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Los Angeles psychic Chris Medina, & his yas Queen. End with positive thoughts of the day.

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By Ms D
Welcome to B2B podcast. Born & raised in Orange County, California. I am a loler, with a ton to say. Survivor, blunt, fierce female voice. Too much experiences w/narcissist in So Cal. The first few episodes will just be conversations about everything, while I learn the ropes...figure this podcast world out. Vanderpump Rules stan. Vanderpump Rules is really a show for geniuses. I was born here, so famous people don’t phase me. All people are just people to me. Tbh, I see good and bad people. There isn’t a podcast for women my age, born here, and are right on the cusp of being a millennial.
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The one where I clean. See anyone Can podcast!
I was alone and just felt like venting. I wasn’t allowed to speak before, but I don’t want to be a Debbie downer. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry/pity for me. I only want to bring awareness to how serious narcissism is. They always have one lie they are hiding. That person gets treated the worst. Listen to Committed podcast. There latest episode makes you think. How do you want to be remembered. I need to feel great full that I have my health. I need to make more of my day even if it’s just picking up trash in a MAGA hat, and my toaster shirt. I am registered as a Democrat, but I have a lot of conservative views. That doesn’t make me a bad person. Look at Ellen and George. Talk a little about being the second wheel with a hot blonde girl. She was friends with everyone, but her and I always went out together. I was the ugly short girl with brown hair. It was almost 20 years ago. Crazy how one moment for me can be such an impact, but they party like that all the it’s not a big deal. Anyways happy hump day. The days go slow, but the years go faster. It’s scary true. 🤙🏽🤟🏽❤️
October 16, 2019
The quickie
Just stuff...
October 15, 2019
The one with daddy.
My final and last words on all the stupid crap related to the podcast Adderall and compliments. I started this podcast for myself as therapy to heal. To take the power away from everything, so clearly I’m going to be the common denominator. You know the last time I went through this was when I left the group almost 2 years in February. So, if her face is swollen again it’s probably because she got filler again. It falls down close to 2 years. I embrace my crazy latina side. Órale. Si hay alguien que nomás puedo hablar español me puedes mandar mensaje también. @new_empath My weekly must listens Babe, Morning Toast, Cover to Cover, For Crying Out Loud, bitch bible, and absolutely not. If I can think of others I’ll post them. #lyl are you into DDLG? We are going to get info on the world of Daddy dom life. Give them something to really talk about.
October 14, 2019
The loooong one that was meant to be short.
Been up since 3am. Used a different mic, that I won’t be using again. New podcast episode later with boyfriend. If you have any questions or stories you want to share find me on Instagram. @new_empath One Light many Lamps.
October 13, 2019
The one where the fascists get mad.
This hopefully will be the last time I am posting this. Never in my life would I think I’d be blamed for anything because I was just reading what was online and my POV. I believe that everyone has the right to speak their truth. Apparently, Chris Medina and Annabelle Desisto don’t. I should be ashamed of myself for customer service review. That’s what he told me, so I already knew that Annabelle was no different. Birds of a feather flock together. I left the group before I even tried to warm Annabelle about what she lets happen in the group. In my experiences the one time I attempted to speak to Annabelle...she said, “not my problem. Block them. So why can’t you do that with me? Just block me? Why do you need write I’m jealous of Drea letting Ali back into the group? I never tried to go back, nor did I ever ask. People with Narcissistic traits will never be wrong. They live to make you feel like the crazy one, but more and more people are waking up. Don’t ever be afraid to speak your truth. No matter how many followers they have. Thank you for keeping me young with this high school drama shit. I have real battles to fight. Love and God Bless. One light many lamps. Love my fellow stale Toasters!
October 5, 2019
Get over it. Moving on...
This is supposed to be a democracy not a fascist country, but for some reason someone does not like me. Can’t win them all. I’m just trying to help others wake up to narcissistic abuse. I was in a group of over 60k women that were not sure if they were in narcissistic relationship. So, there are too many that still don’t know. Also, my dada aka daddy comes on with me. (He has young children, so I hear him called that all the time. It sort of stuck. Lol. Since, I’m a beaner...I grew up calling my father papi. So, using daddy...doesn’t feel creepy to me. Anyways, don’t ever let anyone scare you into not sharing your feelings. So, if you want to talk... you know where to reach me. Better yet why don’t we talk. I don’t have a thing to hide. I proved I wasn’t afraid to hide, but you still are hiding behind a screen. Coward. When someone is so defensive it’s usually because they are lying or hiding something. One light many lamps. God bless and don’t be afraid to speak your truth. My opinion is someone is upset they just got a mustard basket instead of a Range Rover. You have every right to not like what I’m saying. That is why we live in America. Keep Going! Speak your truth. The only ones afraid...are the ones lying.
October 1, 2019
It’s Friday
September 27, 2019
Lazy Sunday conversations with daddy lol
In bed with daddy going over everything and nothing. @New_Empath on the gram. Are you in tune? Let’s get tuned together. I’m already woke. I’ve had to do it before , so don’t be afraid to stand on your own.
September 22, 2019
Nothing but truths.
