE: Brandon for 20% Off    *Offer also includes free shipping of the entire cart.
April 13, 2020
Tyler Jeffries
In today's episode Brandon McMillan answers a question about best practices to use with a blind dog experiencing separation anxiety.  He then welcomes disabled Army Veteran, Specialist Tyler Jeffries. His story re-tells the impact that his service dogs have had on his life. Jeffries graphically details the moment he lost both of his legs in Afghanistan. Tyler's foundation supports other disabled Veterans called HookinVeterans. Sponsors: Lucy Pet, Teef*, Zen Clipper Precise* *Receive 20% entire cart
April 06, 2020
Mike Herstik
Ever wonder how a bomb dog is trained? Find out on this episode of the podcast with the legendary detection dog trainer Mike Herstik. First we answer a question from a listener about how to stop a dog from marking inside your house. Argus Service Dog Foundation, Our sponsors:  PetReleaf, and Teef* and Zen Clipper Precise* and to get a discount use PROMO CODE: Brandon for 20% Off    *Offer also includes free shipping of the entire cart.
March 30, 2020
Dr. Marty Becker
Brandon McMillan chats with, "America's Veterinarian,"  Dr. Marty Becker. Brandon asks Dr. Marty pressing questions in the world of pets.  What is the best age to spay and neuter? What does he think about CBD? Brandon also helps a listener to stop her dogs from digging holes. This and much more! Sponsored by Lucy Pet Products, PetReleaf, Wondersnaxx, and Teef* and Zen Clipper Precise* Be sure to use PROMO CODE: Brandon for 20% Off    *Offer also includes free shipping of the entire cart.
March 23, 2020
Joey Herrick
Brandon McMillan welcomes you to his first podcast and takes two questions from his fans; one about crate training and another asks him to help her with her barking dog.  Brandon chats with dog food industry leader Joey Herrick, to unwrap all the behind the scenes of the dog food industry. Brandon and Joey discuss, allergies, grain-free, raw, protein and dog food processing. Lucy Pet Hands On Gloves 20% off with code Brandon  Animo from SurePet 20% off with code Brandon Wondersnaxx from Petsmart
March 16, 2020
The Brandon McMillan Podcast
The Brandon McMillan Podcast is a weekly podcast that covers training/behavior topics, conversations with guests, and trending animal topics. Brandon McMillan is a professional animal trainer who has spent his entire life learning about and working with all types of animals. When Hollywood's top A-listers need help with their out of control dogs, Brandon is the one they call. To ask a question call:  213-792-2008, leave your question, info and a producer will get back to you.
January 07, 2020