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Your #1 podcast slingin’ straight facts, pestering rad guests, spewing absurd opinions, pure science, conspiracies, sport and more...

The Brass Monkey is the podcast duo of Soren and Reid. Just two average guys that go on a no filter exploration of the world and all that encompasses it! Join us for our regular episodes and get on the ride
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The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 12 - Flux: Issue Based Direct Democracy w/Ben Ballingall

The Brass Monkey Pod

The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #35 - Far Right extremists, Neo Nazi Facists, Racist Protestors.
Australian has gone mad but is that the majority? With our government referring to the protestors as every hideous and sickening term in the book we ask is there any truth to it? The recent personal attacks from several members of the ‘Stop the Far Right’ on Real Rukshan and Avi Yemini are concerning. Where does this come from and why are they being targeted, also is this something that should be looked into further. Victorian MP Andy Meddick continued to berate individuals in the media as neo nazis while allegedly not being truthful in a statement regarding his daughters recent accusations of assault/ encounter with a man who returned a spray paint can that was thrown at him by said daughter. Yes the worlds gone mad and all that on the eve of the Millions March Protest across Australia which could be the largest protest in Australian History.
November 26, 2021
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep#34 - Is Melbourne leading Australia to the gates of hell?!
In today’s episode we digest the constant government mandates changing the way we live in Australia. Looking at medical misinformation pushed by some and general misguided statements by others. It’s becoming difficult to live in a society where you are not allowed to live freely without medical mandates and vax passports. We dive into is leaving an option or is there anywhere in Aus safe? Or is it too late? A large amount of legal battles against the vax passports have failed in Aus and business continues to make employees lives difficult if they choose not to comply. We ask the question we never thought we would too, is it time to break? All this and loads more including a wrap up from Woodstock 99 dissecting why it’s been cancelled and if we will ever see festivals of this nature again. #brassmonkey #australia #podcast Please support The Brass Monkey by subscribing to our YouTube channel and Podcast: Some sources and links not limited to the following: Another one leaves
November 02, 2021
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #33 - Australian Gov. Collapse and Science Silence.
In today’s show. The media refuses to report any of Tanya Davies statement on voluntary vaccinations.
October 06, 2021
The Brass Monkey - Ep #32 - Australia under Police control. Media lies and Medical Misinformation.
In one of Australia’s darkest weeks in a long time we have seen free speech eroded even further which is hard to believe. The media continues to insight a narrative of hate and disinformation. We dissect the week in protests, shooting on the streets, tear gas, senior citizens being capsicum sprayed. A dark week in Australian history and concerns over the coming future. Also calling bullshit is back with another guest appearance from the Clintons. It seems Russiagate surprisingly was not what it seemed. All this and more on the Brass Monkey Podcast. Visit out YouTube channel here where today can find more exclusive content
September 24, 2021
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #31 - What is happening Australia? The longest lockdown.
With no end in sight your favourite two podcasters strap themselves in for a pod to save the country. Is it possible that you can love vaccines and still appreciate peoples unwillingness to want to get them? Can you distrust the vaccine rollout and potential vaccine future harm but respect individual decision to have a choice to still get a vaccine by choice? Can you ask the question around the government mandates and their pressure over medical anonymity? Well it seems if you live in Australia the answer to all of the above is no. We dive into Rand Paul’s recent in in inquisition of Anthony Fauci and finish a huge show off with calling bullshit on potential the king of bullshit, John Howard.
September 07, 2021
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #30 - Melbourne vs. Australia & The Shark Whisperer: Mick Fanning
On todays show! Corona lockdowns deepen and the insanity spirals. More and more critics of the handling of the lockdown are coming out but what are the real options? We delve into the potential of quarantining those that are at risk and opening back up. A professional surfer discusses depression while promoting an alcohol company, sounds normal in todays world. Especially concerning when alcohol relates to almost 500,000 cases of reported depression in Australia alone. If you had spent your time as a paid professional surfer is this how you would chose to use your influence? All that and so much more! Get ready to get weird! Dr Simon James Thornley: Dr Simon James Thornley on NZ TV: Mick Fanning: Mick Fanning reveals ongoing fallout from 2015 shark attack:
September 12, 2020
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #29 - Drone Surveillance in Victoria, The DNC Comedy Hour + more...
