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Brave New Lifeways

Brave New Lifeways

By Souvereign
Syntropy is the Missing Link in our current Human Ecology which is predominantly lack, fear, and control driven. With a Syntropic Mindset the crazy western world around us can start to make sense again! We get to take our power back and navigate this Life with knowledge that empowers us to make Brave New changes in our Lifeways.

Welcome to a Syntropic way of relating to Life as I bring you the language and ways of relating that are all orientated to foster peace within, love around, and self-sovereignty within our communities.
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How it all began - our Brave New Life Community
Listen to Imanee and Souvereign connecting for the first time back in 2020 which was the beginning of our currently thriving Brave New Life Community. With topics ranging from birth, ancient wisdom traditions, regenerative agriculture, and raising younglings in communities of the New Earth, Souvereign articulates for the first time "on-air" his extensive comprehensions on human ecology, syntropy and the re-membering of who we truly are. Considered by far to be one of his most comprehensive sharing around becoming a Master Navigator through the re-enabling and use of our “Will.” With the topic of self-sovereignty interlinking all subjects we explore in this conversation, the question: How have we strayed from sovereignty and what do we move towards radical self-love required for this new earth metric we are co-creating? becomes addressed. Enjoy a sharing of Mindsong that is founded on Love and a deeper knowing of our Human Nature and the Lifeways of Peace and prosperity. ABOUT IMANEE: The original Mamalution podcast can be found here: More about Imanee Oxum Mamalution: To follow her on Instagram:
September 16, 2021
Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset - #wearesyntropy
Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love. This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Enjoined with a roadmap to re-member who we really are. Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Sovereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in, to re-member who they really are. This is deep and transformative work that exposes the corruption of mind programming and unveiling the hidden systems by which humanity has been manipulated to stay obedient, fearful, and in self-perpetuation of trauma. From Love shining a bright light onto the veiled aspects of our current human culture. Remembering Love easily exposes and illuminates humandamage also known as "wetiko", humanities' mind virus, and its many forms and ways that it keeps humanity lingering in the past of unresolved experiences. Unresolved Humandamage keeps perpetuating this artificially induced state of humans not reclaiming their self Sovereign nature, but instead (out of fear and avoidance of retriggering already existing trauma) asking permission, and believing in external authorities and their power over them. My sharings are in service to help free humans individually from their unresolved emotional imprinting by providing beauty full, Life supporting, comprehensions for the navigation of the internal landscape and the subsconscious/unconscious mind. In grace and lovingkindness, Souvereign Love what you are receiving? Support my navigation: become a Podcast supporter here: or also Nice and relevant: Buy me Coconuts or Join my Support Circle or you can send me ETH-based crypto tokens: Wallet address 0x6252f17dB21296769e1E2fC2372914f0C1B9E6CB
September 16, 2021
The Value of Emotions
   With Emotions being the language between the inner and the outer world and commonly related to as energy in motion, really what emotions are are much more than just that. They carry story, information a message from the internal landscape about the external reality. Emotions colour our perception and can often blur our sense of clarity because when they are of judgment (also known as self-preservation of existing belief systems and protection of unresolved emotional imprinting), and we believe them to be true we are not making use of their intrinsic function: a message from within to the Self about self. We all know or have heard how the external world or others are but a "reflection" of what is still wanting to become known about ourselves and our past from within. Yvonne and Souvereign talk about how our bodies and bodily cells are our very own most powerful and loving, unconditional ally, our very own servant to the consciousness we call Self. Since our bodies are carrying and storing the stories of all the times when Love did not show up and an imprint occurred, we benefit questioning the function when we emotionally re-act. Today we talk about how collapsing into our emotions makes us disempowered and keeps us from "learning from the experience". Emotional re-actions are gifts, story keeping narratives of other parts of Self that we as the sovereign host of our cells and body can (when we are willing and open) explore. When we know and can acknowledge that Everything In Life is Performing A Function With Purpose then we can start seeing our feelings and emotions as carriers of messages from the "within" that come to present OPPORTUNITY and not whatever the self defensive narratives through our judgment and justification is bringing about. NEW EARTH LIVING: This is another subject in the Unpacking Human Sovereignty Series that Vonne and Souvereign are navigating together. With our conversations we hope to instill insight and help people remember how to enact our individual resonse-ability and get ourselves out of the disempowered realm of blaming, shaming, judging "other". THE SERIES Every week Yvonne and Souvereign Talking about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found. *To Follow Yvonne:*  To obtain Vonne's book  The Secret to Life:  *To Follow Souvereign:*  Love what you are hearing? Support this podcast:
September 6, 2021
How to spot yourself going into Abandonment
Disguised as closed-ofness, coldness, emotionally numb or feelingless, these are but some of the signals that pre-existing abandonment imprints are given off signals for you, the Self, to navigate with and make use of.    Every week Yvonne and Souvereign Talking about Self, Soul, navigating this old world, and where the bridge into the New Earth is found.   *To Follow Yvonne:* *To Follow Souvereign:*  MORE: THE SOVEREIGNTY SERIES: For more on this topic of Sovereignty, healing trauma and re-enabling your nature go and find your access through:
September 3, 2021
The Death involved in growth. An hour of Power with Yvonne.
