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Christian Comedian John Crist Has A Rap Song With Indie Tribe!
I woke up to something great! A cross over song of a Christian Comedian having a music video/song called Check Your Heart with some of my favorite Christian Rappers! Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too! And hopefully John Crist and Bubba Watson can collab soon! Check out my website Follow me on IG @hotrapmix Email Follow my YouTube Channels hotrapmix and Brandyn Nolen
May 20, 2019
New CHH Rap Songs Mid-May 2019
I'm just mostly talking about stuff, and letting you know what music I'm jamming. If you want to reach me to give feedback/ideas/suggestions/comments then email me or hit me up on Facebook Brandyn Nolen. Or my Instagram @hotrapmix Check out my website 
May 18, 2019
I Met Sister Of Bryann Trejo Of Kingdom Muzic Plus Other CHH News
A small world story, how I met the sister of the rapper Bryann Trejo!  Also: Mike Verse Mills is coming out of retirement with a new single called So Different Now.  I think it's under the name Mike Verse or maybe his name "Verse". Stay tuned for an interview between me and him. He's a Christian Rap/CHH (Christian Hip Hop) vet of 20+ years, and knows a good bit of history of the genre/community. He knows artists! I would consider him a CHH Historian just like Sketch The Journalist! I talked about some other things as well. Mostly sharing what I listen to. Check out my website Email me  You can follow/check out my pictures/videos on Instagram @hotrapmix
May 17, 2019
Country Rap Old Town Road And More
New Music Updates And More! Check out my website
May 7, 2019
Humble Tip Music Video In Left Behind Vanished Movie In DVD Extras
An artist I’ve known about for awhile called Humble Tip has placement in a new Left Behind movie called Vanished! The song I’ve known him for the most is SPF ft KDrama and DMaub! I also like his song This My Jam!
April 20, 2019
Wande First Female Signed To Reach Records
the answer... 😝 • Wande Signed To Reach Records • Blimey Cow FanCast • Check Out 🔥
April 14, 2019
Stay Tuned! Just Quick Updates On Podcast! Ideas For Future
Check out & also
April 6, 2019
Both KJ52 & Tedashii + Lecrae Have A Song Called Get Out My Way
New Music: KJ52 Get Out My Way, Tedashii Get Out My Way ft Lecrae, AC & Brady Who We Are, Social Club Misfits Everyday, Puntin Underrated ....... Check Out and
March 31, 2019
Record Labels Or Independent Music?
In this episode I express my thoughts on joining a Record Label vs doing music yourself as an Independent Artist or Musician. Check out my website
March 7, 2019
WhatUpRG Documentary And Once Saved Always Saved
WhatUpRG has a new documentary of his testimony/life story on This Is Me tv! Plus I talk about Christian Rap and how many times people try to call a Christian fake when they mess up. I explain Once Saved Always Saved (abbreviated as OSAS) and how a born again person is forgiven and justified by what Christ did for us with his sacrifice on the cross rather than our works, the law, and the measure of how much good or bad we do as people. Check out my website
March 5, 2019
Moving Back In With Mom
In this episode I talk about life right now. It's March 4th 2019! It's cold outside! I talk about where I'm at right now with my life. Right now I'm 28, single, have a car, have a job at Walmart, just got a raise, getting training to be a manager, and also moving back in to my mom's house for the time being so that I can help her & also save up money to accomplish my goals such as getting own place and to find a wife. I also talk about Hot Rap Mix, and my ideas for the future of my website.  Check out my website: Buy Merch Support Hot Rap Mix: Email Me: Mail me some stuff! Send Music, Movies, T-Shirts, Coffee, Coffee Mugs, Stuffed Animals, Artwork, and other random things!  Brandyn Nolen PO Box 1754 Alvin Texas 77511 or 77512
March 4, 2019
