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Breach Roundup Pod

Breach Roundup Pod

By Breach Club
We discuss all the latest happenings in the cryptoverse
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Is Crypto about to go mainstream?

Breach Roundup Pod

How to earn passive income in crypto ft. Oluchi Enebeli
Why are trading and hodling the most popular ways of earning in crypto? Today's #BreachClubConvo features Oluchi Enebeli, Founder @web3ladies, Co-founder @crevatal, and PM @nestcoin. Here we discuss ways to earn passive income in crypto, the risks involved, and practical steps to getting started. πŸ—£πŸŽ™
April 14, 2022
Is Crypto about to go mainstream?
Netflix wants to do a docu-series about the Bitfinex 120k BTC hack. Binance also invests $200m into Forbes.
February 22, 2022
$325million hack & Kanye's love/hate relationship
In the very first episode of Breach roundup podcast, we discuss a massive $325million hack and the ripple effect it has on the broader crypto ecosystem. We also discuss Kanye West's new stance on NFTs as well as Youtube announcing their intention to get into Web3.
February 08, 2022