Yay to you supporting me here and therefore receiving the exclusivity of my conversations, interviews, livestreams etc when subscribing here. SUCH A GOOD CONVERSATION w/ YVONNE TEOH BOURCE This one is a healthy deep dive into my own personal life, the place from which I can relate to reality based on my own experience. Main topics covered: - internal disassociation, what happens when - ritualistic abuse and the impacts on psychoemotional health - flaws, failures and fallacies of the "mental health system"  - the call for an emotional health system - the book I mention (NOT for the faint hearted: - the darkside and control mechanisms of our so called money system - HUMAN DAMAGE and what it is, how to get out of it All my Future  live stream recordings will also be exclusively live on
September 3, 2021
Syntropy Required in New Earth Communities
Think like a forest... Syntropy required in New Earth Communities part 1 With everyone being on their own heroes journey and as it seems (through artificialisation of our society ie. technology) that time is speeding up: - It can be hard to find community, whether online or onland and it 'working out'. - even harder to find a community where you feel safe, seen, heard, welcomed, and invited to contribute meaningfully by first of all simply being you! - it is even harder these days to BUILD COMMUNITY that then self perpetuates and grows in a decentralized manner. - its is even harder to accomplish all of the above online because you have to build the infrastructure back-to-front. Join me for a talk on Living Human Ecology systems based on Syntropy and Community design, built from the inside out. Models that work and templates worth replicating. For the most part: This is a talk about the BNL Community that I started and now is operating on a Life pulse of its own... "Comprehension of our Human Nature is foundational for designing Living Human Ecology Systems also known as 'communities'." About me: I share from years of inter-community-dynamics experience (learning from what doesn't work) and what makes our human ecology in community "stick" beyond the initial excitement of the yay of the "new" feeling. About the approach: Ancient Lifeway teachings merged with syntropic agroforestry understanding of Nature. Basing all design questions and manifestations on the triune teachings of syntropy, sovereignty, and self-love. Training oneself in the Art of Re-membering: the art of listening, the art of feeling, the art of revealing, the art of seeing with eyes unclouded, Anew, through the art of wilfull self inquiry and open curiosity. Navigating reciprocity: A big Thank You to my supporters here on Anchor! Love what you are hearing? Support me here: Buy me a coconut here: You can join the Brave New Life Community here:
September 3, 2021
Unpacking Self Sovereignty with Yvonne Teoh Bource
Sovereignty an intriguing word, a compelling sound... Join Yvonne and Souvereign in unpacking not just the meaning but the ways and means to Re-Enable this state self awareness and navigation. Sovereignty of Self; our true nature as human beings.   What does it mean to "be sovereign" or better put what does it feel like and what does Freedom have to do with it? For more on this topic of Sovereignty Go and find your access through: Love what you are receiving? Buy me a Coconut! or become a Supporter of this Podcast
August 25, 2021
Time to activate your conscious presence in navigating these times. Learn how to make use of the function of a wave of transformative capacity,  By Willing it. Yes, Do Share with friends who benefit receiving this opportunity also. Being a conscious navigator is a choice. #dreamwisely  For more on Self Sovereignty, Syntropy and transformation from the inside out
August 8, 2021
Allowing Old Earth to crumble
Join Souvereign and Carrie from My Health Podcast as we discuss what’s on all our minds...allowing Old Earth to crumble.
August 4, 2021
Soul Journey on Earth - What we come here for - What to be aware of
Jackie White"Now Thats' My Cup of Tea" With Jackie White #2 -  So lovely to share again with Jackie White through the Syntropic Lens... This one goes into seeing through the merky and blurry blabla of 3D programmed narratives and look at it from a natural, nature based perspective...  More Tea sessions with Jackie are on the way... Find her channel and the original livestreams here:
July 25, 2021
What is so relevant about having CommonGround in Community?
