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Break That Mould

Break That Mould

By Tracey Rimell
Wellbeing blogger Tracey Rimell, chats about why there's no right way to be a human and how many of the things we perceive as 'normal' are really just opinion.

Speaking to her own experiences from the profound to the downright embarrassing, she shares some of the knowledge she has gathered over years of being a mental health carer, qualified Reiki Master, and woman who has learned to go against social expectations. The show covers self-acceptance, love and relationships, mental health, wellbeing, body image, and how we can make peace with our true selves.

Episodes released every fortnight.
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Sexuality Labels and our Sense of Identity

Break That Mould

Sometimes it's OK to Be a Quitter
Don’t throw in the towel… don’t be a quitter… don’t give up… The way we frame quitting can condition us to think that putting a stop to something might be a waste or a sign of weakness. But this perspective can keep us stuck in toxic relationships, trapped in jobs that suck away our soul, and tied to goals that no longer serve us. Website: Instagram:  Facebook: 
July 14, 2021
Why Adults Need Playtime Too
We tend to think of playtime as being for children, but numerous studies show that playing is really beneficial for an adult mind too. From improving our problem solving skills, perception, awareness, and cognitive function, to lowering stress and blood pressure, playing is not only a tool that helps us perform better, but it is also a vital part of wellbeing. This episode explores some of the everyday ways we can tap into our innately playful nature as a form of mindfulness, and also…. just for the fun of it! Website: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: 
June 30, 2021
How to Make a Big Decision or Life Change
From career shifts to relationships or personal decisions, a life change can sometimes feel so big we become paralysed by doubt and unable to move forward. This episode explores how we can break down big changes to make them more manageable, and how to adjust our thinking to make the process less emotionally or practically overwhelming. Website: Instagram:  YouTube: 
June 16, 2021
Romantic Rejection and Personal Power
In this episode Tracey explores how our mindset around the concept of rejection might make a break-up more painful than it needs to be. She speaks to her own experience and how a shift in perspective helped her to heal much more quickly. The episode touches on psychology, behaviour patterns, and energy, and how to take more control in eliminating unhelpful thoughts that hold us back. Website: Instagram:  YouTube: 
May 31, 2021
Sexuality Labels and our Sense of Identity
Sexuality often forms a core part of our sense of identity. Where some sexual preferences have been negatively labelled by society, we sometimes feel ashamed and fear judgement, or alternatively want to fight to defend our right to be who we are. Tracey discusses whether labelling sexuality helps to clarify our identity, or if it restricts us from being fluid and evolving.  Website: Instagram:  YouTube:  NOTES: Sexual labels list according to 
May 31, 2021
Learning to Break the Mould
In the first episode of the Break That Mould Podcast, self-acceptance and wellbeing blogger Tracey Rimell, discusses some of the subtle ways we follow the crowd without realising it. From relationship structures, to career, sex, body image, and lifestyle, we are all born into a system that came before us. But many of the trodden paths we follow are simply what other people have done and not something we have to conform to. If we become more aware of our true needs and feelings, we might realise there are a whole range of options available to us that we never even considered. Website: Instagram:  YouTube: 
May 31, 2021
Break That Mould Trailer
The Break That Mould podcast explores why there’s no right way to be a human and how many of the things we perceive as ‘normal’ are really just opinion. The show covers self-love, sexuality, relationships, mental health, wellbeing, body image, and how we can make peace with our true selves.
May 30, 2021