Lecrae Is Still Unashamed Of Jesus Christ
Soon to be updated with links to Lecrae Sermon, his Audio Book Unashamed, and more. Check out my website: PayPal: https://PayPal.Me/BranNuYu
February 27, 2019
Hot Rap Jams February 26th 2019
Talking about Hot Rap Jams I been listening to recently. Plus talking about random things. Soon to put song links here:
February 26, 2019
BranNuYu Interview With S.A.I.N.T. At Starbucks
BranNuYu Interview with S.A.I.N.T. of Christ House Music At Starbucks Coffee Shop Check Out
February 20, 2019
New Songs I’m Listening To Sunday February 17th 2019
Intro by J Harrison, Antho, & Von Won. I got some brand new singles from iTunes and figured I would share the names of the artists and tracks for other people to check out. Check out my website Buy T-Shirts & Coffee Mugs Buy BranNuYu songs I've included Amazon Affiliate links to music I talked about in the Podcast. I'll make a small commission for any music purchased. Full Sypreme R.A.P. Impact Album (Has J Harrison on the Anthem ft Houston Rappers Song) Sypreme Anthem ft Houston Rappers (J Harrison at the end of the song) Flame Woke Up This Morning Izze Amen Wande Fuego ft Parris Chariz BB Jay His Love Radio Edit BB Jay Ride 4 U  Canton Jones You Got Me ft BB Jay, Erica Cumbo, & Messenja Austin French Born Again ft Zauntee Soul Glow Activatur Doin' Jon Keith Backwards ft Wordsplayed Kevmo & Joey Vantes Times Will Change  Double 007 & II Crunk 4 Jesus Feel It II Crunk 4 Jesus Pharisees DJ DB405 How Trill Is Our God DJ DB405 God Is Trill Anthem DJ DB405 Hook Shot ft 1 K Phew DJ DB405 Super Splash Bros DJ Mykael V Diamonds ft WhatUPRG, Victor Cornelius, and Parris Chariz Parris Chariz Lately Dru Bex No Treadmill Dru Bex No Exit Kid Tris Go Tre9 And Teonna Lee First Step How We Coming ft 1 K Phew, WhatUpRG, & Ty Brasel Herb Flav Believe Ty Brasel No More Ty Brasel Meant For Me Joey Vantes Gawdly ft Kid Tris Kevmo All Them Girls Kid Tris Fendi
February 17, 2019
Christian Rap 2019 And 2018 Plus Lots Of Other Random Stuff
I talked about some of the top Christian Rap for 2019 and 2018 plus went down rabbit trails talking about a bunch of other random stuff. Check out my website Support my music Buy Merch (Coffee Mugs and T-Shirts)
February 13, 2019
Fellowship Houston Pastor Von Won Relationship Goals
Pastor Von Won shared some scriptures such as Psalm 1, 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, and Proverbs 27:12. Plus he shared 10 Red Flags to watch out for when dating. As well as 5 Relationship Goals. If you are interested in knowing more about Fellowship Houston, check out
February 11, 2019
Ty Brasel And Deuce Tre Have Something In Common?
I heard some things Deuce Tre and Ty Brasel have in common in their music. Let me know what you think by emailing and in the email subject say “Ty Brasel & Deuce Tre Music” or something similar. You can also DM @hotrapmix on InstaGram. Check out my website
February 11, 2019
Ariana Grande | Cardi B | 21 Savage | Christian Rappers And Singers That Sound Similar
There’s a bunch of Christians in Music that sound similar to some Mainstream artists. I’ll be updating this soon with links mentioned. Social Club Misfits Clear ft Foggieraw (Foggieraw sounds like 21 Savage) Drup Load ft Parris Chariz & Foggieraw Angie Rose (Sounds like Cardi B or Left Eye from TLC) Freestyles with DJ Wade O: Wande (Sounds like Ariana Grande) Hopp Go In (Sounds like Akon) Flame See More Him (Sounds like Akon) Andale ft. T-Dogg & Verbs - Why I Call U Jesus (Sounds like TPain) NuWine Muzik Ta Ride 2 (Sounds like Tupac) BB Jay His Love (Sounds like Biggie) Trachead Family We On Now (300 sounds like Biggie) Welcome To H Town Remix by One Accord DJs of (Tedashii sounds like Bun B) Check out my website Buy Merch (T-Shirts & Coffee Mugs)
February 7, 2019
Super Bowl Patriots Won Plus Christian Rock And Rap Songs
I mainly like Super Bowl for food and family & friends.
