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By Cody Brichner
Talking Florida Gator Football and Craft Beers!
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Thoughts on the Gators season, recruiting and the Tampa Bay Bucs
1771 Design was the source of my awesome Lightning shirt. Check them out at Pick up your Pub Pass and drink the best local craft beer Tampa has to offer. Gator recruiting-whats happening in the portal and where does Arnold land Florida coaching staff went through some changes, and some changes fans wanted did not happen. Lightning are back in action to defend the cup Bucs won the NFC south and head to snowy green bay to take on Rogers and the packers for a change to host the super bowl
January 22, 2021
Pat and I reflect on LSU vs Florida, Early Signing Day and I look forward to the SEC Championship
Lsu vs uf, embarrassing result for Florida. Staff is to blame. Were not prepared. Florida has quiet day on ESD, number 8 in the nation, need to recruit the state of florida better, does not feel like they closed the gap, 4th in the sec. If Florida wants to win the SEC championship they will have to play a full game of two demensional football of the season, Trask will need to have his heisman moment, defense must get turnovers.
December 18, 2020
Brew and Orange LSU vs Florida Preview, Recruiting and Craft Beer
Resident Craft Beer and LSU expert Pat Simmons joined the Brew and Orange Podcast to discuss the LSU vs Florida regular season finale as well as discuss the current CFP rankings and recruiting trends as early signing day approaches. 
December 12, 2020
Brew and Orange: Pat and Justin Join for some NFL and College Football talk
We enjoy delicious beers from Parish, Tampa Bay Brewing, and Pontoon! College football talk, the current state of Florida and LSU programs Why Trask deserves more respect  Pat defends his qb rankings A little bit of Bucs talk. 
November 26, 2020
Florida vs Vandy preview and Updated Recruiting Rankings
Magnanimous Brewery Juice Lord was the brew of choice tonight We talked Vandy vs Florida Discussed the updated 247 rankings
November 20, 2020
Kyle Trask Deserves Respect, Can the Gators Stay the Course?
Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Vitamin Sea Brewing and 3 Sons Brewing Co, Waves of Haze Trask comparison to Fields and Burrow Looking back at Arkansas and looking ahead to Vandy.
November 18, 2020
Back with some brews and gator football news!
Savannah brews. Tampa Brews.  Gator football news Florida vs Georgia/recruiting update Untapped, Cody Brichner/Brew and Orange code brewandorange at checkout. 
November 11, 2020
Cody and Pat talk NFL, College Football, Recruiting and the Ray's World Series run.
We enjoyed some brews and talked sports. I had a NEIPA from 3 daughters, 3.75. We talked Florida Gators and LSU football including recruiting news. We also talked about the NFL and our favorite teams the Bucs and Titans.
October 24, 2020
Tampa Sports Round Up, Gator Football, Tampa Craft Beer
Baycannon Brewing Co Arnie, Arnold Palmer Style Sour, 3.75 on Untapped. Gators vs Aggies preview and prediction Bucs and Rays updates 
October 08, 2020
Previewing Rays vs Yankees ALDS and Reviewing Florida vs South Carolina
On the Brew and Orange Podcast we enjoyed and rated a Okobee American Pale Ale from Big Top Brewing Company. We also previewed the ALDS Game 1 Rays vs Yankees. We also talked about the South Carolina vs Florida game. 