You are being watched. Victorian police have confirmed they are using drones to spy on citizens who break corona virus laws. When did we agree to this and how do we stop a government that has gone too far? The spiral of lies that the media has told us has given birth to the voice of the individual internet pundit, we ask the question who do you believe and who is right? The shit show that is the DNC have once again demonstrated their pious disconnect with the common human by rolling out crooked Hilary and war criminal Obama. Are they trying to lose? Is 5G making us bald? All this and so much more in this wild episode of the Brass Monkey Podcast.
August 21, 2020
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 28 - Melbourne Under Curfew, Sovereign Citizens & Beirut Lebanon
Victoria is on its strictest lockdown since Corona Virus took a hold of Australia. It’s 1984 meets V for Vendetta. We take a look at what the restrictions are and how they impact our life going forward.  The rise of the Sovereign Citizen is here and what does it actually mean? Far right movement or simple tactics to take back your rights and freedoms against unjust laws. The Beirut blast has been heard around the world, tragically the events are unfolding before our eyes. Rather than cast our opinion this early we look at the similarities to the reporting of such an event to that of the Las Vegas Shooting. How did they know it was a mis handled ammonium nitrate storage so quickly and how is it presumed that this is the sole responsibility for the explosion? Witnesses early saying they heard planes over head but less and less is being said of this. We unpack as much as we can. All this and more on the Brass Monkey Podcast The Brass Monkey Pod Instagram: Cancel Your Slave Contracts to Corporate Governments: Details on restrictions in Victoria to slow the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19): Sovereign Citizen Movement: The cargo that blew up Beirut: Rupert Murdoch's son quits over right-wing news tilt:
August 07, 2020
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #27 - What's Next for Ghislaine & We've Got Some Legit Questions About COVID-19!
Where in the world is Ghislaine Maxwell? America apparently and now in Jail. Who would have thought that one of the most sought after criminal figures of our time was ‘hiding out’ in a country home right under our noses. Now she’s imprisoned with a wing to herself to plot her next evil scheme with the help of her evil friends Les Wexner and Bill Clinton. We deep dive into the history of this mysterious madam and the impact her role played in one of the most sickening cases to hit our courts. The question remains though, why and for who? Adrenechrome, SRA, power, Mega Group, Cabal, the devil, deep state, Donald Trump? Border jumpers, corona virus hunters and political pundits. We discuss the state of affairs around the Corona Virus reporting, what rights we are losing and why it all matters. We put a request out to Dr Bec Judd to lend her thoughts on how to stay Corona safe and end the podcast with some tunes to send you into the weekend! What more could you ask for?! All this and so much more on the Brass Monkey Pod! GHISLAINE DOCUMENTS UNSEALED: Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal: Maxwell's Silver Hammer: The Maxwell Family Business: Espionage: How a secretive Pentagon agency seeded the ground for a rapid coronavirus cure: Flu deaths in Australia hit 300: Australian Influenza Surveillance Report - No 05 - week ending 14 June 2020:
August 01, 2020
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #26 - COVID-19 vs. Humanity Round 2 | BLM | Q & QAnon Take Wayfair | Music by Brad Paradise!
On today’s show! We debunk, dissect and digest what on earth is going on with Coronavirus / COVID-19! Trump spawned population control weapon, Chinese super virus, Bill Gates money maker? As always we’ve got all the 100% accurate facts ;) It’s official, Kanye West will be the president in 2020 but who will be his running mate? Jay Z? Watch the throne running card? Q and QAnon take Wayfair. What on earth is happening with the Wayfair website debacle and how has Q played a role. Finished with the amazing sounds of Melbourne electro-pop outfit Brad Paradise, this is one of the best episodes yet! Sources: Who is Bill Gates?: C0R0NAVlRUS Cases Surging but Deaths are Not, Here's Why: General Flynne’s Q Oath: Wayfair Discovery by Tommy G (Q Supporter): Music by Brad Paradise: Like a Bullet I’m Coming: Graceland:
July 15, 2020
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #25 - YouTube D-Day | ScoMo & Gladys Let Australia Burn!