February 7, 2019
Christ Made Mexican And DJ Primo Videos On YouTube
I put out some Christ Made Mexican And DJ Primo videos to promote some older Rap songs/artists I jammed back in the MySpace days around 2008-2010. Check out my website Support me by buying Merch at or buying my music at or you can give a gift payment to me via PayPal or Cash App
February 2, 2019
BranNuYu Hey Girl Country Love Song
I decided to make a fun/free mix song from a Royalty Free beat from the YouTube library. I wanted to do a love song for my future wife. Who I haven't met or dated yet! I'm still single! But hopefully I meet that special Proverbs 31 woman soon! And when I do! I gotta crank this out after we get engaged!   My website PayPal CashMe$BranNuYu Support My Music T-Shirts/Merch Email Me 
February 1, 2019
Selena Gomez And Jaci Velasquez
I would like to see Selena Gomez collab with Jaci Velasquez! So I talk about CCM and CHH Dream Collabs and other things in this episode! Selena Gomez Performing Nobody At Hillsong Church - selena gomez hillsong united (where feet may fail) - Selena Gomez Shares Her Testimony! - Jaci Velasquez - Adore (Video) - DVD Trailer: The Encounter - Von Won No Easy Way out (feat. Bun B & Ben Donnelly) - PyRexx - I'm Run'n Ft Paul Wall, Canon, T.Burton - Tre9 - Slow it Down (feat. Bun B & Brian Angel) Official Music Video - Rea Beloved YouTube Channel - Tre9 | Where Christian Rap Came From And Where It Is Going | Part 1 - Coffey Anderson Deuces Christ Mix - Lecrae - Blessings ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Music Video) - Joseph Prince Experience Victory Over Sexual Immorality (Full Sermon) 23-Aug-2015 - Tha Real Deal episode 22 "Summer Camp" a must watch youtube video - My website PayPal CashMe$BranNuYu Support My Music T-Shirts/Merch Email Me
January 31, 2019
South East Houston Christian Rap Music And More
It’s 2019 and there’s a lot of new things happening! I’m going to Fellowship Houston and meeting lots of Christian Rap/Hip Hop artists. Fellowship Houston Church - Choppaz By Joe Angel - Dancing In Heaven By Billy Dorsey - Tre9/Hip Hop Hope - Better Late Than Never Tour Houston Texas: WhatUpRG - NoBigDyl - Andy Mineo - Lecrae Pt 1 - Lecrae Pt 2 - Puntin Transitions From Christian Rapper To Life Rapper - Christ House Music - Sypreme Productions - Rea Beloved - Tre9 And Austin Lanier At Fellowship Houston - S.A.I.N.T. At Fellowship Houston - II Crunk 4 Jesus At Fellowship Houston - GIFTED & 007 Ft. BUN B SONG- UNCUT - David Livick - Mike "Verse" Mills Christian Music Showcase On Facebook Live Every Monday 8pm EST - Toby Mac Till The Day I Die ft NF - 80 Year Old Man Sings Drowning Pool Bodies - 74 Year Old Woman Rapper (Lyrical Lively) - Tre9 Artist Retirement Party (Didn't Last Long Before He Came Back) - My website PayPal CashMe$BranNuYu Support My Music https://brannuyu.bandcam
January 31, 2019
Christmas Music Playlist
Christmas Song Recommendations By BranNuYu 116 The Gift Christmas Album Puntin Christ Music Andy Mineo's 12 Days of Christmas w/ Wordsplayed (prod. by !LLMIND) MC Jin Chinese New Year MC Jin Open Arms Music Video MC Jin Open Arms Download MC Jin Open Arms Its Ya’ Birthday * Lil’ Prophet Feat. La Christ & K.A.S LitaRodi DJ Screw Remix
December 4, 2018
BranNuYu Remembering Jay Robert Shauberger
I talked about different things. But most of this podcast episode is me talking about my friend Jay Robert Shauberger and remembering him. I made a new song as a tribute to him which can be heard on YouTube. Check out my website
December 4, 2018
BranNuYu Interview With Jay Robert Shauberger
In Memory Of My Friend Jay Robert Shauberger
November 28, 2018
Christian Rappers On Movie Soundtracks
I talked about some of the ways I find new music to jam/promote. As well as some movies. A brand new one promoted by The Breakfast Club called Canal Street featuring rappers such as Angie Rose, Trip Lee, 1 K Phew, and more. There's also an older movie I talked about recently called Pain The Movie. I found the soundtrack. Both the movie and the soundtrack are not easily searchable/findable by the average consumer/audience. That's why I consider it an underground classic. But I'll make it easy for people to jam the soundtrack by providing the link here: Pain The Movie: Purchase the movie (Amazon Affiliate Link) - Casting/Movie Info- Canal Street: Movie Website: Check out my website:
November 2, 2018