October 06, 2020
Episode 22 No better time to be a Tampa sports fan, Gators start season with convincing win over Ole Miss
Big Top Brewing Company Hazy Highwire NEIPA Gators vs Ole MIss Recap and Looking toward South Carolina LIghtning win the cup Rays advance in the playoffs  Bucs look to continue winning ways
October 02, 2020
Episode 21 Lightning in the cup finals, Rays clinch, Bucs look to rebound and Gator Football news
Episode 21 Lightning to Cup Final, Rays Clinch, 1 wk from Gator football Beer · Juicy Hazy from Crooked Stave, NEIPA, 7%, rated it a 4, 3.89 global 495 ratings · Tonight, tasted a Palm City Brewing, Hazyify, NEIPA, 6.5 abv, rated it a 4, 3.94 global 2700 check ins @IBG · Destihl Brewery, Haze of the Dead Hazy Double IPA, citra and simcoe, 8.5 abv o Awesome can art, part of the deadhead iPA series, 9,269 check ins, global 4.08, I rated this a 4.25 Gators · Henderson, Jags CB rookie of the week o 3 pbu, 1 INT, last pbu, 5 tackles, (game winning pbu) · One week from Gator football o Team did a walk through, entire game day experience § 17,000 fans will be in attendance for home games o Team has been doing individual position interviews § Christian Robinson, LB Coach was a good interview had a lot to say · Likes the young guys wingo, hopper, diabte o This is going to be a deep position with a lot of guys who can play all over the place. o Ventrell Miller is the leader right now at the position, middle § Houston and Brunson rotating · Jeramiah Williams set his commitment date, and its trending toward home state team Auburn o Mother was never able to get on campus · Sorey has two teams that contact him the most. § 64th National in the composite, 5 OLB, 11th in the state of Fl · I like Christian Robinson to get his guy this class. § Georgia and Florida · Bama still in it § Guy plays LB 4 star top 100 player, would be the cherry on top for the LB position · Trask and Pitts 1st team, 2ndteam Miller, Elam, Wilson, 3rd team Carter, McPherson, Toney o Is there anyone you would shift around? · Hill names starter over Hilinski for Gamecocks o Hiliniski was alright last year, Hill transferred in from CSU § 8th in passing yards last year as a freshman. § Hill threw for a little over 800 yards last year, 8 tds and 2 ints for CSU Lightning · Finals start tomorrow at 7:30 against the Dallas Stars · No time to get healthy, does this worry you? · Couple guys with 9 goals in this playoffs, they have 2 guys with 9 goals and the Lightning have 2 o Who do you think our 9 goal guys are? · Their goalie with a save percentage of .920 o Vasey with a .931 Rays · Clinched play off · 33-18 right now · 8 games left · Meadows out for 4 to 6 weeks · Yandy still coming along slow · Won the double header Free style Bucs free style Godwin….etc…limited evans….predictions
September 19, 2020
Episode 20 Tampa Sports Round Up and Gator Football News
Cigar City Hazy IPA, Fancy Papers Gator Football News, Justin Shorter gets waiver approved, 247 ranking update Tampa Sports Round up, Lightning ECF update, Rays on final stretch of regular season, Bucs trying to figure it out before Carolina. 
September 17, 2020
Episode 18 Tampa Sports Round Up and Gator Football News, James Coleman
· Beer o Copper Point Brewery § Boynton Beach Fl § Founded in 2014 § They have a rabbit espresso stout that looks delicious § Indoor 50% capacity § Out door seating and curb side pick up o Ravenous Pig Brewery § This is something I have not seen · High Class dining room · Brewery · Tasteful dishes, fine dining · Winter park, Fl o Got these beers from Total Wine N Dale Mabry · Gators o 15 days until Florida plays o Justin Shorter had his waiver approved. § 2018 number 1 wide receiver number 8 over all · Transferred from Penn State § Added depth at te and wr, I believe he will be used in both positions o Brewster Interview § Says of TE room, “hard pressed to find a better te room in the country” § Looks for players to be tough, first thing he looks for when he is recruiting someone. § Has the most admiration for Dan Mullen and it did not take long to say yes to taking the job. o Safety’s are going to be good, freshmans looking good. § McDaniel, Torrence and Johnon · Athletic hard hitters § They are going to rotate multiple people in and our of the star position and at safety § Trey Dean seems to be making himself at home at safety. · Tampa Sports Round up o Rays § Tonight for the first time in baseball history the rays line up is made up entirely of left handed batters § 5-5 in the last 10 games, · 0-2 against the Nationals · Dropped first one vs Boston o Struck out 17 times in game 1 vs Boston · Currently in a 4 game series with boston and then turn around and play the nationals § We still have no seen meadows, lowe