I have explored community inter-dynamics through the study of Human Ecology and Syntropy for almost 2 decades... So what are the relevant components to really have awareness around when and if we want to really live in community? Join the Brave New Life Community at the starting point:
July 25, 2021
Jackie White - Sovereignty, Inner child work, feeling-based relating
Subscribe to get notified of upcoming episodes! This is a great hour conversation about topics that truly matter! More exploration of Syntropy in our Human Ecology. Thank you for supporting my channel and sharing these conversations! Listen to more syntropic musigns:
July 13, 2021
Unpacking "sovereignty" - What you all don't read online about it
A beautiful sound and yet a bit of a mystery as well because what are the inner workings and meaning of "being sovereign". Moreover what are the ways and means to "reclaim ones' sovereignty"? Is it about writing ourselves out of corporate structures we were "birthed into" alone? I got an opportunity to unpack my comprehensions and meaning of 'being sovereign' during a recent Community call with the Brave New Life Community. All are welcome to check in with these amazing zoom bloom experiences happening twice a week with smaller group circles also happening. What is feeling-based relating with Self and others? Is there a return to wholeness from within? and what is often not discussed in sovereignty orientated circles around becoming Free? join in
July 8, 2021
The Bio-Philic Model - The Love for Life Model!
This one is for you subscribers!! Its going to be released as a video on Earth Heroes Tv soon soon too but you get first dibs! :) there also be a series on using Syntropy as a way to understand the impacts and functionings of Trauma in our world. I am excited that you're here listening... send me an email sometime All music by: Saint Rêveur
July 3, 2021
As a man: The meryad of stories I tell myself to not feel my feelings (and how to navigate through that)
It can be impactful to hear men share vulnerable, openly about their programming and the willful effort to choose to show up for feelings when their social programming hasn't put importance and value on doing that: feeling feelings, letting feelings be ok, and creating space for feelings to be expressed. As a man, I have ended up with a whole bunch of stories that even after 5 years of radical self-reflecting and healing with the inner child inside ARE STILL ongoing. Perhaps I just have more awareness on how to spot these stories that are all old ways of avoiding feelings and allowing them to be. Revealing is healing in so many more ways than one... So that's what I know works.... What I seem to forget is to also each time ask myself "do i want to keep doing it like this" because choice creates space for change or transforming old ways into ways that feel really more natural to be like. here we go :) revealing to allow the healing through the feelings to occur! yay!
July 2, 2021
Deep Listening: The Power of Receiving
During our Brave New Life Zoombloom conversations, we get to authentically share what is alive and real for us. Ex-pressing these feelings by speaking them out with another human being (or many) is one of the most powerful, effective, and natural ways for us to come into more awareness and navigate Life based on what is simply part of our human interdependent ecology. This sharing is about the Deep Relevancy of those who witness, listen, and are receiving. Not being received leaves humans incomplete, unheard, not seen, and therefore transformation or relief is hard to come about. Everything in Life is performing a function with purpose... all we have to do is be willing to question the function. Join the community:
June 30, 2021
Acknowledging the Looser in me: ways to come back into wholeness through feeling-based relating
During our Brave New Life Zoombloom conversations we get to authentically share what is alive and real for us. Ex-pressing these feelings by speaking them out with another human being (or many) is one of the most powerful, effective and natural ways for us to come into more awareness and navigate Life based on what is simply part of our human interdependent ecology. This sharing is about self judgement that we each still as stories or subtle thoughts have come up for us... Everything in Life is performing a function with purpose... all we have to do is be willing to question the function. Join the community:
June 23, 2021
How language can be used as a tool to unlock deeper parts of our selves
Feeling-based relating is a beauty full practice to train myself in. Speaking on behalf of my own experience, training my cells to speak on essence by Willing that. A dive into the roots of altered English language and the westernised mind-orientated "thinking-based relating" and how fastly more effective and natural feeling-based relating is for us as humans. SHARE FREELY - the Brave New Life Community can be joined through
June 21, 2021
Update on the status quo - How do we navigate what is happening to our human family?
Imani and Souvereign on the Live broadcast before the Lost Generation gets aired. How to view the current events through a syntropic lens? What is it really offering us? Have you stopped and wondered? Dive into some answers for your cells! Love from Bali, Souvereign PS: Hey! You can now Buy me a Coconut!