BranNuYu Interview With TruVine
I talked to Ricky Christmas aka TruVine over the phone, both of us recorded on our own end with studio microphones. I simply cut out the phone call/speaker phone from the background and left just our studio recorded voices. If anyone wonders what I use to record and edit, it's Audacity. TruVine used Cubase. Ricky Christmas Facebook TruVine YouTube TruVine Music Albums on Amazon (Affiliate Links): 3 Stripes 2 Reality Before And After Change Next Level Check out my website
October 13, 2018
Old School Houston Texas Christian Rap
I talk about some of my favorite H-Town Rappers. Several of the rappers I mentioned, I have Amazon Affiliates links to their music on a webpage at my website: I also talked about Pain The Movie. A movie I bought at the merch table of Dr Beau Williams (Gospel Singer) at a Men 4 Jesus meeting. Pain The Movie Trailer - Buy The Movie From Amazon (My Affiliate Link) - Street Life Worldwide - Von Won mentions Levi (The producer of Pain The Movie) as his mentor in this podcast episode: Support BranNuYu: or BranNuYu Puppy Dog -
October 11, 2018
Andy Mineo The Sword And Tre9 War Cry New Music
Andy Mineo just released The Sword EP and Tre9 just released War Cry. You can purchase the albums from my Amazon Affiliate Links here: Andy Mineo The Sword - Tre9 War Cry - Check out my website: Much Luvv Records - Reach Records - Eyes On Me Inc - Eyes On Me Radio - Sketch The Journalist - DJ Primo - Old Much Luvv Records Mixtape - Old Much Luvv Records Music (Amazon Affiliate Link): Former Much Luvv Signee Articles: 007 - Von Won -
October 1, 2018
Christian Rap Animation And Games Talk
I wing it with this episode, and talk about a lot of random things. Rap I'm jamming, games and animation that inspires me as a creator, and more. Check out my website Follow me on IG: @hotrapmix Email: FB: Brandyn Nolen Skype:Brandyn.Nolen (For those wanting to connect and help me or work with me)
September 2, 2018
Christians Rapping For Jesus
Lots of random tangents/rabbit holes. Talking Christian Rap, CHH, and all that good stuff. Check out
August 30, 2018
BranNuYu Making Movies Free Mix
Another Free Mix promo song for by BranNuYu
July 28, 2018
Reach Records Artists Released New Summer Eighteen Singles
My Blog Post about the new Summer Eighteen singles by artists from Reach Records: Are Christian Rappers Actually Christian? YouTube Video Bizzle I Luh God Too (Response to critics of Erica Campbell doing a Trap style song and those who don't believe a Christian should rap or do hip hop music) Puntin No Fear Album Amazon - Angie Rose New Single Announced BranNuYu New Puppy Dog Single Amazon - BranNuYu New Puppy Dog Music Video My YouTube channels: Rap - Personal Vlogs -
July 21, 2018
BranNuYu Puppy Dog
Puppy Dog Song And T-Shirt at Plus I'm rudo197 on the game Roblox (wearing Puppy Dog T-Shirt)
June 28, 2018
Inspirational Rap And Ministry
This episode BranNuYu rambles about different topics related to “Christian Rap” and positive Rap songs about everyday things (like Basketball) that relates to all walks of life. When talking about Lecrae Get Back Right song, clarify I didn't mean "Lose your soul" as in loss of salvation (I believe in eternal security). I think I meant "Effect your soul". But here's the lyrics: "At the mall, I was pinchin' my pennies, in the beginning Jimmy Jazz for the clothes, TV Johnny for the gold Them was the goals, never cared about my soul "That can wait 'til I get old," I'm on these– hold up Wait a minute, new beginnings, I was down, now I'm winnin' I know who did it and I won't forget it You know I'm still about the family business I had to get back" Check out my website Support me
June 13, 2018
Lecrae Zaytoven Let The Trap Say Amen
Lecrae is releasing a new album! You can preorder now and get the first already released song Get Right Back automatically. Check out my website
June 3, 2018
Dream CHH Remixes And Collabs
Remix Idea (Let's get the word out!) DJ DMD, Bushwick Bill, Willie D, and Scarface on Feels Good To Be A Christian (Remake of Feels Good To Be A Gangster). Bushwick Bill Renewed Mind DJ DMD 25 Bibles Von Won Grace Still Abides ft Scarface Humble Tip SPF RawSrvnt I'm On Fire Check out my website Support BranNuYu/HotRapMix ReaBlash (Grace Messages) I was talking about YouNow and LiveMe. I said Generation X uses those, I meant GenZ. Maybe some GenY uses it too. And afew GenX.