get on the streak we know they are capable of · Get it out of their system now, now is better than hitting your bump in the road closer to the playoffs § Adames is leading the team in hits · He is having a good season batting 289. § Brasseau and Arozorena are having awesome seasons for guys who aren’t starting every game. · Good to have guys like this when some of your hitters fall into a slump § Up this point Snell is having a good season · Sub 4 ERA 33.2 IP § Injuries · Alvarado was playing catch could be not too long before he is back · Diaz is still feeling soreness · Sometime this weekend Drake will make an appearance o What do you think needs to happen for the Rays to finish strong § 16 games left o Lightning § Up 2-0 in the ECF · Last seconds kuch with the clutch goal · Game 3 tonight o If Lightning win do they sweep? · Still to be seen how bad is pointes injury · Killorn suspended o How big of a deal is this for tonights game o Killorn and pointe out at same time could be bad, but this team is more talented. · Kuch and pointe o Pointe, leads in series, points and goald o Kuch, leads in assists. · Who steps up, Palat? o Bucs § How big of a deal is it if Evans is out Sunday · Are you concerned? § Brady seems really enthusiastic. · I don’t know why but I like the bucs to surprise this weekend § Is the first touch down going to be a pass or a run · Who gets carry/catch · Over/Under int for Brady, 2 · O/U TDs for Brady, 3 · O/U missed kicks, 2 § Prediction
September 12, 2020
Episode 17 Tampa Sports Round Up and Gator Football
· Gators o 16 days until game day vs Ole Miss o Florida did have a positive test for covid § Makes it 22 total player since may to have it. § Florida front loaded practices so this is not as horrible as it sounds · Of course speedy recovery for the player who contacted it o Couple players “banged up” in the second scrimmage § Mullen wont say who and what until the seriousness of the injuries are known o Another sloppy scrimmage but getting better. Mullen expects sloppiness in the first few games § He is always stressing the amount of practice time lost. § One more week before game prep starts in earnest. o Wants to see more consistency with the qbs § One source with eyes on the scrimmage said the qbs threw 3 ints o Defense did not have a single three and out § Couple ways to look at this · Running game must be keep drives alive · O line must be holding their own o This season success, imo, is predicated on 3rd down § Get off the field on 3rd down and extend plays o Running backs continue to be a position group that is showing out, mullen mentioned nayquan wright as someone running hard § Malik davis is looking like the davis of old, his freshman year he was a threat to break on everytime he touched the ball. o Jean Delance is playing well on the OL o Evidently Toney has made a transformation into an all-around wr § Will be interesting to see if he provides more than a gadget guy. · Need more plays like the one against Kentucky or Miami that we saw last year o Last year he only had 10 catches for nearly 20 yards a catch o I imagine he gets more catches this year if he stays healthy o Gators have the 4th most active 53 man roster players. § Behind bama, osu and lsu § Big deal! 4 receivers from last years team made 53 man rosters · Swain, Hammond, Cleveland and Jefferson o This should go a long way in recruiting o Some Power 5 coaches were asked which team(s) could surprise and end up in the CFP § Gators were mentioned frequently amongst the anonymous coaches. · Bucs o Bucs vs Saints § Predictions § Take it or leave it? · Who is scoring the first td? o Lots of talk coming up on Friday o Saints 3.5 point favorites o ESPN FPI gives the Saints a 60/40 chance of winning this game · Lightning o Game 2 of ecf tonight o Dominate in every facet in game 1 o Nearly every shot hit the net during that game o Lightning were 3/6 on power plays during that game § We talked about it coming out of the jackets series and they have really turned it on and its now a strength in their game o Like most teams when their stars are shining its hard to beat them § If Hedman, Pointe and Kuch are playing at a high level, who can beat the bolts? o Kuch to pointe to kuch was great. o The defense is being active in the offensive zone and that is huge to the success of the bolts. o Islanders will make adjustments and the lightning must do it too. § What got you 8 goals wont work tonight § Lets see if Coop can counter what ever trotz comes out with o In sports there is always a saying “have a short memory” this could be a pitcher, a quarter back, in this case both teams need a short memory Rays, 6-4 last ten, need to finish strong last 20 games. Up 3.5 on the  Blue Jays.
