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The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 12 - Flux: Issue Based Direct Democracy w/Ben Ballingall

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The Brass Monkey is the podcast duo of Soren and Reid. Just two average guys that go on a no filter exploration of the world and all that encompasses it! Join us for our regular episodes and get on the ride
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #13 - Alternatives to Labor and Liberal this Election + Liverpool FC!
Time to vote for our future! In this episode we delve into a few alternatives to the major’s and wax lyrical on the current state of the Australian political landscape. Then we point out some glaring hypocrisies behind Pauline Hanson’s campaign of supporting Adani coal and yet being against immigration. We ask why the Australian public buys these lies and when will voters wise up to the tactics of these politicians. There’s been a spate of egging and other ‘attacks’ on Australian politicians. The Brass Monkey Podcast look at the best ones and ask what these politicians expect when they are paid handsomely but act like children in parliament. Closing things off with a wrap up of Liverpool FC's season! All this and more on The Brass Monkey Podcast.
May 16, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 12 - Flux: Issue Based Direct Democracy w/Ben Ballingall
With the Australian federal election looming large on Saturday May 18th, we here at The Brass Monkey Pod are doing a deep dive on some of the seriously viable alternatives to the duopoly we’ve been enduring for how many decades now. This search for something better has lead us to Flux, which is a political party pushing for "Issue Based Direct Democracy (IBDD)" using Blockchain voting technology to revolutionise political participation in Australia. In this episode we sit down with Flux representative Ben Ballingall to gain a greater understating of the system itself, the technology driving it and the implications for politics at large.  Flux Website: Email Ben:
May 3, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #11 - Special Guest: Charlie Robinson, author of "The Octopus of Global Control"
In this special presentation of The Brass Monkey Pod, Mark sits down with very special guest Charlie Robinson, author of "The Octopus of Global Control",  which is a controversial non-fiction book that uncovers some of the biggest conspiracies in modern world history in a way that is both horrifying and hilarious. The book features quotes from over 500 people that had a front row seat to some of the most important events in history, and their voices paint a picture of what really happened that won’t be found in the history books. Charlie Robinson infuses his dark sense of humor to describe who the “Octopus” really is, how the eight tentacles of control work in concert to keep humanity under its control, and what we can do to break free. Strap yourself in for the first in a series of Podcasts with Charlie.  Get his book here:
April 19, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #10 - Vegan Protests in Melbourne, Julian Assange Getting the Boot + more...
In todays show! Soren and Reid discuss the recent vegan protests in Melbourne Australia. For some reason the mainstream media has depicted these protestors as criminals when they clearly are supporting animal rights and highlighting the issue with factory farming. Julian Assange is due to be ‘expelled’ from the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK. What has the Australian govt done to get him home? What’s the impact on Wikileaks if this all goes through? How should we view him? The wrap it up by calling bullshit on Conor McGregor and Dana White! Massive episode now up! Subscribe, tell your friends!
April 10, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #9 - The Murder of Nipsey Hussle, The Aussie Budget & Calling Bullshit!
In today’s show! We celebrate the life of Nipsey Hussle, musically he was paving a way to be one of the greats but away from the studio he was impacting his community through entrepreneurship and a high business acumen. His death is an all-to-familiar reminder of the pain of gun violence and how it can break or bond a community. Prior to Nipsey’s death he was working on a documentary on controversial therapist Dr Sebi, who claimed to cure cancer aids amongst other things. Is there a link? Overnight the Australian budget came in and the public are desperate to hear the verdict! We go live with our in depth coverage of the ‘winners and losers’ for this budget highlighting that it’s more of a PR stunt than an actual sign of things to come. Closing the Pod off with a ‘calling bullshit’ on pine nuts! Yes pine nuts and chips in kebabs... crazy pod all available on The Brass Monkey Pod. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary:
April 3, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #8 - One Nation Caught Red Handed, The Mueller Report, Venezuela Cont.
On today’s show! We expose One Nation's lobbying collusion with the NRA and what went down with their plans for growth in Australia. Then discuss the report that dumbed a nation, The Mueller Report. No Russian collusion? Can the report be trusted? Should we focus on other more disturbing aspects of the Trump presidency and where does this leave Hilary Clinton who claimed that ‘Russian collusion’ was the reason for her loss. Following on we update listeners on Venezuela and the arrival of Russian troops. How will this big f@ck you to Trump and his plans play out. Our thoughts are with the Venezuelan people to get an outcome that benefits their country.
March 28, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #7 - Christchurch Emergency Pod, Why does Meghan McCain Even Have a Platform? All hail Eggboy!
