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Breath of Fresh Friday

Breath of Fresh Friday

By Breath of Fresh Friday
Molly and Faye could chat for England, so they thought why don't they just record their weekly catch up for everyone to hear! Each week will cover a variety of topics from one of their favourite things TV to adulting, food and many more. Always followed by those important questions of the day that we all want to know the answers to, 'Do you sleep with socks on?' or 'Is it Jam first or cream'? A lighthearted escape from the current strange bubble we are all living in. Guaranteed laughter.

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Ep 32. The Best TV Gameshows
Welcome back to another jam packed episode. This week the girls review the final of everyones favourite masked show, were they happy with who won? Did they guess correctly? Are they sad it's ended? There is a snappy question of the day that has the girls discussing social media and which ones they love (hint its TikTok of course). And the main part of the show is all about gameshows, from the chase to the cube and everything in between, you don't want to miss it. Get in touch on the email or via instagram @breathoffreshfriday :)x
February 19, 2021
Ep 31. Written in the stars
Welcome back to week 31 of the podcast, as not much is happening currently the girls of course discuss their favourite television shows and what they've been watching. Molly and Faye get very excited about the masked singer and were both very shocked at the reveal of who dragon was! On to the question of the day and it's a money related question dollar dollar. The main topic this week is a bit different to what they've discussed previously but was a lot of fun to go through, Faye and Molly delve into the world of horoscopes and star signs. Is it all a load of crap? Or do the girls agree with it? Thanks for all your support, get in contact via our email address or on our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday  :) x 
February 12, 2021
Ep 30. A Little Bit Noughties
Grab a drink and a schnack because this is a long one! This week the girls chat podcast recommendations, discuss who was behind the mask and of course all things 2000's music! Everyone from S Club to Mr Worldwide himself! There is a crease in the question of the day that needs to be ironed out, lets hope they didn't expose themselves to much. To get in touch the email is or contact via Instagram @breathoffreshfriday :)x
February 5, 2021
Ep 29. It's A Game Changer
This weeks episode is Molly's lucky number so it must be a good one! Of course there are lots of tv recommendations for you to pick from, because what else are you going to be doing during what feels like the longest lockdown going. If you're a frequent listener you'll know the girls are giving up something every month, next month is alcohol which ties in nicely with the question of the day. Linking nicely to lockdown, Molly and Faye thought they would discuss board games that they loved or still do love to play and reminisce over some childhood memories. Feel free to contact us on or on our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday !
January 29, 2021
Ep 28. A Few Of Our Favourite Films
Welcome back to another episode where the girls talk all about films (as Molly's dad says all you do is talk tv and food), so they hope you enjoy the recommendations. The girls hope you don't call for the manager because of the question of the day this week! They also share the love for a TV show that recently popped on Netflix, and of course another singer has been unmasked. So enjoy the show! To get in touch contact us on or @breathoffreshfriday on Instagram :)x
January 22, 2021
Ep 27. Unpopular food opinions
Wow episode 27! This week Molly and Faye discuss an array of topics, from the masked singer, tv recommendations, zoom yoga and Molly's new whip. On to the question of the day which is rather a hygienic or not, depends on what way you vote! But the girls find it interesting hearing each others opinions on the matter. Which leads nicely on to this weeks main topic which is full of more strong opinions, some that the girls agree on but on others they stand right at opposite ends of each other. Of course it's on a keen interest of Faye and Molly's FOOD! They discuss unpopular food opinions and what they LOVE and HATE! Let us know if you agree by emailing or find us on our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday 
January 15, 2021
Ep 26. Who's Most Likely To?
Welcome back to another episode, starting on a bad note, Molly's audio is a bit echoey this week due to a microphone mishap, however the problem has been fixed and the quality should be 100% better next week. This weeks episode the girls discuss one of their fave gameshows, and try to guess who's that behind the mask? The question of the day is a bit of a smelly one, and they try to figure out who is more likely to do some outrageous scenarios. As always please like, rate and share! You can get in touch via instagram @breathoffreshfriday or email :)x
January 8, 2021
Ep 25. Welcome to 2021
So where has that year gone? Molly and Faye can't believe how quick it went either, this week the girls discuss new years resolutions and if they make them each year or not. As 2021 has just begun, they though it would be a good way to end the year by chatting about NYE celebrations, things they've enjoyed this year and what they are looking for in 2021. thankyou for all your support this year, Happy new Year! As always, you can contact us on our email or on our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday 
January 1, 2021
Ep 24. Merry Christmas Everyone
IT IS FINALLY HERE! Its December 25th Christmas Day! We hope you had a great day and celebrated best you can in the times we are in. We just like to say thank you to everyone that has listened to our little podcast we appreciate it so much. So this week the girls chat all things Christmas Day! The question of the day is about festive nights out and talk all things Christmas music. As always you can get in touch via instagram @breathoffreshfriday or at :) xx
December 25, 2020
Ep 23. A Big Christmas Feast
It's nearly Christmas and Faye and Molly are well and truly excited. Again, they follow the christmassy theme and this week share their opinions on festive food and drink. It's a real tastebud tingler, so make sure you've got some snacks and supplies ready. As always you can get in contact on our instagram page @breathoffreshfriday or email us at, we love hearing from you all! 