September 10, 2020
Episode 16, Lightning/Rays/Bulls/Gators
· Happy Labor Day o Safe, fun labor day weekend § Toast to family friends § Celebrating 8 years with now wife o 3 years marriage next month · Coppertail Hop Skull · Went to Zydeco, filed trip hazy ipa o gumbo · TBBCo · Bernini pizza o Bottle itialian red o Marcus Burke and Jacurri Brown had first games of highschool season and showed out § Marcus Burke 4 star wr commit 2021 class § Brown dual threat qb 2022 class 4 star o 19 days until Florida travels to Ole Miss for game 1 o Grantham has talented depth across the dline and in the defensive backfield § Even after replacing talent and production along the dline, there should not be a decrease in stats talent. Lost 3 quality players from a year ago. But return 28.5 sacks the most in the SEC. § Remember this team was in the top of the conference in missed tackles and lack of practice could mean this becomes a problem. (137 missed tackles last season) § Florida was 5th in sacks. o Rays are 28-13 1st in the east § 5.5 up on the yankees § 23-6 since August 7th § Nationals, Sox, Nationals · Next 8 games · Nationals 14-25 · Redsox 11-22 · 25-47 combined · Pitchers are starting to get healthy o Yarborough will start Tuesday vs the Nationals o Yandy diaz has no timetable to return with right hamstring injury Oliver Drake about a week away o Lightning game one of the ECF tonight vs the Islanders § Lightning only team going into conference finals with a full week off · Copper was quoted saying that the time off is needed but you never want to “lose your edge” § Regular season played them only 3 times, 1-2 record. § Islanders first trip to the ECF since 1993 · Outscored them 11-4 · Wouldn’t read much into this. · New teams at this point in the season o Kuch is practicing § ESPN with interesting article, lightning in 7 is their prediction · Goalie advantage “tie” · Coaching advantage “islanders” o The rest were mostly in favor of the lightning · I like lightning in 6 o USF Bulls play the citadel @ Raymond James § Time was changed from afternoon game because of heat to 7 pm · ESPN FPI predictor has USF with nearly a 95% chance to win this game. · Jeff Scott debut, I want to start getting into a little more detail regarding the Bulls this week leading up to the game.
September 07, 2020
Ray's remaining schedule, Gators recruiting news, Bolts ECF and Bucs roster moves.
Gator vs SC update, bucs roster moves, trask should be top 50, bolts move onto ECF, Ray's own the yanks.
September 05, 2020
Episode 14 Ron Zook, 81Bay Brewing Company, Florida Gator Recruiting and Tampa Sports!