June 1, 2018
CHH News May 2018
Some of the things talked about and/or mentioned: Lavoisier Left NGEN Radio (Read his Tweets and watch his Periscopes) Lecrae and Zaytoven collab on Let The Trap Say Amen DJ DMD Life Radio Episode about former 90's Gangster Rapper Ray Jasper Letter about Christian Rappers like Von Won, DJ DMD, LitaRodi, Bizzle, ect. plus the date of his Death Sentence by lethal injection. Check out my website Support BranNuYu/HotRapMix
May 27, 2018
BranNuYu Country Rap Mix Happy Fella
A new country rap song mix recorded by BranNuYu. (BranNuYu Instrumental) Subscribe to this podcast to hear more music mixes as well as interviews with artists! Check out my website Support BranNuYu:
May 7, 2018
BranNuYu First Time Using Adobe Audition
I got the full Adobe Suite! It's awesome! I been wanting to get it for awhile! Get Adobe Audition as well as other software in Adobe Suite. I also got a Sterling Audio microphone. You can buy one too! (Amazon Affiliate Link) Check out my website
April 20, 2018
A Forgiveness Church Drama Skit By Joe Angel Esquivel
Afew years ago my friend Joe and I put together a skit for his youngest sister Elyssa. She was going to use it for a talent show, but ended up never doing it. I know churches utilize audio from the web for skits/dramas for the youth to lip sync/act out what is played from the recorded audio. So hopefully youth leaders will find this useful. Check out my website for Positive/Christian Rap Be sure to check out earlier episodes of this podcast to hear interviews I've had with Christians who use their gifts/talents to Rap or help Rappers who want to reach youth to preach the gospel and encourage them with better messages. Also please subscribe so you can hear new episodes when they are released! Thanks so much! God bless!
April 16, 2018
Kevin McCreary Interview
An Interview with Kevin McCreary BlimeyCow (Kevin's It's Christian Reference) Say Goodnight Kevin YouTube Channel Kevin's Facebook The Inner Tube Podcast The Ceiling Fan Podcast Who Would Build The Roads Podcast (Political) M'kalister Park Music: Remix Album on iTunes An Adventures in Odyssey Tribute Album (Amazon Affiliate Link) Remix Album (Amazon Affiliate Link) Hot Rap Mix Website
April 13, 2018
Brandom Stuff Episode 1
This is one random podcast episode! So I called it Brandom Stuff. (Brandyn being random) Mentioned Rappers: Fitho, Livin Proof, Joe Angel, Puntin, and Sypreme. I interviewed Fitho and Livin Proof so check out those interviews! Hopefully I can interview Joe Angel and Sypreme soon! Amazon Affiliate Links Sypreme R.A.P. Impact Album Read My Blog Check out my website
April 4, 2018
Rea Blash Interview
BranNuYu Interview with Rea Blash aka Rea Beloved aka ReaBorn Gospel Resurrection Website YouTube Facebook Hot Rap Mix Website
March 28, 2018
Dave Parga AKA Fitho Interview
Fitho Spiritual Vapor Mixtape SoundCloud Facebook Instagram Want more jams? Check out
March 27, 2018
NuWine Sounds Like Fat Pat
I was listening to Von Won's new song Wake Up and thought NuWine sounded like Fat Pat from DJ DMD 25 Lighters ft Lil Keke. (It would be tight if DJ DMD did another Remake/Remix of 25 Bibles and had NuWine on it! Plus it would be tight if he and Trae Tha Truth got together and made a Swang Remix. There's lots of great potential for Screwed Up Click/Classic Texas/H-Town Rap Remixes/Remakes. Plus new original classics! Amazon Affiliate Links To Music: Von Won Wet Paint 2 Von Won Still Here ft Zro Livin Proof Losing My Religion ft K-Rino Check out my website Blog Houston Rap Blog
March 25, 2018
Top 5 Houston Texas Rappers
BranNuYu’s Favorite Top 5 Houston Texas Rappers: LitaRodi, Von Won, Tre9, Sypreme, S.O.M. (Soldiers On A Mission). These are the OGs of CHH in H-Town! At least some of them! Beyond that is other Much Luvv artists and GrapeTree Records artists as well as other Christian Rap labels and any mentioned/unmentioned Indie artists like M-Session (Marcus Session) and also TruVine. Check out my website HotRapMix.Com where I share my favorite rap!
