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Brave Testimony

Brave Testimony

By Brave Testimony
Tips and tricks to assist men in their struggle to be free from sexual brokenness, especially from the addiction to porn.
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BraveTestimony s01e08 - Spiritual Warfare Basics

Brave Testimony

BraveTestimony s01e08 - Spiritual Warfare Basics
Mark Loewen teaches us the basics of spiritual warfare especially as it relates to mastering temptation. Expert, systematic, biblical foundation on the ideas of angels, demons, satan, and God's power to defeat the enemy. 
July 16, 2020
BraveTestimony s01e07 - Mastering your belief system
Doug Boyd admonishes us to deal with the repetitive lies we hear in our thought life - he gives 10 consequences of stinking thinking, and 6 practical solutions to mastering our belief system.
July 01, 2020
BraveTestimony S01e06 - Addiction Cycles
Graeme Morris teaches about the addiction cycle from Fight The New Drug addiction cycle and Neuro Psychopathology.
June 06, 2020
BraveTestimony S01e05 - 10 things that work and 10 that don't
10 things that work, and 10 that don't. Graeme Morris teaches about the 10 indicators or ideas that help you get better and 10 things that hinder your progress. Good. 1. Jesus, Pappa God, Holy Spirit 2. Those that lead with vulnerability 3. Honesty fast and furious (Action and word) 4. Risk and Faith 5. Testimonies 6. Humility (coming to the end of self) 7. Homework that costs us something (pushes on our buttons) 8. Hugs 9. Games with clear winners 10. Worship Bad. 1. Accountability without relationship 2. Christianeze (Christian platitudes) 3. Shame Talk and vulnerability diversions 4. Victim Mentality 5. Passivity (In any form) 6. Avoiding pain (not giving pain a purpose) 7. Programs, Formulas, Men’s empty Wisdom, the word 'Ministry' or 'product' (Men need each other not a formula) 8. Being “Fixed” – Lateral praying or advice 9. Condemnation, boasting or trivializing failure 10. Numbing
May 31, 2020
BraveTestimony S01e04 - Welcome to Manhood
Graeme Morris talks about the process of entering into responsibility as the antidote to anxiety - to take on the name given to you by the Father and through the responsibility of expanding His glory, displace insecurity, and tyranny. The process of growing up; moving from boyhood to manhood - from consumer to contributor.
May 08, 2020
BraveTestimony S01e03 - Being Children of Light
Graeme Morris shares a core message from Brave Testimony: A call to Live in the Light - it's an incredible thing to overcome the darkness of the world around you, but it supernatural to overcome your personal darkness and propensity for evil. This is what it means to "Arise Shine" the light of God. That your testimony is found exposing your darkness to the Light, until it becomes visible, because whatever is visible, becomes a light.
September 25, 2019
BraveTestimony S01e02 - Love and Belonging
Graeme Morris and Doug Boyd discuss love and belonging especially as it relates to the practices of intimacy and being known.
August 16, 2018
BraveTestimony S01e01 - I am responsible for my transformation
Graeme Morris describes the process of being transformed by the renewal of the mind without become conceited or impressed by your own discipline. God is the transformer, you are the seed planter. Plant good seed in the good soil of a born-again-heart.
August 04, 2018