We had 81Bay Brewing Company, Charter #7 Hazy IPA Lightning Round 2 Victory Rays vs Yankee series Gator vs Ole Miss breakdown Gators 2022 Recruiting Targets Jamie Newman and JaMarr Chase opt out Leonard Fournette is released and the bucs are emerging as a possible landing spot, 
September 02, 2020
Episode 13 Lightning/Rays Keep Winning, Gator Scrimmage Update
· Green Bench, Sunshine City IPA · Scrimmage updates o Trask limited reps looked sharp o Pitts, Grimes and Copeland did not scrimmage § Mullen knows what Pitts is capable of § Maybe the lack of Practice for Grimes Toney and Copeland is why they did not scrimmage? § Will look for updates o Pierce limited but scored a td § Lingard looks good and runs hard · Just needs to learn the playbook o Young receivers look good § They have gotten a lot of reps. § It evidently wasn’t the easiest day for qbs with all the young receivers. · Timing may be off. o Torrence is going to be a beast, had 13 tackles in the scrimmage o Brad stewart working at star § He is very athletic and should thrive in an active role like STAR · Multiple people will play this position. · Like offense Mullen said he is going to look to create mismatches with that position · Mullen also wants to get marco Wilson at this position as well, Mullen says he is playing very well. o Wingo had a interception off of Emory o Jalen Lee had a pick, not sure off who o Nothing really ground breaking here. Need to eventually find out what kept toney, grimes and Copeland out. o Again Mullen is going to keep everything he can from the media at this point I don’t see it changing anytime soon · Gervon Dexter named to preseason all American · Terrion Arnold and Tunmise slow playing their recruitment o I would expect to not see any commits until the season picks up o 247 did crystal ball updates and there really hasn’t been a change · Florida has first game in 26 days! · Bolts look to take the series tonight o Lead series 3-1 o They won 3-1 Saturday o Palat continues to be a machine as of late, 2 goals saturday o Kuch with 2 assists o Vassey with 29 saves o They have really picked it up on the power play and had another pp goal on saturday · Rays continue to win o Morton threw a bullpen and should be back soon o Beeks is having tommy john and is out for the season o On a 5 game winning streak o Yankees 3 game road trip starting tonight o 24-11 3.5 games up on the yankees o Traded Martinez for pltbn · Rays and bolts tonight! Cheer them on!
August 31, 2020
Episode 12 Bucs/Gator Scrimmage, Lightning Take series lead!
Coppertail Hop Skull, can release We talked Gator Skill position talent Mullen expects championships this season, wants to get to know his team a little more Terrion Arnold slow playing recruitment, UGA Bama and UF battling for this recruit Gators scrimmage today, media not allowed in, will get updates this weekend sometime Rays are very injured Playing the Marlins and then Yankees for 3 games each road trip Lightning take series lead.  Bucs scrimmage and have a few injuries worth keeping an eye on Dont forget to go to use BrewandOrange for 15% off at checkout  Find Brew and Orange on Instagram and Twitter as well as Facebook Dont forget to follow Justin at jbtampasportsguy
August 30, 2020
Episode 11 Recruiting Ranking Update and Chris Leak Interview
· Talk about updated rankings from rivals that impacted the 247 composite rankings o Marshall lost his 5th star in the composite due to ranking update in rivals § From 29 to 32 § State of Florida rankings Marshall is #9 that is static in the rival rankings § Some how moved up in the cb rankings on rivals to #3 o Collier is still a five star on Rivals § Fell from 17 to 20 nationally also fell in the position ranks · From 1 to 2 at safety o Ironically swapping places with james Williams Miami commit · In the state rivals has collier ranked number 3 from #1 in the state of Florida · Deyavie Hammon o Was noted as being an early enrollee however he still has work to do in the classroom § JC teammate of Diwan Black · Jeramiah Williams gets crystal balls to Auburn o We talked this was a auburn florida battle, hard to compete mom wants him home · Recap Leak interview and direct viewers to anchor or spotify where the interview will be added to the episode. · Lightning pull off game 2 win in OT o Going into game 2 lightning were 0 for 14 on power plays o Marschand really gets under guys skins finds himself in position behind lightning guys near net to score easy goals. o Lightning are now 4-0 this playoffs in OT o Lightning with a must win tonight I think, back to back games o I think last nights win really was big for the lightning and they need to treat each game as a must win. · Rays o Drop game to blue jays. Last time seeing them in regular season. o 10 pitchers on the active IL o 20-11 on the season o After tonight and tomorrow against Baltimore 6 game road trip with Miami and New York o Beat Baltimore last night 4-2 § Glasnow 1-1 § Garcia with the save § Need guys like Renfroe, and Zunino to step up, Renfroe may just be a guy who hits for average and may not reach his potential for hrs in a shortened season · Someone like Yoshi will need some more time, I think
August 27, 2020
Episode 10 Camp Talk
Calusa Brewery, Zote from Sarasota Camp Talk, recent updates by position First Scrimmage Friday Schedule predictions wrong about Florida vs A&M Get your Craft Beer tshirt from, BrewandOrange at checkout for 15% off or use the link  Check out the website, and find us on Instagram and Twitter just search Brew and Orange *Special guest on Wednesday will join me in the morning* listen to the podcast to hear from our special guest!