March 24, 2018
Joe Campos AKA Livin Proof Interview
If you like Latino/Hispanic Artists or Groups like Gold Toes, Baby Bash, South Park Mexican, World Rejects, LitaRodi, Alliance By Faith (Sypreme and LaRymes), or Nate Gicano; to name afew then you'll probably like Livin Proof. You'll also probably like his music if you like Screwed Up Click, DJ Screw, Big Pokey, Lil Keke, Zro, Trae Tha Truth, and other Houston Rappers. Losing My Religion Blog Post By BranNuYu (HotRapMix) Download Free Album In His Hands Facebook FB Page Instagram Find more Jams at
March 22, 2018
Jesus Music Champion Mix
A quick mix I recorded/edited before going to work (overnight shift at Walmart). Check out my website plus my Blog
March 20, 2018
Make Mobile Podcasts When You Aren’t In Studio
I need to record more on-the-go podcasts again!
March 19, 2018
Kodak Wyte FKA Pyrexx Interview
The streets may know Joseph McSweeney as Pyrexx who rocked with Trae Tha Truth and Zro, but now he's rapping by the name of Kodak Wyte! Him and IAMJustified and IICrunk For Jesus formed the 3Geez (both of which were on Austin Lanier's song Turn Up which was about the news story of the Christian Lock In Shut Down at Texas Typhoon) Austin Lanier Turn Up 3 Geez Pull Up Music Video Albums: Born Again Disciple (Amazon Affiliate Link) WorkFlo Vol. 2 (Amazon Affiliate Link) WorkFlo Vol 1. Website Social Media InstaGram Facebook Twitter YouTube ReverbNation SoundCloud More Jams at
March 16, 2018
LitaRodi Destination Chopped N Screwed By BranNuYu
LitaRodi is a Houston/Alvin Texas Rapper. He currently resides in Houston, but he's originally from Alvin Texas. LitaRodi Destination Music Video The original LitaRodi Destination song can be downloaded at LitaRodi's Reverbnation where he's been releasing all his new songs lately. Albums The Transition (Amazon Affiliate Link) Alive In Christ (Amazon Affiliate Link) The Reform (Amazon Affiliate Link) LitaRodi Testimony Website Social Media Twitter Myspace Instagram
March 15, 2018
Mr AD The Problem Solver Interview
Mr AD The Problem Solver (Aaron Doucette) is a Rapper with his own show called Problem Solver TV. He has a song called Walk By Faith, and a remix of the same song featuring Lil Flip from Screwed Up Click. Social Media: Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Datpiff Mixtape Check out more Rap at
March 14, 2018
BranNuYu Love That Never Fails
A chill Hip Hop song by BranNuYu on a Royalty Free beat from YouTube. Hear the song on YouTube (Please Share and also Subscribe to my channel). Check out my website
March 13, 2018
BranNuYu Discover God ft Jaclyn Glenn
A Techno/H-Town mix song & beat by BranNuYu. Vocal Features: Jaclyn Glenn (YouTuber/Musician) Michael Bryan Garcia (Pastor) Rick Rankin (Rapper) Genine Bradley (Mikey's Sister Who Sings) Mikey Silverio (Beat Boxer who said Yeah) Check out This song is also on YouTube:
March 13, 2018
Joseph Prince What About Mix By BranNuYu
A fun/educational/inspirational mix by BranNuYu. Joseph Prince - Experience Victory Over Sexual Immorality (Full Sermon) 23-Aug-2015
March 12, 2018
Puntin Interview
Puntin is a Rapper/SingerProducer from Bryan College Station. He is known making his own remix songs from loops/samples of Houston Rap such as Screwed Up Click DJ Screw, Big Pokey, Lil Keke, Big Moe, Zro, Trae Tha Truth, ESG and others. Screwed Up Click is known for songs about Lean aka "purple drank" which is cough syrup (Codeine) mixed with Soda. Puntin raps about Leaning On God and made a T-Shirt to encourage people to quit sipping Purple, and live a life where joy comes from leaning/trusting on the Lord Jesus who fills the cup of our lives to overflowing. Puntin, Herb Flav, and others started a Screwed Up Christian movement. Puntin I Lean On God Song (Amazon Affiliate Link) Puntin I Lean On God T-Shirt Social Media and Sites: Twitter DatPiff (Mixtapes) Facebook Instagram
March 12, 2018
Northstar Interview
Northstar aka Aaron Keb is a Rapper from California. I found his music on Myspace originally. Now he's on Facebook like everyone else. Northstar has Music Videos on YouTube: Praises to Your Name (2010) I Need You (2010) Aaron does random funny/goofy videos on his Facebook. Albums: Christ In Me (Amazon Affiliate Link) Check out more Rap at