It’s the end of YouTube as we know it! On December 10th YouTube’s new policy guidelines drop and changes to their terms of service. Who is getting banned, who does it impact most and what’s the reasoning behind it? Fires have ravaged Australia while the government guts funding to key areas of Fire Prevention. The climate catastrophe is accelerating, yet NSW Premiere Gladys Berejiklian thought it was a good idea to cut the RFS budget by 75% this year?! And finally... What do cretins Bob Hawke, Tony Abbott, Paul Keating and John Howard all have in common other than being x-prime ministers? The answer may or may not surprise. All this and more... 
December 10, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #24 - Yeezus is King? | Aus. Gov. Dismantling Democracy!
One day many years ago, we both had the immense pleasure of meeting a pre-"808s and Heartbreak" Kanye West. Today we start this podcast adventure off looking at what has happened between then and now, with the release of his latest religious album "Jesus is King". If you drop a single on Pornhub then offer an album titled "Jesus is King" is that repenting and make it ok? Kanye West believes in the way of Jesus Christ and he wants you to know no matter what you do, no matter how much wealth you don’t give to the needy, just believe and it’s all good.Cult vibes? Then we take a jackhammer to the Australian Government's reaction to the climate protests and how ScoMo and Dutton are looking to outlaw "secondary boycotts", which is the ability for a company not to work with another based on ethical grounds - which would fundamentally undermine your ability to affect change by where you spend your dollars. Fashy much? We also do the greatest sport segment ever to have been recorded on planet Earth. Lebron we're coming for you! All this and more in this latest episode! Climate of the Nation 2019: Sources:  
November 05, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep#23 - 911 Anniversay | WT7 WTF? | Tom Delonge To the Stars!
On Todays Show! Pamela Anderson has taken down the hosts of the view in another occasion where Meghan McCain looks like an illiterate, ignorant spoilt child. Is it right to claim Julian Assange is a 'cyber terrorist' when Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook leak our personal information, televise terrorist events and allegedly spy on us? A look back on the 9/11 anniversary and the moments that still don't sit right with us. How did the pilots with limited experience manage to fly planes so precisely? Why is there no footage of the aircraft that struck the pentagon? Why is thermite found everywhere at the scene? Wheres the Shanksville plane debris? Why do the only eye witnesses/survivors of WTC7 claim they heard explosions from beneath them? The University of Alaska Fairbanks has released its report contradicting the findings of the NIST report, unsurprisingly. Tom Delonge, saviour, messiah, punk rocker or captain of dis-info? We discuss the new findings around the "To The Stars Academy" leaked videos and the navy confirmation. All this and one of the worst calling bullshits we have ever had, sit down and enjoy the latest crazy episode of The Brass Monkey Pod. Sources: Pamela Anderson: Assange: Zuckerberg Hate Crimes: WT7: WT7 more: Tom DeLonge: Edwina's Savage Tweet:
September 20, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep#22 - The Reid Takeover Pod: Hawaii, Epstein & WT7!