August 25, 2020
Episode 9, Gator Recruiting and Tampa Sports Keep Rollin!
We enjoyed two cigar city brews, In Bed Before Nine and The Benwood Talked Florida camp news Carter and Grimes are playing this season! Copeland yet to be determined Williams opens up about his top 5, Gators are in the battle Pro Football Focus names Elam, Trask Toney as most important players to return and why that is questionable Caleb Burton is a 5 st wr that Florida hopes continues the Burton success at Florida The Rays keep winning The Bolts advance in the stanley cup playoffs The Bucs hope to play good football even without preseason football  check out and use BrewandOrange for 15% off at checkout checkout and search brew and orange on twitter, instagram and facebook to checkout the new logo!
August 22, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 8 WR depth if opt outs occur and more
We tasted and rated Loud Whispers by Southern Grist Brewery in Nashville purchased from Hidden Springs Looked at who is next in line if Grimes, Toney and Copeland opt out Talked Wardrick Wilson and if he finds himself back in Blue and Orange Strickland wants to play FSU but the Florida State AD is not interested Justus Boone was offered by Ohio State after suffering a decommitment Lightning win game 5 to win the series and move on to round 2 Rays are 10-2 since august 6th and look to continue their winning ways, Lowe continues to impress at the plate.  check out at checkout use code BrewandOrange for 15% off of your purchase find us on twitter and instagram at Brew and Orange check out to read the latest blog! Support your local breweries visit hidden springs for other delicious beers and more beers like Loud Whispers from Southern Grist.
August 20, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 7 Gators Schedule Release
We had a Copper Tail Brewery Free Dive IPA, we rated it a 3.75 on Untapped We shouted out and my new tshrit, BrewandOrange at checkout for 15% off Tristan Leigh released a top 6 and Florida was in it Florida wants to flip Laurence Seymore from Miami, 4 star O lineman Rucker remains solid with his commitment to Florida Cole Cubelic listed Florida#2 in his preseason power rankings We went in depth with the Florida schedule that was released today Florida is heavily involved in Damari Alstons recruitment, 3 star RB  Fall camp officially started for Florida Dan Mullen had his first live zoom meeting with the media today 4 players opted not to practice, Carter, Copeland, Toney and Grimes Lightning take a commanding lead in the series  The Rays continue to roll 9-1 last 10, Lowe leads the team in all major offensive categories. 
August 18, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 6 A new Direction
We had my long time buddy Justin Brackeen on the Brew and Orange Podcast talking Tampa Sports, He will be joining me on Fridays to talk about the week that was in Tampa Sports. We drink and rated 3 beers, Last Stop from Brew Bus, The Benwood from Cigar City, and Ninja Dust from Hidden Springs. We discussed Gator recruiting: Who will flip, who will the Gators flip We talked about Floridas most wanted recruits We talked about Bogle and Cox being game ready. Recruiting rankings came out and Brian Johnson is #6 Talked Rays, Lightning and Bucs recent news
August 15, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 5 Where Does the Gator Class Finish?
We talked about the string of commitments since July: Watson, Burke, Collier, Marshall, McMillon The current defensive class is elite.  We talked about the twitter smoke from Arnold, Sorey, and Tunmise.  Bumps in the rankings are coming for Watson and Burke. We talked about the high number of commits and that we may have a few drop a few to fit the next 3 or 4 possible blue chip commits. We briefly discussed the transfer portal success modified coaches poll minus the big 10, looks a lot different.  Talked Tampa Bay Sports Round up. 5 OT thriller from lightning and the current Rays winning streak, beating the sox as we speak.  Talked about the possible starting lineup for gators dline Recruit to watch: Tunmise Adeleye from IMG 30 in the nation. Possible florida commit.
