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RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 1

An episode of RPG Breakfast Club

By Pexx
These are live recordings from the Tavern Discord. Folks in the RPG industry come in and have discussions, very much in the style of a panel at a convention. The hosts change every week and talk about things ranging from art, minis, cartography, terrain, vtts, game theory, DMing & Player advice, and anything else that strikes their fancy. Toward the end of the show, we open the show up to audience members for questions. If you would like to be on the show as an audience member or a host please head on over to the Tavern Discord discord.gg/GaXW2TX and message Pexx. RSS Feed: https://anc
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RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 6
 Join our hosts Purplegrl23 (Lost Relic) Dasmaschine (Lost Relic) Douglas (Gaming Ballistic) Melkor (Strange Gods) & Pexx (Tavern Custodian) for a very dark and grim discussion about Death and Mortality in gaming. 
February 19, 2019
RPG Coast to Coast Ep. 3
 Join our hosts የሁዕዕረቿነ (Strange Gods) Hack & Slash Smunchy (Smunchy Games) Jerrry (Rich Fraser Productions) & Andrew1879 (FASA Games) as they talk about...I dunno what the hell they are gonna talk about, could be anything! 
February 17, 2019
RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 5
Join our hosts  Hack & Slash HappyFunTimeLive (Will) (SG) Smunchy (Smunchy Games) Todd (Hexed Press) & Pexx (Tavern Custodian), as they talk about Psychology , Sales, Board Game Development, Hexcrawling, 5RDs, and whatever else strikes their fancy. 
February 12, 2019
RPG Coast to Coast Ep. 2
Join our hosts Tom Knauss (Frog God Games), owlbear (D20PRO), Badmike, Judge Jim (Frog God Games), & @Rob Conley (Bat in the Attic) as they talk about Networking options for configuration of free gaming, Hardware & Software blending for local/remote virtual tabletop game play, visually impactful experiences without sacrificing the theater of the mind when using digital tools(Character Sheets, Reference Books, or Shared Maps), and whatever else strikes their fancy. 
February 9, 2019
RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 4
 Join our hosts Pexx (Tavern Custodian), Andrew1879 (FASA Games), Todd (Hexed Press), joethelawyer, Janet | World Anvil, and Dimitris | World Anvil as they discuss Mapping & Cartography: How to build up your world and go further with interaction and player/reader learning curve, Going pro (or semi-pro) and monetizing your world-building in a crowded market, organizing your game world information, How do you structure your GM reference material, and whatever else strikes their fancy. 
February 4, 2019
RPG Coast to Coast Ep. 1
[Disclaimer: There was some technical difficulty with our recording software, so there may be a small gap in the conversation] Join your hosts tenkar (tavern keeper) Carl Heyl (Wild Games Prod) Pexx (Tavern Custodian) Douglas (Gaming Ballistic) & Badmike as they talk about Podcasting & Blogging: What makes a good one, expectations going on one, what we enjoy about these 2 types of media, [where it has been, in the past, where is it now, and where we see it going], blogging or podcasting in today's pervasive social media, and whatever else strikes their fancy. Ohhh and Halfling Ambush guest...... James Spahn (Vassal of the Frog)
February 2, 2019
RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 3
The hosts are Larmie (Tavern Mensch) Andrew1879 (FASA Games) Pexx (Tavern Custodian) SagaNick (SAGA RPG) & Douglas (Gaming Ballistic).  Join us as they talk about Monsters and Villains, "gray area" characters, antagonist, redeeming features, and whatever else strikes their fancy. 
January 29, 2019
RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 2
The hosts are @Pexx (Tavern Custodian) @LaramieWall (Tavern Mensch) @Heruca (Battlegrounds Games) @Hack & Slash & @Douglas (Gaming Ballistic) They will be discussing: Spell Components, Light Duration, Ration Tracking, Ammo being lost in combat, Calendar Tracking, Board Games, Comic Books, abstract vs tactical/map combat, and whatever else strikes their fancy. 
January 21, 2019
RPG Breakfast Club Ep. 1
Todays Hosts are: Douglas (Gaming Ballistic) Tom Knauss (Frog God Games) Smunchy (Smunchy Games) Hack & Slash Jolhoeft (Virtua Rasa) Join as they discuss:  Introducing Kids to RPGs/Marketing, and Introducing children to RPGs,Expanding the audience in general, and possibly pricing books and pdfs in the industry. 
January 15, 2019
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