June 11, 2021
Feeling Based Relating - Create Your Brave New Life
So much goodness this morning... allow this into your mindsong and let it create some new space for what the cells feel good with...  Tune in with our community - share freely
May 27, 2021
The Beauty of Creating Your Brave New Life
May 25, 2021
May 19, 2021
May 17, 2021
We are becoming upgraded in our DNA & the Healthy Masculine being praised.
Clubhouse Mastermind Closing -  with Imani, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Reinette Senum and Lawrence Palevski M.D. Join us on Clubhouse: Get all BNL updates: Join us on Clubhouse - Brave New Life Club - Wednesdays at 9pm EST Join Imani's Mastermind BrainTrust - Fridays at 11am
May 2, 2021
Embodying and praising the rising healthy Masculine
Today's Clubhouse Mastermind Closing -  with Imani, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Reinette Senum and Lawrence Palevski M.D. Join us on Clubhouse:  Get all BNL updates: Join us on Clubhouse - Brave New Life Club - Wednesdays at 9pm EST Join Imani's Mastermind BrainTrust - Fridays at 11am
April 30, 2021
Remembering the Immaculate Intelligence within Life: Always in All Ways becoming more of itself
What the Heck is going on right now with all the zombification attempt to mutate, alter and artificialize our human ecology?  How can we make ANY sense out of this?  How can Syntropy answer, and become a consoling, and even comforting, ally to help you navigate your cells during these times....  FULL POWER... I AM JUST GETTING STARTED... SHARE THIS WITH THOSE WHO NEED IT. See for more:
April 23, 2021
Calling Back your Soul in a time when AI is ravaging in human bodies
This is ultimately a guided meditation process to call back your soul, reconstitute your deep union with Christ Sophia God. I will be speaking more to this. Share widely. As outlandish as all this might sound to you, the reality is already here. I knew this was coming and hope for your cells and all our children that you feel into this.
April 21, 2021
The Hidden Hand of God & the Attempt to break the God Code
A fireside chat Through the Syntropic Lens with James Grundvig and Souvereign around the preemptively programmed coming of the "Zombie Apocalypse" as promoted by the CDC... What are these shots doing, what does it have to do with a "war for our souls" and how can we see through all this distortion with the help of comprehending Syntropy: the Hidden hand of God...? This is the fork in the road... our allegiance with the Spirited Nature of Life one option...   Click here to Get notified of upcoming events. Send me your thoughts: Music by Uriah
April 18, 2021
How did I reenable my Nature through Syntropic Agroforestry?
Lifes' natural strategies can all be applied to human ecology.. this is worth listening to a few times as the languaging contained here is relevant to restoring freedom and this concept of self sovereignty. Want more visit - Intro music by Uriah.
April 16, 2021
the relevancy of your Will in the return to Self Sovereignty
One of my most insightful contributions to the comprehension of how important the language we use is for our direct experience of our reality. Language not only colors but has the capacity to govern and moreover limit our ability to relate to reality.. if you want to learn more on how self sovereignty is tied to syntropy go to where I share more on sovereign syntax based on syntropy which isnt all emasculated but clear and clean through the understandings of the significance of our Will and how our feelings are responsible for informing our knowing of what we are willing and not willing to do..
April 10, 2021
The unseen power that language has over us...
speaking to the unseen or unconsciousness due to a lack in our collective syntax of this language and way of relating is one of the foundational premises that benefit being received and comprehended... our cells know this truth.. it's our willful choosing to come into awareness where our programmed language use limits our Direct Experience of Life in the living... again.. syntropy is the missing link... conveniently left out in our entire sociocratic structures as a human civilization... share widely...
April 9, 2021
the formative nature of our language..
limitations or deeper connectivity? stuck in a simulation of programmed belief systems about "reality" or freely seeing the living metric of Life and relating through that with languaging that is based on what is real and living? why is syntropic agroforestry agroforestry an amazing starting point?
April 9, 2021
Syntropy: the Business of Isness
the kaleidoscope of virtues that the Syntropic Nature of Life operates on is simply epic and over and over again can remind us of the highest intelligence that we can be a conscious part of and attune our cells with..
April 9, 2021
So, now, what's she really teaching you?
people love the fantasy that nature is our best teacher.. but really what does this mean? how does this really show up for you? I know the answer for my cells and it is beauty full, rich and unending!!
April 9, 2021
the Syntropic Nature of Life - reminders to Your Cells -
Yes, to hearing these sharings, this mindsong and sharing in the sense-felt recognition of the intrinsic value that is contained in these natural comprehensions about Nature and our Human Ecology. please subscribe and support me on - every monthly small contribution is welcomed.