August 13, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 4 The Gators Surge on the Trail
We enjoyed a Luminescense Hazy IPA from Florida Ave, brewed by Brew Bus We talked about the Marshall and Collier commitments and who could be next to pop for Florida We talked about Terrion Arnold and all the twitter smoke that he could be Florida's next commit. Introduced a new segment of the podcast, The Tampa Sports Round Up where we talked Rays and Lightning. 
August 11, 2020
Brew and Orange Episode 3 Gators get 2 new opponents!
Gators drew A&M and Arkansas. Felipe vs Trask thats going to be fun! Florida is going after multiple running backs in 2022, Jamie Felix, Terrence Gibbs, and newly offered Nicholas Singletary.  Jordan Young is tonights recruit to watch, Gaither High School in Tampa FL Gator commit. 4* rivals 3* 247 going to be a great Gator. Extra today was Florida is returning the most sack production in the SEC
August 07, 2020
Brew and Orange Recruiting Pt 2
Disclaimer: About 15 minutes of this podcast was cut out by what I can only assume was a connectivity issue. Good thing is YouTube Live Stream Brew and Orange managed to not cut off. So pick up where you left off by going to the Brew and Orange Twitter or Instagram find the Live Stream and finish the rest, you wont regret it.  What we covered: Leonard Taylor picks Miami Who is left on the board at that position SI article regarding Florida Commit Chief Boarders flirting with Stanford Coaches Poll was released today, UF #8 behind Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, UGA, LSU , OSU, and Penn State. Saturday Down South posted records of SEC Teams in conference records since 2010, UF #4 behind Alabama, LSU and UGA Divaad Wilson transfers to UCF Gov Desantis wants FSU and Florida to keep the rivalry going  On Bussin with the Boys on barstool, Aj Brown made comments about recruiting efforts made my Miss St while Mullen, and current gator coaches put in during his recruitment that ultimately lead to him going to Ole Miss. Discussed Cj Hendersons twitter reply to possible Miami commit and Leonard Taylor Palmetto High teammate Jason Marshall who said "its time for me to shake up the room"  Recruit to watch: Jayden Blue out of Texas, Class of 22. Brewster seems to be heading up this recruitment. Quoted saying that LSU was his dream school. Something to look out for. 
August 07, 2020
Brew and Orange Recruiting Pt 1
First we popped open a CryoTropic Hazy IPA By Tampa Bay Brewing Company. Highly recommended, if you are in Tampa hit up the Ybor or Westchase locations. I gave it a 4 on untapped, 10/10 would drink again. Tomorrow I will be trying Space Donkey a hazy pale ale. We also looked at the possibility of going 1 for 3 on the palmetto high teammates. Collier, Marshall and Taylor. Taylor commits tomorrow and Collier on the 10th. Myself along with everyone else believes Taylor is headed to Miami, while Marshall is between Miami and Bama, Collier seems to be leaning Florida. This was on the case a few months ago. Florida was leading for all 3.  We talked about Alabama having 5 of the top 11 recruits in the state of Florida, while Florida has landed just 7 top 15 recruits from the state since 2018. We touched on Burke and Desmond Watson being underrated, while that may be the case it does not soften the blow of losing out to Miami on big time recruits like Taylor.  I also mentioned that Miami was 13-13 the last 2 years while Florida is 22-5. Florida needs to do a little more than win on the field.  We also touched briefly about the big spenders in college football recruiting, Georgia Bama and Tennessee holding down the top 3 and the current and previous rankings reflect that.   *My recruiting ranking stats and player rankings come from 247 sports*
August 06, 2020