Do you ever get the feeling that you've been brainwashed? In this Reid Pod solo Brass Monkey episode we dive down the rabbit hole and fly past  a few mad hatters on our way to the truth. Now i'm freshly back from the beautiful waters of Hawaii where i couldn't help but reflect on the rich Polynesian history and how people like Sanford Dole changed the landscape and manipulated the beautiful culture among the islands. The Epstein spin wheel is in overdrive and I thought it was time to discuss some of the periphery stories which aren't hitting the headlines. Like Katherine Keating being seen at Epstein's New York pedo palace AFTER he was an admitted pedo. Surely someone with such contacts would have know this at that time, so what was she doing there? Surprise, surprise! Planes didn't hit World Trade Centre 7 and fires weren't the cause of the collapse. So what did bring the mysterious 3rd tower down on that day? It's looking like the 'truthers' were right and the governments narrative was completely wrong. What does this tell us after all these years? Jakarta is sinking and the government is running from their mess. What other cities are on the horizon to be impacted from this type of disaster? AND Crystals! Yes crystals, Ark Crystals in fact. I go deep on Crystal life, Crystal Culture and a potential crystal purchase! All this and WAAAAY more on this episode of The Brass Monkey Pod. SOURCES:
September 11, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 21 - Isaac Kappy Suicided, Tracy Twyman, Epstein & The Royal Family
On todays Show! Who would win in a fight between irrelevant shock jock Alan Jones and a Koala? We find out. What other sewage is going to pour out of this guys mouth! Then we take time to discuss the death of Isaac Kappy and the mysterious, odd circumstances over his apparent suicide. When are we going to start listening to these whistle blowers? We wrap that up with a brief chat about Tracy Twyman who was also on the same trail as Kappy. Epstein's death leaves unanswered questions everywhere and finally it appears the Royal family is going to have to take responsibility for their involvement. How deep will it all go? Finishing up with the Google document dump whistle blower, what does this mean? All this and so much more on The Brass Monkey Pod. Here's some links as promised so you can do you own digging: Tracy Twyman Dead: Tracy Twyman Update: What really happened to Isaac Happy: Isaac Happy the Full Breakdown: Project Veritas - Leaked Google Internal Documents: Tom Hanks & Steven Spielberg Accused: Jefferey Epstein Flight Logs Released: Prince Charles' Perverted Mentor:
August 21, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #20 - Epstein Dead. Rich Powerful People Rejoice!
On today’s show! Epstein suicide? Are we really expected to believe the highest profile criminal in current custody was able to commit suicide. If not suicide what happened? Was he killed? Was he switched with a body double? The public is awake and watching, yet not believing the narrative we are receiving. President Trump has retweeted a theory that The Clintons may be involved in Epstein's death, which has set the world on fire with speculation. The question remains though, who benefits? His accomplices? One of the most reported names surrounding Epstein was Prince Andrew who has somehow escaped all of this unharmed. We discuss the role the Royal Family is playing in all this and where to find the truth. All this and more on The Brass Monkey Pod!
August 12, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #19 - Storming Area 51 + Jeffrey Epstein Update!
Are you pro reptilian or pro alien? Anunnaki or Greys? How about a chance to storm Area 51 with 1 million of your new best mates? Could be on the cards for September. We also look at the evolving saga with sexual predator Jefferey Epstein and the introduction of British Royal Prince Andrew into the equation. All signs point to Epstein being a Mossad agent used to compromise high-level government officials in order to shape global politics.  We finish off with a new segment called ‘What the fuck have you been are you listening to?" and chat about our musical recommendations including NEW Music by Hobo Johnson and old music by Hank Williams Jr. All this and way more, on The Brass Monkey Podcast! The King of Zion Documentary: Help Stop Adani: Hobo Johnson: Hank Williams Jr: Help Storm Area 51:
July 18, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #18 - Jefferey Epstein: Rich people can get away with the darnedest things!