March 25, 2021
Souvereign on the Living Language of the NewEarth: Syntropy
thank you for supporting my work here by subscribing and making a monthly contribution. for a free introduction course to Syntropy CLICK HERE 
March 25, 2021
Love sharing for Will & Sophia
Love, always, in all ways, remains... In grace and lovingkindness, Souvereign feel free to share.
March 21, 2021
Coming out, fearporn or freedom? Thoughts on Your Brave New Life
What are you subscribed to? fear or freedom? a brave new life offers a lot of nice dilemmas... lots of topics covered here...#comingout what are choosing when only you are the director of your reality experience ? ever thought that FB is actually a tool for you freeing yourself instead of making it about maintaining your old life?  whoop whoop..   Curious to explore this community of Brave New Lifers? connect in
March 19, 2021
Authentic Relating with Younglings
This episode is also available as a blog post:
March 13, 2021
Speaking to the living HOLY TRINITY within 😲🤫🦚💫
My first speaking out on the guiding metric to a fearless life: the Trinity of Syntropy in Human Ecology. 🌿 As energetic living metric these 3 spheres being intimately interrelated allows for a measuring tool based on feelings to become restored. Email me for more on this Holy Trinity from Within and why Syntropy Self Sovereignty and Self Love is key in unlocking our greater potential. Listen. Share. Subscribe. ✊💖🦚 Your inkind support is welcomed.
March 12, 2021
Short, sweet and articulate. NEURO-SENSE: How feeling based relating rewires our old programming!
de-programming, undoing conditioning, becoming free, wanting to be compassionate, upgrading to being love.. many of these desires or focusses come about naturally when we return to a natural and intrinsic-to-our-human-nature, feeling based way of relating with others. Deep listening or receiving is one natural ability that when practiced restores our freedom felt from within. 🦚🌿💫 Thank you for supporting me by listening, sharing this mindsong and subscribing.
March 12, 2021
Short, sweet, simple. SYNTROPY: Tapping into our innate Humanity, Transforming our lives with ease
Syntropy is the bridge to softer, simpler, soulutions in our human families, communities, working teams and businesses. This is a short sharing on relating to life, ourselves and our effectiveness in this world through the lens of syntropy. Thank you for supporting me by listening, sharing these stories and subscribing to this channel.
March 12, 2021
Cultivating Mindsong Focus by being present with our language.
A short Essence sharing on Language optimisation: Our human perceptions of reality are governed by the language that we use or have been programmed with. It is each to our own now a choice and opportunity to cultivate life affirming languaging. thank you for supporting my broadcast channel by listening, sharing and contributing.
March 12, 2021
The Function, The form, the intrinsic from within.. Exploring our Blueprint, Our Soul & What is our purpose? and so much more.
Yes, to soaking this one up.. it will be part of an upcoming course.
March 8, 2021
I thought I speak it all out for you..
February 21, 2021
Cathy O'Brein: Time for Love to Prevail - the Strength of the Human Spirit
Yes, play this a hundred times over.. never has there been a more syntropic way of relating to mk-ultra programming entered my mindsong on the simplicity on how to invert trauma based mind control. So gloriously natural and free her languageing is... yes 100 times over... I rendered the original two hour pow wow down to just the real essence All for Love, all for you, Enjoy.. I love you. GET THE BOOK:
February 20, 2021
Holding Down the NewEarth Metric
February 15, 2021
Community Conversations with Imani
January 27, 2021
Feeling Based Relating During turbulent times
Navigating the storm internally and externally. How to join our Weekly Community Conversations Website back online   NewEarth Project Staying Censorship free with Earth Heroes TV
January 27, 2021
Deep Dive into Restoring Human Nature - Full spectrum reflection on Humandamage, wetiko, trauma &....
I can only use my own story which is a heroes journey worth sharing on now that I am being slandered as a "white supremacist" and even "a Nazi" ... yes it's called #triggercity in my own froopyland when others and their Archons are reacting to my light of truth and truth of being. SUBJECTS COVERED: Comprehending the #greatturning #humandamage #narcissism #zionism, the syntropic function of humandamage/ wetiko through time and the FULLNESS of what the human evolutionary heroes journey is all about... More MUSIC BY: URIAH
January 26, 2021
Future Proofing Communities (focus on Australia)
This was a lengthy talk on Syntropy becoming part of all societal structures over time again and how we may get ourselves into that place quicker through RESTORATIVE BUSINESS PRACTICES. Myself I have run and operated a restorative local food network in Far North Queensland Australia for 7 years with great joy and fulfillment. It was a tremendous experience based learning environment to figure out how to transition our current ways and means of navigating into a regenerative culture as a society. for more connection go to  where you can sign up for my Course in Syntropy! Oww.. yeah! You can contact me anytime at Much love, Souvereign ps image from here, worth a read also!