Today we do an emergency podcast for New Zealand and the tragic events that took place in Christchurch. We digest the heartache of having something like this happen in our own backyard, the politics that impacted it, the people that should take responsibility and the role of social media in the entire horrific event. What ownership is Mark Zuckerberg taking if any for it being live streamed on Facebook? We also take a look at the crocodile tears of Meghan McCain and her hate inspiring tirade at Ilhan Omar. We ask how and why a person like Meghan, daughter of John McCain, has a national platform to spew such BS. Then we question why these entitled and spoon fed children of the elite like Meghan think they should even comment on a congresswoman who is representing her elected voters to the best of her ability. Then we celebrate  Australia's newest cult hero - Eggboy! What a little legend! All this and more on The Brass Monkey Pod!
March 20, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #6 - The Insta Shutdown, Gender Equality for ScoMo a No No and the US College Admissions Scandal
In today’s episode we digest the tragic, unworldly and downright shocking impact that the Instagram ‘shutdown’ had on us. In doing so we ask each other what it takes to become an influencer, life coach and a social media icon. Following on we dive deep into the Australian Prime Ministers continual push to slide our country back into the dark ages by refusing to sign on to the UN’s international Women’s day statement. What role does religion play in his decision and why this is a slippery slope. Wrapping things up with taking time to shed a tear for the American upper-class who have been caught up in the college bribery scandal. Finally asking the questions, what is the actual point of going to university to regurgitate another persons thoughts? We close off a massive episode with a new segment ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’ Where Soren is stuck deep in a group text dilemma. Wow! Best podcast of all time, here on The Brass Monkey Pod!
March 15, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #5 - Lack of Media Coverage of Pell Conviction, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar & Lebron!
Does it strike you as strange that the conviction of the 3rd highest ranking member of the Catholic Church only made headlines for only 2 days? Us too! This week Mark and Soz examine what the hell is up with this as well as pondering why ex Australian Prime Ministers would line up to defend  this convicted child rapist. We also take a look at the heat Congresswoman Omar Ilhan is copping for even proposing to remove corporate lobbying from the political process. Round it out talking shit about LeBron!  
March 7, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #4 - Venezuela Recap, Cardinal George Pell Convicted, David Icke Banned from Australia + “Calling Bullshit”.
In this episode of The Brass Monkey Pod, Soren and Reid are coming in hot! They jump straight into a recap of the disappointing and deteriorating situation in Venezuela. Also why this is such an important and serious matter for the rest of the world given the history of US invasions. Then veer off into the huge announcement of former member of the popes 'C-9' Cardinal George Pell's conviction for child sex abuse and where this leaves us. David Icke got banned from coming to Australia, whats happening to our freedom of speech? Closing things off we call bullshit on the Robert Kraft scandal... A massive episode! Come get it at The Brass Monkey Pod, Cardinal George Pell Convicted, 
February 28, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #3 - Anthony Lister Doco, Venezuela invasion lies and Kaps settlements!
Latest episode of The Brass Monkey Pod we start off by discussing the new doc ‘Have You Seen The Listers’ and go into how the Brisbane artist has impacted our lives, in addition to the story that the documentary tells. Spoiler alert it pulls a few heart strings. Later in the episode we dive deep into the lies that are being sold as part of this US invasion of Venezuela, Soz and Reid are no experts but it’s all starting to smell a lot like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam and the list goes on. Alternate motives masked as ‘help and support’ for a country that hasn’t asked for it (see Haiti). All this and much more packed into this episode of the Brass Monkey Pod!
February 23, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #2 - Grammys, 9/11 and Inheritance!
In today’s episode of The Brass Monkey Pod we take a detailed look into the 2019 Grammys from two guys who didn’t watch any of it. Then react to the U.S. Attorney Agreeing to present new evidence of World Trade Center demolition to Federal Grand Jury. Finally, after 17 long years, the 9/11 Truth Movement has opened an avenue to prosecuting those responsible for the shocking destruction of the World Trade Center and the horrible loss of life that resulted. We spend time reflecting how this day impacted us all and how some refuse to let the truth into their life. To wrap things up we ‘call bullish!t’ on inheritance! Who knew a subject could spawn such interesting views. All this and more now available on The Brass Monkey Pod!
February 13, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #1 - Super bowl recap.Fyre Festival takeaways. The Hayne report review.
The very first episode of The Brass Monkey Podcast Soren and Reid go heavy into all the subjects that matter! We review the weekend that was and take a look at the Superbowl being possibly the most boring sporting event of all time. Then dive deep into the Fyre Festival and Billy McFarlands best attempt to create a music festival for the sole purpose to get laid. After this we take a serious look at the Hayne report, how it impacts us as consumers and what potential actions the government may take. Close the episode off with a 'Calling Bullsh!t' segment that could get both of us divorced. All this and more up now on The Brass Monkey Podcast!
February 7, 2019
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