March 12, 2018
David Novitsky Interview
David Novitsky aka Brother Dave is the founder of Cross Town Ministry. His music can be heard on YouTube. Brother Dave likes his Rap/HipHop old school. David Novitsky does Bible Devotional videos on Facebook Live. On many of Dave's videos, he answers questions about eternal security: "Can a born again Christian lose their salvation?". His reply is no and he uses the bible to back it up. A true born again Christian is sealed permanently because they trust in Christ alone, his finished work at the cross of Calvary, not themselves (their own effort/performance/sacrifices/rituals). The grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God is a free gift received by those who believe/trust Jesus died for our sins. Brother Dave's IG Check out more Rap at
March 12, 2018
Gifted Da Flame Throwa Interview
Gifted Da Flame Throwa is a Rapper from New Orleans in Louisiana, but he moved to Houston Texas during Hurricane Katrina. He, his wife Zeeda (who has featured on his songs), and Govenor Reiss (also from New Orleans) have all been part of Bound 4 Glory Records. Gifted was also part of Much Luvv Records which had artists such as Tre9 (the founder), Von Won, S.O.M. (Soldiers On A Mission), Cy aka Cyclone, Mark J, ColCutz, and others. Gifted Da Flame Throwa has several mixtapes that each have a different DJ hosting them. He also has a website that features his podcast Running My Mouth, his mixtapes, his albums, and everything else related to him and his music/ministry. Check out more Rap at
March 12, 2018
John Moore Interview
John Moore (Formerly known as R.B.S. or Re-Born Souljah) is a Rapper from Houston. He's known for collaborating with Von Won, S.O.M. (Soldiers On A Mission), Trevor Lee, and Sypreme. His freshman album Me , My God, And My Hood is no longer on iTunes, but some the songs from that album can be found on his SoundCloud page He also features in a music video which can be found on YouTube. "Take Me Out " RBS Music Video Feat. F.O.E., Testimony & Von Won Check out more Rap at
March 12, 2018
Deuce Tre Interview
I had an interview with Deuce Tre on Facebook Messenger. I asked him about his music and testimony. Want to hear more interviews? I have others on SoundCloud, which you can find at my website HotRapMix.Com.
March 12, 2018
Mr Rogers Rap And More
Anchor updated the app (which I use to make these podcasts). So I just talked, and couldn’t figure out how to add background music. Artists mentioned: Dre Murray, Angie Rose, LitaRodi, Tedashii. Probably some others as well. Check out Check out
February 24, 2018
Canton Jones Pretty Girls Pray
I just love the song Pretty Girls Pray by Canton Jones! All ladies need to hear it! Check out HotRapMix.Com
February 16, 2018
Tedashii Sounds Like Bun B
This is a song by BranNuYu Follow my InstaGram @hotrapmix Check out my website HotRapMix.Com
February 16, 2018
116 Light Work And More
BranNuYu talks about * Hyper Fenton If I Died Today ft Dru Bex. * Nate G 3 Dayz and Leanin’ (Rep Tha Set) as well as Tex Mex and Jalapeño (Welcome To Chanclaville) * DJ Vow Hug Life ft Nate G * 3 Geez: Pyrexx, II Crunk 4 Jesus, I Am Justified * Rectify Power * Social Club Misfits Dive Ft Beam plus Tuyo ft Danny Gokey and Jordin Sparks and War Cry ft Tauren Wells * I Am Justified Houston * 116 Light Work * Tedashii Smile and Splash ft 1 K Phew * Second Chanynce Undeniable (He should collab with Coffey Anderson) * Angie Rose new music coming soon * Other stuff... that I didn’t write down, just spoke from the top of my mind. Check out HotRapMix.Com Subscribe to hear more podcasts!
February 16, 2018
Tedashii New Music 2018
Tedashii has been releasing some new songs lately! Check out HotRapMix.Com to find more hot jams!
February 7, 2018
Bible Sermon Rap Mix Songs
Youth/Young Adults need to hear teachers/preachers of God’s word on rap/EDM/hiphop/trap beats! They need to hear the bible and sermons! Plus testimonies of born again Christians!