The one where I read what someone posted on reddit. This one got someone’s panties in a bunch, but who Can that be? Who is the only person that would be mad at this? We are all left to wonder because they are the only ones who don’t say who they are. I can be found @newempathic on the gram. Love,light,& lols ✌🏽🤙🏽❤️one light many lamps 💡🕯🔦⭐️🌕🔥☀️
September 20, 2019
Ummm, the absolutely not narcissistic empathic high vibing daddy stale toast gang 🤙🏽 How many pods do you listen to? I have too many to relate to, but my must listen to pods are “morning toast” “for crying out loud” “absolutely not” “taste of Taylor” anything with Jared Freid. I love the blunt humor. Nothing offends me. Please be yo self. I believe in change. You know the saying, “once a cheater always a cheater” ? That’s only the case if they are a narcissist. If they don’t take accountability for what they did wrong, then they never will change. yo back! It might not happen right away. There is a honeymoon period. It took about 3-4 years for it to really start affecting me.
September 19, 2019
Um, like empathetic or narcissistic...
First off, I say like and um all the time. I was multitasking, so I dropped the mic once. Sorry. There are two types of people empathic and narcissistic. Finally, people are becoming more woke. Someone had written a question into “the babe podcast.” Also, grow a backbone ladies. Sofia and Alex know what’s up. They are brutal, but honest. They make me miss Tom Lykus. They can be the female version of Tom though. If you’re not following Mike might not be woke enough to understand doe. 😉I’m all over the place in this one from high school petty drama, to boyfriend that committed suicide. His father was a narcissist. Are you in a relationship that’s going around in circles? Is it all talk and no action? Watch as they do, not say. The podcasts I refer to in this episode are “Babe” & “Call Her Daddy” I love Alex and Sofia. They remind me of my girlfriend and I. Good times!
September 18, 2019
Move on
Moving on from the shit show. I would advice others to do the same. Normal people can take criticism, and you can’t argue with stupid. Happy Tuesday! Bring it! ❤️ One light many lamps
September 17, 2019
Sunday funday with framily
Is reddit that bumpin?! I deleted my acct., so that means I haven’t posted. Contrary to what I was accused of...I don’t have more than one acct. on reddit. I have a finsta because I don’t like to bother anyone with what happened to me. When someone has a product, they should be willing to take some criticism. How else are the going to grow? Also, AD bad mouthed our President. Why wouldn’t we be able to voice how we feel about her product. Daddy Gang member. I will tell you how it is. Girls are watching Vanderpump Rules thinking they can be the next Lala Kent. No one knows what a mother needs to do, so shut up. There’s nothing better than losing it all, and watching it grow back up. Did I ask for your acceptance? No? Ok, then that means IDGAF about what you think of me. In order for a person to affect me, they must first matter to me. People that lie, and can’t take normal criticism make my narcissistic traits radar go off 🚨....I shant. It’s pointless to even bother trying to talk to a person, if they truly think they are the victim. Girl bye. Oh yeah I remember anyone can be a podcaster! Download now! Lols LYLAS
September 15, 2019
My “alleged” Truth about Annabelle Desisto, and her strom troopers. I don’t get what you want?
I am not on reddit. Annabelle Desisto or someone in her camp is pretending to be me under false names. I have not been on reddit in days. I am not afraid of my truth. Why you lie? Your not from here! I am. I know people too...get over yourself your not Lala Kent. Maybe Fafa Kent...Speak your truth. Don’t let girls who moved from Florida tell you otherwise. I don’t need any money or fame from anyone. All I care about is getting the truth out. I only speak truth. You don’t know peoples lives cheating works in some marriages. You do what you have to for your kids. You will never understand what a mother is willing to do. I’m not on your side. I am on Danny’s. Leave them alone. Listen to Ester Pearl for another view on cheating. This isn’t just chisme. It’s true life. It’s fucked up, but real.#breakthecycle you’re talking to yourself online. IMO AD is a huge manipulator. She is mad she didn’t get a Range Rover. Instead she got a basket of mustard. Also, once you hit 30, a 6 month long relationships doesn’t count. Be careful men in Los Angeles.
September 13, 2019
Reddit gone wild. Annabelle has her friends do her dirty work. This is beyond petty.
How else are we supposed to discuss things that are deleted in the group? Yeah, I left Adderall & Compliments a long time ago. The friends I made... I have their cell numbers. I’m not trying to hide anything. I know I did something wrong, and I paid for it dearly. God forgives though, and that’s all I am trying to say. If someone doesn’t admit to doing anything wrong will you ever change? I have one account on Reddit. Finstas because of my ex husband. I’m trying to make sure his new wife knows the truth. I went thru hell and what are you threatened to out me about? I don’t get it? I have proof too, so go ahead and post whatever you want. I never knew Ali, but apparently she called CPS on someone. The info is all over the Reddit. She was responding to a 40 day old post. I am not alone in this form of bullying. Lylas
September 10, 2019
A shaky ramble
Narcissistic people seem to be every where right now. There is no black or white, but there is gray. Right down the middle. No one is wrong. When money is stripped away we are all just people. I don’t see anyone any different. I don’t know everything, but I’m still learning. Be careful with fake empaths. ✨✨one light many lamps✨✨
August 5, 2019
Narcissistic argument
Exactly what the title says. An argument with NPD Dad. We need to bring more awareness to narcissism. It’s not something to be proud of for being.