On Today’s Show! Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted predator who due to his financial status and connections received a sweetheart deal for a sentence that saw him serve only 13 months of essentially home detention. Alex Acosta the man who gave him such an outrageously disturbing sentence was and has been promoted since doing this to now be the labour minister in the trump administration. Since Epstein's release he’s been travelling the world on his jet nicknamed the Lolita Express while child trafficking cases involving high profile officials and business people reach an all time high. The FBI have recently raided Epstein's residence in New York uncovering many explicit images of under aged woman, all around the time that the explosive indictments were unsealed relating to his case. The unsealed indictment details a man who has prayed and abused minors, with absolute no regard for human life. Will Jeffrey Epstein get what’s coming to him and we discuss the fact that there is no way this sick man acted alone. Will his accomplices be named? When will the media and society start holding these individuals appropriately accountable. All this and more on The Brass Monkey Podcast. Read the whole indictment:
July 12, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #17 - Waxing Lyrical Over the Moon Landing with Jesse Pattinson of The Delta Riggs
This week we welcome special guest Jesse Pattinson - Melbourne musician and guitarist for the Delta Riggs -  to discuss… The Moon Landing? On July 20, 1969, TVs across the globe broadcast footage from 384,400km away showing American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin appearing to land on the Moon. Ever since then, a debate has raged as to whether or not this occurred the way NASA says it did. Two opposing views collide over a few beers in this spaced out episode for the ages. The Delta Riggs Tour Dates: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to The Moon: Official NASA Report on Losing Footage: Alan Watts - Relax Your Mind: The Emergent Universe:
July 06, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #16 - Izzy serious? We unpack what on earth is going on with Israel Folau
There's many layers to this whole Israel Folau saga. First and foremost religion can no longer be used to veil what is essentially hate speech. But what is the context and history surrounding his hardline religious views and what is the responsibility of a media that espouses the merits of the very arguments that got him fired? Layers people. We also question the ethical issues surrounding BWS (Beer Wine & Spirits) being a major partner with "Dry July" in Australia. Enjoy!
June 27, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #15 - Raptors Win | Where's Assange? | Who is Captain Davo aka Davoslots?
In Today’s Show! The Toronto Raptors win the NBA Finals and take home the Larry O’Brien trophy. We go deep on dissecting what made this an amazing series including Kyle Lowrys amazing performance, was Kawhi Leonard winning karma for what the warriors did to him in 2016 and the amazing parade that followed the win. We play a game of ‘Where’s Assange?’ and try to work out why no one cares about his freedom. Then try to understand how the bigger picture of this impacting the freedom of the press is impacting us all. Australia is once again towing the American line with this which continues to baffle. Who is The Captain Davo? We discuss in great detail the phenomenon that is The Captain aka Davo aka Davoslots aka F@cken Nora aka Get my mum on the phone! How this gambling guru is changing how we gamble. All that and Calling Bullshit is back! Get your Brass Monkey Podcast now!
June 19, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #14 - Australia Loses its Collective Mind!
In today’s show we discuss how the liberal party saved our country by getting re-elected??? No seriously, what the actual fuck has happened to Australia where we continue to elect these muppets as PM? The boys digest. Israel Folau has blood on his hands and he’s proud about it! All because some dudes sat around, wrote a fictional book with some great stories... right. A new segment is introduced! Drip or Flip where we dive into some current news articles. All this and more on The Brass Monkey Podcast. Hit subscribe!
May 27, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #13 - Alternatives to Labor and Liberal this Election + Liverpool FC!
Time to vote for our future! In this episode we delve into a few alternatives to the major’s and wax lyrical on the current state of the Australian political landscape. Then we point out some glaring hypocrisies behind Pauline Hanson’s campaign of supporting Adani coal and yet being against immigration. We ask why the Australian public buys these lies and when will voters wise up to the tactics of these politicians. There’s been a spate of egging and other ‘attacks’ on Australian politicians. The Brass Monkey Podcast look at the best ones and ask what these politicians expect when they are paid handsomely but act like children in parliament. Closing things off with a wrap up of Liverpool FC's season! All this and more on The Brass Monkey Podcast.