December 18, 2020
Ep 22. Deck the Halls with Xmas Movies
Welcome to the third Christmas episode of Breath of Fresh Friday, this one is all about Christmas movies and television specials. The girls discuss their faves and the ones that just make you feel christmassy (especially in the times we are in). They chat about when is the best time to sit down and eat your Christmas dinner, which is making them very excited about actually eating theirs. This episode brings the last of the I'm A Celeb roundup, it's a sad goodbye but it'll be back next year. As always any questions send to or on instagram @breathoffreshfriday :) x
December 11, 2020
Ep 21. Christmas Time Podcasts and Wine
Of course it's another Christmas Episode as it's one of our favourite celebrations, and after the year we've had we all need to have a bit of fun. This week the girls explore some Christmas activities and fun things we like to do in the lead up to the big day. Check out our posts on Instagram and get involved with the question of the day @breathoffreshfriday or email us on 
December 4, 2020
Ep 20. Last Christmas (Adverts)
This week kicks off the festive period for Breath of Fresh Friday as Faye and Molly LOVE Christmas, this episode is all about Christmas adverts throughout the years and the girls rate them out of 10. The Question of the day is a little rude for young people listening so be warned! And you get some more delightful discussion regarding I'm a Celeb as this is the highlight of their days. As always please send your emails to or check out our Insta @breathoffreshfriday. :)
November 27, 2020
Ep 19. Music to our memories
Another Friday another episode! This week of course the girls discuss their opinions on I'm a celebrity get me out of here, find out who they think is going to win? Who do you have your bets on? As it was just Friday the 13th Molly's question of the day was inspired by this unlucky for some day, they talk all things superstitious, the ones they believe and the ones they don't. Are black cats unlucky and do you salute your local magpies? Now this week the main topic is a lovely trip down memory lane, Faye and Molly pick 5 songs that mean something to them and share some funny yet sentimental stories. Get involved with us at @breathoffreshfriday or email us at 
November 20, 2020
Ep 18. Delving into Reality TV
This week the girls chat about there favourite reality tv shows and moments that they love (there were so many to chose). There is a movie themed question of the day which has a nostalgic feel to it. Also Faye has some exciting news about her life. As always there are some TV reccomendations that you should check out. Contact us on or in Instagram @breathoffreshfriday. Thanks for listening.
November 13, 2020
Ep 17. Would You Rather?
This week on the podcast, Faye and Molly of course share what they've been up to and as always give some tv recommendations not to be missed. A question of the day which is subtitle related, but will they agree this week? From the clue in the episode title, the girls read out a variety of would you rather questions however it takes Faye a short while to understand the game! Will the girls pick the same answers? If you want to get involved in the question of the day email us at or find us on insta @breathoffreshfriday 
November 6, 2020
Ep 16. This is Halloween
Welcome back to a spooky episode of Breath of Fresh Friday, this week the girls talk all things Halloween, are either of them a big fan of this time of year? They talk all about costumes, trick or treating, and pumpkin picking. There of course is a horror themed question of the day, which may not be suitable for younger viewers. Hopefully this episode isn't too scary for you! As always the ways to get in touch are or on the Insta @breathoffreshfriday
October 30, 2020
Ep 15. Back to Uni
On the podcast this week Molly has a surprise for us all which is not to be missed, it's a real treat! The question of the day involves a film/ tv question and is one that the girls could talk about for hours. After the popularity of the Back to School Ep, the girls decided to go Back to Uni and discuss the process of transitioning from sixth form to university, the struggles of moving away and getting to grips with the independent life. Check out our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday or email us your questions of the day at 
October 23, 2020
Ep 14. TikTok Addicts
This week Faye and Molly discuss all of their TV recommendations for the week, there are a lot so get watching. It's a technology based question of the day, will the girls agree this week? If you know Molly and Faye they are obsessed with TikTok so it was only fitting to discuss the app taking over the world. They give some recommendations of pages to watch and some that don't hit the spot. As always please send your questions of the day to or on instagram @breathoffreshfriday, enjoy!