August 4, 2019
Sunday Bum day
Mood season 1 Stassi
July 21, 2019
The truth hurts
Vent sesh. Love getting messages @notyoursupply
July 19, 2019
@notyoursupply just a bit of a rough day. Who can you trust? I thought I could trust my friends IRL, but I guess I’m too much. I wish I would have told my friends that when they needed me in the past.
July 18, 2019
Recognizing narcissistic traits on a female. Speaking truths.
This past week it was brought to my attention that the podcast adderall & compliments was having problems. Day 1 supporters were being kicked out, blocked on Facebook, and then blocked on Instagram. If you don’t agree with AD, then you’re dead to her. It is fascism at its finest.
July 16, 2019
Sorry, I haven’t been mentally there since I got back for Colorado. Specifically, the Dolores River Campground. I love it there! I posted pics on my insta. OC tends to drown me due to all the people here. I pretty much ramble. Next episode I will go deep dive into The Adderall and compliments podcast. Remember the truth always comes out. Be a trustworthy person. Instagram: @notyoursupply no spaces now. Lylas & lylab
July 9, 2019
Random quickie. Checking in...Reading “The Phantom Prince” Liz Kendall
Can’t wait to hear from you. If you know me personally... I keep it real here. I know why I’m sensitive af! Empathy. I feel drained. No energy today. Sorry I hit the mic at one point. Ted Bundy’s are every where in OC & LA
May 24, 2019
Empathy, Empathic...narcissism, gas lighting. Stop getting taken advantage of. Speak your truth.
Empathic people are there really as many as we think? There are many fakes. I learned that the hard way. More structure. I know I totally suck right now but I need to get used to this, and I really see how it can benefit to unite us rather than divide us. I confronted a previous boss about a situation I wasn’t happy about, and he chose to block me. Why can’t people just say sorry? This is the third time I just want to tell someone they hurt my feelings, and the person can’t handle facing the situation at all. Like I said my mind is all over the place. And please send me a message either thru the anchor fm app or on my instagram @notyoursupply @notyoursource he gets my accts taken down often. Ciao. Lylas/b
May 18, 2019
Narcissistic traits oh my! They are out, & now people are woke w/ James Charles. Emotional ramble.
Let’s talk about anything rather than James Charles..Still getting the hang of this. Almost a month into being 39, and at least I have been staying more constant with this podcast. I don’t know why I have this urge to help others so much, but I was helping the wrong people. I was helping the narcissist. My entire life. At 39 this is the first year I am living woke, and I’m not going to lie sometimes I think it was better off being naive. However, I truly Believe that things happen for a reason. One light...many lamps. Baha’i
May 15, 2019
Los Angeles psychic Chris Medina, & his yas Queen. End with positive thoughts of the day.
As I have mentioned before I am in the beginning phases of this pod. Playing with the structure, and talking to some really cool possible co-hosts. Everyone is just so busy with life. Anyways, in this podcast I go deep into why exactly Chris Medina and Annabelle Desisto disrespected me. It shouldn’t matter when I am ready to tell my story, it’s still true. Women especially should be warned because most are going in so vulnerable... like me. $300/hour I was going to pay. That’s the way you respond to customer service? Don’t be afraid to speak your truth. All they do/did was block me. I’m not afraid to meet my maker. Who ever that may be. One light many lamps. Baha’i
May 10, 2019
Grumpy Cat, but ended with many thoughts for the day. Great affirmations. God Bless
One light many lamps. Baha’i. No one is wrong, so we can all unite. At least I have a feeling there is a bunch of people born around 1980 that are finding themselves alone. It’s ok to be alone. That was when I truly found myself. It’s just now I barely found my voice. I’m not afraid to use it. As long as I keep telling the truth everything will work out. I have made it almost 4 years already. I will not give up fighting corruption. I just have my bad days because all I can do is wait. Don’t worry I end this with some positive thoughts for the day. Some might call them affirmations.
May 9, 2019
Sunday funday
I can’t remember what I talked about. I’m sure the same shit. I can’t keep it straight, but I didn’t have my show notes. I’m just starting here so I’m attempting to bond to the mic.
May 6, 2019
Quickie in the car
Day 8 of being 39. I feel so changed already!
April 30, 2019
Almost better...healing from narcissist abuse to now empath wtf?
Day 8 of being 39. The curtains have been pulled. I can see out side the window now. I am now embracing the fact that I am aware of narcissism and empathy. Being in a narcissistic relationship changed me forever. However, you determine if it’s for positive or negative. DM me questions or topics to or on Instagram @notyoursupply
April 30, 2019
Message from a narcissist
Exactly what the episode title a message from a narcissist. He lied to his new wife and told her we were never married. Plus he committed bigamy. Police report did nothing, so I want to make sure everyone knows the truth. This is what I get for just asking for the truth. Que novela
April 23, 2019
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