January 26, 2021
Feeling again our own True North - How to re-enable our internal Guidance System our Will based on Syntropy
If you want to dive into a Course in Syntropy with Souvereign check out his website here: - Guaranteed no disappointments - the course is by donation or free if you feel it is relevant for you to simply receive.
January 3, 2021
How to Question the Function - From the Study of Syntropic Agroforestry come the greatest revealings
If you want to dive into a Course in Syntropy with Souvereign check out his website here: - Guaranteed no disappointments - the course is by donation or free if you feel it is relevant for you to simply receive.
January 3, 2021
Disassociation is real - Navigating the Internal Landscape
more on the syntropic nature of life
December 30, 2020
Purifying Old Agreements - Proclaiming our Alignment with Life in Syntropy
for more of these sharings please visit: 
December 17, 2020
Now, what is a course in Syntropy?
GO ON! here is the link for a Course in Syntropy!
December 9, 2020
#savethechildren and the reflective nature of this archetypal narrative that is always overlooked!
What really is occurring out there is intimately tied to in here, inside of us.. a wonderful interview with my dear friend John in Bali earlier this year. For more sharings in written form
December 4, 2020
Imani & Souvereign on New Earth Living
get more from us:
November 20, 2020
Love over Fear
November 18, 2020
Love Wins
for more of my mindsong
November 18, 2020
Course in Syntropy teasers
Yes, yes to entice your cells.  Dive right in read more:
November 10, 2020
What are Brave New Life Conversations?
Join the conversations. Mon and Thursday. Get the link at Visit for more sharings on Syntropy, Sovereignty and Human Ecology
November 8, 2020
Dream of the New Earth: How to Dream Wisely based on Syntropy
How does it actually work? Without all the spiritual fantasies and bypassing mechanisms that actually create our own dreamspell? Yes, the NewCage movement has been pretty much that, a self created fantasy world that still is operating on cultprogramming in order to keep humans from CHANGING THE DREAM... without the comprehension of the Syntropic Nature of Life the roadmap for living the New Earth Templates is still just a fairy tale... your systems, your designs for a New Earth benefit being based on how Life in Syntropy naturally operates and functions.. Its' called BIOPHILLIC DREAMING... more on this on
October 29, 2020
We are Born Free - Human Sovereignty explained
Every human soul is born free... how come we each know this but often feel restricted in our freedom.. what does this have to do with #cultprogramming? Share this mindsong so it may inform others and their mindgardens again to reclaim what was theirs all along. Syntropy is the the missing link and yet #wearesyntropy ... Access more of me through 
October 29, 2020
Illuminating the internal landscape of the mind through syntropy
Syntropy, the missing link in human psychology, is hardly spoken about on earth. Yes, it feels a bit awkward being that guy that went down this deep rabbit hole of radical human ecology based on ancient wisdom teaching that always spoke about "studying the patterns of the Universe"  and Yes, I am feeling like I am speaking  10 years ahead of time...a pioneer species so to speak... I know what i've come to know and feel good about sharing around that for it may help you help others help others that help others... Yay to finding the language that re-enables our ability to dream wisely again.
October 19, 2020
Syntropy and the desire for Living in Community
A brief sharing or collaborative resilient communities and what to be present with in order to foster them in wholesome and fruitful ways
October 9, 2020
Fostering Collaborative Resilient Communities through comprehending Syntropy in Human Ecology
A sharing on Humanities' Natural Human Ecological Blueprint and how to come back in to syntropic relationship with that by focusing on re-enabling one's own self sovereign nature.
October 9, 2020
Brave New Life - Feeling Based Relating during turbulent times
Being here now is the gift, is the opportunity that is placed before us. Will we make use of the function for our growth, our regeneration and restoration of our sovereignty, freedom and a life in Syntropy? You are welcome to take this mindsong and sharing and use it for your own mindgardens' function. I pray that it may be one that unlocks nutrients that have always been there. Remembering our innate wisdom is possible by hearing those speak whom already ventured back into this place within themselves... I will say one thing though: Syntropy is the Missing Link
October 9, 2020