February 4, 2018
Much Luvv Christian Rap
Much Luvv Records had a reunion concert at Austin Lanier’s album release party at LifePath Church on West Little York Road. I took selfies with Sketch The Journalist, 007 from 5th Ward Boyz, Tre9, and Sypreme! My friend Joe Angel (Look up Joe Angel Glow on YouTube) went with me. We had a long drive on Highway 6 from Alvin Texas, through Sugar Land to North Houston. Social Club Misfits have a new song called Tuyo! Plus another one called War Cry! 116/Reach Records released a new song called Light Work! NGEN Radio is having listeners take selfies with the Lighter Bearers Billboard promoting 11Six with a hashtag that says #LightBearer Also I talked about DJ Primo and LitaRodi and World Rejects. Be sure to subscribe to this podcast for more! And check out HotRapMix.Com
February 3, 2018
Sooky In Da Mix!!!
Sooky Cookie on YouTube 🍪
January 24, 2018
Nickelodeon Kel Mitchell Rap
Rappers who sound similar to Kel Mitchell (and each other): 1 K Phew, Mike Jones, KAllico formerly T-Strike. Other artists mentioned: T Haddy, Canton Jones, Willie Moore Jr, Spec, Asia Lee, Von Won, Aha Gazelle, Lecrae, Tedashii, Gabriel Cannon (Nick Cannon’s bro). Plus Timbaland, Bow Wow, and Usher. Sorry if I forgot any names... I try to keep my writing short and simple since I type it on my ipod using Anchor App. There are alot of other artists I wish I could mention and shout out! Gideonz Army and Mr Del are two I would like to mention for the Crunk sound of the south! If you want to find new jams to listen to: head over to my website and download free mixtapes and buy some music too! I provided Amazon affiliate links to some of my favorite albums! HotRapMix.Com You can also order an I Like My Coffee Tshirt!
January 23, 2018
Create A Podcast An Easy Way
BranNuYu demonstrates that you can easily create a professional sounding podcast with just Audacity and Anchor. You only need Anchor app to make a podcast. But if you want to go to the next level to make a professional sounding recording/mix, you can utilize your recording software (Audacity) and a better microphone! All you have to do is upload your audio to on your computer and then go to the mobile device where your Anchor app is installed and put together the segments to make an episode for your podcast! (It’s real easy to start a podcast on Anchor). Follow BranNuYu on InstaGram @hotrapmix plus check out HotRapMix.Com to purchase Music from Amazon Affiliate links plus you can Download Free Mixtapes!
January 19, 2018
Content: Music And Animation
BranNuYu talks about music and animation mostly. Music talked about: Trevor Lee (Kingz Camp) and LitaRodi. Plus some talk about Trump and politics! Animation for InstaGram: Instashot App. Check out my website HotRapMix.Com Look me up on IG: @hotrapmix
January 18, 2018
Rappers Who Like Coffee
So... BranNuYu isn’t the only one who likes his (my) coffee! There’s also Angie Rose and Humble Beast! Left Coast Roasters! Let me know if you know anyone who raps about coffee! Or sings! Email Also send free coffee my way or whatever else you like to PO Box 1754 Alvin TX 77511! Thanks in advance! Check out my website HotRapMix.Com to buy BranNuYu I Like My Coffee from Amazon Affiliate link, plus order an I Like My Coffee T-Shirt through a Zazzle Affiliate link! Looking for new jams? I’ve invested alot of time into my @hotrapmix InstaGram to share pists about Artists I like! So feel free to scroll all the way down through my 2000+ posts and see what there is! Also check out Brandyn Nolen, HotRapMix, and Rudo197 YouTube Channels! HotRapMix is mainly for Christian Rap/HipHop related stuff. And then the others two channels have mixed personal content (throwback videos of Texas Bible Institute, cartoon animations, music, Age Of Empires 2 game recordings,
January 13, 2018
Christian Rap Music Discovery
I feel like alot of my favorite Christian Rappers would be found/discovered/picked up/listened to by more people if they were to appear on podcasts! Whether they are a guest or they start a show of their own and they can bring on their own guests! Interviews and Shows are a great way to get heard, and people may check out your music if you are constantly on their mind and you have captured their attention/time with a podcast that they listen to anywhere/everywhere! This app called Anchor makes it so easy for anyone to have a podcast! All you have to do is record little bits of audio, add some music, and select what you want to make into a podcast episode! If you like CHH (or coffee): Check out my website HotRapMix.Com
January 13, 2018
Top 5 Females Christian HipHop
Top 5 Female In Christian HipHop
January 1, 2018
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