May 16, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep # 12 - Flux: Issue Based Direct Democracy w/Ben Ballingall
With the Australian federal election looming large on Saturday May 18th, we here at The Brass Monkey Pod are doing a deep dive on some of the seriously viable alternatives to the duopoly we’ve been enduring for how many decades now. This search for something better has lead us to Flux, which is a political party pushing for "Issue Based Direct Democracy (IBDD)" using Blockchain voting technology to revolutionise political participation in Australia. In this episode we sit down with Flux representative Ben Ballingall to gain a greater understating of the system itself, the technology driving it and the implications for politics at large.  Flux Website: Email Ben:
May 03, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #11 - Special Guest: Charlie Robinson, author of "The Octopus of Global Control"
In this special presentation of The Brass Monkey Pod, Mark sits down with very special guest Charlie Robinson, author of "The Octopus of Global Control",  which is a controversial non-fiction book that uncovers some of the biggest conspiracies in modern world history in a way that is both horrifying and hilarious. The book features quotes from over 500 people that had a front row seat to some of the most important events in history, and their voices paint a picture of what really happened that won’t be found in the history books. Charlie Robinson infuses his dark sense of humor to describe who the “Octopus” really is, how the eight tentacles of control work in concert to keep humanity under its control, and what we can do to break free. Strap yourself in for the first in a series of Podcasts with Charlie.  Get his book here:
April 19, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #10 - Vegan Protests in Melbourne, Julian Assange Getting the Boot + more...
In todays show! Soren and Reid discuss the recent vegan protests in Melbourne Australia. For some reason the mainstream media has depicted these protestors as criminals when they clearly are supporting animal rights and highlighting the issue with factory farming. Julian Assange is due to be ‘expelled’ from the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK. What has the Australian govt done to get him home? What’s the impact on Wikileaks if this all goes through? How should we view him? The wrap it up by calling bullshit on Conor McGregor and Dana White! Massive episode now up! Subscribe, tell your friends!
April 10, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #9 - The Murder of Nipsey Hussle, The Aussie Budget & Calling Bullshit!
In today’s show! We celebrate the life of Nipsey Hussle, musically he was paving a way to be one of the greats but away from the studio he was impacting his community through entrepreneurship and a high business acumen. His death is an all-to-familiar reminder of the pain of gun violence and how it can break or bond a community. Prior to Nipsey’s death he was working on a documentary on controversial therapist Dr Sebi, who claimed to cure cancer aids amongst other things. Is there a link? Overnight the Australian budget came in and the public are desperate to hear the verdict! We go live with our in depth coverage of the ‘winners and losers’ for this budget highlighting that it’s more of a PR stunt than an actual sign of things to come. Closing the Pod off with a ‘calling bullshit’ on pine nuts! Yes pine nuts and chips in kebabs... crazy pod all available on The Brass Monkey Pod. Hit subscribe so you don’t miss an episode. Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business | Full Documentary:
April 03, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #8 - One Nation Caught Red Handed, The Mueller Report, Venezuela Cont.
On today’s show! We expose One Nation's lobbying collusion with the NRA and what went down with their plans for growth in Australia. Then discuss the report that dumbed a nation, The Mueller Report. No Russian collusion? Can the report be trusted? Should we focus on other more disturbing aspects of the Trump presidency and where does this leave Hilary Clinton who claimed that ‘Russian collusion’ was the reason for her loss. Following on we update listeners on Venezuela and the arrival of Russian troops. How will this big f@ck you to Trump and his plans play out. Our thoughts are with the Venezuelan people to get an outcome that benefits their country.
March 28, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #7 - Christchurch Emergency Pod, Why does Meghan McCain Even Have a Platform? All hail Eggboy!
Today we do an emergency podcast for New Zealand and the tragic events that took place in Christchurch. We digest the heartache of having something like this happen in our own backyard, the politics that impacted it, the people that should take responsibility and the role of social media in the entire horrific event. What ownership is Mark Zuckerberg taking if any for it being live streamed on Facebook? We also take a look at the crocodile tears of Meghan McCain and her hate inspiring tirade at Ilhan Omar. We ask how and why a person like Meghan, daughter of John McCain, has a national platform to spew such BS. Then we question why these entitled and spoon fed children of the elite like Meghan think they should even comment on a congresswoman who is representing her elected voters to the best of her ability. Then we celebrate  Australia's newest cult hero - Eggboy! What a little legend! All this and more on The Brass Monkey Pod!