October 16, 2020
Ep 13. 90's and Noughties Kids TV
Welcome back to Episode 13, this week the girls share of course some great tv recommendations and discuss their thoughts on the new concept for I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. The question of the day is a phone based one this week and something Faye and Molly actually agree on. Now for the main topic which is of course on their favourite thing TV, however this week the girls go back to their childhood and discuss what their favourite shows were back in the day, strap in for a trip down memory lane. It's one not to be missed. Remember you can contact us on our email or on our instagram @breathoffreshfriday 
October 9, 2020
Ep 12. The Personality Test
Another week, another podcast this week the question of the day is a beveragino inspired one which raises quite a few questions. The main topic is a bit different to usual as Faye and Molly delve into their personalities. They go a bit deeper than usual and uncover many different personality traits from an online test, but do the girls think the results are reflective of themselves? As always thank you for your continued support and do get in touch via instagram @breathoffreshfriday or our email See you next week! 
October 2, 2020
Ep 11. Stuck on a Desert Island
Another week which means another cracking question of the day, this one links to some of the UK's most loved TV show's Soaps! Will Faye and Molly agree this week or will there be some disagreement. They also some how managed to end up on a desert island and we are allowed to pick a list of things to have with us. Listen to the episode to find out what the girls choose to take. Check out our instagram @breathoffreshfriday for updates and questions of the day! 
September 25, 2020
Ep 10. To Sock or Not to Sock
We've hit our tenth episode, who'd of thought it? Thank you once again for everyone who has listened, shared and reviewed we really appreciate your support. This week we try and uncover the mystery of Faye's penpal, will we ever hear from her again? Molly discusses her favourite quiz show and how her bottomless brunch went. The question of the day causes quite a divide, and Faye puts her own question to Molly 'Will she ever wear matching socks?' Finally, on to the main topic of hobbies, the girls discuss all things from Brownies, to Karate to the summer holidays. Remember you can get in touch via our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday or email us at :)  
September 18, 2020
Ep 9. Going to the West End
Happy Friday everyone. This episode has a costume theme running through it with a fancy dress question of the day and a trip to the theatre (not the hospital kind), as Faye and Molly discuss all things musical. They both love them! So sit back relax and enjoy the show, well the episode. As well as this there are lots of TV recommendations courtesy of Channel 4 #notspon. As always please subscribe, rate and share and get in touch via instagram @breathoffreshfriday or Email 
September 11, 2020
Ep 8. Food to Gorge on
Its Friday which means another episode, this week Molly and Faye discuss their ultimate meal so don't listen to this on an empty stomach! There is also a question on bread so the food theme continues, as well as some transcript fails. As always please like, share and rate if you enjoy and check out our Instagram @breathoffreshfriday or email us at
September 4, 2020
Ep 7. Back to School
In this week's episode Molly and Faye discuss a variety of television show recommendations as per usual, as well as a bit of a history lesson and Faye's love for charity shops. They also take a trip back in time and go back to school, discussing the highs and lows, their favourite subjects and what school was like for them. A beverage question of the day, which might make you reaching for a glass of milk or not? Get involved with the podcast on our instagram @breathoffreshfriday or via our email! 
August 28, 2020
Ep 6. Chutney not Chuckney
How is it episode 6?! Welcome back, in this weeks episode Molly and Faye discuss childhood beliefs including how babies are born, 'illegal' activities and eating things they shouldn't. There is a meat related question of the day inspired by a Tiktok, and as always what they have both been up to during that week. Please rate and share and get in touch via or @breathoffreshfriday on instagram :) 
August 21, 2020
Ep 5. Your Boat Race
Week 5 and we really are getting into the swing of this podcast malarkey. A Gavin and Stacey inspired question of the day covering a very important argument. The main topic this week really shows our age and tests if we really are down with the kids. Get involved with the podcast at @breathoffreshfriday or email any suggests at
August 14, 2020
Ep 4. Spilling the Conspir-TEA
This weeks episode is a long one so grab some tea as Faye and Molly delve deep into the world of conspiracy theories, from the some what believable to just absolute rubbish. There is a cleanliness themed question of the day, along with some sleep chatter. As always if you want to get in touch please email at and follow the instagram @breathoffreshfriday.
August 7, 2020
Ep 3. Our favourite podcasts
Wow week 3, welcome back! In this episode Faye and Molly talk about what podcasts they listen to and love as well as the pets they have had over the years. R.I.P to all the animals who are no longer with us, you are always in our hearts. As always please send any question of the days or any other stories or queries to and check out our Instagram for future question of the day’s @breathoffreshfriday! 
July 31, 2020
Ep 2. Hot Hot Hot
Another week so another episode, Molly and Faye discuss a weather inspired question of the day but will they disagree like last time? A break from the TV topic, this week they discuss all things books. Check out their Instagram page @breathoffreshfriday or give them an email at  
July 24, 2020
Ep 1. What have you been watching?
In the first episode of Breath of Fresh Friday, Molly and Faye discuss what they've been up to this week involving the highs and lows of the lockdown, an introduction to a food related question of the day and of course their favourite topic TV shows! 
July 17, 2020