March 20, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #6 - The Insta Shutdown, Gender Equality for ScoMo a No No and the US College Admissions Scandal
In today’s episode we digest the tragic, unworldly and downright shocking impact that the Instagram ‘shutdown’ had on us. In doing so we ask each other what it takes to become an influencer, life coach and a social media icon. Following on we dive deep into the Australian Prime Ministers continual push to slide our country back into the dark ages by refusing to sign on to the UN’s international Women’s day statement. What role does religion play in his decision and why this is a slippery slope. Wrapping things up with taking time to shed a tear for the American upper-class who have been caught up in the college bribery scandal. Finally asking the questions, what is the actual point of going to university to regurgitate another persons thoughts? We close off a massive episode with a new segment ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’ Where Soren is stuck deep in a group text dilemma. Wow! Best podcast of all time, here on The Brass Monkey Pod!
March 15, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #5 - Lack of Media Coverage of Pell Conviction, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar & Lebron!
Does it strike you as strange that the conviction of the 3rd highest ranking member of the Catholic Church only made headlines for only 2 days? Us too! This week Mark and Soz examine what the hell is up with this as well as pondering why ex Australian Prime Ministers would line up to defend  this convicted child rapist. We also take a look at the heat Congresswoman Omar Ilhan is copping for even proposing to remove corporate lobbying from the political process. Round it out talking shit about LeBron!  
March 07, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #4 - Venezuela Recap, Cardinal George Pell Convicted, David Icke Banned from Australia + “Calling Bullshit”.
In this episode of The Brass Monkey Pod, Soren and Reid are coming in hot! They jump straight into a recap of the disappointing and deteriorating situation in Venezuela. Also why this is such an important and serious matter for the rest of the world given the history of US invasions. Then veer off into the huge announcement of former member of the popes 'C-9' Cardinal George Pell's conviction for child sex abuse and where this leaves us. David Icke got banned from coming to Australia, whats happening to our freedom of speech? Closing things off we call bullshit on the Robert Kraft scandal... A massive episode! Come get it at The Brass Monkey Pod, Cardinal George Pell Convicted, 
February 28, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #3 - Anthony Lister Doco, Venezuela invasion lies and Kaps settlements!
Latest episode of The Brass Monkey Pod we start off by discussing the new doc ‘Have You Seen The Listers’ and go into how the Brisbane artist has impacted our lives, in addition to the story that the documentary tells. Spoiler alert it pulls a few heart strings. Later in the episode we dive deep into the lies that are being sold as part of this US invasion of Venezuela, Soz and Reid are no experts but it’s all starting to smell a lot like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Vietnam and the list goes on. Alternate motives masked as ‘help and support’ for a country that hasn’t asked for it (see Haiti). All this and much more packed into this episode of the Brass Monkey Pod!
February 23, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #2 - Grammys, 9/11 and Inheritance!
In today’s episode of The Brass Monkey Pod we take a detailed look into the 2019 Grammys from two guys who didn’t watch any of it. Then react to the U.S. Attorney Agreeing to present new evidence of World Trade Center demolition to Federal Grand Jury. Finally, after 17 long years, the 9/11 Truth Movement has opened an avenue to prosecuting those responsible for the shocking destruction of the World Trade Center and the horrible loss of life that resulted. We spend time reflecting how this day impacted us all and how some refuse to let the truth into their life. To wrap things up we ‘call bullish!t’ on inheritance! Who knew a subject could spawn such interesting views. All this and more now available on The Brass Monkey Pod!
February 13, 2019
The Brass Monkey Pod - Ep #1 - Super bowl recap.Fyre Festival takeaways. The Hayne report review.
The very first episode of The Brass Monkey Podcast Soren and Reid go heavy into all the subjects that matter! We review the weekend that was and take a look at the Superbowl being possibly the most boring sporting event of all time. Then dive deep into the Fyre Festival and Billy McFarlands best attempt to create a music festival for the sole purpose to get laid. After this we take a serious look at the Hayne report, how it impacts us as consumers and what potential actions the government may take. Close the episode off with a 'Calling Bullsh!t' segment that could get both of us divorced. All this and more up now on The Brass Monkey Podcast!
February 07, 2019